Ten Steps to Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery

Simply stated, bad plastic surgery does occur. In spite of the fact that medical and professional standards in the US exceed those of other nations, departures from those standards do arise, sometimes with heartbreaking results.

Your appearance in some important ways may be making you happy and you are hiring that cosmetic and plastic surgery can lead to looking better and feeling better about yourself. In choosing plastic surgery, the last exit you expect is the exact opposite of what you're doing for.

Even though cosmetic surgeons have professional and legal duties to adhere to appropriate standards, you should not rely on that to take taking responsibility yourself towards minimizing risks that your plastic surgery will go wrong. By following the guidelines suggested below, you may become well equipped to diminish the chances of an unsatisfactory, if not a tragic exit.

1. Ask if your doctor is Certified : Be sure that the cosmetic surgeon you select is board certified. The doctor you choose should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This assures that the physician specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, has received years of cosmetic surgery training, undergone stiff examinations and established the necessary competency in this specialty.

2. Verify that your Doctor specializes in the procedure you're looking for : A plastic surgeon which specialist is breast implants may not be the best choice to rearrange your nose.

3. Your expectations should be realistic : While cosmetic surgical procedures can deliver astounding improvements in appearance, the precise aesthetics you desire, in reality, may not be attainable. Scrutinize your motives and be realistic and levelheaded.

4. Determine that your physical and emotional health is good : A complete examination of your past and present physical health, emotional health and motives for wanting plastic surgery should be connected by your doctor.

5. STOP SMOKING! – if you're a smoker : Smoking can lead to complications and hinder achieving the desired result.

6. Consult at least one more physician : Too many unqualified fraudsters seek to entice patients in this field. They can sound very convincing. Be wary, and, at a minimum, check that they are a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

7. Get pictures and testimonials : Any doctor who has a good track record will show you pictures of former patients and provide testimonials. It's a good idea to see if you can speak with prior patients.

8. Be certain you understand the costs of cosmetic surgery : A doctor offering a cut rate may be unqualified. If you are considering leaving the United States for cheaper surgery, bear in mind that many other countries do not observe US standards. Do the math, including air fare, hotel, meals, etc.

9. Be aware of the risks of plastic surgery : All surgeries carry risks. Among the risks are infection, anesthesia, reaction to medications, blood clots, respiratory difficulties and death. Plastic surgery is no different.

10. Think twice about having multiple surgical procedures done simultaneously : This poses increased risks, all of which should be discussed with you by your surgeon.

A couple of additional points need to be considered:

Cosmetic plastic surgery is elective and is not covered by most forms of medical insurance. For those on a limited budget, it's well to think about whether paying for surgery for cosmetic reasons will leave you so financially strapped that the anticipated outcome will fail to outweigh the distress of financial hardship.

This raises the question of having plastic surgery performed in another country. While costs can be substantially lower in countries like Thailand, Brazil and India, you need to take into account the costs of air fare, hotels, meals, etc. Many seemingly attractive packages are promoted, but, in the final analysis, many people report that the only justifiable ratione for exiting the US is for the sake of anonymity (many celebrities do this), or simply to mix the surgery with a vacation.

Your own common sense, armed with the information you assemble following the steps suggested here, will strengthen your chances of having a wonderful new you and preclude a bad plastic surgery exit.

How To Structure A Swimming Workout For A Triathlon

Warming Up:

When you get to the pool deck and get situated (kickboard, water bottle and gear laid out), do a few quick arm rotations and dry land swimming drills. Even some elastic bands can help get your upper body prepped and ready for your swim workout. You would not think of going for a hard run without a warm-up and dynamic stretch, so why should swimming be any different? Personally, I like to do about 10 shoulder shrats and some imitation swimming with my arms to warm-up my upper body. Then, to get my lower body geared up for the swim, I'll do 10 knee bends and flex, stretch, & loosen my ankles. Then I'm sure warmed up and ready to swim. Your workout should start out with some type of water warm-up that is easy. Some examples are:

200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim
400-500 swim
2-4 x 150 Free / 50 no-free
2-4 x 400s (150free, 50 non-free – repeated twice)
400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick, 100 drill choice

Drilling It:

After you have done a certain warm-up and ingested some fluids, it is time to move on quickly to a drill set to get your arms moving and heart rate up. A drill set will be a bit faster than your warm-up, but not as "hard" as your main set. The primary goal is to focus on good swim technique before fatigue sets in.
I like to give my athletes pretty standard drill sets by only changing up the number of repeats or distance in the set. The drill set rest / recovery period should be no longer than 15 seconds. Here are a few examples of a drill set:

4-10 x 75s with 15 sec rest (kick, drill, swim by 25) (could also be Pull, kick, swim or Drill Swim, Drill, etc.)
3 x (100 pull, 50 swim)
2 – 4 x 150s (25 drill, 50 swim)

Main Set:

After your drill set is complete, a quick one minute break is all you need to determine your main set, the goal of your workout. Your swim workout goal can be broken into three types: Speed ​​/ Sprinting / Lactate Threshold sets, Technique / Strength sets and Distance / Endurance sets. Each workout should focus on one of these three goal types which will determine your main set, however the exception to the rule is when you might combine them. Below are some examples of how to structure your main set:

Speed ​​Day:
– 3 x (100 swim HARD, 50 easy)
10 x 100s @ lactate threshold effort
2 x (5 x 100s FAST @ descending effort, 100 easy)

Distance Day:
4 x 300s @ moderate effort w /: 20seconds rest
6 x 200s
Odds: Max Distance Per Stroke – focus on good technique
Evens: Moderate effort
– 4 x 400s

Technique / Strength Day
4 x (100 pull, 50 one arm drill, 250 pull)
3 x (4 x 50s Band Training w /: 10sec rest, 300 Pull w /: 15sec rest, 50 easy) @ Moderate effort
2 x (4 x 100s w /: 15 sec rest breathing ever 3/4/5/6 by 25)
# 1 – Pulling
# 2 – Swim

Warm Down Is not Everything:

After completing your main set, perform a quick cool down to end your swim workout. It's easy to finish your main set and hop out of the pool to leave, but I would highly advise against this. A cool down can be short, no longer than 300 meters, and will help prevent injury to your body. For my athletes, I generally advise a 100-300 meter warm down of straight easy freestyle with emphasis on good technique. To make for a really effective workout, once you're done swimming, get out for a quick core workout. I tell my athletes to do this either right on the pool deck or right when they get home.
3 x: 30sec of holding a plank position.
3 x: 20sec of side plank
And 2-3 sets of favorite core exercises (Example: Pointers, Bicycle Crunches)

The workouts I've provided above should be used as a guide to help you learn more about how and what you should be doing at the pool. Staring at the black line can get boring, but if you take charge of your workout, getting bored or losing focus does not have to be an excuse anymore. Now you know how to properly structure your swim workout. So stop doing 30 x 50 or 100 free repeats all day and make a new plan.

Plan your Dream Career as a Wedding Planner

In today's busy world, couples that want to get married do not always have the time to plan the wedding of their dreams. Wedding planners are in the profession of planning weddings for others. Their role in this process is planner, organizer, decorator or sometimes, even refere. These professionals work in a high stress environment where they are responsible for making sure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

What They Do:

Wedding planners help the bride and groom come up with a plan for their special day. After the date is chosen and the budget set, the wedding planner can go on to work on other endless details. The wedding planner will set up a time line schedule and a step-by-step list of what needs to be done. The wedding planner is in regular communications with their clients to ensure that they are in agreement to the plans that are being made.
They cover all details of the wedding from helping the bride and groom choose a location, colors, flooring, caterers, music, and type of ceremony. In addition, they also handle things like etiquette, religious traditions, marriage licensing, and coordinating bridesmaids groomsmen and parents.


Although no formal training is required to be a wedding planner, those who do take formal wedding planning programs have an edge over their competition. After all, would not you want someone who has some credentials? When you take a wedding planning program, you will be trained in how to start a wedding consulting business, and run it successfully. You will learn how to make timelines, set schedules, and work with your vendors. You will also learn how to calculate your cost, and stick to the wedding budget. Having knowledge of religions and wedding traditions is necessary so the wedding planner can prepare things properly. Staying current with wedding trends, bridal fashion and floral design is onoing education in your career as a wedding planner. By offering the best service available, you can build a client base just by word of mouth.A wedding planner's typical fee is 10 to 15 percent of the cost of the wedding.

The Benefits of Switching to LED Grow Lights

LED (light emitting diodes) is commonly used in electronic devices. Engineers and technicians in a nuclear plant, depend on the electronic device dotting their sensitive switch boards in green color to ensure that the power station is operating safely. The reliable device will usually flash a color red light when there is an impending danger in the cockpits of the commercial airlines. This lightweight device is not only reliable and dependable; it also consumes less electrical power and thus had made its way into our common daily devices. Mobile phones, laptops and television sets use LED in order to create crisp, sharp and colorful viewing screens.

The LED technology is now available to assist plant growers to maintain healthier and faster growing vegetations. It is used as a light source for the vegetations in nurseries and greenhouses. Unlike other light sources, LED grow light emits only the specific lights that are required by the flora. Red and violet are the common light colors that the plants use as energy to produce their food. The more food the vegetation make, the more food it will be able to consume. The colors of the LED lights can be modified based on the specific requirement of the vegetation. Growers are recommended to select the correct light color. Fruit bearing trees and shrubs requires orange colored grow lights while their flowering counterparts need red lights to help them to bear fruits and flowers. Seeds and seedling grow faster on blue grow lights.

Plants do not sleep, therefore; when the LED growing lights are used to in the night, the production of food required by the trees and shrubs will continue. It will grow faster than those that do not get the proper lighting in the night. Faster growing vegetations are considered a financial gain for the growers as they will a lesser time to produce the crop. Indirectly; the consumers will benefit also as the more produce in the market, the price will be lower. Consequently, the healthier consumers will also be eating more fruits and vegetables.

The temperature produced by the LED grow lights is also much lower compared to those nursery lighting devices that are currently used. Most vegetation will thrive better in a lower temperature environment. Greenhouses in hot and arid countries will be able to grow more plants as do not have to be concerned much in lowering the temperature of their indoor garden. Vegetables will also taste and look fresher as the water contents in their leaves will not evaporate. Excessive heat will also make most vegetables wilt.

The lighting device also consumes less electricity compared to the lighting devices growers have been using. A 75 percent lower electricity consumption bill is expected to some planters who will switch from the new grow light system. The higher price of the LED can be easily recovered in the long run.

Constant Cranial Stimulation Makes Humans Stupider Than They Already Are

One desire of college students is to get smarter so they can ace tests and achieve more in academia and then later in life, but what happens when our theories on how to do just that are destroyed? It seems one theory of cranial stimulation at least constant stimulation is not rendering quite the results that researchers believed previously. Let's talk shall we?

There was an interesting article in Kurzweil's Accelerating Intelligence online news on May 11, 2015 titled; "Electric brain stimulation decrees IQ scores and racial prejudice," which is noted in a double-blind study some rather interesting findings:

"UNC researchers found that the IQ scores of people who underwent tDCS brain stimulation improved markedly less than did the IQ scores of people in the placebo group," and that The National Institutes of Health funded this study; "Reducing prejudice through brain stimulation," and noted that: "Paradoxically, another study has found evidence that people show less prejudice after receiving tDCS administrated to the frontal part of the brain."

Personally, this makes sense, and I do not find anything paradoxical about "prejudice" because, a smart individual will have a significant life experience and observation to categorize groups of people as a percentage of the whole of that group as to prejudice or bias, simply based on their dealings in life with various people and groups of people. A good memory allows us to do that, and smarter people tend to have better memories and the ability to better analyze events.

Perhaps prejudice when used to categorize in making decisions is a higher functioning operation, that, failure to pre-judge situations and people is the opposite of intelligence, meaning we have to relook at the definitions of prejudice and also, we should not consider that the "Intelligence Community" uses probability, and profiling to catch bad actors? Why do they do that? Simple, it works. So, maybe all this political correctness is reasoning that should be classified as less-then-intelligence? I dare to challenge the experts and now we have proof that these experiments seem to indicate that profiling, stereotypes, and prejudice is a fact of life on Earth and should not be thrown out so quickly when making important decisions for ourselves, communities, countries , businesses, government or other endeavors. Yes, I dare to ask. None of these scientific studies or their empirical evidence surprise me at all.

Lastly, let's talk about frequency pollution and bombardment from cell towers, WiFi, cell phones, etc., all of which is causing increased and constant electrical energy plumes that we all come in contact with constantly. Second questions; Is this what is making everyone stupid? I dare to ask, because we do have an IQ problem, that is apparently attractive to me, how about you?

Italian Historical Architecture

Italy is a magical country to visit and spend time; every region has something new to offer whether it is its food, the people, the history or its architecture. Its architecture is unsurpassed in Europe, historically Italy has everything and this shows within its architecture.

To many people the architecture of a country is it's main attraction and this could easily be said about Italy with it's millennia old stones, sumptuous remains of mysterious Etruscan kings, witnesses to ancient pagan rites, memories to a history whose origins is lost in the mists of time. Ancient temples that have stood for thousands of years and have amazed all those who run a hand over their immortal columns, such as the temples of Agrigento and Selinunte. Entire cities that remain like some amazing stage set to tell us about life as it was in the distant past. A life cut short, in ancient days, by the dramatic whim of a volcano, such as Pompeii and Herculaneum, or by the implacable advance of malaria, as in Ostia Antica and Paestum. Walls and buildings that have been witness to a boundless power, that of ancient Rome and its countless conquests. Places still capable of moving us deeply due to the ingenuity of their construction and the peerless historical heritage that they embody.

Italy has a wealth of religious architecture, towers and churches launched towards the sky. Striking spires, dainty cupolas, artistic facades, and bell towers jutting up towards the blue sky and towards an Italian heaven, mysterious naves that guard artistic masterpieces ancient and modern. Visit any Italian city, town or village and you will see churches everywhere, guardians of and witnesses to a faith thousands of years old and then tiny chapels on the mountain tops, systematic shrines on street corners, statues and frescoes for the protection of the home .

Small signs of popular devotion that stand as corollaries to the magnificence of the cathedrals. Italy loves religious architecture. A series of masterpieces that tell the entire story of western architecture: from the elegant Romanesque forms of Santa Maria all 'Aquila to the fanciful Gothic spires of the beautiful Cathedral in Milan, from the perfect example of Renaissance architecture in Florence Cathedral to the baroque wonder of Lecce Cathedral. Each one with its trusty bell-tower at its side to announce its presence; including the most famous one in the world: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Italian squares or piazzas that seem to be picture perfect stage sets all complete with outdoor cafes to enable you to sit and watch the world un-fold in front of you. Buildings that were created to enchant and impress visiting dignities from an age gone by with luscious façades and interiors that house unimaginable riches and art treasures now have the same effect on those tourists visiting Italy. Towers constructed to bear witness to power that now regale unforgivable panoramas to those bold enough to climb to the top.

Streets resembling open-air museums. Bridges that create seem-less bonds between the banks of rivers such as the Rialto in Venice or Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Walls originally designed to defend a city have later been turned into stunning imposition rings that have been giving communities a sense of security for centuries.

Ample flights of steps from which to savor the spectacle of a city's life. The taste for beauty is all pervasive, from the tiny village, to the old town, to cities great and small. Beauty touches every nook, every vista, everything. The ancient Italians left a world of elegant architecture and monuments behind for future generations to stare in amazement at.

Stop Prank Callers With Reverse Phone Operator

Stop Prank Callers With Reverse Phone Operator!

Picture this …
You are sound sleep on a work night and you are enjoying your first chance in days to get a decent night's sleep, then all of a sudden ….. the shrilling of the phone wakes you up. Annoyed and angry you place the phone to your ear only to find out that it was a prank call. You slam that phone down and try to get back into that nice slumber that was interrupted. As you slowly begin to drift off again you vow to yourself that you will find a way to make these prank calls stop. You remember an advertisement that you once saw for a program that could stop this hassle and decide that you are going to dig a little bit deeper into it.

Prank Callers – What's the solution?

Everyone has received a prank phone call at one time or another. Sometimes they are a one time occurrence, but sometimes they can be ingoing, which constituents harassment.

A private investigator would be able to help you trace the calls and see who the prankster is, but that is extremely expensive! Some people may try to find out the information by using a free reverse phone lookup on the Internet. Sadly, though, most prank callers do not use public land line phones and these are the only types that can be traced with these types of lookups.

What to Do Next

Once you have obtained the information that you need what should you do? You can wait until that prankster calls you again and then when you answer call them by name. This will scare the crap out of them that you know who they are.

If this does not stop them you will have all of the information that you need on them to go to the police and file a harassmentment complaint. Usually you will not have to go to these extremes. Once these pranksters are no longer operating in the dark, so to speak, they will not enjoy prank calling you anymore.

The Best 4 Ways To Put You And Your Partner In The Mood For Sex Tonight

Due to the increased workload, as well as stresses at work, most couples, by the time they get home in the evening, are just way too tired and totally not in the mood for sex.

Now, do you know that, not having enough sex is one of the reasons why a couple's marriage ended up in a divorce? Many studies have been done and concluded that having sex regularly is one of the major reasons why couples managed to stay ever so loving even though they have been married for decades.

So, what do you need to do tonight to set yourself (as well as your partner up) in a mood for some red-hot romantic sex? Here are some tips to help you out …

1. Get Rid Of All Possible Distractions

Do you know that electronic devices such as your cell phone, your television set, as well as your computer, are reasons why you are not having sex?

Many couples who have interviewed said that, most of the times they'll spend the entire evening either texting their friends on their cell phone, watching their favorite shows on the television, or spending hours on social networking sites like Facebook … So much so that they are neglecting one another!

Therefore, the first thing you'd want to do is to get rid of all possible distractions – such as turning off your cell phone the minute you get home, unplugging the television set and your computer from your power socket.

2. Lighten Up!

Stress and tension are two common reasons why couples are not having as much sex that they should.

So what you need to do is to lighten up … And just how can you do that?

The answer is simple: Do something crazy together! It can be something like having a little wrestling match, a pillow fight, a food fight, playing catching around the house, etc. – All it takes is some creativity and some "thinking out of the box".

Engaging in crazy activities like these with your partner after a long, hard day at work can really help to lighten up your mood and hence, increase the likelihood in which you and your partner will end your day with a round of red-hot, romantic lovemaking.

3. Recall The Good Ol 'Days

Take a break from the real life and visit the yesteryears.

You and your partner can take a stroll through your life when you first met your partner – Think about the moment when the both of you first met each other, the initial feelings you both had when you first start seeing each other, the wonderful and romantic times you both had while you were dating each other, etc.

All these recalling the good ol 'romantic days can set the both of you up in a mood to want to have sex.

4. Put Forth A Date Where You And Your Partner Can Have Sometimes Alone To Yourself

Put forth a date where both you and your partner can have sometimes alone to yourself on a romantic date night. Life takes its toll, especially if you have kids. Get a baby sitter or better yet, take them to grandma and grandpa's house for the weekend.

Without all the worry or the little ones to listen for, your sex life can be what it was before life got in the way. It's a matter of timing and organization to find the right day and time to put all the things that can worry or interrupt you in the background, so the both of you can spend time alone.

Mass Money Makers – An Eye Opening Review

Mass Money Makers is a program by Alen Sultanic and Matt Bacak that shows you how to create an auto-pilot business, the whole course which includes 4 videos (about 6 hours) they are long and they are boring. It might be a solid product for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing. I have done a number of similar courses and some of the information in here is good, and does take you through step by step on how to build the websites. For those people who think it's a scam you are wrong but it does take a lot of dedication to build an online business and the sales pages do give the impression it's easy – It's not.

It includes 4 phases

Phase-1: Preparation

They are talking about themselves how they take both to millions

Phase-2: Tools, Strategies & Tactics

2 hours long video and a bunch of resources to give you where they tell you how the whole system works, be sure you are well rested and have time to view the very long video.

Phase-3: Execution

They show you how to implement all of the strategies they discussed in the Phase 2 again long and maybe just maybe very long.

Phase -4: Automation

Here they are introducing some of the best places to outsource your mass money makers process for cheap. I am not really impressed but has some good points.

Biggest complaint of Mass Money Makers is that you can not rewind the videos to a specific part. You can only start the video and then pause it. That can be frustrating because the videos are very long and if you miss a part you would have to start all over. This is not a complete program but can be a start. There are several others that I would recommend before this one. I recommend that you research before you buy and know that it take effort on your part to be successful. There is no short cut to make continuous income with internet marketing. Build it with a firm foundation and your going to enjoy and have fun working it.

Jackson Hole Slopeside Properties

Imagine being on your last ski run, and heading down the mountain straight to your slopeside residence. You take off your boots, kick up your feet, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching the skiers come down the mountain. There are many places where you can achieve this by owning property slopeside next to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village.

One of the many ski-in / ski-out options are the Tram Tower residences which include12 units in total. Built in the early 1990's, the complex is located right off of the Lower Tram Line ski run. There are 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms units in the community that each come with underground parking. The Tram Tower community also has many amenities including a pool, tennis court, gym, hot tub, sauna, and men's and women's locker rooms. The complex has resort zoning, so owners can enter their unit into a short term rental program if they choose. A 2 bedroom townhome in the Tram Tower development lists for $ 1,745,000 and a 4 bedroom will run up to about $ 2,950,000.

Crystal Springs, located at the base of the mountain was completed in 2003. The ski-in / ski-out building is situated in the heart of Teton Village and is steps away from restaurants, shops and bars. The units are finished with granite counters, stainless appliances, hardwood floors, and fireplaces. One underground parking space comes with each condo. A 3 bedroom and 3 and a half bath condo will typically cost you between $ 2,200,000 and $ 2,495,000.

Another ski-in / ski-out option is the Teton Mountain Lodge, a condo-hotel project that was completed in 2002. The property features a like hotel; however, the units are individually owned. Each condo owner has the option of putting their unit in the rental pool, where they can earn rental income. The hotel has a restaurant, spa, pool, 20-person hot tub, yoga room and fitness facility. With an on-site property management company, owners can truly enjoy worry-free ownership. A one bedroom studio in the Teton Mountain Lodge lists for approximately $ 565,000 and a 3 bedroom penthouse runs up to $ 2,895,000.

Owning a condo at the Four Seasons is another great way to be on the ski slopes while living in the lap of luxury. To make each guest's stay more complete, this five-star hotel offers room service, bar / pub, laundry service / dry cleaning, safety deposit boxes, hotel / airport transfer. The outdoor fire place allows owners and guests to relax by the fire while watching the skiers and snowboarders make their way down the mountain. The listing price for a condo in the Fours Seasons starts at $ 2,950,000 and goes up to around $ 3,800,000.

These are just a few examples of the many ski-in / ski-out real estate options in Teton Village. It is a great thing to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Jackson Hole area along with your favorite winter sport; however, it is even more magnificent to enjoy these moments with complete convenience and ease.

Photography – All About Correct Lighting

The word photography means "writing with light". Light is essential to making photographs and you must understand how to use it in order to make your pictures as interesting as possible. There are two basic types of light: natural and artificial. The first comes from the sun, the other from man-made sources.

Natural light generally reiterates to daylight, although moonlight qualifies too. For photographers, light during the day can vary. There might be a bright or hazy sun that causes shadows. Or it could be heavy and overcast. Daylight also exists in the shade, where subjects are shielded from the direct rays of the sun. Daylight exists indoors, too so not all natural light shots are taken outdoors.

Artificial light is illumination produced by man. It may be an ordinary light bulb, a fluorescent tube, a bright photoflood, a tungsten halogen lamp, an electronic flash, or many other types. Since these types of illumination can be used outdoors, too, not all photographs shot with artificial light are taken indoors.

Photographers also talk about ambient light, existing light and available light. Regardless of the term, this is light – whether natural or artificial- that is already present in the subject area. A photographer who shoots by ambient, existing, or available does not provide any of his own illumination.

Just as there are types of light, there are types of lighting that have special significance for photographers. For instance, directional lighting, such as that provided by the sun, flash, or tungsten halogen bulbs in reflectors, is more precisely described as being front lighting, side lighting, or back lighting.

Front lighting is the most basic for photographers, although not the most appealing. A long-standing rule that says to put the sun at your back so it shines on the front of your subjects was established for good reasons. Early films and camera lenses were not as fast as those in use today; they required considerable light to make an exposure. Old time camera and film manufacturers knew that bright and direct sunlight on the subject would provide an adequate image on the film, so they recommended it. Also, a subject illuminated directly from the front shows every detail because it is uniformly lighted.

Front lighting is still popular today, but many photographers find it unsatisfactory for portraits and other subjects. The reason is that front-illuminated subjects appear 'flat' because there are no shadows to give a feeling of depth. For this reason, front lighting is commonly referred to as flat lighting. Another disadvantage of front lighting is that people often squint because the sun is shining directly in their eyes.

Photographers have found that changing their camera angle or the position of the subject so that the main illumination is from the side gives more depth and interest to many of their pictures. This is especially true when shooting close-ups of objects. Side lighting can illuminate the left side or the right side of the subject, depending on your preference.

Backlighting reiter to situations where the main source of illumination is behind the subject, shining in the direction of the camera. Backlighting requires careful exposure readings so that the front of the subject will be properly exposed. If a reading is made of the backlight itself, the subject will be underexposed and appear as a silhouette. With portraits outdoors, backlighting allows your subject to have a natural expression without squinting because bright light is not shining on his face or into his eyes.

When strong directional light comes from both sides, the technique is known as cross lighting. It is normally used in studio situations with flash or tungsten studio lights, not under daylight conditions.

Keep It Glowing with Aquarium Lighting

If you have your own aquarium at home, you need to take care of your fishes just like they were family because a bit of carelessness may cause them some trouble. You need to check if there is good aquarium lighting. This is important for aquarium plants and the fishes.

If your aquarium has poor aquarium lighting, your colorful fish may not be seen properly and it will also cause it to fade and turn the shades to other colors. If you want to have good aquarium lighting, you can choose between fluorescent or incandescent light.

If this is your first time to put up an aquarium, trying out the light may be from trial and error because you need to check if the light matches with the environment of your aquarium. Try to see first whether it is too dark or too light, then you can start adjusting the lights.

If you have too much aquarium lighting, it may cause the water to look green. If you have little light, it may cause to inhibit plant growth. You may choose whether you want artificial light or natural light. You can even make a combination to see which does better in giving light to your aquarium.

If you want the best aquarium lighting, you can place the light facing a window in the north. It is a good way to provide light in this manner because indirect lights are being spread. You can add artificial light to it if you want to. If it is daylight, it will be fine to shut the artificial lights off but when the natural light goes out, you need to let light stand in the aquarium for at least 8 hours.

You can also use light colored bulbs for your aquarium lighting. This will give impact to the nice colors of your fishes and the colors may even be enhanced. If you want your aquarium lighting to give a good effect to your aquarium, use light from behind. This will show the best features of your aquarium and the plant growth will stay healthy too.

Start gathering the best light that you wish to put in your aquarium. After setting up a good lighting, you might never take your eyes of your aquarium. A lot of people will certainly notice and appreciate your aquarium because of the aquarium lighting that you have installed.

Why You Should Use Stone Pavers In Your Bathroom

Apart from the fact that they look amazing, there are many practical reasons that you should incorporate stone pavers into your bathroom design. It does not matter whether you’re renovating your own private ensuite retreat or doing up the family bathroom, stone pavers can be a useful and aesthetically appealing addition.

Firstly, stone pavers are highly durable. They will be able to handle the general wear and tear that comes with a bathroom, especially a family one, and will not easily chip or break. Most stones also have natural salt and stain resistance, or can be sealed to do so; messy children (or partners) are no issue.

Stone pavers can be highly versatile, especially in a bathroom environment. They can be used as floors, walls, cladding – anything you want. Imagine stepping into a shower that is covered floor to ceiling in pavers so that you feel as if you’re in a stone cave or underneath a waterfall. Or think of yourself sliding into a spa bath that has been lined with smooth stone pavers in an array of natural looking textures and colors. These bathrooms look and sound fantastic and highly relaxing.

Not only do they look nice, stone pavers act as insulators without you having to do anything more than lay them. They heat up slowly during the day and release that heat at night, great for winter when you don’t want the kids walking around on cold bathroom floors. In summer, they also stay nice and cool during the day when your feet need a cool off.

If you have used pavers in other areas of your house, such as in the kitchen or living areas or even outside, you can continue the theme in your bathroom by using the same sort of stone. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and you will find that having a continuous theme to your pavers will make it an easy transition from room to room, area to area.

As well as all this, using pavers of stone in your bathroom can really add value to your home. They are fireproof, vermin-proof (meaning bugs and pests can’t get through them) and rot resistant, making your stone pavers a great selling point if you ever decide it’s time to move on.

But what stone pavers should I use in my bathroom? Pavers made of sandstone, once they have been tested for quality, are slip resistant and so make an ideal choice. Limestone and travertine pavers are also highly popular as they can be sealed and look really nice in the bathroom. Quartzite has low water absorption, making it suitable for wet areas, as does bluestone, which is also slip resistant. With the range of choices available, you’ll find pavers to suit every bathroom.

The Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Today, the humble ceiling fan has come a long way since its inception way back during the industrial revolution. Innovative industrial workers who used to spend long and hard hours slogging away at the factories, created the earliest of ceiling fans. They would attach wooden or metal blades to overhead rotating shafts that were used to drive the machinery they used to work on.

They served the same function then as they do today, that is keeping people cool. Ceiling fans are a great way of keeping cool in summer, especially when you do not want to run the air conditioner. In contrast, when you need warmth in winter months, you can bring down the warm air accumulated near you ceiling by running your ceiling fan in low and reverse speed. These are much less noisy and obtrusive as compared to box fans or air conditioners.

Ceiling fans have become so popular these days that they have found a place in every room of our homes. It's true that we need them in our bedrooms, living rooms etc. to beat the heat. But, even the bathroom can feel stuffy at times. Especially when you are drying your hair, tidying up the place or simply spending some quality time on the pot. This is where the bathroom-ceiling fan comes in. It circulates and ventilates your bathroom without interfering with your bathroom activities.

Bathroom ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles to match your interior design wishes. You can get them to match or contrast with the tiles in your bathroom as per your desire. Before you purchase a bathroom-ceiling fan, you will need to consider the blade sweep. Bathrooms are usually smaller smaller smaller in area compared to most other rooms and you do not want to overwhelm a small room with a ceiling fan that's too big. Another factor you need to keep in mind when buying a bathroom-ceiling fan is the height of your bathroom ceiling. It is advisable to have at least 7 feet of clearance from the bathroom floor. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, you should use a ceiling fan with three inch down rod.

Most bathroom ceiling fans are available in the 3-blade variety. You do not want too many blades on your fan in a small room, else you might end up with a miniature tornado in your bathroom every time you turn it on. If you keep newspapers and other reading material in the bathroom, you might want a bathroom-ceiling fan with adjustable speeds that you can set according to your preference and needs.

If you are like me, the bathroom is the one place where you can plan out your whole day in peace. And if you have a bathroom ceiling fan keeping you cool, nothing like it eh? And installing a bathroom ceiling fan is a fairly easy job for most people. Some of the best and most popular bathrooms ceiling fan brands are Casablanca, Hampton Bay and Hugger. And there is one to match everyone's taste, so go ahead pick up a bathroom-ceiling fan and make the time you spend in your bathroom an enjoyable experience.

Black Tiles

Black tiles are quite popular in both traditional and modern interiors, mainly in the bathroom, kitchen and sitting area. There are two main types of such tiles -natural stones, and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Black tiles are often used in combination with some other color, most notable white. As an example, white and black chequer tile patterns have been popular for centuries. My favorite tile patterns include a combination of Nero Marquino and Bianco Carrara tiles; basalt or basalterra and Bianco Carrara; and basalt and Thassos.

However, black tiles can glamor up interiors on their own, especially when used for flooring. My favorite choice would be polished baslaterra.

Black granite – Absolute Black or other alternatives – are quite popular options for tiles, as well as kitchen worktops. Some people like to combine black kitchen tiles with a black worktop, although in many cases a better option would be to use different colors.

Black marble – Nero Marquino – and other type of natural stones such as basalt or basalterra are less known but gaining in popularity. In particular, polished basalterra and black basalt are becoming quite popular in high end interiors as a luxurious and cost-effective option. Basalterra has better technical characteristics than most types of basalt and has there before a more versatile range of applications.

Black ceramic tiles are typically used in budget interiors and are easy to clean and maintain. However, they come mostly in small sizes and lack the wow factor of natural stones. They look better when combined with other colors, mainly white.

Like with any material, the choice of tiles depends primarily on the aesthetics, application and budget.