Breast Cancer and Environmental Estrogen, The Connection

Estrogen also spelt oestrogen is a normal hormone in the human body and in females controls the reproductive cycle and also prepares the body for pregnancy. Environmental estrogen is not a normal hormone because it comes from outside the body and is found in many everyday products we use. This environmental estrogen can mimic our natural estrogen and scientists know they can cause health problems including breast cancer.

It’s because estrogen that is not found in nature can signal breast cells to divide and the more they divide the more likely they will develop cancer. Breast cells subjected to these chemicals will slowly change from normal body cells to tumour cells. It doesn’t happen over night but will slowly develop over a period of 10 or 20 years.

Estrogen is found everywhere in our modern world we live in and unfortunately it is not particularly easy to avoid it. But some you can avoid, as many of them are commonly found in plastic. Two of these estrogenic chemicals are phthalate and Bisphenol A, sometimes called BPA and are in plastic to add flexibility and durability to the product. So avoid drinking from plastic bottles or storing food in plastic containers. Also some processed food tins now days are lined and this lining contains these chemicals as well.

It is also found in many cosmetics such as nail polish, perfume and underarm deodorant. Deodorants when applied to the underarm or breast area can accumulate in the breast fat and cause breast cancer. Phthalates are also used to make polyvinyl chloride which is abbreviated PVC and is in vinyl flooring and plastic shower curtains. A new car smell is actually phthalates vaporizing from the plastic used in the interior linings.

One of the ways that estrogen enters our body is through microwave cooking so never microwave in plastic containers and especially with the thin plastic film called “Gladwrap” The estrogen within the plastic is easily transferred to the food.

Epidemiological studies have shown that 90 percent of breast cancers are of environmental origin and not caused by genetics. As with most chemicals, we all thought they were harmless but we are now finding they are causing many of our modern day health problems. Also these chemicals tend to stay in the body for a long period of time.

I know plastic is very convenient to use but there is other much safer options, such as glass ware or stainless steel which are free of these chemicals. If you are checking labels, you rarely see the words phthalate or bisphenol A on the label of the product unless it says phthalate or bisphenol free.

Engineered Wood Flooring – A Beautiful Option

You may want to install solid wood flooring, but your budget only allows engineered wood flooring that can last just as long as a solid wood species can. You can install engineered wood flooring that is just as beautiful and will last just as long as a solid wood floor without the high price and the high maintenance that hard wood flooring can require.

Engineered wood flooring is made to be stable, and solid wood flooring can just not compete in this arena. You can install engineered wood flooring over many different surfaces including concrete, basement floors and radiant floors. You must be aware that the quality of engineered wood flooring can vary depending upon the manufacturer from who you purchase engineered wood flooring.

You can expect to pay prices of $8.00 to $11.00 per square foot for engineered wood flooring. That can exceed the price of solid wood flooring, but engineered wood flooring is easier to care for and install than solid wood planks that solid hardwood flooring entails.

You can choose engineered wood flooring from a number of species and various finishes. You can be sure your floor will look almost exactly like a real solid hardwood floor without the hassle and maintenance it takes to keep a traditional wood floor looking its best.

If you are looking to start and finish a home renovation project that will add considerable value to your home, you need look no rather than installing engineered wood flooring. Prospective buyers look at many things that can influence their decision and a new engineered hardwood floor may be just the thing to seal the deal.

For those who want the look and age of a traditional hardwood floor but can’t imagine keeping maintenance up for the proper look, engineered wood flooring may be just the answer you have been looking for. With ease of maintenance and a wide array of shopping venues, owning an engineered wood floor has never been easier.

Go online today and research your options for an engineered wood floor. You may find it is the perfect flooring option you have been searching for.

South Beach Diet Plan

The South Beach Diet Plan kind of sounds like a reality TV show or something, but it actually is a bona fide diet that millions swear by. The South Beach Diet is one of those new breed of diets that sees carbohydrates as the key to weight loss and increased health.

Where the South Beach Diet Plan veers from the similar path taken by the Atkins Diet is in recommending that your servings of meat are leaner. The first two weeks or so require a severe reduction in the amount of carbs, but over time you are increasing it gradually.

In addition, the South Beach Diet Plan divides carbohydrates into good and evil, rather than recommending an across the board cutting back. According to the South Beach Diet Plan, the good carbs are those that contain high fiber as being high in the good kind of fat, as well as having a low glycemic index. This basically just means that these carbs more easily digested and absorbed by the body.

The South Beach Diet Plan is separated into three distinct phases, although it is recommended through all three that ingesting the bad kind of fat be limited.

Phase I lasts two weeks, during which dieters avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates. These include such favorites as candies, bread, and sugar as well as those foods typically much easier to avoid such as potatoes, cereal and grains.

The idea of ​​this two week phase is for the body to reduce its insulin resistance and start using its excess fat. But more on Phase I later.

The question often asked is whether the South Beach Diet Plan qualifies as just another fad diet or does it really have merit. Let's look at the facts. The recommended caloric intake for the average person is from 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day. On the other hand, the caloric ceiling of South Beach Diet Plan is a mere 1500 calories per day. That's not a whole lot of food, in case you were not aware. Cutting that many calories out of your diet per day is almost a guaranteed way of losing weight. But at what price?

One problem faced by many people who try it out is the tension to go right back to their normal eating patterns once the desired weight is lost. Sensing this, the creators have actually done something rather ingenious. They have built the idea of ​​falling off the wagon into the diet. The South Beach Diet Plan creator came up with this idea from personal experience.

He himself fell off the wagon and realized that a diet system needed to be established that deal with that whole whole part of the psychology of dieting. Here, the South Beach Diet Plan is easy enough to get right back into even after falling off track for a few days. Because there are three distinct phases to the diet, at any time things go all wacky, the dieter simply starts over again from phase one, which only lasts two weeks.

Four Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

One can hardly open up a newspaper or turn on the television these days without learning about the threat our planet is exposed to as a result of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels and out of control carbon emissions has necessitated a global focus on adopting environment-friendly personal and business habits. One of the huge culprits when it comes to the harmful environmental impacts of modern society is the automobile. In recent years there has been an intense focus on research and development regarding the production of hybrid vehicles. These cars are more than just a cool fashion statement. They are reducing the damage our planet is sustaining in tangible ways.

Energy optimization. Hybrids regain energy from the electric motor to the battery. When you brake and the cars speed is reduced, the energy from the motor is relayed back to the battery. This process is called regenerative braking. Through this process the battery is recharged without the need of an external charging source, and kept in efficient running order. This means that the hybrid vehicle is a self-powered, energy-saving product of engineering that dramatically decreases a cars carbon footprint.

Aerodynamics. The aerodynamic lines of hybrids vehicles are intentally designed. They contribute significantly towards the cars energy efficiency. The frontal dimensions of the cars are reduced in order to limit wind resistance, making them more effective at cutting through the air at faster speeds. This is an important factor when it comes to the issue of fuel consumption. It is like having a self-created slipstream continuously available that gets the vehicle from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Tires. The tires on these vehicles are carefully engineered to maximize fuel efficiency. Harder materials are used in their production and the tires are inflated to higher pressures. This equates to a conservation of energy and an improvement in performance. Regular vehicles generally have tires that create double the drag resistance than that of hybrids. The advantage that hybrids provide in this department is plain to see.

Lean machines. Hybrid vehicles are manufactured using lighter materials than regular cars. The greater the weight of an object, the more energy is necessary to propel it into motion. This is one example of the reasons large SUVs are not renamed for their good fuel consumption. The thinking is simple. Lighter materials minimize the total weight of the vehicle, which translates into less energy being required to power it. This is of particular benefit in large cities where traffic jams are inevitable, and where pollution is more prevalent. Hybrids produce very little emissions when driving at low speed. Each incremental reduction in a vehicle's emissions over its life-span is a significant contribution towards a greener and healthier planet.

Human beings are responsible for the damage done to the earth, and we must also be responsible for steadily nursing it back to health as we learn to incrementally co-operate with nature. Hybrid vehicles represent a tangible means of stepping in that direction. Time is of the essence, and we must act now.

Creative Writing Prompts, Creative Writing Exercises And How To Electrify Your Writing!

Lately you’ve felt like you’ve been writing the same words, phrases and paragraphs over and over, without any fresh direction or ideas. So you’re looking for ways to juice up your writing, make it more stimulating, enjoyable and interesting.

Creative writing prompts and exercises are a fantastic way to give your writing that boost you’ve been looking for.

The problem most of us who write have with using writing prompts or writing exercises is we feel it’s somehow cheating or a shortcut.

I’m sure you’ve probably felt this yourself at some time: “If I use someone else’s prompt or exercise, then it’s not my writing. What kind of writer can’t come up with their own words and ideas?!”

Well, it’s not quite so simple as that. Here’s why:

Imagine you want to play some music. You have electricity running to your house, and you have a CD. But you don’t just go and hold the CD against the electricity socket on your wall and expect to hear music!

Or you want to make some toast. So you get out a couple of slices of bread, put them on your kitchen worktop near an electrical socket and hope when you return a few minutes later the bread has become toast. It’s never going to happen!

In both of these situations there’s a crucial missing link. You have raw power – the electricity. You have the raw material, in these examples the CD of music, and the slices of bread. But what’s missing is a way to channel the electricity in a meaningful and useable way to allow the raw material to become what you want it to become.

That’s what your CD player and your toaster are for.

So how does this apply to your creative writing?

The situation is very similar. You have the raw power in the form of your writing talent and potential. You have the raw material, the words and letters. What you need now is a way to channel that raw power to shape the letters and words into something meaningful, something useful.

Creative writing prompts and exercises are a great way of doing this. They give you that channel, that conduit you need to allow your writing talent to create wonderful formations and sequences of words. If you don’t have that initial prompt or exercise as a way to channel your writing talent, it’s just going to sit there inside you doing nothing. In the same way electricity just sits there waiting in the sockets. It doesn’t start flowing until something is plugged in and switched on.

So plug in and switch on your creative writing today by using prompts and exercises!

The Magic of Making Up PDF: Win Back Your Ex Now!

The Magic of Making Up PDF in a popular online book that was created by dating guru TW Jackson, aka T-Dub. There are many other popular online books that claim that they can help you reunite with your former love. Out of all these books one seems to be the most popular and that is the “Magic of Making Up PDF”.

The Magic of Making Up is Different

I was very skeptical about this book because it seemed like it was probably a scam, but to my surprise this book gets results. The ideas and tips in the magic of making up PDF seem to be very different from most advice you hear on dating. For example, “The Magic of Making UP” PDF does not advocate played out ideas like buying flowers, gifts or other ways to buy back their affection. The approach in this book seems to be very counter intuitive, and that is why the magic of making up PDF is so effective.

The System and how it Works

TW Jackson lays out a workable system that will take you by the hand and lead you to reuniting with your former love. The Magic of Making up pdf will tell you what your opening move should be. The opening move was one of the most interesting and counter intuitive ideas on dating I have ever heard. It advocates the idea of cutting off all communication with your ex for a short period time. During this short break from your former love it will teach you how to become a more attractive person. This will make attracting your ex back easy like a magnet. The book will also teach you exactly what to do on that first date back with your former love.

My Ex Says He Loves Me But Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together

He tells you he loves you, he tells you he thinks about you all the time… but for some odd reason, your ex boyfriend refuses to get back together again. Why doesn’t your ex want to commit to a new relationship with you, and what can you do to change his mind?

Well first of all, you need to take everything your ex tells you with a grain of salt. Because even though he might be painting you a very rosy picture of how he feels toward you, keep in mind that everything he says and does is designed with his goals in mind. This means that you’re hearing only what your ex boyfriend wants you to hear, and nothing extra.

Reasons Your Ex Boyfriend Won’t Take You Back

An ex who shows interest in you after the breakup isn’t ready to let go. Yes he broke up with you, but instead of walking away he’s much happier with the idea of keeping you around. This gives him a safety net – a security blanket – a totally awesome ‘plan B’ just in case he decides that breaking up wasn’t what he ultimately wanted. Telling you he loves you is his selfish way of making sure you stay put, because your ex doesn’t want you dating anyone else.

Another reason your ex won’t take you back is quite simple: you’re giving him everything he had while he dated you. You probably talk on the phone, send each other text-messages, you email and sometimes see each other… maybe you even sleep together. Imagine your ex getting all the companionship and benefits of dating you (including the sex) but without any of the burden of commitment. This is what he has when you stay friends with your ex boyfriend after breaking up, and this is what he stands to lose by dating you again.

Your ex says he loves you but won’t take you back because right now he’s enjoying things as they are. Only by taking things away and making him miss you – both mentally and physically – can you begin creating an environment in which your ex boyfriend actually wants you back. In essence, you can’t get your ex back until you’ve actually gone away, and this is the most common mistake most women make while trying to fix an unwanted breakup.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend Would Tell You He Loves You

Again, your ex will tell you he’s still in love with you to keep you around, and to keep you hanging on. But at the same time, there’s a good chance your ex boyfriend really does love you. The feelings and emotional bonds you forged while dating aren’t something that can be dissolved away overnight, and there will always be residual feelings between the two of you. On a good many levels your ex boyfriend can tell you he loves you while being entirely truthful, which is why these words can flow so easily from his lips.

Want your boyfriend back? If so, you’ll need to do something about it. Sitting back and hoping this situation will fix itself is always a bad move, and will eventually result in your ex finding someone else and losing interest in you altogether. Only by creating a void in your exes’ life – a hole in his hear where you used to be – can you actually begin making your ex boyfriend miss and want you back again. You can learn exactly which methods and techniques are best for accomplishing this, no matter what your breakup situation and even if you’ve been broken up for quite a while.

Tips To Buy Halloween Lights

With Halloween becoming a big business the National Retail Federation has predicted that the spending for the day in US alone will hit a whopping $ 5.8 billion in 2010. A large part of the money spend on the day goes for the decorations and creations of spooky themes for the grand evening parties. Halloween lights are an integral part of such functions.

A wide variety of designs on lights are used by people to set the spooky mood for the Halloween party. This year there is an increasing consciousness regarding energy saving. People prefer to use solar powered LED Halloween lights over the electric bulbs these days. You too can go with the trend and buy solar LED bulbs to decorate your home on Halloween. Make energy saving one of the many wonderful traditions of the holiday.

The primary tradition of the event is spectacular spooky displays and fancy dress parties with spooky themes. You should buy decorations and props accordingly. Neverheless, the right selection of Halloween lights can make your event even more spectacular. A major reason for the popularity of Halloween lights is that the event is celebrated during the evening. You can select amongst black bulbs, jack-o-lantern, pumpkin lights, icicle, strobe bulbs, and purple and orange string lights.

Amongst the various Halloween lights you can choose from either the battery powered ones, solar powered bulbs or LED bulbs for decorating your party venue. Nearestless a major advantage of using LED bulbs for lighting up your party is that these bulbs produce less heat and are great on energy saving but, produces the same amount of illumination. However, if you are willing to use the other types, make sure that you take into consideration the following safety measures with your Halloween decoration:

1. If you are using battery powered or electrical bulbs, make sure not to place them near any kind of fluid like water. It may lead to an accidental short circuit.

2. If you are using fire candles, make sure they are kept away from flammable items like paper or other props to avoid fire.

3. Be careful with the placement of the decorations and the electrical devices used for the decoration; they should not get latched with the costumes of the guests for the party or should not be inconveniently placed or vulnerable to hurt the guests at the party.

Chandelier Lighting and Improving Your Home Interior Design

Many homeowners are very ignorant about their home interior design. They devote a great deal of effort in designing and decorating their homes as a way to enhance their home's ambiance and appeal.In this way they can win the admiration of their guests for their home with no trouble, which is a big thing for any homeowner . Furthermore, family members and other household members can also take pleasure from staying inside their good looking homes.

A home interior design should have all the essentials to look great and striking enough.Many homeowners are paying more attention to their home furnishings and decorations as their way of improving their home interior design. However, a home interior design that is fully furnished and well-decorated is not complete without the presence of other elements including proper lighting. A complete home interior design must not only be relegated to the choice of furniture and other decorations to go with them. For a complete and remarkable home interior design, homeowners must also pay attention to the ability of lighting fixtures in making their homes look more impressive and appealing.

Many home interior design experts are claiming that lighting fixtures play a vital role in a home interior design. A certain portion of the house will lose its value when it is poorly lighted. No matter how intrete or creative the design of a room is, it would not have any value if it does not have an appealing lighting fixture to complement it. Whereas, appropriate amount of lighting from an impressive lighting fixture can enhance the appearance of certain portion of a house.

One of the best choices for a lighting fixture for our home is the modern chandelier. Chandelier lighting since it was first used has been one of the most beautiful lighting fixtures of all time. Chandeliers provide a distinct appeal and beauty that no other lighting fixture can match. Chandelier lighting is naturally capable of transforming a certain place into a stylish and elegant looking one.

The modern chandelier is now a common lighting fixture in mansions, hotel lobbies, and palaces; places that people find expensive and luxurious. As a result, chandelier lighting is typically identified with wealth and elegance. This is the ultimate reason why chandeliers are perfect for our home. We can transform our homes into a place that can promote a rich and glamorous environment that can clearly win the admiration of our guests for our homes and have them nod in approval.

Chandeliers are widely available in the market in varying designs and styles including wrought iron chandeliers. Purchasing a chandelier for our home is easy. These popular lighting fixtures are available at many online furniture shops. As homeowners, it is our responsibility to choose the certain style and design of the chandelier that can be appropriate to our home interior design.

A Description Of Book Publishing And Its Options

Mainstream Publishing

Some mainstream publishers are reluctant about accepting work from young writers who can not sign a contract. What matters really, is that the quality or standard of writing should be high in order to compete with adult writers. To do this, the important thing is to thoroughly edit your work and follow the submission guidelines set by the publishers.

Some publishers prefer that you send in a one page query letter first describing the project. A brief that appears on the rear cover of a book should be kept in mind when the query is submitted. Keep in mind that the correct font to be used in your book is "courier new 12 pt" with double spacing in the manuscript. The query letter may be made out in the same font, but without the double spacing.

Self Publishing

This form of publishing is far easier than the former. One can publish one's work at lulu (dot) com for free. A small commission is charged on the sale of the book. The best thing about self publishing is that you set your own price and age is not a barrier. From editing to formatting, everything is in your hands. The services provided by lulu would, of course, raise costs if you are interested in the international market as well. Lulu also provides templates for formatting, which you can get a friend, teacher or parent to help with. Although you need to plan the book cover yourself, lulu will help with that. Publishing your own book that becomes far easier.

One of the other ways of publishing is ebooks, which are becoming more and more popular these days. It makes possible instant access to your book via the internet.

Marketing of your book begins even before printing. The right market should be identified. You must also know where you want your book to reach. Your objective in publishing is what will determine the market.

Mistakes to Avoid

Your book must have mass appeal. You should choose a unique name for your self-publishing company to avoid a giveaway that it has been self-published. Be careful, because some publishers get heavy on print costs.

Help of professionals is necessary for selecting a title for your book, and for designing the cover. Do not paste a photograph of yourself on the front cover (unless you are a celebrity), because that is a definite giveaway that the book is self-published. You may paste it on the lower back cover.

The foreword could be left to those who will buy the book in bulk. The proof reading is one of the most important steps which again should be left to a professional. If these can be taken care of there is no doubt you will successfully sell many books.

Fire Rated Doors And Their Importance In Fire Protection

There are countries that impose the placing of fire rated doors as a legal requirement in residences and commercial buildings. This regulation demands inspectors to examine newly built structures before they are given permits to operate. The lack of these doors in the building interior would give the structure a non-compliant status concerning passive fire protection and thus, won’t be allowed to do business.

Extricating oneself from a structure on fire is difficult if the smoke and flames are not controlled. In worse circumstances, people will definitely be choked by smoke first because ordinary doors are not able to prevent smoke from spreading. Hence, even when there are no flames yet, people can already become unconscious when they are asphyxiated from the smoke that results from burning from one part of building. Flames do not have to engulf people so that they pass out, because smoke is even deadlier when it reaches the lungs.

This is the reason why fire proof doors are given importance by building code regulations because this is where fire protection starts. Even without the aid of rescue efforts, people inside a building that is being eaten by fire can still make their way out because there are fire exits and doors that act as barrier for smoke, heat and flames. Without the barrier, it is easy for fire to spread and engulf everything in a few minutes, leaving nothing behind and claiming people’s lives.

These doors are considered the most significant fire safety products installed on your premises. It will act as barrier for fire or smoke so that these elements are kept from spreading across the building. Doors that withstand burning will keep the fire contained to a certain compartment or room, allowing people a longer time to make their escape. This situation will also allow the fire service a better opportunity to rescue everyone who are trapped and also to control the fire. Fire rated doors will also put a stop to wasting a big part of your building and property by being engulfed in fire quickly. These door sets are designed to be used alongside fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is also necessary that a fire alarm system be installed so that the door will automatically close once the alarm has set off. The lack of alarm system will also matter because the door won’t respond by shutting itself immediately since nothing will prompt it to do so.

For warehouses, the presence of fire proof doors indicates that people, machinery, products and documents are given protection in case a fire breaks out. The use of fire-proof safe or cabinets would also be essential for documents. Since fire can easily start in areas that are old and cramped, it is also a good thing that storage facilities have these doors installed in their interiors.

Most buildings that are built recently are compliant for passive fire protection. It is not an option but a regulation that has to be followed by every building owner and manager. Thus, it is also vital that you find a reliable supplier for these door materials in your locale.

What to Pack in Your Grab Bag

A grab bag is a hot topic when it comes to long distance cruising. We all agree it's something we have to have but never want to use. Not preparing it before you go is a risk most of us do not want to take. If for some reason you have to abandon ship, not having it ready and at hand could be disastrous.

So how do you go about making sure you have everything you need in a small watertight container?

I have 3 small water tight containers and a few other grab items but then there are four of us who would need to climb into the life raft if something were to happen to our yacht and having children aboard means I'm not prepared to leave the dock without a fully stocked set of grab bags.

You may say your life raft comes with a packed life-saving kit, but keep in mind, a life raft is designed to last 3 days for the number of people the life raft is rated for. So if you have a 6 man life raft there are enough rations for 6 people for 3 days inside. Beside are you really sure what is in that life raft pack? Are you sure the water has not gone foul?

With that in mind here's what I believe you actually need to pack in your personal grab bag.

Grab bag 1:

This grab bag is for equipment. In mine I have:
1 x Waterproof torch
1 x Spare set of batteries for torch
1 x Diving knife
1 x Set of hand fishing gear [including some thick hand line, a makeshift reel, a pair of good fishing gloves, 3 x lures, 8 x hooks, 4 x sinkers]
1 x Canister smoke flare
4 x Red parachute flares
4 x Hand held smoke flares
1 x Sound signaler
1 x Police whistle
1 x Mirror reflector
1 x Handheld compass
1 x Handheld GPS
1 x Set spare batteries for GPS
8 x Emergency blankets [space blankets – I have 2 per person]
1 x Roll sail tape
1 x bicycle puncture repair kit
1 x 2m x 2m Plastic sheet [this can function as rain catchment, shade as well as a makeshift sail if necessary.]
1 x Small notebook kit containing: 2 x pencils, 1 x sharpener, 1 x eraser, 1 handheld notebook
1 x Small basic medical kit containing: 10 x Plasters, 1 x 200ml disinfectant, 2 x bandages, 1 tube anti-bacterial salve, 1 x box pain pills, suntan lotion, aftersun, motion sickness pills, Immodium [anti diarrhea], 10 x Rehydrate sachets

Grab bag nr 2 & 3
This bag contains our rations. This list would depend on your food preferences but here are the essentials:

1 x Can opener
1 x Spoon or teaspoon for each person aboard
1 x Sharp knife
1 x Large Packet of glucose rich sweets
2 x Packets ginger biscuits [they help for motion sickness too]

Tinned foods
I picked them as follows:
High protein:
10 x tinned meat. [1 per 4 people per day for 10 days] corned meat or picnic ham works well.
Baked beans would work too but my fussy family would not touch them anyway!
5 x tinned tuna [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]
5 x tinned chicken [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]
5 x tinned viennas [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]
10 x tins Sweetcorn [1 per 4 people per day for 10 days]
5 x Tins Peas [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]
Vegetables are packed in liquid that can supplement drinking water shortages
5 x tins Peaches [1 per 4 people for 5 days] The syrup these are stored in can be used as glucose additive to water or alone if water becomes a problem
2 x tins cream [this is also glucose rich and can substitute liquids]

These tins fit perfectly, with a little good packing skill into 2 x 10kg watertight buckets.
The other things ready to go and stacked along the grab bags are 2 x 5l water bottles and a double action hand pump.

Remember that the 1 item you want to grab from inside the boat if everything goes wrong is your satellite phone if you have one!

When leaving for an offshore passage we tie all these items as well as our life raft to our dinghy / tender that is easily deployable from the davit system at the rear of the cockpit. That way we have our dinghy, complete with 2 sets of oars [unfortunately no motor], a little spare rope and the above items to hopefully keep us going until we are rescued or find a way to shore ourselves.

What Is the Average ASVAB Test Score?

Have you ever wondered how the lean fighting men-in-uniform are chosen for the army? Well, before they engage and survive military training, army recruits must first pass the ASVAB.

So, what is the Average ASVAB Score? The ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is series of tests designed by the military and government to assess the person’s skills and psychological well-being. A person’s ASVAB score aids the military in identifying a person’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)-that is, whether he should be in the navy, the air force, special ops, etc.

The ASVAB has 200 multiple choice questions about General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Numerical Operations, Auto and Shop Information, Mathematics Knowledge and Mechanical Comprehension. Within 134 minutes, the test taker must not only reach the average on each individual test section, but he/she must also reach certain “cumulative scores”-Verbal, Math and Academic–which describe the over-all proficiency of the test taker.

What is the average ASVAB score needed to be fit for the military? First, a good ASVAB score will ebb and flow, depending on which branch of the military you are focused on. Second, the ASVAB is rated on a percentile basis. Hence, the highest score is 99 while the lowest score is 1. The nationwide and across all branches average ASVAB score is between 42 and 50.

A “genius” rating in the ASVAB is anything near 92 and above. A whopping score of higher than the previously mentioned “blowout” ASVAB scores will help secure access to the best MOS available—special ops, nuclear work for the navy, or work as a Ranger in the army.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the military is not required to place an individual in a specific program on the basis of high school. More often than not, when a branch of the military has a great need in a particular area, they will fill the vacancy in spite of one’s MOS capabilities.

Indeed, it is no easy feat to be part of the elite team of men and women who defend the country. They do not only need to survive hell-like training camps and missions, but first and foremost they must first survive hell in the screening process—the frontier of such a process being occupied by gaining the average score on the ASVAB. Hence, it is understandable for them to be asking: “What is Average ASVAB Score?”

That’s because we’re talking about the honor and privilege of being heroes of the country here.

Home Improvement is Not For Everybody

Fixing up the house can be a tricky matter that many homeowners are not up to. Hiring some outside help is often the best thing for these larger, complicated matters that require professionalism to ensure they are done correctly. Keeping things simple and planning everything as much as possible is the best way to make sure that things are completed on time and in the most efficient way.

Moving through home improvement projects as quickly as possible is a priority for many homeowners. Nobody likes his or her yard to be in disarray for too long, so ensuring that everything get done without delay is very important. Avoiding problems and mishaps is the best way to ensure that everything runs according to plan. Incidentally, making sure that everything is planned out perfectly is another key in meeting deadlines the homeowners may set for themselves. Hiring a contractor for the larger, more complicated home improvement projects is often the best way to avoid these costly deliveries.

When things run smoothly, everything will fall into place. The homeowner will be happy with the work being done. The work will be done on time. The final product will be as the homeowner expected or planned and everyone will be happy. Ensuring that this is the case with each and every home improvement project is a struggle for many homeowners that choose to go at it alone. That is why hiring a professional to help with the more complex projects is the best way to ensure things are done properly.

Wooden Boat Building Methods

There are some different methods that can be used to build a boat. You have Carvel Planking, Lapstrake Planking, Strip Planking, and Stitch & Glue. You'll find the basics of each below.

With Carvel Planking the planks abut one another on a framework. First, you create the frame. Then you connect the abutting planks to the frame with nails or screws. You then have to do some caulking to seal the seams so water does not get in.

Lapstrake Planking is comparable to Carvel since you assemble it on a frame. However, the planks overlie each other instead of sitting edge to edge. They are fastened to the frame with rivets and glue and they generally do not have to be sealed due to the planks being fitted so tightly together. Maintenance to this kind of wooden boat is more complex than others because of the overlapping assembly.

Strip Planking is a lot like Carvel Planking apart from the narrows strips of timber that are used as an alternative to large planks. This style of wooden boat can be joined together with epoxy or nails.

Stitch & Glue is probably the simplest technique for building a wooden boat. This is the method recommended to somebody building a boat for the first time. With this method you use marine grade plywood to cut out the different sections of the boat using the instructions found in your boat plans. Then, you bore holes down the edges of your pieces that will link to another plywood section and line up the holes. The pieces are held together by inserting plastic wire ties or metal wire pieces though the holes. Then you fill the joints with epoxy to keep them together. When it is completely dry, remove the wire ties and fill in the holes with epoxy. This method can be used to build a flat bottomed boat, a "V" bottomed boat, or a multi-chined bottomed boat which is a more curved hull. This kind of construction is extremely easy to fix because you can patch in a fresh section of plywood and be back on the lake rather quickly.

The Stitch & Glue method involves less material and does not call for an under frame frame or a garage full of tools to wind up with a stunning wooden boat that is pleasing to the eye. This is why it is the simplest, cheapest, and requires the least amount of time of all the wooden boat building methods.