Vacuum Trucks and Safety – Know Your Physics!

Being a vacuum truck operator is a unique occupation! The operator who knows how to best use the equipment in the safest manner is possible certainly gains a unique feeling of accomplishment regarding the vacuum truck and the truck owner as optimum performance typically means saving both time and money.

To finish the assigned task of operating the truck at maximum performance capacity without compromising safety, an operator must know the vehicle and how it functions. Since any work that is done is enhanced with the application of efficiency and safety, an operator must understand the simple principles of physics involved in the process: performance is low when efficiency is high and the probability that an operation is in danger likewise proportionately increases.

Here are some simple facts to learn about the operating features of the vacuum truck. This information can allow an operator to complete tasks with ease and safety.

Know Hose Diameter Size Facts

As operators can and do easily change hoses from one to another, knowledge about the tubing size is very important. A slight change in diameter makes a big difference; it is there before imperative that the truck be equipped with the appropriate size of tubing to complete the job that much faster.

If the opening is designed for an 8-inch hose, it is imperative to not use a different size of tubing to vacuum the material. For example, if a 6-inch hose is being used in an operation and the material being vacuumed reaches an 8-inch section, the material will start to back up since there is a reduced suction power in that section. This could later clog up the 8-inch hose that could result in damage to the equipment.

Know Operations Details

A vacuum truck tank is a confined space and generally only provides one way in and out. When one of these is damaged and needs repair, certain chemical substances could have been left inside of the container. It is imperative to ensure that the tank is free from such chemicals. Hazardous fumes that are enclosed inside the tank could bypass any technician who is handling the repairs.

Another thing to be remembered when working with a vacuum track tank is to never mix wet and dry materials. Mixing both materials could result in a chemical reaction inside the container without the operator's knowledge. This reaction could produce hazardous gas and result in too much pressure within the tank, placing the operator and workers in the area at a high risk of injury.

False Sense of Security

The capacities of the vacuum truck can always be relied upon. In fact, this equipment is powerful enough to give a false sense of security as, even with an untrained or careless operator, this machine is very forgiving. An operator who has good knowledge about the vacuum truck and is careful in its operation will achieve a timely and efficient job conclusion.

Remember in high school physics class hearing the professor state one of the classic laws of physics to the students? Namely, "In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." A degree in physics is not required to operate a vacuum truck; however, a good sound understanding of the basic principles of physics that is applied in day-to-day vacuum truck operations will ensure a good output every time. Then the only daily reaction will be a safe conclusion of the task to be accomplished. Be a well-informed operator and understand basic physics!

Sailing to Byzantium

Byzantium (that is, Constantinople or Istambul) was the capital of Eastern Roman Empire, an empire of Hellenic Christian culture which lasted from the third century A.D. to the fifteenth. Yeats knew of the Byzantine civilization mainly through reading. In the poem Sailing to Byzantium, Byzantium stands largely for the permanence of art and thought as against the transience of mere animal life.

In the first stanza Yeats, describes the natural world where the young of all species – birds, fish, people – are busy, loving, reproducing, that is, the drear fulfilling of conjugal duty, and commending the flesh. These “dying generations” being caught in the “sensual music” of life, neglect works of art, religion or philosophy which are “monuments of unageing intellect”. Among the young sensualists, there is obviously no place for an aged man like Yeats, whose senses have already begun to fail.

In the second stanza, Yeats describes his old age predicament. He is no more than a scarecrow, a “tattered coat upon a stick,” and he will remain so unless he rejects the flesh and concentrates on improving his soul by learning to sing. Unlike the “sensual music” of the natural world, there is also a spiritual music which the soul can study – the music of art and of poetry, for instance. Indeed poems are monuments of the soul’s magnificence. It is on this spiritual quest that he has mentally sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium.

In the third stanza, Yeats addresses the “sages standing in God’s holy fire,” pictured in the gold mosaic of the walls of the churches, to come from the holy purgatorial fire and spiral down to where he is,

Sick with desire

And fastened to a dying animal.

He wants them to burn away his heart, obsessed with its fleshy mortal dreams, and to teach him how to sing – teach him the secrets of the soul and of art, of the “artifice of eternity.” This immortality is heaven-like goal of art, where the artist’s creativity and God’s creation become one, or where the artist himself becomes the artifact, object d’art that is, the very work of art.

Having rejected the natural world’s sensuous music he becomes himself the golden singing bird, supernaturally wise, who sings the soul’s music – the knowledge of all the ages – to the Emperor and the mythical lords and ladies of Byzantium.

Save the Planet with Your Joy!

Your own level of frequency raises or lowers the overall frequency of humanity, and because being at higher frequency equals the experience of joy, it is literally true that in order to raise up the world and deliver it from suffering, it is imperative that you are joyful! And most people think saving the world requires sacrifice and suffering! In fact, the very opposite is true. Indeed, the most magnanimous – and effective – thing you can possibly do for the planet and its habitants is to raise your frequency up out of pain and struggle to that peace, joy, and ease so that the collective joy-level increases , so lifting all out of pain and struggle. What a grand plan! We are personally rewarded beyond measure for doing what needs to be done. It is built into the Creator's Design.

Now, joy may be the last thing you spontaneously experience when you learn of some of the perverse things that are going on here on Planet Earth, and of the disturbing things that are occurring in the lives of people you know and care personally for, but please understand I'm not suggesting you are to be joyful about the inharmonious things you see in the world; I'm saying we need to be joyful despite them. While this may sound cold and unfeeling, it is really anything but.

When we go to the joy space, we lift our own frequency, and then, the collective frequency, up. When we allow the horrors and sad events we observe in this world to polarize us to turmoil, fear and sorrow, our frequency is lowered, and thus the frequency of the whole is lowered. Knowing the inharmonious things you see occurring in the world to take you out of the joy-space – or further from it – contributes to the lower-frequency energy that created it and sustains it.

The effective response to any undesirable condition is, first and foremost, to radiate Love – the Love that comes only through correct alignment with your Spirit. This not only raises your frequency and the collective frequency, it puts you in position to receive instruction from your Spirit as to what you need to do to further lift up and change the situation in a tangible, physical way.

Until you are more consistently lodging at a higher frequency, it can be a challenge to go from an awareness of what is going on in the misaligned world – especially if it is something that is touching you or someone you care about – straight up in frequency to the joy space, but it is possible to at least feel peace – the peace of alignment with your Spirit – despite any circumstance. Simply release it to your Spirit to lift it up. Instead of adding to the disharmony by investing passion in it, bringing yourself into proper alignment so that you can raise the frequency level of all. In time, you will learn to hold steady in your joy and the turmoil in the world of duality will no longer drag you down. Being joyful truly is the most powerful way to help heal the planet!

How to Start a House Cleaning Business on a Tight Budget

"If you use Emotion and Love to drive your sales and your business, you will create Loyalty Beyond Reason. And I promise you, you will build relationships and enjoy a business that exceeds beyond your wildest expectations"

First of all, before you decide to start your cleaning business, make sure this kind of work is right for you. You will need to be in good physical condition. Cleaning is very hard strenuous work. You will need to have good customer relation skills. You will need to have basic office skills and some accounting skills.

If you are planning on leaving your full time position to start a cleaning business, make sure you have at least six months of savings. Or keep your full time job and start out part time.

Research all the aspects of the cleaning service business. From customer service to advertising, taxes, employees, insurance and bonding, what to charge and how to clean a home professionally. Cleaning your own home and cleaning professionally is totally different. Learning how to clean professionally takes a lot of time. When a client pays for your services they expect to come home and find their home spotless.

Getting those first clients takes time, persistence and patience. You will not get a hundred clients overnight.

Obtaining Those First Clients The hardest part of starting your own cleaning service is obtaining those first clients. Most clients want to know how long you have been in business and want references. The best thing to do is let clients know that, yes, you are new to the business but that you have thoroughly reviewed all aspects of the cleaning business and assure them that you know what you are doing and that you are quit capable of cleaning them home to their specifications. Be confident. I can not stress this enough. Clients love to see confidence. It relieves their worries and lets them know that their home is in good hands.

References: To get a few good references when starting out, ask some friends or family members if you can clean their home for free or at a discounted rate. The sound of working for free may not be appealing but it will be worth it to get some good testimonials.

When cleaning those first homes, go for quality, not how fast you can clean the home. Cleaning efficiently takes a long time, but you will get to the point where you can do a thorough cleaning in a short time. After cleaning make sure you go back and double check all rooms to make sure you did not miss anything. Impress those first clients and word of mouth will spread soon.

Advertising Your company image is everything. Before you start advertising, decide what image you want to portray on your advertising material. Your image is very important. Be consistent with all your advertising. If you have a logo be sure to use it on all your advertising materials. I think it is best to have a website developed before you start advertising. When advertising, stick with the same logo and colors.

Advertise in Local Paper: Start by running a text ad in your local newspaper. Try to come up with an eye catching ad. Do not sell your services on low rates, sell your services on your quality of work and what you can do for the client that other companies do not. There is a lot of competition in the cleaning service. You have to stand out from the rest.

Magnetic Signs or Lettering for your Vehicle: Having your business name and contact information on your vehicle is a great way to advertise. We use the vinyl lettering. The lettering looks much more professional than the magnetic signs.

Flyers: You can print nice flyers on your home computer, but I would suggest investing in some professional flyers. Hang flyers at Hair Dressers, Laundromats, Restaurants, Bakeries, Grocery Stores, etc. Put flyers on car windows at local groceries stores and businesses. You can even go door to door in neighborhoods you would like to work in. You can not put them in mailboxes. but you can put them in the front door.

Door Hangers: Door hangers are a great way to get new clients. Pick the neighborhood you would like to work in and hang the door hangers on the doors. When people get flyers or ads in their mailbox they usually throw them away with the junk mail. But if there is a door hanger on the door they will take the time to look at it.

Business Cards: Start passing out your business cards to friends and family members. You can also ask your local businesses if you can leave some cards on their counters.

Referral Program: A great way to obtain new clients is through a referral program. Offer existing clients a discount when they refer a friend. You can give your existing clients a discount when the friend uses your services three times.

Website: These days people live very busy lives so they use the convenience of the internet to shop for the services they need. A lot of working women will shop for services while at work. Everyone that has a business should have a website. It shows clients that you are serious about your business and allows them to research your business in their own time.

Cleaning Products: By using all natrual products, you can offer your clients a healthy cleaning experience and protect ourselves against harsh chemicals. Clients love the natural cleaning products with essential oils. They come home to a healthy clean home filled with the wonderful scents of aromatherapy essential oils.

Tip: Always carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands often while cleaning homes. Wear gloves when cleaning bathrooms. You will be exposed to a lot of different germs in clients homes.

Remember most customers prefer that you bring your own cleaning supplies. That way they do not have to worry about going to the store for cleaning supplies before you clean. Some customers have special cleaners for certain appliances or floors in their houses. These customers usually will have these cleaners on hand for you to use. We almost always use the customers vacuum cleaner. That way you do not have to carry a heavy vacuum from house to house.

What to Charge I mentioned earlier that you should sell your services on your quality of work and not your low rates. If your rates are too low, clients will think that your work is sub-standard and that you are not experienced. Also you want to attract the clients that can afford your services. I made the mistake of pricing my work too low when I first started out. Cleaning is hard work, charge what you are worth. As the old saying goes "You get what you pay for."

Some companies charge by the hour, some charge by the room, some charge a flat rate per home and some charge by the square foot. I think it is better to charge by the home, not by the hour. If a client knows they have to pay one set fee, they do not care if you take 2 hours or 5 hours. Also your clients will know what they are paying up front and will not have to worry about added expenses.

No two houses are the same. And there is no set charge for all homes. You have to clean for awhile yourself to get some experience and to work out a system to clean efficiently. Only you know what you want and need to make. Decide what you need to make hourly to cover all expenses and still make a good profit.

A word of advise: Make sure when you start your company that you charge what you would charge if you had employees. Some people make the mistake of under charging when they start out just to get customers and then later on when they grow and need to hire help they are not making enough money on their homes to pay help. Do not under price your work. Cleaning homes is very hard physical work and you did not get into this business to work for nothing.

New Construction Cleaning If you decide to do this type of work you will need more equipment. You will need ladders, window cleaning kits with long extensions, a shop vac, etc. These types of jobs are usually 2 to 3 person jobs. New construction cleaning requires a lot more cleaning. You may have to remove stickers and labels from windows and bathroom showers, sinks and toilets. Some require that you clean the vents to remove dust from construction work. There will be ceiling fans to clean, scrubbing floors, and cleaning woodwork to remove dust. New construction cleaning rates depend on the area you live in.

Insurance and Bonding. You need to be an honest person and somewhat personable. People will need to trust you to be in their homes. Most clients are concerned about having someone new in their house, with good reason. You should be bonded and fully insured. Liability insurance rates depend on your insurance carrier and where you are located. Each person you hire will increase your liability insurance. It's well worth the cost. You can pay quarterly or yearly. You can purchase your bond through your local insurance company. You will need to renew the bond every year. * Note: if you hire employees and cover them under your insurance, they must be an employee on payroll and not a sub-contractor. If you employ them as a sub-contractor your insurance will not cover them. If they are a sub-contractor they are required to carry their own insurance. You

Hiring Help If you start out cleaning the homes by yourself, you will always get to the point where you need to expand your business. Start out with one part time employee. Train her and let her take your place one day a week. Then have her take your place 2 days a week and so on. This will give you the free time that you need to market your business and obtain more clients. After you get more clients you will be able to hire more part time help. Occasionally you will be able to stop doing the cleaning yourself and just run the business end, which is the only way you will be able to grow your business. When training new employees, always, either train them yourself or have a lead person train them. Make sure there is a lead person on each and every cleaning job. Employees have a tendency to slack off when they are on their own.

Growing Your Business You will ever get to the point where you have enough employees and lead people and you will be able to stop working in your business and start running your business. You will find that after awhile it will get to be too much trying to clean everyday and at the same time giving estimations, answering calls, scheduling, doing book work, obtaining new clients, etc.

Remember one of the most important qualifications for a cleaning service is TRUST. A client has to know they can trust you alone in their home. After you acquire a few cleaning positions ask the clients if you can use them for a reference. Most of the time they are more than willing to let you use them for a reference. This is how you build your business and acquire new clients is through referrals. Be dependable. Most clients will want to be set up on an every week or every other week schedule on the same day of the week. Try to always keep this same schedule without the client requests you to switch to another day. If you have to cancel a cleaning date, make sure you try to reschedule at the earliest possible date to make up the cleaning.

Goal Setting Success – What Is Your Plan?

Take a piece of paper and write down what you think you are worth on an annual basis – your goal, your dream. (No constraints, sky's the limit, if everything worked out just the way you think it should – what do you think you are worth. Go ahead, do it.

Now, under that number, write down what you currently earn. I've got some bad news for you. The second number you wrote down – that's what you are worth. Do you hate that? You should hate that! It's not enough that you have a goal. You must also have a plan to achieve that goal. You need to know what is required to get there. You must know what activities and changes are required on your part in order to achieve your goal. Then you must be willing to commit to those activities.

I've seen countless people that have attended a goal-setting seminar or read a book on goal-setting and somewhere along the line they were taught that if you just write your goals down and stick them in a drawer, somehow all 'the powers of the universe 'will come together to make it happen for you. I'm not going to try to argue the validity of that philosophy, but it should be fairly obvious that if you have a specific plan to achieve your goal, it is more likely to happen and to happen sooner than if you do not have a plan.

Here is the point: You are worth whatever you think you are worth, IF you have the goal, A PLAN TO A ACHIEVE IT AND YOU ARE WILLING TO COMMIT TO THE PLAN. If you have the goal, but no plan, you are worth what you earn. If you know where you want to go, but do not have a clue how to get there, you're as good as stopped from the gitgo. This income example was an easy one to use, but realize that this is true of any of your goals – whether it's related to your marriage relationship, your teenage kids, your community work or your spiritual walk. You need to have a clear, specific, viable and measurable goal, but that in and of itself is not enough. You need to identify where you are right now in relationship to your goal, and what is going to be required of you to achieve it. Wanting to change is not enough. You also need to come to grips with what specifically has to change.

To create an effective plan for reaching a goal requires four things:

1) Knowing exactly where it is you want to go, where you want to end up, and what that is going to look like when you have achieved it. (How you will measure 'success'.)

2) Knowing where you are right now in relationship to the goal.

3) Knowing what you are going to have to do and how you are going to get there.

4) Be willing to commit.

Many people tend to skip number two, because it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge how far short of the goal we fall. But, think about it this way: Suppose you are going on a road trip; You can know exactly where you want to go and you can have the best and most accurate map in the world, but if you do not know where you are on the map, the map is worthless! On the other hand, if you have no map or a poor map (# 3 above) you are again reducing your probability of 'success', of ever getting where you want to go.

So what does an effective plan look like?

For additional resources on this and related topics, go to:

Switching to a Business VOIP Provider From Landlines

Switching to a business VOIP provider from landline service requires some thought. Here are some of the key elements to consider.

Fast Enough Internet Connection

VOIP service depends on a reliable and speedy Internet connection, the type referred to as broadband or high-speed . In addition, your network needs to be capable of handling the increased data flow when you add your phone service to the load generated by computer use. Depending on the set-up you currently have, this may require a system upgrade.

Which Type of VoIP Phone?

VoIP can work through softphones as well as hardware phones. Softphones have increased in reliability and are combined by some businesses with hardware phones, each being used for the purposes for which they are best suited. Examples of softphones are iChat by Apple, Google Talk, and Skype.

Hardware VoIP phones can often be the same phones-corded or cordless-that are used with landlines (sometimes called PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network phone), allowing a business to convert equipment for continued use in many cases.

Another alternative is phones made for VoIP, which often can not be adapted for analog systems. Dual-modality VoIP phones are made for use with VoIP, and so can be used in any appropriate quickly hotspot, and also with cell towers, as standard cell phones can.

What About the PBX?

It is possible to combine VoIP phones with a local Private Branch Exchange (PBX), if it is compatible, with the VoIP connection being used for the routing of phone calls outside of the internal network. If you are considering this type of service, it is recommended that you seek a VoIP provider who specializes in serving businesses.

New Possibilities

VoIP allows you to do things you might not have been able to previously. One example is using a single phone for all your phone numbers so that you never unintentionally miss a call. In fact, the very term "all your phone numbers" can take on new meaning because VoIP makes it possible to have local numbers in the US and local international numbers, as well as vanity numbers.

Another possibility is routing incoming calls so that they are redirected to a live person if the intended recipient is unavailable to avoid having your customers getting busy signals.

At least one VoIP service has an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) that allows a single phone line to be split so that a second call can be received on the line even when a prior call is still in progress, and a second call can be made on the line, even when another call is already in progress.

Because VoIP providers offer businesses a range of new opportunities in addition to the cost saving that usually companies switching to VoIP, it is worth investigating a variety of VoIP service providers before choosing one.

iPod Docking Station Reviews – What to Look for in an iPod Dock Review

iPod docks from different big names in the sound industry have been circulating in the market. Different styles, brands, features and perks are available to meet the needs of music lovers everywhere. Whether an on the go or simply a minimalist person, these desktop docks hit partners to iPods and other music gadgets or mobile phones. iPod docking station reviews should help you get the perfect partner for your iPod, iPhone or music gadget.

Getting an iPod charging dock with powerful sound system to match your iPod does not just stop there. The details, specifications and features also play a big role in giving you your money's worth. This is where iPod docking station reviews come into the scene. Product reviews scrutinize and compare technical features of iPod and iPod Nano docking stations. The integrated software of some models such as digital clocks with alarms and the signal processing circuitry are also discussed and pointed out. Remote controls are also big factors. A docking station must-have is a control system that you can take with you while you walk around the room doing other things as you enjoy the real-like sounds from your desktop speakers.

iPod docking station reviews also mention how different docks have the ability to charge and play your iPod at the same time. Some docks can be used simply as portable speakers when the battery is fully charged. Docks charge your iPod or iPhone's battery when plugged into an electrical outlet. This saves you the need to plug it into a computer just to charge the battery. Without wiring, docks can only play music. In depth reviews also mention the best units that can operate on both batteries and a regular power outlet.

Some docks have the style and fa├žade for ease of transport. Sleek designs, built-in handles and the compact body of most docks make them easy to store and bring to other places. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen, entertaining friends in the living room or cozy up in bed, the best iPod and iPod Nano docks keep up with our mobile and active lives. These compact speakers allow you to place them in the smallest of areas without being obtrusive. Qualities such as these are also looked into iPod docking station reviews for different brand names.

End Your Speech With a Punchline!

Have you ever been to a talk and were left feeling flat – like the speaker left you wanting more? On the other hand, have you been to a presentation where the speaker left you inspired, wanting more and excited to sign up for whatever they had to offer?

I’m willing to bet that the way the speaker ended their speech made a big difference.

Beginnings and endings are important! How often have you heard a speaker that has a great opening and by the time they get to the ending they fizzle out? Speakers sometimes get to the end of their time and have no idea how to end their speech so they ramble on or just thank their audience. To be remembered, I strongly encourage you to finish your speech with a joke, a pithy phrase, a quote that you want the audience to tuck away in their mind as something memorable. Always leave the audience on an upbeat note.

One of the mistakes often made is when speakers spend all their time on the beginning of their speech and give very little attention to their ending – reverse that and you will notice the difference. Spend at least 10% of your speech time on your conclusion and tying your earlier points together. For example: with a 30 minute speech use 5 min on the opening, 15 minutes on content and 10 minutes on the wrap up and ending.

Consider some of the speakers that you have listened to – which ones do you remember the most? Usually the ones with compelling endings to their speech. What did they use to end their speech? A joke? A funny story? A memorable quote?

Consider some of the speakers that you have listened to – which ones do you remember the most? Usually the ones with compelling endings to their speech. What did they use to end their speech? A joke? A funny story? A memorable quote?

5 Reasons to use a Powerful Speech Ending:

  • A powerful ending sends your audience off with excitement and purpose.
  • A powerful ending is a sign to the audience that they may now applaud.
  • A powerful ending gives your DJ a clear sign to start the exit music.
  • A powerful ending keeps you top-of-mind longer.
  • A powerful ending motivates your audience to take action.

If you include a powerful call to action in your powerful ending, the audience will be running to the back of the room with their wallets out to buy your product or sign up for your program.

If you have a powerful ending, the audience will keep that in mind as they leave. Use your final words to turn your audience to your point of view and tell them what action you’d like them to take next. End your speech by using motivational words that inspire your audience to stand and applaud.

As Mark Twain said: “The difference between a word and the RIGHT word is like the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

Be the lightning!

Credit Repair: 5 Tips To Successfully Getting Out Of The Hole

If credit repair is your need, there is no doubt that you are at the bottom of the hole. You know that you need help and your credit problems may even be taking control of your life. For that reason, it just makes sense to take today to get back on track. Unfortunately, credit report repair is not a simple solution and there is no magical way to make it all go away. If there was, would not everyone do it? Yet, you can take your credit problems and turn them around with some additional help.

Here are five tips that you can use today and into the next months to help you to get yourself out of credit card debt. Will you stay that way? Only you can make that decision.

1. Remove all credit cards from your daily spending habits. Instead, sit down and make out a budget for you and your family. Do not cringe, but instead make it a family affair. Determine important expenses such as housing costs, utilities and necessities. Provide yourself with a bit of money to use as spending money for things that are not necessities. Whatever is left over in your budget should go to paying down credit cards.

2. Determine what you can cut back on. Credit repair means work and you will likely need to give up on some stuff so that you can improve your situation. Therefore, see if you can cut out any expenses such as that expensive coffee on the way to work or the movie tickets. Instead of buying books, borrow them from the library. Cutting back is essential to improving your credit report because, you need all the funds you can to pay down what you owe.

3. Determine which credit lines you have the highest interest payments on. Pay the minimum payments on credit cards each month, but pay the one with the highest interest rates anything that you can. You should also call on your creditors, tell them about your situation and ask them to lower your rate. Some credit repair will automatically happen as you pay down these amounts.

4. Pull your credit report for free one time per year. You are provided this as a service. If you want to know your credit score, you will need to pay for that service. Contrary to what you may believe, pulling your own report directly from the agencies does not harm your credit score. Make sure that everything on your credit report is accurate. Remove anything that is not.

5. Make credit repair your focus. You need to insure that each purchase you make is a wise one. Paying down your credit card will do something magical for you. You will be able to get back on track. As much as possible pay for the things you need and want with cash.

What is surprising will be the amount of money you can save yourself and actually have extra a month after you pay off credit debt.

Flash Memory Card – Dependable Memory Extension

Flash memory is non-volatile data storage technology for computers. We can electrically erase and reprogram it. We can use it in USB flash drives, memory cards, solid-state drives for general purpose data storage. It also facilitates to transfer the data between digital products and computers fast. Flash memory is a specific type of EEPROM. We can erase and program advanced memory in large blocks. It costs much less than bytes-programmable EEPROM. Therefore, it has become a dominant technology for us whenever we need extra amount of solid state non-volatile storage.

Since Flash memory is non-volatile, we do not need power to retain stored information. It offers fast access times and better kinetic shock resistance if compared with hard disks. These characteristics have made it a popular choice to be used in portable devices. It remains unaffected from high pressure, extreme temperature and moisture like environmental stresses. Computer's BIOS chip, Stick, Compactflash of digital cameras, Pcmcia type I and II cards, Smartmedia and video game cards for consoles etc are the examples of Flash memory. So, when there are so many benefits, why do you do not computer memory upgrade with Flash memory?

Memory cards are available easily for various needs. Some popular brands of high performance CompactFlash cards are Lexar, SanDisk and Transcend etc. So, if you feel that your computer is slow working, check the viruses, defragmentation of hard drive and available memory. If everything is OK, you need memory upgrade. You have to options. Either replace existing RAM or use memory drive. RAM is a short term memory of computer. It works with processor accomplish multi-tasks. Besides it, this option may be more expensive than using memory. Using memory card as RAM is quick, easy and cheaper way for increasing system memory.

Windows 7 and all the versions of Windows Vista allow to add more RAM to the computer using a pluggable Flash memory card. Windows ReadyBoost is the easiest way to supplement existing RAM. ReadyBoost is available on all editions of and operating systems. This facility can be used in any kind of computer. The whole process is so easy that you badly need any guidance. The only thing, you need to keep in mind is that always buy genuine Flash memory from authorized sources like Memory. All the branded memory cards come with unique warranty so you always get the real best value of your money.

Virtuous Woman

“Flee also youthful lust: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart” II Timothy 2:22

In our time, the world is eventually growing wild of many sinful activities. This is seen in various aspects of life. Sin is everywhere; on the radio, television. Internets, magazines, pictures and other system like music and education. Other indescribable unseen such occultism, voodoos, and spiritism are also on the increase.

I will like to hammer on radio, television, internets, films and magazines.

To follow good things in our time is not easy as to unbelievers and backsliding Christians. Many at times even some Christians are posted with choosing between good and evil when the need arises. We are confronted on every angle as things pertaining to sex are increasing on an alarming rate. I know you will agree with me in our presence world situation, how sex is openly portrayed and displayed without check. Talked about freely, watched on TV’s, in films (porno), in magazines; free sex raiding the youth.

It is quite amazing that some people will like to say it is not easy to remain a virgin in the mist of all these sexual confrontations. Even though humanly true, it is never the solution on the Christian platform. Despite the various emotional stirrings due to numerous sexual appealing; we are still commanded to flee youthful lust and fornication and rather pursue virtue- I Corinthians 6:18, II Timothy 2:21-22

The Bible still continue to admonish us to purge ourselves. Purge ourselves from what? From the various worldly cankers. You need the word of God, increase prayer, bible application and an unmovable faith to overcome and flee.

Your must stop entertaining the watching of pornography films and pictures, exploring into romance and sex, asking foolish and unlearned questions: ‘is it a sin to take a boy friend’; ‘can’t I try sex before marriage’; ‘can’t I find out whether we are compatible through sex’. All these questions demand no answer since your desire to do these things will cause you to loose your virginity no matter what.

You have a target to hit as a woman- virtuous woman. Why don’t you pursue this wondrous adventure and fulfill your dreams of true womanhood. Virginity is part of the fulfillment of your womanhood; it is the first fulfillment; it defines you as truly virtuous.

Pursue virtue; that should be your target.

Best Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Around For Your Body Type

If you are looking for the best natural bodybuilding workouts around I will sort you out. There are many to choose from and each of them have their own use. I will show you where to get lots of them for free at the end of the article, as my way of saying thanks for reading this article.

The biggest problem the natural trainee faces is progression. In order to get bigger and stronger you have to lift more weight every week. This is called a progressive overload.

To many people keep lifting the same weights and style every week, I urge you not to do this. All you are doing here, is maintaining your current size and strength levels.

Therefore every week you have to be forcing your body to be lifting more weight on the bar. Or doing more reps and volume with the same weight.

This appears simply enough on paper, but put that into practice, in the real world and things start to fall apart. This is what I mean earlier when I said that, the biggest problem natural trainees face is progression.

There comes a time when lifting more weight and doing more reps becomes impossible. Or you might be making that slow of progress, it is hardly worth your while. This is usually called a muscle building plateau.

Usually when these muscle building plateaus occur, the natural trainee is told to change their bodybuilding workout routines. This seems like good advice, but I urge you to be even smarter than this.

Randomly changing your natural bodybuilding workout because your progress has stalled can keep you spinning on your wheels. This is where choosing the best natural bodybuilding workouts around, comes into play.

Best Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Around

I am going to give you the two best natural bodybuilding workouts around, which are almost guaranteed (if done correctly) to put mass amounts of muscle onto your frame.

The first one is called volume training, which as the name suggests is where you do lots of volume on your muscles. This is probably the most popular form of bodybuilding workouts and is what all the top pro-bodybuilders use. (I will show you where to get volume workouts at the end of the article).

The problem the natural trainee has with this style of workout is progression (yes that word again). You can not just keep doing more volume every week, because where do you draw the line to stop? When your workouts are lasting 3 hours?

Of course the simple answer is to add more weight every week as a way of doing more work. This can work, but you will hit a plateau pretty quickly with this method.

This is where the second best natural bodybuilding workouts around, comes into play. Which is called strength training. Many people associate strength training with power-lifters and strongmen. You may not really care about getting very strong, you may just want big guns. That is fine if this is the case, but strength training will get you bigger muscles!

The biggest problem with strength training is that there is usually not enough volume of work, to make your muscles grow. Therefore the best way for the natural trainee to make constant muscle building gains, is to mix volume and strength training workouts.

Each of the two workouts supplement each other brilliantly. The volume adds size, the strength makes you stronger and lets your lift more weight for volume, so getting more size. And so on.

This is why these two workouts are known as the best natural bodybuilding workouts around.

How you alternate these two styles is up to you and your body type, as you are unique with your own needs and genetics. Some people react well to longer phases of volume training, alternated with shorter periods of strength training.

A good rule of thumb is to try volume training for 2 weeks, then do 2 weeks of strength training. Once you do that you can start experimenting with different phases.

Exercise For Any Size

Do you feel that you can barely do any activity at all?

That you cannot exercise, play sports, or become more fit?

If you are a very large person, you can still be physically active.

Very large people face special challenges in trying to be active. You may not be able to bend or move in the same way that other people can. It may be hard to find clothes and equipment for exercising. You may feel self-conscious being physically active around other people.

Facing these challenges is hard–but it can be done!

The information in this booklet may help you start being more active and healthier–no matter what your size!

Why should I be active?

Being physically active may help you live longer and protect you from:

* diabetes

* heart disease and stroke

* high blood pressure

* osteoporosis (a disease leading to weak bones that may break easily)

If you have any of these health problems, being physically active may help control or improve your symptoms.

Regular physical activity helps you feel better because it:

* lowers your stress and boosts your mood

* increases your strength

* helps control blood pressure and blood sugar

* helps build healthy bones, muscles, and joints

* helps your heart and lungs work better

* improves your self-esteem.

Being physically active can be big fun!

How do I get started?

To start being more active and keep at it:

* Start slowly. Your body needs time to get used to your new activity.

* Warm up. Warm-ups get your body ready for action. Shrug your shoulders, tap your toes, swing your arms, or march in place. You should spend a few minutes warming up for any physical activity–even walking. Walk more slowly for the first few minutes.

* Cool down. Slow down little by little. If you have been walking fast, walk slowly or stretch for a few minutes to cool down. Cooling down may protect your heart, relax your muscles, and keep you from getting hurt.

* Set goals. Set short-term and long-term goals. A short-term goal may be to walk 5 minutes on at least 3 days for 1 week. It may not seem like a lot, but any activity is better than none. A long-term goal may be to walk 30 minutes on most days of the week by the end of 6 months.

* Get support. Get a family member or friend to be physically active with you. It may be more fun, and your buddy can cheer you on.

* Track progress. Keep a journal of your physical activity. You may not feel like you are making progress but when you look back at where you started, you may be pleasantly surprised!

o Have fun! Try different activities to find the ones you really enjoy..

What physical activities can a very large person do?

Most very large people can do some or all of the physical activities in this article. You do not need special skills or a lot of equipment.

You can do:

* Weight-bearing activities, like walking and golfing, which involve lifting or pushing your own body weight.

* Non-weight-bearing activities, like swimming and water workouts, which put less stress on your joints because you do not have to lift or push your own weight. If your feet or joints hurt when you stand, non-weight-bearing activities may be best for you.

* Lifestyle activities, like gardening, which do not have to be planned.

Physical activity does not have to be hard or boring to be good for you. Anything that gets you moving around–even for only a few minutes a day–is a healthy start to getting more fit.

Chances are your health care provider will be pleased with your decision to start an activity program. It is unlikely that you will need a complete medical exam before you go out for a short walk!

Gentle physical activity is healthy.

You do not have to push yourself to benefit from physical activity. Thirty minutes of gentle physical activity (like walking) can be just as healthy as 15 minutes of intense physical activity (like fast dancing).

Walking (weightbearing)

The walking that you do during the day (like doing chores around the house or in the yard) can help you be more fit. But regular, steady walking that makes you breathe heavier can help you to be healthier. It will give your heart and lungs–as well as your leg muscles–a good workout.

If you are not active now, start slowly. Try to walk 5 minutes a day for the first week. Walk 8 minutes the next week. Stay at 8-minute walks until you feel comfortable. Then increase your walks to 11 minutes. Slowly lengthen each walk by 3 minutes–or walk faster.

Tips for walking:

* Wear comfortable walking shoes with a lot of support. If you walk often, you may need to buy new shoes every 6 to 8 months.

* Wear garments that prevent inner thigh chafing, such as tights or spandex shorts.

* Make walking fun. Walk with a friend or pet. Walk in places you enjoy, like a park or shopping mall.

Dancing (weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing)

Dancing may help:

* tone your muscles

* improve your flexibility

* make your heart stronger

* make your lungs work better.

You can dance in a health club, in a nightclub, or at home. To dance at home, just move your body to some lively music!

Dancing on your feet is a weight-bearing activity. Dancing while seated lets you move your arms and legs to music while taking the weight off your feet. This may be a good choice if you can’t stand on your feet very long.

Water Workouts (non-weight-bearing)

Exercising in water helps you feel:

– Flexible. You can bend and move your body in water in ways you cannot on land.

– Strong. Working against the water will help your body get stronger.

– At less risk of injury. Water makes your body float. This keeps your joints from being pounded or jarred and helps prevent sore muscles and injury.

– Refreshed. You can keep cooler in water–even when you are working hard.

You do not need to know how to swim to work out in water–you can do shallow-water or deep-water exercises without swimming.

For shallow-water exercise, the water level should be between your waist and your chest. If the water is too shallow, it will be hard to move your arms underwater. If the water is deeper than chest height, it will be hard to keep your feet touching the pool bottom.

For deep-water exercise, most of your body is underwater. This means that your whole body will get a good workout. For safety and comfort, wear a foam belt or life jacket.

Many swim centers offer classes in water workouts. Check with the pools in your area to find the best water workout for you.

Weight Training (weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing)

Weight training builds strong muscles and bones. Getting stronger can also help prepare you for other kinds of physical activity. You can weight train at home or at a fitness center.

You do not need benches or bars to begin weight training at home. You can use a pair of hand weights or even two soup cans.

Make sure you know the correct posture and that your movements are slow and controlled.

Before you buy a home gym, check its weight rating (the number of pounds it can support) to make sure it is safe for your size. If you want to join a fitness center where you can use weights, shop around for one where you feel at ease.

Weight training rule of thumb.

If you cannot lift a weight 6 times in a row, the weight you are lifting is too heavy. If you can easily lift a weight 15 times in a row, your weight is too light.

Bicycling (non-weight-bearing)

You can bicycle indoors on a stationary bike, or outdoors on a road bike. Biking does not stress any one part of the body–your weight is spread between your arms, back, and hips.

You may want to use a recumbent bike. On this type of bike, you sit low to the ground with your legs reaching forward to the pedals. This may feel better than sitting upright. The seat on a recumbent bike is also wider than the seat on an upright bike.

For biking outdoors, you may want to try a mountain bike. These bikes have wider tires and are heavy. You can also buy a larger seat to put on your bike.

Make sure the bike you buy has a weight rating at least as high as your own weight..

Stretching (weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing)

Stretching may help you:

* be more flexible

* feel more relaxed

* improve your blood flow

* keep your muscles from getting tight after doing other physical activities.

You do not have to set aside a special time or place to stretch. At home or at work, stand up, push your arms toward the ceiling, and stretch. Stretch slowly and only enough to feel tightness–not until you feel pain. Hold the stretch, without bouncing, for about 30 seconds. Do not stretch cold muscles.

Yoga and tai chi are types of stretching. They help you breathe deeply, relax, and get rid of stress.

Your local fitness center may offer yoga, tai chi, or other stretching classes. You may want to start with “gentle” classes, like those aimed at seniors.

Questions to ask when choosing a fitness center.

–Can the treadmills or benches support people who are large?

–Do the fitness staff know how to work with people of larger sizes?

–Can I take time to see how I like the center before I sign up?

–Is the aim to have fun and get healthy–not to lose weight?

Lifestyle Activities

Lifestyle physical activities do not have to be planned. You can make small changes to make your day more physically active and improve your health.

For example,

* Take 2- to 3-minute walking breaks at work a few times a day.

* Put away the TV remote control–get up to change the channel.

* March in place during TV commercials.

* Sit in a rocking chair and push off the floor with your feet.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Doing chores like lawn mowing, leaf raking, gardening, and housework may also improve your health.

Stop your activity right away if you:

* have pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest or left neck, shoulder, or arm

* feel dizzy or sick

* break out in a cold sweat

* have muscle cramps

* feel pain in your joints, feet, ankles, or legs. You could hurt yourself if you ignore the pain.

Ask your health care provider what to do if you have any of these symptoms.

Slow down if you feel out of breath. You should be able to talk during your activity, without gasping for breath.

Drink lots of water before, during, and after physical activity (even water workouts) to replace the water you lose by sweating.

Do not do hard exercise for 2 hours after a big meal (but taking a walk is OK). If you eat small meals, you can be physically active more often.

Wear the right clothes:

* Wear lightweight, loose-fitting tops so you can move easily.

* Wear clothes made of fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin.

* Never wear rubber or plastic suits. Plastic suits could hold the sweat on your skin and make your body overheat.

* Women should wear a good support bra.

* Wear supportive athletic shoes for weight-bearing activities.

* Wear a knit hat to keep you warm when you are physically active outdoors in cold weather. Wear a tightly woven, wide-brimmed hat in hot weather to help keep you cool and protect you from the sun.

* Wear sunscreen when you are physically active outdoors.

Healthy, fit bodies come in all sizes. Whatever your size or shape, get physically active now and keep moving for a healthier life!

Applaud yourself!

If you can do only a few or none of these activities, it’s OK. Remember to appreciate what you can do, even if you think it’s a small amount. Just moving any part of your body–even for a short time–can make you healthier.

Safety Tips

Drink plenty of water.

Water helps every cell and organ in your body work. It cushions your joints, helps keep you regular, and keeps your body cool.

Appreciate Yourself!

If you cannot do an activity, don’t be hard on yourself. Feel good about what you can do. Be proud of pushing yourself up out of a chair or walking a short distance.

Pat yourself on the back for trying even if you can’t do it the first time. It may be easier the next time!

Best Diet Plan – What’s the Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight And Keep it Off?

Have you found yourself asking the age old question of why is it so difficult to lose weight… and keep it off? Well, today in his article I would like to talk to you about some simple principles that can help you with losing weight and more importantly keeping the weight off.

Okay, you have to first understand the core principles of a healthy lifestyle. Without these principles, weight loss is going to be very difficult to come by, and keeping the weight off is going to be even harder. The core principles of a healthy lifestyle are proper nutrition, drink plenty of water daily, getting plenty of sleep every night, and of course exercise.

Now that we have the core principles of the way, let’s now talk about the most important principle. The most important principle for weight loss is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition does not solely consist of what it is you eat. It also consists of when you eat and how you eat. Firstly, understand that you cannot dramatically reduce the amount of calories you intake daily. This will cause a significant drop in your metabolism. The weaker your metabolism is, the more your body with store calories as fat. This is why fad diets and celebrity diets are highly not recommend. Fad diets and celebrity diets encourage reducing the amount of calories you intake daily.

Obviously instead of decreasing your metabolism you want to do the exact opposite which is boosting your metabolism. Through nutrition, a new method that can help in boosting your metabolism is a system called calorie shifting. Calorie shifting manipulates the amount of calories and the type of calories you intake daily by confusing your body as to what and when you eat throughout the day. This system will cause a significant boost in your metabolism to its highest peak. Therefore, you will then burn off fat and lose weight in a much more faster pace… and keep it off.