What Is a Water Heat Pump And What Do They Do?

We normally think of a pump that pumps water or fluids say like a water pump in your car which circulates water around the engine and radiator to cool the engine. That water as it passes through the radiator is cooled by the air passing through it, and then the cooler water (which is still very hot) is passed back through the engines core to take away the much hotter engine temperature. We call it a water pump because it is pumping water.

A water heat pump is similar in that water is circulated through a cooler source, for example through a network of pipes underground which takes the heat out of the water. The cooled water is the returned to the home or office where the hot living space gives up its heat to the cool water flowing through the network of pipes inside.

The process is similar but not the same as a conventional air conditioning system. It is not the same because electricity or other forms of energy are not used to create hot or cold, but a water heater pump is a very low powered pump that moves hot water to a cooler place where a temperature transfer takes place and then the pump returns it back to the hot place.

Of course the same is true in reverse – the point being that water is pumped around to move heat stored in the water. These systems are closed, meaning that it is always the same water that is circulated continuously, so water conservation is not an issue. No water is lost during the operation of the water heat pump.

The main benefit is that it is a green energy, and almost free to operate after the installation is complete. There are almost no moving parts and the actual pump is very low powered. While the installation cost can be higher than traditional air conditioning systems, the long run total cost of ownership is much lower and the environment will love you for your efforts to reduce green house gases.

Breakfast Bar Stools Add Flavor To Anyone's Morning Toast!

Sure, bar stools were designed to be used primarily in a 'bar' atmosphere but now, with more and more people using them in their homes, they are being used in the breakfast area. Breakfast bar stools, as they are christened, are simply a bar stool that is designed to fit a specific kitchen set-up. Breakfast bar stools are taller, skinner and built (usually) to swivel around. They are made to fit up next to a kitchen counter or a home bar.

Breakfast bar stools are great because they come in a variety of styles / sizes to fit your needs. Now, there are some people that go out and custom build their own bar stools to fit exact height to the inch and diameter, never mind color selection. You do not have to take it to this extreme to get a good breakfast bar stool- you just need to look around. For instance, you may have a brown based color in your kitchen, so look for a similar brown based bar stool. Or maybe you will want to go for a primary color that will balance your kitchen and bar stool combination.

Breakfast bar stools are amazing for families because of their adaptability. Stools are built high, so if you have children you can get them up to the bar height without stacking a few chairs on top of one another. Since kitchen counter tops / home bars offer a lot of space, it will be space friendly to use this room for breakfasts. Bar stools are among the only chairs that can adapt to fit the proper height. especially if they have the gas lift option which is a very common feature of today's high quality bar stools.

Whatever your need for a breakfast bar stool is, you can find it with a little luck, determination and goal. Know what your needs are before you start shopping around!

Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Inkjet printers are the most affordable and popular printers available today; they offer high quality and fine detailed printing output. The advent of the inkjet printer has made printing much easier and faster.

Since the 1980s, inkjet printers have evolved to become the most common printers used in homes and offices. Inkjet printers work by spraying minute dots of ink onto the paper through nozzles in the printer head. This type of printer is best used for low-cost, low-volume printing.

An important component of an inkjet printer is the inkjet printer cartridge. Inkjet printer cartridges are the receptacles that hold the ink before it is transferred to the paper or other printing medium. Typically, a single ink cartridge can produce 300 to 800 printed pages per cartridge. The main drawback of inkjet printers is that ink will run out quickly. Unfortunately, replacement ink cartridges usually come at a hefty price. Also, the printer heads of inkjets are also newer to clogging, and the ink cartridge will need to be replaced.

Ink, ink cartridges, and other consumables are very expensive. A new black ink cartridge you as much as $ 13, while a color ink cartridge may cost as much as $ 80. If you use the printer heavily, your printing costs can easily run up to the thousands. Fortunately, there are now less expensive alternatives available in the market. A compatible, non-branded ink cartridge meets the same standards that original cartridges do. However, beware of buying counterfeit ink cartridges, as these will do more damage than good. To ensure that you get only high-quality replacement ink cartridges, purchase only from an authorized and reputable seller. There are online retailers of both OEM and aftermarket ink cartridges, where you can shop conveniently and quickly. Make sure you buy only good-quality ink cartridges to prolong the life of the printer.

5 Efficient Ways to Streamline a Fleet Management System With a Robust ERP Solution

The workflow of the entire transportation industry depends on several aspects such as fluctuating cost of fuel, government regulatory rules, increasing insurance cost, mounting workload etc. Sometimes, due to the lack of proper maintenance of the vehicles, the transportation industry faces productivity issues. With the efficient help of a potent ERP solution, getting rid of such obstacles becomes easier. Moreover, it makes sure to maximise the profit margin, increase the visibility into all the core working areas, diminish the overall operation cost by deploying a dedicated ERP system for the fleet management. This article is all about how a robust ERP solution can benefit the fleet management system along with enhancing the overall business prospects. Here are some modules that usually a typical fleet management ERP solution comprises.

  • Rental and Lease agreement
  • Fleet operations
  • Rate management
  • Finance
  • Inventory, sales and procurement
  • Vehicle acquisition and sales
  • Fuel and chauffeur management
  • Accident management
  • Reservation management

Here are some of the benefits that one can avail by deploying an efficient ERP system in the fleet management system.

#1 Automated Scheduling

When it comes to the point of long-term and advance scheduling of resources, nothing can really beat the outcome that becomes possible to carry out using a potent and robust ERP solution in the fleet management industry. Putting the drivers on the roster, controlling the break times, diminishing the cycle times and boosting the overall efficiency becomes remarkably smoother. The advanced and improved ERP tools can effortlessly perform automated scheduling.

#2 Cost Management

A compelling ERP solution is capable of deciphering the cost patterns for the complete fleet or for the vehicles. Thus, the management can easily take decisions on the resource allocation along with the cost control. For the transporters and the fleet operators, such fleet management ERP solution is a blessing! Such solutions are not mere tools for scheduling but effective management modules as well that can offer the businesses a sheer competitive edge.

#3 Improved Customer Relationship

An efficient ERP solution enables quick responses to the customers resulting in enhanced customer-relationships offering better services. Using the multi-dimensional tracking feature, monitoring movement of the asset becomes easier. Moreover, such solutions enable speedy reporting, facilitates clear communication, gives a 360-degree view of the customer behaviour along with the customer issues and preferences. Thus, taking care of all these customer-related issues and providing the end-customers top-notch experience becomes easier making sure retention of customer-loyalty.

#4 Efficient Management of Life Cycle

Managing the entire life cycle of Fleet system becomes smoother through proper procurement, planning, usage. The direct integration of a potent ERP system with the Account Payables, General Ledger and Receivables wipes out the human error along with redundant work. This definitely improves the efficiency of the entire fleet management system.

#5 Enhanced Asset Performance

When you can properly monitor the different vehicle performances, optimising the asset usage becomes effortless. Sometimes, due to the lack of proper maintenance of the vehicles, the transportation industry faces productivity issues. However, using an efficient ERP system in the fleet management, diminishing such overheads and repair expenses, reducing labour costs of mechanics, technicians, drivers become possible.

Thus, a powerful and dynamic ERP solution can enhance the business productivity.

Top 50 Songs From The 90’s

Sometime back I posted my selection of the Top 50 songs from the Eighties which not only defined the Hit Factor of the period but literally defined the industry on a whole taking the direction of music and style into altogether a new dimension. I was encouraged by the readership of this article and so here I come with a listing of the Top 50 songs from the 90’s.

As I began work to define the Top 50 songs from the 90’s, I found this a much easier task than it was before, as I knew clearly what I was looking for. As I studied the music, the artists, the styles etc, amazingly I saw how the direction of music took a new twist with the sound of the eighties literally staying the sound of the eighties and the nineties establishing its own unique sound and style.

That is what I love about Music. With the passing of each year, you can be assured you’ll be treated to something new, something fresh. Artists, who come out of nowhere, influence you in ways unimaginable and before you blink they are gone and a new icon has taken their place. A new sound is what you dig.

90’s also saw the most One-Hit-Wonders take the stage. ‘Groove Is The Heart’ one such hit by the band Dee Lite is an example as also the phrase which defined the nineties music – Dance. Groove. Shake-A-Leg. This period also saw a unique concept of Song-Specific-Dancesteps like those developed for the Billy Ray Cyrus hit Achy Breaky Heart or for Los Del Rio’s ‘Macarena’. There were new dance steps learnt for Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer hits. Each of these just spread like a fever!

Listed below is a list of top 50 songs, I believe which defined the 90’s. This time around I tried to ensure that the list is unique to artist i.e. only 1 of their hits from the decade would make it to this list. Choosing 50 of 1000’s was always going to be arduous hence the concept. Needless to say the song represents the artist through the decade. As before the list is based on not only its ‘hit’ factor at the time, but more so on its influence on the industry on the whole. Its iconic impact and relevance even today in 2011. These tracks are timeless.

Although listed 1-50, there was no way I could actually rank them. Every song earned its way to this list. So please do not take the numbers as a ranking! It is for this reason they have been listed alphabetically.

Do send me your feedback if you think any song on this list should have been replaced.

01. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus

02. All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow

03. All That She Wants – Ace Of Base

04. Believe – Cher

05. Black Or White – Michael Jackson

06. Blaze of Glory – Jon Bon Jovi

07. Cant Help Falling In Love – UB40

08. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

09. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams

10. Fields Of Gold – Sting

11. Freedom – George Michael

12. Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers

13. Hand In My Pocket – Alanis Morissette

14. (Hit Me) Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

15. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You – Michael Bolton

16. I Believe I can Fly – R. Kelly

17. I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

18. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

19. I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Wont Do That) – Meatloaf

20. I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders

21. It Must Have Been Love – Roxette

22. Its My Life – Dr. Alban

23. Just Another Day – Jon Secada

24. Justify My Love – Madonna

25. Lets Get Rocked – Def Leppard

26. Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

27. Losing My Religion – REM

28. Macarena – Los Del Rio

29. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm – Crash Test Dummies

30. Mmmbop – Hanson

31. More Than Words – Extreme

32. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

33. Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor

34. Now And Forever – Richard Marx

35. Return To Innocence – Enigma

36. Scatman – Scatman John

37. Step By Step – New Kids On The Block

38. Streets Of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen

39. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

40. The End Of The Innocence – Don Henley

41. The River Of Dreams – Billy Joel

42. The Road To Hell – Chris Rea

43. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

44. Two Princes – Spin Doctors

45. U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

46. Wannabe – Spice Girls

47. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

48. Wicked Game – Chris Issak

49. Wind Of Change – Scorpions

50. Wonderwall – Oasis

That was tough! Just try and take out one and see how it hurts!!!!!!!

The basic aim? The List had to be eternal.

I do realize there were so many more amazing tracks. Somewhere someone had to be de-listed. I was a bit partial to artists who came up fresh in the 90’s and made their impact in such a way their sound still resonates today such as acts like No Doubt, Ricky Martin, Sheryl Crow, R. Kelly or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also wanted to include a few ‘one-hit-wonders’ which actually impacted the period like Achy Breaky Heart or Whats Up by the 4 Non Blondes. Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer made magic during this time and somehow subsequently were hardly heard thereof.

I do hope you enjoy this listing.

A simple idea – try collating this list into a CD for yourself. Listen to it on ‘shuffle’ mode and you are bound to go back into the Nineties. The nostalgia will envelope you.

Pleasant Listening!

Easy Ways to Sort Glass-Painting Mistakes

Making mistakes in craftwork can often seem like a disaster. Sometimes you feel like binning the whole thing and starting again. When you’re working with acetate and glass that isn’t always practical.

I’ve used the suggestions below to help many learners feel more confident in sorting common mistakes in Glass Painting.

What type of mistakes?

The common mistakes come in using outline pen, acrylic paste or methylated-based glass paints. Though different materials, they are all sorted with a single product . It will be no surprise to hear that product is methylated spirits.

Outline pens used in glass painting are generally designed for use with overhead projectors and are methylated based. That means that the pens, and the paste used for the thicker 3D outlines, can all be removed with clean meths.

Mistakes made with methylated-based glass paints can be removed in the same way. Use water for removing mistakes made with water-based paints.

Removing pen and outline mistakes

Whether you are using an outline pen, or paste, the process is the same for both. Follow the instructions carefully and you should completely remove the problem ready to start again.

What you need to prepare

1. Pour a small amount of clean methylated spirits into a clean individual sized jam jar and replace the lid.

2. Cover your table with newspaper and place a blank sheet of copy paper on top.

3. Place your acetate or glass on the paper.

4. Gather a few clean cotton buds.

What you do

1. Dip one end of a clean cotton bud into the clean meths. and replace the lid.

2. Holding the dipped cotton bud end against one end of the ‘mistake’, gently roll the cotton bud away from you through the mistake.

3. As you do this, the meths-soaked bud will absorb the paste or pen ink.

4. Don’t drag the cotton bud or you may make more of a mess.

5. Continue by dipping in a clean end and roll again until the mistake has gone. You may need to do this a few times.

What next

1. Don’t forget that you’ll need to put back the design outline after all this cleaning.

2. Refresh the design outline again using your paste or pen.


When you first do this it can be fiddly but the result is a good as new piece of work. If it helps to restore confidence then it’s important to sort out any mistakes as soon as possible. Left uncorrected it’s easy for learners to get discouraged and give up. And if they have had earlier “I can’t do craft” experiences, this will just feel like another that convinces them.

I always show people how to sort out mistakes, and generally, when demonstrating how to do outlines, I make a mistake! They’re not to know if I did it on purpose of not – unless I tell them. It makes it all seem as if problems are really not a problem after all.

Practice this before your session so that you feel confident and you’ll soon have everyone churning out great pieces of work that they are proud off. And if you do have to start again, hey, no big deal.

Start by using materials that won’t break the bank. Acetate is a brilliant place to start as it’s easily obtainable, cheap and easy to use.

The Dummies Guide to the Different Types of Interior Paints

Once you've taken the time to properly prepare the interior that's about to be painted you can finally get to the painting itself – at long last! But it's not simply a matter of throwing paint up on a wall and hoping for the best. You do need to be careful about the type of paint you use – the finish might not be what you expected otherwise.

It does not matter whether or not you choose oil based or water based paintings there are still a lot of choices to make. You can have glossy, satin, flat, semi-glossy, eggshell or a matte finish. What type of finish does each one give? Well it does what it says on the tin – so to speak so the actual descriptions will save you a lot of guess work.

Gloss paint, as the name suggests, leaves a shiny finish that's very easy to clean but they do tend to get dirty very easily too. If you have little feet running around you might spend a lot of time cleaning handprints off the gloss on your newly painted walls. If you use this type of paint it will mean the room will reflect a lot of the light coming into it. This can be ideal for rooms that do not get much natural light. Semi-gloss is basically the same type of paint but not as intense in terms of the sheen from it.

Satin paintings are generally good for use anywhere in the house – they're very versatile in that way. Walls painted with a satin paint will be easy enough to keep clean and have a low gloss look to them.

Eggshell paintings … well … try to imagine what an eggshell looks like and you'll have an idea of ​​the type of sheen you'll get from this type of paint. Not too glossy and not too dull – because of this it works well in most rooms in a home.

Matte or flat paint is exactly what it sounds like. You do not need to apply a lot of it and it reflects almost no light. This might make it sound a bit gloomy as a paint choice but it's far from it. It can look really well in bedrooms – where minimizing light is usually the idea. One of the main places you'll see matte paint in use is on ceilings – have a look at your house or apartment now to check.

Now all you need to do is pick out a color scheme and you're good to go – you'll be picking the perfect type of paint for whatever room or painting project you have in mind!

Top 5 Exercises for a Non Surgical Facelift

Perhaps the most affordable alternative to a traditional facelift operation is the idea that by doing a series of exercises everyday; you can help tone the muscles in the face and pull the skin covering the muscles tighter across the face, hence the idea of ​​a natural facelift. Whether these exercises will give you the results that you're after is unknown, but the significant lower cost of the exercises compared to getting surgery makes them very popular.

The most popular exercise method uses what is called isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are simply when you contract a muscle and then let it go. It does not sound like a big deal, but when these exercises are done in large quantities, the results can be dramatic.

The first of these exercises is centered around the eye muscles and is used to firm up the eyes and forehead. Simply close your eyes and tighten the muscles and relax then 100 times. If this is done every day, after 2-3 weeks, you should notice fewer lines on your forehead, the disappearance of crows' feet around the eyes and fewer wrinkles.

A second popular isometric exercise involves the cheeks. Simply tense up your cheek muscles and then relax them. Again, it's recommended you do it 100 times, and then 100 times every day afterwards. After a few weeks, noticeable changes are seen.

A third exercise that is common for the mouth. Suck your lips into your mouth as hard as you can, and then relax. Repeat 100 times and then repeat daily for best results.

Another common exercise is done by tensing the jaw as much as possible and then relaxing. While a fifth common exercise is done by tightening the muscles in the neck and then relaxing. While they may sound funny at first, many women have found them to be a free alternative to expensive surgery.

This kind of exercise can easily be translated to any part of the face, neck or hands. The key to proper isometric exercises is that the exercise be done in great qualities and repeated day after day. Many people who subscribe to this method of natural face lifting, set aside a part of their day, say first thing in the morning, to do their exercises and then make it a habit so they do not forget.

Continue reading to discover how you can sign up for the Free Look Younger Naturally Newsletter.

It is also recommended that you start these exercises as the youngest age possible. Even with teenagers, the positive effects of isometric exercises can be seen. If the muscles in the face and neck are kept at their strongest during your teen years and into your twenties, it only makes sense that those same muscles would be kept strong for the rest of your life if the exercises were continued. That's not to say that if you're 50 and just starting these exercises that you will not see results, you'll just see more consistent and better results if you start them early.

Top 6 Attractions In Paris, France

Paris is the capital and the largest city in France. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is recorded that the city receives 45 million tourists annually. With a great number of museums and monuments, given below are the main attractions which draw large numbers of visitors daily.

Eiffel Tower

This tower which is also called the "Iron Lady" is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris and is now a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris, is the most visited and paid monument in the world with millions of people ascending it every year. The tower has three levels for visitors; the stairs or lift can be used to get to the first and second levels.The walk to the first level has 300 steps and another 300 to the second level. The third level which is the highest is accessible only by elevator. A unique feature is that restaurants are available in both the first and second levels.

Louvre Museum

This is the most popular national museum and art gallery of France and is housed in a large palace in Paris. It is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. The museum is housed in Louvre Palace which began as a fortress in the late 12 the century. Remnants of the fortress are still visible. There are over 6000 works of paintings from the 13 century to 1848.

Center Pompidou

The Center Pompidou is ideal for those interested in modern art and architecture. This museum is devoted to all forms of modern and contemporary creations, literature, theater, film and music. This is the 3rd most visited attraction in Paris. It houses a bibliotheque, a large public library, a center for music and acoustic research. The museum of modern art is the largest museum in Europe. The Place Georges Pompidou in front of the museum is well-known for street performers such as mimes and jugglers. In the spring visitors can enjoy the miniature carnivals, bands and much more

Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie

This attraction is ideal for families traveling with kids. The museum features a mix of interactive and interesting exhibits on science. It also features a Children's Cite which joins kids between ages 2-12, as well as shows and movies. This is considered to be the largest science museum in Europe. It is an exceptional attraction which promotes cientific and technical culture. It is located in Parc de la Villette and it records about 5 million people each year. The Cite has a planetarium, a submarine, an IMAX theater and special departments for children and teenagers.

Musee d'Orsay

This is another of the world's most-visited museums. The Musee d'Orsay houses the largest collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative objects. It is located on the left bank of the Seine, and is housed in the former railway station, the Gare d'Orsay. The museum gives visitors a detailed and breathtaking look at the birth of modern painting, sculpture, design and also photography.

Arc de Triomphe

This monument is dedicated to one of France's most brave leaders, Napoleon Bonaparte. Visitors can see its architectural wonder as well as the picturesque view of the surrounding area. This was a brainchild of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1806 when the Parisian were thinking of ways to improve the five-way intersection at the start of the Champs Elysees, Bonaparte decided to build a monument for his army and his own military genius. Today it is a victorious symbol in Paris.

World of Warcraft Warrior Mastery Guide

Ever thought why warriors are so popular in WoW? There are plenty of world warcraft warrior guides posted around which give tips mostly for PvP. Unless you are an experienced warrior, these tips could be a bit too technical to comprehend. However in this short WoW warrior guide we will have a more simple overview on what it takes to play warrior whether you like to solo play or group play. This class plays very well whatever your preference.

You will always be warned against playing a warrior in WoW because they are so gear dependent. This is actually okay, because their choice of gear is so vast you can have great fun speccing him or her out. The only weapons they can not use are wands and relics, and they are the only class, apart from Paladins, that can plate up onceitting level 40. Having plate not only makes your character look fearsome but it adds to their already awesome armor and power.

The ability they have for taking and inflammatory damage is so great that warriors are called Tanks. This is a term derived by the fact that while in group combat they are the chief takers and givers of major damage and then probably the most vital member to have on board to ensure success. Seldom will there be instance runs or raids where there in no tank and the warrior is the best tank bar none. One or two other classes can assume this role but they are not as effective.

Like all other classes, warrior talents and abilities are split into trees. Depending on the talent tree chosen you can specialize your warrior in the following way:

As Arms Warrior it allows players to have multiple talents mostly with abilities both for offensive and utility purposes. Two handed weapons are the weapons most used as they give the heaviest damage which, with the aid of the "Mortal Strike" ability and others, generate great damage during combat.

As Fury a Warrior you have the best choice for power borrowing quickly in Wow. They too use two handed weapons and with talents like "Flurry" inflation strikes that win fights with one single move. If you play Rogue, being a Fury warrior will give you similar stats and weapon damage capabilities with the added bonus of wearing the best armor there is: plate.

Protection Warriors is a specialization for both offensive and defensive combat, very useful in group / raiding / instance runs. These warriors are much more likely to last longer in combat as they are on shields and sword mastery abilities that prolongs their survivability making them perfect as Tanks.

Whatever type of tree you build up, talents and abilities are limited in access by the place a warrior assumes. These are: Battle Stance (Normal), Defensive Stance (Protection), and Berserker Stance (Fury). Obviously each step will be more leaned to what kind of warrior you specialized into ie Beserker Stance for Fury Warriors and Defensive Stance for Protection Warrior (tanks).

Appliance Shopping Guide

There are certain shopping strategies that one would be wise to follow when looking to buy a new appliance. Firstly, measurements of the size of space intended for the machine must be made. Ensure too that the space in which the appliance door will open is large enough.

Second, and perhaps most important, is to ensure good a good broad knowledge of different brands and models. Identify those features that are necessary for your own personal buying. Are the machines noisy or do they vibrate? What safety features do they have? How much water do they consume? How energy efficient are they?

The cost of operation is another important feature not to be ignored. The more energy an appliance uses, the more expensive running it will be. If an appliance is going to last ten to twenty years, utility bills are an important consideration, then an appliances energy rating can make a big difference.

There are also things you can do after purchasing an appliance to reduce your energy bills. If your refrigerator is close to the stove, dishwasher or heat vents, try to move it away. This will reduce the heat flow near the machine and thus reduce the energy needed to cool it. Try to vacuum the coils on the back of your refrigerator every three months to eliminate dirt build that reduces efficiencies. Also, check the door gasket for air leaks. Finally, defrost the your freezer when more than a quarter-inch of ice builds up.

A pre-rinse of dishes is generally not necessary for many machines that automatically per-rinse or has a rinse / hold cycle. Use the 'energy saver' option found on many of the machines.

In terms of clothes washers, ensure that the water level used in the washing machine is compatible to the load of clothes. A small load does not require the whole tub filled. And finally, clean your dryers after each use or as necessary.

Small things like this can be very significant in terms of energy conservation. Remember to check the energy rating and to compare the features of each appliance available. Your own personal preferences may vary greatly from others, so careful consideration is important when deciding what to buy.

Do You Know How Or Why To "Flip Switch"

Do you ever wonder why, no matter how hard you "try", you just can not seem to get things going in your business or in your life?

Do you ever wonder why, it seems like everyone around you always seems to just be miserable.

Do you ever wonder why, some people just seem to find anything and everything to complain about, no matter where the conversation is going.

Or, how about if you say something like, "I've had a bad day" and then the person you're talking to goes on to tell you how much worse their day has been than your day?

So many times, through my journey of self growth and personal development, I would hear that getting to where you dream of is as simple as setting a goal and just doing it.

I heard that it was as easy as "doing the uncomfortable until it became comfortable".

I heard that if the why was big enough, the how would come.

I heard that if you wanted it bad enough, you would "just do it".

Well maybe that works for some people, but it did not work for me.

My why was always big enough and I knew the how but my fears always took me back and got me off purpose. I knew it was an issue I had to learn to get a hold of and make better or I was going to stay stuck where I was.

And I also know that what you focus on is what you bring to you.

Until you understand that you are the sole reason why you're life is where it's at today and no one, not one single person and no issue has anything to do with your circumstances,
only thought – your thought
until you get to the source of your current existence, nothing will change for you.

Remember, Jim Rohn says "for things to change, you must change".

I knew that, just did not know how.

It's true that it's not the circumstances that decide your situation, it's how you REACT to the circumstances that decide your situation.

In his Know How To Be Rich series, Dr. Robert Anthony teaches a process he calls "flip switch". By learning this "flip switch" action, I have learned to be aware, in the moment, of my thoughts, actions and feelings and to know wherever or not where I am, in the moment, is taking me to where I absolutely want to go and if it's not, I "flip switch".

Learning how to "flip switch" was, for me, not an easy process to learn. Sure, I was resisting because, those negative voices in my head kept telling me it could not be that easy, but it really is. And it's been absolutely life changing for me.

Today, I know and understand I have complete control over how I respond to any situation, any conversation that comes into my day. No more will someone else's negative words / posts take over my interactions because I know how to "flip switch", whether it's posting something positive after a negative post (it's interfering the thought process) or doing I am reacting to a situation inside my body, my head.

Because you see, I know now that the outcome of my day is totally dependent on where I'm at, in the moment, while in conversation with others and I know that what I bring into my head is what I put out to others and what I put out to others is what I attract, the type of person I bring into conversation with me.

In no way do I want to bring someone who thrives on negativity and "power" into my business. We're a team, that power thing, those negative vibes, they just do not cut it with me.

And I really do not want someone who's too weak to make the change, to step up and step out to learn to be more and better. It does not matter that you know what to do, what matters is that you're open to learning, as I am. That's the type of person I'm looking for and I know I can not convey that if my heart and mind are NOT in the right place while in conversation.

So, moral of the story is, if you're not at where you think you should be,
If you're business is not growing like you think it should be
If you find yourself constantly being challenged emotionally or financially (fears)
If you know in you're heart that you're in the right place, at the right time but for some reason, you're not creating what others before you have created ……..

Look inside, look at that person in the mirror looking back at you and challenge that person to learn where this obstacle is coming from. Then, learn to be aware of those feelings or thoughts patterns that move you away from your vision so YOU ​​can control those thoughts instead of having those thoughts control you.

It's so totally true

If I can do it, you can do it.

The question is, are you willing to do what I do?

Whether on the phone, person to person or on a message board, if the conversation does not resonate with you in any way, learn to "flip switch" (interrupt the conversation or thought pattern), but you must learn to do it with sincerity , that is IF you're sincere of your intentions, and help point others in the direction of prosperity so you can all be moving in the same direction together.

Dare To Dream

Karen Umstattd

"Hakuna Matata"

Marketing Online – Changes Day By Day – A Dynamic Industry

Marketing online is becoming or already is the most dynamic marketing industry in existence. For example, how often is a new ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX going to come along on television? Rarely, but in the online world we have seen king of the throne change quite a few a times. It is a never ending game of musical chairs. To see an example of how quick top 100 rankings change on the Internet check Alexa to see how traffic trends continuously change.

Keeping our clients listed at at least 30% of the top websites in the United States is a priority for us. Currently we keep our main clients ranked in 50% of the top 10 websites in the country. Is this priceless? Does your website sell? If it does we can get you all the right traffic. We are even working to help our clients increase their conversions and sales using a great new tool called Google Analytics. We are mastering the features of the program to apply are findings to our clients sites to deliver maximum results.

We are doing well marketing our clients, but getting better every month. As a result we decided to cap the number of clients we are taking in a marketplace. Two lucky people per a marketplace. Because after all there are only 10-20 results people look at the major sites and search engines. We are also helping our clients become the most informative people in their industry hosting and maintaining their blogs. This is important because people tend to feel more comfortable purchasing from the people that inform them the most about their services.

Online Marketing will never stop evolving and for all we know and neither will, search engines may not exist in five years. That is why it is critical to choose an Online Marketing Agency dedicated to creating you an Online Presence beyond the search engines. Today's market is still driven by Word-of-Mouth along with other forms of marketing. This means that Joe's brother may tell him about what he found on the Internet. Or Jane may tell Susie about a great blog she read on rejuvenating her smile with porcelain veneers on her dentist's blog.

Our client's still see results surfacing from marketing they were doing 1 month ago. How is this so? Well how many domain names do you have written on a piece of paper on your desk? How many sites have you added to your favorites (bookmarks) intending to do business with them one day? Traditional SEO is over, yes I said it done / dead, and depending on strictly SEO is a facade. Online Marketing is the key and SEO is just one of the pieces of this puzzle.

We practice what we preach, are business has quickly evolved over the past 9 months to deliver the results our clients should expect. This is a multi prong approach and not suitable for every client.

How many successful marketing campaigns depend on one medium of marketing? Very few, it takes multiple angles to communicate a message in today's complex and dynamic world.

Here is just a sample of a couple of our dental clients' results, in the top 10-20 on all three major search engines for their local market. Does it get better than this? And how many clients can we supply these SEO numbers for? Very few, and that's once again because we are capping the number of client's we are taking on a locale and industry.

What Is Network Attached Service All About?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a fast growing innovation that is being utilized by most major companies today. This technology was meant to deal with the challenge that companies had, where several applications and files were competing for the same processor resources. In other words, network attached service is the technology that allows the saving of data onto another computer system that is attached to the company computers through a network, or onto a special server that is attached to the network.

This service follows a client-server design that is much like the traditional file servers, where a single hardware device acts as the interface between NAS and network clients, or remote computers. The hardware device is called the NAS box or NAS head, but unlike the traditional file servers, requires no hardware to access. These servers run an embedded operating system, and one or more disks or drives can be attached to many NAS systems to increase the total capacity.

Usually, when a company uses network attached storage, there is a mainframe computer that is linked to a number of workstations. This mainframe is used to save all the files, and the workstations get access to it through special links. This technology offers a practical alternative to the traditional file server approach, providing an effective system that ensures that processes are fast. The network attached storage can be compared to a computer that is specifically set up for file storage only, excluding the space needed to run applications.

The network attached storage is normally accessed using a browser, and is also a way to secure data. Since the data is stored on the NAS computers rather than the file servers, this means that there is less risk of lost or breached data. In addition, it also reduces the cost of hardware that would have otherwise been required to provide storage space for data. The cost of maintenance for this particular service is cheaper than that of file servers.

One of the advantages of NAS is that file sharing is made easier. The computers that are attached to the same network can each access files saved on NAS, as long as access is granted. This means that for corporations, where information data is meant to pass from one person to the other constantly, the whole process is made much easier, time is saved, an ultimately, productivity increases. In addition, it also allows devices such as printers to be shared among the computers within the same network.

This type of service can store any data that appears in the form of files, such as email boxes, web content and remote system backups. This technology also includes built-in features such as disk space quotas, secure authentication and even automatically sending an email alert in case an error is detected. Although network attached service is parallel to that of traditional file servers, is comes with advantages that the former lacks, including more reliable operation and easier administration.

Betting on Steamers and Drifters on Betfair Has Nothing to Do With Irons Or Driftwood

Or is it a question of where. This method of betting on horses works by being able to back and lay the same horse. A betting exchange like Betfair is an ideal place to do this. For a horse who’s odds are shortening (steaming) the idea is to back when the odds are wider and lay the odds when they are shorter. The rule of thumb to make money by movement in the odds is to lay short odds and back longer odds. So, if the horse is drifting you lay when the odds are short and back after they lengthen. This is a type of betting arbitrage and locks in a small profit whatever the outcome. The profit is determined by the difference between the odds (back and lay) and the size of the stake.

I know, I know, this all sounds very easy when we are sitting in ivory towers, but what about the real world. There is skill to betting on steamers and drifters, which involves selecting in advance which horses will show these profitable characteristics.

If you are unfamiliar with Betfair it is worth taking sometime to get to know the website.

Here are 3 ways to find steamers and drifters. But first, a tip to aid you in the quest for spotting steamers or drifters. Get comfortable with Betfair and how the odds change before a race starts. Notice which horses have an imbalance of money backing or laying. Significantly more money backing a horse can be an indication that something has happened to improve the horse’s chances. Consequently other Betfair members may offer shorter odds, which can turn the horse into a steamer. The opposite is true for a horse who’s likelihood of winning reduces for some reason.

Ok, now for three tips for finding steamers or drifters.

The weather. If the whether changes un-expectantly or by more than what has been predicted the chance of certain horses performing well or badly can change dramatically. Let’s expand on this. The weather affects the state of the race track, known as ‘the going’. The condition of the track is tested by an official at the race track. They push a stick into the track to see the state of the earth. There are a range of classifications that are used; hard, firm, good to firm, good, good to soft, soft, and heavy. Some horses perform much better on certain surfaces than others. For example, if ‘the going’ is good it suits a horse that has speed. If the ground is less than good (good to soft, soft and heavy) then a horse with stamina will perform better.

If the weather forecast foretells that the going will be good the favourite will be a horse with speed. If you have a more reliable weather forecast or you have information about a change of conditions as they happen you can back or lay the horse before its odds change.

Imagine there is unexpected rain or more than expected. If a horse is favourite because it has speed it’s odds will lengthen significantly (drift), and a horse’s odds who has stamina will shorten (steam). In this example you would lay the favourite to lose at short odds. Then back the horse to when after the odds have drifted. The same works in reverse for the horse with stamina who’s odds will steam. This is just one example of how a change in weather can produce steamer and drifters.

The rider. A change of Jockey can produce a steamer or drifter. If a jockey is injured, then the horse is allocated another jockey. As you might expect an experienced jockey will perform better than a jockey who hasn’t had as many races or good performances. The odds will drift (lengthen) if a jockey is replaced by one with less experience. The odds will steam (shorten) if a less experienced jockey is replaced by one who has had better performances.

The third and final method of finding drifters or steamers is to watch the horse closely before the race. During this time the horse will be warmed up by the trainer. It is possible for the horse to use up too much energy during the warm up. Tell tail signs of a horse that is expending too much energy before ‘the off’ are lots of sweat (actually loads of sweat caused by anxiety), rearing, and kicking the hind legs. You can not use this technique in isolation. A good knowledge of the horse and trainer is important. This makes it easier to spot abnormal behavior shown by the horse before the start.