The 8 Biggest Severance Pay Package Mistakes

Severance Pay Mistake #1

“There is no law which requires a severance pay”. True, but then why do all companies pay a severance?

There is no law which states that severance pay must be provided, but all companies provide severance pay because the alternative is far worse for them. Keep reading…

Severance Pay Mistake #2

“I’m an at-will employee so I cannot get severance pay”.

At-will employment simply means that you are employed for an unstated duration, not a fixed period of time. It means you can leave at any time, and, your employer can terminate your employment at anytime, but a termination must be for legal reasons and a layoff must be performed legally! Being in an at-will employment state, or having an at-will employment contract, does not mean you cannot obtain severance-pay and a great severance package because you have leverage…

Severance Pay Mistake #3

“I have no leverage to get severance pay and I don’t want to ‘burn bridges’ with my company”.

Whether you were fired for poor performance, laid off, outsourced, or you have resigned, your employing company is fearful of negative publicity, complaints from former employees to board members, the possibility of being sued and the disruptive time and expense of litigation, and anyone speaking ill of the company. Companies want you to go away quietly and stop any possible controversy. All companies expect to negotiate severance packages in exchange for a Separation and Release Agreement, so you will be leaving not only on ‘good terms’, but also on your own terms!

Severance Pay Mistake #4

“My company is bankrupt or is being acquired, so no severance pay”.

Most severance packages are provided when companies have no money, file bankruptcy, or simply cut costs through layoffs. In fact, severance packages provided during these unfortunate events are usually more generous.

Severance Pay Mistake #5

“My severance package is not negotiable and must be signed right away”.

Human Resources and your boss will push you to take the check they’ve already cut and sign a release agreement right away. Don’t do it as no employment situation is ‘take it or leave it’. Tell them you need to think this situation over. They will not, and cannot, withdraw the severance offer-even if you ask for more! In fact, there are federal laws which require them to give you three weeks or up to 60 days to consider the agreement-more than enough time to negotiate a better severance package.

Severance Pay Mistake #6

“I can negotiate a severance package by myself”.

People who do this always underestimate their own value, what their company has in the past provided to others, and, what their company will provide for them in a severance package. In addition, they leave out compensation, benefits and legal protections which can be negotiated and should be included in all severance packages.

Severance Pay Mistake #7

“I can review and understand the legal language within the Separation and Release of Claims Agreement my company wants me to sign in exchange for my severance package.”

All Separation and Release Agreements state that you should consult with an attorney and have the attorney review the release of rights prior to signing it. This is for your protection, as you may not understand or even see the hidden restrictive covenants within the separation/release agreement and within your original employment agreement. An experienced Employment Attorney with a Human Resources background is best qualified to review a separation/release agreement, not your family or business contracts attorney.

Severance Pay Mistake #8

“I will hire an attorney to represent me”.

Severance pay packages are created and implemented by your friendly Human Resources Department. But, if you hire an attorney to represent you to negotiate a severance deal, your friendly HR Department MUST, and will, turn you and your attorney over to its corporate Legal Department and its attorneys. You will have a tough time negotiating a severance as corporate attorneys always take a tough stance against opposing attorneys. Your matter will be legally escalated into a battle of attorneys. And, it’s another story if you launch a lawsuit. The best severance deals come from HR departments.

To avoid these mistakes, you need both legal AND human resources experts on your side to assist you in getting the best severance package!

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Get what you’ve earned,

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Components of Your Computer

A personal computer is a programmable electronic system, which processes data and which is designed to have a single user at once. Over the years, computers have developed from all points of view and their components make no exception.

The central unit is the basic components of the system and it consist of the following. First of all, you have an asymmetrical and logical unit which does everything you want related to arithmetical and logical calculations. Then, there is the internal memory, also shortened in IM, an internal memory which stores the programs and the data which are in process. The, we have the command and control unit, which reigns over the entire ensemble.

There are also other kinds of components which make a personal computer and these components start with the peripheral ones. These establish the connection between your computer and the things around you. You have the input components, such as the keyboards and the mouse, then you have the output ones, such as the monitor and the scanner, then the storing ones, such as magnetic band units or CD-ROMs and last but not least, you have the communication components, such as the couple and the modem.

There are also constructive elements with a computer, the main ones being the system unit, the storage unit and the peripheral components of the connection components. When it comes to the central unit, this is actually a case and it involves everything that is in it, too. One of its main functions is the physical ones, this being the place where the internal components are mounted. The internal components refer to the main board, to the disk units, to the extension plates and so on.

Buying a Safe For Securing Your Valuables

Buying a safe is a really good choice for those who own goods that are easily transportable, like jewelry, a collection of coins, furs luxury or digital camcorders, as they are easy to take for thieves. Experienced thieves know where to look to find these objects, so it's a safe bet to say that your favorite hiding place might not be as safe as you think. A bank safe is certainly the most secure place where you can put your valuables, but they tend to be too small and are only capable of containing small objects.

Personal safes are another option. Before buying a safe, make sure you understand the different levels of protection. In Europe the standard used is the European standard anti-theft EN 1143-1. This standard determinates the resistance of a safe from the fire, and the amount normally covered by insurance in case of theft or damage:

– Class 0: Insurance 8 000 EUR
– Class 1: Insurance of 25 000 EUR
– Class 2: Insurance of 35 000 EUR
– Class 3: Insurance 55 000 EUR
– Class 4: Insurance 110 000 EUR
– Class 5: Insurance 200 000 EUR
– Class 6: Insurance 300 000 EUR

The higher a class is and the more the walls and the system locks are secure. These amounts for reimbursements of insurance depends on your contract and are indicative.

Typically, the class 1 to 3 are sufficient to effectively protect irreplaceable documents. There are very specialized safes to protect digital storage media or computer hard drives. A good safe will also protect against the collapse of a building.

Safes are usually firmly attached to the structure of your house. They are typically a lot smaller than conventional safes, but they are also a lot more expensive. Because they are small, they can potentially be dropped from a thin wall and removed by a thief so that he can force him later. Therefore, if you are considering buying a safe mounting, you should take one that can be secured by embedding in a wall or a floor of masonry.

Safes combination, which are often shown on television, are popular choices. These safes are made in two parts: a sturdy safe jewel within an equally strong fireproof safe. They have a thick metal door and walls of the same ilk, with a combination lock. They can be locked to the ground or embedded, to be sure that a thief can not prevail.

Alaska Ski Vacations – Is Alaska The Best Skiing Spot In The World?

The word Alaska brings to mind a sense of wealth and sheer open spaces, while being recognizing as a natural source of awe and mystery – plus being one of the best skiing spots in the world. Considered by some as one of the finest four season resorts, the Alyeska Prince Hotel and Ski Resort – located 35 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska – has a top elevation of 2,751 feet with a 2,501 vertical drop. Alaska has some of the best skiing in the world, yet at the Alyeska Resort we do not find overly crowded slopes with long lift lines. To accommodate the large number of skiers, there are nine lifts, which includes six chair lifts, two surface lifts, and one cable car line. There are 68 trails for beginners, intermediates, and experts, with the major of the trails designed for intermediate skiers.

Nighttime skiing is allowed, which helps to make the ski experience more adventurous and thrilling. Exciting views such as the snow-capped mountains, hanging glaciers, and of course, the famous Northern Lights can be seen during this time. Skiing Magazine rankings this resort number nine of the top 25 killer ski trips. Every year, this skiing winter wonderland receives about 631 inches of snow, warm the hearts of the world's skiers who enjoy traveling to Alaska. Once a person stays at the Alyeska Prince Hotel, there never will be a doubt this is the place to stay for the utmost Alaska ski vacations!

The ultimate enjoyment of their elegant rooms and exquisite dining, combined with popular nightly entertainment, shows the Alaska ski resorts are the perfect places to vacation, where you can not only ski but also enjoy the last of our country's great frontiers. At the Alyeska Resort, the perfect winter vacation can be experienced when spirited outdoor skiers brave the elements, then return to the Alyeska Hotel for some old-fashioned, home-style pampering. Get a taste of what Alaska is really about and what serious skiing is! There are enjoyable activities for the entire family, from grandma and grandpa on down to tiny toots, with many area sights and attractions to be seen. If you decide to "go out on the town" while touring the area, several nightlife spots are just as fun and enjoyable, but are not associated with the Alyeska Price Hotel.

Mid-November is when the skiing season begins at the Alyeska Resort, running until mid-April. This area encompasses the longest daytime hours in the United States, having sixteen hours of daylight each day in the month of April. During December, however, there is only seven hours of daylight, which means there is more time for night skiing. If skiing is something that does not interest you, then tubing may. The Glacier Tubing Park features two lanes of terrain, with a surface lift – everyone in the family will enjoy spending time here. Also is the Alyeska Terrain Park, an absolute must for snowboarding enthusiasts.

Other winter activities that can be enjoyed in and around the Alyeska Resort include flight seeing, helisking, ocean cruising tours, dog sledding, ice climbing, back country skiing, mountaineering, and polar bear viewing. If none of these winter activities appeal to you, sit back and relax at the Alyeska Resort, and enjoy the peace and quiet while everyone is out doing winter activities!

Learn How to Lose Weight Fast and Free

How to lose weight fast and for free is what comes into your mind after spending huge amounts of money on pursuit of losing weight. The dieting industry is one of the largest and successful industries thanks to depicting itself as one of the necessities in losing weight. There are so many dieting products and supplements but one can easily lose weight without relying on these products. Sheer dedication and commitment will make you achieve this tough task easily. Here are few things you can do to lose weight without burning a hole in your pocket:

Adequate sleep: Do not neglect your sleep. Try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours daily. Researchers have found that less or inadequate sleep may cause eating disorders which may lead to overweight.

Eat at appropriate time: Your breakfast should be the most powerful meal because it will provide you with jump start energy that will run throughout the day. Your evening meal ie your dinner should be lightest and smallest as compared to all the meals in your day. It is recommended to finish your dinner before 7pm. Do not eat foods that contain carbohydrates at night because they reach the fat cells at night time. During the night, the metabolic activity is slow and your body goes in fat storing mode. If you are taking diet pills or weight loss pills, make sure that you consult a doctor before taking them.

There are a plethora of diet programs like South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, and Mediterranean Diet which can be useful for weight loss.

Exercise regularly: For performing cardio vascular exercises you can simply go for brisk walking, cycling, running, jogging and swimming. Make sure you regularly carry out cardio-vascular exercises to lose effectively. Performing cardio-vascular exercises 5-6 times a week will give you good results. Weight lifting exercises can help you burn fats immensely. The more you build muscles, the more calories are burnt. Exercising consistently will help you in losing weight and having a lean body. You can even invest in fitness equipment at home like treadmills, stair steppers and elliptical trainers, if you are not able to go the gym due to your busy life style.

Increase daily activity: If you do not have time for exercising then you can make use of daily activities to lose weight. This can be done by doing work manually or by yourself rather relying on a machine or someone. For example, you can climb up and down the stairs instead of using the lift or the elevator.

Drink adequate water: Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Drinking adequate water will increase the metabolism and also improves the blood circulation.

Fat consumption: As we know that if you want to lose weight, you need to cut down on fat consumption. To be more precise, you must avoid eating foods containing saturated fats and consume unsaturated fats such as nuts, oils and vegetables without any issue.

Avoid alcohol and smoking: Although smoking and drinking alcohol are those habits you can not get rid off easily, every effort should have made to curtail or stop it as they do not help in losing weight and are fattening.

Avoid junk foods: Junk foods can be too good to resist but you need to cut down on these as they contain high fat and calorie content.

This is all there is to know on how to lose weight fast and free. If you adhere to the above mentioned steps, you will certainly be able to achieve quick weight loss.

The Importance of Ambulance Services in Society

Certain situations in life require immediate medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life. The ambulance service and paramedics are very important in society as they save hundreds of lives daily by responding to emergency calls. They operate from ambulance stations located in various areas with control centres that respond to emergency calls and dispatch them when needed. Whether the patient is in rural retreats, busy seaside resorts or large urban conurbations, they reach the emergency scene within minutes of the call.

The emergency ambulance service crew includes a technician and a paramedic. Once the paramedics arrive at the emergency scene they evaluate the situation and the condition of the casualty and decide whether to take them to the hospital or just treat them there. One of the important roles of the ambulance crew is to stabilize and treat patients quickly to prevent any mishap before the patient reaches the hospital.

They provide immediate and effective life-saving care in a safe and clinical working environment with maximum mobility. They are well trained in first aid skills to be able to deal with profuse bleeding, crush and fall injuries, cardiac arrests, road accidents, and much more.

During earlier times they were used to transport patients after the doctor or fire department rescue squad applied simple first aid. Mostly the patient would ride alone however, in some cases the doctor rode along in the ambulance. Today, ambulances come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes equipped with a huge range of essential pre-hospital emergency machines including heart defibrillators, intravenous drips, splints, oxygen, drugs and much more. All ambulances have radios installed in them. Many times ambulances also transport non-emergency patients that might be transferring to another hospital or treatment centre.

In some cases patients may be transported in an air ambulance which is basically an aircraft specially designed for providing emergency medical assistance in critical medical situations. An air ambulance is used when the patient has to be transported over a long distance or terrain or if the patient has to be quickly transported to a treatment centre. Air ambulances are equipped with basic equipment like ECG monitors, ventilators, medication and stretchers.

For more information regarding ambulance services in the UK refer to SearchMe4 online business directory.

What Are Plastic Water Bottles Made Of?

Plastic is cheap, convenient, disposable, and recyclable. Or, at least that is what we have been lead to believe. It turns out that none of these things are true. And new concerns are being raised about the safety of the chemicals contained in plastic water bottles.

The average American uses 215 plastic water bottles per year. The plastic bottle you use and throw away today will still be here tomorrow, and for about 500 years after that. Maybe it is time we all put some thought into where those single use plastic bottles came from and where they are going.

Plastic begins its life as a petroleum product. It has been estimated that 15 million barrels of oil go into plastic production annually, with a staggering 1.6 million barrels going into the production of plastic water bottles alone.

Once the oil has been refined and separated into its component parts, the resulting ethane and propane are then heated to convert them into ethylene and propylene. These petroleum derivatives are then mixed with various chemicals to harden and / or soften the product creating the materials we know as plastic.

Phthalates, are the most common chemicals used in the production of plastics. Phthalates can cause liver damage, damage to kidneys, and reproductive issues. Vinyl chloride, another chemical used in the plastic production process can cause permanent liver damage, immune reactions, nerve damage, and liver cancer in high doses. And finally the most infamous of the three, Bisphenol A (BPA) is another common chemical used in plastic production that has been getting a lot of press laTely. BPA is an estrogen-like endocrine disruptor that can disrupted sexual development in addition to causing a host of other health problems.

Temperature extremes can cause chemicals used in the production of plastic water bottles to leech into the water inside. These dangerous chemicals have been banned in many countries around the world, but at the time of this writing remain still legal for use in plastic containers that come into contact with our food and water supplies. They do not even require a warning sticker.

When we think about the amount of plastic we come into contact in our daily lives, sometimes it is wise to be concerned. Nobody knows how dangerous long-term exposure to these chemicals really is, but it could mean a high cost for all: higher cancer rates, liver failure, and even the feminization of males and masculine hits in females.

And plastics are not going away. Plastics are not biodegradable; rather, they are photodegradable. Sunlight breaks plastics down into smaller and smaller pieces, but it does not decompose. Plastic is now inviting natural habitats of creatures around the globe. These creatures are mistaking the plastics for food and ingesting it. Large numbers of animals are dyeing through plastic ingestion, and those that are surviving are bringing plastic particles back into our own food supplies through secondary sources.

Plastic water bottles are cheap, convenient, and disposable, but growing bodies of research are beginning to question the long-term costs of excessive plastic usage. When you consider all of the unknown risks in the continued use of plastics, water bottles really are not cheap at all. They could be costing our children for many generations to come.

Is your life too plastic?

Patio Furniture Sets That Are Your Best Choice For Use on Grass

A large number of options for patio furniture are currently available on the market. Almost every manufacturer offers a number of different styles and sizes that will suit your taste. One factor that some buyers forget, however, is whether their furniture will be able to withstand the elements when it is left outside.

You also need to take into consideration where your patio furniture will be located outside and what types of elements it will be subjected to.

Your outdoor furniture could experience damage from moisture if it will be primarily located in grass, especially during the early morning or late nights when the dew settles in. However, it’s still a good idea to purchase a furniture set that does not require a lot of constant maintenance.

The ideal set for your patio would consist of furniture that could be left outside during any type of weather and not sustain any damage. This is far from impossible, and several options are available to fulfill this need.

Aluminum is a particularly good option for outdoor furniture, and it has long been used to make various types of furniture, including for patios, motor homes and others. It is simultaneously lightweight and durable. While aluminum can experience some discoloration over the course of time, it will not rust.

The special formula is due to the fact that when the metal is subjected to air, it forms a protective oxide exterior to protect against rust. Some aluminum patio furniture can be purchased with a powder coating. This gives the aluminum an extra shield against scratches.

Plastic outdoor furniture is another low maintenance option when considering a grass location. It is great in rain because it can be wiped clean, and if you take good care of it then it will not stain easily.

A worthwhile option, although definitely more expensive, is wrought iron patio furniture. It is considered to be one of the most low maintenance types of patio furniture available. Wrought iron can handle extreme weather conditions and needs to be cleaned only occasionally. You might see some rust, but this can be corrected with sandpaper and paint that is specifically formulated for wrought iron.

When it comes to a location in grass, the issue with moisture makes wood furniture not be the best of choices. If you really want wood, however, then teak furniture is the best type to get. Special oils produced by teak help protect its surface from damaging weather and stains. Always remember that wood will crack when it is exposed to cold temperatures, meaning you might want to put it into storage for the winter.

A Bit About Unlimited Domain Web Hosting

Unlimited domain web hosting is perfect for you if you are planning to build multiple web sites. This is because you can keep multiple domains on one hosting account. Most hosting services that offer unlimited domains will also give you access to the other services that they offer, as well as the ability to create sub-domains, databases, and email accounts for each of your domains.

However, you must bear in mind that although there are many hosting companies out there that boast of unlimited domains, most companies only offer up to 5 domain names per account. Nobody really needs an unlimited number of websites, but if you are expecting to build more and more domains in the future, signing up for unlimited domain names will not hurt you in the least. In fact, it will save you the hassle and costs of singing up for a new account once you have reached your domain limit, or moving all the contents from your sites to another provider.

Now that you have decided to go with unlimited domain hosting you can turn your attention on the next important step: finding a reliable web hosting company. Just like choosing typical web hosting companies, you can get a headache just by looking at all the web hosting services out there who say that that they have the perfect unlimited domain hosting plan for you. This might not be too attractive an advice, but try visiting a few dozen web hosting sites first and see what they offer. This activity may hold the beginnings of a terrific migraine, but it will all be worth it, especially if you finally find the site that caters to your specific needs.

A reliable web hosting site should be credible, and you can see this good evidence if this in the site's address and phone number. A good web hosting site should also offer you the right kind of web space and bandwidth, which for personal or small business purposes can be fairly small. Small business domains typically take up at most 50 gigabytes of bandwidth but if you are planning to hold a large amount of information on your site or domain domain choose a host that can provide you with the right size that you need.

A good unlimited domain host should also have a good uptime guarantee, preferably 99.5% of higher, especially if you are doing business online.

Speaking of online business, you should give your customers the security that they deserve by ensuring that your site has a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. Most customers look for this every time they conduct financial transactions with online businesses, and it is one way for web-savvy customers to determine if your web site or domain can be trusted or not. Also, when it comes to security choose a host that will provide you protection from spammers.

As you have finally realized by now, choosing the right unlimited domain hosting service is no walk in the park. However, all that effort will be worth it once you find the service that you can rely on.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Your Health

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most accepted alternative health remedies in use nowdays. It has been used since ancient time as a remedy used for many assorted ailments. Hippocrates is believed to have used it like an antibiotic.

A good number of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are anecdotal and have not been scientifically established. We make no claims on any of the health benefits listed beneath but offer them up such as an opening position for more exploration on your part.

A. While thinned with water 50/50 it is often used as a toner used for the face. Caution bought to be used while applying as vinegar is very unsafe to the eyes.

B. A bath of apple cider vinegar is thought to reduce the effects of sunburn. The vinegar soaked on a cloth and applied to sunburn may well also be used.

C. Many women have tried a douche of apple cider vinegar as a remedy for yeast infections. However, many others maintain that vinegar causes or else worsens yeast infections. A few say it depends on the brand used.

D. There are many claims that apple cider vinegar is a powerful weight loss aid. Many individuals employ it in salad dressings or drink a tablespoon thinned in a glass of water once or twice per day.

E. It is thought to remedy dandruff by destroying the fungus Malassezia fur-fur and restoring the PH balance of the scalp. Several individuals advise applying a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, applying it to the scalp, and leaving it to dry. Others advocate applying a couple of tablespoons of straight vinegar to the scalp and leaving it on for an hour or two ahead of rinsing.

F. It has long been promoted as a remedy used for arthritis. The National Arthritis Foundation says apple cider vinegar has not been proved helpful against arthritis but is harmless to try.

G. A reported cure for warts is to steep the affected area for 20 minutes per day in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

H. It is said to be a natural lower-er of bad cholesterol.

I. A teaspoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water for each day is understood to reduce blood pressure.

J. Mother of vinegar, the layer of film that forms on top of the cider, is presumed to hold antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

These ten benefits of apple cider vinegar are absolutely a few of the reported uses of vinegar.

How Best To Use Lamps In The Living Room

Each room in the house has its own unique decorative style with furniture that fits into that particular d├ęcor. It makes sense that each of these rooms will also require their own type of lighting that will differ to the rest of the house.

The living room is usually set as a more formal room than the rest of the home as this is where you are likely to entertain guests. Before you select your lighting, try to pick out fixtures within the living room that you can accentuate. If choosing free standing lamps, make sure that the lamp is not in the way of people walking around the living room. It does not make sense to have the lamp in the middle of the room so that you can focus the light on a specific object. The lamp needs to be placed against the wall, in a corner or next to another item of furniture.

When focusing the lamp on a fixture such as a wall painting, you also need to make sure that the lamp is not blocking the view of the painting. Otherwise this becomes a pointless exercise of focusing light on an object that no one can see properly. Certain lamps can be bought with a very long stem which could make the lamp very top heavy. The lamp shade will also play a role in how top heavy the lamp will become. If you do decide to buy a long lamp, make sure that the base is of an adequate weight that the lamp will not fall over.

When looking for lighting in the living room, try to match the lamp shade to existing colors and materials within the room. This will help the lighting to blend in with the rest of the room. If you do a lot of reading in the room, try to buy a lamp that will provide sufficient lighting. A swing arm lamp is a good way of moving light around the room when required. You can easily focus light on your book, and afterward back onto the wall painting.

Christmas Crafts For Children

Children really enjoy the holiday season and they love to be creative. You can get the whole family involved in making various types of Christmas crafts. The time you spend together making them will offer a quality time for you all to bond. Children will also take plenty of pride in the Christmas crafts they have completed to decorate the home and to share with others.

You can find a variety of different items to make Christmas crafts at your local hobby store. If you have particular Christmas crafts in mind to complete you will have a list of the supplies you need to purchase. However, children are very creative so you may want to just purchase some basic supplies including glue, colored paper, and scissors. You will be amazed that the wonderful Christmas crafts they are able to design with these common items.

It can be fun to allow the children to go shopping with you for the supplies to make Christmas crafts. They may want to get some ribbon, glitter, stickers, and markers to make the Christmas crafts. Some of the items they will select may be messy to work with so make sure you take that into consideration.

Find a central location at home where the children can work on their Christmas crafts. You will want to provide a large table so they have plenty of room to work. In order to protect your tables and the floors though you should spread out an old tablecloth or even some old newspapers on them. This will also help you to clean up the work area quickly after they have completed their Christmas crafts.

Common Christmas Crafts for Children to Make

Children of all ages will enjoy making Christmas crafts and there are some really basic ones that you can help them with. Paper snowflakes are very fun to make and each one will be different from the next. You can hang them from the ceiling with a light colored thread or tape them to the inside of the window in the front of your home.

Snowmen are a popular type of Christmas craft as well. All you will need to complete this project is construction paper, glue, and cotton balls. A black marker can be used to make a face on the snowman or small pieces of construction paper can be used to complete it.

The internet is a great place to find various types of Christmas crafts for children to engage in. Make sure you attempt to find Christmas crafts that are a good fit for the age and the skills of the children that will be making them. You don’t want them to be bored or overwhelmed when they are making Christmas crafts.

Home made Christmas Crafts are great Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. They will really appreciate the time and effort one has gone into creating something especially for them.

Wood Flooring – Offering Lots of Options for Your Floor

You might find installing solid wood flooring it can give your abode warmth and lasts for a long time, needing only to be sanded and refinished when looking worn and dull. Though quite costly and hard to install, it adds to the intrinsic value of your home and will be a value-added feature whenever you decide to sell.

Exotic Wood

As the name suggests, these flooring were imported from different parts of the world and provide unique touches to whatever rooms you install it in. However, expect that they will cost more than the usually available hardwood species in the United States. One of the most popular and in demand exotic flooring nowadays is Brazilian cherry, which is mostly found in large houses and mansions. In terms of exotic wood products, apart from their unusual beauty, exotic hardwood floors are also known for their hardness with some products considered harder than their domestic counterparts, something that you can take advantage of especially if you have a growing family with small children and pets.

Engineered Wood

Another option you could consider is installing engineered wood flooring in some parts of your house. Engineered wood is actually composed of layered plywood with a thin wood veneer at the top. This type of flooring is suitable in places where solid hardwood flooring is not practical, such as in your basement and concrete foundation. Most engineered hardwood floors are pre-finished and possess quite beautiful finishes, which is one reason why some high-quality ones cost quite the same as solid hardwood flooring.

When installing engineered wood, you have the option of using the staple down method or the glue down method. Staple down method is ideal when installing over a wood subfloor. The glue down method is best used when the engineered floor is being laid over a concrete subfloor or foundation.

Marked Wood

If you have heard of hand-scraped wood, you will also find that a lot of homeowners are increasingly patronizing this type of wood flooring. One of the features of hand scraped wood that you can immediately see is that it resembles reclaimed or antique wood, a look painstakingly achieved with the use of scraping tools. It is more expensive due to the labor involved in making the flooring material. A less expensive option is available termed distressed wood floor. The markings done on this type of flooring are done mechanically.

Praise the Lord – Benefits of Worship

Our Creator certainly describes our worship. He is worthy of it, and due the honor. The fascinating truth is that we need worship more than he does!

"Wait a minute. When I praise the Lord, that is my gift to him. How does that benefit me?" When we enter into a time of prayer not for the purpose of requesting things, we're really worshiping. We're thanking Him for saving us, for what He's done in our lives, and what we're expecting Him to do.

We're adoring His attributes. We're marveling at his creation. We're claiming our commitment to Him. We're admitting He's in control of our lives; and professing our trust in Him. What happens when we engage in those prayers?

Consider this. After sin entered the world, God and man could no longer walk and talk together like they once had. God sent Jesus to bridge that gap because He missed that relationship!

He knew we missed it too! Since God is a loving God, is not it reasonable to absorb there would be benefits for us, too, not just a jealous God getting the attention of His children?

Sure there is. Here are some benefits of when we Praise the Lord and Worship:

Grows our faithStrengthens our minds

Corrects our attitudes

Replaces doubt with confidence

Chases fear away as faith takes over

Reminds us what our priorities should be

Allows us to sense how real He is and how near He is

Since worship is not only the act of raising Him but also a lifestyle of talking, listening and obeying His directives, the benefit package applies to both!

Immediately after a rousing time of private worship I feel energized, renewed, and motivated. After a sweet time of corporate worship with other believers I feel calm, secure, with a sense of belonging to the Body of Christ. As I live out my life of worship to Him, I know I'm on the right track, being consistently guided, helped and sustained.

Beside feeling better there's another benefit. Worship alerts the enemy's camp that we're serious about our commitment to God.

When we proclaim our faith out loud, the demons tremble because they know we're tapping into the power we've been given. As we praise God – especially through adversity – they know we're serious.

Would you refuse the benefit package your employer offers you? Many Christians do not reapp the benefits God offers us through worship. Do not make His work on the cross in vain. Cash in on your benefits today!