Securing Your Home With Window Locks

It is reported that over half he burglaries that occur in the UK are through a forced window. The burglar either strips the window and then slips the catch, so opening the window, or by simply forcing an unsecured window. So how can you protect yourself.

Well one of the easiest way is to fit a window lock. Window locks do not cost very much money and fitting them would leave the bugler the option of smashing the window which may well create enough noise to raise the attention of neighbors, or giving up and going onto another house which is less well secured.
The choice of window lock you buy will depend on the type of window concerned.

Modern double glazed units will have locks already. But for older windows such as those which are hinged within a wooden frame, wooden sash windows, or windows which are surrounded by a metal frame, care should be taken in the choice of lock. One of the most important considerations is wherever the window is often used. If this is the case then there is always the possibility that his will be a weak point in your house's security as there is always the possibility that you might forget to lock the often used window. If this is the case then you might wish to consider buying one that automatically lock on closure, so eliminating the possibility of it being unsecured.

The number of locks that should be deployed will depend on the size of the window. For a fanlight or a small window then one single lock will be fine to use, for larger windows then you should consider using more than one lock. Most normally one would be placed at the top and one placed at the bottom on the side of the window frame where the catch is located.

Surface mounted frame locks offer less security than a rack bolt as the efficiency of surface mounted frame lock depends of the sturdiness of the frame itself. Unfortunately fitting a rack bolt is not necessarily an easy process and a hole will have to be drilled out to house the bolt.

For metal framed windows, Cockspur, Frame and Integral locks are available. A Cockspur lock slides up to secure the window. A Frame lock is fitted to the casement and it has a catch which secures with edge of the frame. An integral frame lock is specifically designed to fit within the frame of the casement.

Duane Bryer's Hilda – First Illustrated Plus Size Pin Up Girl

The Pin Up Girl

Before we talk about the curvy, swervy, plus-size-bikini-clad Hilda, the stage is going to be set with a little history of the pin up girl. I'll take you back in time now, with a short story about a few of the most talented and popular Pin Up illustrators in American history.

Earl Christy, (1883-1961)
We'll begin with the prolific Earl Christy, who's porcelain-doll-like illustrations appeared on everything from Hollywood magazine covers and commercial advertisements to sheet music and postcards. His work can be found going back as early as 1906. His movie posters and covers are painted for "Photoplay" and other Hollywood magazines are now valuable collector items.

Earl Moran (1893-1984)
Earl Moran's artistic genius appeared on everything from Sears and Roebuck catalogs to Life magazine and millions of Brown and Bigelow Calendars. How he remembered most is through his pin ups. Moran's stunningly rendered pastel "visions" offer more situational variety than any other major illustrator. Of his most enduring legacies are his 1940s paintings of a breathtaking
young model named Norma Jean Baker. He painted more images of her than any other artist.

Rolf Armstrong (1889-1960)
Rolf Armstrong was another famous Brown and Bigelow calendar artist. After arriving home from a trip to France in 1919, he opened a studio in Greenwich Village where he painted the Ziegfeld Folly girls. Later, while in Hollywood, all the great stars of the era posed for him. Popular actresses like Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were all painted by him. He even talked Boris Karloff into placing for him on the set of the original "Frankenstein".

He refused to work from photographs and was always on the quest for the perfect model. When asked why he preferred a live model over a photograph, he said, "I want the living person in front of me. All the glow, exuberance, and spontaneous joy that leaps from a young and happy heart. "

Armstrong's pastel pin ups of his idealized, scantily clad, "girl next door" have a distinct, luminous and shimmering quality to them. His paintings of healthy, nubile young women are some of the most memorable of all the famous illustrators. He was really a man of rarefied talent.

George Petty (1894-1975)
The Pin Up finally exploded into the popular culture with Esquire Magazine's introduction of s "Petty Girl" in 1933. Slender, flirtatious and extremely shapely, the Petty Girl became an American institution, capturing our hearts and minds for more than twenty years. From 1933 to 1956, her images were seen in tens of millions of places; every where from magazines and billboards to playing cards and match books, even aircraft "nose art" in WWII. In 1950, she was made into a movie starring Robert Cummings and Elsa Lanchester.

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
No pin up gallery is complete without displaying the breathtaking talent of Gil Elvgren. His enchanting, dreamy renderings of the nubile female form can not be eclipsed in genius by any other artist. He was sublimely talented! A student of the Minneapolis Art Institute, he liked to paint girls who were new to the modeling business. He believed the ideal pin up was a girl with
a fifteen year old face on a twenty year old body, so he combined the two. During the forty two years spanning 1930-1972, he produced over five hundred paintings of beautiful young women, almost all painted on oil and canvas. Today, his fully developed, finished works of art are second only in value to the paintings of Alberto Vargas.

Alberto Vargas (1896-1982)
The most prolific and famous glamor illustrator of all time is Alberto Vargas. The son of Max Vargas, a famous and talented photographer in his own right, Alberto learned to airbrush from his father before he was a teen. Most do not realize he was actually born in Peru, and did not come to the US until 1916. He arrived on Ellis Island via Europe, where he had been since 1911. While
there, he had studied in both Geneva and Zurich, and by the time had made his way here, he was already a gifted talent coming into bloom. Within three years he had hung his own shingle and was painting store fronts and window displays for New York City merchants.

One warm afternoon in May 1916, while painting a window display for a downtown merchant, he was approached by a employee of the Ziegfeld Follies and asked to show his work to the great Ziegfeld himself. Within forty eight hours, he was commissioned to paint 12 portraits of the leading stars of the 1919 season of the Ziegfeld Follies. They were for the lobby of the New Amsterdam Theater.

From that first commission on, Alberto Vargas was an artist in high demand.

He painted every major star of the Ziegfeld Follies and later major Hollywood stars like Betty Grable, Jane Russell, Ann Sheridan, Ava Gardner Linda Darnell, Marlene Dietrich, Loretta Young, and even Marilyn Monroe all posed for him.

In 1940 he replaced the great George Petty at Esquire magazine and by 1945 was the most famous glamor illustrator in the world.

Baby boomers all know him as the creator of Playboy Magazine's Vargas Girl. He painted over 150 of his Vargas Girl masterpieces for Playboy.

He was married over forty years to the love of his life, Anna Mae Clift. When she passed away in 1974, he lost most of his creative drive and worked just a few more times doing The Cars "Candy O" album cover and two album covers for Bernadette Peters. He passed away in Los Angeles in December, 1982.

Now, the reason this article was written … to talk about the most shapely, wondrously round, perfectly proportioned, plus size, pear shaped beauty in Pin Up girl history: Duane Bryers' "Hilda"

One night, while prowling "Google Images" for curvaceous content, I found myself at Les Toil's Big Beautiful Pin Up Gallery. I clicked through and followed his fun and curiosity titled links looking for the well-nourished, feminine imagery I had started out that night looking for.

After I got done admiring Les' talent, I went back to his homepage and clicked on a cheerful teal and yellow banner with the name "Hilda" written across it. I clicked on it, not prepared at all for what I was about to see.

As soon as the page opened, I stopped and looked in wonder. It was one of those moments when you're seeing something with which you're completely taken; the world around you seems to disappear, and everything goes completely silent as your focus narrows, taking in what's in front of you.

Discovering Hilda was like discovering lost treasure. I recognized her right away. I remembered her as a perfect likeness of what I had for years idealized in the feminine form; round, soft, pear-shaped, plump, and shapely to the extreme.

If one's natural male instinct is to respond to the rounder, softer, more generously proportioned woman, you will understand why there is so much to like about her. From her long, soft legs, girlish face, plump, inviting arms, to her hips, round and wide, you see a vision of femininity forming in front of you. Add to all that her ample, well-developed breasts, soft, yielding tummy and glorious hip-waist ratio, and you discover she is an ideal example of full-figure perfection. The perfect plus size, pear-shaped,
nubile beauty.

Unlike the stick-thin, female icons so popular today, Hilda has not one angular feature. She sublimely embodies the old fashioned womanly ideals of "round and soft". She is feminine to the nth degree.

Duane Bryers was the first illustrator to use plus size models as subjects in his pin up art. Sometimes he did not use a model at all and painted from memory or fantasy. A feat, according to pin up artist Les Toil, "most impressive!"

Tri Sodium Phosphate: A Professional Window Cleaner’s Best Friend

If you are seriously considering cleaning windows for a living or just want to clean some windows in your own house properly, then you will want to use a squeegee. If you’ve used a bottle of window cleaner and a cloth before, you may be wondering what professional window cleaners use. Hint, it’s not a little blue spray bottle.

In fact, professional window cleaners rarely use a spray bottle unless they are merely touching up an area. What they use is a bucket of warm water with a few drops of concentrated solution, an absorbent scrubbing sleeve, and of course, a squeegee.

“But what is in that bucket?”, you may ask. Well, that depends on the window cleaner. For the majority of them it is just water and a squirt of dish soap (Dawn, Joy and Palmolive are favorites). Many add a 1/2 cup to a cup of ammonia to help cut grease and prevent streaks.

However, what I like to use is an old-school secret… T.S.P. “What is TSP?”, you may ask. Well, it stands for Tri Sodium Phosphate, and it is one of the greatest window cleaning secrets. You see, back in the day using TSP was considered the industry standard for window cleaners. It cleaned amazingly, it had plenty of glide, and it didn’t get foamy like many dish detergents.

Well than why isn’t anyone using it anymore? That’s a good question. It has to do with the environmental problems associated with phosphates. You see back a few years ago, they put phosphates in all kinds of cleaners. This worked great for cleaning, but had an unanticipated effect on the ecosystem. You see, phosphate is an excellent fertilizer. So good, that it caused an explosion of phosphate loving algae which upset the ecological balance.

When the scientist and the government realized all the problems with releasing vast quantities of phosphates, they clamped down on the use of phosphates in cleaners – which is a good thing. However, people mistakenly began thinking that phosphate type cleaners such as TSP were dangerous and toxic, which is not true. TSP, in fact, is non-toxic. I personally, believe that using a couple of teaspoons to clean some windows is not dangerous at all for the environment, it is the wanton use of it to clean everything that is.

Have you ever been cleaning a window with just dish soap and have been frustrated with the squeegee dragging and skipping across the glass and exclaimed “I simply need more glide!”? But then when you add enough dish soap to get that fantastic glide, you also end up with a bunch of unruly foam. It’s enough to make you pull your hair out.

Next time try this. Fill up a five gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water. Then add 4 teaspoons of TSP and 3 teaspoons of your favorite dish soap. You will have days of glide without all the foam you’ve come to resent.

A few precautions, never mix TSP with ammonia. Be aware that it may dry your hands out considerably. Be careful when climbing a ladder, TSP can make your hands very slippery. You may get so good at cleaning windows that all your friends resent you.

Error 12029-Step-By-Step Solution to Fix Error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP

When one tries to open Internet Explorer and surf internet, She/he may get error 12029. The error won’t let him open websites or download anything from the internet. Follow the guidelines given here to fix this problem:

1. Change your antivirus and firewall software

2. Re-adjust network configurations in your registry

3. Detect problems with internet connection

4. Disable automatic detection of LAN settings

5. Clean temporary internet files

Change your Antivirus and Firewall Software

An antivirus or firewall software installed on your computer may be creating conflicts with the network connections. Uninstall the existing antivirus and firewall software, if any, and download & install another one.

Re-adjust Network Configurations in your Registry

Error 12029 mostly appears if the registry is not properly configured. Re-adjust the network related keys and fill-out the appropriate values. Windows registry editor is available in all major versions of the Windows including Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Scan the entire registry using a good Registry Cleaner software and fix all the problems that are found in network-related registry entries. Keep in mind that the Windows registry is a critical part of the operating system and you shall not manually modify any settings in this area if you are not expert in computer software troubleshooting.

Detect Problems with Internet Connection

The error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP may be occurring due to external factors such as problem with the internet connectivity to your computer due to ISP errors.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type the following command and press ENTER:


Note: In the Step 3, for accurate results, replace the IP Address with that provided by your Internet Service Provider. Contact him for more information.

4. What figure do you see in the Percent (%) Loss at the end of the result? If you see 0, it’s the problem with your network configurations or Internet Explorer. If the value is greater than 0, there are issues with the wiring of your broadband internet connectivity or from ISP. In such case, contact your ISP for support.

Disable Automatic Detection of LAN Settings

Change the settings of Internet Explorer so that the LAN settings will not be automatically detected. Here are the steps to solve error 12029:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click Tools | Internet Options.

3. Click Connections tab.

4. Click LAN Settings button.

5. Uncheck the box Automatically detect settings and click OK | OK.

6. Restart Internet Explorer.

Clean Temporary Internet Files

The temporary internet files could cause error 12029 in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Delete all the temporary internet files using an external System Cleaner application is recommended. However, alternative steps are provided here:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.

2. Select a drive and press ENTER.

3. Follow the instructions on your screen.

What Does Crossbow Specifications Mean?

The specification, or commonly known as specs, is the information given by the producers about the nature of the product they sell to the market. This piece of information is what the buyers need to know in order to assess if the product is worth to buy or not. It shows the quality, durability and nature of a tool. Specifications are helpful in differentiating various models of a product from each other. This is important since it enables buyers to get the most suitable product that their current states need.

In buying a crossbow , it is convenient to read its specifications. The material used, as well as the size and measurements of this tool, are very crucial. The nature of this equipment variable affects its performance. Sometimes, the skills of a shooter were affected by the quality of his tool. The nature of one's bow can further improve the experience of the user while others can augment one's particular technique and skill in using the tool. The specs of the equipment may be good for others while for some it is not. It is possible that specs can damageally change user's skills, techniques, and styles.

Specifications include powerstroke, stock length, camo pattern, rated speed, overall length, axle to axle, mass weight, string length and cable length. One must check all of these to ensure that it is of best quality. The powerstroke, which is also known as the draw length, is the distance between the string's position at rest to its position when it is fully drawn. The stock length is the framework length of the crossbow . Axle to axle is the length of the string when cocked. Mass weight is the overall weight while the rated speed is the speed of bolts when release.

Many experienced hunters and hunting enthusiasts demand for higher quality of various aspects of the equipment. Some would demand longer power stroke in order to increase the speed by which the arrow or bolt will be propelled. Some would choose to buy ones with less mass weight for long hunting trips. But there are those who would just change the camo pattern to blend with their hunting environment. Again, to choose the right tool that will fit your taste, check the specification.

It is said that the most essential part that can affect its quality are its firing power and range. Depending on the type, users must find the right and balance qualities if one wants to have the best and the appropriate firing power and range. Some derive their power from their draw weight and draw length or the power stroke, especially the recurve-type ones. However, compound ones have mechanical advantages such as wheels and cam which gives it a cocking advantage and slight increase in power and range.

An important note to take: different types have different specifications. Specifications is the link of the equipment to their prospective buyers and owners. Specifications help buyers and owners weigh the pros and cons of having the particular crossbow .

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide – Top Methods to Level Your Sorcerer

Making use of an Aion Sorcerer leveling guide was very important for me since this class is a caster and they are a bit different in Aion. One thing I've noticed is that there are not any global cool downs, you have to watch when an animation finishes to be able to use another spell. Sounds complicated, I know, that is why I thought of writing down a few things I've learned from my Aion Sorcerer leveling guide.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide – Stats To Focus On

Since the Sorcerer is the main caster damage dealing class, you need to focus on the appropriate stats. These are the stats you need to amass, Magic Boost, Magic / Magical Accuracy, Casting Time Bonus, Attack Speed ​​and lastly HP. Now, the first one is very important as it increases damage by percentage, so 10 Magic Boost means 0.8% magic damage, 500 Magic Boost means 40% more damage. The second one affects resist ratings. This is important when leveling because you wont kill lower level mobs so you need all your spells to land. Casting Time Bonus does exactly what it says, increases casting speed. Now, Attack Speed ​​is important because it will make the animations of your spells finish quicker, so you can immediately start using another spell. It wont make you cast faster like the Casting Time Bonus.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide – Weapon To Use

Now this is a delicious manner, you can chose between Tomes and Orbs. In the Aion Sorcerer guide I use, I saw that I'll be fighting mostly higher level mobs, for this you'll need the Tome because it gives more Magic Accuracy. If you plan on killing lower or equal level mobs then go for the Orb, which gives magic damage.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide – Spell Rotation

I use this spell rotation at level 24 and I've seen many people still using it at level 35 and above, so it must be good since it was in the Aion Sorcerer leveling guide I use too.

Start with Lumiel's Wisdom if you have it, 50% less mana cost.

1. Delayed Blast, wont aggro if the mob does not resist the effect.

2. Ice Chain, to snare the target so you can kite.

3. Frozen Shock, chains off the Ice Chain spell freezing the target in place.

4. Flame Cage, a normal damage over time spell.

5. Flame Bolt

6. Blaze, chains off of Flame Bolt and does more damage than using Flame Harpoon instead of Flame Bolt.

7. Erosion, a second damage over time spell.

8. Flame Harpoon.

At this point your target should be dead, if it's not just use Flame Cage, Flame Bolt again. Using this information has made all the difference in the world for me, and I found it all in one place, an Aion Sorcerer leveling guide.

How to Start a Makita Concrete Saw

The Makita concrete saw is a very dependable saw that can handle a lot of abuse. One thing people not use to them will have though is getting them to start and keep them running long enough to finish their job.

Here are a few tips on starting and using the Makita concrete saw that will definitely help you with your job. We sill begin with how to properly start the Makita concrete saw.

First you will want to place the black lever in the back by the handle in the up choke position. You will then pull the cord until the saw “hits”, that means it acts like it wants to start but doesn’t. After it does this or no more than four pulls place the lever into the middle run position. At this time pull and lock in the trigger and pull the cord again. It should start now after one or two pulls.

There is another thing you must be aware of if you cut the Makita concrete saw off during operation. If you are running the saw and it happens to die or you turn it off to take a break, do not choke the saw when you go to start it back up. This will certainly flood it out and you will be waiting for thirty to forty-five minutes before it will start again.

Doing these few things will help you to keep your saw running smoothly and starting every time. This can be tricky but with the right information it is easy.

Finding A Car With A Long Life Expectancy

According to Consumer Reports, the average car will last 150,000 miles. If you are buying a newer model and keeping it properly maintained, it may last until 200,000. That still leaves a few car shopping expeditions in the average consumers lifetime. For many of us, car shopping fills us with dread. So we want to start with a car that is naturally inclined to last longer than average.

Honda and Toyota still lead the pack in producing the most reliable cars. But according to a 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, General Motors is stepping up its game to improve previous models and some new models, such as the Cadillac SRX, the Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse V6 have a reliable rating from the beginning. Ford remains the most reliable of American made models, while Chrysler is the lowest ranked. And the car hailed by Consumer Reports as yielding the best predicted reliability was the Porsche Boxster.

Retired schoolteacher Irv Gordon drove his red 1966 Volvo P1800 for 2.5 million miles and holds the current Guinness World Record, as certified in the mid 1990s. Of course, such occurrences are extremely rare. But there are services available and steps you can take to increase the longevity of your car, most of which concern the taking proper care and maintenance per the vehicles manual.

A good start for any car owner is to read the manual. Consult it often, and don’t be afraid to take any questions to the dealership. Another simple step is to keep the car clean. Spending oodles of money isn’t necessary, but you should be sure to keep up with routine maintenance. Check fluids every few months (or as suggested by the car manual) to make sure they stay at the proper levels. These include radiator coolant and brake, windshield washer, power steering and transmission fluids. This is very important because these fluids lubricate different parts to reduce friction, heat, and the overall wearing down that can occur over time. Check your manual to see how often the oil and oil filter should be changed; the answer can differ depending on how many miles you drive.

So, if you want to buy a car that will outlast the average of 150,000 miles, start with a car that has a dependable reliability rating, such as a Honda, Acura, Subaru or Ford. If you are buying used, be sure and run a vehicle history report. You can save time searching for your car by using a car search engine such as Piefind searches multiple classifies ads to bring you a list of relevant possibilities, saving you time and energy.

Beginners Guide to Overhead Cranes

With the economic situation as it is many manufacturing businesses are closing down and several workshops are closing each week in the UK.

With this increasing problem a great deal of these old factory units are being put into moth balls or reused as something else. The problem is lots of these units have overhead gantry cranes up in the roof of the workshop and they can not be left as they are for health and safety reasons.

They need to be removed but this is a job for specialists. The steel work can be 20 or 30 tons in weight and as high as 30 meters in the air so a step ladder and a transit van is not really going to do the job.

What you need is a specialist firm with the knowledge and equipment to carry out the job correctly.

Firms that do specialize in overhead cranes, swing jibs, and gantry cranes of all types are few and far between but if you can need one that will buy the second-hand crane from you as it will mean you can effectively get the crane removed for nothing and you may even get paid for it also.

Overhead cranes are sometimes referred to as bridge cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes or gantry cranes and are used through British industry in large and small factory units in a variety of industrial markets.

The typical workshop overhead crane consistants of parallel runways with a traveling bridge which spans between the two across the width of the workshop. This allows the electric chain or rope hoist, the part that does the lifting, to move across between the bridges electrically.

When people think of cranes they often picture a building site tower crane or the type that are used on the back of a lorry, but overhead cranes are mainly for the manufacturing industry or for production line uses.

It makes economic sense to have an overhead crane or jib crane installed in a factory unit or workshop as they last for years and the cost of hiring mobile cranes for lots of heavy lifting is prohibitive.

Overhead cranes are now so much more technologically advanced and have in recent years made great strides in improving performance and safety. These modern cranes are so well made that they will last for decades if serviced correctly on a regular basis. Modern overhead cranes are much easier to maintain and operate.

They are a variety of different hoisting and cross travel speeds with different performance on acceleration and braking parameters depending on what you are intending to use the crane for. The team of experts you hire should have all industry requirements and be able to advise you on the suitability of any workshop lifting gear you may be interested in.

If your factory unit has unusual dimensions or specifications then a site visit can be arranged to give you the benefit of their experience and advice on your requirements and needs.

The modern overhead crane has load-sway damping which you can activate when using the cross travel motion. The advantages of the modern electric chain hoists are that they have variable speed control with options for limit switches. This means that even very delicious things can be moved around and located from and to anywhere on the workshop floor with total care.

Installation by our team takes the minimal amount of time so that your business is not put on hold any longer than is absolutely necessary. Also our installation engineers have a reputation second to none so you can be assured it will be installed right first time.

Please contact today for any gantry crane sales inquiries. We also have the UK's largest stock of used overhead cranes.

Gymnastics Equipment Has Changed With the Times

Gymnastics is one of the oldest categories of sports in the world. First developed in Ancient Greece as defining half of their notice of Arete, or excellence in both physical and mental pursuits, gymnastic arts were designed to keep the body fit and supple for a wide variety of activities. Developed from real world skills such as mounting a horse or vaulting off of a bull, gymnastics advised to execute the greatest degree of grace possible in ordinary movements. Since ancient times gymnastics has evolved a great deal, but the core value of exceed grace in movements both simple and complex is still at the heart of gymnastics.

Most gymnastic sports, however, require equipment to perform. Gymnastic equipment mainly combines the structures necessary to perform different gymnastic tasks. Rarely is any equipment worn on the gymnast themselves. For example, how can a gymnast compete in the uneven parallel bars if there is no bars? Or how can a person compete in the balance beam if there is no beam?

Gym equipment can be very expensive to purchase and install. For this reason it's recommended that gymnasts enroll in courses at facilities designed for gymnastic training. This oversight also ensures that bad habits are not learned and that the most strict safety standards are put in place. However, for a more experienced gymnast who needs the flexibility of being able to train at home, there are many relatively inexpensive gymnastic training devices that can be installed right at home. Many of these devices are modified versions of professional gym gear which can be used for strength, flexibility, and coordination training. Some examples include balance boards, parallel bars, and floor bars which are only a few feet to a few inches off the ground. More expensive and elaborate equipment is available if you have the room and the funds, even all rooms can be installed with springboard floors or higher end gymnastics equipment.

Gymnastics is an ancient beautiful sport that continues to excite and amaze people of all ages. The important thing to remember when seeking equipment for gymnastics is that safety should always be observed first. Secondly, a beginner or novice is not advised to practice too much without the oversight of an experienced trainer. This not only ensures the safety of the student but will help prevent them from learning bad habits that just might stick. Finding the right equipment is simply a matter of skill, price, and space. Appropriately answer these questions and finding the right equipment will be a cinch.

An Architect's Opinion About Durability, Utility and Beauty

An architect needs to maintain a delicate balance of durability, utility and beauty when working on a building. These elements need to mix seamlessly together to make something that will end well for many years.

One part of durability is about having timelessness to a building. Timelessness is something an architect always drives for. It is important not to look back on at building and think, "That was the style or image that everyone wanted back in 2010." An architect wanted to look back at a building and think, "It still stands on its own even if it was designed 10 years ago. Many times, durability means having something that stands on its own after a long time.

Durability also means thinking about how to help clients maintain the project after it is completed. This is a conversation that an architect needs to have with every client. Every building needs maintenance. There is no question about it. When an architect is designing a building, drawing it, and specifying all the materials, there is always a concern about the budget. All decisions have to be made with that budget in mind. Part of an architect's job is to specify different materials and list all the pros and cons. Clients need to know that if they choose a less expensive material, they could be replacing it more frequently than if they chose a material that costs a little more initially. Clients have to be willing to accept certain trade-offs.

Utility is more like a function of the building. The building needs to work 100 percent for a client. An architect can not just get it 99 percent right. It is important that the design of the structure does not impede the efficiency of the employees. Sometimes those little efficiencies add up and hurt a client's bottom line.

Beauty is about artistic expression. The old phrase, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," really applies here. The priority for an architect is to make sure the client likes the overall look and feel. Other people may or may not like it, but it is important to make sure the client is happy when the project is completed.

Durability, utility and beauty are equally important when designing a building. Successfully balancing these elements is what makes a lasting statement in architecture.

The Perfect Eyebrows For Cross Dressers

No matter what your age, face shape or coloring, you should never underestimate the impact of your eyebrows.

Eyebrows can really make or break your look, thereby affecting whether or not you pass as a genetic female.

Depending on how ‘manly’ your eyebrows are, you may wish to consult a professional for the perfect shape. You can then try to maintain the shape yourself, with regular tweezing.

Although brow shapes come and go, the basics of shaping generally stay the same. So I’d like to offer some tips to help you create the perfect eyebrows yourself.

The most flattering eyebrow shape for most women is a softly round, long brow with a gentle arch, which tapers to a point at the end.

Whether your eyebrows are rounded, straight or heavy, you can use the following guidelines to create the perfect shape.

First, position yourself in front of a good mirror with plenty of light. I would also suggest that you prepare the area with a warm, moist flannel (as you would before shaving) as this opens the pores and helps to make it a little more comfortable. I won’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt – it does, especially the first time! Exactly how much depends on your pain threshold – mine isn’t too great, so I usually have to take it easy!

Now, try visualising an imaginary straight line from the base on your nose to your eyebrow (you can use a pencil, if it helps). Ideally, this is where you eyebrow should begin.

Then, imagine the line (or hold the pencil) slanting across the center of the eye, to the right of the pupil. This is where the arch should be.

Finally, hold the pencil so that it’s in line with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end.

To make it a little easier, you could use a white eyeliner pencil to mark the relevant points and highlight any hairs that you wish to remove.

Tweeze all of the excess hairs, working from underneath the brow to even up and clean the line. If your natural brow stops short of the outside corner, just use a sharp eyebrow pencil to draw in a thin, delicate line.

To lift the arch of the brow a little higher, tweeze hairs from just below the point where you want the arch to be highest.

Once your eyebrows reach a certain length, they start to lose the pigmentation at the ends. If you have naturally long or bushy eyebrows, try to keep them nice and trim to ensure they remain tidy and to prevent any undue attention. Using a small pair of manicure scissors, comb your eyebrows up and trim any excess that goes beyond the natural hair line. Then comb them down and do the same.

Finally, to make sure you get a great result every time, make sure you have the right tools for the job. A good set of tweezers is an absolute must.

The Benefits of Construction Training Classes

There is always work that needs to be done in the industry and, with the right construction training, you can easily make a rewarding and lucrative career for yourself.

There are a number of reasons to attend an accredited trade school in order to get the proper training. Not only will employers find a potential hire that does not require any on-the-job training to be attractive but, by getting the proper training, you put yourself at an advantage over other construction job seekers because you'll already know what to expect on the jobsite.

Another reason to get construction training before applying for a job is the versatility of the construction industry. It's expected that construction workers know how to work in a variety of areas. From millwork to carpentry and framing to roofing, the success of a construction project relies on a number of different aspects. A worker who possesses knowledge that covers all of them has an adaptability that foremen and project managers will notice.

Courses where you learn the standards and practices of the construction industry are taught by instructors who have spent years working in their respective fields of expertise. This guarantees that you'll be getting firsthand knowledge born from years of experience while looking for a job.

Beyond giving you that firsthand experience, you also learn how to prepare for the actual job search. Through job placement programs you'll become familiar with the essential skills needed for resume writing, interviewing with hiring managers and selling yourself and your newly qualified skills to companies that you hope to work for.

Hiring managers that review your resume will see that you attended an accredited trade school and recognize that you have the drive and dedication that they want to see in workers. That will put you well ahead of other candidates.

Many students like taking formal construction training classes not only for the fact that they do a lot to prepare them for a new career, but for the speed with which the program moves as well.

Traditional university education usually takes four years and learning a degree or certification from a local community college often takes two years. With trade schools, especially those that offer courses in areas like construction training, programs usually last for less than a year before you receive your degree.

Where traditional education requires its students to take other classes that are often unrelated to the student's main area of ​​study, trade schools get right to core curriculum and focus only on that through the duration of the program.

This translates to lower costs.

With a shorter school year and a specialized syllabus, trade schools like those that offer construction training can provide a quality education to students in a field of interest that will lead to a successful and prosperous career at a lower cost than traditional schools.

Build a Handcrafted Log Cabin For Under $ 50,000 – A Log Home Guide For the Do-it-Yourselfer

Do you dream of owning your own log home or cabin?

Living in a mountain retreat, lakeside resort, or country ranch lifestyle, is continuing to grow in popularity. Studies show that people who trade their urban lifestyle for a simpler, less stressful natural setting, where they can relax more often, are also living healthy lives, and actually live longer as a result!

In recent years many of us are embracing this lifestyle as never before. But … Many of today's custom log cabin owners have become frustrated with the cost and length of time it takes to build their home. One would think that modern methods should reflect shorter construction times, but custom log homes today, on average, do take longer to build. This is due in part to some proven methods that can not be improved upon, going back in history to European craftsmanship, skills, and techniques still used today in the effort required to properly build a quality custom home built to last. This approach requires patience from the homeowner, but can lend itself to a beautiful dream home, with high quality of craftsmanship.

This is the standard of quality that folks today expect, but it comes with a price. You can avoid the higher cost of building a custom log cabin by doing most of the work yourself. It is possible to build a 1200 to 1500 sq. ft. Log Cabin for under $ 50,000 (land not included)

The right approach requires thought, creativity, and an efficient, yet patient application of skills, but can be very rewarding due to the custom nature of a handcrafted home. Comparing a log construction time frame, with that of a Custom, stick-frame home, is misleading.

Log Homes of equal square footage will always take a bit longer to build on average. A log builder with a good crew should be able to properly dry-in an average size milled D-style home in less than three months, after the log package has been delivered to the building site. A "Hybrid" (Log Accents & Stick Frame Construction), should take a little less time to dry-in. A do-it-yourselfer building a handcrafted home will take 6 to 8 months on a part-time building schedule, but you will be continuously saving a ton of money.

After dry-in is completed, it could take from 3-5 months longer to finish or "turnkey" a milled style home or a "Hybrid". These time frames could have been longer longer if you are building a handcrafted log home. The handcrafted cabin is the most time consuming style of construction, but is widely accepted as the "Ultimate" in a unique one of a kind log cabin. Weather, commute to the site, suppliers, building inspectors, or other factors can change this guideline. So … prepare yourself for this journey, and you will absolutely enjoy the rewarding experience of your own log home Lifestyle, with your own design and tastes, in the home you really want and can afford to enjoy.

How much does it cost to build a log home?

With this in mind … building a log cabin does not have to cost a fortune to become reality. If you choose to do most of the work yourself, you can probably build your home for as little as $ 45 per sq. ft. On the other hand, if you have all the work done by a builder, and purchase upscale fixtures and features, it could cost $ 250 per sq. ft. or more.

Although to suggest a certain price per square foot is only a guideline / starting point, I do think that an affordable custom log home without an owners participation can be built for around $ 110.00 – 150.00 per sq. ft … That is, if you do not go hog wild!

Bear in mind that depending on where you are at, you will always realize a larger home equity when you are building it yourself from scratch!