The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wheeled Luggage

The best selling type of luggage is wheeled luggage. This type of luggage made its first appearance in the year nineteen eighty nine when flight crews used them to transport their supplies onto the airplanes.

People now prefer this kind of luggage especially for travelers who have to make their ways through airports and hotels. People who have physical limitations and senior people also prefer this kind of luggage.

The bags are structured so that the support is weighed on the wheels. It is accompanied with a handle that is pulled out when one has to pull the bag. This handle is then neatly placed back when the bag is not being pulled or wheeled.

Due to the bag having the frame and wheel structure, it is much heavier than other bags. It may also have less packing space and is relatively hard to maneuver the extra piece of clothing when the bag is filled to its capacity. It is also notorious for breaking as a bump here and there between the airplane and the luggage belts at the airport. These bags also usually have only one large compartment which does not allow for suitable packing of smaller items.

In terms of large bags, wheeled luggage is beneficial especially when travelers have to assist themselves at airports. For carry-on luggage, one may consider the alternative bags without wheels as they may have the same dimensions, but offer much more packing space.

This type of luggage is also quite troublesome when one has to walk through airports or hotels that have a variety of staircases and excavators. This is especially true when travelers have large and heavy bags to carry around until boarding.

In some countries, wheeled bags are prohibited in buses and trains. On the other hand, tour companies that specialize in group tours recommend this type of bags as tourists often carry their own bags to and from the coaches.

For frequent travelers this is surely a blessing. It reduces the strain on their backs and it visibly allows for quicker movement when opting not making use of trolleys at the airports. The ease of mobility alone outweighs the negative points related to these bags.

When one chooses to buy wheeled luggage, consider that the strength of the frame and the quality of the wheels are adequate. Ensure the handle movement is smooth without getting stuck. Also ensure that the bag is durable and not too heavy.

Give A Facelift To Your House – Install Decorative Lights Outdoors

If you are seeking a striking system which could add to safety of your house, then you must utilize outdoor residential lighting. This type of lighting can essentially prevent miscreants from intruding your area. It can also make your veranda a very eye-catching area to have pleasurable evenings.

Outdoor Residential Lighting and Precautions

At any point of time when you decide to install outdoor residential lighting, the important things to keep in mind are, it illuminated not only the porch or verandah but also the outstretched area leading to the porch. You also have the alternative to employ an arrangement of both outdoor residential lighting and automatic detector lighting.

Automatic detector lighting is in fact an effective system to detect any miscreants or unwanted people encroaching your residential area. The right lighting of the front area also gives a good outlook of the house and improvements its beauty. It has one drawback also that light blinks whenever your pet passes by, so it is over responsive. The detectors are sensitive to the motion and any subsequent electric field in the vicinity. Although, outdoor residential lighting is very useful for precautionary measures when you are inside your house or out of your house on vacations.

This Christmas Give Your House a Bright Cover

Christmas illumination denotes beautiful lightings all around and brings in more happiness and luck, as darkness is thought to be associated with evil, illumination during Christmas is believed to bring in good luck and happiness. It does not mean that after vacation the usage of outdoor residential lighting gets over, it has many highlighting features which encourages the user to keep them for its use in general application. Such kind of lighting will enhance the looks of the house.

Lots of alternatives are available in the bazaar today for the outdoor residential lighting . You may really get confused about what to purchase and what not to purchase. It may be a good idea to consult any interior decorator, there is no harm in seeking its expertise. He will guide you regarding what kind of outdoor residential lighting suits your house. Irrespective of the kind of lighting you choose it is advantageous in every respect.

When you are out of house during night, you will certainly be tension-free considering the house's safety after installing outdoor residential lighting. Lots of affordable outdoor residential lighting are available and you can cut down the price by not hiring any decorator as it is simple in fitting. Finally, outdoor residential lighting is scores in attractiveness and it will feel warmer in cold winter nights.

Can a Steel Building be Moved to Another Location?

Sometimes, moving is something that is necessary. Everything has to be packed up in order to be taken to the new destination. It all has to be loaded in a moving vehicle of some sort only to be unpacked when it reaches the new location. After everything is taken out of the building, you look back at it with sadness because of the fond memories you have, but that is something you must leave behind. Well, you’re at least leaving the neighborhood behind.

You stand there watching how these guys are putting the building on the back of an 18 wheeler and you can’t wait until it is delivered to the new location that your company acquired. There is more land and more steel buildings to be delivered to the location. Not too many people can move to a location that is ten miles away from them and actually take the building with them.

Depending on the size of the steel building, it can be moved in pieces and put together at its final destination. Sometimes a steel building may be like a storage container that is used as an office. Whatever the reason, there is a process to moving a steel building. It may seem like a mystery to some as to how it is possible to move something so large and so heavy, but the process is rather easy at times.

It doesn’t matter if the building is new and just being built or is an existing structure that needs to be moved, it has to be divided up into pieces. When it is a new building, the pieces are built, shipped to the building’s destination, and then assembled there. If the building is an existing structure, then it will be divided into the same pieces it was in when it arrived brand new. After this occurs, the following steps take place:

• The pieces are lifted by a building jack apparatus. The buildings are usually built with slots in which the building jack apparatus can be inserted.

• The jack then lifts the building up to a predetermined height, but instead of it being lifted onto the truck, the truck backs up under the lifted building. The jack then lowers the building onto the bed of the trailer.

• When the building meets its destination, the same method can be used to lift the building off of the trailer bed or the trailer bed may be hydraulic and can carefully slide the building off of the back of it. This step depends on whether or not that piece of the building can stand on its own. This process is repeated for all of the pieces. Depending on the size of the building, it can take several trucks to move the building.

However, when moving a steel building that has already been in place for a while, it is necessary to employ a company that has the trucks, the manpower, and the proper tools to move a steel building. Usually, those who actually manufacture them can provide moving services for people who need to move steel buildings, but such services do come with a cost. It is more or less going to depend on how many pieces need transported and the size of the building. These factors will determine how many trucks are needed, what tools are needed, and how many people need to be involved in the moving effort. It can be quite extensive. At least if anyone has doubts about a steel building being able to be moved, you can contradict them by telling them that you know the basics of how it is done.

Picking the Right Pool Table for Yourself

There is something to be said about buying the right pool table. Buying a pool table is really similar to buying a car. In many ways you can relate the entire billiard industry to the car industry. It is astonishing, how many lessons our pool table manufacturers and retailers can learn from the o-so-trusted car industry. There are dozens of different manufacturers in different countries. Then, you have to choose where you are going to purchase your pool table. Will you decide to purchase from an authorized dealer or a small timer in his garage? Inside that, you’ll notice that there are several different designs and sizes. There are a wide range of options in raw materials it’s built out of. Even more you have to decide what options you want including: stains, cloth, sights, and accessories. Are you going to buy new or used? And the list goes on and on.

The recommendation to purchase new is always the best one. Why? Forget for a moment, the different qualities and brands available. Now really consider the disadvantages of buying a new pool table. There simply is only one real disadvantage, price. If you are considering buying a pool table and you are motivated on price and price alone; then it may be best suited for you to just settle for something used. However, if you can wait, if you can take some time to slow down the impulse of purchasing now; then you will notice that you would be giving away all the advantages that come along with buying new. Remember there are numerous brands and qualities. You would be abandoning the customization, quality, generational passing, warranties and guarantees. Need anything more be said? It’s obvious.

Buying a pool table is a huge expense. You shouldn’t have to simply settle, whether that is for a used one or a retailer’s stock, because it is cheaper. You wouldn’t settle for the car you don’t want just because it’s cheap, right? Perhaps, but you know what you want. You know what you like. Build it and be a part of the process. This is going to be something that you can pass on to your children’s children. However, there are certain occasions that buying in stock inventory or used items might just make more sense. Just know what is right for you.

Alright, then what is the best pool table available? That’s up for debate. I have worked on, and seen, pretty much everything out there over the years. Some are great others are firewood. Generally, speaking I would recommend that you purchase something made in the United States, uses a hardwood in the construction, and contains either a Brazilian or Italian slate in the three-piece form.

As a side note: Tables from China just aren’t good. Slate from China just isn’t good. If you think slate is just slate; then tell that to the numerous customers that made the mistake of buying these and needed frame rebuilds, slate replacement, and new parts that ended up costing them more money than what they paid for the whole table brand new. Chinese slate is rigid and hard not allowing it to flex so it cracks and breaks with ease. Their pool tables are mass-produced on “the line” with sprayed on stains and finishes. Sure they look great. They might even play OK for a little while, but those finishes crack and the cheap woods used, warp. It doesn’t take long for that to happen either.

There is also a difference in MADE IN THE USA and BUILT IN THE USA. There are many stateside companies that claim made in the USA but are actually only assembled here. I’m not buying from someone like that. Do the research, talk to the right people and educate yourself. I can list many American manufacturers for you but that would be settling and taking away from the value in product research. Let’s try to remember that this is a process more than it is an impulse purchase.

One piece slate tables are out dated for the home. In bars they are nice, but that isn’t what you want in your home. First off, who wants to move it? Nobody does. Secondly, they just can’t get the same kind of precision level that a three-piece slate table can get. General leveling is all you get with one piece slate and three pieces of slate not only gives you that, but also adds a fine tuning element that will hold that level for longer and resist warping as well.

Finding the right manufacturer and retailer will take some time. Find the best ones that fit your budget and, more importantly, fit your needs. The internet can give you the ideas, but you have to get out there and actually see the product. Take your time. Find what works best. Remember it’s your money.

Size and style are completely up to you. There isn’t anything here that anyone can do to influence these. How much room do you have? This will help you gauge what size will fit into your current home. Think about this one carefully though. Remember, as American’s, we move often. What may fit in your current home may not fit in your next one. What decor do you have and present in your home? Does a traditional look, contemporary design, or tournament style fit you and your home? There can be options on a pool table from the legs, the frame (arched, no arch, double arch), and rail edges (routed, plain, scalloped). All of these things should be considered. Get out there and look at them!

There are the more common types of woods used to make pool tables. Generally, you will see particle board with veneer and laminate over it, poplar wood (or tulip-wood), oak (white or red), hard white maple, hickory, walnut, mahogany, or some other exotic woods. There are tables out there made out of marble, car parts, metal, and other strange materials. Your standard hardwoods, however, will be oak or maple for most traditional models and a laminate will typically be used on your tournament style modern corner tables. General rule of thumb: stick with the standard woods and work your way up.

Which of these are important to you? Which aren’t? Generally, your domestic hardwoods are going to last a really long time. Just another important note on “hardwoods”, poplar is technically considered a hardwood, but most don’t recognize it that way. It’s soft and warps easy even if you press it together in layers. Don’t be fooled by the salesperson. Tournament style tables are pretty much all made from a particle board wood with either a high, or low, quality laminate. Don’t let that keep you from buying one because particle isn’t that great. It isn’t, but some good name brand stuff makes a good table out of it.

There are a multitude of different stains and finishes available these days. The stain is basically the color that they make the wood while the finish is what goes over that for protection and shine. The stain colors range from natural and light colors, all the way to dark and blacks. Finishes will generally be available in only a few different options with matte, semi gloss and high gloss being the most popular. These two items are related to your personal desires and decor. Check them all out, especially against your cloth color options.

No longer are the days of the traditional green cloth. There are dozens of colors available now and you aren’t limited to the greens and blues of the past. There are different types of cloth though. They will fall into two types: woolen and worsted.

Woolen cloth, or nap cloth, is your standard in home and recreational cloth. Most retailers include this type as the standard cloth on a table purchase. Very rarely will you see it in a pool hall unless the owner is cheap. This cloth is usually a nylon and wool blend. It’s sometimes referred to as nap cloth because it has micro-fibers that stand up similar to carpet. Professionals stay away from this cloth because, it doesn’t pull on the slate as tight for less speed and accuracy, it tends to pill, balls will indent grooves, and gives it the “wiggle”.

Worsted cloth is also a similar blend with, a much, higher wool content. This stuff is the best of the best. It’s elastic enough to stretch to unbelievable tightness which gives the game extreme accuracy and speed that is consistent enough to allow professionals to maintain position throughout their game. It doesn’t pill and rip, like its brother woolen, and it’s heavy and durable which extends its life in most scenarios. If you have the extra cash, get it! Don’t skimp on cloth, but know that there really is only one true manufacturer and the other brands of worsted wool are just cheap knockoffs.

Sights come in many different materials and styles. You’ll see round and diamond-shaped sights made from plastics, mother of pearl, abalone, and metals like brass and chrome. You can have them be different colors or have a double diamond look to them. The most common double diamond style will consist of a mother of pearl sight surrounded by abalone. This gives a pool table a completely different look and feel.

Then we come to the accessories. They are what they are and most often than not you are going to get a kit with your table that comes straight out of China and generally suck. That’s OK though because these are starter items. Naturally, you want the best you can get with the purchase, but don’t let one guy tell you his table is better because he has better accessories. Once you learn the game and get more involved you will appreciate, and understand, the value of upgrading the equipment over time. Personally, if the balls aren’t Aramith and the cues aren’t of American decent; then I don’t want them. However, they get pricey and aren’t as necessary until after you get the feel for the game and desire better equipment.

So the last thing to mention while you search for the perfect pool table is the warranties and guarantees. Why is this important? Simple, if the manufacturer doesn’t back their product up for a lifetime, and a retailer doesn’t support his work with a lifetime guarantee; then what good is the product and service being provided. Remember that generational passing? How can you be expected to do that if the maker and seller don’t even believe in their product? It’s hard to find the right manufacturer to dealer combination, but they are there. If you can’t offer these two simple things then you shouldn’t be in the business at all. Forget them.

If the brand is right then call the manufacturer and tell them you want their product without the retailers’ involvement and tell them why. It the retailer is right and the brand is wrong then you might need to explore other options with them or find another brand.

This is all about you and this is the insight for your analysis. Ultimately, you are the one who needs to decide what is right for you in brand, cost, quality and style.

A Personal Review of Longines Watches

I have long been a fan of Longines watches. Longines are impeccably made and stylish timepieces. Longines watches are affordable Swiss watches for the average consumer, but being affordable doesn’t mean you have to forgo quality.

Longines have been making quality watches since 1832. In 1912 Longines made history in the world of sports by introducing the concept of an electric wire, which at the start and finish of a race, activated and stopped a timing mechanism. This innovation in timekeeping by Longines has ensured that Longines have been appointed official timekeepers at many of the world’s top sporting events. Longines sports watches reflect this sporting history. But Longines also make many elegant watches for both men and women; I think Longines watches for women are especially beautiful. The current collection of Longines watches reflect this.

The DolceVita collection by Longines is simple and elegant in design. The face is rectangular with simple hour markers. The DolceVita dial comes in black, white or pink mother of pearl. The case comes in stainless steel, although you can buy a gold case set with 32 Top Wesselton diamonds (0.32 carat) – this comes with matching gold bracelet. Stainless steel versions can also be bought with inlaid diamonds and come with either stainless steel bracelets or white or black lacquered leather strap. Some versions of the Longines DolceVita can be worn by men, but it is as an elegant ladies watch that the Longines DolceVita truly comes into its own.

Longines claim that the Evidenza is invocative of the 1920s. I feel there is some justification in this as the facia of the watch does seem to be old fashioned – but not out-of-date. The tonneau shape of the case goes back to a Longines model dating from 1911; the tonneau shape being an oval with flattened ends. The Longines Evidenza is suitable for both men and women. The casing is stainless steel although there is a ladies gold version set 44, 0.22 carat, diamonds. The Longines Evidenza comes with either a quartz or self-winding movement. My favourite Evidenza is the one that comes in a stainless steel case with dark brown alligator strap, enhanced by 12 blue painted Arabic numerals. This model also features a moon-phase display with a 31-day calendar at 6 o’clock as well as day of the week and month apertures at 12 o’clock – a very nice watch.

The Longines BelleArti is a truly elegant ladies watch. I am fortunate enough to have been able to buy my wife a Longines BelleArti watch for her birthday. The BelleArti range are simple and understated, evoking memories of the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The dial comes in black, silver or mother-of-pearl. All dials feature 11 Arabic figures, a second subdial at 6 o’clock and “Cathedral” hands. Some models are available with inlaid diamonds – my wife’s watch is without. The casing of the Longines BelleArti is rectangular with a sight curvature of the sides, lending the whole watch a very feminie feel.

La Grande Classique de Longines styling calls much upon the earlier design traditions of Longines. The casing is a simple circle and comes in either stainless steel or gold – some models come with inlaid diamonds. As you might expect, for this classical style of watch, the faces come in black, white or mother of pearl. The Logines Grande Classique is definitely for thise of prefer the look of a more traditional watch.

The Longines LungoMare is for those who like a more modern looking watch. There is a ladies verion of this watch. The casing is round and comes only in stainless steel. The LungoMare is also water resitant to 100 meters. I really like the LungoMare. It’s pure understated style. It avoids stylistic gimmicks, such as big crowns, over-sized hands and cluttered facia. This watch rivals such makes as Breitling, Tag Heuer and Rolex but priced at a more realistic price for consumers.

Longines also make the the Lingbergh watch. It commemorates the first flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh. Personally I don’t like commemorative watches and I’m not a fan of the design of this watch either.

The Longines Master collection appeals to those who want the most functionality out of their watch. Most watches in this collection come with complications, self-winding mechanical movements beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, with a rated power reserve of 42 hours. Many also come with a chronograph function. I feel the Longines Master collection is for those who want the best from what Longines has to offer.

All longines watches come with sapphire glass and superb movements. And Longines offer a broad range of designs to choose from, unlike other swiss watch makers. I like Longines watches: Longines make owning a quality Swiss affordable for the average consumer.

Roofing Material For Your House In Kenya

There are various factors that determine which kind of roof to use for your house.


In hot desert-like climates where rainfall is low, flat roofs are very common. Areas such as North-Africa have a lot of these roofs.

A flat roof is not exactly ‘flat’. It usually slopes at an angle of 5 to 10 degrees. This angle can not be noticed easily and helps to drain water during cleaning or after rainy weather.

In traditional African societies, communities living in Arid areas of Kenya such as Maasai, Samburu had their shelters made of flat roofs. This is because rain is not common in these areas.

In rainy climates, the roof becomes steep. In snowy regions such as Northern Europe, the roof is very steep [over 45 degrees] so as to drain away snow. In traditional African societies which live in rainy regions such as Kisii, Mount Kenya and Coast, the thatch roof is very steep [over 60 degrees] so as to increase the surface runoff of rain water.


Roofing materials vary depending on the budget.

In Kenya, thatch roof is the cheapest at KES 180 per square meter.

It is followed by Iron sheets. The thinnest grade in the market at the moment is Gauge 32 which costs about KES 210 per square meter. Gauge 30 costs about KES 240 per square meter and Gauge 28 pre-painted costs approximately kes 500 per square meter.

Concrete roofing tiles cost around KES 400 per square meter.

Clay roofing tiles cost around KES 630 per square meter at Mombasa. These have the advantage of being light-weight and since they are made of natural clay with no added paint, their rain-water runoff can be consumed without any health issues as compared to the others which have paint. Paint contains Lead which is harmful to the human body.

Stone coated steel roofing tiles such as Harvey, Decra are in the range of the most expensive and cost approximately KES 1500 per square meter. These are usually gauge 26 in thickness and hence give a lifetime guarantee. Their light weight also gives savings to the timber supporting trusses which will be less than when supporting heavier concrete tiles.


Curved and cylindrical roofs require special types of materials such as copper and bituminous felts. These felts can take the shape of the roof easily.

Copper felt is expensive. This is usually copper in colour when new and turns greenish as it ages.

Hipped roofs are best laid using tiles since with tiles, there will be less cutting and hence less wastage. Some steel roofing suppliers in Kenya can supply curved roofs. Gable roofs can be done using any type of roofing products.

Some buildings such as Highlands restaurant at Afya Centre, Nairobi have glass roofs. These give nice views but are expensive to put up. A square meter of 10mm structural glass costs approximately kes 2,800.

The steepness of the roof can also be used to control cost. The more steep the roof, the more the surface area and hence the more the cost. Some roofing tiles such as Mangalore design require steep roofs to make sure that the rain water surface runoff is fast and hence no leakages.

Recreational facilities such as tourist lodges which require rustic natural finishes will opt for the thatch roofs which can be patterned to various designs.

Frank Gichuhi


Recycled Glass Tile – The Economical Tiling Material

Nowadays, with all the depletion of natural resources and other major problems such as global warming, recycling materials has become a major priority of nearly every country in the world. Even while making glass, lots of harmful gases are delivered into the air and also there is a use of a lot of conventional natural resources. So, recycling glass is the new and economic thing to do and is being done and recycled glass in being used in many houses as well as commercial buildings.

Moreover, recycling glass has not just a trend. It has now become a big business. There is a lot of economic and technical soundness involved in making the use of recycled glass tile. The quality of them depends on the absorption and strength properties. If you are thinking that recycled tiles are the tiles taken out from the old houses and then reused, then you are majorly mistaken. Recycled tiles are actually a completely different concept. Not more than a decade ago, it was consistently believed that recycled material is no good and has very poor quality. However, nowdays, recycled glass tile, even though cheaper than new glass tile is of really good quality.

When glass is recycled and made into tile, the need for landfills reduces and also the variable involved in recycling programs is supported. Nowadays, many people have recycle tile in their house. Many parents buy recycled glass tile for their children and give them paintings and then the children show their creativity and then these tiles are placed on the walls and sometimes, on the doors and sometimes in place of windows. Recycled glass tile is used by women in their kitchen for the cabinets and also for placing on the dining table. One more use of recycled glass tile is by using it as a writing pad on the wall.

How To Make A Beautiful Candy Paint Job

Close your eyes and imagine a radiant candy orange sports car glimmering at a car show. Now picture yourself in a gallery and you open your eyes to see the most beautiful sunset painting with a silhouette of palm trees in the background. Today I’m going to tell you how you can make a beautiful candy paint job. I’ve painted radiant red candy racing stripes on a dodge truck, blazing realistic fire, awe inspiring silhouette on tail gates, and relaxing beach sunset paintings on canvas. The one thing these all have in common is I used candy colors.

You will need a small list of art workshop supplies depending on what you want to paint. First with candy paint you need a base color. There is an unlimited combination of base colors but the three most popular are white silver and gold. For instance I mix white with a little yellow to make real flames, and if I want a light metallic candy color I use silver as a base and if I want a dark metallic candy color I use gold as my base. Candy colors and candy concentrates can be mixed with a transparent base, integrated clear coat or even regular clear coat. I don’t recommend using a regular clear coat because it is mixed with a catalyst or hardener which will shorten the life of the candy and must be used right away. House Of Kolor uses an integrated clear called SG100 which when mixed with the candy will still have a very long pot life because it does not use a hardener. House Of Kolor uses solvent based materials that work well but are toxic. If you want a similar product that is non toxic or a waterborne paint you should use Auto Air Colors products. Auto air colors uses a non toxic transparent base. When mixing your paints you will need to add a reducer to thin the paint to a desired level. Reducer usually comes in either fast medium or slow. Fast is a quick drying reducer that should be used when it is cold painting conditions. Medium is an average drying reducer approximately 70 degrees in painting area. Slow is a slow drying reducer that works well in hot painting conditions. Well now that you have a base color, candy colors, integrated clear, and reducer you can prepare for the next project.

You can paint on anything from t-shirts to canvases to automobiles. Candy colors can darken with more coats of candy so you will want to spray as consistent as possible to avoid a cloudy or blotchy look. When candy is sprayed correctly your beautiful paint jobs will stand out like a sore thumb. Almost any clear coat can be sprayed over your candy paint job. Can just anyone make a great candy paint job? No!, I’m just kidding. Anyone who is willing to put in enough time to read this article has the determination to to create an amazing candy paint job. Do you know what always makes me want to do something? When people tell me I can’t do that. It makes me want to prove that I can even more whether I originally wanted to or not. My only problem I have now is convincing people I’m the one who painted it. I remember shortly after I graduated high school I told my friend I want to paint a car and you know what he said?” You can’t paint a car.” After that I went to Sears bought an air compressor, a paint gun, bought a 1981 Z28 Camero project car, and some paint. Well unfortunately that project didn’t go so well but it did motivate me to go to college and learn the right way to paint cars and since then I’ve taken custom painting classes and now I teach custom painting.

Its my turn to teach you its never too late to learn. I’m telling you to get off your computer get some candy paint and lets go paint something. I love painting. In fact this week I ‘m going to paint a 1984 Toyota p/u. I wish it was a custom or a candy paint job but sometimes people want plain paint jobs too. For $25 per hour I teach airbrushing, painting or just about anything auto body related you want to learn.So if you have questions you can always e-mail me or come visit my shop. In just a few sentences I’m going to teach some tricks to help you along the road to your artistic side. I don’t care if you have never painted at all because now is the time you start and your going to be great.

Lets paint a nice sunset or beautiful silhouette. I’m going to paint a tailgate but you can start with a canvas or a piece of sheet metal if you want. first paint your background black or use a really dark color. second cut out a stencil or a paper of a tree, some grass, or even a elk or deer. There should be just an outline but no inside detail of these. Third place your stencils over the bottom of your project and spray a white over the sky area of the stencils. Fourth spray the painting with candy yellow followed by candy sunset leaving some traces of candy yellow. Finally spray some candy apple red leaving some traces of both the candy yellow and candy sunset. Protect your picture with a clear coat. Another tip to help you avoid runs is to paint with your project flat and help keep gravity on your side.With these 3 candy colors and white you can also paint some flaming hot realistic flames. If you would like to paint a complete vehicle keep your spray patterns consistent and evenly overlapped as possible. Painters make mistakes or sometimes get a run but with a little knowledge any of these can be fixed. Never be scared of a challenge but hit it head on and if you ever get asked “How can I make a beautiful candy paint job?” Tell them with candy paint, a base color, some transparent base to mix with the candy, reducer, a clear coat to protect it, and a little bit of knowledge to help you along the way.

Effective Job Numbering And Cost Code Systems


Many companies have a sequential job numbering system, but have you considered the possibility of altering the numbering sequence so you can pull reports for a certain type of project or projects by year and the informational reports that could be generated?

And, are your cost codes sufficient to cover the details you need to see in your reports? Do you lump all site related travel and subsistence into one code, or do you have the details of hotels vs. housing and meals vs. subsistence?

Not all software programs are sophisticated enough to allow for customized job type numbering sequences; however, even the basic job cost software systems can be adapted to allow for an advanced numbering system.

Specific Job Numbering Sequences

Advanced reporting techniques can yield a wealth of information. How jobs are numbered can ease the reporting burden so projects of a certain type and/or year can be easily pulled from the software. Samples of numbering sequences could be based on the following criteria:

· Year project was awarded

· Public vs. private works

· Commercial vs. residential

· Construction vs. service

· Division(s) of the Company

If your software allows, you may start the job number with the year awarded, followed by the job type and then a sequential number. Management may request a report for gross revenue on all the commercial tenant improvement projects in 2013. If you have a numbering sequence, this would be an easy report to pull, rather than go through all your 2013 projects and manually add the numbers to obtain the results.

The job cost master file is another good source of information if all fields are completed and there is a common usage of custom fields that can be used to pull reports.

Cost Codes – Too few or Too Many?

Often we see cost code lists that spill onto multiple pages. Most job cost software programs allow for use of one cost code for multiple categories (Labor, Materials, Direct Job Expense, etc.).

A good source to use for establishing a cost code list is the bid recap and detail sheets used when bidding projects. This will yield the different stages of labor, types of materials to install associated with that labor, the different types of equipment to be rented, categories of subcontractors and the details of direct job costs to be incurred.

These activities can be “numbered” to establish a list of cost codes. If the software allows for use of one code across multiple categories, give thought to not duplicating descriptions, but arranging codes together by “type” of work being performed, rented equipment, direct job expenses, work typically subcontracted out, etc.

Keeping your cost codes consistent will then allow even more sophisticated reporting – management can now ask for all commercial tenant improvement projects in 2013 and the total cost of crane rentals for the year on those specific projects.

Why Go Through These Steps?

History is a great source of information when predicting the future. Cost details can be analyzed for specific types of jobs when preparing to bid a similar project. Historical information can be analyzed for margins on certain types of projects or a division of the company to make decisions on whether or not a certain type of work is profitable.

If fields are available in the job cost master file, reports can be pulled not only by type and year but by project manager as well to look at performance and estimate vs. actual results.


When developing any numbering system, consistency is important in order to maximize the reporting results. Management should determine the information they wish to see and develop job numbers and cost codes that will allow for advanced reporting not only to themselves but provide useful information to estimating, project managers and accounting as well.

Become A Top Car Salesman

Imagine selling 174 cars in one month. How about 1,425 cars in a year? No fleet car sales, just one vehicle sale at a time.

Impossible? Nope.

If you are at all interested in the profession of selling cars you will recognize the name Joe Girard. Mr. Girard is listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the World’s Greatest Salesman. He is a master automobile salesman.

In his book, Mastering Your Way To The Top, he wrote, “There’s a fine line between wishing and dreaming. There’s an even bigger line between dreaming and doing. Most people wish upon a star. It’s fine and fun, but doesn’t mean a thing unless you follow that star. In other words, do something about realizing your dream.

Like wishing upon a star, during the job interview many automobile sales applicants talk about the things they will do to be successful. They talk about the importance of follow-up and contacting orphan customers.

Once hired, their enthusiasm, excitement, and energy is often replaced by the new car salesperson following the lead of less successful car salespeople. They fail to go after their dream by not taking action.

Action Equals Success

The difference between a top car salesperson and a less successful automobile salesperson is “ACTION“. For this discussion, those key activities are:

  • A – Act
  • C – Change
  • T – Targets
  • I – Invest
  • O – Organize
  • N – Now!

ACT – Do Something

Have you heard this saying lately, “Don’t just stand there, do something.” In the car sales arena, the only time you can be considered as legitimately standing around is when it is your shift to be available on the showroom floor. Other than that, you need to be following-up with your sold list, contacting prospects, and a whole list of other activities of which none, not one, includes waiting on the showroom floor or out on the lot for a prospect to walk-in. A top car salesperson goes after opportunities. She does not depend on the Dealer to bring them in.

Change Your Behavior

Remember the Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step“? It is also true about your journey to becoming a top car salesperson. That adventure begins with you taking steps to ensure some personal habits match those of being a professional.

It takes discipline and courage to succeed. It means staying away from anyone who sells less than ten automobiles a month. It means coming to work to work. It means leaving your personal problems at home and not bringing them to work.

A top car salesperson recognizes she is in business for herself. She does not allow what Tom Hopkins refers to as “...bad seeds…” to influence her day. She is focused and determined. She is prepared to change any behavior that is unproductive or less than professional.

Tangible Targets

Top performers in any sales position recognize the only way to get better is to be able to measure improvement. For those on the road to becoming a top car salesman, it is marked with sign posts of achievement. Professional car salespeople pinpoint tangible targets as their road-map.

Why tangible?

Tangible is essential to properly implementing this success strategy. defines tangible as “…real or actual…”.

Setting a sales target of 25 cars a month is real or actual for someone who is currently averaging 24 vehicle sales a month. But for someone currently averaging 9 automobile sales a month, 25 is an unrealistic target.

Set your sales targets in increments of one, at the most. Be reasonable and realistic. If you are averaging ten sales a month now, next target an average of 10.5 or eleven, then 11.5 or twelve. Focus on the activities you need to consistently do to move ahead.

Note, you will also want to measure your gross per vehicle. Volume, numbers of units sold, is important. Holding gross is where the big bucks come in.

Invest In Yourself

Becoming a top car salesperson means you taking responsibility for developing your sales skills. Agreed the Dealership has a vested interest in you and should be providing you more than product training. But that is not always the way it is. And, even if you are fortunate enough to be at a car store where management embraces sales training, professional commission salespeople still set aside a portion of their sales commissions for personal development.

Where do they invest these dollars?

  • Their personal library – books and recordings (audio & Video)
  • Webinars
  • Sales training seminars and workshops
  • Possibly a personal coach, and more.

High income sales commission earners are Learners, with a capital ‘L‘. They realize staying the same will eventually erode their commissions. Staying the same means stagnating. People change. Buying habits change. Technology changes. Becoming a top car salesperson is ongoing change.

Organize Yourself

Organizing your day, week, and month is essential to be productive. But what about the visual connection?

What does your work area look like? Are the stationery supplies you regularly use handy? Is your inventory list current? Do you have extra pens, a calculator with easy to read numbers? Does your work space look professional? In other words, if you were the prospect sitting on the other side of the desk, would you have a sense that the salesperson is competent, professional, trustworthy?

What about you? Yes, you.

Have you looked in the mirror recently? From grooming to what you wear impacts the connection with the prospect. A top car salesperson understands most people are visual buyers. They buy with their eyes. Their visual perception includes the Dealership, the salesperson’s work area, and the salesperson. There is no second opportunity for a quality first impression.

Please do not be fooled. As great as your personality is, as dynamic as your wit is, as welcoming as your smile is, if your dress, grooming, workspace is cluttered, disorganized, or uninviting, it will impact how the prospect sees you.

Imagine visiting a banker and on his desk is information about a customer. Or how about visiting a lawyer who cannot find a pad to take notes. How comfortable would you feel about the business you need to undertake with either of these people?

You, as a top car salesperson, are no different. People share their financial position with you. They believe you will take care of getting the right information to secure financing. And they believe you will do it legally, ethically, and morally.

So how you look and how your workspace looks, impacts how competent a prospect sees you.

Now! Today. Not Tomorrow

There is only one time on a top salesperson’s planner – Now! Every prospect is asked to purchase or lease today. Yes, that includes the ‘Just…‘ family. You know them, ‘Just looking,’ ‘Just want a brochure’, ‘Just want a price’, ‘Just want to see what you have.

And it also includes the ‘Can’t‘ family. You know them as well, ‘Can’t get a down payment’, ‘Can’t get financed’, ‘Can’t get out of my lease, ‘Can’t get what I want for my trade.

Many car salespeople hide when either of these families arrive. But not those who want to become a top salespeople. These guys and gals jump at the opportunity to serve these families. And they do ask, “Hey Just Looking, if I could find the perfect vehicle for you is there any reason you would not drive away in it today?” Or, “Hello Can’t, if there was a way to get around the ‘can’t’ is there any reason you wouldn’t invest today?

Top car salespeople are creative. They are resourceful. They are solution providers. And, they are rare.

Oh, in case you are wondering why the top guns jump at the opportunity to serve these families, consider this. When you are not selling cars, who do you spend your social time with? Who is in your circle of friends? Who do you tell when you receive great service?

Get the picture. Top car salespeople know that the ‘Just..‘ families have lots of friends. And when they are satisfied, like you, they tell their friends. They tell their friends, that is, about you because all the other car dealerships they stopped at brushed them off, did not take them serious, did not see them as worthy of simply asking, “If we found the perfect vehicle for you today, is there any reason you would not drive home in it?

By-the-way, will you close everyone today? Absolutely not. But by asking, you now know the reason for the ‘Just..‘ or ‘Can’t..‘. Now you have a real opportunity.


How to become a top salesperson is easy, if you are determined. Choose to sit on your butt and you will be equally rewarded.

Choose to accept responsibility for you, your sales training, your future, and you will succeed. Action, that is ‘A.C.T.I.O.N‘ is the road-map to becoming a top car salesperson. Start today.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis Of A Three-Decades Old Marriage

When we got married couple of decades ago, I was an asset to my spouse, And my spouse was an asset in my life. Marriage too is a product, with a limited shelf life. In good old days, marriage was a long-term investment: “Till death do us apart”. Nowadays, marriage is a short-term investment. Soon, it will be a trader’s investment. Now we are neither an asset nor a liability to each other. We just live a colourless, neutral life without emotions and enthusiasm.

Why the problem

These days the spouses are: too ambitious, with king-size egos, who prefer isolation from in-laws family, and believe that ‘family’ means just the new family – me and my spouse. The spouses believe that old relations, in-laws and past life are irrelevant after marriage.

Can we afford to be thankless to parents?

Can we forget the wonderful time we shared, and their sacrifices?

They gave us their time and looked after us, when we were vulnerable.

Now they are in second childhood, in old age?

Will we ditch them in old age homes?

We got to do the right action:

(1) No broken homes, Children need us.

(2) No old age homes, we owe gratitude to our parents.

We look at broken-home families around, The spouses had ego clash, and they could not reconcile. They could not say sorry, and wanted the spouse to regret first. Now they repent the obstinacy, they displayed.

A New Universe

Each couple is a source of a brand new universe of humanity, similar to Adam and Eve. Unlike animals, human couples have longer association. Marriage is a benchmark of human civilization. Longer our marriage survives with dignity, higher we have set the benchmark. No other species shares such strong, life-long bonds.

What to do?

Married life may appear to some of us, a perpetual negative and incurable experience. The alternatives are far from satisfaction:

(1) A broken home, and

(2) Let’s carry on – maintain status quo for children’s sake.

There is no way out – spouses have to sort out differences, with flexible attitude.

SWOT Analysis of a typical middle-aged couple’s married life


They are a well settled, self-employed, retired couple with good health; who are self-reliant – financially, socially, and emotionally. They are a blessed family with well employed, grown up, and married children, and grandchildren The spouses were always loyal and faithful to each other. They may still not have harmony in life. To be a devoted husband/wife or a parent is an essential condition, but it is not a sufficient condition for harmony between spouses. They may be living together without love and respect.

To continue living together without love and respect for each other is hell.

To live with a spouse who loves and respects you, is heaven.


Familiarity breeds contempt. Imperfect – only God is perfect – spouses observe imperfections in each other:

(1) Inability to forget the decades-old hurts, mutually caused by spouses with indiscreet comments,

(2) Inability to behave diplomatically towards each other’s parents and siblings,

(3 Inability to share life in middle age, as there is very little to share in life, when the prime duty to groom children is successfully completed.

(4) There is cold, mechanical communication between middle-aged spouses, primarily on administrative issues only. Love is missing in life due to ego clashes and past hurts. Even if they still love each other, they feel shy to exhibit romance or to express love with romantic words of honeymoon period in old age.


(1) Now is the time to live for each other. No worries, no goals to achieve for own or children’s careers and no interference of each other’s in-laws.

(2) Just learn to respect each other’s views, and exhibit warmth towards spouse’s parents and siblings. These are few desirable qualities, we need to inculcate.

(3) Spouses can still have common issues: (a) love or cold behaviour of daughter-in-law/son-in-law, (b) share warm memories of spouse’s childhood memories with siblings and parents, and (c) affection of grandchildren.


(1) When spouses value individual ambitions in life more than the family goals, it affects harmony between spouses,

(2) If a spouse believes, “I am always right.” then it has negative impact on married life.

(3) Rigidity of views and never saying sorry, as a principle, has a negative impact.

(4) Indiscreet sarcastic comments adversely affect married life: “You shouldn’t have married; you are not a marriage material. You cling to your parental values and ideals like a child”,

(5) Indulging in other hobbies such as: loving pets or home gardens, as a substitute for amicable relations with spouse is a poor strategy, which doesn’t lead to harmony between spouses, and

(6) Spouses often resort to flashing economic muscles in relationship.

It has negative impact: either a greedy spouse gives in or else a spouse with self-respect, vows to live within own means. There are spouses who are greedy and love to avail advantage of spouse’s financial advantageous position. If the spouse’s family is richer, it may shower costly gifts, which may adversely affect harmony between spouses.

What are the options!

In spite of all the boredom, and fights, marriage – as an institution – is a worth-while experience, we must indulge in. Unmarried individuals have their own hassles. Their lives are far from perfect or in harmony. The solution lies in resolving the differences between spouses.

Shape of things to come!

We are in a transition phase of human history. On one hand, gender equality has strengthened humanity, On the flip side, Intolerant, ambitious spouses have diluted sanctity of marriage. It is a temporary setback. Sooner than later, we will realise our folly. Ambitious spouses will rein in their ego clashes. There will be fewer divorces in society. Young girls will not be money hungry, to chase successful, rich old eligible bachelors. Young boys will not value rich spinsters as friends, on monetary considerations. Love and marriage will not be business like.

Love will imply:

(1) A pure love, between spouses, who are disinterested with financial status,

(2) There is respect for individual’s unique identity, and

(3) There is freedom to live in past memories and interaction with siblings and parents. An optimum sharing of lives before marriage and after marriage will add to the richness in life and will not be a liability.

Life will always be a mix of happiness garnished with grief. There will be always a painful awareness, a feeling of failure in the marriage as a spouse; as no marriage is perfect. We are not alone. World over, spouses feel harassed, cheated or dissatisfied. We feel, others are lucky, with a better spouse. Tolstoy, too had his spouse, not very accommodating. He was fed up with her, he felt human beings are incorrigible. His solution to the problems of humanity was: complete celibacy. “Human species is not fit enough to survive. It needs to be extinct.”


Isn’t it?

We are all imperfect, feel hurt, and want to quit, But we continue to carry out our parental duty selflessly. We play our role and vanish into thin air. Buddhists call it “theory of emptiness”. Why are we in this world? No one knows. We need not know. Move on, like water in a river, It moves, where to? No one knows. It leaves the onlookers behind. It moves on, eternally. Where to? No one knows.

Salient Features of a Fire Insurance Contract

Unforeseen calamities are increasing in the 21st century. The victims, who are normally unprepared for the catastrophe, get completely shattered after the catastrophe. Hence, it has become a regular feature among individuals and organizations to safeguard themselves against various events of calamities or sudden problems, such as fire, theft, ill-health, etc.

Taking insurance policies is a common measure adopted to deal with such events. One such policy known as fire insurance is taken to minimize the individual financial loss due to destruction of goods and property due to fire.

Fire insurance is a contract between two parties, the insurer and the insured. The insurer refers to the insurance company and the insured refers to the person taking the insurance policy. As per the contract, the insurer for an agreed amount (consideration) indemnifies the insured for the financial loss caused due to fire. At the same time, it is the duty of the insured to take all possible measures to save goods from destruction at the time of mishappening. He should not be careless and laid back thinking that he can claim his loss from the company.

Moreover, the insured will be compensated for the amount equal to the value of the loss. This is to ensure that the insured cannot make any profit out of the situation. The property or goods against which the compensation is paid will be taken by the company. Any profit made from the sale of destroyed goods belongs to the company and not to the insured.

Another important point is that to claim insurance money, the immediate cause of destruction should be fire only. That is, the loss must be caused by fire flames and not merely due to rising temperature. Even in a genuine case of fire, the company takes all possible measures to ensure that the fire was accidental and not deliberate. Only then, it begins with the claim proceedings.

The insured party can also enter into co-insurance to spread the consideration between different insurance companies. In such cases, all the companies will proportionately share the amount of loss in a manner that the consideration should not exceed the actual loss. Such contracts are ideal for large manufacturing organizations who take the policy of a very large amount.

In a contract of insurance, it is the moral duty of the insured to disclose all material facts that can affect the provisions of the contract.

History of the Fire Extinguisher – Find Out Who Invented the Fire Extinguisher

The portable fire extinguisher is an essential appliance in every workplace these days, not least because governments recognizing their vital role in fire safety have made it illegal not to provide them. Have you ever wondered how long these ingenious devices have been around, or who it was who invented them?

Who Invented The First Fire Extinguisher?

The answer to this depends on what you mean by fire extinguisher. The first example of something recognizable as a portable fire fighting device can be found nearly 200 years ago. George Manby made this breakthrough in England in 1813 with what he called an ‘Extincteur’. It consisted of a copper container which had inside it three gallons of potassium carbonate solution and compressed air. This was the first example of the basic principle behind all fire extinguishers today, where a fire suppressant is propelled out of a container by a pressurized gas.

Credit should be given, however, to the chemist Ambrose Godfrey, who devised the first automatic fire fighting device ninety years before Manby’s portable extinguisher. Abrose Godfrey’s fire extinguisher was not designed to be portable, but to be left in place in a room to protect it in case fire started. It could be seen as a precursor to modern day sprinkler systems. Godfrey’s device had a series of fuses, which would be ignited if a fire started in the area. These would then detonate a small explosive charge inside a container full of liquid, which was then scattered around the room, extinguishing the flames.

George Manby’s inventiveness did not end with this device, and he created various other inventions that depended on harnessing the power of small explosions. One of the best known of these was the Manby Mortar, which was used to help rescue ships in distress, by firing ropes from land onto the stricken vessels. His other ideas and inventions included a system to rescue people who had fallen into water through ice and a mechanism to save people trapped in burning buildings by allowing them to jump to safety. He was also the first person to come up with the suggestion that there should be a national fire rescue service.

Who Invented the Soda-Acid Fire Extinguisher

The soda-acid fire extinguisher works by mixing together two substances which react to produce carbon dioxide gas, which is then used to propel a liquid from the extinguisher. The first example of a soda-acid fire extinguisher was in 1866 when Francois Carlier patented his in France. In this example tartaric acid was mixed with a solution of sodium bicarbonate to produce the gas.

In the US the first example of a soda-acid fire extinguisher is the one patented by Almon M Granger in 1881, who used concentrated sulfuric acid in his version of the fire extinguisher. All soda-acid extinguishers worked on the same basic principle, which was that the acid was contained inside a small vial within the appliance, and one of several systems could be used for releasing the acid into the soda solution.

Usually the trigger to release the acid and mix the chemicals would be either a plunger or other system resulting in the breaking of the vial, or a lever system to release a stopper from one end of it. Either way, once the acid was released, the reaction produced carbon dioxide, which forced liquid out of the appliance in a jet, which could be directed at the fire through a nozzle or hose.

The first known example of a chemical foam fire extinguisher was that invented in Russia by Alexander Laurant in 1905. The idea was very similar to the principles of the soda-acid extinguisher, but a foam compound was included, which caused some of the gas to be trapped in the liquid, producing a foam. The foam compound was apparently often made from licorice root, and this would be contained in the soda solution. The extinguishers were usually activated by turning the appliance upside down to mix the chemicals.

Also known as CTC fire extinguishers, the carbon tetrachloride extinguisher was originally invented by the company Pyrene around 1912. The extinguishers propelled the liquid CTC at the fire by means of a hand pump. The CTC vaporized and produced a thick suffocating blanket over the flames, starving the fire of oxygen and preventing combustion. There was also a ‘bomb’ version of the CTC extinguisher in the form of a glass bottle that you threw at the fire.

The effectiveness of the CTC extinguisher on liquid and electrical fires made them very popular with the automotive industry for a long time, though the by-products of the process could have very serious health consequences, particularly in confined spaces. It was therefore later replaced by extinguishers using less toxic chemicals.

That same basic principle invented by George Manby, where a gas is used to force a combustion suppressant out of a container, is still the main mechanism behind all modern day portable fire extinguishers. Most modern fire extinguishers will work on one of two main systems. The compressed gas will either be stored inside the main container itself, known as stored pressure type extinguishers, or in a small cartridge inside, known as gas cartridge type extinguishers.

Stored pressure are the most common type of extinguishers, the advantage of gas cartridge being that they are easier to recharge if used fairly frequently. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the only exception to this in that they simply contain liquid carbon dioxide under pressure.

The development and refinement of portable fire extinguishers has come a long way in the last two hundred years. The many different types of fire have now been classified, and all modern day fire extinguishers are given a rating show which type of fires they are safe to use on and how effective they are. These classifications and ratings are an important development because tackling a fire with the wrong type of fire extinguisher can have very serious consequences, such as electrocution cause by using a water extinguisher on an electrical fire.

8 Tips To Avoid While Heating Your Home This Winter

Simple Tips To Help You Save On The Heating Bills

We all like to come home to a warm house when the temperature drops outside, but at the same time we do not want to be wasting money. I have listed some tips below that will keep your home warm while at the same time save you money on those ever increasing fuel bills.


If you have a room thermostat fitted to your central heating system make sure it's fitted in the right location, it should be fitted in the last room to heat up, this is normally the hallway area. If you do not have one, then have one fitted.

Smart Thermostats

There is a lot of new technology around today to control our home central heating systems, and one of the best to come onto the market is the smart room thermostat. There are many makes to choose from, but they will all help you cut down on those fuel bills. Most of them work through an app on your smart phone. Depending on what one you choose, they can sense when no one is home and adjust the heating accordingly. They also check the outside temperature via the internet and adjust the boiler heat output, plus they have many more money saving setting. These thermostats are well worth investing in.

Radiator Thermostats

If your radiators do not have TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) fitted, then consider having them fitted to all your radiators. If you have any questions or need any questions, please let us know if you have any problems with the temperature. They do not need any form of power to work.

Do not Set The Thermostat Too High

If you turn the room thermostat too it's highest setting because you have come home to a cold house and want to heat up quickly do not, thermostats do not work like that, be patient and wait a little, it will save you money.

Overnight Room Temperatures

When it's excessively cold outside, do not turn the heating off when you get to bed, keep the heating on, but lower the room thermostat. The most expensive part of heating your home is from cold to hot. It's better to keep the heating ticking over and keeping the costs down.

One Of Your Rooms Not Reaching Its Temperature

If you find one of your rooms is not reaching its temperature but the radiator is very hot to touch, then it could be down to an incorrect radiator size, but before you do anything first make sure all windows are closed, and if the radiator is fitted under the window that the curtains are open. When the curtains are closed they will restrict the heat from heating the room.

Boiler Service

When was the last time the boiler was serviced? All boilers need an annual service to keep them in tip-top condition. When your boiler was made at the factory it was fully tune to give you the user the best optimum performance, but just like any car or machine they need to be maintained. If your boiler works on Gas, then call your Gas Safe Registered company to arrange a service, it will save you money in the long run.

If Going On A Short Break

If you are going away for a long weekend do not turn the heating off, turn the thermostat down to a low setting, it will stop the pipes from freezing in your home. If you have a smart thermostat fitted it will protect your home from freezing, it will also sense no one is home but also sense when it get excessively cold.

These are just a few tips that could help you save money on your fuel bills and keep you warm at the same.

How To Fix a Frost – Free Refrigerator That Is Leaking Water

A common problem with some frost free refrigerators is water leakage out of the refrigerator. This mystery problem leads to puddles in the bottom of the refrigerator and on the floor in front of it. Seems like a pretty strange thing for a frost free refrigerator to experience. What could be causing it, and what to do about it?

That kind of fridge periodically goes through a defrost cycle. The blower goes off, the compressor goes off, and a heater comes on in the freezer. This melts the frost off the evaporator coil and the resulting water runs down a drain that is located in the back of the freezer under the freezer covers.

Down the drain…

Except that if the freezer has not been kept scrupulously clean, stuff can get under the covers and block that drain. In this case, the water backs up and freezes. Then it builds up. Eventually, the ice in the freezer under the cover has reached the point where, when the defrost cycle comes on, the water runs out into the refrigerator portion.

Mid sized Kelvinators and White-Westinghouse refrigerators are particularly susceptible to this problem, although I have seen it in other brands.

To solve the problem you have to take the covers off inside the freezer. Chip out the ice, and clean out the drain.

Some people have had success with wrapping a copper wire around the heater in the freezer and directing the end of that wire down the drain. The idea is that the copper wire will divert extra heat to the drain opening during the defrost cycle, and this will help prevent the formation of the ice plug which ultimately causes the backup. Also, the wire sticking down into the drain acts to keep objects that have migrated through the vents (thing like onion skins, or small pieces of paper or plastic) from the freezer from completely covering the drain and blocking it.