Woodpecker Mating and Nesting Habits

The mating and nesting behavior of woodpeckers ranges from compassionate to violent. Although there are a variety of woodpecker species, many of the members of this group share similar mating qualities, with a few notable exceptions.

Woodpecker courtship

Next time you hear a woodpecker hammering away outside your window, he or she may be trying to communicate with a member of the opposite sex. Woodpeckers are primarily monogamous, although polygamous species do exist.

Courtship often begins with drumming, display flights and calls. Drumming can be used to advertise territory, alert a potential partner to a specific tree hole or to personally another woodpecker.

Woodpeckers are a highly aggressive species and courtship often trigers territorial behavior between other males and between potential mates.

Black woodpecker males engage in a ritual called 'threat courtship,' where the birds will threaten each other with calls before flying to a base of tree and attempting to drive each other upward.

Interactions between potential mates can also be fairly aggressive during courtship, though, once he feels more insecure, the male's aggression usually subsides.

Woodpecker Holes

Woodpeckers are cavity nesters. They create their own nests by excavating wood from trees and rarely use nests from previous years. Excavation of holes typically takes woodpeckers 10-28 days. This construction is usually done by both the male and the female; sometimes the pair will produce one hole for breeding and another for roosting later in the year.

Woodpecker Copulation and Nesting

Woodpecker copulation lacks any sort of ceremony. The female gathers the breeding position while stretched out on a branch and the male mounts her from behind.

Eggs are typically laid in the morning and the size of the clutch is between four and six eggs. The incubation period is approximately 10-14 days and both the male and female guard the eggs during this period, usually rotating every 30-50 minutes.

The nestling period is 18-35 days, and after leaving the nest, the young birds often return to spend time with their parents in the territory for 1-8 weeks. Sometimes, the parents drive them away and they become completely independent.


The woodpecker is one of the world's most iconic bird species. When it's hammering away at a tree with its trademark bill, which is used not only to harvest food, but also to communicate, it's unmistakable. The mating and nesting behavior of woodpeckers ranges from compassionate to violent. Although there are a variety of woodpecker species, many of the members of this group share similar mating qualities, with a few notable exceptions.

Making Stockholm Family Holidays Special

Planning Stockholm family holidays can be tough especially for first timers who are not very familiar with the place. Luckily, visitors can always look up and research about different places over the Internet and that's the one reason why readers found this article: because they wanted to make their vacations special. In order to enjoy a worth while family holidays in Stockholm, family members can start by knowing Stockholm's geography, history, beautiful landscapes, climate, and culture.

Stockholm's Geography and History

Stockholm, located on Sweden's south-central east coast (where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea), is a great place for spending special Stockholm family holidays. The Stockholm archipelago consist of fourteen islands exhibiting pristine white beaches good for family holidays. 30% of the city area is made up of waterways while another 30% is made up of green spaces and parks ideal for family picnics and recreations. Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden which comprises the most populated area in Scandinavia.

Great Places to Visit When You Are in Stockholm Family Holidays

Who says holidays with kids can not be done by simply walking around the Stockholm's Djurgården Island? This island is great for educational trips since museums, galleries, historical monuments and buildings can be found by just strolling with family members. This island has more than 10 million visitors a year which makes it popular not only for tourists but also for locals.

For those who wanted to spend their Stockholm family holidays by shopping, trendy Södermalm is the place for you. Interesting, unusual, and contemporary boutiques with various fashions, interior decorations, vintage merchandises and designs greet fashion savvy tourists happily.

Visiting the Iconic City Hall with Honor

Made up of 8 million bricks, the Iconic City Hall is considered an icon of the city. It is topped with three golden crowns, stands 106 meters tall, and exhibits breath-taking architectural beauty. Great Nobel banquets, awarding Nobel Prize winners and socialization of royal guests are done in the golden hall made up of 18 million golden mosaic tiles making holidays with kids special.

Accommodations during Stockholm Family Holidays

Several hotels are ideally located near tourist destinations making it easy for visitors to travel from their destinations and back to their hotels. These hotels accomodate Stockholm family holidays and some offer complimentary breakfasts for the family. Hotel rates ranges from 100 USD to 600 USD, but 5 star sassy hotels can cost more. To compare hotel prices and amenities, visitors can always search review websites for Stockholm hotels.

Texas Holdem Tournament Poker Strategy – Betting Is Communicating

The "Language" of Poker Bets

We humans are very perceptive creatures. We are able to communicate in many different ways with one another. By saying something, by saying nothing, by shrogging our shoulders, by winking, delaying, etc. These are all forms of communicating.

Do you realize that when you place a poker bet you are actually communicating something to the other players? Understanding what you are communicating with your betting, and understanding what the other players are communicating with their bets is one of the cornerstones of good poker play.

By mastering this form of poker communications, you will find yourself becoming a truly formidable poker player. If you ignore this betting language, you will consistently lose it as simple as that.

When a player calls, it often just means they're limping to see the next card with the hope of improving their hand. When a player checks, it typically means that they're not too happy with their current hand, and would like to see another card before making any move. Yes, they could be trapping, but that's the exception, not the rule.

When a player bets, they're communicating that they like their hand and they want some action, so they're risking more chips in order to take control of the action or just take the pot. Whether this communications is "real" or not depends – upon what style of player they are: tight, solid, loose, maniac, etc. and how this player communicates.

If you've been paying attention (like you should be), you'll have a pretty good idea of ​​how "honest" this player typically communicates (bets / plays). Aggressive players who play a lot of hands and raise a lot to drive people out of pots can be generally considered "dishonest" and can not be trusted to communicate (bet) honestly.

Tight / solid players are reliably honest, usually betting more in accord with the true strength of their hand, making them easier to read most of the time. Learn to read these different player's betting signals and you'll be amazed at how much your game improves.

Decide how "honest" or "dishonest" you want your betting signals to be that the other players are reading from you. Try mixing these signals up a bit so the other players can not quite tell what to expect from you and it'll help by causing them to make more mistakes against you, resulting in bigger winsnings.

Now, let's have a look at an example situation. Let's say you're in a game with 9 people at the table, and on the button, so you'll get to last and have the most information to work with. Your starting hand is good, but not great, such as a 67 spades-fitted connector. The action comes around and half of the players have dropped out, and several players have limped in. You go ahead and limp in as well, wanting to see the flop like everyone else. The flop comes: 4s, Jc, 9d – not exactly what you'd hoped for. The first three players check. The 4th player throws out a bet of 3 times the big blind. So, where are we?

Ignoring your hand for just a moment (since we're talking about betting and communicating – right?), Everyone except the 4th player communicated that they did not really like the flop, then the 4th player placed a decent bet. Is he trying to steal the pot or does he now have a pair of Jacks? Since we've been watching these players' style of play all along, and we quickly realize that this is a fairly tight player, we would correctly conclude that this basically "honest", tight player has hit that pair of Jacks.

On the other hand, if the 4th player had instead been playing loose with lots of bets and raises, stealing many pots and pushing people around quite a bit, then they can not be trusted since they're fundamentally "dishonest" with their betting communications patterns.

See how this works? Now, about your hand. You need to fold either way here, since the odds of you making a flush or straight are not good, and there's an overpair of Jacks that's possible and likely based upon what's being communicated (and someone could also be trapping that checkeded, too) .

So, what are you communicating with your bets? Are you even thinking about that? Before you fire out a bet, you need to consider what "message" you want to send the other players, and make sure your intended message gets through, in order to affect the other players' actions and control the outcomes more often.

What are the others communicating to you with their bets? What kind of "communicator" are they? Honest or dishonest? Consistent or variable? How much do you believe what they're telling you? Are you really listening, or just looking at your own hand too much?

So, Betting Is Communicating. Become truly fluent in this "poker language" and you'll be amazed at how much it boosts your winsnings.

Good luck!


WYSIWYG – What You SAY Is What You Get

WYSIWYG is a very familiar acronym in the internet world. It's the drag and drop method of creating things, and all that that entails.

The Universe has the same service, at your beck and call. Your favorite expressions, your instant response phrases, your favorite music lyrics that you sing absentmindedly, all drag forth ethereal responses and probable realities, and drop the most likely version into your life.

Floyd Holdman of Tahitian Noni International has a motivational lecture called "Speak and Grow Rich". It has several aspects to it, but emphasizes that the words we choose create our future.

Napoloean Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich", one of the most famous motivational books ever written.

Currently there is an abundance of works such as the Abraham-Hicks material, Bashar channelings, Bruce Lipton's "The Biology of Belief", and Paul Scheele's of Learning Strategies' The Genius Code course, just to name a few, which promise is to back paddle from thinking to consult the frequency you are vibrating and emanating into the oceanic field of creation. Your frequency will attract a like-frequency-manifestation into your life. So what you believe, you vibrate, you think, you say and YOU GET.

And it requires no particular articulation, it is what you are being, you are transmitting like a radio tower. It's going OUT THERE. So it looks.

Whether you are the worst case scenario type or an optimistic person, you can improve on what you are vibrating / thinking / speaking, by selecting whatever is the next tolerable, or almost realistic, idea of ​​goodwill, achievement, peace, your preference for improvement in your life. You may be able to make a huge leap into a vision of a whole new wonderful world. Or, you may be able to imagine only so far as 'things are not quite so bad.' That's great, you made a move, you changed a little. Keep at it.

A few years ago my son did volunteer service -it was mandatory – at school, and he worked at an animal shelter called The Gentle Barn. A cow named Buddha was the complain counselor for rescued animals. They arrived at the Shelter overwhelmed, often not eating or sleeping well, certainly not playing. Buddha would sleep in the yard right next to the wrinkled newcomers, and over a few days the animals typically reclaimed enough of their emotional balance to function again, even interacting with humans. Buddha was not trained to do this, she just did.

Somehow Buddha emanated to these animals "Everything is Okay." No words were changed, no subliminal phrases or positive affirmations were repeated. Pigs and turkeys alike were rehabilitated into enjoying a peaceful existence.

So if you are stressed and crazy, teasing your hair out at learning internet marketing strategies, DO NOT HAVE A COW! Take a sleeping bag over to The Gentle Barn and have a slumber party with Buddha. Okay, so I'm kidding, but for all I know people do that.

And yeah, they will want you to shovel a little sh …. doo-doo while you are there. The stuff of life.

Beginner Weight Lifting for Women

Many women are generally afraid of lifting weights as they think they will be putting on big muscles. Despite the fact that this is almost physiologically impossible due to a lack of testosterone. Mens natural ability to create testosterone, along with the huge amount of protein consumed are what really create muscle hypertrophy.

The men that are really big and muscular have got there eating huge amounts of calories to do so. This is a continuous job of taking in protein and making sure enough calories are being consumed.

Women just have to make sure not to go overboard with their calorie intake.

There is also a fear of going outside the comfort zone. It is very easy to keep doing what your used to and think you are doing enough. However, this will not get you the results you are looking for.

Lifting what you find a heavy weight for 8 – 10 reps will put the body into a major calorific deficiency that will have the body burning calories for up to 24 hours. This rep count is important as going over 12 reps really is to many reps and means that the weight you are lifting is far to low.

It will leave it very difficult for you to improve your strength and to tone up. You should aim to keep the reps low and find the weight challenging.

The sets can be between 3 – 5 with a rest period of around 40- 60 seconds. This will give you the lean and toned look rather than the skin and bone look of a cardio junkie.

The heavy weights your lifting should be focused on free weights rather than machine weights. Machine weights are generally in a fixed start which means you have to adjust for them. This will put you out of your normal range of motion. Free weights are lifted entirely by the lifter, who controls the weight through the entire range of motion, with the help of the synergistic muscles.

This means that more of your body is working and that your body is moving in a free range of motion that is comfortable to you. Thus preventing long term injuries and meaning your getting the most out of the exercises.

If you have never lifted weights before then the news is even better. Newbies get greater gains due to the effects of the neuromuscular system and basically getting the muscles firing. The other good news is that studies have shown that most women can gain strength regardless of their starting point or amount of muscle mass.

How to Lose That Pesky Fat on Your Sides

A diet solutions program is not just for the overweight, a good diet solutions program that will ensure that your body gets all the right nutrients without any of the harmful ingredients that are beloved into our modern-day food. Many of which cause our bodies to store unwanted fat.

Weight loss is one of those issues that we all get emotional about, and emotion is a very good target for sales people to aim at. Ever seen the ads with the perfectly formed young models, male and female, yea we all want to look just like that.

The large amount of companies making literally millions of the weight loss industry is alarming, just think if all of their products worked they would soon be out of business, do you really believe that they want to be successful? Wake up and smell the coffee, read the small print on their products, it says it all.

They simply state the obvious, which is … if you eat the correct foods take enough exercise you will lose weight, and of course if you just happened to be using their supplement at the same time as well, Hmmm. So really diet supplements can be a waste of time and money.

What we really need is a diet solution program.

We need a guide to what foods to eat that will not harm our bodies' own natural defences.

Many processed foods have additives that are placed there for the benefit of the producer ie to make the food have a longer shelf life, or to make it look fresher, nothing to do with our health or well-being.

We often hear the sales term weight loss secrets revealed, well really there is no secret to losing weight it is just a matter of eating the right foods, foods that our bodies can use to naturally help us burn those undesired bad fats, healthy foods that assist the body to function correctly, and of course getting exercise,

But what are the right foods?

Stay well away from any processed Foods: You will get all your fat-burning power from fresh, unprocessed foods and from eating more fruit and vegetables. You can still eat lean meats. Eat only foods that are good for you, in healthy portions.

Lack of water makes you feel hungry and deprives your body of the ability to burn fat, so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, try to avoid drinking later in the evening.

Exercise is a must to burn off unwanted fat, but you must take appropriate exercise, get good advice if you plan vigorous exercise, maybe from a doctor or a professional trainer. Simple things like walking to the local shops instead of driving or walking the children to school or using the stairs instead of the elevator all help.

One of the best weight loss programs I have seen is the Diet Solutions Program.

In this program Isabel De Los Rios shares her extensive knowledge about all the correct unprocessed foods, that are great for burning fat and gives us her recipes for making some great meals from them.

Let me finish by wishing you, my reader every success with your own weight loss plan, and invite you to find out more about the Diet Solution Program by visiting my site, click here. http://bit.ly/iijEvM

Pros and Cons of Clay Cookware

If you are an enthusiastic cooker and an equally enthusiastic environmentalist, then you probably already know all about pure clay cookware and all the praise it’s gotten over the last years. So much so actually that is hard to believe there can be any cons to using pots and pans that virtually guarantee a healthy meal every time.

Pros of pure clay pots

Well, let’s start with the healthy eating aspect. Pure clay is inert, which means it won’t react with your food. Even if that wasn’t the case, clay is filled with nutrients like magnesium and calcium, as opposed to toxins and chemicals like metal cookware. None of that will ever leach into your food of you use clay pots. They’re also unglazed, the pure clay ones, which is another health benefit. Additionally, the lid of the pot is not letting the steam evaporate, thus losing all essential vitamins and nutrients from the food you’re cooking. Instead, all steam is sent back into the food, making it not only a lot more delicious, but richer in nutrients.

Apart from the fact that clay cooking is healthier for us, it’s also healthier for the environment. First, the clay is not mined, so the land is not stripped or damaged in any way, Secondly, manufacturing clay pots boils down to hard working potters throwing them on the wheel, so not much energy or resources are wasted in the process. Last, but not least, they can last you a lifetime, but even if they don’t, they’re 100% biodegradable.

Cooking in clay also involves using little to no fat or oil. The vessels are non-stick because of all the steam being kept inside and the food releasing its own, natural juices. It works great for vegans, but anyone should enjoy food without any fats and oils.

Now, as far as convenience goes, clay cookware is quite versatile. This means you can use the same pot to make tons of dishes, whether they are cooked in the oven or on stove-top. You can bake, grill, fry, braise, whatever you want with the same clay pot.

Pros of clay pots

So, is something wrong with them? Well, barely. The only disadvantage, if you may call it so, of clay cookware is that it can get a little pricey. If you’re going for the 100 % pure clay, unglazed, real thing, which you definitely should, then you can expect to pay a substantial price. The good news is, and counteracts the disadvantage, that you’ll get your money’s worth. You can use these pots for decades provided of course that you take care of them properly. They’re truly the best cookware on the market!

How to Catch Bass With Plastic Worms

Regardless without you are fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass the plastic warm and lizard type baits work extremely well in catching fish. The variety in size, color and smell of plastic worms and lizards allows you to choose the right bait to catch bass no matter where you are fishing. The plastic or rubber worm has probably used more bass than any other type of artificial bait on the market.

For the largemouth bass the 6 "to 7" worm works best. I prefer the black worm with a dark purple tail fished slowly over and around lily pads just bouncing them off the pads so that they fall off the side and front of the pads. Worms are easily hooked so that they are basically weed-less. If you embed the hook so that the point and barb are hidden into the flesh of the worm it will not catch very many weeds but will catch many bass. Try using the smaller 4 "worms in a variety of colors for smallmouth bass and there are many to be caught.

You can use a worm with either bait casting or spinning rods and reels so your tackle is readily available. You do need to understand that plastic worm fishing is a slow process but well worth the perseverance. It will take some time to learn the little nuances used and the feel of the fish when bassin with a plastic worm.

You can throw your worm or lizard along a break line of a drop off or inch it along the bottom. Work the worm slowly over a lowered tree or submerged stamps and entice that lunker out for battle. Throw it up onto the shore and slowly work it into the edge of the water as you inch it along the weeds you may be surprised by that large bass lurking in the shallows looking for a little snack.

You can learn how to catch bass with plastic worms with just a little practice and a lot of perseverance and patience.

Step-By-Step 7 Days Muscle Building Plan

If you feel that you are not satisfied by the way you look, here are some tips that will help you out in reduction of your body fats and build up strong muscles.

The main features of gaining strong muscles and reducing the amount of fat in your body are as follows:

  • You should have a sound weight-training program. A high intensity program will lead to more usage of oxygen and therefore helps in raising the body temperature and, also helps in burning more calories.
  • Spend at least 45-60 minutes for your session session . You should perform these exercises in the gymnasium such as bench press, push-ups, and chin-ups twice a day if time permits. This will burn out the fat in your body and will not allow the fat to accumulate in the adipose tissue.
  • You should inculcating the habit of taking food items of high calorific value. This includes rice, wheat, pulses, meat, and fresh vegetables in your diet. Consumption of whole cleaned food is prescribed over manufactured and processed foods.
  • Cardiovascular exercises are suggested in order to optimize the loss of fat. This will add to your health and helps in building up the muscles. Do perform these exercises regularly, twice a day and add more to your muscles.
  • In the first day prevent the use of any machinery equipments, and start performing free hand exercises.
  • In the next day , start performing push-ups and chin ups. Continue this for a week or two, and then start using the machinery equipments.

The exercises when added to highly calorific diet results in carving out nice and strong muscles. After a month or a two when you put on the habit of working out everyday, start the usage of diet protein supplements.

However it is not mandatory, but you can, if you wish to have it. But for that you should undergo a heavy workout session, in order to carve out great muscles.

Start following these exercises along with the diet, and start raising up your muscles in 7 days.

Windows 7 – Is it Fact Or Fiction

That Microsoft is planning a new version of Windows will come as no surprise to anyone. When it will arrive is anyone's guess. What it will look like is open to speculation. I may as well jump in with my opinion, so here goes ….

First, a Caveat

This is all based on what I read on the more technical websites, in the newspapers and hear and see on television. Take it for what it is worth (Nothing) or leave it.
Some of the material comes from leaks, incidental or intentional but who knows. Other sources probably come from individuals looking to claim the limelight for a few brief seconds and others just trying to damage Microsoft. We will not really know until Win 7 appears in the cold light of the day.

A lot of interest is centered around the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will control the powerful computers that are now trying to run Vista. Rumor has it the group responsible for the GUI is being developed by the team that designed Microsoft Office 2007. With this in mind, it is likely we will see certain fewer menus and toolbars. It can not be a major departure from what we have today as that would necessitate a major retraining of business users. This would be highly expensive and that would cause a lot of hesitancy for business to convert to a new system. Why not make the GUI with an Off / On switch, similar to the software switch in the XP Control Panel? This switch allows users such as myself to retain the original or classic view. I use this option on all 3 of my machines.

Some of the early builds of Windows 7 contain a feedback button inviting developers with the test builds to comment on what are called the 5 pillars on which Win 7 will be based. Are these pillows made of stone? Probably not at this stage anyway. Each of the pillows is described in brief and purposefully vague terms. A quick description of these terms can be found in the current issue of PC Magazine. There is a complete and complete analysis done by "Bryant" at Aeroxperience ( http://aeroxp.org )

The one thing I feel sure about is that Win 7 or whatever wil; l be a success. Microsoft has to have a success after the fiasco that is Vista. Should Win 7 be another Windows ME or Vista, there will be an exodus of Windows users that will outpace any mass movement since Moses led his people from Egypt into the Sinai. And, Where will they be headed? Since most of them will be clutching an iPhone in their hands, my guess would be Apple.

Some may be switching to Linux but Apple holds the crown appealing in my mind. Apple has log had the reputation of delivering software that works and this in particular will appeal to these refugees. Has there ever been a version of Windows that arrived fully functional? That is probably too much to ask but one can always hope.

My mind drifts back to a time when Microsoft was under contract to deliver an operating system to IBM prior to the introduction of the IBM PC. This package had the very non imaginative name of OS 2 (for operating system.) I very distinctly remember downloading a beta version of OS. Do not remember the version but I think it was OS 2. I downloaded it from a dialup connection (and a slow one at that) since there was no such thing as cable modem or DSL. It took 31 floppy disks to hold the system. After the download, I started installing the system. Several hours later (slowness of the floppies and my PC was an IBM AT, I was ready to try it. devoting enough resources and too much to what was called Windows. I believe OS3 was to be called Windows 3.2, at any rate, years later, people were still using OS instead of Windows for stability reasons.

Time to wrap this up. I apologize for preventing myself to drift back in time. After all, nostalgia is not what it used to be.

Business Books and Industry Think Tank Topics

Any Industry Think Tank of any real inequality indeed must study the written information on business and commerce, economics and money, and marketing and production. Without relevant informational intake, the think tank can not perform, predict or plan. To serve a purpose massive amounts of information must be collected from all sorts of sources including books.

In order to illustrate this concept, let us look at what one Think Tank, the Online Think Tank and the business books they reviewed this week. First we will briefly discuss in one paragraph the book itself and then a small thought provoking set of questions and comments to shed light on the method of their madness – let's begin:

"Human Relations in Small Business" by the SBA – 1969. This old short booklet by the SBA tells of how to hire employees and mind you this is the basics before all the legal law changes that have shaped into the present field of Human Resources. The book also describes how to get along with employees, how to do training, orientate newbies and continue the personnel relations to maintain optimum performance levels.

Without a proper foundation in human resources all the computer software programs in the world will not guarantee success of the company. Thus, older books on this subject are paramount. This book about human relations is a huge part of the equation for employee performance, hiring and personnel relations. Does your company have a strategy, does it understand the people part? Are you managing for performance or compliance – do you understand the basics, history and theory of the subject. Human relations and human resources and building human capital or organizational capital shows that having the proper philosophy is 80% of the difference between success and failure in that venue.

"A Handbook of Small Business Finance" by the SBA – 1964. So you ask what was small business like almost 45 years ago? Well, it was a lot different, with less regulation, but believe it or not the fundamentals were actually the same. Sometimes these old books are worth a read as they help shed all the complications and details to get a better fundamental understanding of things. Personally, I have always been an advocate of learning business from our grandparents and listening to them, reading and understanding what they read, how they learned about business, because then you can understand why they were successful and some of the tiger traps in business that have to do with the basics, rather than the minutia and overwhelming details.

You know when everything goes to hell in a modern aircraft, you have to go back to basics, fly the "airplane first" and then deal with all the details, the foundation and integrity of a building is much more important than the trim or façade . This small book starts out discussing the financial aspect including financial statements, Ratio Analysis, breakeven points, managing and depreciation of assets, borrowing, credit, long-tern financing, equity-financing and taking the business to the next step. If you do not care about the money, you will never have any and your business is doomed from the start, it is too bad so many small businesses fail – it is too bad more people do not learn the fundamentals.

"Guerrilla Marketing Excellence – The Fifty Golden Rules for Small Business Success" by Jay Conrad Levinson – 1993. This book is considered a classic of the 90's and "Guerrilla Marketing Series" sold 10s of millions of copies. To many scrappy entrepreneurs all this book looks second nature, but indeed that is because most hard-core, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants entrepreneurs did read one of Levinson's books. Building your local brand, getting referrals, working the chamber of commerce mixers, helping in the community, fancy catchy flyers, eye-catching signage and super networking all described at length. For a small business person who has never really been a balls-to-the-wall entrepreneur, you will most likely have to read it chapter by chapter and then think on each one. We recommend this book.

You can have the best product or service in the world but if no one knows about it, your company will never reach its full potential. Word-of-mouth is part of marketing and you need to treat it as such if you wish to succeed. Learning how to achieve robust word-of-mouth or talk of the town projection, it pays to learn all of the possibilities and use what works.

"Should You Quit Before You're Fired?" by Paul Zane Pilzer – 1993. Paul is also the author of Unlimited Wealth and Other People's Money. This book describes the 20th Century US economic history from a Network Marketing perspective, making the case for network marketing. It also makes some startling predictions, for the road ahead in retailing, some of which we are now seeing, some of which we did not see come to fruition.

Network Marketing is one way to earn a living or market a product. No, it is not perfect; nor is it easy, it takes hard work. Whether you like network marketing or not, you should understand how it works and why it can work. Many marketing programs are based on similar types of strategies in one form or another. Should not you know them all?

"10 Minute Guide to Motivating People" by Marshall J. Cook – 1977. So how do you motivate people in such a way that it actually works both short and long-term. How do you channel that human energy to create a constant atmosphere of peak performance? Compliance is a necessity in business, but the book warns not to manage for compliance, rather manage for performance while complying with the law and minimizing unnecessary bureaucracy in your organization that exists – give power to the people. Today we call this "empowerment" back in 1977, they called it managing and motivating for performance. The book explains how to talk the talk, walk the walk and maintain a vision of clarity.

Cook warnings of problems and concerns when in meetings and committees and how to maintain motivation. The discussion and topics in the book range from rewards, coaching, stimulating self and allowing for mistakes during time constraints, and stress periods. Marshall tells why the "boss of the year" title must be avoided like the plague and how the team and individuals must know that it is about them, about trust, strength and allowing the employees to feel proud about what they are doing.

"How it All Began – Origins of the Modern Economy" by WW Rostow – 1975. Why is it important to study economics of days gone by? What good does it do to study the World economy back in 1780-1820, what good could this possibly do? Well any economics professor would tell you that it does matter, it matters quite a bit.

Have you ever considered the modern economy and its intense size and inter-related attributes? Imagine in the beginning, the micro economic and regional beginnings. Imagine early trade as societies and civilizations grow? These historical events and studies are of supreme value to understanding what economics is and how it really works.

As you can see, a Think Tank in Industry or one, which discusses business subjects needs to gather information, read books and consider the implications of how the wheels of commerce turn. Sincerely, Lance.

E-Learning in Today’s World

Today we live in a world where technology is an active player in our live, ensuring that we have within reach all the information we need to perform our daily tasks, no matter where we are located (home, office, school, train…etc.). In recent years, thanks to the development of new technologies and innovative products (such as: smartphones, netbooks, PDAs, e-readers…etc.) information has become more accessible than ever, and the stream of information available has suffered a noticeable increase.

Even more, the recent advancements in technology, especially in the communication area, have changed the way we work, the way we communicate with one another, and also the way we learn. Regarding the latter domain “learning and teaching”, a major difference in the way we learn and teach today, was brought about by E-learning.

E-learning is what we know today as “electronic learning and teaching”: electronic applications employed in the form of: “Web-based learning, computer-based training, virtual classrooms or digital collaboration”. By employing E-learning, the information reaches the user much faster, via the internet / intranet, CD-ROM…etc., and it has the advantage of being delivered in all sorts of formats: text, image, animation and also video or audio formats.

The advancements in technology and the decreasing costs, have allowed an increase in the number of users who attend on-line institutions. According to estimates, in 2006 more than 3.5 million students were attending on-line courses at institutions of higher education in the U.S.A. This number is expected to increase in the following years to such an extent, that by 2014, 81% of the students (from U.S.A.) enrolled in a post-secondary institution will be taking most part of their courses on-line.

Thanks to the numerous advantages offered by e-learning, this kind of education is becoming more and more popular, prevailing over traditional higher form of education. One such benefit is the (fast) accessibility to information no matter where we are located in the world. Another is flexibility: with a basic Internet connection and a PC, anyone can have access 24×7 to online courses. Last but not least, it helps learners to develop a set of digital competences and skills which will be useful in their day by day activities.

Other positive aspects of E-learning are: reduced learning times, smaller costs (even transportation costs are reduced), the possibility to keep track of the progress and to keep updated all the time no matter location, permanent access to the web content..etc.

E-learning is becoming an important part of the educational process, and day by day it conquers more ground and more followers in the detriment of traditional methodologies.

Healthy Diet For Healthy Hair

When it comes to your tresses, both the internal and external treatment you provide are of equal importance. It means that both the quality of your diet and of the products you put on your hair have to be considered.

It is important to drink enough water, because water makes your hair not only supple and soft, but also silky and shiny. So, do not wait until you feel thirsty! Just keep drinking water!

Dietitians recommend a diet rich in protein for healthy hair, since hair consists of primarily protein. Eating protein rich foods like fish, meat, milk and cheese will give your hair more strength, while preventing it from breaking and splitting. Put eggs also on your menu! Though they're served up, scrambled, fried, boiled, eggs are one of the best protein sources one can find.

Minerals are also vital for healthy hair. Let's take a closer look at their roles: iron carries oxygen to the hair, zinc prevents hair loss, while copper improves the natural color of your hair. To get sufficient iron, do include red meat and dark green vegetables in your diet. Your hair can receive the needed amount of zinc from meat and seafood. Fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat and liver are a precious source of copper. By the way, low-fat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt contain calcium, an important mineral for hair growth.

Because vitamins help in the growth of your hair you must ensure that your diet includes all the necessary ones. Vitamin A, found especially in carrots is good for skin and keeps your scalp healthy. Including fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and bread in your daily diet you supply your body with vitamin B and C, which are ideal for hair growth and color.

And do not forget to exercise! Along with a healthy hair diet, this will ensure that blood flows properly to your scalp, helping your hair to grow.

On the other side, you have to take care externally of your tresses. Nothing can be better than making use of top-class shampoos, conditioners, styling products and color support under the expert eye of skillful salon teams.

It follows that the most effective way to get healthy hair is through a healthy diet double harmoniously by the use of high-quality hair care products promoted by professionals

Learning the Way to Sharpen a Paper Cutter

No matter the thickness or width of the cut, all of the paper cutters use a wide guillotine-style blade to drive through the stack of paper. The blade is also used for cutting into a nylon cutting stick on the bed of cutter. The stick of cutting makes sure the blade can go through each paper.

However, when it becomes dull because of the long usage, the paper starts to be "pushed" instead of sliced ​​and the cut will be unacceptable. To solve it, you should sharpen it. Unfortunately, it can not be sharpened on the cutter. It must be removed first.

To remove it, before it returns, you should lower it and stop it in the down position. Paper cutter has a setting to do this procedure. You should remove each blade from the outside to the middle: left, right and repeat until the center bolt remains.

After this is completed, you should give back the guillotine to its "up" position and the blade will come off. Several blades are large, so they require two handles that are screwed into corresponding sockets in the face of blade to remove.

The blades of paper cutter are different in model and make. The blade angle is the most significant thing to difference between one blade and another one. It is the cutting edge angle to the blade face. The sharpening must be suitable with the specified blade angle for the model of cutting machine.

If the pitch is too steep, it can affect the performance of cutting and the motor power in driving the mechanism of blade. Thus, it is suggested for you to check the specifications for the appropriate blade angle of cutter.

Actually, it can be sharpened manually. You can sharpen it with a file, grinder or even a stone. However, sharpening it can usually lead to an inaccurate blade angle. The best way to sharpen it is taking it to a professional blade sharpening shop.

Meanwhile, the procedure of blade installation is just the reverse procedure of removal. Just bring the guillotine down, insert the blade, and attach the bolts from the inside to the edges. However, you should first check to ensure that the blade is level. It should also contact the stick of cutting from side to side at the same time. If it can not touch the stick of cutting, it is time for you to replace it for a new blade.

The Doors

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.” William Blake from The Marriage of Heaven And Hell.

“There are things known, and there are things unknown and in between are the doors” William Blake.

There are many doors in our minds and we’re continually opening and closing them. If you are emotionally hurt in a love relationship you can close the door to love and block love from coming into your life from any source. The same is to be said if you live from of standpoint of opening yourself to all positive possibilities, you will receive back the same.

I have been greatly influenced in my life by the poetry of Jim Morrison. Many of you may remember him from being in the rock group The Doors. They took their name from the previous quotation by William Blake and from the teaching of Aldous Huxley-The Doors of Perception. There was far more to Jim Morrison then just being a rock superstar.

At a young age he was exposed to shamanism and throughout his life realized he was a spiritual teacher. To many he did not come across as such, but when you read his writings and study his life you realize this man saw spiritual truths and tried to convey them through his music, poetry, and performance.

According to Morrison, one of the most important events of his life occurred when he was a child in 1949, during a family road trip in New Mexico, when he and his parents and grandmother came across the scene of an accident in the desert. Morrison realized the Native Americans were bleeding to death and was afraid. He came to believe that the souls of the newly-dead Indians were running around, “freaked out,” and that one had leaped into him. This experience greatly influenced the content of his songs, poems, and interviews.

As Jim Morrison himself said of poetry:

“Real poetry doesn’t say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities… opens all doors you can walk through any one that suits you. If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”

Greatness was thrust upon him at an early age; he was a superstar by 22. The pressures of being a rock star was overwhelming for Jim Morrison and ultimately he used excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs to kill the pain of not living the life he really wanted, which was to be a simple poet. Sometimes we get trapped by our life and don’t know how to undo the web’s that surround us.

I have learned to open all doors presented to me and walk through any one that I feel led to. This has taken me to places I never would have dreamed of when I was a child. I call this true faith. I do not live my life in a constant state of fear. I trust that no matter what I will be taken care of. And I have jumped off of many cliffs, figuratively, and have always been able to build my wings as I go down and I have never hit bottom.

Opening up the doors of your perception can often be scary. Society does not teach us to think outside of the box. We’re supposed to follow the normal and not step outside of that boundary. The people who achieve greatness in this world are the ones who dare to live life to its fullest.

We truly are infinite and our bodies are only the house for our souls. When you can truly accept this you will not be afraid of anything and you will be able to live a happier existence and not be pressured by friends, family, society, or the media. Open the Doors of Your Mind!