Does Your Website Follow "The Iron Law of Marketing?"

Many websites unwittingly ignore ‘The Iron Law’ of Marketing. They begin by explaining features about the company, e.g. how long they’ve been in business, what their premises look like, etc. The truth is that most visitors to your website couldn’t give a hoot about the features of your company! What they primarily care about is WIIFM.

WIIFM stands for ‘What’s In It For Me’. It’s ‘The Iron Law of Marketing’. Unless visitors to your website can quickly see what your business can do for them, the chances are that they’ll be gone quickly, typically in seconds. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – probably never to return.

WIIFM – ‘What’s in it for me’. Are we really so self-centred? Well, yes, I’m afraid that we are. Please don’t feel guilty – it’s just the way we’re hard-wired. Sure, farther down the line, we care about others. But, first and foremost, we’re concerned about how we survive and thrive. That’s simple evolutionary common sense.

If you want your visitor to stay on your website, you need to heed ‘The Iron Law of Marketing’. You need to give your visitors WIIFM – ‘What’s in it for me’. But the paradox is this: the ‘me’ shouldn’t be you (i.e. your premises, etc). It should be them – your visitors.

You need to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and address what they’re interested in, what they might want, how you may be able to help them.

Most companies are concerned to get ‘targeted traffic’ (i.e. potential clients to their sites) through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and other clever stuff. And this is important – very important indeed.

But if most of your prospective clients leave your website in a few seconds, isn’t that just a little bit silly? (And we’ve all done it, me too!) Isn’t that rather like filling a bucket with water… which just runs out of all the holes in the bottom?

It’s not rocket science! We simply need to show visitors to our websites the benefits of doing business with us. And we need to do it in a fun, interesting manner.

If possible, we should pack our websites with ‘FREE gifts’, so that visitors derive immediate benefit. One of the most valued gifts is FREE information which you give to your visitors and which will help them.

I’m amazed when I see websites created and run by people ten times more clever than me… yet doomed to failure because they broke ‘The Iron Law of Marketing’ – WIIFM, ‘What’s In It For Me’.

Often it just needs a change in focus and some alterations for your website to be much more successful. If you disregard WIIFM, it will become your worst enemy. If you take heed, it will become your best friend.

First Aid Homeopathy – Minor Bruises

Bruising is most likely to occur as part and parcel of a fall or minor mishap, such as stubbing your toe or accidentally hammering your finger during some routine DIY. However a serious accident can result in quite severe internal bruising and this would fall outside the remit of home prescribing and demand urgent, professional medical attention. Common symptoms of mild bruising can include any of the following: Pain and tenderness at the site of the blow or injury, swelling of the injured are, Localized, progressive discoloration of the skin that changes from red to purple and often to a rather lurid bluish -greenly-yellow in the last stages of healing.

Practical self-help – As long as the skin around the bruise has not been broken, apply an ice pack to ease pain and reduce inflammation. Bruises, where the skin has not been cut or grazed, can be very soothed by an application of Arnica cream. This reduces any pain and tenderness and also encourages the traumatized tissue to reabsorb blood, thereby speeding up the healing process. If a limb has been badly bruised, keeps it moving as much as possible in order to keep the blood circulating. Witch hazel has a very soothing, cooling effect on bruised skin. However, it is highly astringent and therefore may not be suitable for anyone with very sensitive skin.

CAUTION! IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING OCCUR, GET SWIFT MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: A serious fall or major accident that has resolved in the casualty feeling drowsy or confused, Any injury to the head, Bruising of the eye socket, In addition, get your doctor's opinion if you notice that the skin is repeatedly bruising for no reason, or if bruises take longer than a few days to heal – ideally, even a nasty breeze should not take longer than this to show sign of recover. We need to put medicine as fast as we can to rub of the pain and tenderness. []

Prospecting Opening Lines

Living near Hollywood and knowing a few actors I've been fortified to be given a glimpse into that world and I can tell you it is less glamorous and more work than it appears. That is true for all entrepreneurs, players, authors and athletes turned celebrity we see on the covers of magazines and filling the airwaves and our screens on a daily basis.

Two weeks ago when Tiger Woods was on his way to winning his first tournament after returning from knee surgery the broadcasters showed his daily workout routine and it was impressive. His day is scheduled from 6 am to 6 pm At the end of the weekend Tiger won by one stroke.

Most say he wins because he is big and strong and can hit a one iron left handed, upside down while hopping on one foot out of a bunker.

While he can hit that shot that is not why he wins so many tournaments. He won this last tournament because he made 52 out of 52 putts from within 6 feet. For those of you that do not play golf that is a phenomenal performance because we all EXPECT ourselves to make a 6 foot putt because it does not require any great physical strength. In fact, my 4 year old daughter, Mary-Claire, is strong enough to roll the ball 6 feet on a putting green.

But it's that mental aspect that cripples so many golfers. It's that mental aspect that also cripples actors when the camera is on and sales people when the phone is picked up!

Only proper preparation using proper words in an instructive, safe, educational environment will give you the confidence you need to know that you can and will perform when the money is on the line.

And, trust me, your money is on the line each and every time you pick up the phone and / or meet a prospect face to face. So what is the first thing you say when your prospect picks up the phone?

You must develop a Profitable Prospecting Perspective and it begins with your opening lines.

Here's a snippet of one of the ways I teach you can open your conversation:

You: "Hello, my name is Wes. You and I have not met yet, but I was hoping you could help me out for a second."

Prospect: "Ahh, sure. I'll try."

You: "I'm just calling today to see if you'd be open to some new perspectives on how to shorten your sales cycles and improve profit margins on opportunities in your pipeline this quarter."

These opening lines are delivered quietly, slowly, without a hint or tinge of pressure, hope or desperation in your voice and almost apologetically.


Because every other here, Dick and Harry out there desperately pushing products, under pressure from their bosses to make their numbers or else, DO NOT do it this way. (That's another aspect of your sales and marketing efforts you must review, which is "analyze what your competition is doing … and do the opposite!")

Master these concepts and watch your income soar.

"Understand that you need to sell you and your ideas in order to advance your career, gain more respect, and increase your success, influence and income." – Jay Abraham

Life is good. It's gooder when you can sell.

Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer

Texas Hold'em Poker for Newbies

If you are new to poker altogether, then you will want to try your hand at Texas Hold'em Poker first. It is one of the easiest poker games to learn for beginning players, unlike seven card stud or Omaha poker. In fact, Texas Hold'em can be learned in just a few minutes. Within a few hours, you could almost be playing like a professional!

With Texas Hold'em Poker, expect the betting arrangement to fluctuate. Most of the time there are two players who will start the game off with an initial amount to kick off the game. Other times, antes are used. A regular playing card deck is used and the dealer gives each player two cards face down. These are referred to as your hole cards in Texas Hold'em Poker.

Next is a round of betting. Keep in mind that in Texas Hold'em Poker, there is also folding, raising or calling of card hands. And once the betting ends, the dealer will get rid of the top deck card to stop cheating. After that, the dealer in Texas Hold'em Poker will place three cards face up on the table. This is called a flop and the cards can be used by anyone in conjunction with their hole cards.

There is another round of betting in Texas Hold'em Poker followed by the turn card. This is when the dealer flips another card. A final betting round happens and usually bets can grow quickly. The last thing in Texas Hold'em is when the dealer turns up the last card face up. This maneuver is called the "river." Players can use their hole cards or the five cards they already have to create a poker hand. The last round of betting ensues in Texas Hold'em Poker. Afterwards, everyone shows their card hands. The player with the best poker hand wins the jackpot!

Emergency Supplies Everyone Needs Inside Their Vehicle

This winter I went to a neighboring city for the day. When I left home it was partly sunny and I thought a light sweater would be enough to wear for the day. At the last minute I did take my jacket. In two hours time the weather changed to blizzard conditions. It was snowing, blowing, and the electricity went out. Because of the storm I was a bit concerned and wondered if I would even be able to make it home because of the blizzard. I thought I had every thing in the trunk of my car I would need incase I couldn’t make it home through the storm so I felt secure in being prepared, (or so I thought).

I checked the trunk when I got home and found I didn’t have any emergency supplies. What a rude awakening for me. I had taken out my organizer with my first aid kit, blanket, emergency kit, everything else I had for emergencies and had never put them back.

This past week I was out of town and my daughter noticed one tire on my car had gone completely flat. I confidently told her to use the’ fix a flat can’ in the trunk to get my car to the shop to have it repaired. It is an inflator and sealer for tires. It is a foam, very easy to use and will allow you to drive on the tire for several miles until you can get the tire fixed. I had to use this product several years ago and I know it works. What peace of mind such a simple thing gives to me when I am driving in my car. I don’t have to have a jack or tools and it seals and inflates in minutes.

No matter that the weather or circumstances it is a good idea to have some basic supplies in our vehicles. That means in very vehicle we or someone else in our family drives.

Here is a list of suggested supplies to keep in our vehicles in case of an emergency:

Booster cables and/or…A 3-in-1 12Volt power station. It includes,

1) an emergency jump start system;

2) a 12 volt DC power supply which is a portable power source for lights, radio, cell phones;

3) long-lasting illumination for roadside emergencies, work areas and camp sites.

Car Jack You may have to use it someday so it is important to know how to use it. (Actually practice changing a tire before an emergency arises).

Spare tire Check it monthly to make sure it is pumped up and in useable condition.

Fix A Flat in a can

A first aid kit.

Road Flares

There are roadside emergency kits you can buy that are ready to go.

A sleeping bag, blanket. I carried an old quilt in my trunk for years thinking it was warm. We had to put it to the test and found it was not warm at all. Select a blanket to keep you warm. It can also come in handy if you are changing a tire and have to lay down on the ground.

A flashlight that works, check to see if it the batteries are good every three months.

Water to drink

Sit down and think what you might need in case of a break down or an emergency when you are in your car and make up your own kit for your specific needs.

Keep everything organized in a container that fits your vehicle whether it is in a car trunk, jeep, truck, SUV or mini van. The peace of mind you will have from being prepared is worth its weight in gold.

Dollhouse Decorating – Take Better Pictures For About $60

We work hard to make the dollhouse miniature items we love. But sometimes, not as much care is devoted to presenting them on the Internet, where good photographs are critical in selling our wares. That’s a shame, because about $60.00 worth of lights and a folding table top “studio” is all you need to take better pictures, no matter what kind of digital camera you own.


To photograph dollhouse miniatures, from small objects in 1/12 scale to grand Victorian palaces, the lighting set-up should be your first concern. A Table Top Photo Studio sells for about $40.00 online. I use one a card table near a sunny window, careful not to let direct sunlight hit to object. This minimizes unwanted shadows. An old gooseneck reading lamp with a daylight-balanced compact fluorescent bulb hovers above the “studio,” if supplemental light is needed. Cost? $8.00 for the lamp at Goodwill; $12.00 for the fluorescent bulb could find.

Alternate Set Up

I guess my mini movie set works very well, because I get questions on whether pictures I take are of a real room or a dollhouse. Actually, it’s two pieces of foam core taped at a right angle. I cut in a 1/12 scale casement window, paint the walls and trim the colors needed, then “dress” the set with 1/12 scale furniture and accessories. On the open side of the set, the camera is free to take wide shots of the whole room or zoom in on individual pieces.

The Camera

Any low-end digital camera, like the Nikon CoolPix or a Canon Powershot, work just fine. They really are glorified snapshot cameras, in the best sense of the word. You can point and shot, and if there is enough light, be assured of getting a clear picture.

Most of these cameras have a macro setting, even macro zoom. This is a plus because in small object photography, you want to have the effect of getting in close so that you can see detail. Without a macro setting, getting too close to the object will cause distortion of the image. In that case stay further back, build up the light level as much as possible, then crop the photo tight in whatever program you are using to download pictures from your camera to your computer.

Shooting Through Glass

Try to avoid it. But if you must, watch out for glare, lights reflecting back at you, or your own reflection with the camera in front of your face. Although, that could be an interesting self-portrait.

The End Result

There are three main types of small object photography: catalogue, fashion and art. To sell dollhouse miniature products online, catalogue style is best. Catalogue pictures give you fact; art and fashion go for emotion. Our customer wants to clearly see what is being offered for sale and is probably not interested in sexy lighting or selective focus.

More Information

This article gives a quick overview of small object photography for dollhouse miniatures. If you want to go deeper into the subject, there is plenty information available on the web. Use “small object photography tutorial” in your browser’s search field, and you will find as much information as you need, short of becoming a professional photographer.

Barriers To Effective Communication

Communication skills are all about shared understanding. However, there are many reasons why interpersonal communication may not be impactful. These barriers to communication may occur at any stage of the communication process. A skilled communicator needs to be aware of the barriers and how to overcome them. So what are the common barriers to effective business communication and how to improve communication?

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Language barriers and the use of jargon
  • Emotional barriers
  • Systematic barriers
  • Differences in perception
  • Physical infirmities such as hearing problems or speech difficulties
  • Physical barriers like noise, distance, closed doors, cabins
  • Expectations and prejudices
  • Cultural differences
  • Information overload

Let’s look at some of these barriers in detail-

1. Language Barriers

Difference in language is the most obvious barrier to communication as two people speaking two different languages cannot communicate with each other. The accents and dialect (use of words) of people belonging to different places differs even if their language is same. Though the languages are technically the same in people using different dialects and accents, the meanings, implications and interpretations of words are different, which may lead to various kinds of conflicts. For example, if a Scottish farmer talks to a person from London, they do not understand most of the words the other says even though they both speak English. The word ham and bacon can be used interchangeably in Scotland but they are different in England. The use of jargon and abbreviations may also be a language barrier like the word LOL. Different people could interpret it in different ways. Incorrect choice of words can also be a barrier to communication. Words with two meanings, homonyms, homographs, homophones should always be avoided as it doesn’t send the proper meaning and can be interpreted in any way. Grammar and spelling becomes a barrier in communication as people from different parts of the world can be using it differently even in a particular word. For example, a person makes a mistake of typing done as don. The spelling and grammar checker of the computer does not label it as wrong as don is also a correct word. But, the word can change the whole meaning of the sentence or make the sentence not understandable.

2. Psychological Barriers

There are a number of psychological barriers to communication. One such is the mindset of the sender and the receiver. If the receiver of the communication mis-trusts the sender then he/she may not receive the message in the manner in which it was intended. The same goes for the sender too. Anger can also be a psychological barrier to communication. When we are angry we are not able to communicate effectively. People who are less assertive may not be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively and this too may become a barrier to effective communication.

3. Systematic Barriers

Many organizations have inefficient or inappropriate information systems and communication channels. People are not clear about their roles and responsibilities in the communication process. Sometimes business communication in an organization can get very complicated and challenging and the leaders of the organization have to try keeping it as simple as possible.

There are a number of other barriers to effective communication skills like physical barriers, attitudinal barriers and cultural barriers. Communication skills training is one of the most sought after training programmes in organizations today. Organisations seek to promote communication skills development in their employees through these programmes.

Best Practices For Recycle Containers in Your Office

Do you know how much waste is generated in an office? About 1.5 pounds of waste paper per employee per day is generated in a typical business office. Every day large volumes of paper in the form of magazines, junk mail, reports, letters and memos is wasted in offices. Recycling containers will not only help to keep the offices clean but also help to save trees. Every recycled ton of paper saves approximately 17 trees. Recycle bins reduce waste and cost, save energy and resources, protect the environment, and provide materials for reuse. An effective recycling program in an office can really help to achieve incredible environmental benefits.

If you own a company and you wish to run an effective recycling program to manage all the waste material generated in your firm, then the best approach is to effectively manage the trash, such as paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, drinks bottles and cans is by deploying recycling containers around the office premises. For this, awareness needs to be created among employees, ie. Recycling decals, and they should be encouraged to dispose of waste properly.

Today a large number of companies manufacture office recycling containers. Office recycle bins are available in all sizes that can easily fit at your work location. A recycle container can be placed next to your trash for handling waste paper generated from Xerox machines or printers. Here is a list of some of the most popular office recycling containers:

* Desktop or Deskside Recycling Bins: A small desktop recycling bin at your workstation can make things very convenient for you, as you don’t need to walk to a bin for throwing small amount of wastes such as wrappers and tissues. It can be placed under your desk, allowing you to use them without moving from your seat. The most economical option for collecting recyclables under this category is Recytrays.

* Document Security Containers: This recycle bin is ideal for disposing your sensitive documents that contain confidential information. It has a metal construction and is outfitted with locked cabinets which provides extra security. This attractive desk side secured document container can be placed under or beside your desk. It keeps the documents private until they are taken to a recycling center.

* Office Receptacles: These designer and stylish recycle bins are made out of galvanized fire proof steel. These containers can add to the beauty of your office since they match with the interiors and at the same time they can be also used for disposing your office waste. These are ideally suitable to be placed at your office lobby or reception. We carry an entire line of Designer Recycling Containers to add effectiveness to your image.

TRX Exercises – Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle, Feel Great

TRX Exercise Improves Strength, Stability and Burns Calories

TRX is still relatively new to the fitness world. I come across people every day who still have not ever heard of it, much less attempted to dangle from those terrifying yellow straps. As a Certified TRX Instructor, this pains me deep down, because TRX can be such a powerful tool for people to change their bodies. I use TRX on a regular basis with my clients who range in age from 20-85, and there is always an effective exercise that challenges each one of them. TRX is a very versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of different training styles. During my TRX classes, I vary the training styles to keep my students interested, however, they're also able to enjoy the different benefits, such as improved strength and stability, better range of motion in their joints, and the high amounts of calories burned. In the rest of this article, I'll talk about what makes TRX challenging and why this is such a powerful benefit of this unique training style.

What Makes TRX Training Different?

TRX training utilizes a common concept – bodyweight exercise – with a very uncommon stability challenge to create a unique, full body workout with every exercise. The TRX straps are suspended from an A-frame structure, door, post, etc to allow the trainee to make each exercise harder or easier just by stepping towards or away from the anchor point. This makes it very easy to increase or decrease the intensity of each exercise. By changing the angle at which you stand relative to the floor and the anchor point, you can make a bodybuilder's veins pop out or teach a newbie the basics of resistance training. Some of you might be thinking that bodyweight exercises just are not going to be challenging enough if you really want to put on some muscle. This may be true in a normal scenario, but with TRX training, the added stability challenge turns something as simple as a push up into a much more challenging exercise. By allowing your arms or legs to move freely in the straps, you make it much harder on your body. These stabilizer muscles often get forgotten and weak due to help from machines, the added stability of a barbell, or a closed chain exercise like a body weight push up. I have also found, through my own training with TRX, that my 1RM (One repetition max) for just about every exercise increases after using it for a few weeks. This is because TRX training strengthens those stabilizer muscles which makes the more structured exercises seem easier.

Another very unique aspect of TRX training is the focus on full body. If you love doing planks, then you'll love doing TRX. Because TRX is all body weight, gravity and angles, you're basically doing planks during every exercise you complete. TRX forces you to tilt your pelvis appropriately while engaging your core to safely align your spine during each exercise. With the right supervision, this can be a very powerful tool for people with back problems or who hate doing crunches or sit ups. A lot of back pain stems from the inability to use your core, which in turn makes the core very weak. After a few TRX sessions with a good trainer, the trainee can learn the basic concepts behind keeping the spine in a safe position. Once those basic principles are understood, the trainee can really start focusing on adding resistance to build muscle mass safely, which may have been impossible otherwise.

Lastly, if you're looking for exercises that will burn calories fast, then TRX is for you! So how do you burn calories fast? One of the best ways to burn calories is to use multiple muscle groups at once during your exercises. With the TRX, even a simple exercise like a Biceps Curl utilizes not only the biceps, but the shoulders, abs, glutes, forearms, and low back. TRX turns an isolation exercise into a calorie burning, muscle building machine!

If you've never tried TRX before, search the gyms in your area for TRX classes. At Snap Fitness Harrison Township, we offer TRX classes twice a week, and we also offer a combination class called SpinTRX, where we combine high intensity intervals of cycling with muscle building exercises using TRX (for more information about combing cardio intervals with muscle building is much more effective, keep an eye out for my next article).

3 Keys To Build Your Lean, Fit And Sexy Body!

In order to build your lean, fit and sexy body requires the person to come full circle with a constructive plan related to his complete lifestyle. The plan should clearly lay out which exercises would be done on which days, what kind of diet would be consumed and so on. The advantages of building muscles fast include reduction of excess fat in the body, increase in bone density over time and good sound sleep.

That's means, to build your lean, fit and sexy body are:

• A clearly layout plan of exercise
• Rest – a good sleep
• A bodybuilding diet plan

Exercising is an integral part of any muscle growing program. You can choose your own technique and method for exercising that suits your needs. You can either go for the traditional forms of exercise or the modern forms like going to a gym. Traditional forms of exercise include brisk walk, jogging, running, cycling, yoga etc.

Irrespective of the method you select, you need to remember that you are targeting for exhaustion. Your muscle should be completely exhausted by the time you finish your exercise routine. Personally, I like to mix the traditional exercises during my exercise routine. After a short warm-up, I take a short walk for about fifteen minutes. This is to make the muscles flexible for the forthcoming stress. After a break of about couple of minutes, I run around my building park for thirty minutes. By now my muscles, start feeling stressed.

This is what you need to achieve. For the entire duration of your exercise, your muscles should feel stressed. That is why it is important to switch exercises or change routines. If you wish to run on a treadmill, you'd do better to perform in intervals. For instance, running as fast as you can for a minute and then switching to a light jog for two minutes. Repeat this for about an hour every day.

If you are doing traditional exercises, you need to ensure that you stretch your muscles as much as you can endure. You need to gradually increase your reps, which will help in building up your endurance and give your muscles a change of pace. If your target is to get a body like wrestlers, then lifting weights is recommended. You'll get the best results from your workout by training the whole body in a single workout. If you do not wish to do so, try concentrating only on the upper body in one session and the lower body in the other.

Monitoring what you eat is crucial when you are planning to build your muscle. Concentrate on complex carbohydrates and proteins such as egg whites and low fat yogurt. Try to stay away from sugary white processed foods. Instead of having bulk amount of food in one meal, try dividing your meals into small ones. At the same time, try sticking to around six small meals per day. This will ensure steady supply of energy to build muscles.

Eat whole foods most of the time. Include lots of proteins like meat, eggs, fish, milk and carbohydrates like rice, oats, pasta etc in your regular diet. Like any other diet plan, don's ignore the veggies and fruits. Have a good dietary timing as it helps greatly in anabolic metabolism. This is a big factor in building your muscle mass quickly.

It might come after a surprise to some, though the food together with the highest biological content is the humble egg! Some other food rich in biological content include raw milk, organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads), steak, lamb, chicken and fish. Beans, legumes and a few other veggies are also very good types of protein, and so it's really important to include these in what you eat as well.

In summary, a good body building diet plan needs to be focused on protein, fats, good carbs and also fiber. The break down should be 24% protein, 40% natural carbohydrates (no refined starches or sugars) and the balance in fats and fiber.

While focusing on the building your lean, fit and sexy body, remember to keep track of your progress. Keep a note of your weight increment and body fat percentage. These will reflect your progress and inspire you to keep improving.

Maximize Your Drill Press

A drill press is adjustable in any shop, but there are many fixtures available commercially, or that can be shop built, that will improve production and accuracy. A cross feed table travels longitudinally and transversely on XY axes, and provides accuracy within a few thousandths of an inch, much like you would expect on a milling machine. While some milling operations can be performed on woods and plastics, do not try to mill metals in a drill press. Metal machining requires a machine with more inherent stability than you will find in most drill presses. Combination machines are available, however, that can be used both as a drill press and as a milling machine, and these can be used for metals.

A combination rotary table that can be used vertically or horizontally is a nice addition, especially if a lot of precise radial orientation is needed, and when used in conjunction with a cross feed table, an infinite number of hole patterns is available. Some rotary tables come with dividing plates that give unparallel accuracy.

If you have a three jaw lathe chuck, you can chuck a piece of round stock that will fit into your drill press chuck, and place it on your drill press table. With the drill press turned off, bring the chuck down over the round stock and tighten the drill press chuck. This will locate the center of the lathe chuck directly under the drill press chuck, and the lathe chuck may then be clamped to the drill press table. Any round stock placed in the lathe chuck will then be centered, and this will be true as long as the table is not swung out of location.

Many jigs and fixtures can be shop built to adapt your drill press to your individual needs, such as, locating fixtures for repeat or production applications, vee blocks for drilling round stock, and centering fixtures for drilling holes in the ends of round stock, just to name a few. For ease of machining, wood may be used for short run applications, but use aluminum or steel with hardened drill bushings, for longevity.

For illustrations and complete instructions for building a number of jigs and fixtures, I have written an ebook called Maximizing Your Drill Press, and it will be available soon at my eBay store, "Gazillion ebooks". Copy and paste this URL into your browser to see all of my books.

Six Must-See Favorite Roadside Attractions

Summer is the time for road trips and family vacations. And I believe it is the law in most states that families must make a pilgrimage at least once across a large expanse of this wonderful country we call America. And during these travels you will see many roadside attractions and like some siren's song they invite us to pull out the highway and take a look, sit a spell and remember when driving was part of the fun of traveling.

World's Largest Ball of Twine
Cawker City, Kansas
Made from over 7 million feet of sisal twine, the World's Largest Ball of Twine measures 40 feet in circumference and weighs nearly nine tons. The ball "started rolling" in 1953 when Frank Stoeber started saving bits of sisal twine and adding them to a small ball in his barn. Four years later his twine ball weighed over 2 t tons and standing 8-feet tall. Housed under a canopy in Cawker City on Highway 24, the ball is a work in progress, so bring some twine, wrap it around, and consider yourself part of the record books.

The town of Cawker began an annual Twine-A-Thon, where anyone can add twine, and in 2003 the total length was recorded at over 7-million feet!

Alliance, NE
Constructed of 38 cars from the '50s- and' 60s and mimicking both the number of rocks and the diameter of the circle at the original Stonehenge in England, this Carhenge was dedicated on the summer solstice in 1987. Just north of Alliance, the structure was conceived by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father, who once lived on the field where Carhenge now stands.

The heelstone is a 1962 Cadillac. Three cars were buried at Carhenge after domestic cars replaced the original three foreign automobiles. Their "gravestone" is a car that reads: "Here lie three bones of foreign cars.

London Bridge
Lake Havasu City, AZ
The London Bridge, currently located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA, was originally constructed in London in 1831. By 1962, the bridge was not structurally sound enough to support the increased load created by the level traffic crossing it, and it was sold by the City of London for $ 2.5 million dollars.

The purchaser, Robert McCulloch, was the founder of Lake Havasu and the chairman of McCulloch Oil Corporation. The bridge was carefully disassembled and each piece was numbered. These were shipped to the bridges present location and re-assembly began in 1968, and was completed in late 1971. The bridge is 950 feet long and weighs 33,000 tons and it serves as a popular tourist attraction for the city

Dinosaur Park
Rapid City, SD
Your own personal Jurassic Park can be found just outside of Rapid City, South Dakota. On a hill overlooking the city, dinosaurs made out of brightly painted green concrete stand ready to spring to life. The dinosaur park was built as a work project to be a tourist attraction in 1936, during the Depression. The five dinosaurs, which include a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex, are life size and can be seen from miles away. While they will not eat any on-lookers they are sure to entertain.

Paper House
Rockport – Pigeon Cove, MA
Ellis Stenman, a Swedish immigrant, started to build a two-room cottage almost entirely out of newspaper in 1922. The house is framed with wood, the walls consisting of 215 layers of newspaper. Stenman made his own glue, out of flour, water and apple peels. If you visit, take a close look at the furniture and curtains you'll see they are also made from newspaper. Stenman wrapped paper around wire to build chairs, desks and lamps. In all, he used about 100,000 newspapers. Visitor can take time to read the walls and find newspaper headlines from years bygone. This house of paper certainly gives new meaning to the term "wallpaper".

Lucy the Elephant
Margate City, New Jersey
She was constructed in 1881 by James Lafferty. The idea of ​​an animal-shaped building was innovative, and in 1882 the US Patent Office granted Lafferty a patent giving it the exclusive right to make, use or sell animal-shaped buildings for seventeen years. Lucy is the oldest example of zoomorphic architecture, and the largest elephant in the world and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Standing six stories tall, 60-feet long, and 18-feet wide, she weighs about 90 tons, and is made of nearly one million pieces of wood. Lucy was more than a roadside attraction and was a functioning building, serving first as a real estate office and briefly as a tavern, until drunks nearly burned her down. Jim Laffertywent on to build other elephants in Cape May and Coney Island, but only Lucy has survived.

How To Define A Application Specific Resistor

Although thick film resistors are often the cheapest components on a system board failure can be just as disastrous as the most expensive component. Specifying the device correctly is crucial to long term performance to specification and to minimize the chances of failure. However, correct specification can be a challenge and often requires measurement of actual circuit values ​​and careful calculation using any known values.

To ensure the resistor performances as required under both steady state and transient conditions requires a partnership between the customer and the chosen supplier. The manufacturer delivers detailed knowledge of materials, design and manufacturing limitations while the customer provides the detailed knowledge of the application.

The customer should define the project requirements including delivery dates and schedules, specified component life, the end application, project quality requirements and prototype and production quantities.

Specific application information may then be delivered including maximum available component area, dimensional constraints, termination type, length of pins and finish and component marking requirements.

With the above in place the manufacturer may consider technical requirements including:

• Operating voltage.
• Peak voltage and transient conditions.
• Operating frequency.
• Instantaneous power or surge.
Resistor tolerance.
• Nominal resistance

Parameters that are often overlooked but are key to long term performance include the peak voltage, instantaneous power or surge and transient conditions. In most applications the only way to determine these characteristics is via actual circuit measurements or calculation. Failure to specify these parameters will correctly affect the long term reliable operation of the resistor device.

If the resistor is for a consumer application the long term impact on performance due to environmental factors is often irrelevant. However, in industrial and high reliability application they require consideration if the resistor is expected to continue to perform without performance degradation over the long term. Factors to consider include:

• The environmental temperature.
• The presence of any aggressive elements or gases.
• Temperature co-efficient of expansion.
• Maximum operating temperature.
• Levels of moisture.

Again, many of these parameters can only be obtained via measurement and observation.

To define a resistor to operate in a specialist application can there take take considered time and effort. There are many factors to consider that may not be immediately obvious but if overlooked will either result in a change in resistance or component failure. Experience shows that most application specific resistors failures are due to transient conditions or environmental factors that were not considered appropriately at the design stage.

What Is A Pile Driver?

A great many construction projects will require the use of a pile driver – a machine that drives piles into the ground to act as a foundation support to the building. Piles are also often used in the construction of bridges and other freestanding structures that are expected to withstand weight, pressure or even just all types of weather.

Traditionally, a pile driver was made of a simple mechanism that used a heavy weight to hammer large supporting piles into the ground. A guiding channel was often created and fitted around the pile to prevent the weight from missing its target or bouncing off and in another direction – which could potentially cause harm. The weight was lifted using hydraulics or man power and released to land on the pile and drive it deeper into the ground. Of course, this process was relatively slow and laborious and meant a number of workmen had to be involved at one time.

Modern pile drivers are much more efficient both in terms of time and cost and the traditional system of piling has given rise to a number of different piling developments. One such development has been the advent of excavator mounted vibratory piling heads which are mounted to the end of the excavator dipper in replacement of the standard bucket. These piling attachments are suitable for short steel pile driving and have many advantages over a larger, traditional piling rig.

A vibrating pile driver suitable for use on an excavator uses counter rotating eccentric weights to create vibrations that are cancelled out horizontally but directed vertically. The vibrating energy is directed straight into the sheet pile that is being driven. A vibrating pile driver can achieve between 1200 and 2400 vibrations per minute – making them incredibly fast and efficient. The traditional method of ‘hammering’ piles in using a weight may well have taken as much as a minute to achieve only a couple of strikes – a vibrating sheet pile driver speeds this process up by delivering very fast blows to the sheet pile, allowing it to be driven into the ground quickly.

A vibratory sheet pile driver can also be used to extract piles that need to be removed before construction can continue. The sheet pile is gripped by integral clamps and vibrating forces help loosen the pile and gradually remove it whilst the excavator slowly pulls it from the ground.

If you need a sheet pile driver for a construction project, hiring this specialist attachment from a dedicated attachment hire company is often the most cost effective solution. As there are several sizes of vibratory pile driver available, larger specialist attachment hire companies will most likely have stock of pile drivers to suit common sized excavators. Another advantage when hiring these piling attachments from a specialist attachment rental company will be their ability to match flow and pressure of the pile driver to your excavator and will have the experience to ensure you get maximum performance when using it.

Once piling was the domain of larger pile rigs and cranes but when a relatively small sheet piling project comes along, or when you are working in an area with a restricted amount of space, an excavator mounted attachment is often the best way to go. And if budget or the time period to do a job is tight then hiring a vibratory sheet pile attachment is the cost effective answer.

Finding a suitable sheet pile driver attachment online is relatively straightforward. Look out for specialist attachment hire companies closest to the area you intend working in and be sure to check references before entering into any hire contract.

In the UK there are a number of specialist attachment hirers who stock vibrating pile drivers as part of a comprehensive range of excavator attachments. The more reputable hirers will be members of one or more professional trade bodies such as the CPA (Construction Plant Association) or the NFDC (Associate of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors). Another good sign of high internal standards and consistency is if the hirer has ISO9001 accreditation.

Look for an attachment hirer who is established and has a history and reputation for reliability. And lastly, be sure the equipment being offered is of a high quality and has been well maintained as this will most likely mean, if hiring a pile driver, it will perform well and be reliable.

Weight Room Jargon 101

It's hard enough getting technique right in the gym! It helps to know your weight room terminology to ask for help and generally to enhance your gym experience.

I'll go through some terms you will most likely encounter on a daily basis in the gym

Let's get started!

CARDIO- This stands for cardiovascular training / conditioning. This is the treadmill, elliptical, bike etc. This is the heart workout, fat burning, sweaty stuff.

RESISTANCE TRAINING-Also called strength and weight training. This is moving your muscles against an opposing force. The opposing force is the machine, dumbbells etc. This is the muscle building, body toning, hard work stuff.

REP- Stands for repetition. Lifting the weight from starting position, back to the starting position = 1 rep. Usually a fitness program has anywhere from 4-15 reps depending on your goals.

SET- A set is the group of reps you preform before rest. 10 reps / rest + 10 reps / rest = 2 sets. Most routines have anywhere from 1-6 sets, depending on your goals. 1-2 is good for beginners.

REST- In between every set to recover, so you can preform your next set at full potential. Rest as long as you need. Most people require 1-3 minutes. The more you are lifting, the more rest is needed between sets.

PLATES- Round, circular weights with a hole in the center. These are put on different types of barbells and machines to add the resistance you need for your exercise.

BARBELL- This is the long, straight bar that you add weight plates to. They slide on and off the ends and are secured with a collar.

EZ CURL BAR- This is the barbell that is curved in where you grab, and usually has some kind of tread so your hands stay put. This bar is great, especially for bicep curls as it's much easier on the wrists and offers a more natural position than the straight barbell.

DUMBBELL- Short hand-held bars that either allow you to add weight plates or come in one unit with the weight pre-set.

FREE WEIGHTS-These are all exercises that do not involve weight machines. Free weights require more safety and technique. They are considered more advanced. Free weights are beneficial because they require the use of other muscles to act as "stabilizers" for balance and control.

WEIGHT MACHINES- These are the big machines in the gym that are used to isolate certain muscles. Usually they have a pin for choosing the weight you want to lift, and a knob around the seat to adjust the machine for your height. These machines are great for beginners because they force you in to proper technique and prepare you for more complex exercises and free weights in the future.

COLLARS- Also called safety "clips" or "clamps." These are the things you use to secure the weight plates on to the dumbbells and machines so they do not slide off and scare the crap out of everyone in the gym if you lose your balance. Although I recommend not using them if you are working out alone. That way if you get stuck with a weighted barbell on your chest you can slide the weight off a side at a time and avoid suffocation.

Know your weight room terminology, practice technique and stay consistent with your training for a great body and a positive fitness experience!