What Is Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning?

You have many options when looking for a carpet cleaning method to use in your home. One of the options that is relatively new is the dry powder carpet cleaning method. It is a popular method but most people have no idea how it works or even if it works. This article will try to explain the process and the positive and negative characteristics of it.

In this process of carpet cleaning, a semi moisture power is spread onto the carpeting. The powder which is soaked in a detergent and / or solvent solution is usually either a corn cob based organic powder or a fully synthetic powder. This powder is agitated and worked into the carpet with either an orbital floor machine with a round plastic bristle brush or a machine with counter rotating plastic brushes. The theory behind this method is that the powder acts like thousands of little sponges scrubbing and absorbing dirt from the carpet as it is aged. After the powder dries, in only a few minutes, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the sponges and the floor is ready to be used.

The biggest positive characteristic of this method of cleaning is that it dries extremely quickly. Its drying time can be measured in minutes instead of hours. This means that you do not have to struggle to keep your kids and pets off of the carpet until it dries. You can put your home back to normal use almost immediately. Another benefit is that since the carpet is not being soaked with water, this method does not force spots down only for them to return hours or days later. What you see is what you get.

Dry powder cleaning does have some negative characteristics as well. For starters, the powder is usually not completely removed. The powder does not harm your carpet but the dry powder granules can stick to bare feet and can be a little bit of a nuisance. It is also not as aggressive as some other carpet cleaning methods. It is therefore best used on light to medium soil conditions.

That is pretty much all there is to this method. Hopefully this article has given you enough information to decide whether or not this is for you.

How to Identify Car Issues With Your Nose

Did you know that your nose can actually identify certain warning signs of vehicular trouble? Different smells may implicate particular problems with your vehicle, and picking up on these smells early on can spare you time and money on auto repairs. Continue reading to learn which automotive smiles to be on the lookout for, and what to do if you detect any of these odors in your vehicle.

Unusual Car Smells

If you buy a car right off the market, you can expect that tell-tale new car smell . But after sometime, that new car smell wears off, and what replace it depends on your interior automotive hygiene. However, it is possible to smell odors in your vehicle that are different from the food, smoke, perfume, and other odors that may generally occupy your interior. In this case, the presence of unusual odors could be a sign that something is mechanically wrong with your car. Below are the 6 most common automotive substances that may indicate an automotive problem.

Look Out for These Automotive Odors:

Gasoline – If you smell gas, it could mean that your vehicle has a gas leak somewhere in the fuel injection line or fuel tank. Since gasoline is highly flammable, it is vital that you take immediate action. Have a licensed mechanic locate the cause of the smell and make the necessary repairs to get your vehicle back to a safe driving condition.

Burnt Rubber – The smell of burnt rubber could indicate that your engine has slipping drive belts or loose hoses that are rubbing against the rotating accessory drive pulleys. This calls for professional auto repair.

Burnt Carpet – Smelling burnt carpet is a serious sign since it usually indicates a problem with a vehicle's braking system. This is a serious safety hazard that should be addressed by a professional mechanic immediately upon discovery.

Hot Oil – Hot oil smells could mean that your car has an oil leak that is causing oil to get into the exhaust system. If you also see smoke coming from the hood, or oil on the pavement below, it is most likely an oil leak. This calls for professional service.

Sweet Syrupy Smell – Sweet syrupy smells are an odd odor to experience in your vehicle, but they are also quite serious since they may be an indication that your vehicle has a coolant leak in its cooling system. Get professional auto service right away.

Rotten Eggs – The smell of rotten eggs, or sulfur, is a sign that your car's catalytic converter is defective. When catalytic converters stop converting hydrogen sulfide into sulfur dioxide properly, it can cause the smell of rotten eggs. This sign requires immediate professional automotive service.

Never ignore odd odors in your car. Consult a licensed automatic mechanic right away if you smell something unusual, especially while driving under normal conditions.

How to Avoid Cape Cod Bridge Traffic

Ah, the beauty of Cape Cod’s miles of coastline, the calming hues of a Cape sunset, and the unmistakable scent of…mini van fumes?? When you’re headed to Cape Cod for a vacation, the last thing you want to do is sit in traffic on the way to the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge. In the summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day (some might say Columbus Day), you just might find yourself sitting in bridge traffic…sometimes for hours! Don’t worry, we’ve been there, and there’s a way to avoid bridge traffic (and it’s not the mythical cape cod canal tunnel).

The first thing you have to realize about Cape Cod is that there are only two bridges, and hundreds of thousands of cars using the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges. That means at certain times of the day, those peak travel times we mentioned between Memorial Day and Labor Day, traffic is practically inevitable. The good news is that the Sagamore Bridge Rotary is no more, and a much more efficient flyover has been built on Route 3 in Bourne. The bad news? You still might sit in traffic.

Now, how can you avoid Cape Cod bridge traffic all together? The secret answer (please, keep this a secret!) is to travel early, or travel late. When we say late, we mean after 10 pm. When we say early, we mean before 7 am. Do those times not work for your schedule? Try traveling between Monday and Thursday, provided Monday isn’t a holiday. These days usually have much, much less traffic.

There are also some shortcuts to avoid some of the bridge traffic. If you’re heading towards the Sagamore Bridge, getting off at Exit 2 and heading south on Route 3A. Following the signage, you will reach Route 3 again, just before the bridge, cutting off much of the traffic. The same can be done at the Bourne bridge by getting off at Exit 2, then following Route 6 – Route 28 to the Bourne Bridge rotary/interchange.

Looking for another way to avoid bridge traffic? The only other options are to fly into Barnstable Airport, or if you’re heades to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, take a ferry from New Bedford to the west of Cape Cod.

On your return trip, keep in mind everyone is headed over the bridges near hotel checkout time on Sunday, between 9am and up until 7pm (sometimes much later). Your best bet in those circumstances might just be to spend the extra day relaxing at the beach.

Vocal Parts? Vocal Assembly

In this column, I would like to talk about the vocal parts and the proper assembly of them that contributions to the total vocal performance. When a potential student comes for an assessment and evaluation, I look at many of the components that could be crucial to his future success as a singing performer. First, I conduct an interview with the person and make an assessment of his or her interaction with me. If the responses are right on target and given at a reasonable speed, the person has a very good chance to become a future successful singer. It is, in a manner of speaking, like a low speed computer vs. a high powered Super Computer. If there is no proper 'hardware' on someone's shoulders, there is no point in instilling high quality 'software' into them. After they have 'passed' the interview, I put them on the floor to see how they can connect their brain to the other parts of their body, as singing is absolutely an integration and synergy between the mental, physical, emotional and vocal state of the human being. If any of the components are missing or not properly connected, the installation of the proper instructions might be virtually impossible. Singing is a wholesome mechanism and the parts can not be useful unless they are working in conjunction with each other. It's just like starting a car. You can not kind of start a car – you either start it or not. Obviously, if one of the components is missing or disconnected, or even if just the fuel is missing, the car is not going to take you anywhere. In this instance, as in the singing mechanism, we need a driving force, ie. a global performance of all of the components.

Next, after the brain, I definitely assess the physical muscles that are responsible for the vocal performance. These 'Vocal Parts' are as follows. The vocal box, which could be small or big (larger is obviously better) and flat or arched (arched is much preferred as the curved roof of the mouth will allow a greater body for the sound – just like a properly arched ballerina's feet will allow her to achieve a greater ballet performance). The vocal chords, which can be short or long (extremely, the longer the better, as that automatically implies a greater range). The vocal chords can also be thin or thick (average size is the best). If the vocal chords are thin the voice will be much higher, but may lack the lower tones and the body. If the vocal chords are on the thick side, it will be much harder for the singer to achieve the higher range, yet the lower notes and the body of the sound will be perfectly intact. The anatomy of the face (facial cavities and facial muscles) – the wider face is and the deeper the cavities are, the fuller sound will be that is produced. The length of the jaw should be proportional to the size of the head, otherwise it will be much harder to control the sound. The lips (thin or full) and the mouth opening also play a crucial role in the vocal performance . Fuller lips and a larger mouth are the best combination for a much easier and more pleasantly produced sound. The abdominal muscles (lower abdomen and upper diaphragm 'the strength of the former and the width of the latter) also play a very important role, as well as the proportions of the physical body. Longer legs and a shorter upper body are much preferred as the sound flies on top and above the body and, in this instance, the altitude of the sound will be much greater and the sound will be much easier to throw to its aimed destination. Proper post plays a very important role in the equation. At the beginning stages, the posture has to resemble that of a ballet dancer.

Speaking of ballet, any dancer who is involved in serious ballet dancing begins his / her day at the bar, where, according to the great dancers, everything begins and ends. At the bar they check their posture, center, etc. They also work on separate elements of which the future dance will consist of. Then they let go of the bar and their routines start typically at the corner of the ballet studio. If before they were repeating each element up to 32 times (ie 32 bars of music), now in these 32 bars they fit in five, six or more elements combined together. And then and only then does the dance begin. All the elements are properly interconnected in sequence and now we can witness, for instance, a part of a future 'Giselle' or 'Nutcracker'. The dance was born. Similarly for singing, as we have the proper body parts working with the proper elements of the future song, we will have the SONG. The singer could relax now. By the repetition of certain vocal exercises, achieving proper posture with the certain body exercises, this will put him into the proper mode on automatic pilot. At this point the singer only has to be concerned about his artistic presentation, as all the physical parts are now intact. The perfect ensemble between the mental, physical and vocal parts, as well as the combination of technical and artistic merit, will help to achieve the totality of the vocal performance.

Military Boots for Hiking

Military boots used to be the business of the soldier. Since the first Roman Centurion worn hobnail boots onto the battlefield – and felt all the better for it – armies across the world began to understand the importance of protecting feet from harsh and rugged terrain. An industry was born: weather-resistant, durable, outdoor footgear fit for the harshest of harsh environments.

Many people do not know or understand how tough soldiers have it on the battlefield. Many people do not want to. There are a few experiences the rest of us may have had that allow us to fathom the reality of the kind of harsh terrain soldiers are subjected to: the times we went hiking or trekking.

Some of us take our outdoor pursuits lightly, but more of us do not. High impact activities such as those that conventionally go under the 'outdoor pursuits' category are not for the faint hearted, or legged. Mounting climbing and trekking are often used by people to release significant emotional pressure gaskets. It's an activity used to burn up excess stores of energy. Bear this in mind before agreeing willy-nilly to take someone up on an offer to go 'hiking' with them.

The hardened hikers out there know that there's nothing worse than trekking for miles up harsh mountain edges with gradients as steep as right angles in crappy footwear. Indeed, the wrong footwear – or even poorly fitting footwear – will likely land a person in an emergency room. Try descending a steep glacial mountain with boots unfit for the purpose and you'll understand the importance of a high-quality rubber grip on the soul of your hiking boot.

Military boots are among the most robust, custom-designed footwear on the market. Considering their purpose, it's easy to see why this is the case. The makers of outdoor pursuits do closely consider practical design when inventing high-spec footwear ranges and can represent good value for money. However, with military boots, you know that you're going to be protected from the harshest conditions and elements. It's a sort of safe bet when you're unsure what to look for in outdoor footwear.

Swing Your Hammer As The God Of Thunder This Halloween!

The warmth of summer has all but left us, the days are getting shorter, nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air. The leaves on the trees start to subtly change colour to mark the coming of Autumn. Christmas is still a good while away, the next event to look forward to is Halloween and it’s just around the corner.

It’s an exciting time for kids and also for adults. Parties to plan for, candies to stock up and most importantly, a new Halloween costume to go trick or treating on Halloween night.

Halloween is full of the traditional scary sights and it’s always nice to try to be a little original when it comes to choosing your outfit. This year has seen the revival of some old superheroes with big movie releases which have bought The Green Lantern and Captain America to the big screen but one of my favourite movies of this year has been Thor.

Costume designers always keep abreast of movie releases to influence their designs and there are plenty of Thor movie outfits to be found right now, perfect for something different for Halloween.

Whilst searching for Thor movie outfits I found a wide variety of outfits from the movies, superhero outfits for kids, superhero dresses for ladies and some great Thor suits for adults.

Thor is a superhero movie based on a comic book character in the Marvel comics. In the movie he is banished from Asgard, city of the Gods after having incurred the wrath of his father Odin, King of Asgard. His father strips him of all his godly powers and exiles him to Earth, forcing him to live as a mere mortal amongst us humans.

Not the easiest transition for a god to make!

All superhero stories have a supervillain, an archenemy against whom the hero must fight to save the day and Thor is no different. Loki is the villain in this tale. He is the foster brother of Thor and known as the god of Mischief. Growing up he was always jealous of Thor as he always felt that his Foster Father and the people of Asgard favoured him. In the movie, Loki plots to become the next king of Asgard whilst our hero Thor is in exile.

Not everyone likes to transform themselves into the righteous superhero, some prefer to let their darker side shine through by playing the part of a villain. If that sounds familiar to you, and you are a fan of the Thor movie, then a costume of the character Loki could be the perfect fit this Halloween!

Finding Morandi in Bologna

There are any number of reasons to make a trip to the beautiful city of Bologna.  It might be for business, since Bologna is a center of commerce, or  for great shopping,  or to eat the meat-rich regional food.  Pasta bolognese, anyone?  It could be to wander through the multitude of arcaded walkways, dry in winter and cool in summer, that give the city its architectural harmony.  Or it might be to visit the vast cathedral with its sculptures by Michelangelo, or the archeological museum, stuffed with Etruscan artifacts.  None of these treats drew me and my family to Bologna the first time, although we were delighted to discover them once we’d arrived.  It was, instead, the paintings, drawings and watercolors of Giorgio Morandi housed in the Museo Morandi, right in the ancient center of Bologna, that first opened up the beauties of the city for us.

 If you are not yet familiar with the work of Morandi you have a very special experience before you.  Why Morandi?  What is the fuss about?  At first glance his paintings seem simple.  He paints the sames subject over and over again.  These are an arrangements of small objects, a particular bottle and bowl, a vase with one flower, or a glimpse of the walls of the courtyard outside his studio, returning to these subjects repeatedly and painting them in a hundred different ways.  The variations of colors are subtle, a pinkish grey, a muted green, the softest wash of yellow ochre.  However the objects and narrow views he painted have a powerful, steady presence.  It is difficult to look away from them.  You can see in the calm of these works, not only influences of twentieth century artists like Paul Cezanne but also of Renaissance painters like Uccello, Giotto and Massaccio. 

 Except for short stays in the nearby country town of Grizzana, Morandi lived in Bologna from the time he started at the Accademia di Belle Arti at the age of 17 in 1907 until his death in 1964. Throughout much of his life he taught drawing in Bologna’s elementary schools and some of the freshness and liveliness of his paintings surely arises from this work with children.   As a young man he associated with Bolognese intellectuals and artists like the painter Osvaldo Licini and the writer Mario Bacchelli, with whom he worked on a magazine called La Raccolta .

Perhaps because of this association with intellectual life, writing on Morandi can tend to get a little abstract, about the “metaphysicality of objects” and the other heady constructs that can sometimes build up around a body of work.  However, in contrast, the quiet immediacy of his paintings speak quite simply for themselves in their soft beauty. When you walk up to the second floor of the City Hall that houses Museo Morandi museum and walk through the rooms filled with his painting it feels like someone is there, the artist himself, showing you the way he saw.

The museum features a reconstruction of the studio where Morandi painted for many years.  The objects that we get to know so well through his paintings are all right there on the shelves near his narrow bed.  The ordered chaos of the working painter is in  evidence.  What strikes one about this space is how constrained it is, and how few subjects he painted.  There is that particular vase, there the bowl and small rounded dish.  His window looked over a courtyard enclosed by buildings, with just a glimpse of a tree branch, and a blank wall.  Tellingly, Morandi chose this constricted space for his studio, instead of another room available to him which had views over distant hills and an orchard.  It is this narrowing of focus which makes his work so intense and influential.

In fact, I would go so far as to say, that looking closely at the paintings of Giorgio Morandi has deepened my ability to experience and appreciate the beauty of Italy, itself.  How so?  It is because he looked so closely at a small part of Italy, specifically the limited view over his enclosed courtyard, or the way light fell on a few objects in his studio, that he makes you look at everything in this country again.  Sometimes, when I happen on a window with a view over a blank, wall, a corner of sky, or a few angular bits of roof, I stop and gaze, struck by the narrow glimpse of beauty.  This is in part because this one artist spent his lifetime showing us the way light falls and changes in such a limited space.  Thank you, Giorgio Morandi.

Having made this pilgrimage, gazed our fill, somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer extent of this body of work, it is a relief to head back out into the living bustle of Bologna.  Here the rich brick red of the arcades, the delicious smell of baking lasagna and bread coming from the open restaurants are full of welcome.  The loud cheer and energy of a northern Italian city at midday, seals in the experience of the quiet, empty spaces of Morandi’s works, an interior quiet that goes with us into the lively bustle of Bologna.

 If you are staying at the UNA Hotel Bologna it is an easy and pleasant walk up the main street of Via dell’Indipendenza to the Museo Morandi at Piazza Maggiore, 6.  Or you can take a more meandering route through the smaller streets of the town.

Salt Lake City Facts and Hotels

Facts about Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the biggest and the capital city of Utah State in the USA. It is one of the largest in the southwestern portion of the country although Salt Lake City’s climate is similar to the region of the Rocky Mountains. This city is located in the salt lake valley along the urban corridor of Wasatch Front situated between Wasatch Range to the eastern portion as well as Oquirrh Mountains in the western portion. The Oquirrh Mountains are near the border between the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountain regions.

The city is famous for the “Christ of latter-day Saints” church center though only half of the local residents are members of this congregation. The city has more than 180,000 inhabitants while the Salt Lake City metropolitan Area has over a million people.

This city is very popular for its numerous ski resorts within Wasatch Mountains just in the eastern and southeastern portion of the city proper. The 2002 Winter Olympics was held in this city. It is popular for its fluff and light snowballs due to the lake effect and low humidity.

Some of the largest snowfall in the United States occurs in the mountains of Wasatch. The condition of the mountains is suitable for skiing and the tagline “the greatest snow on earth.” Summer recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and camping along with fishing, boating and the like are also popular here for the mountains surrounding the city offer outdoor opportunities.

Salt Lake is just a 5-hour drive from the national parks and striking sandstone desert terrain of South Utah. This city is definitely a major destination for lots of major activities.

Hotels in Salt Lake City

Grand America Hotel

It is situated at 555 Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about the hotel, amenities and the like, feel free to contact 801-258-6000. This is a luxury accommodation place on the southern portion of the city’s downtown area. This hotel is also rated as among the best hotels in the country. It is definitely among the world’s most beautiful hotels.

Grand America features some of the most luxurious mirrors and chandeliers within the Western Hemisphere. In addition, it even has a mirror that is worth a million dollars and is supposed to possess amazing clarity.

Hotel Monaco

This hotel is located at 15 West 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. For inquiries about hotel reservations, room amenities and room rates, contact 801-595-0000. It is a classy high-rise hotel with beautiful and spacious guest rooms. Hotel Monaco is mainly a business hotel although its amenities and facilities are as comfortable as luxury hotels. The hotel offers big discounts on weekends.

Quality Inn Hotel

This hotel is just a 5-minute ride from the city’s international airport and the downtown area. It was formerly named as Holiday Inn. The hotel is located at 1659 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, call 801-533-9000. It is near tourist attractions as well as fine dining restaurants and shopping malls.

Comfort Inn

It is located at 200 North Admiral Byrd Road, Salt Lake City, Utah. It is close to various tourist attractions of the city’s downtown area such as the Trolley Square, Temple Square and the Miller Motor sports Park. It is also just a few minutes away from the city’s international airport.

How Not to Choose a Good Anti Aging Skin Care Product

The anti aging and skin care industries are huge. Millions or billions of dollars are spent by consumers on anti aging skin care treatments, and so there is big money to be made. And there are plenty of big companies in the anti aging and cosmetics industry that take advantage of this.

The result is that many mainstream anti aging skin care products just don’t work. The cosmetics and skin care industry is quite unregulated in the US, and so the big cosmetics and skin care companies can put any product on the market without first proving that it works, and even without showing that it is safe for the people who use it.

As a result there are many anti aging skin care treatments available that don’t work, and contain suspect, or known to be dangerous ingredients.

But they sell in spades to cater to the desire of so many consumers to look younger, or at least to believe that they will look younger. And so there are hundreds of well known brand name products that promise all sorts of anti aging benefits everywhere you look.

So, how do you navigate your way through all this to choose an anti aging skin care treatment that does work, and doesn’t contain ingredients that you should be scared of?

Here’s how not to choose a good anti aging product.

1. Don’t buy any skin care products that include fragrances in them. Now of course everyone likes to smell good, and the cosmetics companies pander to that, by adding fragrances to their products. Apply the cream and smell good and look young all at the same time.

There’s 2 problems. Firstly you won’t look younger because chances are the skin cream won’t make you look younger, though you may feel good about having used it.

Secondly, fragrances are not good chemicals to put on your skin. Because that’s what they are, chemicals that smell good, and many of them aren’t that good for you. It’s the same with perfumes, for example, but if you apply a perfume it’s only a small squirt on one spot, it’s not massaged all over your face where it disappears, into your blood. So just use a perfume instead.

2. Don’t buy skin care creams that have collagen in them. Now this at first glance appears counterintuitive doesn’t it? Everyone knows that collagen, or the breakdown of collagen in your skin, leads to sagging and wrinkling of the skin so putting more collagen on must be good.

Not necessarily. Yes it’s good to replenish the collagen, however collagen molecules are quite large and don’t really enter the skin. So rubbing it on might make you feel good, but doesn’t really add to the levels of collagen in your skin.

The best way to improve the collagen levels in your skin is to stimulate the body to produce more collagen itself.

However remember, the big cosmetics and anti aging companies are in the business of selling their products. If they put collagen on the label people buy it. And if they put it in a fancy bottle and get a good looking celebrity to say how much younger they look using it, then it will sell.

Even if it doesn’t do anything for you. Even if it’s got suspect ingredients. It will sell.

That’s marketing for you.

Problem is, all this marketing is expensive. The good looking celebrity has to be paid, usually lots, the fancy bottles need to be purchased, and the advertising costs a bomb.

So the anti aging skin care treatment that really doesn’t do much costs a bomb too. But that’s OK because people believe that if it’s expensive it must be good. So they pay anyway.

So there is 2 things to avoid when looking for a good anti aging skin care treatment. There’s more but this is getting long.

Does all this mean that you should give up on anti aging creams and products because they don’t work? Not at all. There are excellent anti aging products that work fine, produced from ingredients from plants that are safe to use.

But they are produced by small niche companies that you’ve probably never heard of, who quietly produce high quality products at reasonable prices because they don’t pay the good looking celebrities and spend up big on TV advertising. That’s why you’ve never heard of them. If they started doing that their products would cost a bomb too.

So don’t despair. I’ve given you some things to look for when buying an anti aging skin care product, and told you that there are excellent products available. Now it’s your turn to find them.

Growing Organic Cabbage


Start cage seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost. For a continuous harvest, plant outdoors every two weeks after the last frost date, planting the last crop in July for storage in the fall. Due to the cold Pacific Coast moderating the warmer temperatures, California is able to grow cabbages year around.


Full sun and very fertile, well drained soil.


All members of the brassica family (such as cage, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, kale, and Brussels sprouts to name a few) are large consumers of soil nutrients. Add plenty of well rotted manure and compost to the soil before planting. Cabbage plants prefer a liberal, balanced amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Many problems with cage are avoided when the pH level is right around 7.2. If your soil pH is low, adding lime will bring it up.


Cabbage seeds germinate in soil temperatures as low as 50 F but will take 2 weeks or more before germinating. The most ideal temperature for germination is 80-85 F, taking only 3-4 days to sprout.

Seed liability: 5 years


Cabbage is very susceptible to transplant shock but with care, cabbage seeds can be started indoors for faster germination. Start cage seeds indoors in flats "" deep and 2 "apart.

Set in a sunny location or under grow lights with a temperature of 65-75 F (some varieties can germinate in lower temperatures). Once the seedlings have emerged, keep the air temperature between 60-65 F.

Seedlings can begin the transplanting process once the outside temperatures reach a steady 50 F and the seedlings have developed three true leaves. Harden off seedlings (set out during the day and bringing in at night) for a minimum of one week before planting outside. Plants should be well watered before transplanting.

When transplanting, be careful not to disturb the root ball. Plant a little deeper; bringing soil level slightly above the previous soil line. Choose a day to transplant that is cool and overcast. This will help prevent transplant shock which can be caused by a changes in temperature and light, disabling the root system, or not enough water.


( Planting seeds directly into the garden)


Space cabbages 12-18 "apart with 2-3 'between rows to allow for spreading roots. cabbages 12 "apart and harvest every other one when about the size of a softball for fresh eating, leaving the rest to fully mature for storage.


Young plants do not fair well if they are competitive for space with weeds; it will slow their growth. Weeding is critical for plant development but be extremely cautious of the cage's shallow, dense root system which can be easily damaged by using garden tools.

If a weed is growing too close to the root system, clip it at ground level; this will avoid damaging the cage plant's root system. Once the heads begin to form, hand weeding is recommended. Applying a layer of mulch will help keep the weeds under control and help maintain even moisture levels.


Cabbage heads are already to splitting. There are various reasons for this but the underlying reason is stress. The most common causes of splitting are fluctuation in soil moisture and overgrown heads.

To prevent splitting, keep soil moisture levels even and harvest earlier. Once a head is formed, plunging the blade of a spade or shovel into the soil on one side of the plant will cut some of the roots, slowing the bolting process.


Keep moisture levels even and soil well drained throughout the growing season. Waterlogged soil will decrease the quality of cabbage. Sufficient amounts of organic matter is necessary due to its ability to both hold, or drain excess moisture.


Cabbage grows well with most aromatic herbs, especially chamomile. Clover planted in the spaces between the cabbages has been effective as a living mulch, preventing pests from accessing bare ground on which to hatch their eggs.

Celery as was observed to strengthen and promote the growth of cabbage. For varied reasons, bad companions include tomatoes, dill, pole beans, and strawberries. When growing garbage, avoid following other cabbage family plants.


Cabbage heads can be harvested when the head becomes firm. For the most tender, flavorful heads, harvest when the size of a softball; what they are lacking in size these small heads will make up in flavor. When harvested at this size, the plant will often produce a second head.

Allow growing cage heads to mature for the highest yields. (See 'Spacing' for harvesting tips)

Be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Rain may cause fully-ripened cage heads to split. If this happens, you have a short time in which to harvest your cabin or they'll begin to rot.

At the harvest, cut as close to the head as possible and this will allow for more small heads to grow. These can grow 2 or more inches and are quite tasty.


There are a few things you can do to keep growing cage from being attacked by pests:

1.Overhead watering will help detach insects from the plant.

2. Controlling nitrogen levels will keep the aphid numbers down; high levels of nitrogen have been shown to increase aphid population.

3. Using compost or straw mulches will significantly reduce the amount of fly larvae hatched directly into the soil. It also serves as a habitat for ground and rove beetles, predators of the cage maggot.

4.Floating row covers used during the critical period after the plant emerges or right after transplanting will prevent larvae hatchings.

Clobroot (a fungus that attacks the roots) that can be controlled by keeping soil pH at 7.2. If pH levels drop below that, liming is recommended.


Bruised heads shorten storage life. Red garbage stores better than green. Early varieties do not store well.

For late varieties: pull whole plant, roots intact rather than cutting. Remove outer and damaged leaves. Place on shelves or in a cellar wrapped in newspaper.

How to Source High Speed ​​Lifts

What is a High Speed ​​Lift

High speed lifts are modified scissor lifts that are designed to cycle at much faster speeds than a traditional scissor lift. These lifts are also fabricated to end many more cycles than a traditional lift, since high speed lifts are often high duty cycle lifts. The scissor lift can achieve speeds of up to 5 seconds for a full raised height, to 7 seconds to fully lower. Compare that to a traditional lift which averages 30 seconds up and 45 seconds to lower. The lifts can have a travel range from a few inches to several feet depending on the application.

Applications That Require High Speed ​​Lifts

The most common type of application that would require this type of lift would be a conveyor integration project. In these applications, the lift is used to move material from a lower level conveyor to a higher level conveyor. Of course, the converse is true as well. With conveyor applications, accuracy and repeatability are important as the rollers on top of the lift have to line up with the adjacent conveyor. If they do not, then the load will not transfer off the lift table and damage could occur to the equipment.

Another common application is automation work cells. In these applications, the lift is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Computer). It is common for automation work cells to require the lift to jog up or down a few inches at a time. This jogging motion most often times is to line up the material on the lift for the machine or robotic arm to pick from.

Choosing a High Speed ​​Lift

Choosing the right lift is as important to your project as the finished product you are producing. I suggest you gather the following information for the lift manufacturer.

1. How much weight the lift will hold

2. How often the lift will cycle or jog per hour, day, week, year

3. What tolerance the lift must achieve (aka. Repeatability)

4. How will the lift will be controlled

5. What speed is required in inches per second

6. A detailed description of the sequence of operation


High speed lifts [http://www.materialpros.com/videos/high-speed-lift] are critical manufacturing components that often times can not be taken out of production. To ensure the success of your project, it is critical you provide all the critical application information to the lift manufacturer. Also keep in mind that high speed lifts must be visually inspected on a regular schedule, generally monthly, to check for premature wear and damage to the components.

The Power of a General Benefits Statement

A general benefits statement is similar to an elevator pitch I will explain the difference since we will be covering the Elevator Pitch in an upcoming article.

An elevator pitch is a short statement that will explain your business, one that could be used if you got in an elevator on the ground floor and ran into an old friend who asked what you were now doing. You could give him or her a well rehearsed short statement about what your company does before you arrived at the forth floor, your destination. Thus the name elevator pitch.

A general benefits statement is just what it say’s. It’s a statement about the benefits of doing business with your company and it’s a transition point that opens up the conversation for you to begin the process of selling your product or service.

In a typical sales call we all start of the conversation with some idle chit chat for a few minutes, a courtesy, that helps break the ice but keep this brief. Now comes the uncomfortable part, how do you get from chit chat into the sales call? The answer, a General Benefit Statement.

Example. Thanks for seeing me today. My company works with companies just like yours every day and they find our products or services to be unique and of higher value than they expected, but beyond that they find that dealing with my company is easier and our client services is the best in the industry. I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about your organization and its requirements. The response will most often be ok, now your in. Ask your questions and keep asking until you have uncovered enough evidence that give you the confidence to proceed with your solution.

The secret here is that before you use a general statement, craft it, develop it adjust it then LIC learn it cold. Once you have mastered it and it flows well it will give you all of the confidence that you have an excellent transition too. If you are uncertain and stumble through the delivery it will have the reverse effect.

You may only get one shot with the decision maker so be prepared, Get your GBS general benefit statement down pat and you will see how smooth the transition from the chit chat to the selling is.

Fun Games for RV Trips

When you're on the road for an RV trip, you spend a lot of time, well, on the road. While an RV affords more entertainment opportunities, and space, than a typical road trip in a smaller vehicle, those hours can still leave your passengers pining for things to do. Here are several ideas of ways you can pass the time between destinations:

Alphabet Game

This trial-and-true classic inspires friendly competition and requires enough focus to keep RV occupants riveted on passing signs, etc. This game can be played a couple different ways. In one version, you start with A and have to find a word (on passing billboards, road signs, etc) that begins with the letter A. The same word can not be used again by another player. After finding an A word, you move on to B – who ever gets through Z first, wins! Other versions simplify the game by allowing you to find the letter anywhere, not just at the beginning of a word. In this version, you can find the letters on license plates as well.

Card Games

Whether you opt for gin rummy or go fish, an RV is ideal for playing card games because, unlike other vehicles, you have table space! Poker and black jack will go over well with older crowds, while younger players can enjoy simple games like slap jack and memory. If you're tired of traditional games, pick a target and see who can throw the most cards into the trash can, etc. Ficking cards effectively is more difficult than you'd expect – and it's addicting to try and perfect your technique. Also, an RV trip is a good a time as any to bust out all your old card tricks – your audience is captive, after all.

I Spy

This one is a good way to stay entertained while still enjoying the passing scenery. Each player takes a turn choosing an object outside and gives a clue, such as, "I spy something green." Players take turns guessing what the object is until someone gets it right, and who guesses correctly gets to pick the next object. Be careful though – if you do not pick a larger object in the distance, it's likely to pass too quickly for anyone to guess it. If you run out of larger choices, you can choose things inside the RV.

Cow Counting

If you're in cow country, start counting! Assign players to face different windows, set a time limit, and see who can spot the most cows. No livestock around? Pick whatever fits for the region you're in – a certain kind of tree or cactus, oil drills, airplanes, etc. Spice this game up by adding a prize for the team that gets the highest count before the time runs out. Nothing compels people quite like the promise of an ice cream cone or the right to choose the afternoon movie.

License Plate Acronyms

Aside from making the cars around you paranoid, writing down passing license plate numbers can provide an entertaining and creative activity. Using the letters from the license plates, see how many funny and witty phrases you can come up with using the letters as an acronym. Bonus points if you manage to include the numbers in the phrase!

Car Shopping

There are two ways you can play this game. In the first version, you pick a time limit and each player has to view the passing cars and decide which one they want to "own." Whoever calls a car first gets it, but once you call one you can not change your answer. Be careful – if you hold out until the end, you might get stuck with the last old beater you see before time runs out. At the end, you can either inquire about which car is best or let someone who did not play choose the winner. Another way to play this game is to have each player select a type of car. During the predetermined time limit, see who can find the most of his or her type of car on the road around you.

Any of the above games should be winners with your RV crowd – but you're less likely to enjoy them if you're dealing with setbacks or RV trouble. If heading through Arizona, get everything checked at a Phoenix RV service location so you can have as much peace of mind as possible during the 25th round of I Spy.

Villaware Electric Skillet

As a person who grew up on electric stoves, I was shocked when I bought by first home and it came with gas, instead of electric. It was a shock not only to me, but also to my body. The taste of the food was noticeably different and I did not like this new change. Unfortunately, seeing as I had just bought a home, money was tight and I could not afford to get my stove changed to the way I liked it. That is why I had to buy an electric skillet. When I was looking around, I found that the Villaware electric skillet was the best deal for my money.

The Villaware electric skillet comes with a twelve inch pan for me to do all my cooking in. This is more than enough room for me to cook any meal of the day: whether its eggs and bacon for breakfast, a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or lamb chops and vegetables for dinner, it fits all my needs. And because the pan is non stick and so easy to clean, I actually can use it three times a day without getting the taste of eggs on my lamb chops. The Villaware electric skillet also comes with a glass lid, which I simply adore because I can finally watch my food as it is prepared. I no longer have to play that guessing game of lifting the lid up and rolling my eyes in disappointment. The Villaware electric skillet also comes with stainless steel cooking handles, so be careful when lifting it up after cooking up something good. Add in a food thermometer for safely checking the temperature of your food and you are all set to start cooking.

Whenever you order a Villaware electric skillet, you will also get a few delicious recipes that you can use for the first time you cook or every time you cook. You will get a recipe for All American pancakes, French toast or potato pancakes for breakfast. If you would like recipes for meals that are not breakfast, try out southern fried chicken, Spanish paella, Italian sausage, Italian risotto, Texas chili, fried rice, couscous, beef stroganoff and Cajun jambalaya for your eating pleasure.

As you can see a Villaware electric skillet can be a fun and convenient tool for anyone to use. Whether you are like me and you don’t like the taste of food made on a gas stove or you need a skillet for an RV or camper, a Villaware electric skillet can be the right choice for you!

Magefesa Pressure Cooker – Product Description and Review

Magefesa pressure cooker is mainly imported from Spain where their main company is located. Two years ago, Magefesa established their own commercial presence in the United States by opening up Magefesa, USA to further service the American consumers and cater to their needs.

Magefesa are made from 18/10 stainless steel, chrome and nickel. They are available in several models such as Praktika Plus, Ideal, Mageplus, Alustar and Star R. The have be found in various sizes – 3-6 quarts. They have multi-safety features, five to be exact, namely:

1) easy lock which only locks if the lid is aligned properly

2) red pressure sensor which denotes if there is pressure build-up inside the pot

3) pressure regulating valve wherein you can choose the desired pressure level

4) safety valve which backs up the pressure regulating valve

5) lid edge safety window where pressure can release when all else fails

Aside from the five features mentioned above, the product is also suitable for all cooking surfaces whether gas, induction, flame or ceramic. This makes it very versatile and flexible. The bottom is has an encapsulated base wherein there is aluminum sandwiched in between stainless steel at the bottom for even heat distribution.

Magefesa pressure cooker is very sleek and elegant. Moreover, its safety features abound almost to the point of ridiculous. The product is definitely innovative and manufactured with consumers’ safety and convenience in mind. It is more expensive compared to other brands but with its modern look and multi-features, it surely is worth your money in the end. So if you don’t mind the price and is after durability, functionality, and sophistication, this product will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen.