Painting and Decorating Techniques: Dragging

To create a feeling of luxurious silk or designer wallpaper "faux dragging" can be applied on the majority of perfectly smooth and readied surfaces. Whilst it is a fairly easy technique to actually learn it creates impressive benefits to the overall painting and decorating project as the finishes are both luxurious and stunning.

A huge number of different glazes and latex paints can be used to create the "faux dragging" effect but we would always suggest using an oil based paint or glaze as it will give your more leeway in terms of trying to manipulate it into the requisite styles as non-oil based ones can dry extremely quickly. This best thing about this technique is that not only does it work on walls and ceilings but it can easily be applied to most types of woodwork and furniture.

The effect is created when a dry brush is pulled through a colored glaze. In doing so the base color is reflected in very fine lines, which make the wall's look like silk fabric. Dragging is most effective in soft colors such as pastels, over a white base coat. You can also use a cream or off-white base with tan or taupe colors to create a "vintage" look.

So here are the steps you need to take to perform "faux dragging":

Apply the two coats of a latex base coat (white or off-white). After painting both coats, let the wall dry for at least two hours.

Mix satin latex paint with latex glazing liquid according to the instructions n the package of the glazing liquid.

Apply the colored glaze to a workable length of surface.

Start at one end and pull a 4 "dragging brush (or any long bristled brush) through the wet glaze. You can also perform this technique using a dry rag. Repeat several times to get the desired effect. can as you drag.

Also note that if you are actually working with the full height of a wall from ceiling to base board, you can use a very wide brush, such as a wallpaper brush or even the wide end of a broom.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the next area. Clean the dragging brush on a rag before dragging the next area.

If applying the dragging finish to woodwork or trim, apply a coat of varnish, after the finish is dry.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Your Exercise Advice For Best Weight Loss Results

Most people have this misconception that losing weight or fighting obesity is one of the most daunting tasks they have ever set out to do. If you can arm yourself with the required determination, a strict but healthy discipline and oodles of motivation, there is no reason why you can’t emerge victorious in the battle against the bulge.

In this article, I will provide you with some easy to follow free weight loss tips that will dissolve your anxiety and you will find that losing weight isn’t as uphill a task as you had made it out to be.

Healthy weight loss is a successful combination of 50% exercise and 50% diet. The two go hand in hand and complement each other. Doing one while cutting out on the other will render your weight loss regimen fruitless.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Your Proven Exercise Advice

If weight loss is your agenda, make exercises a way of life with you. There is no alternative to exercising, period.

The first thing that you should set out to do is to increase your body’s metabolism rate. Resistance training and weight lifting exercises which are basically muscle building exercises will make your calories burn throughout the day. You will find it even more rewarding if you can combine the above with power yoga and aerobic exercises.

Watch your calories burn by climbing up the stairs wherever possible instead of taking the elevator. Inculcate it religiously into your daily habits. It is great if you can squeeze out time from your tight schedule for an hour or two of jogging or regular morning and evening brisk walks.

Run for an hour everyday in the morning before having your breakfast. You can choose to run or walk on your treadmill, but that is not half as effective as walking briskly or running outdoors. To get the maximum benefit out of your resistance training and weight lifting regimen, combine it with significant amounts of cardiovascular exercises to burn the fat quickly.

You can choose to increase your fitness levels by leaps and bounds by taking up your favorite outdoor sports. Hit the water for an hour and swim with pleasure. Swimming ensures automatic workouts for each and every muscle in your body. A good round of sweat inducing football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, baseball will be an enjoyable method of losing weight naturally and staying fit.

Basic Barbeque Safety Tips – Part One

Barbeque used to be a once-per-year, summer activity where family and friends gathered all together and cooked tasty, meat-based food outdoors. Nowadays, barbeque has become a very common practice; it has broken the boarders of the once-a-year practice and it's not uncommon to find families that will arrange a barbeque several times a month! However, along with all the fun that the barbeque brings you should also be careful and follow a few guidelines in order to prevent harmful bacteria from appearing on your food. This article will give you general
guidelines and safety tips to follow in order for your food to be as clean as possible.

Okay, first of all when you buy food it is a good practice to buy it cold; especially if you buy meat or poultry then you should definitely buy it cold. After that, you should make sure to separate juicy food such as meat and poultry from other foods. By doing this, you are preventing cross-contamination among them. The best practice would be to place meat / poultry in plastic bags; plastic bags are 100% waterproof so you will have no problem if you pack the food carefully.

After you have bought everything, you should head directly to your home and put all fridge-preserved foods in the fridge. It's important not to let those foods come to a room temperature because if that happens then that's the best chance for bacteria to form.

When the time to take the meat out of the fridge so that you can cook it has come, make sure that you defrost it completely. Meat / poultry that has been completely defrosted will cook more evenly and the taste will definitely be better. Two good defrost practices are thawing the food in cold water or defrosting it using the microwave. Use the microwave approach only if you are going to grill the food immediately.

Finally, you should remember that although you can marinate food several hours / days before you cook it, it is always a good practice to marinate it in the refrigerator (so that it will be hard for bacteria to multiply). If you are going to reuse any marinade that was used on raw food then remember to boil it first; This way, any harmful bacteria that might have grown are going to be destroyed by the high temperature. After all this boring theory, I wish you to barbeque as repeatedly as possible and to have a great time, every time!

What is the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery?

When talking about plastic surgery, one question that may arise is, "What is the difference between plastic and reconstructive surgery?" Plastic, or cosmetic surgery is an operation that is done as a means to improve the way one looks such as a face lift or a breastfeeding augmentation, however, reconstructive surgery is that out of a necessity in which the betterment of life and health may be obtained. A child who is born with a cleft lip, would have considered a reconstructive surgery, however if you want to have lips like Angelina Joie this would be considered cosmetic surgery.

If the surgery has to do with the improvement of the health of a patient and can be considered a medical necessity, it is reconstructive. Improving the physical appearance of the patient in a reconstruction surgery is second while improving their life is first. With a cosmetic surgery, the exact opposite is true.

The line that separates cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can be fine, as some things that can be considered as reconstructive, it may also be considered cosmetic. It all comes down to insurance companies. Basically, if one can prove to the insurance company, the medical insurance may pay for the surgery, however as a general rule medical insurance policies do not cover plastic surgery without it is a necessity to ensure good health.

With these general rules in place, one can only assume one or the other if it was not for the insurance company's definition of what would institute as a reconstructive surgery. If you have for example received a scar from an automobile accident and you need a little face lift, then you may be able to convince the insurance company that it is your best interest to repair the entire face rather than risk repairing a small scar and having discolorations. Likewise, if you have just overcome breast cancer and have had part if not all of a breast removed, you would qualify for a breastfeeding enhancement.

The line is very thin on this matter and on many occasions, its blurriness will allow something to slide past but you would have to do your research on the topic and ask questions so that you are well informed on the situation. Just remember that insurance will only cover what can be considered reconstructive surgery and not cosmetic improvements.

Little Giant Ladder Accessory Guide

When you purchase a little giant ladder it is very usual that you will be provided with a ladder manual and a list of accessories. You must know the name of the accessory that you may need to replace in the course of its frequent use. Wear and tear, dent, nick, crack etc. are the common occasion when you require a spare part to rectify your little giant ladder. So it is equally important to know the 'all-about' of little giant ladder accessory. Here are some major accessories that you may have with your little giant ladder.

(i) Little Giant Telescoping Work Plank

A 'Little Giant Telescoping Plank' converts your ladders into 'scaffolding'. It is a 'high-strength plank', it can hold up to 250 pounds, it enables you to stand and use your both hands while on the ladder. It can be stored in approximately half of its extended length. It is very light in weight and easy to set up and handling. It has a 'slip-resistant surface' for safety.

(ii) Little Giant Work Platform

It is a movable 'Work Platform' fits on any Little Giant ladder rung and is able to support up to 300 pounds of load. This unique design allows it to put away when not needed. It can be easily attached to the ladder rung.

(iii) Little Giant Ladder Leg Leveler

The little giant ladder 'Leg Leveler' offers a safe and stable solution when the Little Giant Ladder are to be used on an uneven surface. The Ladder Leveler is designed to meet the same extra heavy-duty standards as your ladders and it can be easily attached to your existing aluminum ladders.

(iv) Little Giant Wing Span

'Little Giant Wing Span' provides extra width when working around windows, rain gutters, overhangs, bushhes and other obstacles. It is very easy to attach with any little giant ladder.

There is another accessory called Little Giant Ladder Tip & Glide Wheel Kit. Now with the Little Giant Tip & Glide Wheel Kit, you can comfortably move your Little Giant ladder from one place to another. Just place your ladder into the storage position, tip it and walk. The ladder rolls behind you.

What to Know About Child Insurance?

Life insurance plans are designed to make life easy for their beneficiaries. The life insurers study the problems that a person can face and device financial solutions to ease them. One of the big problems many people struggle with is to provide a sound future to their kids. Cost of higher education is really back breaking and is one of the biggest stress causing factors among parents. To ease this problem to a good extent life insurance companies have come up with a specialized plan called child insurance.

Child insurance plans carry dual benefit for the child. First, they help generate a good corpus by investing the premiums in a fund that can either be endowment based or ULIP based. Second, they provide a life cover to the investing parent of which the child is the beneficiary. In case of the death of the policyholder, the insurance company waives off the future premiums and continues to invest in that fund on the policyholder’s behalf. Moreover, it pays a lump sum or period amount for the maintenance of the child. Thus, these plans protect the interest of the child even when you are not with him/her.

Saving money on our own can be difficult as we cannot be that much disciplined unless we enter into a plan which necessitates us to deposit a particular amount or else it would lapse. Such routine is mandatory for systematic saving and investment. The returns from other funds or investments can get spent on other things. That is why it would be better if you have a dedicated child plan in your investment portfolio of which only your child would be the beneficiary.

As per financial experts, investing in such a plan should be started as early as possible to have more time for your money to grow. Ideally you should start comparing child insurance plans of various companies as soon as you know about the pregnancy. There are over a score of companies selling such plans and offer differentiated plans to stay competitive. Effective plan comparison and market research shall ascend you towards the most suitable plan from a reputed company.

For effective comparison you may try services of an insurance web aggregator. On a web aggregator website you can compare plans of scores of companies at a single web location and that too free of cost. Such effective comparison brings more confidence in your purchase and helps you take educated steps in selecting your plan type. Based on such comparison and analysis you can decide whether to go for an Endowment based child plan or a ULIP based child plan. Comparing premiums with your budget you can decide how much cover to go for.

If you are a parent then initiate the process now without wasting further time. Your smart actions now would earn you enormous gratitude from your kid in the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to have that puffed up chest when your kid makes a lucrative career for himself. His hard work won’t do that alone. He needs your financial support to climb that ladder.

Chemical Vs Laser Fat Removal – What is the Difference?

I often see questions online in which it is asked which is better for fat removal …. lipodissolve or Smartlipo? On the surface, this is a bit perplexing because they are rather different methods and concepts for selective body contouring of unwanted fat. But given the exposure that both have had from marketing in the past five years, it is actually not surprising that many are confused and uninformed.

The common thread that ties the two together, coupled being used to treat fat, is that they are advertised as not being 'surgery' and can be done under local anesthesia or in the office. While this is partially true, this superior perception covers up some more significant differences.

Lipodissolve is an injectable office treatment that relationships on a chemical interaction to break down fat cells. To not cause too much inflammation and tissue necrosis, the required amount of chemical solution can not be put in all at once. As a result, a series of injections is needed spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart. It will typically take at least 3 injection sessions to begin to see an effect. While an injection sounds more kind to one than actual surgery, the reality is that the infected area will swell considerably (double in size) and will remain so for a week. While this chemical approach to fat reduction does have an effect, my Indianapolis plastic surgery experience has shown that it works only for a fairly small area. (about the size of one's hand)

Conversely, Smartlipo is actual liposuction surgery. It uses a small laser probe to first heat up and melt fat in the treated area. Once the fat is adequately liquefied, it is then suctioned out. Smartlipo is a single treatment method that causes expected amounts of swilling and some bruising. Because it is a single treatment, it is by definition a more efficient fat removal method. Since the laser probe can go anywhere it is anesthetized and can remove as much fat as one is capable, it is also a more effective fat treatment method.

Smartlipo and Lipodissolve are apparently frequently confused. But they should not be. Smartlipo is a far more effective and efficient method of surgical fat removal. Lipodissolve, in my practice, is reserved for very small fat collections in which the patient does not want to undergo any form of surgery or for secondary touch-ups after liposuction surgery. Top avoid surgery, you are sacrificing effectiveness and efficiency.

Switch Over to New Exercise Methods For Real Results

Are you bewildered by all the exercise information and misinformation and weight loss advice you come across everyday? Well, join the crowd as there are millions of people around the world that can not understand why they are not getting the results they desire form their current exercise regimes.

But first, let's take a look at a couple of the worst most misleading exercise strategies that are provided to help you lose excess body fat but will not really help you do this. In fact, some of these methods are not only sabotaging your fat loss, but are contributing to fat gain. It is time to expose these fat loss methods for the frauds they are, and identify the best ways to burn fat all day, even while you sleep.

Now, did you know that using long slow steady-state cardio type activity such as walking, jogging or cycling for fat burning might be the biggest weight loss scam of all time? It is simply not intense enough to tone muscle tissue to raise the metabolism (the body's engine) to allow greater calorie burning.

When asked to picture a typical "fat loss" workout, you see yourself on the treadmill or walking or jogging outside for hours each week (and hating it). Any wonder many people give up so quickly, or do not even bother to start in the first place And did you know launching into a heavy program of cardio activity is the last place a beginner should start?

Because many beginners to fitness are often overweight and unprepared for exercise, excessive repetitive cardio only predisposes them to muscle and joint injuries which can knock someone right out of their fitness program before they even lose an ounce of fat.

Often when realizing that this type of madness is not working for them people then add more cardio work into the program. But extra cardio will not help as doing hours and hours each week is a great way to get now in your fat loss program. So stop worrying about heart rate zones for fat loss, forget about how many calories the machine says you have burned and say goodbye (and good riddance) to long, slow, boring mind numbing ineffective activities.

Another misconception about exercise is that doing endless high repetition sets of light weights will burn more fat than heavier resistance (weight) and lower repetitions. Often people will do this on areas like the abdominals in the hope this will reveal a six pack. Well the fact is spot reducing does not work. It will not work for your abdominals, and it will not work for your arms or chest or anywhere else.

There are two very important reasons to include strength training exercise in a fat loss program, but it's not because high repetitions will burn off fat. Instead, lifting moderately heavy weights for a lower number of repetitions will help you gain muscle at the same time as you lose body fat, and it will also help you burn a lot more calories during training and after. This is where you will get 'real' results.

Replace the long slow activity with interval training. This is short bursts of all out activity alternated with longer slower periods to recover. An example of this is 10-15 seconds of sprinting then 30 seconds to one minute of walking repeated 8-12 times. Try this once or twice a week for effective fat loss exercise. You will be pleased with the results and also the less time that is needed to fit it in to your week.

The only way to get results with your exercise program is to have it set up properly. You need to learn the correct exercises and do them at the correct level of intensity (degree of difficulty). You also need to learn progress in all of the exercises along with duration and frequency of the exercises. That is what fitness professionals do, if you try to wing your exercise program without the required knowledge and experience you are very likely to be disappointed in your results (or rather lack of them).

Proper exercise does work but there is a fine line between what does work and what does not work. So stop spending your precious time on ineffective stuff and discover the new ways and methods that will give you the results you are looking for.

Hyperactivity – Checking Restless Nature in Kids

Hyperactivity or hyperactivity refers to a mental dysfunction, and is also referred to as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Hyperactivity is generally found among the school-going kids. However, more often than not, this disorder is diagnosed only during the teen stage. However, it must be borne in mind that every child is naturally over active to a certain extent. Such characteristics should not be confused with hyperactivity, though.

Till the other day, many had the misconception that hyperactivity signals disappear after puberty. But, hyperactivity patients need constant attention and care. In India, children having hyperactivity practices are provided many advantages as per the relevant clause (Section 54) of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act.

There is no unanimity among the experts as to the exact cause of hyperactivity. There are several hypotheses, though. While one school of thought tries to blame it on genetics, another camp tries to trace it to basic problems in the anatomical structure, especially the brain's basal ganglia and the frontal lobes. There are still others who feel that expectant mothers play a vital role in determining the presence of such a syndrome in their yet-to-be born baby. If the mother used to drink alcohol during pregnancy or smoked, the baby may develop such hyperactivity symptoms, opine this camp of medical scientists. Yet others attempt to pinpoint the exact cause of hyperactivity to the use of additives and artificial sweeteners by the child.

Hyperactivity tests the following common symptoms of inattention, and impulsivity coupled hyperactivity. In most of the cases, such symptoms became evident in a child much before he / she attains the age of seven, and the symptoms must recur for at least six months on end.
Kids affected by this ailment are unpredictable, too restless, find it problematic to seat down, often fail in most of the activities that they attempted, attempt to do jobs without caring to give a second thought and give snap replies. These hyperactive kids tend to get distracted rather easily, commit mistakes that could have been easily corrected had the jobs been done with care and are always in a hurry. The most problematic part of such hyperactive children is that they do not have the patience to see a work (begin by them) through to its end. What is more, such kids affected by the hyperactivity syndrome frequently shift shifts to other jobs. Moreover, kids with hyperactivity signs have double vision problems.

Many a time, hyperactivity patients can demonstrate several other disorders like learning, defiant, oppositional, autism, conduct (depression or anxiety) or even bipolar. It is of utmost importance that such patients are provided counseling by an expert psychiatrist so that they do not suffer from a browbeaten ego or a negative self esteem. During such a long-term treatment, the best results can emanate via a combination of typical medical strategy wedded to periodic psychological analyzes. The parents of such children also need to be properly counseled.

Many a time, people tend to bracket hyperactivity or hyperactivity with another disorder – ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). But, it has to be remembered that each one is different. Whereas people suffering from ADD may at times show signs of hyperactivity, it is not that hyperactivity is a mandatory trait of ADD patients. ADD patients generally demonstrate distractibility, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness including having problems in being slow and steady, carrying a job to its completion or staying put with one particular job.

How to Use Oxy Fuel – Oxygen Acetylene – Cutting Torch Equipment Safely

An oxygen acetylene torch flame is around 6000 degrees F. Considering Steel melts at around 2800F that is pretty freakin hot!

You can make a lot of things happen with an oxygen acetylene torch kit. You can braze air conditioning line sets, solder copper water pipe, silver braze stainless steel, weld 4130 chromoly tubing, and even heat and bend metal thicker than 1 inch. But oxy-fuel torches can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. OSHA even requires employers to ensure workers that use oxyfuel equipment to be properly trained and qualified for oxy-fuel welding, cutting, heating, and brazing. (see 29 CFR 1910.252)

From my 30 plus years in the welding field, I am constantly surprised by the lack of training in the safe operation of oxyfuel equipment.. Even seasoned welders are often deficient in use of oxygen acetylene torches unless they have received hands-on training where demonstration of proficiency was required

Safe operation of oxygen acetylene equipment requires training, willingness to follow basic safety guidelines, and understanding some basic safety principles:

o Oxygen cylinders are pressurized to over 2500 psi and can become a projectile if knocked over. Always , always, always keep the cap screwed on when the cylinder is not secured.

o Acetylene cylinders are filled with acetylene gas compressed into a porous substance saturated with liquid acetone. They should remain upright to prevent liquid acetone from damaging the regulators and restricting gas flow. If you have to lay them down to haul them, let them stand upright for a while before using.

o Never transport or store cylinders in an enclosed space (i,e, trunk of car, or truck tool box) Welding supply stores often display pictures of cars demolished by the explosion of oxygen and acetylene cylinders hauled in the trunk of a car. They even make you sign a waiver if you want to haul cylinders yourself.

o Never use damaged equipment.

o Always open oxygen cylinders very slowly. Opening them quickly is very dangerous and can cause the regulator to explode. Yes I said explode. (if you don’t believe me, just Google “regulator burnout”)

o Use check valves or combination check valve/flashback arrestors to prevent reverse flow of gases and to prevent mixing of gases.

o Never use oil on any part of the equipment. Oil in the presence of pure oxygen can ignite easily

o Always bleed down the gases and back out the regulator screws when finished using the torch

There are several different manufacturers of oxyfuel equipment: Victor, Smith, and Harris are 3 of the main brands and each designs their equipment differently with certain features in mind. So the operation of each manufacturer’s torches is different. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The first thing to do when preparing to operate a oxyfuel torch is to inspect the equipment. Make sure the cylinders are fastened securely to prevent them from falling over.. Next, inspect the hoses to make sure they are not cracked or dry rotted. Feel the brass connectors to make sure they are all tight and ensure the cylinders valves are closed with the regulators reading zero.

If the regulators are not reading zero, one of two things is wrong: The gauge or gauges have been damaged or the previous user failed to bleed the pressure from the line. To release the pressure , open the appropriate valve on the torch and turn the regulator screw clockwise until the needle moves to zero. If the needle does not go to zero, the gauge is damaged and must not be used.

If the gauges are determined to be operating properly the next thing to do is make sure the regulator screws are backed out where you cannot feel spring pressure on them.

Here is a simple ABC, 123 checklist to use for setup and shutdown of oxy-fuel equipment.

o Wear proper Personal protective equipment i.e. shade 3 to 5 ANSI eyewear, gloves etc.

o Inspect the equipment for : Overall condition of hoses, zeroed gauges, check valves, torch, chains on bottles

o If gauges are not reading zero, purge lines to let gauges zero out

o If gauges are damaged replace them

o Open oxygen cylinder valves very slowly. (This is the most important step on this page)

o Select proper tip according to manufacturers guidelines

o Use manufacturers tip chart to determine pressure settings

o Set gauges

o Purge lines individually

o open acetylene torch valve to ¼ turn and Light torch

o Increase acetylene flame high enough to where soot disappears.

o Add oxygen to flame until blue cones define creating a neutral flame.

o Perform work

o Extinguish flame by turning off gas valves on torch (manufacturers differ on whether to turn off acetylene or oxygen first.)

o Turn off cylinders

o Purge lines

o Once gauges are zeroed, back out regulator screws

o Return torch to storage place

o Secure oxy-fuel equipment for next user

Curling Iron Vs Hot Rollers

The use of curling iron dates back to years as they have been successfully tested on different hair types so far. Hair curlers of different brands, styles, features and prices are available to choose from the best one suited according to the different hair types. Women who are blessed with amazingly straight hair may occasionally cherish to get their hair curled with that sexy bouncing springs. The irons have given the opportunity to such people who wish to curl their hair occasionally to acquire the desired style quickly at home. The modern devices available today come with so many features and built-in accessories such as removable brushes, misters, steam etc. Depending upon the texture, length and thickness of your hair, you can choose the one that fit the correct barrel size fitted for your hair. Choosing the right barrel size is highly important if you wish to bring out the optimum result after styling your hair. Hair curlers that range from one quarter to almost three inches diameter are available to choose from.

Hot rollers have also been used by many and that was mostly before the introduction of the curling irons. Even though both of them serve for the same purpose, both hold certain points of advantages and disadvantages. We can discus some of them here. When compared to hot rollers, the irons offer versatility in styling as you can accomplish any type of curls that you wish on your hair. By attaching the suitable barrel, you can create either tight, spiral curls or loose wavy curls as required. You can also finish the task much quickly as compared to hot rollers. People who do not want their hair to be subjected to high heat of the curling iron mostly make use of these hot rollers that too too come in different sizes and colors to choose from. The method of application of both of them differs. The hair curled with curling device can retain the style for longer and it takes more time for curling the hair with the hot rollers. When the older models of hot roller used to create tangles on the hair, the advancement of new technology enables the use of hot roller free of tangles. Hair curlers are also lightweight and can be transported while traveling.

How to Make Sure Your Sexy Adult Halloween Costume Doesn’t Go Too Far

Halloween is the perfect time for adults to dress up in sexy costumes and have a great time. Without compromising a person’s reputation, a sexy costume can be worn to Halloween parties in a home or parties at an outside venue such as a club or restaurant. Couples can opt for matching costumes, such as the old-time favorite doctor and nurse, or they can dress individually. A single girl or guy might choose a sexy adult Halloween costume to entice another single person of the opposite sex.

Halloween costumes are a great way to step out of the normal routine, break away from stereotypes, and express oneself. This yearly holiday gives people one night to be sexy, provocative, and fun without affecting their reputation. An adult that may be considered conservative can let loose in a crazy outfit on Halloween without feeling disrespected or ashamed.

Costumes can include clothes, make-up, and accessories. Some adult costumes are created to be sexy and fun, while others are joke related, and still others reflect a person’s favorite characters. Some people make their own costumes while others go out and spend a small fortune for the perfect adult Halloween costume. Dressing up for a costume contest means contestants will spend upwards of hundreds of dollars on their outfits, make-up, hair, nails, and anything else needed to complete the costume.

If a couple is looking to dress as a matching pair, there are lots of sexy adult Halloween costumes to choose from. Take the old favorite of doctor and nurse. A man can dress up as a handsome doctor with a white lab coat, scrubs with a top that has an extra deep v-neck collar to show off his chest, and a stethoscope. The nurse’s outfit could include a tight, one-piece nursing uniform that has a very short skirt and deep plunging neckline. Thigh-high nylons with high heeled shoes and a little nurse hat can complete the outfit.

Other couple costume ideas include a Pilgrim and Indian, mafia man and mafia princess, vampire and vampiress, pirates, police officers, cow boy and cow girl, Adam and Eve, and a geisha girl and samurai warrior. How about a mile-high pilot and stewardess or a magician and his apprentice? There are also funny couple’s costumes that are sexy yet will make people laugh, like a plug and socket, a key and a key hole, a hot chick and a chick magnet. Dressing up as a couple might just strengthen the bond between two people, but they will also have a great time and will create fun memories.

Single and going to an adult Halloween party? Adult costumes are only limited by the imagination. Any costume can be turned into a sexy adult Halloween costume by shorting the bottoms, making the neckline deeper, and even purchasing the costume in a size smaller so the outfit fits tighter. There are many sexy adult costumes available in retail and online stores including sexy fairies, angels and witches for women and police officers, boxers, and bachelors for men.

Adult Halloween costumes can get pretty pricey. To save money, try making a costume from old clothes and accessories around the house. Or, purchase the main outfit and use old shoes and accessories to complete the outfit. When going to a more upscale costume party, try renting an outfit from a local costume shop. Renting a great adult costume will not only save money, as it will most likely be cheaper to rent all the items than to purchase them, but the outfit can be returned after the party. Rented Halloween costumes tend to be more authentic looking and are typically higher quality than costumes manufactured for department and retail stores. When the situation calls for it, a rented costume will go a longer way in impressing other’s at the party.

Dressing in a sexy costume can be a great way to meet other singles at the party. Role play with this new sexy identity, flirt with others at the party, use the costume to its full advantage. Remember, this is the one night a year when an adult can break away from traditional routines and let loose. Use the costume to dress up the best body parts and flaunt them. This is not the time to be shy, especially since a lot of sexy adult Halloween costumes tend to show off a lot of bare skin. This is a great time to connect with someone, and looking at other people’s costumes will provide a lot of conversation.

Halloween costumes are memorable. People don’t always remember what outfit another person wore at a specific time, but at Halloween, people will always remember an extra sexy or unique costume. A party at a venue will often have prizes for best costume. The most unique, sexy, well made, funny, and memorable costumes will win prizes. Sometimes there is only one category, Best Costume, and other times there are other categories in which a person can win a costume award. Either way, winners and non winners will always remember a particular Halloween party or Halloween costume and link it to good times in their lives.

Writing Opening Paragraphs For Product Descriptions on Web Sites That Readily Lead to Sales

If you are writing product descriptions for websites, either as an affiliate, or if you are selling your own products, you will want to read this article. You will find two styles of writing the opening paragraph that will instantly grab your reader's attention and involve them with your writing. When you have accomplished that, the chances of them following through on the call to action are drastically increased, and your sales will increase as a consequence. The two styles are: Instantly Involving the Reader in Action and Start With a Quote.

Instantly Involving the Reader in Action

This is my all time favorite. "Imagine for a second being smack in the middle of preparing a delicious chicken dinner. You just cut the raw chicken up in pieces. with the debris above the can, the can opens automatically, and after you released the debris, the can closes up all by itself. " With an opening like that, not only are you telling your reader about the great features of a touchless trash can that you are about to describe, but you are also inherent involving them in the action, and having them enjoy the benefits of the product right there and then. If they were looking for a trash can to begin with, they will be very much compelled to continue reading and check on the price of this engineering feat. You have just created one hot prospect.

Start With a Quote

When you put someone else's words in the beginning of your opening paragraphs, you could accomplish an instant association between your product and the person who spoke the words you quoted. Especially if the person quoted is a celebrity, this association is very powerful. Of course, you must make sure that the quote is highly relevant to the product that you are about to describe. You may or may not agree with it. Regardless, the following sentences must show the clear relation between the quote and the product you are describing. In your reader's mind the product will be associated with the quote and sometimes with the person you quoted as well, making the product description very memorable.

Here you have it. Two ways to get your opening paragraph started that will lead to higher sales of the product you are describing on your page. Have you used any of the above styles before? Well now is the best time to do it. You know what to do, just go out and write your description. Use either a quote that is related to your product, or just grab the reader by the hand and place them straight in action. Either way, the reader will be highly engaged and will have a difficult time leaving your page without reading everything about the product. Likely, if he needs the product, he will buy it.

Throwing Light on Your Car's Headlights and Tail Lights

As a driver, your first consideration is your safety and those of others who are riding with you. Integral to your car's safety measure is its lighting system, which consist of light bulbs and lamps located at the front, rear, and both sides of your car. The lighting system illuminates the roadway and signals your position relative to other vehicles, enhancing your safety, being it in daylight, darkness, or inclement weather that reduces visibility. Headlights and tail lights are beacons that alert other drivers of your presence on the road, and display information that other drivers will be using in directing their own course, relative to the one you are taking.

Consider headlights as extensions of your own eyes: they throw light on what's ahead so you can see and drive better. At night, they also warn the driver. There are two types of headlight construction. In older cars, the headlight and the inner light bulb are in one piece, mounted by a thin metal band held down by screws. You have to replace the entire headlight when one of the components fails. In most cars, the headlight and the bulb inside are built separately, and you can replace either one when it breaks down. To produce the headlight's forward illumination, most cars today employ halogen or tungsten-halogen light bulbs. The light bulb's tungsten filaments are enclosed in a disc of halogen gas like iodine and bromine to make it glow brighter and last longer. Another source of light are xenon headlights. These high-intensity discharge lamps use metal halide instead of tungsten and give off a bluish tint. Light emitting diodes or LEDs, which are increasingly used in signal lights, are being developed as headlights for cars and will debut on the 2007 Lexus LS 600h / LS 600h L. Replacing a malfunctioning headlight is easy but be careful: wear goggles and makes sure the headlight has cooled down before touching it.

Tail lights, also known as tail lamps, are mounted on either side of your car's rear. Tail lights can be either stand-alone or combined in a frame together with several conspicuous devices like turn lights and brake lights. Your car's tail lights provide rear illumination at night as a safety precaution and are required by law to emit only red light. When combined with other rear lights, the tail lights are designed to be dimmer than the brake lights so as not to confuse other drivers. There is also the signal light or turn light that blinks yellow when you are turning left or right, while putting your car in reverse lights up the reverse lamp. Another part of the rear lighting system is the parking light. Originally intended to warn other drivers on the road when a car is at rest, parking lights are now used to augment the car's lighting system, making it safer to drive at night.

Take the time to check if all your car's lighting system are working and replace bulbs that have become dimmed or broken. Do this not only because the law requires it, but because you value your safety and those of other drivers on the road.

Surgery For Penis Enlargement

A lot of men today are coming to the realization that their partners may possibly be unsatisfied in the bedroom. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that many of these men who are coming up short in that department are looking at various ways to make up for their shortcomings.

Aside of more reliable methods for penis enlargement, such as certain devices and exercises, some men are exploring the idea of ​​penis enhancement surgery. This option would require one of various procedures that would cost vast amounts of money, may cause undesired complications or deformities, or may even end up producing the opposite of the desired effect – a shortened penal.

Different types of procedures

There are a few different methods of penis enlargement surgery, but none are without down sides. One method of surgery claims to lengthen the penis by separating a suspensory tendon inside the body. This means a surgeon would have to actually make an incision and slice an internal tendon which holds the penis in place. The theory behind this is that since the tendon no longer holds the penis in place, an extra inch or a little more of the internal penis will be able to extend outward.

A method forirth enhancement claims to increase the circumference of the penal by a full inch or more. This is attained, however, by a procedure in which a surgeon injects chemicals into sections of the penis and scrotum, causing them to fill empty space and therefore make the penis and scrotum girths larger.

Another form of surgery, which is intended for men who are fully impotent, but is sometimes incorrectly submitted for cosmetic use, includes a pump and inflatable tubes. The inflatable tubes are surgically implanted in the penis and a pump is surgically implanted in the groin area which can be used to inflate the tubes by hand.


The greatest disadvantage to all of these procedures is that they are irreversible. They are advertised as the "only permanent" method of penis enlargement. What that really means, however, is that once the procedure is done, it can not be undone – no matter what complications may arise.

There are two main disadvantages to the above mentioned penis lengthening surgery. First of all, the procedure is an actual surgical procedure, complete with scalpels and incisions. Secondly, in some cases, the snapped tendon heals incorrectly, actually causing the penal to shorten.

A major down side to the girth injections are very important. Most men want penis enhancement for the purpose of increasing the pleasure during sexual contact. However, the injections cause a loss of sensitivity and sensation, and in some cases the procedure makes it difficult to even engage in penetrative sexual activity. This would cause many men to wonder what the point of the surgery even is.

Furthermore, most legitimate medical organizations decry penis enhancement surgery. Even many cosmetic surgeons will have nothing to do with these procedures, due to unproven methods and extremely high dissatisfaction rates among patients.