How To Use a Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker to prepare rice is a very simple and convenient procedure. Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates which is a good energy source. It is low in fat, low sugar, no additives or preservatives. It is also gluten-free so it is an excellent replacement for wheat, barley or oats. Furthermore if cooked correctly it tastes pretty delicious. Unfortunately most people are intimidated with the process of cooking rice. Fortunately modern rice cookers have made this process very easy. Read on further as I will outline a simple guideline on how to use a rice cooker so that you can avoid burnt rice and prepare delicious rice every time.

Do you need to prepare the bowl before cleaning?

Almost all modern rice cookers come with a non-stick pan so you do not need to prepare the bowl. Just wash the bowl with regular dish soap and water after every use.

How much rice do I need per serving?

The amount of rice person can vary depending on the person but generally you would need about a 1/2 cup of uncooked rice per person. Most rice cookers will come with their own cup and recommended amount. A good idea is to begin with the recommended amount and then adjust the amount as needed next time. Also important to note is that the cup size that come with a Japanese rice cooker is much smaller than in an American model.

Rinsing the rice

This is an optional process as rinsing will remove the excess starch agent off the rice and remove any dirt impurities. I found that it made the rice less gummy and sticky when it has been washed and it tasted better. The process is pretty simple, once you have the rice in a bowl pour regular tap water into the bowl and then use your hand to stir the rice around while it fills. You will notice the water become very cloudy once the inner bowl is filled up. Then you carefully pour the excess water out into the sink until only the rice is left. Repeat the same steps 2-3 times until the water becomes clear and then the rice is ready to cook.

Water to rice ratio

This brings us to probably the most important part of cooking rice. Which is how much water should we use? Most manuals would recommend a 2:1 ratio of water to rice but this can vary. If you like your rice drier then use lesser water but if you like your rice in the moist side then use a bit more. Many modern rice cookers now come with measuring lines on the bowl to mark how much water you need. The first line will be for 1 cup, second line for 2 cups and so on. If you are unsure then you should always read the owner’s manual for recommendations.

Cooking the rice

Once the rice is cleaned and you have the right amount of water in the bowl then you are ready to cook some rice. Just close the lid and press the switch and the rice cooker will do rest. Once the rice starts cooking it normally will take about 20 minutes before it is done so this would be good time to prepare some side dishes. You will know that the cooker is done when the switch pops back up and once it is done you can help yourself to the delicious rice.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery Can Be Endless

A tighter body is something most people aspire to have. Because of the psychologically charged emotions many people experience, they have this obsession with becoming a better person through liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery. These people recognize the benefits of plastic surgery and realize that it can have huge impact on their life and the amount of fat they have in their bodies.

People who maintain a healthy weight can also be critical of their physical appearance. Women are more likely than men to be concerned about their weight and overall appearance. People often change their lifestyle to lose weight through diet and exercise. While this can be hard work and not easily accomplished by all, some decide to opt for a relatively routine surgical procedure called liposuction. This is completed in a matter of hours rather than months or years of effort required to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Some people may scoff at the thought of having such a surgical procedure when weight loss can be accomplished through conventional means such as exercise and diet. But, several people find immediate benefits from it and quickly feel positive about their self-image and overall appearance. Due to the fact that many people do not enjoy exercise, it is simply not a realistic weight-loss option for some. Also, some people have a hard time sticking to a very strict diet in order to maintain their weight-loss goals.

Liposuction really performs something for you in a few hours without having you work hard for months or dying to eat the specific food you want to devour but don’t since you need to lose weight. Exercise is not always a fun task and because of this many people remain fat or obese. But liposuction is a benefit for those who can’t exercise because of having certain problems.

Even though the costs may seem high for the average person, the benefits far outweigh the costs of it. You could even find great surgeons who can minimize the risks if you do all the proper research.

Consulting your doctor is always a good idea, but liposuction rarely has side effects unlike many other types of surgeries people go through, which is a normal and satisfying benefit.

How to Properly Iron a Collared Shirt

Are you looking to dress to impress but all your nice shirts look like they have been buried at the bottom of your hamper for the last 2 years? No need to worry, as long as you have an iron, those wrinkles are sure to go away just by following these easy instructions.

First, you need a good iron and a flat and clean area where you can place your ironing board. You do not want to accidently drop your shirt into a pile of garbage or the bowl of left over spaghetti you ate last night. Set your ironing board so that the skinny end of the board as at your left if you are right handed. Youll want it on the right if your left handed.

Now you need to take your iron or a spray bottle and lightly mist the shirt. You do not want to soak it, just make sure that it is slightly damp. Make sure that your iron has sufficient water in the water reservoir to complete the iron properly. Most good irons have a gauge on the iron, so you should fill it accordingly with cool water.

The next thing you need to do is go ahead and plug in your iron. Make sure you have plenty of cord to work with. Use an extension cord if you need to. Then turn on your iron to the preset temperature that matches the material of your shirt. Most irons have a setting for different materials. Set the iron side and wait for it to preheat.

Now that your iron is hot, you are ready to go. Switch on the steam setting if it is not on already. The first thing you are going to iron on your shirt will be the underside of your collar. Spread the shirt out on your board exposing the underside of your shirts collar. Then use the iron and press down going from the point of the collar to the middle. Then turn it over and repeat on the front side of the collar ..

Next you want to get that tricky spot on the back of the shirt called the yoke. On the tapered end of the board, pull the shirt so that the yolk is flat on the board. Press out the yoke until the wrinkles are gone.

The sleeves maybe the toughest part to get so take your time and make sure you get it right. First iron out the cuffs of your sleeves. Then take one sleeve by the seam and set it flat on the board. Try to match the seams of the shirt so that when you iron it, the seams will stay the seam. Start at the top and work your way down. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Now you need to do the body of the shirt. Set down the side of the shirt first with the buttons and pull it flat onto the board so that part of the shirt collar sets into the tapered part of the ironing board. Press out the placket and th entire left side of the shirt before turning it over and doing the right side.

How to Cure TMJ Pain Permanently With No Surgery

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJDs), commonly called TMJ, are a collection of poorly understood conditions characterized by pain in the jaw and surrounding tissues and limitations in jaw movements. TMJ is a disorder that arises when the jaw is improperly aligned, and it can cause many different painful symptoms. TMJ is the commonly used acronym for temporomandibular joint disorder. Treatment for TMJ depends on the severity and extent of the individual’s condition. Treatment with drugs that prevent chronic tension-type headache is often effective, particularly the tricyclic antidepressants.

Between 5 and 15 percent of people in the United States experience pain associated with TMJ disorders, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the National Institutes of Health. Some patients have experienced worsening conditions due to guards- If your TMJ is caused by having a bad bite then your specialist may require dental therapy or restoration. TMJ treatment may range from conservative dental and medical care to complex surgery. Symptoms may relate to your bite and how they can successfully be treated by a health care professional that has special education in managing these disorders. Symptoms of TMJ disorder The most common symptom of TMJ disorder is pain, with intense discomfort not just in the face and jaw joint, but also the neck and shoulders.

Many medical and dental insurance plans do not pay for treatment of jaw joint and muscle disorders, or only pay for some procedures. TMJ is a disorder that arises when the jaw is improperly aligned, and it can cause many different painful symptoms. TMJ disorders can bring headaches, facial paint enderness in the jaw clicking and grinding noises in the jaw difficulty in opening the mouth as if the jaw were locked and even or uncomfortable bite trouble chewing certain food saching in or near the ear.

Depending on the severity of the TMJ, there are many effective treatments that range from specific muscle relaxing exercises to costly surgery. People tried The TMJ no more program and the TMJ help program, but they recommend the TMJ Help program. The program first explains your TMJ problem and then gives you a simple, step-by-step program that is aimed specifically at your causes for TMJ.

Surgery to cure temporomandibular joint pain may be performed as the last resort, provided that you have tried all the alternative treatment options. The treatments that ended up helping TMJ the most involved improving overall posture and body alignment and loosening up my tight muscles.

Antique Lighting – An Ideal Way To Give Surprise To Your Wife

Are you planning for a surprise for your wife? Well, them I am sure that it makes you feel one of the most confused and lost man on earth. You should always spice up your married life after certain point of time. Otherwise the relationship becomes monotonous and definitely boring. When it comes to surprises and gifts, there is not any prefect time for it. It could have been planned at any time, even in the middle of the night.

In today's competitive world tensions, deadlines and stress has become a part of your life. Out of stress you tend to forget all your special days. This can definitely affect your relationship.

Whenever it comes to gifts or surprises for women any one can only think about fashionable clothes, lingerie, and dinner and so on. Why do not you plan something new? Something which will make her spell bound. This, I am sure puts immense burden of thoughts on you. Most of the times, the solution is in near by but we tend to overlook it.

Let's plan a glamorous surprise for your wifey! Why do not you install an antique lighting in your bedroom? You will find a lot of options in the market. Antique lighting will not only illuminate the room or house but will also add a slight flavor of elegance and class. If love is in air in that case the right kind lightings will definitely add the flavor of sensuality. The right kind of antique lighting will no doubt enhance the room decor to a great extent.

Its time to select the right one

Now the varieties if designs available in the Market will definitely drive you crazy. You should always remember that purchasing an antique lighting is definitely a great investment. Therefore, consider buying it from a branded or reputed store. If you are planning to install it in the bedroom make sure to measure the bedroom. Typically, the bedrooms are little cozy that is the reason it is always recommended to fix a mini chandelier in the bedroom. Mini chandelier has obtained exponential growth in these years. You can also opt for antique lamps in your bedroom since it will provide you with a soothing effect and will definitely calm or tame down your restless mind.

Purchase a piece of antique lighting and also install it in the bedroom. Make sure that your love does not have any idea about this romantic surprise.

Now, here comes the surprise!

When she enters the bedroom at night I am sure that she will be tired and stressed out. Simply switch on the antique lighting and also decorate the room a little bit. Be assured that light of the antique lighting will rejuvenate her from within.

Communication Barriers: 5 Beliefs That Are Barriers to Clear Communication

The only things that keep you from having clear conversations are your beliefs – but not just any beliefs. Below are 5 of the most common beliefs that can prevent you from having communication that feels fulfilling and honest.

How many of them do you tend to believe?

Communication Barrier # 1: "I'm right. You're wrong."

Ouch. This is one the most rigid situations you can have when you're communicating. It leaves no room for understanding or appreciation for the other person's experience. Not to mention that it can leave
you feeling very defensive. It's all about winning and losing when you're attached to this story.

Try this: Instead of focusing on who's right and who's wrong, get in touch with how much you care about the person you're talking with. Notice how they're trying to share something with you that's
important to them. They may even be passionate about it. What would you be able to appreciate about that person (and what was being said) if you did not believe they were wrong?

Communication Barrier # 2: "I need you to like me."

When this belief is part of your core operating system, you'll usually find yourself on one of two extremes: super talkative or super quiet. In either case, you wind up trying to be a chameleon – changing yourself into what you think the other person would like. And yet your partner does not even get a chance to like you because they only see who you're trying to be.

Try this: Start noticing the moments when you're trying to manipulate how another person sees you. Become aware of the things you do or say. Notice how you move your body when you believe that
you need them to like you.

Gather that information about yourself, then the next time you interact with someone, you can watch for those signals that you're assuming you need that person to like you. Who would you be without that assumption?

Communication Barrier # 3: "I need you to understand me."

If you believe this thought, you probably do a lot of interrupting, explaining, and justifying. Why? Because you're looking for specific proof that the other person "gets" what you're saying. Once you say something to another person, it's not yours anymore. It's theirs. So having an attachment to what the other person does
with your sharing can hurt.

This thought can also keep you from being able to listen fully because you're so busy trying to get your point across. Everyone wants to be heard, but not everyone is willing to stop talking so that they can listen. Will you be the one?

Try this: For at least a day, do not interrupt anyone – even in your mind. Wait to speak until the other person has completely finished her train of thought and there's some silence. Breathe into the silence.

Notice what it's like to live without the urgency of having something important to say. And if the other person does not seem to understand you … can you be okay with that?

Communication Barrier # 4: "When you said that, you really mean …"

Making assumptions about what other people are saying can be exhausting and can lead to some serious misunderstandings. The kids could say, "I do not like this soup," and as a parent you might tell yourself that it means that they are ungrateful for all the hard work that went into the soup.

All they've stated is the truth – they do not like it. What does that have to do with you? One of the most common meanings we give to things other people say is that it means something about us. Who
would you be if you were not taking things personally?

Try this: Instead of assuming what the other person means, or that it's about you, go out on a limit and ask them. Get more information to base your conclusions on. Ask questions. Listen literally to what they're saying and really learn from them.

You can even make it a game – how many times can they prove you wrong about your assumptions? Ask them for clarification and find out. 🙂

Communication Barrier # 5: "You should not have said that."

You can wind up in some serious pain if you're believing this thought in a conversation. It does not matter if they're saying something about you, about someone else, or if they're sharing ideas with you that you do not like.

If you're rejecting what they've said, it's like you've boarded up the windows, locked all the doors, and put a "Go away!" sign on the front door. When you're not receptive to what's being said, both of you can wind up feeling hurt and disconnected.

Try this: Instead of trying to erase what's been said, use their words as a tool for deeper understanding. Really be present with what's been said and notice your reactions to it. Does it upset you? Does it leave a question in your mind? Does it worry you? Consider being honest and sharing your experience.

Selection of Process Vacuum Pumps

A liquid ring vacuum pump? Dry Screw or Dry claw? A steam jet ejector? Rotary Piston or Rotary Vane pump? Comparison of available pumping systems as they refer to specific applications can be difficult and time consuming.

The first step in evaluating alternatives is to eliminate from consideration pumps or pumping systems that can not meet process requirements. This involves a consideration of:

(1) required suction pressure and capacity, and
(2) reliability and maintenance. Following elimination of those pumping systems that can not meet process requirements, the most economic system can be determined by considering
(3) purchase and installation costs and
(4) operating costs. Final selection is subject to constraints imposed by
(5) environmental considerations.

The most important parameters affecting final selection of the vacuum pump comes down to the suction pressure (P2) and the throughput the pump must handle (V2). The suction pressure is calculated by subtracting the losses in the suction line from the system operating point back to the vacuum pump. Line Losses include losses across sections of the manifold, bends, and losses across filters, KOP's, scrubbers and precondensers.

When calculating the load to the vacuum pump, it's important to first examine the process. What are the primary sources of vapor or gas load to the pump. Is evacuation time a major concern. The checklist below will provide a basis for calculating capacity requirements for a vacuum pump.

Sources of Vapor-Gas Load

1) Air Leakage,
2) Vapors of Saturation,
3) Evaporated Vapors,
4) Evacuation of Process Equipment,
5) Decomposition,
6) Reaction Products,
7) Sparge Gas,
8) Stripped Gas out of Process Material,
9) Dissolved Gases, and
10) Purge gas from instrument lines

After the process design has been completed pump selection can be prepared through the following questions:

1) P1 – Starting pressure,
2) P2 – Operating Pressure,
3) Pd – Discharge Pressure,
4) Tg – Gas Temperature,
5) Tw – Temperature and type of available cooling water,
6) Ts – Temp and type of sealing liquid in the case of a liquid ring,
7) Non-Condensable Pump Load, and
8) Condensable Pump Load

A reality check is necessary at this point to determine if the presented process conditions are indeed realistic. For example if the condensable pump load is 50lb / hr of water vapor at an inlet gas temperature of 110F and the operating pressure (P2) is requested to be 45mmHgA, is this possible? A quick look at a steam table chart indicating that at 110F. water has a vapor pressure 65.9mmHgV. This means that as the pressure is reduced on the water at 110F it will continue to flash off until all the water is removed. Not until all the water is removed will the pressure move lower than the declared vapor pressure of 65.9mm@110F.

I've created a general list of available capacities and operating pressure ranges for the most often used process vacuum pumps and systems.

Steam Ejectors, single stage: 10-1,000,000 cfm (50mm) Steam Ejectors, two-stage: 0-1,000,000 cfm (4mm) Steam Ejectors, three-stage: 10-1,000,000 cfm (800 microns)

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, single stage: 3-18,000 cfm (25mm) Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, two stage: 3-6,000 cfm (25mm)

Rotary Piston Pumps – single stage: 3-800 cfm (5 microns) Rotary Piston Pumps – two stage: 3-800 cfm (.001 microns)

Rotary Vane Pumps – oil sealed once-through two stage: 100-600 cfm (.5mm) Rotary Vane Pumps – oil sealed recirculation two stage: 3-150 cfm (.001 microns)

Rotary lobe blowers – single stage: 30-30,000 cfm (400mm) Rotary lobe blowers – two stage: 30-30,000cfm (60mm)

Dry Screw – single stage: 60-600 cfm (.0075mm)

Dry Claw – single stage: 30-350 cfm (75mm)

This list should help in your preliminary process of eliminating pumps that can not meet your process requirements. Further assessment of the pumps reliability to the process including tolerance for solids, liquid slugs, reactive gasses, response to surge in gas or air leaks, performance in pumping condensable loads or excess discharge pressures etc … must be evaluated before making the final selection .

Lean Principles in ERP Practice – Maximization of Manufacturing Efficiency

In today's manufacturing environment, enterprises must operate their businesses with an eye towards becoming evermore "lean and mean", as well as taking full control of every aspect of the system. This means bringing greater efficiencies into their job shop or make-to-order manufacturing operation. However, such gains in efficiency are not easy to achieve in long-entrenched production operations, and are often the result of either a complete overhaul of a total manufacturing environment or a more nuanced approach to improvement in specific parts of the process. In either scenario, the manufacturing system is analyzed for nonproductive operations, places where wasteful functions in the manufacturing process can be denied of their inefficiencies. These nonproductive aspects are the focus of change in the system, and the central point where enterprise resource planning (ERP) meets lean objectives.

For example, lean configurations in an ERP operation realize greater efficiencies in areas such as set-up time , labor costs , and materials handling . In set-up, the problem has always been the time it takes an operator to set-up and break-down job-specific machine tooling rigs. Employees often waste significant (yet valuable ) time searching for tools or preparing for multiple nonrepetitive set-ups on a single machine. With lean principals in operation, resource planning means that tools are readily accessible and in place on shadow boards , and when possible jobs with similar set-ups are scheduled together to reduce diverse set-ups (and their attendant break-downs).

The efficiencies gained in the ERP produced reduction in set-ups, and other shop floor time management processes, means direct labor costs are also maximized. Through the use of time-clock devices such as graphical user interfaces (GUI's) to account for time spent "on the clock" and nonproductive time spent "off the clock", time itself is considered a valuable resource of the enterprise, and wasted in -direct labor costs are monitored and reduced. Indeed, direct versus indirect labor costs are significant considerations of manufacturing efficiency typically brushed aside by management. The traditional thought has been that wasted indirect labor time is simply an inevitable part of the manufacturing process. ERP no longer holds this position as a given. In a properly designed and implemented ERP operation, using robust ERP software, indirect labor is reduced and direct labor time reclaimed instead of the benefit of maximized production.

Finally, as ERP operates in alliance with lean pull-production principles, the maintenance of reduced material inventories is necessary to achieve just-in-time (JIT) goals. In the lean ERP configuration, especially one utilizing lean cell production techniques, there is less handling of material. In other words, when the job is started on the shop floor, production material flows through the plant rather than sitting idle for any significant length of time. Inventory cycles through rapidly and depreciated of unused material is reduced. In short, in a lean ERP system, material moves from station to station, and then right out of the shipping door in one continuous movement. Therefore, with the greater efficiencies found in lean labor costs, set-up times, and materials handling, a fully implemented ERP program enhances both shop floor manufacturing and the positive return on the ERP software investment.

How To Find A Suitable Awning Manufacturer In Tampa

Wide ranges of awnings are available in the market. Based on the shape and type of the awnings they can be used at different places of your home and office. The awning that successfully meets your requirements at home may not be suitable for your office. In business premises you may require custom commercial awning so that it goes with your business protocols.

Awning manufacturers can help you find the best sun control solution for your home of office. However, it is essential to work with expert awning manufacturers and installers. Dealing with local awning makers is equally important; it reduces communication gap and enhances the whole process.

Now the question is how to find out an expert awning manufacturer and installer? Is there any standard for the companies who architect household and commercial awnings? Let’s discuss in details.

Location the awning manufacturer operates from:

The place where the office of your awning manufacturer is located matters a lot. I will always suggest working with local companies. Hence people of Tampa, Florida should find Tampa Bay Awnings or reliable Awning Companies. This eliminates communication huddles and enhances the installation process.

Working with local manufacturer is cost effective too. If your manufacturer belongs to a different state you may need to pay higher transportation charges. Moreover, you risk the chance of on-the-way damages. Dealing with local awning companies in Florida minimizes all these expenses.

Ability to supply tailor-made awnings:

Look for an awning manufacturer who provides custom awnings. Whether it is for your residence or office, your awnings must match the look of the premise otherwise it will look odd and anomalous. The texture on the exterior walls, the color of the emulsion, building architecture, style of construction etc. play vital role in awning selection.

Based on the spots where you need sun control or rain protection, the type of awning changes. Fixed, asbestos made awning may work well over the walkway from parking lot to the entrance of your office; whereas, a retractable awning is the best solution for poolside cafeteria.

Similarly, for your home, you may like to order drop curtains for the veranda and retractable awnings [] for the patio. Simple umbrellas sometimes look good in gardens. For your windows and doors you may buy aluminum awnings so that indoor environment remains cool.

Whether it is going to be installed in home or in office, it should go well with the exterior of the building. Commercial awnings need to be customized for your business. The canvas canopy that perfectly fits restaurant door will surely look odd if used for the bookstore as the photographs of foods and beverages have nothing to do with the books, unless it sells recipes!

Find Awning Manufacturer in Tampa, Florida:

In Tampa, Florida, you can find awning manufacturers who work in coordination with architects and constructors. In case you plan to set the awnings simultaneously while constructing the home, your awning company needs to communicate with the construction team so that your custom awnings fit with the structure.

While selecting your awning manufacturer, make sure they adhere to the above points as much as possible. Take a tour to the places where the company has installed awnings successfully; this would help you judge the quality of work delivered by them. Understand the terms and conditions of the service and get all your doubts cleared before doing business with them.

4 Humorous Reasons to Drive a Right Hand Drive While Your Country Drives on the Right

Driving on the right sounds wrong only in roughly 35 per cent of the world. In most parts of Europe and U.S., driving on the right is the ‘rule of the road’ for quite some time, it wasn’t always like that and you can read some historical literature if you want to find out more about that.

In this article, we will discuss 4 reasons why could you choose Right Hand Drives as your primary means of transportation, even if almost every other car in your country has the wheel on the left.

1. RHD’s are usually Jeeps.

Jeeps look great by default. Combine that with a weird Right Hand Drive and you have yourself a pretty sharp image, which is slightly weird and interesting in the same time.

2. You can high-five people on the pavement!

Imagine the excitement of breaking your arm, transferred to a car full of laughing people. If I were you, I would not do that, but it’s completely up to you. Don’t forget to watch the road though.

3. You can act as if you are a foreigner!

Get an aussie accent, a car that has it’s wheel on the right and you’re set to go. Most people find foreigners interesting, you just have to think of an explanation on how did you get your car overseas.

4. Buy an RHD if you want to look prestigious.

People do that in Japan all the time, except regarding the opposite sides, since it drives on the left. It’s considered that people who drive expensive Left Hand Drive BMW cars are rich and separate themselves from ‘the lower classes’ with cars that are not meant for the roads in Japan.

Although driving an RHD prohibits ordering food in driveby restaurants (if you do mind a car accident, that is), it can be quite fun. And although this article didn’t prove it, it still makes more sense now than it did before, does it?

Work Full-Time While You Get Your Nursing Degree – We Show You How!

Many people who want to go to nursing school have simply given up on the idea because they can not afford to quit work and dedicate a minimum of two years of their life, full-time, to their education. Two years is a LONG time to give up a salary.

And that's just for people who want to get an Associate's Degree! The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four year degree.

That's fine for recent high school graduates who parents will foot the entire bill, or people who have a spouse who is working and can support them for the entire length of their schooling, or for people who do not mind graduating from school with massive debt .

For everyone else who does not fit into that category, here is the best way to go:

Start out by attending a part-time evening LPN degree program. This will generally be an 18 month program. Full-time LPN programs generally take 12 months, but they are much more intense, and it will be very hard to work even part-time during such a program.

Once you have a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse, you can then take any pre-requisite courses that you will need before you can be accepted into an LPN to RN bridge program. There are usually about eight classes required. They include college level algebra, Anatomy & Physiology I and II, psychology, nutrition, and human growth and development. You may already have taken some of these classes. Either way, you can take them a couple at a time online or at a local community college while you work full-time.

And then, you can apply to an online LPN to RN bridge program, and continue working while you get your Associate's Degree in Nursing. This will take about a year to a year and a half – but the good news is you will be working the whole time you're in school. AND – it is very likely that your employer will help pay for some or all of your continuing healthcare education, especially if your employer is a hospital or other large healthcare facility.

So there you have it – the traditional nursing school model is not the only option for aspiring nurses any more. There are lots of paths to a nursing degree, and we just showed you one which will allow you to hold down a full time job without flunking out of nursing school!

Boxee Box by D-Link Review

D-link's Boxee Box can finally be called a first-class media streaming device. The company has made firmware updates that have made the device a more attractive option. However, it is not problem-free: there are some glitches with 1080p resolution and viewing videos on big network websites is still either impossible or difficult (due to the networks). But, it is a streamer that offers the most number of features and is the most user-friendly set-top box available in the market.

The Boxee Box's describes some points for its appearance alone. While it's called a cube, it's actually a polyhedron – a cube with a dropped-off corner, which makes it look like an interesting piece when placed on its green rubber bottom.

When you connect Boxee Box to your HDTV, however, it functions in pretty much the same way as other set-top media streamers that stream from network and the web to your TV. An HDMI cable is provided with the box for connecting to the HDTV. For connecting to the network, you have a 2.4GHz-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and ethernet.

There are four reasons why this streamer is better than its competitors: it offers you an impressive range of web videos (free and paid); it supports videos with 1080p resolution, which is unusual for a set-top box; it's interface is slick and videocentric; and it looks attractive – its own design, it has a petite remote that looks like a candy bar.

D-link's update also includes Netflix as well as Vudu high-def commercial services. That's a good thing; however, Hulu is still not available. Moreover, the Vudu HDX 1080p streaming was a little disappointing.

The movie streaming started off pretty well; however, 10-15min into the film, the box froze and required a reboot. This happened 3 times during the movie. Vudu HDX with a Wi-Fi connection is not recommended for this device.

Setting up the device is easy. After connecting the cables and powering it on, the software directs you to adjust display for fitting the screen of your TV and creating a Boxee account. The home screen contains 6 icons at the top half and a selection of screenshots from featured content on the bottom. In the menu items you have: Friends (that contains videos shared on Facebook), Watch Later (that contains items tagged during content browsing), Shows (TV programs), Movies, Files, and Apps.

All in all, D-Link's Boxee Box is an excellent option for a connected home, and the makers deserve credit for fixing a lot of the problems with the original firmware.

Choose HDTV For Your Viewing Experience

The satellite TV is the new revolution in viewing experience due to the evolution in TV. One can now access countless channels and program based on their preferences. Since the introduction of satellite TV, superb quality audio and visual can be broadcast in HDTV. Combining the satellite TV and the beauty and power of HDTV, you will have the ideal entertainment for everyone in your family right in your living room. No matter what programs you choose, you will enjoy the crystal clear pictures from your HDTV. Tomorrowmore, satellite TV gives you endless variety of networks for you to choose from. All this combine to be the perfect unwind and relaxation activity for you family to enjoy.

With the recent emergence Digital Recording feature (DVR), you can record your favorite shows. You can see them over and over again. The potential is just extremely limitless. This is the power of the HDTV and DVR combine. This will eave completely in control of what you want to watch.

You can use any device such as DVD players, VCRs or gaming console and connect with your HDTV receiver. You will be able to enjoy the highest resolution for optimum pleasure. Networks shows are broadcast in HDTV in all major cities. You will notice "Simulcast in HDTV" like CSI on Direct TV. You can also get high definition shows in HBO. The programming is being added all the time.

So, do it from the comfort of your own home. Shop online and save time and money. You can find accessories such as: HDTV satellite receiver, DirecTV satellite. Then the internet will be perfect for your search. Take at look at the following brand names online for superior quality and great warranty deals: Samsung SIR-TS360, Sony, Hitachi, Zenith, Pros can, Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, Hughes and Mitsubishi.

So enjoy the thrills of having a HDTV today. Remember to get a good HDTV receiver in order to have your HDTV work perfectly. It will be a worthwhile investment.

Many people are in pursuit of HDTV because it is considered one of the greatest inventions. It provides a cinema like visual experience making people go crazy about this fuzz. It is a revolutionary product that kicks away the standard television.

The most significant feature of the HDTV is the clarity of the picture. With a matching sound system, there is no other place you would want to watch than your on living room. A HDTV contains 1100 lines in comparison to only 500 in a normal TV set. While you can possibly see the lines in a normal TV set, you will likely not detect the lines in an HDTV set.

When it comes to choices of HDTV, there are many to choose from. There is the traditional projection tvs, the HD flat panel TVs and HD micro display. The first of the HDTV, the traditional projection will give you a larger screen at a lower price. However, this equipment is bulky and has a thinner viewing angle than other forms of HDTV.

Next, is HD flat panel HDTV. This HDTV is thin and lighter and is a type of HDTV that can hang on a wall. These HDTV provides the widest viewing angle and the highest contrast. This however, means that the price tag is much higher. The third one is the advance micro displays. These HDTV are HD ready and provide a big viewing angle, quality contrast, and have replaceable light sources. Plus, it is lightweight.

All these signs of technology improvement will signify that HDTV will soon become the common viewing companion for every household in the world in the coming future.

Slices of Bangkok Life

Life in a Third-World country may seem harsh and in many ways it is; long hours for workers, no unions, low wages, and limited education.

However, even a Third-World country can have its sad, glad and interesting moments.

In a province of Thailand, known as Chiang Rai, an inmate was found dead in his jail cell.

Following an examination, there were no signs of foul play or wounds to the body.

It was concluded that the twenty year old inmate merely froze to death, denoting the cause of death as hypothermia.

Thailand’s Chonburi province is the home to many retirees and a lot of them are from foreign countries that are in the Kingdom to enjoy a low cost of living and warm weather.

An 85 year old Japanese man who suffered a business bankruptcy went to the Immigration Bureau to extend his visa in order to stay in Thailand.

Lacking some of the required paperwork, the man’s request was rejected.

Miscommunication plagued the man and he feared that if he proceeded with a planned trip to Japan to collect his pension, he would be unable to return to his home in Thailand.

Distraught, the man used a hammer to drive a knife into his heart.

The paperwork error could have been easily rectified, but misunderstanding and frustration got the better of the elderly gentleman.

On the somewhat lighter side, police in Pathum Thani, Thailand busted a woman, because the web chat sites were advertising sex toys which she had for sale.

The Police were also part of the web chat site audience and acted on the posted information, which netted them two suitcases of 500 rubber dolls and other unmentionable items.

She admitted to authorities that she had purchased the items in Hong Kong on a trip and had brought them into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Despite what does go on in Thailand, adult toys are illegal.

Want to Instantly Spruce Up Your Room? Try a Mirror!

Typically used in interior decoration to create an illusion of space, the modern day mirror has its origins dated as far back as 6000BC when man most likely used pools of dark, still water, or water collected in primitive vessels to create the reflections we now take very much for granted. From bronze mosaic wall mirrors, to vanity mirrors, mirrors can add sparkle to your decor; add depth and light to small room spaces; and or add glamor to a bathroom. This article will offer tips on how to effectively spruce up your room with mirrors.

In contemporary art, the softness of old mirrors is sometimes replicated for use in interior design. Reproduction antiqued mirrors can bring color and texture to an otherwise hard, cold reflective surface. It is an artistic process that has been attempted by many and perfected by few, however, to the end user mirrors are somehow the easiest way to bring to life, not to mention a fresh sense of class, sophistication and drama to any room in today's modern home.

A shining example of emphasis on style put to the test, or as the case may be, demonstrated by bronze mosaic wall mirrors make up an array of wall mirror designs that range from the grace and opulence of oval mirrors, to the vanity style mirror that is traditionally a popular addition of choice for dressing areas, make-up tables or bathroom counters. It is therefore not uncommon for contemporary artists to use mirrors as the material of art, like in mirror-sculptures and paintings on mirror surfaces. Some would even build special mirror installations such as neon cubes just to enhance their reflection.

Armed with this short background on mirrors and how and why they came into existence, it is time to stimulate your creative flow in working with mirrors to add color and grace to your living space.

Mirrors do not always have to be for looking into to see a reflection of yourself … that much we do know. And neither are they a quick fix solution to creating a sense of space to an otherwise cramped and even even bland looking room. Mirrors, when applied correctly to surfaces in your home can easily make a statement as to who you are and what you are about. Mirrors can talk. That's what I always say. Here are a few simple tips on how to make mirrors speak to you and of you when used correctly in interior decor.

To brighten up a room, place the mirror on the wall opposite the window in that room. It's reflection of light entering the room will instantly brighten up the room during the day and add depth and the feeling of space when the curtains are drawn by night. And in the case of a room without a window, use a mirror to increase the brightness of a room by placing a bright burning lamp on the mantle or atop a shelf in front of the mirror. The mirror will reflect the light the way it would be natural light from a window. Problem solved! Obviously, the larger the mirror, the more light it can reflect. Brightening up the room is just one advantage, as it will inadvertently make the room look much larger. And if you were to hang identical mirrors on either side of a window or fireplace, it would maximize this effect. And also, hanging large mirrors on walls that are most visible when entering a room, can quite effectively maximize the size of the room by making it appear larger.

So the next time you're in search of ways to increase the size of your living space; create a personal touch that defines you and who you are; considering making minor additions using arrangement tips contained in this article to achieve that with mirrors.