Knowing Your Guitar Lesson 1

As a budding guitarist it is important that you learn every facet of your new chosen hobby and the most important 1st step is almost always overlooked.
You must know the parts of your guitar you will need to be very familiar with the different names given to the parts of your guitar.

Although there are many different types of guitars (acoustic, classical and electric etc) they have many things in common.

Starting at the top of the guitar you can see the headstock; it connects to the neck. The tuners are located on the headstock and you will use those to alter the pitch of your strings on your guitar.

The nut is located where the headstock and the neck meet. The 'nut' is a small strip of bone or plastic with grooves to guide the strings into the tuners.

The neck of your guitar is where you will focus a lot of your time on, as you will have your fingers on various places on the neck in order to make different notes.

As we go down the guitar you can see the neck joins onto the body of the guitar. The body of the guitar can vary greatly, an acoustic and classical guitar have a hollow body and a sound hole, it's made that way to project the sound. Electric guitars are usually solid so they do not have a sound hole instead they have pickups where the sound hole is usually found.

The strings of the guitar come down from the tuners, over the nut, down the neck, over the body and over the sound hole down to the bridge where they are anchored.

Looking at the neck of your guitar you will see thin metal strips going across the entire surface, these are called frets
The first fret is the area between the nut and the first metal strip, the 2nd fret is the space between the first and second strip of metal and it continues down, you get the idea!

Sony Ericsson S500i – When Style Gets A New Name!

Sony Ericsson, the business collaboration between Japanese electronics giant Sony and Swedish telecommunications major Ericsson, unquestionably has won million hearts by virtue of its specialist mobile phones. Specialist as superior music players in the shape of 'W' series phones and with abilities of digital video cameras as 'K' series counterparts.

Now, when it is known that best always try to better their deeds, Sony Ericsson, with its status of a leader in the mobile arena, also tries its hand in bettering past. Only to come out with a product that defies any of the modern worlds greatest offers so far. The company presents Sony Ericsson S50i, the perfect blend of superior aesthetics and technology in a single entity.

Sony Ericsson S500i comes in a slim slider form factor. With the size being mere 99 x 47 x 14mm and weight 94 gm, this phone is all geared up to challenge many a slim counterparts all around. Taking steps farther from the exquisite exterior, the phone comes with a bundle of attractive features to awe-inspire millions around.

First in the list of attractions include an innovative changing desktop and menu theme. Ones that change with the change in seasons and condition of the day. Add to that there is a sudden glow sourced from hidden illumination – appearing when ever a call comes.

In addition to the innovative aesthetic configurations, Sony Ericsson S500i comes with a 262.144 color supporting TFT screen that reproduces images of resolution 240×320 pixel. There is a 2 megapixel camera that features powerful 4x digital zoom functionality and comes handy in video and picture blogging. Not to forget the amazing image as well as video capturing capabilities of the camera of this phone. The media player of the phone supports MP3 / AAC / AAC + / eAAC + file formats and comes with TrackID recognition feature. With powerful camera and music player, if one intends to store huge amount of data in the form of video and music files, 12 MB inbuilt memory and microSD memory expansion slot is ready to help in the cause. Add to all, Sony Ericsson S500i enterprises comes complete with EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB ports. Thus offering complete solution for fast internet and data transfer requirements.

With so much on offer, these stylish phone is ready to make million heads turn. And the countdown has already began.

Where Does Yeast Infection Happen?

The candida yeast infections are caused by a group of microscopic fungi or yeast. They live all over the human body and cause infection or become numerous by entering small cuts or nicks especially in warm and moist areas. Examples of yeast infections are vaginal infections, thrush, diaper rash, and nail bed infections. Usually the skin effectively blocks the yeast from entering the body, but cuts and nicks can break down this barrier. Most yeast infection can be easily easily administered. Systemic infections, however, can prove fatal. Recurring yeast infections need to be investigated more fully to rule out underlying diseases such as AIDS or diabetes.

Not only the lack of cleanliness, but there are other factors as well that contribute to the yeast infection. They are pregnancy, menstruation, sperm, or the use of antibiotics and steroids. Another reason for yeast infection is a weak immunity or cancer treatment. IV ports also pose a threat to the body by supporting the yeast infection. Systemic infection causes the yeast to enter the blood stream. This should be checked immediately.

Yeast infection manifests itself as a white cheesy discharge in the case of vaginal infections. There can also be itching and irritation. In thrush thick, white, lacy patches on top of a red base can form on the tongue or elsewhere in the mouth. This makes it painful to eat and care should be taken to ensure that the patient does not become dehydrated.

Over the counter yeast infection medication can treat almost all the yeast infections. however, in case you experience abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea or vomiting, you should report to the doctor as this might hint towards systemic infection. If thrust is taking a longer time to cure that you need more aggressive yeast infection treatments and medical care.

If the infection appears to be uncontrollable, them IV antibiotics are advised. For other treatments, treatment can be done in your home itself. In case of the vaginal infection, women can make the use of vaginal yeast infection creams. However, the case id different for pregnant women, they should consult the doctor. There is a great possibility that thrush in babies can be the result of yeast infection around the breasts of the infected mother. Therefore, the doctor might also check that. They can also be treated.

Barrier cream and changing nappies frequently would help in the case of a diaper rash.

We all know that there is a wide range of yeast infection treatment present. These consist of reams, lotions, pills, troches (lozenges), and vaginal suppositories. However, it is recommended that you should contact the doctor before going for any of these medicines. This is to ensure that you get the right treatment by the right person.

There are two main types of antibiotics used to fight yeast infections. The azole group of medicines are antifungal drugs that end in the suffix "-azole." They stop the manufacture of ergosterol, a critical material of the yeast cell wall. Without ergosterol, the yeast cell wall leaks and this causes the yeast to die. As ergosterol is not found in human membranes, azoles do not harm human cells. Polyene antifungals include nystatin and amphotericin B. Nystatin is used for thrush and superficial candid infections. Doctors keep amphotericin B for more serious systemic fungal infections. These antifungals attach themselves to the yeast cell wall building material, that is, ergosterol. These medications then form synthetic holes in the yeast-wall causing the yeast to leak and theby die.

Most yeast infections disappear within a week or two. Exceptions are in the cases of people with weakened immune systems, where the infection recurs and becomes difficult to treat.

The key to avoiding yeast infections is to keep yourself clean and dry. This is especially true in the case of areas where there are small nicks and cuts. Keep babies diaper areas clean and dry through the frequent changing of diapers. People with immune system deficiency such as those suffering from AIDS and cancer patients who have taken medication that has destroyed their immune system should be extra careful.

Hydration is what you should take care of when the patient experiences a thrush. This is even more recommended in the case of infants and weaker patients which are more susceptible to dehydration.

Basics For Buying and Using a Breast Pump

For busy mothers, breast pumps offer convenience and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they're providing for their child as only a mother can. For working mothers who are unable to meet the schedule-busting feeding demands of their child, they can use a breast pump to save time while ensuring their baby receives essential nutrients. But, there are many different types of pumps. Some are manual while others are powered by batteries. Some cost $ 150 while others may retail for approximately $ 400. And once you've invested in a pump that is right for you and your child, using it can present its own challenges.

Below, we'll describe the different types of breast pumps that are popular among mothers. Then, we'll explain how you can use your pump to provide the milk your baby needs.

Types Of Breast Pumps

There are 3 main types of pumps: manual, battery-powered and electric. The least expensive are manual models. Because manual pumps do not rely upon motorized parts, they rarely break. That being said, they can often be tiring to use. Battery-powered breast pumps have a large fallen out of favor. While they offer high portability, they suck much more slowly than a baby. As a result, it's not uncommon for a mother's milk supply to decline after prolonged use.

Electric pumps are especially popular among women who have returned to their jobs. They mirror the sucking pattern of a baby much more closely than a battery-powered pump. Plus, they're designed to pump milk from both breasts simultaneously. The main drawback is that electric pumps are expensive.

How To Use Your Breast Pump

First, allow your body to grow accustomed to using your pump. If you're currently nursing your child (without using a pump) and plan to return to your job, start several days before returning to work. Not only will this allow you to get used to feeling of the pump, you can store an extra supply of milk for emergencies.

Second, schedule your pumping. If you use your breast pump sporadically (or worse, skip pumping sessions), your body can respond by changing your milk supply. Set a time each day (or multiple times throughout the day) during which you intend to pump. Third, if you're having difficulty coping with the feeling of not nursing your baby naturally, use pictures of your baby while pumping. Doing so will help you to relax and focus on your child.

A Mother's Love

Often, it's not possible to nurse your child. The reasons may include time constraints, physical sensitivity, or even a sick baby who in unable to feed. In each case, a breast pump can be a valuable tool that allows you to provide your baby with natural milk. Plus, they can give a father an opportunity to bond with his infant feeding.

If your budget allows, consider investing in an electric breast pump. Then, start early (if you're returning to your job), schedule regular daily sessions and use pictures of your baby to help you focus while pumping. A mother's love for her baby should not be restricted by lack of time. Your breast pump provides a channel through which you can express that love.

Go Lean in Engineering

Lean Manufacturing has a long and very rich history, having started with Toyota in the early 1950's and really taking off in the rest of the world from about 1990 to present. Lean in non-manufacturing areas, particularly in the office, has a less visible history and has only recently (last 5-10 years) been coming up in applications. Businesses, however, recognize there is potential in using lean principals to drive out waste in their office and administrative functions as well.

A 5-day Lean Office Kaizen focused on Engineering addressed in major improvements to several engineering processes:
1. Design
2. Drawing Quality
3. Schedule & Timeline
4. Training & Development
5. Package Release
6. Workstation Design
7. Organization

Business problems addressed in this kaizen were:
a) Drawings were late to the shop
b) Parts were late to the customer
c) Jobs were being overcharged by engineers
d) It was difficult to find where a job was in engineering
e) Drawing mistakes caused parts to be make wrong
f) Engineers were often interrupted, causing delays in getting their work done

These changes were made during the kaizen itself:
1) A One-Stop Shop for Engineering questions was set up,
2) An ideal engineering workstation was designed and a prototype built,
3) A visible schedule board (magnetic with racecars depicting percent complete on each project) was put in place,
4) 5S Workplace Organization was used to clear out the clutter and put necessary items in order so they could be more easily found, used, and replaced,
5) A Load Chart was created to more evenly balance individual engineer workloads, and
6) An Engineering conference room was designed and built featuring modern equipment (a Smart Board) and modern furniture.

These rapid kaizen-type improvements resulted in much more effective engineering, as well as a greatly improved quality of worklife for the engineers.

Rethinking Thin Revives Dieting Set Point Theory

So much for new scientific information. "Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss" revives defunct "set point" theory, which holds the tenant that everyone has a different set point for weight and that the individual's metabolism speeds up or slows down to keep their set point weight. In "Rethinking Thin" we have the mythical genetic determinism, so popular in current scientific thinking. Science somehow is relegated only to physics, chemistry, and biology, leaving out abstract areas such as society or psychology, which are poo-pooed as unscientific.

Simply looking at the scientific data on overweight in America, as we at PF Weight Loss Guide are wont to do, quickly dismisses set point theory. Here's why: the rate of obesity and overweight is increasing through all age ranges, races, and geographic locations in America the past 20 years. Certainly our genes have not changed significantly in this time frame. Where's the set point? Will it be finally set when the entire population is obese?

We do salute Gina Kolata, science writer for The New York Times, and author of "Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss," for her courage in understanding that overweight is not a question of personal failure, or lack of will. Attempts to blame individuals for their overweight simply ignore the data of the explosion of obesity through the entire society. A forthcoming book, available only through PF Weight Loss Guide, frankly discusses the reasons for the surge in overweight from a more broadly defined scientific perspective.

Kolata does point out in "Rethinking Thin" that the vast majority of people who attempt weight loss fail at keeping the weight off for more than a few months. Roughly ninety-seven percent of traditional weight loss programs fail within 12 months. Now desperate, overweight people are turning to gastric bypass surgery, which may be contributory as we now begin to find out, to Wernicke's disease. This disease is seen most commonly in alcoholics suffering from prolonged malnutrition. The disease affects memory in tragic ways.

B Movies – A Primer

As long as there have been movies, there have been B movies. Traditionally low-budget, barely publicized affairs, B movies are usually genre films (sci-fi, Western, horror, etc.) featuring actors of little or no repute, often made by small specialty studios and cranked out as if on an assembly line.

Although lesser features, early B movies were popular, profitable, and produced their own separate group of stars, different than the major actors of the day. They also provided an entry into Hollywood for many European directors. Back in the Golden Age, a night at the movies usually consisted of a newsreel, an episode of a serial (such as Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers), several cartoons and a double feature of a B movie and the main feature-an “A movie.” B movies were the first movie and always considered the less important film.

In the 1930’s, the predominant B movie genre was the Western. In the ’40s, gangster movies and films noir became popular. In the ’50s, with the rise of rock and roll, the cold war, and the teenager as a social force, B movies exploded into a diverse range of areas: rock and roll flicks, juvenile delinquent and hot rod melodramas, sci-fi/horror pastiches with Red Scare overtones, and foreign films dubbed into English (e.g., the Japanese Godzilla, the Italian Hercules).

The ’60s B movies saw the rise of the Hammer Films from Britain, the “beach movies” with Frankie and Annette and company, the Elvis movies (which, although they starred the most famous singer in the world, were decidedly low-quality productions), Russ Meyer’s nudie cuties, and Roger Corman’s many low-budget masterpieces. Also, the radical social changes of the ’60s were reflected in the B films of the day long before they made it to the “legitimate” films. Of course, the most famous example would be Easy Rider.

The loosening moral attitudes of the ’60s also helped birth the first gore flicks, courtesy of Herschell Gordon Lewis. Though Lewis contributed greatly to B movies, his most influential film was Blood Feast, the first true splatter film. Though mild by today’s standards, at the time it was considered extremely disturbing. Movies such as this and his Color Me Blood Red paved the way for the current vogue of “torture porn” films, such as the Saw and Hostel series.

Although the seeds of exploitation were planted in the ’60s, they definitely came to fruition in the ’70s grindhouse scene. Martial arts films were a big favorite in grindhouses all over the country. Produced in Hong Kong, often by the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio, and dubbed into English before being distributed in America, these films made stars of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and spawned a whole subculture that is still flourishing.

The ’70s also saw the birth of the midnight movie phenomenon. The counterculture had come into its own and where better to enjoy themselves than a drug-fueled late-night showing of El Topo or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. By this time, all gloves were off. Pretty much anything taboo was fair game: blaxploitation, sexploitation, women in prison flicks, and, perhaps most influential, hardcore horror-best exemplified by Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

All of this brings us to the ’80s, the decade in which the low-budget horror film really came into its own. The success of the cheaply made Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Halloween in the ’70s bred the Friday the 13th series, The Evil Dead movies, et al., and a veritable ’80s horror explosion ensued. Many good B movie horror resources exist online, such as and One of the major forces in B movies during this decade was Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Pictures. Founded by Kaufman in 1974, Troma hit its stride in the ’80s with films such as Surf Nazis Must Die and The Toxic Avenger.

In the 1990s, with the death of the grindhouse and rise of cable television, B movies lost theatrical venues, but managed to survive due to the home video revolution. What once would’ve shown in a grindhouse was now appearing on the shelves of your local Blockbuster. Direct-to-video productions thrived, consisting mostly of cheapie action flicks and erotic thrillers.

The rise of the digital age has seen B cinema live on in direct-to-DVD films, which are often sequels to successful films made by major studios such as Disney. The current cost of a feature film averages $50 million to $70 million. With the advances in digital technology, respectable films can be made for a fraction of that cost, making low-budget movies a “too good to be true” proposition for any movie studio worried about its bottom line-which is every movie studio.

The Right Sound Format in a Home Theater Installation Project

The basic difference that comes in between a regular television set and a home theater system lies with the sound system factor utilized by the devices. A regular television set could have been forty inches wide, yet, without a surround sound system supporting it, a thirty inch display screen coupled with a home theater sound system would have provided a more theater like viewing experience.

In most cases, choosing the right surround sound format compatible with your home theater system greatly affects the overall performance of a home theater setup, as there are types of supported surround sound formats for home theater devices.

When talking about which surround sound format to apply during a home theater installation excursion, two main theater surround sound formats come into play. The Dolby Laboratories and the Digital Theater Systems sound format.

As different audio / video receivers are equipped to decode sound formats, using an ideal sound format of choice would greatly enhance the results of a home theater installation. Between Dolby Laboratories and Digital Theater Systems, a wide array of sound options exists, to a dizzying level. The bottom line is, when talking about Digital Theater Systems audio encoding, less compression figures are used, making DTS sounds much sharper and clearer compared to Dolby encoded audio elements. The downside is DTS is not commonly used on television broadcasts, as well as with DVDs.

When faced with surround sound format to choose for a home theater installation, users would have to decide whether they want DTS support, and how many speakers to use in the setup.

The most common surround sound setup options are 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1, named after the system's number of supported channels.

A 5.1 surround sound speaker setup is made up of a right, left and center front speakers, which are positioned next to a display screen. Two surround speakers positioned at the left and right, as well as a subwoofer would complete the surround sound setup. Both Dolby and DTS sound formats support this format.

Taking all the same speakers from a 5.1 surround sound setup, the 6.1 surround sound variety of surround sound setups has an extra rear channel. Dolby Laboratories' Digital EX uses this type of format, using the additional channel into left and right rear speakers. With DTS 'DTS-ES, the extra channel is used as a single rear channel speaker, only.

In the 7.1 surround sound speaker setup, Dolby has separate channels for the rear right and left speakers, instead of using one split up channel and directing the split channels to two speakers.

Although the first thing one would notice in a home theater installation is the display screen, the surround sound setup is what completes the home theater system.

Considering the surround sound system format would be a wise thing to do, given that building something like a home theater installation is a major investment.

Many Great Uses for Baking Soda

The Versatile Product Called Baking Soda

Definition: Baking Soda (Arm and Hammer), or Sodium Bicarbonate (SB)

I have been using Arm and Hammer for years. I use it to clean my house, wash my clothes, and do oral care. I always have SB around the house, its great household product. Here's some of the ways I use SB to save money, and improve my life;

Use as an Oral Cleanser
Clean the Bathroom
Clean the Kitchen
Clothes washing booster

Recently, I went to the dentist, after twenty years without a visit. One of my fillings had fallen out, and set set in. Other than that, I had no other cavities. I attribute the lack of cavities due to my use of Sodium Bicarbonate, as a mouth wash. My dentist told me: I should use SB, I did not tell him I have been doing that for years. In fact, if I eat anything sweet, afterwards, I will rinse my mouth with Sodium Bicarbonate solution as soon as possible.

Pure water is about 7 PH, or neutral. Greater than 7 is considered base, while less than 7 is acidic. SB is around 9 PH. So, if you rinse your mouth with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution you change the PH of your mouth. SB definitely neutralizes pains in the mouth, so if you rinse with Arm and Hammer at night, you wake up without stinky morning breath. But please do not swallow the baking soda solution, unless you need extra sodium in your diet.

I do not recommend brushing teeth directly with Sodium Bicarbonate, I think it scratches the tooth enamel. Instead, I brush my gums with a baking soda, and then swish the solution in my mouth, and in between the teeth for two minutes. Please check with your dentist if baking soda treatment is right for you.

Use a quarter cup of Sodium Bicarbonate in a large load of laundry, it helps boost your regular detergents cleaning power. The Arm and Hammer product neutralizes odors, and helps my clothes feel soft.

Baking soda makes a great cleanser for your kitchen, and bathroom. Sprinkle some baking soda into the toilet, and scrub with a toilet brush, its cleans and deodorizes very quickly. For the kitchen, fill a bucket with water, and put in small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate, and mix. Wipe down counters, appliances, and floors with the solution, while rinsing the sponge or cleaning cloth with clean water, after each use. Keep reapplying the cleaning cloth to the baking soda solution, until the job is done. The bathtub comes very clean by using baking soda directly as a cleanser. Just sprinkle Arm and Hammer product in the tub, and carefully scrub the surface, then rinse with clean water. Its simple, and effective.

Costco sells Arm and Hammer baking soda for use as a non-food purpose product. It comes in a large plastic bag, its great for laundry, and other uses. For more ideas, please visit the Arm and Hammer website. Please email me your comments, and questions. I would like to learn more uses for Sodium Bicarbonate, please feel free to email me. Thanks for reading this article. I am also on facebook, please feel free to look me up.

Bathroom Designs and Remodeling Ideas For Your Home Family Bathrooms

Does Your Home Need Some Fresh Bathroom Design Ideas?

They may be queuing to get in, but are you sure this is as an indication of the attractiveness of your family bathroom designs? Might it not simply mean that your home could really do with additional facilities or some fresh bathroom remodeling ideas?

It may be a long time since we had to make do with a tub before the fire and a hut in the garden, but it seems that we are slow to recognize the vital role of bathroom plays in the smooth running of family life and it is only now that houses are being constructed with bathrooms matching bedrooms something like pro rata. A recent survey by house builders has revealed the somewhat unsurprising information that what most appeals to the current house-buying public are big kitchens and 'lots of bathrooms'.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to planning a new bathroom or refurbishing an old one, the criteria that apply to bathrooms in general apply specifically to the family bathroom. In addition there is a need for more stringent safety precautions in view of the wide range of ages likely to be using this bathroom. A lockable cupboard for the storage of medicines is useful and an out-of-the-way space will be needed for storing caustic cleaning materials if the household contains young children.

Locks on windows and the elimination of sharp corners in the bathroom will also help maintain safety. Non-slip and grab rails are a useful addition if there is an elderly person in the house. Taps need to be chosen carefully: they should be easily manipulated, even with wet hands. A mixer-tap system will help prevent bathroom users from being exposed to extremes of temperature and, incidentally, will make for easy hair washing.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The furnishing of the family bathroom will depend very much upon the size of room at your disposal. As it is likely that the bathroom may be occupied by more than one person at a time, keeping the room as clear as possible (especially around the bath) will be a priority. Twin wash basins housed in a built-in unit are ideal and, if space allows, a separate shower could prove an invaluable alternative bathing facility. A chair or stool (possibly with a lift-up seat and storage below) will give you somewhere to sit or lay down clothes as well as providing a surface for a small child to stand on when reaching a basin.

Privacy is often a sensitive subject with growing children and if you can provide some minimal form of screening around the WC (a low projecting wall, a screen or curtains will suffice), this will do much to help. If possible, a separate WC should also be available for when the bathroom is occupied. It is not possible to over-estimate how long a teenager will spend in the bathroom!

Choose Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Work With The Bedroom Too

The best decorations for a family bathroom are simple, bright and cheerful (some children may need encouragement to enter!). If the bathroom is for use by both adults and children, try to avoid kindly childish themes, especially in any permanent fixtures (you, and your children when they are older, may regret those teddy-bear tiles). One idea, though, would be to introduce a younger theme in a replaceable shower curtain. Buy a fabric of your choice and line this with a plain plastic lining. However, by choosing a seashore, botanical or nautical theme you might well suit all tastes.

Surfaces, if they are to remain looking good, will need to be resilient. Ceramic tiles or a paint finish (with stenciling, if you like) are best for walls and sheet vinyl is probably the most serviceable covering for the floor. An easily removed, non-absorptive carpet might also be considered.

Useful extras for the bathroom would be plenty of mirrors, as large a heated towel rail as you can accommodate – there is little so uncomforting as a damp towel – and a wall-mounted hair dryer located near a mirror (but away from sources of water ).

3 "Contrarian" Copywriting Secrets You Never Hear From the Loud-Mouth Gurus

You can not swing a bat anymore without running into a pile of so-called "killer" copy secrets that promise to make your ads pull higher response. Unfortunately, following much of the popular copywriting can mean leaving money on the table – and LOTS of it.

Below are three little-talked about copywriting tips that go against conventional copywriting "dogma", but that can help you pull far more sales and conversions.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Forget About Benefits

At least, at first.


Because copywriters who only concentrate on "benefits, benefits, benefits!" are shooting themselves in the foot.

Yes, benefits are important.

But they are secondary to building trust.

People rarely buy from other people they do not trust.

And if you do not build trust first, nobody will stick around to read your benefits. Plus, even if they do stick around, they will not believe you'll follow through on those benefits.

So before piling on the benefits, build trust, first.

2. Realize Copy Is Not King

Copy is far from being "king."

It's more like a "jack" or 10 of spades.

Your list, offer, positioning and product are way more important than the words you use.

Without these other elements in place, even the best copy will not do you any good.

By the way, this is not to say copy is not important.

Frankly, all other things equal, the "winner" goes to the business with the best copy.

But it's definitely not king.

3. Ditch The Hype

In most cases, slathering your ads with hype destroys response.

Yes, there are some cases (and markets) where hype works (and by all means, test it, if you want).

But in most cases it destroys sales.

In fact, if you look at the ads from the best copywriters of the past 100 years – like Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Max Sackheim, etc – you do not see hype.

You see a lot of drama, excitement and energy.

But you rarely (if ever) see any "hype."

Anywhere, there you have it.

The above tips may break established copywriting "dogma" in many cases.

But if you will at least test them in your ads, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Intermediate Ways to Create More Money In Ebay Income

Advancing in eBay income is often a matter of targeting a certain audience. For instance, if you sell musical instruments and carry every kind possible, you might want to start restricting your inventory to certain popular brands, or a brand no one else covers. You may want to carry one instrument only and increase your income from being a trusted specialist. Here are some intermediate ways to targeted eBay income.

Find a Niche

If there are already eBay sites and stores that sell a certain specialized garden tool, you do not want to do it, too. However, if you want to sell a garden tool, you might find some unique tool that someone invented and market it for them. Maybe there are special tools for the physically challenged and you can market those exclusively. Targeted eBay income will depend on finding a lucrative target first.

Market PPC Carefully

Let's say you are marketing a special shovel for those with physical disabilities. While you want to reach as many folks with those disabilities as you can, you only want to reach those who might like a shovel. So write your advertisements with those keywords in mind. Otherwise your ad might end up on sites that have nothing to do with those with disabilities who need shovels.

Blogs and Other Posts

Targeted eBay income sometimes depends heavily on your auxiliary marketing activities. When you post blogs about your special shovel, post them in places where you know your customers are also posting. Also post them in places where people who serve the disabled might post.

Weight Lifting Techniques

Weight lifting techniques with regards to how the exercise is performed can be a debatable discussion. There are many ways to do an exercise and many different angles to attack each muscle group. Let's just say that as a beginning weight lifter it is best if you performed each exercise with the strictest moves possible. That means that you will be starting with a very light weight and doing the exercise as best that you can without cheating just to get the weight up.

Too many times I've seen guys and gals at the gym trying to lift too much weight and sacrificing form for ego. Leave your ego at the door and you will make better gains by doing the exercises properly and allowing your body to speak for itself when you start getting bigger and stronger.

I will list several main exercises and try to give you an idea of ​​the proper form for each exercise. These weight lifting techniques will be a lot easier to understand once you have seen it done and are actually doing it. Just keep in mind that strict form is what we are looking for. If you put your muscles through a full range of motion you will see that they will grow bigger and stronger in a shorter period of time. Do not waste your time lifting is you are not going to do the exercises right. You will only wind up wasting a lot of time and energy for nothing. You will not get bigger. You will not get stronger. You will get hurt.

  • Bench Press: Lay flat on the bench with the barbell directly overhead. Lift the barrel off and lower it to mid-chest. Press the weight straight up using both arms evenly and not tilting to one side. It is also important that at the bottom of the movement you do not bounce the weight off your chest to gain momentum.
  • Shoulder Press: (Military Press) Seated on the end of a bench grab the barbell at shoulder level and press it straight up. You must control the weight so that it does not throw you off balance. Lower it to the starting position and repeat.
  • Squats: I prefer to do squats with the barbell laying on the front of your upper chest and shoulders. With the barbell in position, bend at the knees toill you are in a closed position then stand up. Do not go to far down where it will cause injury.
  • Lat Pull Downs: located at a machine grab a wide handled bar and pull the bar down to shoulder level. I prefer to pause for a count of two and then allow the bar to raise slowly

These are just a few examples and will help you to concentrate on doing the exercise properly. There is one advanced technique which will help you to improve by leaps and bounds in your weight training and that is to bring the weight back to the starting position very slowly. This is called a negative and will have a tremendous effect on how quickly you get bigger and stronger.

What Makes One Businessman "Ordinary" and Another "Extraordinary"?

Sometimes it is difficult to figure people out, and the reasons behind their actions. It is funny, how you can give two people the same advice and guidance one will accept it and act upon it, while the other just decides to ignore it.

The fact that one is open accept guidance and to be mentored to be successful has to do with his inner desire to succeed. His personal want to have the material things he desires is one of his goals. But, more than material things, his desire to take care of his families needs outweigh any other desire.

While the other person can also have the same opportunities, as the other does he simply does not possess that burning desire to make his business or himself successful. He is content getting by and simply not caring about anything. Actually, this kind of attitude is one that some people can not understand, especially in this economy. Many people who have lost their jobs as of late would do whatever it took for the opportunity some throw away.

Two types of people alright! While one is living paycheck to paycheck, and complaining and wishing his life was different, but not willing to put in the time or effort to take care of business. The other, on the other hand is living the life his efforts produced. Setting out on vacation! readily enjoying life and knowing his business is thriving and is a success. All due to the fact, that he was focused and open to real guidance and leadership. He was also willing to work hard and put in the time to build up his business.

Not having time or money are some of the reasons people do not even consider trying. Money really should not be an issue, because there are plenty of free resources available. You have to have the want and the desire to go out there and succeed. Do not be on the outside looking in, that's not how its suppose to be. Surround yourself with people who are smart and that are get things done. You deserve a better life and you should live The DREAM !! …

One businessman is, Ordinary and the other is Extraordinary, which are you?

Work and Study

The relationship between work and study should not be underestimated.

It is important that youngsters in general, and adolescents in particular, get real life experience of what it takes to succeed in the 'real world', what it takes to make money, and how hard dad or mum have to work to earn those extra few cents.

Recently a dad talked about the problems of getting his son to study; the family is wealthy and the son saw little need to make any effort to revise, do well in his forthcoming exams, and move onto a university and undergraduate subject with prospects of a rewarding career.

He saw his parents, particularly mum, as a 'soft touch'.

The harder the concerned parents tried, the more arrest the son became; the inverse law of proportionality appeared to be at work, or despite the law of diminishing returns. Necessity was definitely not the mother of invention!

'Man he is a Lazy B …!' complained the father.

At school, the youngster seemed to have learned a lot about his 'rights' – but little about responsibility.

He did not realize that 'rights' and 'responsibilities' are the same bedfellows – they both start with the letter 'r'!

The current situation was inevitable …

Things changed, however, after our recommendation that the son spend time working in the kitchens of one his father's famous restaurants over the summer holidays (well, what else did he expect given his parents' gentler efforts?).

Washing plates to earn his pocket-money was no fun; it did not take long before the grades started to improve.

Study was clearly a better option than washing plates in the kitchen.

Take Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world.

Warren has a wise head on his shoulders and drives the same old car and lives in the same old house as he did at the start of his career; His common sense has to be respected since his actions reflect his words.

He can afford to live in mansions, drive better cars but through his example has made clear that he intends to give most of his wealth to charity .

Warren believes that his children must learn to earn a living , make their own way in the real world.

The last thing he wants is to 'handicap' his progeny by handing over his billions.

Some of the smartest students at The University of Oxford in The Business Management School often sent their summer holidays waiting at tables before they got First Class Honors .

They are now CEOs of major companies, learning a very healthy living.

Consider another example from the world of tennis, the William sisters where Venus and Serena dominated the women's game for many years.

Their early history is one of being introduced to the 'Bronx' by their dad where gang bullets were not uncommon while they trained.

The William sisters soon realized that working for success in tennis was a better option than living in ghettos.

Where cajoling fails, direct experience often succeeds.

If you want your children to study more effectively , let them work for it!