The Strangest Medieval Weapon Ever Created: The Lantern Shield

After the Dark Ages the world was thrust into a two hundred year period of incredible creativity and growth called “The Renaissance”. This creative force of time brought about some wonderful masterpieces. It also brought us some really quirky and odd ideas. One of these ideas was the lantern shield.

The Lantern Shield originated in sixteenth century Italy. This was a time of the late Renaissance when creativity was at its maximum and a lot of things were being created. One of the basic tenets of creativity is that of fusion where things are added together to make a new thing. The Lantern shield is a good example of this fusion – taken too far. It attempts to create something that has defensive characteristics, offensive characteristics and even a bit of psychological warfare!

What is a Lantern Shield?

It is a small shield in the shape of a buckler and generally about a foot in diameter. And this basic shield was turned into a veritable swiss army knife of a weapon by the addition of a variety of other things such as a gauntlet with serrated blades. These serrated blades were theoretically used to break an opponent’s blade. There was also a long blade attached to the shield that ran parallel to the users shield arm. This could be used to thrust at an opponent. The shield also often had spikes protruding from it which could be used as piercing weapons. But the most unusual thing about this weapon, and the thing that gives it its name, is the lantern. It had a hook in the middle of the shield where a lantern could be attached and often times there was a leather flap covering this lantern. The theory was that if attacked the wielder could throw open the flap and the light from the lantern would dazzle and confuse the attacker. It was a bit of psychological warfare thrown in to the mix.

The use of the Lantern Shield

Generally, the lantern shield is believed to have been used not for combat but for walking around Italian cities at night. It was protection against ruffians and robbers more so than against combatants in battle.

How effective was it as a weapon?

The effectiveness of the Lantern Shield in real combat is questionable but in the context of walking around a dangerous city at night it does warrant some interesting conclusions. First off, it was probably very ominous looking and any would be robber was probably inclined to just move on to the next victim. And if a combative situation arose the whole contraption was probably reasonably effective at staving off injury much in the same way as a porcupine does! The addition of the lantern was also a strong deterrent against attack because any nighttime robber would just avoid the illumination and exposure. So as a real weapon it was probably not very good but as a deterrent it was probably reasonably effective. Any robber or ruffian seeing someone carrying this thing would probably just move on to the next victim.

Intelligent LED Street Lighting is Coming!

High Power LED street lights are new series of energy saving products that utilize high power LEDs as effective lighting source to traditional illumination, such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights. Outdoor LED light provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED street lighting is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. Due to the international policy affection of low carbon and environmental-protection. LED street lighting, as an important member of public lighting family, have apply to many different countries with increasing need, which is to fit the requirement of low carbon and environment-protection.

Now, intelligent street lighting is coming for you! Intelligent Street light technology has now matured, providing a cost-effective approach to managing municipal LED light. Intelligent system of outdoor street lighting can help local communities do their part in meeting this global challenge. Intelligent lighting systems utilize the latest LED technologies to optimize the light intensity according to the situation by dimming the lamp. All lamps can be communicated with, so their condition can be assessed remotely and, if necessary, the LED Street lighting controlled remotely.

Intelligence Street lights mean control LED light by intelligent method according to the sense of light, time and temperature to achieve Time-phased dimming control, Temperature control, Remote control for you. With the character of automatic on/off, high lamp efficiency, less power, long life-span, and safe and dependable, high luminous efficiency, environmental friendly. Intelligent Street lighting can realize unattended management of street light system.

Intelligent Street lights adopt a new independent intellectual property right of the intelligent driver. Leaded by a central control system, it can control the lamp brightness from 0-100% and feedback the working situation of each lamp to the central control system by remote control, and this kind of function can highly improve the management efficiency of road lighting administrative authority.

Therefore, intelligent system of outdoor street lights can help local communities do their part in meeting this global challenge. Intelligent lighting systems utilize the latest LED technologies to optimize the light intensity according to the situation by dimming the lamp. All lamps can be communicated with, so their condition can be assessed remotely and controlled remotely. At the same time, intelligent LED street lights are also more benefit for EMC energy investment companies to control the electricity charge and cost.

LED street lights are among a city’s most important and expensive assets, typically accounting for a third of its electricity bill. With energy prices increasing, this is driving the demand for energy-conserving technologies for Municipal Street lighting. And SPARK Intelligent Street lighting series are one of the reliable city lighting energy-saving solutions for EMC to recoup the investment rapidly and effectively. See More Intelligent Street lighting series details at our website:

Big Dig Tragedy-Video Review Shows Difficulty Installing Ceiling Panels

I'm sitting in my production suite making DVDs from Big Dig video of tunnel construction and watching men without hard hats hang ceiling panels in the Ted Williams Tunnel. They give hardy handshakes to a Bechtel supervisor who stops by to glad hand and ignores the obvious OSHA violations. I can not help but wonder what other safety measures were overlooked in the cozy friendships of project managers and contractor field supervisors. Half-ton ceiling panels of concrete covered by porcelain are lowered into the tunnel deep under the harbor by crane. The 4 x10 panels are held together by a steel grid that will be hand bolted to steel bars suspended from the top of the tube tunnel. They look lightweight compared to the panels that plunged down to crush Milena Del Valle. The steel rods appear to be suspended from brackets bolted into the upper concrete ceiling. The heavy panels are raised into place by a machine. In early investigations, it has been determined that at least one of these ceiling sections of the Ted Williams Tunnel has to be replaced before more deaths occurs. The Mass Turnpike connector tunnel needs much more work to ever approach a reasonable level of safety.

Next tape. I can see the density of the rebar in the connector tunnel, noting the words "EAST BOUND" painted on girders suspended over the lane where Milena Del Valle lost her life in an avoidable ceiling tunnel collapse. It's clear to me from the last two tapes that a stubborn decision by project managers to use ceiling panels that were too heavy despite warnings about design from contractors probably cost her life last month. On the screen, the iron workers twist the rebar ties relentlessly. It becomes more obvious why construction workers who hung the cumbersome 2-ton ceiling panels in 12-ton grid arrangements would have been frustrated. Trying to bore clean holes to hold bolts affixed to the ceiling by epoxy would have been tricky, the drill repeatedly screwed by rebar. The rebar is tied together in thick streams inside the concrete structure. In long camera shots it looks like a solid green sea, and up close the 3 or 4 inches between vertical and horizontal bars form an odd looking clear and green plaid wall.

The tape moves to close-ups of worker's faces. I speculate that working overhead with concrete bits and dust falling down in your face while trying to hoist a drill heavy enough to bore a hole for each bolt must have been very frustrating. Boring once again into the rebar, it would have been so tempting to just epoxy a hole to insert the bolt even if the hole was not 100% concrete, not understanding the epoxy would not bond to the rebar. I can imagine one of these workers thinking that no one would ever know the difference if he did not try again an inch away to make a clean hole. Late at night working in a cold and lonely tunnel where the light is so dim, peering into a hole hole to see if it is clean would be too hard for almost anyone. Perhaps one of the workers I'm watching decided to indicate to a buddy in charge of heating epoxy that the hole bored into rebar was bored through only concrete.

Maybe today he's worried that he will be asked about this. I do have a few questions for the people who hung that ceiling. Did you use the shirt sleeve on your shoulder in the heat of the early summer morning to wipe the sweat that was dripping down your face? Do you remember how your skin felt like cracking while sweat mixed with concrete bits? Did your throat tighten from the acrid smell of the chipped cement while your arms ached from the pounding drill overhead? That must have made your decision easier to justify. Each time the drill screeched into rebar and washed your bare arms beyond the thick work gloves with sparks that bit your skin and singed the hair escaping from under your hard hat, it must have been easier to ignore the instructions to get a clean hole. I can understand if you signaled another worker to insert the epoxy. I do not condone it, but I can understand it.

I imagine your thoughts at night when you lie awake unable to sleep since the number of drinks that are provided to drown out the voice in your head. What did the project managers expect? You told them twice that this epoxy was not going to work and they looked at you like you must be lazy, crazy, stoned or worse. Or you kept your mouth shut so the official engineer in a tie and hard hat with a clip board and the clean smell of aftershave would give you some overtime that you needed for new school clothes for the kids. But that was no excuse to proceed anyway, despite instructions on the epoxy. You know who you are and it is time to come forward. Yes, I know what happened to Keaveney and his memo. No one is talking about a confession or heroism. Just let the press know, anonymously if you need to, anything about the Big Dig that you know was not done well. Do it now while the federal investigation is just starting. After all, that could have been someone you loved in the tunnel last month or it might be a family member of yours in the future.

According to the Boston Globe coverage this week, the design team under contract for the connector tunnel in the early 1990s was misinformed that the ceiling would be the lighter weight design used in the Ted Williams Tunnel. Later, when the design changed to very heavy concrete panels, this design firm warned the project managers. Aside from warnings from designers and complaints from contractors about the weight of the selected design for the tunnel ceiling panels, CA / T project managers went ahead with the heavier concrete slabs to "save MONEY"! This decision was the final decision from politicians and engineers who ended up spending $ 14.8 billion or more for a project originally estimated at $ 2.3 billion.

While not in keeping with the quality of work that unions profess, it's easier to understand the neglect of the concrete worker searching for a clean hole than the blatant objection for public safety shown by the project managers and engineers who were warned about this potential structural failure. What is their excuse? Was it the bead of sweat over trying to pay themselves and Bechtel a small fortune and keep the costs for the project in line with the budget? Was it the choked up ache in the throat from the latest signing bonus for yet another brother-in-law without experience for a white collar job? Were their arms aching from signing checks for themselves and their friends?

Members of the Joint Venture (the state and Bechtel / Parsons, Brinkerhoff) had information that the tunnel ceiling design might not be safe following safety tests of the bolts in 1994. There were reports of problems with the bolts in both the eastbound and westbound lanes . The response of at least one managing project director was to order further load testing in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane only. The High Occupancy Vehicle lane bolts tested well for loads that were double the weight of the ceiling panels.

These officials then chose to handle the problem the way many problems are handled in Boston, by taking care of their own and disregarding everyone else. According to the Boston Globe on August 16, special privileges were extended for project managers and the employees of the MBTA. Project Managers and employees of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority received special status to travel in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane at all times. This was the only lane tested for ceiling safety that was shown to be safe in the connector tunnel. Where is the moral outrage in Boston? Will the politically privileged get a pass on suchibleible behavior while they scrutinize the half dozen Walsh employees who actually installed the ceiling bolts in the panel that collapsed? Give me a break. The project managers and engineers who failed to heed the warnings should be in jail by now. Attorney General Tom Reilly is too busy covering his own neglect of a Bechtel lawsuit while counting campaign contributions from Bechtel and project managers in his run for Governor to get his job done.

The next Governor of this Commonwealth has a really big job, a different kind of Big Dig. It will be a monumental task to root out the patronage havens in the 40 or so quasi-public authorities. These semi-private agencies get their money from the Commonwealth, but have no responsibility or accountability to the people of this state. Mitt Romney has done little to help this state over the past three years and we have yet to see if his new leader appointment at the Turnpike can actually accomplish anything. If he wanted to really demonstrate some leadership he would clean house at every quasi-public authority in this Commonwealth before he goes off to run for President. Actually, cleaning out the patronage and getting rid of the buddy deals between government and contractors would be good practice for the next occupant of the White House, who ever gets the job.
© 2006, Dale Orlando

Creative Flooring Concepts

Flooring is an essential part of a floor structure be it home, outdoor or industrial places. There are various types of flooring available. Each one has its own looks and benefits. There are various designs to choose from according to your specific needs. An eye catching design can create a very good impression.

Types of Flooring

There are numerous designs and types of flooring available in today's market. Here are some of the main and mostought after materials.

Soft Covering – Materials such as carpets and coverings made from other fibers such as Rugs can be used to cover up a floor surface. They can be easily placed without any hassles and some of them are very easy to maintain.

Hard Flooring – This type is used almost everywhere. As the name suggests, it provides a hard platform which can resist large presses. These are mostly made of materials like ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, etc.

Wooden Flooring – It is generally made of wood. Wooden laminates can also be used as they come in various designs and sometimes can even resemble different types of hardwood.

Chemical Flooring – Chemicals are used to provide a seamless covering of the floor. The main chemicals used are epoxy, latex, polyester. Epoxy floor coating is a very popular type which is very strong and resistant to degradation. It provides a strong platform for any industrial environment. It is resistant to acid therefore suitable for industrial purposes.

Can be used almost everywhere

High quality flooring is required in almost every floor surface. It provides a better walking surface with long lasting life. You can use different types of flooring to decorate your house in a specific manner with various designs for your interior and exterior. It can be matched with the colors and textures of the surroundings. The flooring surface is very important to any structure as it provides the base to walk on and it needs to be eye catchy and beautiful. Industrial coating can be used in working environments where there will be high pressures on the floor surface which the surface should be able to withstand.

Maintaining your floor

Keeping your floor in good condition needs maintenance. In order to do this there are various options provided by the manufacturer themselves. You can have a layer of protective coating done on the floor to help its durability and last longer without any damages. It provides a layer of protection from anything that could harm the floor. Manual maintenance is sometimes not required as these coatings help resist any damage due to heavy pressures. These industrial coatings increase the lifetime of the surface and reduce costs due to repairs.

Flooring that leaves a long lasting impression is definitely worth the investment.

Understanding Your Pool Equipment

If you own a swimming pool it is very important to understand the equipment. Pool services can give you the peace of mind you need to keep your pool equipment in tip top shape. This will definitely save you money in the long run. It will help you avoid costly mistakes caused my improper pool maintenance and faulty equipment.

Your swimming pool system has many different components that must be check on regularly and maintained to insure proper functioning. If it is not properly maintained, the pool owner can incur unnecessary expenses for repairs and / or extra power and water charges. Here is a look at each part and what they do.

Pool Pump – This circulates the pool water through a filter to remove dirt and debris. The circulated water is treated with chemicals in the process as well.

Pool Motor – It is powers the pump that circulates the pool water to filter the water

Pool System Control Panel and Remote Controls – This system control panel helps pool services or pool owner monitor the conditions of the pool.

Salt System Control Panel and Remote Controls – The salt system control panel provides the pool services or pool owner the ability to monitor the salt system.

Automatic Cleaners – Automatic swimming pool cleaners, such as the Barracuda and White Tiger, are machines that many pool services use to thoroughly clean the surfaces of your pool

Filter System – A swimming pools filtration service is the system that cleans the water by filtering debris and unwanted particles from it. The pool pump directs the water through the filter system where is is cleaned.

Filter Cartridge – There are a variety of types of filter cartridges that are used in the filter system to clean your pools water. Your pool services can tell you which one is right for your particular pool.

Main Drain – The pump circulates through the filtering system to remove dirt and debris. The water flows through two or more main drains located at the lowest point at the bottom of the pool.

Skimmer Boxes – Water that circulates in a swimming pool passes through skimmer boxes around the top edge. The work much the same way that the main drains do, but they only skim water from the surface.

Chemical Hold Floaters – These provide a means of distributing chemicals into a pool. They are containers that hold chemicals and float in the water. The chemicals are then dispensed at a slow and consistent rate.

Valves – There are multiple valves: automatic check valves, suction valves, return valves, etc.). All of these regulate the flow of water through the filter system. Pool services can make sure yours are working properly.

Chlorinators (salt systems) – These are the systems that dissolve the proper amount of chlorine into the water to keep the water safe and clean. It is important to keep the chlorine at the proper levels.

Heaters – Some pools are heated and heaters are used to warm the water.

DE Filters – DE filters are able to filter out the tiniest particles from the water.

As you can see there are many parts to a swimming pool system that must be carefully maintained. Pool services know how to keep your pool operating efficiently and will help you avoid unnecessary expense to your equipment.

Getting Leaner With Super Sets and Intervals

When it comes to losing weight we all want fast results. So many times people turn to crash diets, pills, or other methods as long as they have nothing to do with exercise. If you want a body like a fitness magazine cover model then you will have to incorporate some exercise into your life. When choosing a workout program always choose one that has quality exercises. Quality exercises will help you stay out of the gym most of the week. The reason for this is because quality is always better than quantity. If your exercises are quality then you only need to spend as little as 20 minutes in the gym with only 3 workouts a week.

For a successful workout program you must do cardio and strength training. When you combine these two exercises your body becomes a fat burning machine. For your training training you will need to focus on super-set training. Super-sets are great because they are fast to do. It only takes 20 minutes to complete a quality workout. Be sure that when you pair up your sets you target large muscle groups. By targeting the larger muscles you will burn a lot more calories than targeting small muscle groups such as calves and biceps. An example of large muscle groups is the back, legs, and chest.

Another workout that only takes 20 minutes is interval training. Intervals are great because they target your belly fat and carve out the six pack you have always wanted. Intervals burn fat at the core and reveal a lean flat stomach. Intervals and super-sets each take about 20 minutes to complete. If you decide to do them back to back then you are looking at a 40 minute workout. Doing this 3 times a week is enough to get you in the best shape of your life.

All About High Definition Television

By now almost everyone has heard of HDTV, or high definition television and how great it is. Unlike other forms of television broadcasting, HDTV is broadcast digitally and gives us a much sharper, clearer, and life like picture. Those who already have it, love it and those who do not have it yet, want it.

HDTV first became introduced by Digital HDTV Grand Alliance, which is a group of television companies, in the 1990's. The newer big screen televisions sometimes presented a problem with the clarity of a picture.

It seemed that the problem was solved by the high definition television. However, without the high definition television could receive a high definition signal, it did not improve the picture.

Since the HDTV signal has been developed, it is now offered by a multitude of companies. Satellite, cable, and phone companies had to get into the game, so to speak, of the high definition signal in order to compete with one another.

People who had purchased these new and higher priced televisions wanted the programming to go with them to make the television worth the investment. Who could blame them, these televisions, especially the first ones, were defiantly not cheap.

As the past several years went by, the availability of HDTV programming has vastly increased. Most companies are enlarging the number of HDTV channels available all the time.

The public continues to buy the televisions and the demand for more and more compatible programming continues to rise. DVDs and some video games are also being made using high definition.

The cost of the high definition televisions are finally beginning to drop in price a little bit, but they are still much more expensive that the older versions. Most of these televisions are designed in the style of a movie theater, or wide screen, and many DVDs are only put out now using this format.

Some people like the wide screen versions better and some still prefer the full screen mode because of their older televisions.

There is defiantly no denying that the high definition picture is a big improvement over the older methods of broadcasting. Once you have ever view the difference between the pictures, you, like everyone else who has it, will not be satisfied until you have it too.

Sometimes it can just make you wonder how much better the quality of our home entertainment can get, but you can bet in the coming years that they will probably think of a way to make even more improvements that we simply can not live without.

Wealthy People Use Small Efforts For BIG Results While Poor People Use BIG Efforts For Small Results

Wealthy people create systems.

Read that again …

Wealthy people create systems.

The fastest way to wealth is to find a method that works, make it profitable then duplicate it over and over and over again. That is when you have a system for wealth.

Perhaps the best example of this can be found in the business system known as franchising. A profitable idea in one location has a great chance of being profitable in another location because the money making system has been tried and tested.

Some wealthy people use the terms: PROVE – PROFIT – RINSE – REPEAT.

Another example is that of a man who needs to dig a trench. A poor man will toil all day in the sun and the wind and the rain with a shovel. A rich man will hire a machine and have the job done in no time flat.

This is a perfect example of how wealthy people use small efforts to produce big results while poor people use big efforts to produce small results. Wealthy people "outsource." Poor people try to do everything themselves.

Now, you may think that poor people HAVE to do everything themselves. In some respects that is true. But that is also why they are poor. Being poor is a mindset. While the poor man is doing everything himself the wealthy man gets others to do the things that he is not good at or tasks that are too time consuming. In that way he can free up time to do the things that he is good at – that is, the things that make him money.

Wealth and poverty are mindsets. Which mindset do you have? Are you the type of person who uses small efforts to produce big results or do you use big efforts to produce small results?

The Thoughts You Keep Can Lift You Up or Bring You Down

It can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook when you are in the midst of negative situations and / or people.

With the increasing costs of living, natural disasters, wars, company closures, lay-offs, divorces, illnesses, addictions and adultery, to name just a few, it can put a real strain and struggle on a person's attitude and life.

In many conversations you can hear how hard, devastating, and disabling things are for people and for you also. It becomes difficult to remain optimistic.

Hope that you once had easily can be replaced with doubt, but remember doubt can just as easily be embroidered by hope.

Having a positive attitude is exactly what is required for transforming a problem into a possibility, or a mistake into a learning experience.

Can you accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life and the attitude you have towards it?

You do have a choice whenever the occurrence will take or keep you down, or lift you up. Whatever what has transpired is happening to you, or is something that has happened, and it's now up to you what you can do from this place.

What are you attracting into your life? When you shift, things shift.

There are numerous books of people's life stories of how they made it through the most devastating times; times they never thought they could handle but they did.

Faith! Positive Thinking! Possibilities! These three words can see you through whatever you may be facing.

Am I a believer or non-believer? Are my thoughts positive or negative regarding this person / situation? Am I thinking problem or possibility?

Even though things may not be how you would like them to be at this point in time, it is possible to hold a space open for miracles and greatness to occur.

Can you consider another option or another attitude or another way to see your way through?

Yes, things happen in life and some leave a sour or bitter after taste so to speak. As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade .

Nothing is outside of you; everything you seek is inside.

Inner Peace; Inner Happiness; Inner Love; Inner Wealth; Inner Health; Inner Understanding; Inner Passion; Inner Okayness. What you believe is reflected in the outer world.

You really can turn a good day into a bad one or bad day into a good one with the thoughts you hold and believe.

The thoughts you keep are what can lift you up or bring you down .

  • I can not do this – I can do this, and well.
  • So and so should change – I can begin to change my thinking towards him / her and myself.
  • Why did this happen to me – This has not happened to me; rather it's happened and it's up to me how I will handle it.
  • I'll never succeed – If this does not work I can do something different.
  • I'm a failure – My mistakes are stepping stones for my ongoing success.
  • I'm dying – I'm living right now.
  • So and so does not understand or love me – I need to understand and love me.
  • I hate this – I love this because it's showing me where I need to do some growing.
  • That's so unfair – fair or unfair, it's in my thinking and it's up to me how things will be.

Be aware of what thoughts and / or beliefs are standing in your way. You can make it through anything; anything is possible when you look up, not down.

Unexpected events can happen any day and at any time; it's up to you what you do with them that can make all the difference .

Are you a victim to your thoughts and circumstances? A victor over them? Or, victorious within them?

You can give your power to it, over it, or you can be empowered by it, which will you choose?

Remember, the thoughts you keep can lift you up or bring you down, so choose wisely.

The Insight Technique assists you in being victorious in your thinking and doing.

Wheelchair Lifts – Cost-Effective Alternative Than Elevators

Wheelchair lifts are designed to ensure practical access solutions for individuals with physical disabilities that pose challenges to them when it comes to climbing stairs. These are really more cost-effective alternatives than elevators, and nowdays many find them useful as these facilitate the movement of people making it easy, fast, and convenient.

Whether for residential or commercial applications, wheelchair lifts find many practical uses. This line of lifts usually comes in two operating modes; hydraulic and electric. While the hydraulic model uses hydraulics for increased lift performance, the electric wheel chair lifts come with battery back-up. If necessary, you can install automatic door opens or telephone jacks in electronic lifts. When compared to hydraulic wheelchair stair lifts, the electric models are cheaper.

All the branded wheelchair stair lifts combine an outstanding blend of quality, comfort, and durability. To meet the customers' needs, wheel chair stair lifts come with a greater selection of options in style, color, size, function, and feature. Among the different models of wheelchair lifts, the most popular are inclined platform lifts; vertical platform lifts; and portable wheel chair lifts.

Each wheelchair stair lift has its own set of unique features and specifications. Available in permanent and portable models, the vertical wheel chair lifts are safest, quietest, and most durable. Inclined platform lifts are mainly designed to travel up the stairways. These can be used on straight stairways and curved stairways. The added advantage of this model is that it can be wall mounted or tower-mounted to the staircase.

Portable vertical lifts are the most affordable solution, and can be used on various stairways. Portable lifts are simple to set up and operate, and provide the mobility and access that you need. Many wheel chair lift models have multiple control stations, user-friendly controls and come with many safety features such as under-platform sensors, handrail, emergency stop switch, anti-slip flooring, and more.

Today, a number of options are available to search for wheel chair stair lifts. You can approach online stores or retail stores to shop for any model of vertical lifts. A number of manufacturers offer a wide selection of wheel chair lifts for every purpose – and these products meet high standards of quality and reliability. Depending on the varying structures, features and manufacturer, the price of the wheelchair lifts will vary accordingly. Based on your individual needs and budgetary requirements, you need to make a choice wisely.

Introducing the Plastic Car

According to some researchers and specialists, the main problem with cars today is that they are primarily made out of steel. In this article, we'll explore how and why advancing technologies in plastic may be the best alternative to steel cars. Read on to find out.

What is the problem with steel as a primary manufacturing material for our vehicles? It not only weighs a lot, thereby contributing to low mileage ratios, but also leaves a great carbon footprint with all the industrial manufacturing that must be done to produce steel. Plants, mills, electrical exertion, and energy consumption also contribute to increasing costs of vehicles, which is a direct reflection of the amount of energy that must be put forth to manufacture steel.

A proposed alternative is turning to more lightweight, but still durable and strong materials. Since weight is by far has a great influence on fuel efficiency and optimal movement, there is certainly more economic material than steel. Research is under development to develop a carbon fiber car, which was introduced in 1978. However, the small car structure remained unattractive to car manufacturers due to small profit margins. Recent more developments have been focused on plastic composites in addition to carbon fiber materials to improve the crash resistance on larger models such as cross-overs and SUV's. Another experiment focuses on producing cars made from thermoplastic technology and even agricultural resin.

It is still uncertain when we will see primarily plastic cars in the market. When more information is found, the options should be boundless as more non-traditional manufacturers enter the market of more eco-friendly and innovative car production. As more light weight composites are being integrated into car design, the more we will save on gas mileage. All we can do now is drive as safely and as economically as we can. This means that electric cars will need to invade the market first. And more effort must be geared towards not only primary materials but working on a more lightweight body frame for cars.

Plastics are also being introduced as the main component of your windshield. The process is called polycarbonate glazing, which offers a fifty percent weight reduction which can shave even more weight off a car's overall weight. In addition, polycarbonate glazing is not a new concept but can be designed to shatter in the event of a crash or collision in customized shapes and sizes. Although it is more expensive, extremely it can end up saving you more money in terms of mileage efficiency, and makes for other customizable options easier to input due to its moldable characteristics.

Another way to be thrifty and frugal when it comes to your vehicle is saving money on auto insurance, which allows you to indulge the money you would have spent on highly monthly insurance rates towards these new, slightly more expensive but innovative features that are becoming available as technology advances. Shop and compare insurance rates and keep your eyes paleed; your next car may just be made from plastic!

Learn How Yoga Can Help You Achieve an Ab Six Pack

Yoga is a way to form connection between your body and mind so that you can easily heal yourself. With yoga you can start working your abs as its stretching exercises prove to be effective for your abdominal muscles. It not only tones your body but also helps it turn firm so as to make your abs better defined and visible. Always make sure that you do not tend to overdo things as it may lead you in troubled situations. Be it a hard workout program or yoga, always start out slow. If you are suffering from ay health issues it is recommended to consult a physician or a professional trainer before starting with it.

The best part about working abs with yoga is that you can exercise at your own home. If you wish to try out or learn ways to develop your ab six pack with yoga then here are a few exercises:

The Yoga Crunch
To perform the yoga crunch, you are required to lay on the floor with your back. Now bring your knees towards your chest and simultaneously bring both your hands over your head. Try and flex your feet pointing towards the ceiling. Make sure that while coming back to the former position you do not mistakenly arch your back.

The Torso Stretch
To stretch your body with the torso exercise, place both your hands on your sides. Now try to lift yourself upwards toward the ceiling by holding your breath for nearly 40 seconds.

While doing these yoga exercises, try to do slow and much controlled movements so that you can feel the contraction and burn after a few repetitions. Make sure that your breathing does not turn faster and remains under your body's control.

Pilates is another major form of yoga that is quite popular and effective. It mainly focuses on upper body or the abdominal area, which controls almost all movements of our body. In addition to Pilates, yoga exercises like Plank are also effective and result oriented. It requires you to push up your body on your toes and arms. Its difficulty level witnesses its effectiveness. Another addition to the list is Side Plank which is another popular way to attain rewards and drastic results.

Video Niche Marketing Plan – Do You Have One Yet?

Video marketing helps boost your business exposure, sales and market share. With the growing popularity of video sites like YouTube, Yahoo, and a host of others, video marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

With new technology, the ease and convenience of creating a sales video grows more user-friendly. Now the average person can whip out a professional looking video for minimal cost and have it up within hours or even minutes.

More of your market continues to adapt to watching video sales messages. Reading emails, sales letters and other sales messages results in more ad blindness from your target market.

Here’s 6 Simple Tips To Creating An Effective Video Niche Marketing Plan.

1. Know your target market.

Much like a sales letter, an effective video sales message requires you to know your target markets current needs, problems or issues needing solved.

After you’ve identified the specific problem you want to address in your sales video go to the next step. Establish how your product can solve this problem. This will be the basic theme of your video message.

2. Write out your plan of action.

Next write out a script and a storyboard of your video marketing message. Plan out a start, a middle and an ending.

3. Adapt your message to your market with 3 points.

Make sure you boil your message down to 3 points. Doing this will make your message easier to remember. Simply state your 3 main sales points and elaborate briefly on each one by giving examples, illustrations or antidotes.

4. Don’t make your message too long.

Avoid the mistake of making your marketing video too long. Your message should be brief, punchy and targeted to a specific problem of your customer.

Resist the temptation to sell your customer in the video. Refer them to your website where you have more room to explain your offer, prove your claims and inspire a call to action.

5. Have a call to action.

Although you don’t want to use this short video to close a sale you still want to have a call to action at the end. This call to action is directing your viewer to your website, your physical business location or to phone you.

This is where many marketing videos fall short. They may post their website or phone number but they leave out why they should act now instead of later. Give them an incentive to act now. Tell them what they could gain by acting now or what they risk losing if they delay.

6. Keyword Optimize.

It sad to watch people take the previous steps, make an excellent video with powerful sales points and a dynamic call to action. But they fail to do one important detail. They fail to keyword optimize their video.

They either fail to place the proper keywords that will attract search engine traffic or they list keywords that are too competitive. Either way that normally spells no or low traffic for your video. With so much competition it’s important that you learn and master keyword optimization principles. Not doing that is like blowing a kiss in the dark.

By following these simple but powerful ideas you can take your business to the next level by offering powerful, targeted niche marketing videos.

From Coffee to Tea

You need to switch, as does everyone else, from coffee to tea. However, you need to also let tea replace alcohol and tobacco for you. In fact, the only drugs you should take in addition to tea are those prescribed by a professional.

Coffee is strongly addictive with its highs and subsequent free-falls in energy. It even causes an immediate spike and crash in blood sugar that makes its drinker want more caffeine within just minutes of having some.

Tobacco is a stimulant in moderation not unlike coffee that has its caffeine. However, as soon as you cross the threshold with tobacco by having a little too much, it offers escape since it becomes a mild pain killer. It's so useful for little more than promoting itself to you in addiction.

Alcohol is well-known as a depressant. But it does seem to excite people who drink it, especially in smaller amounts, since it lowers their inhibitions and they feel liberated with their behavior for a while. There's no freedom in its powerful addictive grip, though.

I must confess here that tea is technically also going to be addictive. Neverheless, there's a big difference between tea and its competition. Tea is the only good and healthy habit among them.

Coffee is the bane of the stress junky. It does give an exhilarating shot of adrenaline but it jacks up levels of undesired chemicals in the system too, like cortisol the stress hormone. Decades of that can take years off your life.

Tobacco and alcohol cause major diseases including cancer and heart disease. They sorely ruin many lives and end them too soon. Tea prevails cancer and heart disease and has prolonged the lives of millions of people.

So make the switch from coffee to tea, and give up the smoking and drinking of alcohol while you're at it. Tea can replace all those. It's a lot easier to get healthy in spirit and mind when your body is not sick anymore.

Men's Engagement Rings

Men's engagement rings gained much popularity after the rise of double ring ceremonies, during World War 2. Today, men's engagement rings are the hottest trend among new couples. These exquisite rings are worn as a token of devotion and commitment.

Men's engagement rings symbolize their upcoming marriage. Often, men's engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger, until the wedding day. Some men wear engagement rings even after marriage.

Men's engagement rings chosen must match the taste and style of the person wearing them. They need to be more durable, light, and sturdy than women's engagement rings. Men's engagement rings are available in white or yellow gold, silver, platinum, or titanium. Platinum and titanium are commonly used, as these metals are highly durable and scratch free. The main disadvantage of silver men's engagement rings is that they tarnish easily.

A combination of metals can also be used in men's engagement rings. A two-tone men's engagement ring is the one that combines two types of gold (mostly, yellow and white gold) whereas a three-tone men's engagement ring has a fabulous blend of three gold types (yellow, white and rose gold). Different metal alloys can also be used to make intricate patterns on men's engagement rings. Plain solid bands, milgrain, hammered, and hand-braided styles are commonly used in men's engagement rings.

Even though simple and plain engagement rings look more masculine, some men's engagement rings feature colored gemstones and diamonds. Textured rings are also of great demand. Men's wedding sets come with stunning men's engagement rings and wedding rings. These rings are single metal bands, which can be soldered and worn together after marriage. Moreover, a pair of matching men's and women's engagement rings is a perfect choice.