How to Use a Slow Cooker to Feed a Family Easily and Cheaply

The Slow Cooker is a great invention and is perfect for busy families who want to come home to a hot, hearty meal after work without having to spend time preparing it. It's worth getting up a bit earlier to prepare some meat and vegetables to throw into your slow cooker to cook while you're at work. There are so many recipes that can be prepared in your slow cooker – casseroles and stews, soups, puddings, Mulled wine, curry and chilli. Some people even use two, and have their main meal cooking in one and their side dish or dessert cooking in the other.

Slow cookers are available in different sizes – mini for cooking for one up to large for cooking for large families or for entertaining.

If you have got one gathering dust on a shelf or in a cupboard, grab it, clean it and get searching for some recipes.

Using a slow cooker will give you many benefits: –

1.Using a slow cooker uses less electricity than cooking in a standard electric oven.

2.You can use cheaper cuts of meat because the slow cooking tenderises the meat.

3.In summer, using one will prevent your kitchen getting overly hot.

4.It saves you the time and energy of cooking a meal at the end of the day when you are tired.

5.No effort apart from initial preparation – The food does not need stirring, it can be left happily for 7-10 hours.

6.Natural juices and flavors are retained rather than boiling away.

7.Easy clean up – just one pot and your plates and cutlery.

8.A slow cooker is ideal for entertaining with minimum effort.

9.The food does not dry out but is kept nice and moist.

10.The low temperature and slow cooking makes your slow cooker ideal for cooking puddings like egg custard.

Tips for Using Your Slow Cooker

* Preheat it before adding ingredients.

* Brown meat before adding, and make sure any liquids are boiling.

* Leave it alone – lifting the lid can add 15-20 minutes onto the cooking time.

* Keep it clean – soak the pot after use to enable you to remove any burnt on bits, otherwise they will cook into your next dish!

* Chop vegetables up small so that they cook through and make sure they are covered by the liquid. You could also saute vegetables first.

* Do not use it to reheat left overs, use a microwave to get food piping hot.

* Do not overfill it.

* Read through the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to make sure you use your slow cooker properly and that you know what the different settings are for.

* Make sure meat and poultry are thawed out properly and do not add frozen vegetables.

* Use your slow cooker overnight to cook a hot breakfast recipe.

* Be adventurous – look for slow cooker recipes online and have fun experimenting.

* Make a big casserole, curry or chilli in it, and then freeze in batches to use on days where you have not got time to prepare long meals.

* Once you have poured meat, vegetables and sauce into it, pour a bit of wine or stock into the frying pan you've used and scrape the pan. Add to the slow cooker for extra flavor.

* Do not add too much liquid – Follow recipes and do not be tempted to add extra liquid. Slow cooking creates liquid because steam hits the lid, condenses and drips back into the food.

* If the finished casserole is too watery, switch on to high, remove lid and cook like that for half a hour.

* Do not put prepared meat and vegetables in the pot of the slow cooker in the fridge overnight, you do not want to start with a chilled pot because cooking will take longer.

* Test whole chicken or large cuts of meat with a meat thermometer at the end of the cooking time.

* Most importantly, enjoy experimenting with your slow cooker.

Plastic Surgery Release of Tongue-Tie Deformity

Being tongue tied is more than just not knowing what to say. It is an actual medical diagnosis (ankyloglossia) that is not that uncommon. (estimates are one in one to two thousand people) In my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice, I have seen lots of them over the years. It is a condition inside the mouth where the tip of the tongue is tethered down to the floor of the mouth. It is marked by an inability to move the tongue beyond the front teeth ….. or just barely past them. When there is an attempt to stick the tongue out, a V-shaped notch appears at the tip. Technically, it occurs when the lingual frenulum (on the underside of the tongue) is either too short or anteriorly placed, restricting the mobility of the tongue.

Ankyllossia occurs as a result of a developmental aberration in utero. Early in fetal development, the tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth. Like how fingers become separate from the initial fetal webbed hand (planned cell death and atrophy), the tongue and the floor of the mouth separate leaving a residual attachment known as the frenulum. Tongue-tie results when this frenulum is short and that limit the movement of the tongue. This is a condition which can be seen at birth if one looks carefully enough. But it becomes very agree when the front teeth have eruted. Physical exam will easily demonstrate the short or anteriorly placed lingual frenulum. While the tongue continues to grow until about four years of age, one does not outgrow a short frenulum. Once present, it remains so.

Tongue-tie most commonly appears as a partial restriction and rarely as a complete fusion. There is consideration controversial as to what functional problems that it may or may not cause. It has been implicated in speech defects, breastfeeding difficulties, and a source of dental problems. While I have seen and treated many tongue-ties in babies and young children, the few I have seen in adults did not appear to be causing any significant problems. The main reason tongue-ties are treated is for better language mobility which has a cosmetic benefit and probably some minor functional improvement as well.

The main reason to treat tongue-tie, in my opinion, is the sheer simplicity of doing it without postoperative complications or relapse. One can have a lot of debt as to whether it is medically necessary, but if you can eliminate the problems with a very simple and quick procedure, that debate takes on less significance.

Tongue-tie is released through a procedure known as a frenuloplasty or frenectomy. The frenulum is incised near its midportion until the tongue is fully released. Then it is sewn together with small resorbable sutures creating a long unrestricted frenulum. In babies and children this requires a general anesthetic. In adults, it can be done under local anesthesia in the office.

How to Build a Boat – Small Wooden Sail Boat

To build a wooden boat you will need wooden planks. Now, the dimensions of the planks will depend on what wood you are using. If you are using cypress wood then there will be eight different dimensions according to which you will have to shape the planks.

All of these eight kinds of planks will be required for building the boat. However, if you are building the boat out of oak then there will be about six different types of plank requirements. If, Georgia pine then three types while if it is white pine then it will be just one dimension and five planks of this same dimension.

Now, when you are building a sail boat then obviously you will build one with a flat bottom. Ask yourself how to make a boat and then you know that the most important thing to keep in mind during this type of boat building is the stem. No matter what you build your boat out of, the stem will have to be of good white oak. Then you will need the sideboards, two in number. Saw them properly and then plane them.

Now make the mold which can be made of old material also. Leave some space for the stringers and make the stern board next. After this is ready, nail up the sideboards to the stem with a hammer making sure that you nail then in a double row. Now you can set in the molds. While doing this keep in mind that the molds should be perpendicular to the boats center. Fasten all the molds and the transom and then use the galvanized nails that are used for permanent nailing of a boat.

Now it is time to put on the bottom. Do this by turning the boat upside down and then nail the floor with the sideboard along with the stringer. Make sure that there is no caulking; for this you need to make the joint between the boats as tight as you can. Now, turn it over on its bottom and get the seats placement. The seats should strictly be made of cypress as then they will be pretty comfortable. Then what you have to do is cut slots, two, out from the centerboard. After this you should fast two posts at these points.

Now you have to nail in the keel and the floor firmly so that no mishap occurs. Now place the beams of the deck, curving them as you do. Now when everything is done you should get the cockpit ready si that the combing can take place. After you do this, get ready for the canvas deck. Paint with thick paint, white in color. More or less after this, your boat structure is built. You will only have to place the oars and additional material to turn into a complete boat. This is there before the basic of how to make a boat, one which is a wooden sail boat.

Finally you must remember that decent boat design software helps you build the boat of your dreams. Probably the best idea is to get some sort of 3D boat design software that is affordable, easy and flexible to use and is suitable for anyone from the hobbyist model boat builder to professional mass ship producers.

Strategic Planning – Use This Sample SWOT Analysis For Your Strategic Plan

What is a SWOT analysis (also known very simply as a SWOT) and why is doing one important to your business? Use this sample SWOT analysis to help you do your own SWOT. All small businesses need to include a SWOT in their strategic planning. SWOT is a key element of successful strategy development.

The definition of SWOT analysis is that it is an acronym for the strengths, and weaknesses of the internal organization and the opportunities and threats of the environment external to the organization. The importance of doing a SWOT is that it provides an opportunity for small business owners to identify and analyze the strengths of, and opportunities available to, the business. It also helps to identify and minimize internal weaknesses and develop management strategies for external threats.

The most effective use of a SWOT analysis is within the planning process. But analysis and plans must be followed with actions. Develop your SWOT and build an action plan that includes who, what, where, when, why and how to deal with the strategies.

The sample SWOT analysis below will help you develop your own. The best approach is to include key members of your organization in the process. If you are a one-person business; then do it on your own or try to do it within your network of business acquaints.

The Internal Organization: strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that you build on your strengths and manage and control your weaknesses.


  1. Strong in-house training program that has cross-trained staff to learn a number of functional areas. Action: Leverage that training to develop employees with even more depth and value to the organization.
  2. Exceptional customer service. It is well recognized by customers through regular customer service surveys and feedback. Action: Leverage the strong customer relationships to find out about what customers want and need.
  3. Have a well developed new product development process; successfully adding two new products a year. Action: Using customer input, look to add more than two new products a year and / or add new product differentiation elements to existing products.


  1. Average order size ($) is small. Large volume of orders needed to increase sales. Action: Develop more new products to 'bundle' price with existing products.
  2. Cost of goods sold is high (due to small order size). Action: Develop sales plan to sell more volume and larger orders.
  3. Internal organization has grown quickly and added layers of management. Action: Re-assess the need for each management position and work to reduce the layers to not more than three. Understand the limitations of span of control.

External Factors:

The external environment (also known as the macroenvironment) is about the opportunities and the threats that the organization faces. These external factors are not controlled by the business, but we can manage to minimize threats and maximizeize opportunities. To be successful in managing the external environment's impact on your business you must track economic indicators and understand how they impact your business and what you need to do about them.


  1. Partnerships or alliances with competitors, suppliers or customers. For example, if a large contract is up for bid, you may want to partner with a competitor (one that you trust and value – hopefully you have competitors like that in your network) to put together a joint bid.
  2. New potential customers are entering your market or you have identified another customer group for your products and services. For example, telephone companies added many more customers with the introduction of wireless mobile phones.
  3. Marketing costs are decreasing with the widespread introduction of digital technology and with the increase in social media applications. For example, you can produce a cross-media marketing campaign with a farther reach than ever before, for less dollars.


  1. Vulnerable to local and global economy slowdowns. If economy is slow, sales drop. Action: Provide products or services that answer customer needs in good times and bad. Ensure that your products or services are the highest value for the money.
  2. Changing legislation and / or penalies. For example, the increased cost of operating for businesses with an environmental cost. Action: Consider what you can do to change your processes (before you are forced into a more cost change by government actions) and capitalize on those changes by communicating to your market the actions you have taken and why.
  3. Competitors. There are good competitors and bad competitors. The good ones understand how to run a business, how to develop products or services and price them accordingly. The bad competitors undercut on price without understanding their cost structure – the goal is to get the orders at all costs. Sometimes they go out of business or are bought out. But while they continue to do business, they drag the market down and make you look like you are over-charging (even worse, that you are gouging the market). Action: Use a variable price strategy and ensure that your costs are as low as possible. Also build a strong, 'untouchable', differentiation strategy that will ensure that your price is supported by the value and benefits of the product.

To build your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis for your business, use the above sample SWOT analysis in your strategy planning. Make sure that you clearly understand and can identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses and that you know what the opportunities and threats are in your industry. Once you've used the SWOT model to complete your own SWOT analysis, make sure you update it annually – as your business and your external environment is constantly changing and evolving.

How to Go About Dim LED Lighting

The growing awareness of environment concerns that energy saving devices are gaining considerable prominence. In the past decade one such effective means is the LED. LED lighting has come to become the most significant aspect of any house or commercial establishment. LEDs are used today in a variety of forms like LED tubes for lighting up the workspaces and in the house for kitchen and working desks, LED flat panels for lighting up certain areas of the house, they being flush mounted are preferred as they do not alter any architectural design of the house.

The last few years have resulted in further focus on the environment aspect of energy savings and this has resulted in the development of dimmers for further optimizing electricity usage. There are some significant advantages of using dimmers and this subordinate resolved in their popularity among the consumers.

Advantages of Dimmers:

– Convenience and improving ambiance: Homes are becoming increasingly automated. Lights as part of the automated system can there before be dimmed depending on the time of the day to ensure optimum light maintenance, some are even equipped with intelligent systems which switch off the lights in the absence of any person. They also enable the user to give a nice feel to a house or office using the lighting systems, thus improving ambiance.

– Energy saving: As the intensity of light can changes depending upon the need of illumination required, it helps by optimizing the use of electricity and in the process it also reduces electricity bills.

How to dim an LED?

There are two techniques used when dimming LEDs, PWM and Analog. Both techniques come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

PWM dimming mainly involves switching the light bulb on and off at an extremely high rate, the advantage of this process is because the quantum of current passing through the LED remains the same, the color of light does not change.

Analog dimming meanwhile involves sending a variable current, the advantage here primarily being simpler logic circuits,

How to use dimmers in Induction lights?

Induction lights have recently reemerged as a strong contender in the lighting industry especially the outdoor lighting realm. They are typically used in gas station lighting, parking garage lighting and street lighting.

Technology also advanced in induction lighting, which involves the use of dimmers. Most of the times inductive lightings are fitted with a dual control switch or some sort of a bi-level dimming feature. Many of them are also fitted to smart and intelligent automated systems which regulate the induction lights for example the induction lights which are fitted in the parking garage now come with a dual switch which is connected to an infra-red system. The system normally maintains low illumination, however if it detects any human through the infra-red then it automatically switches to high illumination.

Thus, dimmers are helping us to further optimize our electricity usage and helping us to move to a more sustainable and friendly eco-system.

Causes of Adult Acne?

We all assumed that once puberty was over the horror of our acne would leave as well, but for millions of adults this is the case and they are left wondering what caused their adult acne. Currently the causes of acne appear to be the result of a combination of factors.

You can have a genetic predisposition to adult acne and hormones do play a part as well. Genetics refer to how easily the acne causing bacterium can spread on your skin and just how your body responds to that bacterium. Typically our skin tissue swells and the more it swells the more unsightly your adult acne can appear. Further swelling is the reason you do not want to squeeze your acne, because it makes it appear worse.

As adults we are still subject to our hormones, although they may not be as raging as they were when we were teenagers. Fluctuations in both estrogen (female hormones) and androgens (male hormones) cause an increase in acne during certain times, such as the week or so before the period.

Cofactors are those promoters of acne. One would assume that eating greasy foods is a cofactor, except that what you eat with the possible exception of vitamins that are good for the skin, does not affect your risk of acne. Real cofactors are Stress, which causes the body to release stress hormones like Cortisol, the environment, various medicines, irritation, and some cosmetics and lotions.

Environmental factors such as pollution and exposure of the skin to grease in the workplace can dirty the skin and clog pores helping to trap the acne bacteria inside. Some medications have been known to affect the body's hormonal levels which can lead to acne. Although you may be tempted the irritation of persistently scrubbing the skin raw to clean your face can worsen acne, just as the rubbing of the bridge of your eyeglasses across the bridge of your nose can lead to acne there. Anything that rubs against the skin will cause irritation; swelling and can help to further press pollutants into the pores. Lastly not all kinds of make up and lotions will clog the pores. You need to read the labeling to see if it's non-comedogenic or non-pore-clogging. Otherwise the materials in say a fine face powder can get into the pores and mix with your skin's oils to create little plugs blocking in bacteria.

Do not feel as if you are the only person struggling with moderate to severe acne, all of these factors can work together to create adult acne and there are many people working to combat it.

Why Computer Hardware Is Important

In this day and age, it is hard to deny the influence of technology in our lives. We live in an era where pretty much is automated and computerized. And amidst all the technological advancement that humankind has achieved, one important device has been created that will only sure to become more relevant to our lives as technology progresses, the computer. No one can deny that computers are now an essential part of our lives, the same way a cell phone and television does. It is safe to say that in this day and age, having no computer would be an inconvenience. Which is why it is important that we know the how our computer works so that we would be aware of the things that we should do in case it stops working. The hardware of the computer is considered to be the most important because without it, it will simply not work.

Simply put if you know how to handle the hardware of a computer and know each of their function for the unit, then you can easily determine what the problem is in case the unit stops functioning. In order to be familiar with basic computer troubleshooting, then you also need to be familiar with computer hardware. A good example of this is the memory of the computer (RAM). All programs and applications that are ran in a computer needs memory. Without RAM it simply won’t function. Aside from that, even if you have a RAM but it does have the specifications to keep up with the programs that are being ran, then the operation would be slowed down to a crawl. So when it comes to computer hardware, you have to make sure that it is not obsolete, so you need to upgrade depending on what sort of program that you are usually using.

When handling computer hardware, you have to keep in mind some safety measures so you can manipulate the unit safely. Before opening any computer cases, you have to make sure that the unit is unplugged or you might risk electrocution or shocks. While checking your hardware components, always check for damaged parts because that is most likely the one that is causing problems. When inserting components and parts, you have to remember that if it doesn’t fit, then most likely you are inserting it on the wrong slot. If it does not fit, then do not force it or you will risk breaking the component. Before touching any parts inside the unit, make sure that you discharge yourself first by through a grounded metal object or you can use an anti-static wrist strap or mat which is sold in stores for cheap.

By knowing and analyzing every computer hardware part you will know about its importance and if it ever breaks down then you can perform the proper troubleshooting steps. Every hardware component is important for the computer’s operation. The performance of your computer largely depends on how good your hardware is, so be sure that they are always in good working condition.

Different Types of Portrait Photography – Tips & Suggestions

The term portrait may refer to Portrait Painting and Portrait Photography both – here, the facial expression of the subject is captured by the painter or the photographer. People interested in a career in portrait photography should know the basics of this subject and maintain these guidelines while taking pictures of people.

Portrait photography has many branches; let's learn about them first.

Different types of Portrait Photography:

Portrait photography is further classified under four main sections:

  1. Close-ups
  2. Facial Shots
  3. Upper Body Shots
  4. Environmental Portrait

Professional photographers always try to capture the true self of a person through photography. However, with a camera focusing on the face, people become nervous and make faces that do no represent their real personality or the mood. And the photograph looks artificial.

An expert photographer would follow his own tricks to make the person feel comfortable and relaxed so that the right facial expression is captured. As a photographer you have to make the subject feel easy and not worried about the camera. While taking pictures of professional models, you do not need to worry at all as they are quite trained on how to face the camera. But general people became very much camera-conscious during photo shoot. Here, to capture natural photographs, you have to take few snaps without making them aware. You may go through portrait photography tips to know more about such tricks.

Some easy and widely practiced tricks are listed below:

Ask your subject to get ready for a photograph; let them prepare for the snap; and then take a
picture. Now as the shutter moves up and down and your subject starts to relax, take few more
snaps very fast. This would help you capture their true persona.

Some professionals tell funny jokes while taking pictures to ease up the situation; some ask the subjects to engage in some easy and fun activities and take the snaps when the person is unaware of the camera.

The activities may depend on the age of the subject. For example, if you are taking a portrait of a child, ask him or her to look at a picture and count number of circles in it. OR ask them to play with toy, solve a puzzle or copy an easy illustration.

Tackling children is quite easy than adults. A mature person is very much aware of the situation and knows that you are trying to distract his mind from the camera. Here, you may need to choose some other tricks.

Some professional portrait photographers prefer to chat with their subject for hours before taking them to the shooting floor. You can engage someone to talk with the subject when you prepare your camera, lens and lights. You can also ask them to continue talking when you take pictures.

You can also think of some tricks of your own OR consult professional portrait photographers for more effective ideas. Many such methods, tips and tricks of portrait photography are available online. You can go through online photography tutorials or attend workshops to know more about portrait photography.

Turkey String Lift – How to Do It

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament?

You just cooked a beautiful, 20+ pound turkey, and now it’s time to slice it and serve it. But how to get that bird from the cooking vessle to the carving board?

Especially hard is when you’ve wrapped that bird in foil. Now you find the foil sticking to the bird, and as you try to lift it, there’s a definite chance that a whole lot of very hot, steaming turkey juice will cascade out of the foil and onto you and/or your floor.

What to do?

The most convenient method of moving a cooked turkey from its place in the wrapping foil to its place on the carving dish is through the use of a String Lift. While double carving forks can be used, the possibility of dropping the steaming hot bird are still high. Using gloves is definitely out of the question, too!

The answer is an ancient technique, known as The String Lift Technique. A String Lift is exactly what its name implies: a lifting sling for picking up large, heavy, awkward items like a cooked turkey!

The String Lift acts as a protective sling, surrounding the bird and making it easier to lift and to transport from cooking pan to carving dish.

Commercial String Lifts are available, however, it is our experience that most stores don’t carry the Lifts because people are unfamiliar with them, don’t know how to use them, and as a result commercial string lifts are not a great seller.


Cut an 80″ length of heavy cotton Butcher’s twine.

Knot ends together to make a loop. Put a single knot in center of loop.

Place second figure eight knot 3″ to right of first knot.

Place third figure eight knot 3″ to the left of first knot.

Center bird on center knot.

Draw string loops around and up over bird’s wings and legs during cooking.

To Use:

Unwrap the foil from the turkey breast and the legs and wings.

Grasp a loop in each hand.

Gently lift the turkey straight up off of the foil sheet.

Ask a helper to loosen any foil that tries to cling to the turkey as it is being hoisted.

Move the turkey to the cutting board and drape the Sling Lift away from the turkey.

It is not necessary to remove the Lift from under the turkey while carving the bird.

How To Develop Your Real Estate USP

“Oh yes,.. I think I’ve heard of you before? Aren’t you the Condo-King?”

A unique service proposition (USP) is a simple, concise statement of how you differ from your peers in the industry and what this means to your clients. In the competitive world of real estate, it’s important that you have a USP that cuts through the clutter and positions you as the REALTORĀ® of choice in your market.

To identify and define your USP, look first at yourself. What do you do that distinguishes you from competitors? Do you have a special niche, a special ability, a special way of delivering service? Hone in on what is unusual or significant about you. Are people drawn to your personality, reputation, location or broker affiliation? What makes you more valuable and/or more visible in the market than other agents and what does this mean for clients?

Next, analyze your target audience. Consider their demographics, purchasing habits and what drives them to select a particular agent to deal with. What do they seek from you? What benefits do they gain from having you as their REALTORĀ®?

Your USP should address a genuine need so you should try to identify what needs are going unmet in your particular market. What are the most difficult or frustrating aspects of buying or selling a property and how do you address them? Your USP should speak to these pains directly.

Once defined, your USP becomes a key branding tool and serves as the basis for all of your marketing, advertising and PR activities. Everything you do should reinforce your USP, and every customer touch is an opportunity to reaffirm the uniqueness of your service proposition. The essence of your USP should come through in your business cards, brochures, real estate flyers and signs; your website and internet marketing initiatives; and even your elevator pitch.

Be bold and creative when developing your USP but be sure that you can deliver on the promise it embodies. If you don’t deliver on that promise, you will fail both yourself and your clients.

Developing an effective USP takes time and effort, but it is worth it because of the leverage it provides. A powerful USP enables you to build a memorable and lasting reputation in the competitive real estate industry. The ultimate goal of your USP is to have people say, “I’ve heard of you. You’re the REALTORĀ® who….”

Taking a Rental Car Across the Border

Driving a rental car across the border can be tricky. Whether or not a rental company will allow this really depend on a variety of factors, including the car rental company and which border you are trying to cross.
However, you may need additional insurance in order to drive in another country and you will need to find out if there are any differences in the road you are heading to.

Canadian Border

You have a lot more leeway here than if you are wanting to cross the border into Mexico. The majority of car rentals in both Canada and the US will allow you to take your rental car across the border, as long as you are planning to come back again. The exception to this rule is if you are a resident of the country that you are driving into. For example, if you are a Canadian citizen, you can not take an American rental car into Canada without it has Canadian license plates.

Also, if you are going to be taking a rental car across the border into Canada, you will need to show your rental documents to the border officials, so have them handy. In addition, you will probably need to purchase additional insurance, since the insurance that comes with the car rental won't cover accidents or theft outside of the US You will probably need to have a Canadian non-resident insurance card in this case.

Talk to your rental company before trying to cross the border, since you don't want to be crossing without permission or insurance!

Mexican Border

This is a bit trickier. You'll be hard pressed to find a car rental company that will allow you to take a rental car into Mexico, due to the high crime and theft rate in this country. There are a few rental companies that may allow you to take the rental car across the border, but this is fairly unlicuntarily. A better option would be to just park at the border and walk across. If you need to have a vehicle on the other side, rent from a Mexican car rental company as they are better equipped to deal with the risks.

You will definitely need to buy extra insurance if you do decide to cross the border into Mexico in a rental car and manage to get permission from your car rental company. Sometimes, you can get this extra insurance to cover you in Mexico from your rental company, but you may prefer to go with a third party insurance supplier if it is cheaper. Read the contract carefully and make sure that you are covered for everything from car theft to accidents. Mexico can get a bit wild, particularly in the border towns, so try to park the car in safe areas where you pay someone to keep an eye on it.

Taking a rental car across the border is possible in many cases, depending on which border, but do make sure to talk to your rental company first about your plans. They may require extra insurance or have some tips for you. You can also find out what is required in order to cross the border, whether or not you need a passport and what other paperwork is necessary.

As long as you do your research, you should be fine to take a car rental across the border. Just be sure to have everything in order, including the extra insurance, so you won't be faced with unexpected promises.

You Can Have The Look You Want With Plastic Surgery

In the world today, there are many people who are not satisfied with the way they look. They feel that their appearance can be enhanced with plastic surgery. Although the methods used today are perfected to the point of being undetectable, new methods and techniques are being developed every day. It is now possible to have different parts of your body reshaped and sculptured in any way that you choose.

In the past, plastic surgery was an option only to the rich or those of higher social status; it was very expensive. There were also far more risks involved than there are today. However with the new techniques that have been developed, the risks are much more minimal than they have ever been in the past.

Because of the increased popularity of plastic surgery, the rates have also been reduced, making plastic surgery available to almost everyone.

People choose plastic surgery because they are not happy with the way that they look; they want a change. A little nip here and a little tuck there and you feel and look ten years younger. Many women feel that looking and feeling good will allow them to succeed further in their jobs. And with the divorce rate going through the roof, many women want to look better so they can feel better about themselves as they get back into the dating scene.

Many of the results from procedures such as liposuction can be achieved in a short amount of time with the proper diet and exercise. However, we live in a world where we want everything as fast as we can get it. We do not want to wait for anything. Plastic surgery can achieve the desired results in days instead of months, and many people choose this method.

It is important to understand that it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice from your primary physician before undergoing any type of surgery. He or she knows your medical history and can advise you if plastic surgery is right for you. If you have any underlying health issues, he or she may recommend that you do not have the surgery. Your primary physician will also advise you of the dangers and side effects of the procedures that you are seeking.

Some of the procedures such as liposuction will require you to change your diet and eating habits. If you do not change these habits after the procedure, it can cause terrible side effects, even death. But a procedure such as liposuction would normally have this restriction, since a poor diet is likely the reason for needing liposuction in the first place.

Hollywood plays an important part for many people who are struggling with the decision to have plastic surgery. They see a city full of thin beautiful people who have plastic surgery on practically a daily basis. What people do not understand is that not all of the stars use plastic surgery. Some of them live a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. They, just like many others, workout regularly to stay in shape.

The decision to have plastic surgery should be carefully considered. It is not something to be taken lightly. Although it has proven to be safe in most instances, it can still have devastating side effects. In the end, the plastic surgeon is the person who will decide if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery.

Garden Cart Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Garden Cart

Ever find yourself doing more and more outdoor tasks? Would not it be more convenient if you have a garden cart to help you carry heavy equipment or drag several things at one go? Well, that's definitely the advantage of having a sturdy cart around. And the good thing is, this is a simple tool which you can build yourself using excellent garden cart plans.

If you love working on the outdoors, chances are, you'll love assembling your own garden cart. This is something you can make during one of weekend. Not only will it make you outdoor tasks easier, it also serve as a testament of your own resourcefulness and craftsmanship. Something you've built with your own hands.

To be able to build a garden cart, there are several things you need to consider and prepare for. Here are the basic things you need to go over in building a garden cart:


Materials is quite easily one of the first thing you need to procure or at least, gather. Building a garden cart does not have to be costly. In fact you can take inventory of whatever usable material you have in you storage room or garage. You may be surprised to find some scrap wood and stuff that can be reused for this purpose.

To give you an idea, here are the basic list of materials you will need for this project:

1. Wood or marine grade plywood to form the base and the sides of the cart

2. Tires – bicycle tires can be used for this purpose

3. Screws, steel axle to fit the tires and bracing metal

You will only need to have basic woodworking tools like a handsaw, jig saw and screwdriver to be able to complete this project.


Another thing you do need to consider to build a garden cart is its size. The size of the garden cart would depend on how you're going to use it. If you're going to use it to cart off small items, then, you can build a smaller cart. This can even be advantageous if you have a smaller yard. Using a small cart will not require much space for storage and moving. Also, it will not disturb the plants or any of the
landscape when moving it around parts of your yard.

On the other hand, if space is not an issue on your property, I would suggest that you build a bigger cart. This way, you will be able to use it to carry heavier and bigger things. Big carts tend to be more multipurpose than smaller carts.

Garden Cart Plans

The task would be way easier if you have the help of excellent garden cart plans. You get a clear and detailed guideline on the process like cutting the wood to specific sizes as well as the proper attachment and assembly of the parts. Having illustrations on these process will help you finish the job faster and more effectively.

Also, the plan would detail on the proper finish of the cart itself making it water and rust resistant. That's why overall, it's definitely to your advantage if you get your hands on quality garden cart plans.

How To Resize Your Images

Image resizing is an important part of the on-line world. At times we need high resolution images for documentation or printing requirements. However, the bulk of the time our 10 mega-pixel cameras just make life difficult. After what you believe no one wants a 3200×2800 30meg images of your newborn baby bloating their mailbox or message board. The program Picasa is a good entry level free photo editing tool. You can obtain Picasa in the "Google Pack", and install it by itself without the other programs. A link can be found at the top of this page.

Start by opening Picasa and choosing a directory on your hard drive to work from. If this is your first time running Picasa it may want to scan you drive for photos. Due to the time associated with this I suggest only letting it scan you desktop. For this write up I navigated to my desktop.

Once you have selected the directory you want to work with, you will be provided with thumbnail images of every file in that directory. Select the image you want to resize by clicking on it once. Then click "export" located at the bottom right of the screen.

Click the export button. The next entry you need to make is where to put the images. This is done by changing the targeted directory in the blue box. I usually work off the desktop as it makes locating the images I have resized easy to locate. Images you export in Picasa do not effect the original. So if you have a 1000x800px file on your desktop called 1.jpg and you export it to directory in desktoptemp, you will have two files. The original un-touched file and your newly exported file in the temp directory. Now set the size and compression you want to use. For message board and general photos 800px is usually good. If it needs to be a large image or desktop image you may want to go to something higher like 1024 or 1600. The final option is the amount of compression you want to use. If you are using the windows version of Picasa I suggest you select "Automatic." For unix and Mac versions though you need to set a percentage. 85% is almost always a good compression. 100% is better but will make the file size considerably larger.

Movie on these steps:

7 Steps to Opening A Daycare Center

I want to congratulate you for wishing to open your own daycare center. This is a great business with a huge potential, both financially and in terms of personal fulfillment. However, the degree of success you can expect from your day care depends on how well you do things when you take the first steps in opening your day care.

7 Steps to Opening A Daycare Center

1. Make a Firm Decision – Starting a business, any business, demands determination and commitment. Without you have that determination, you should not start a daycare center.

2. Find a place for your day care – You will need a place to run your day care center in. It can either be at your home, or you can rent one.

3. Pick a name – You have to get a name for your daycare. It should be cute and appealing.

4. Find some initial investment money – It does not cost a lot to start your own daycare, but you do need some money for it. You can either use your own savings, get a loan, or apply for a daycare grant (I give a link at the bottom of this article to how this can be done).

5. Get the necessary permits – You will need some permits and licenses before opening your daycare. These include: business license, fire department permits, health department permit.

6. Buy some daycare equipment – Your daycare needs some equipment like toys, children books, mats, first aid kit, coloring paintings, and more children related stuff.

7. Advertise your daycare – After opening your daycare, the final step is advertising it. If you do this right, you will have some clients lined up in a hurry.

Follow these 7 steps to opening your daycare and you will have every chance to make it a huge success.