Provillus For Women – How Does it Work in Strengthening Your Strands and Achieving Hair Growth?

Falling hair has great effect in a woman's image. Because the hair is something that is easily noticeable and is often the first thing that people look at in a woman, the issue bought about hair loss can cause some serious psychological implications to the person experiencing it.

If you are undergoing this condition and are frequently embarrassed by the fact that your hair is thinning a lot faster than it should be, then a hair loss treatment that works can save you from all the worries that you are experiencing at this point. If you somehow feel incapable of showing yourself to others and even feel limited in your social interactions because of your thinning hair, then there is still something that you can do.

Provillus for Women is a hair treatment product that can help you combat the hassle of falling hair. If you are becoming afraid of taking a shower because of the massive amount of strands that you are losing or if you would rather not comb your hair just to keep your mane intact, then this is the product that you can rely on.

Provillus for Women is a natural and effective solution that strengthens the strands of your hair which helps maintain the thickness of your mane. Through the supplements that contains important vitamins and minerals (like Biotin, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium), it helps in the maintenance of hair and in promoting hair growth. It also includes a topical agent that is applied to the strands making it resistant to shedding.

Because Provillus for Women is specially created to meet your demands as a female user, you can expect to get thicker hair and achieves enough of the nutritional value that you need to support hair growth and experience proper hair follicle function.

Rejuvenate your hair and feel a boost in your confidence by regaining the fuller mane that you have always desired.

The Intercessory Army Vision

I saw a vast army of women walking with resolve determination on their faces. They were 10 to 15 women wide in a very long line. They were not quite marching but walking firmly and covering quite a bit of ground. I approached one of the women and said: "I would like to honor you for your work as an intercessory army." The woman I approached seemed to be in her 50's but she just looked at me with a very stern and resolute face. She did not say anything with words but communicated almost fiercely "This is not a time to receive honor or give honor.

They approached what appeared to have once been a magnificent complex training and deployment grounds. It was surrounded by a vast iron barred fence and powerful gates. The fence and gates, however, were now bent and leaning over in places with weeds and ivy covering vast portions. The iron-barred gates were ajar and leaving and the army just marched in.

You could see what were once magnificent buildings were now in much neglect and beginning to show even structural failure. There were scores and scores of these buildings each one magnificent in their day and definitely different from each other. Coming from these buildings were old, thin and emaciated women with white hair and wrinkled faces. They walked very feebly but came right towards this army of intercessors to welcome them.

Then suddenly between the old women and the intercessors lay a long and wide pond of black gooey tar. It was clear that this black tar is what had kept others from gaining entrance to what was once the "University of Intercessors"!

Clearly, there had been other armies that had come to revive this University who had gotten through the gates only to be engulfed in the black tar pits and were swallowed up before they could accomplish their mission. I want to ask you a question. What do you think these tar pits that have kept God's intercessory army from reclaiming their magnificent training and deployment center represent? More importantly, how can we avoid them?

Tips to Choose Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments will be the right solution for those who need to decorate their windows. Two of the great ways for window treatments are blinds and curtains. You can choose the right one depending on the type of your window. Some other ideas include window draperies and custom drapes. Here are some steps for your window decoration.

The first in you have to do is to choose the custom drapes. They come in some different colors, weights, and styles. One of the most popular options is Dupioni silk which is able to add richness to your room. Heavy drapes will be ideal for cold winters since they are able to provide good insulation and stylish look. For the summer time, sheer curtain will be more ideal since it allows the light to go through to your room. In addition, if you are looking for sleeker look, blinds will be the right option to pick. Bamboo blind will be ideal for contemporary and natural look.

To accentuate your curtains, you can add valence or swag to the window covering. It can provide you window covering with the effect of top to framed effect which the custom drapes begin n the side. For this case, you'd better use the same material for this part like the other window draperies. For example, if you use silk curtain, you have to choose silk swag. Instead, you can choose different color yet still complete to your room decor. Typically, country and modern home will look great with valances while the traditional home will look great with swag, sheer curtain, and drapes.

To support the custom window treatment, you can go for a decorative curtain rod. While choosing the rod, you have to make sure that it matches the textures and colors of the material you use for the window covering. You can choose the rod from the same tone as your furniture so that your room will look eye-catching.

To keep the curtain of the living room opens, you can use decorative tie-backs. For your window covering, you can choose wooden or metal holders which are mounted on the wall to brush the window draperies behind. You can tie back the silk curtain and let the sheer curtain loose and fall to filter the sunlight.

Where to Buy the Best Hair Extensions

What are the best hair extensions?

Buying good quality hair extensions can be extremely confusing, difficult and time consuming, and buying the wrong type or overly processed or treated hair can prove to be a very costly mistake.

With more and more women around the world loving and sometimes needing the help of extensions, I felt it more important than ever to explain the fundamentals, of buying quality hair extensions, to help women be more informed and able to understand the hair extensions industry, in order to make informative choices and to stop losing money and time on sub-standard hair extensions and or application methods.

Having great hair extensions is incredible and can even be life changing one who has struggled with fine or limp locks or which simply does not grow long and luscious like they wish it would, hair extensions can offer the greatest solution to their hair woes.

I have first hand knowledge regarding all application methods, processing procedures and origins and after 14 years of being a senior extension artist and master trainer in all methods of attachment I would like to share with you the some in depth knowledge to help you purchase the extensions of your dreams, so you never have to worry about tangling, damage to your own hair or uncomfortable or even painful low quality hair extensions again!

So lets begin. I have broken this article into several key categories. Please read through the steps carefully. This will help to inform you and assist you with asking the correct questions when purchasing hair extensions from your dealer.

Learn about where your hair extensions REALLY come from!

CAN I VISIT THE SUPPLIER? Do you know much about your supplier / extension artist?

Are you really comfortable handing over hundreds of dollars to someone you "hope 'will sell you a good product?

Please do not make the mistake of simply thinking that if you receive a sample of the hair it will mean you will be buying good hair in the future … many suppliers simply have a some good hair samples and then they send out bad hair after an order is made. You really need to see several packs first to ensure the hair will be high quality on a CONSISTENT basis … especially if you are going to buy it long term.


Can you visit the supplier?

Be sure your hair extensions provider / artist has an 'open door' policy. Even if they are too far away … to visit … do they allow the public to see the hair before they buy?

Can they show you the different type of hair before you buy it?

Do they have examples of non-remy and real remy hair to show you so you can be 100% sure the product they are selling is the real thing?

Yes I know all of this effort seems like a lot but it is important especially if you intend on purchasing or having hair extensions regularly.

If the provider hides behind a website … you can be pretty sure they also have something to hide

European and Russian grade hair

Growing hair for extensions is serious work. Some women and men who grow hair must follow a special diet to ensure that their hair will be healthy, well nourished and of the best quality.


What is the origin of the hair?

European and Russian grade hair can originate from any country where the desired hair structure can be collected. It is simply impossible for all of the European and Russian hair supplies to come from one or two regions for this reason the words European and Russian hair which may once upon a time have been more country exclusive is now a loose term for human hair that is compatible with the greater hair extensions industries consumers.

Most blond hair sold as extensions is extremely expensive and simply inaccessible due to rising demand in hair extensions in the resent years, therefore natural blonde hair extensions are very hard to come by, so one would have to assume that almost all hair sold in lighter shades will have some lightening and processing to reach the desired shade.

European hair comes in a host of textures, from straight, to wavy to curly. Because of the difference in texture, the hair is compatible with most people but may not work with other hair textures such as African or Asian.

European and Russian hair can come from almost any country where a finer cross section of hair is available for sale. Colors are generally medium brown to dark brown and will be dyes lighter if required. Human hair is far softer and healthier if it has not appreciated with aggressive acid bathes to shave back its cuticle.

Asian Hair

Asian hairs are typically thick, straight, and coarse. Because it is quite strong and straight it can be quite difficult to manage and get it to hold a style for this reason Asian hair can be stripped in an acid bath to make the cuticle smaller so the hair is finer … this however tremendously damages the hair structure, requiring the need for silicone to coat the exposed cuticle. However once the silicone was washed off after a few short washes the damaged cuticle is exposed again and the hair tangles, matts and loses its shine, soon after becoming impossible to manage and therefore requiring removal of the hair additions. As synthetic hair fibers are often manufactured in Asia we are finding the rise in heat resistant synthetic fibers being mixed with human hair … this is becoming a far greater practice than ever before resulting in matting and tangling and problems when trying to straighten the hair .

Indian Hair

Indian hair Pilgrims sacrifice their hair to the God Vishnu in a process called tonsuring. Their hair is then sorted, washed and dyed for marketing. Often times the people of India have no idea they have been tricked into donating their hair so it can be sold at a premium and then shipped off and sold to Western countries for the use of hair extensions. This has been the cause of some controversies, and many people now refuse to buy Indian hair based on ethical reasons.

Unfortunately due to the rising demand in human hair extensions Indian hair is often mixed with synthetic hair and / or animal hair during processing.

More and more often this is happening (as the documentary on "A current affair") outlined recently. Indian hair is becoming very difficult to buy with confidence as it often ends up tangling and matting due the hair being mixed with something else and or not being cuticle correct.

So where possible it is much better to buy 100% human European or Russian hair if you have a European texture.

If you are of Asian descent always choose 100% Asian hair which has not been processed – you will need to therefore ask for "virgin 'Asian hair. stripped.

If you are of Indian decent, please choose "virgin" Indian 100% remy hair, this hair will have the same texture as your own hair. You will need to be sure it has not been mixed with any foreign materials before purchase.

Step 3

Is the Hair Remy?

The next critical step in purchasing hair extensions is whether it is remy or not.

The first step in determining if Remy hair extensions are truly Remy, with cuticles and prepared root to tip, is to examine the roots, mid-shaft and ends of the hair fiber. It is fairly normal for cuticles to be missing or worn down near the ends of the hair strands, but thick and healthy near the roots.

You may be on a budget and think … well this hair is super cheap and probably is not remy … but it should be OK … you will just brush it a bit more … right? … wrong!

Non-remy hair is a girls worst nightmare and something you NEVER want to deal with.

Initially before the silicone coating has worn off … you may find it easy to manage … but after a few washes the real state of the hair reveals itself. It will tangle and matt terribly!

After the silicone coating comes off you will NEVER be able to make it look nice … well maybe if you do not move an inch. As soon as there is any movement … it will catch like Velcro and become a knotty mess.

Now you understand you should never buy non-remy hair …

So it's easy … just ask for remy hair … right? Well unfortunately most of the hair extension sellers today, simply have NO IDEA what they are selling and have not themselves been directly involved in the complex hair trade world.

The seller often has little or no experience in hair extension care, application and processing methods and little knowledge of the true origin of theair itself.

Often untrained and inexperienced companies believe selling human hair is like any other product.

This could not be further from the truth! extensions are not like any other manufactured product … every head of hair is different and with the array of processing methods, origins of the hair in and of itself, the textures, lengths, grades and coloring methods..Hair extensions are incredibly complicated and complex subject.

One would require many years of understanding of the compounding structures of human hair and of the world's hair trade itself to successfully ensure the human hair they sell is soft, naturally shiny and extremely provided a hassle free experience while installed within the recipients own hair.

For all the afore mentioned reasons, it is very important you find out how much experience your seller really has.

Unfortunately though, not very many companies sell 100% Remy hair extensions because it is not only expensive raw hair but very expensive to manufacture. Real remy hair extensions that are properly kept in the Remy state are also very expensive for the buyer and can not be purchased cheaply. With the rise in competition within the industry, many sellers in their haste to offer the "cheapest" extensions, will secretly buy cheap, non-remy or mixed Indian or Chinese hair and forward it as a genuine high quality product on to the unknowing customer .

If the hair is really 100% Remy human hair, it is a worthy investment otherwise especially you are throwing your money away.

Cure For Piles – Alternatives Other Than Surgery

Cure for piles that are of high quality and of long-lasting duration is a highly important thing to those people who suffer from the medical condition more clinically described as hemorrhoids. For those who have been afflicted with this condition, the pain burning and itching can sometimes be intense.

There are, however, a number of good treatment regimens available. The first thing a person needs to realize about piles and any such cure is that, quite often, the best cure is prevention from contracting hemorrhoids in the first place.

Cure for piles is now available without surgery. You have to consult your doctor and find out what kind of piles you have. Medical experts believe that piles can be attributed to a number of reasons, including obesity or being overweight and sitting for long periods of time without changing position or getting up and moving about. In most cases were piles appear, these will be the usual causative factors.

Additionally, certain types of high fat diets can also contribute to the issue and some people seem to be genetically predisposed to developing hemorrhoids from time to time in their life. Piles as a medical condition are found both internally and externally around the anal opening and are most often characterized by swelling and inflammation in areas around the anus.

Fortunately, a number of high quality therapies are available to rid a person of such a condition. In the first, certain topical creams and ointments have been formulated to help dry up the hemorrhoid over a defined period of time, usually several days.

These creams – which can in many cases be composed of totally homeopathic substances – have shown great usefulness. The second type of therapy involves soaking or wiping around the anus with certain concentrated solutions that have the same effect but are easier to administrator. Also, a person can utilize what's called a sitz bath. A cure for piles is generally readily available for those who need it.

Programmer Jobs And The Financial Services Sector

Programs throughout the United Kingdom have a variety of industries in which they can work. IT consultancies and firms that contract professionals to corporations can be lucrative and dynamic. Defense, aerospace, and engineering firms need programmers who are interested in learning about their specific needs and developing IT solutions appropriate for these needs. However, one of the best areas of entry into the job market for a young programmer is in the financial service sector. Programmers need to understand what prospective jobs in financial services require before taking the leap into this lucrative industry.

One aspect of financial service programming jobs in the United Kingdom is creating proprietary systems. Banks and financial advising firms need to have a variety of programs to keep track of funds, account information, and other data. While some banks contract out these services to outside IT firms, many have hired programmers to develop in-house systems. Programmers who are hired to create these systems often have to complete their technical work and then provide training and the new system to employees. In this way, programming jobs in the financial service sector can be interesting and engaging for an IT professional.

Perhaps the largest aspect of the programming job in a financial services firm is providing updates and corrections to IT systems. Programmers often monitor transactions in real time to determine if there are any glitches or bugs that need to be fixed in the system. As well, programmers will typically run a variety of diagnostic tests and evaluations on a system daily to determine if any problems develop as data accumulates in the office network. Programming jobs in banks and financial advising firms are often about patience, reviewing systems, and keeping an eye out for the smallest of problems.

Finally, programming jobs in the financial services sector often require efforts at outreach to non-IT professionals. Bank personnel, financial advisors, and stock traders alike are more familiar with their specific job responsibilities than IT issues. As such, programmers who are fixing problems or installing new updates need to keep professionals updated on what is going on. Programmers often need to send out e-mails or go around to individual workers affected, depending on the size of the office. In these communications, a programmer has to explain why the system is down or what they are doing that is causing a slowdown in the network. However, programmers should also explain the consequences of updates to help keep their colleges in the loop.

Building A Porch

If you like building things and want to add more appeal and value to your home, why do not you consider building a porch? Although this is a job that anyone can do, it is not one you will accomplish overnight. It does take time to do the preparatory work, such as planning the porch to be a space where you can take pride and comfort in viewing the outdoors. It is an extension of the entrance to your home so you do need to match it with the d├ęcor of the exterior.

You also have to make sure you have the proper building permits in place and that what you intend to build meets the building codes of your area. Once you have all this in place, you are ready to start the construction phase of the project. First you have to decide on the size of porch you want. You will need to measure the area and figure out how much building materials you need. The land also has to be level, so you may need to excavate it a little and build a platform of wood or concrete.

Make sure you buy only pressure treated lumber because the porch will have to withstand the elements of the weather in all four seasons. Adding protective paint or stain to the wood is also a good idea to prevent you from having to do too much maintenance.

There are many different plans for porches that you can choose from and they are readily available at your local home improvement store and online. If you want to shop around, you can save money on the materials by watching the specials on lumber. Then you can buy the amounts you need and have extra money for the furniture you want to place inside the porch. You can opt to have an enclosed porch or one that is open. You might want to look at the various porch screens on the market so that you can have the best of both options – the feeling of being enclosed while still enjoying the fresh air.

Pavers Installation

Brick Paver Installation:

Tools Preparation
Arrange to hire a brick masonry saw and flat plate vibrator prior to the day you begin your paver installation. You will need some basic working tools such as carpenters level, tape measure, rubber mallet, rake, shovel, timber stakes, string line, broom, safety eyewear, 1 x ten foot length and 2 x lengths of one inch diameter piping.

Site Preparation
The single most important phase of the entire pavement installation happens to be the preparation of the subsoil and paver bed. The overall strength of the pavement system is dependent upon the correct preparation and placement of the subsoil and base materials.

Mark out the area to be paved by placing wooden stakes around the area and then spray paint from an aerosol can to identify the area to be dug out.

Set out the grade levels by securing string line between the stakes, making certain to slope the grade away from any building structure. This will ensure that drainage from rainfall will not look towards any adjunct building structures. Set up the grade at two inches in height for every eight feet of pavement length.

Excavate Site
Now excavate the top soil and sub soil within the staked out area with the shovel and to a depth of at least ten inches in total. This will allow for a base material of five inches to be placed at the bottom of the excavated trench, next will be one and a half inches of setting sand to be placed on top of the base material and then allow three and a half inches for the thickness of the clay brick paver to be placed on top of the setting sand.

Compaction Of Base Materials
Compact the bottom of the trench with the plate vibrator machine to make a firm foundation for the base materials. Place inch inch quarried gravel as the base material and compact it with the plate vibrator machine once again to provide a solid base for the setting sand to sit above it.

Setting Sand
Lay the 2 pipe lengths eight feet apart from each other and parallel to each other. Place the sand to a height of one and a half inches in between the two lengths. Then using the 2×4 wooden length, be sure to level out the sand. Add more sand if you see any low spots. Make sure to level out any high sand spots too. When you have finished leveling the sand make sure that you DO NOT COMPACT THE SAND – because you will compact the bedding sand later on together with the clay brick pavers when using the vibrator in the final stages of the installation. The final compaction of the pavers and bedding sand is necessary to allow for the proper interlocking method to take effect. It is the basis for the strength of the interlocking pavement system because the movement of the sand into the bottom and in between the clay paver joints makes them bond firmly together and bear the loads applied to the clay brick pavers in unison.

Installing Clay Brick Pavers
After you have finished placing the setting sand correctly, you may begin to install the pavers. Begin installing pavers from the center of the site and work towards the outside edges of the pavement. Reason for this is to allow the trimming pieces to be at the outside edge of the pavement. Place the pavers about one eighth of one inch apart from each other. Check the string line to make sure you are moving straightly once every five feet of forward progress. Make any adjustment by resetting the pavers using a screwdriver so they sit straight. After the pavers are installed straightly, you need to install the edging material to prevent the paver from moving out of place. The edging material needs to be secured in place before you place the bedding sand and pavers.

Celiac And The Gluten Gut-Brain Connection Seen In Reversible Abnormal SPECT Brain Scans

SPECT brain imaging of the majority of the few celiac disease patients studied reveals abnormalities that are usually most severe in the frontal areas of the brain. Improvement of these abnormalities are seen on a gluten-free diet. The frontal area of the brain is important in brain function that controls attention, impulse control, organization, and problem solving. Problems in this area of the brain result in short attention span, disorganization, procrastination, short-term memory problems, anxiety and depression.

Not surprisingly these are common symptoms reported by Sprue patients and in non-celiac gluten sensitivity that improve with a GFD. ADD, schizophrenia, alcohol and drug addiction problems and depression, all associated with gluten in some studies, are also associated with functional disturbances in the frontal area of the brain seen on SPECT scans. Though the reports of SPECT imaging in celiac disease are limited there have been some very interesting findings that make sense to those of us familiar with the effect of gluten on the brain.

The most dramatic report I have found comes from a 1997 report of a newly diagnosed celiac diease patient with established schizophrenia whose symptoms and abnormal SPECT scan reversed on a gluten-free diet. He presented with an established diagnosis of schizophrenia, diarrhea and weight loss. Endomysial antibody was positive and villous atrophy was present on intestinal biopsy. SPECT scan was performed before and after gluten free diet. Before GFD, the scan confirmed abnormal decreased blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain. With a GFD schizophrenia symptoms resolved, the intestinal lesion resolved and the SPECT scan became normal. More recently in 2004, Usai et al. reported 34 celiac patients in whom 70% had abnormal SPECT scans. Again the abnormalities were most pronounced in the frontal areas of the brain and were less severe on a gluten free diet.

SPECT is single photon emission computerized tomography. It is a combined nuclear medicine CAT scan of the head performed by injecting a radioisotope material that is taken up by the brain according to blood flow and metabolism. A scan is produced that is a color-coded 3-D representation of brain metabolism or activity. Daniel Amen MD is one of the countries foremost experts on SPECT brain imaging. You can take a free online brain system quiz at that may be helpful. His detailed and well-researched recommendations for nutritional interventions for the brain are also worth reviewing. More collaboration with neuroscientists and gastroenterologists is definitely needed to look further into the association of poor brain function and gluten. SPECT imaging technology appears to be one exciting tool available to us if we can get the research funded. We will continue to explore the gut-brain connection further.

How to Build Your Own DIY Solar Panels

At first glance, building your own solar panel does not seem like a do it yourself project, but actually it is a lot simpler that many other DIY projects. The solar cells are the complicated part of a solar panel, and you can buy them fairly cheaply. Once you have the solar cells, you basically have to sold them together, place them in a frame, and wire them to terminals. The good news is you can build a solar panel for about $ 1 per watt while purchase prices for a completed panel run $ 2 1/2 to $ 3 so your savings on a 3600 watt system amounts to range from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

Buying your Solar Cells.

Polycrystalline solar cells are available to the consumer is small quantities from a number of suppliers on the internet. Probably the best source is eBay Since there are many suppliers so pricing is very competitive, and eBay has a seller rating system so you know by their rating that you are dealing with a reputable supplier. The size that is most common is 80mm by 150mm or 3 1/4 "x6" that output 0.5 volts, 3.5 amps or 1.75 watts. They are available tabbed or untabbed. The tabbed version has the tabs used to connect the cells together already soldered to the cell so they are much easier to work with. I would suggest you use the tabbed version for at least your first panel.

You also will find blemished cells with minor aesthetic issues and broken cells available for less money. The blemished cells perform well, you just will have a spotty looking panel, so they will work, but the broken cells will be very difficult to sold together and will not produce a consistent power so I would leave them to the hobbyist. Additionally, you should make sure your shipments are insured since the cells are very fragile and you do not want to pay for broken cells.

Constructing your Solar Panel Framework.

The first consideration is the size of your panel which will be determined by the number of solar cells used for each panel. Remember in your planning that you want to make all the panels the same size with the same electrical output. For example, if you use 36ea 3 "x6" solar cells arranged in a 4 x 9 matrix, you can build a panel that would output 65 watts and measure 55cm x 70cm (25 "x 32"). The least expensive panel can be made with a plywood backing and a wood frame. This would need to be painted with an exterior primer and several coats of UV resistant paint so it will last. If you want a longer repeating panel, you could use an anodized aluminum frame.

Soldering your Solar Cells Together.

Assuming you are working with tabbed cells, and using the 4 x 9 matrix mentioned above, you will need to make 4 strings of 9 cells each. Each cell will have two tabs soldered to the back or negative side of the cell. These tabs will be long enough to reach across the back of the next cell and should be soldered to each of the contacts of the next cell. Be sure to leave about 1 cm or 1/2 inch between cells, and it is a good idea to crimp the tab in this gap before soldering so you have a little wiggle room for expansion and contracting due to weather and imperfect measurement. Continue soldering cells in this manner until you have completed your string of 9 cells. Finally, you need to sold tabs to the negative contacts on the first cell so you have leads on both ends of your string. Test each string in full sun with your multimeter to make sure your connections are working and you are getting at least 4.5 volts and 3.5 amps ..

Final assembly of your Solar Panel.

Lay the four strings on the panel you made making sure they fit evenly and cells are not touching. Make sure you rotate your strings so the positive leads coming off the end of one string will be next to the positive leads of the next string. If everything looks good, attach each cell to the panel with a dab of silicon caulk. Next we have to sold the strings together with copper wire or tab ribbon. Connect the positive leads to the negative leads of the next panel so all strings are connected in series. Finally sold a 25cm or 12 inch wire to the negative lead at one end of the panel and a wire to the positive lead at the other end of the panel to create the wires that will be used to connect panels together. Test once more to make sure you are getting the output of 18 volts and 3.5 amps. After waiting several days for the silicon to dry, you should cover the cells with a Plexiglass or tempered glass cover, seal edges with silicon and you are done.

Illuminate the Patio With Patio Umbrella Lighting

The value of a patio during warm, sunny days can not be overstated, especially if you’re someone who enjoys relaxing with a fresh breeze and a cool beverage in the great outdoors. But once the sun sets, it’s much more difficult to enjoy your patio area. Many people turn to candles, but this light source can attract insects. Candles or other flammable solutions can get smoky and uncomfortable, too. One solution that doesn’t have any of these negatives is to install lighting directly into your patio umbrella.

Patio umbrella lights come in all sorts of varieties, but they all share certain commonalities between them. These devices all make use of clean and efficient electrical energy to produce a great deal of illumination for your backyard. Since they are attached in some way or form to the patio umbrella, this best lit areas are necessarily confined to the space around the umbrella canopy. The quantity of light and how the lighting is setup, though, will vary significantly.

One popular idea for patio umbrella lighting is to attach strings of small bulbs across each of the umbrella ribs. This allows for a great deal of light to shine down directly onto the area around the umbrella. These devices sometimes need to be plugged into a home outlet, which somewhat limits which parts of the patio they can be used for. The benefit to rib based lighting is that the final product looks simply stunning. It really adds a whole lot of splendor to the patio at night experience.

Another option is to simply attach a battery powered device to the base or shaft of the patio umbrella. This is much quicker and easier to install than lighting which needs to run across each rib. Yet as with any battery operated device, this kind of lighting needs a little maintenance to replace batteries every once in a while. You can cut down on the frequency this needs to be done by using LED bulbs instead of electric bulbs. LEDs tend to draw less power.

A third solution is to purchase a solar powered patio umbrella. This design includes a solar panel at the top of the umbrella’s finial which is used to power lighting at night. Natural sunlight recharges a battery during the day so that you can get as much as eight hours of lighting at night. This is a great solution if you plan on using your umbrella for many years. It costs more initially, but you never need to worry about paying for power later.

Whatever you choose to brighten your patio, keep in mind what energy considerations you’ll need. By researching a variety of designs you can make a more informed choice as to what will work best for your tastes and your needs.

How Do You Maintain The Optimal Humidity In A Gun Safe?

When it comes to firearms, the optimal humidity in a gun safe is zero. Humidity causes rust to form on the steel construction of the guns kept while kept inside the safe; as well as allows moisture to accumulate in the gunpowder inside the ammunition. Neither are optimal conditions for your firearms and both can cause extremely dangerous accidents should you need to fire your weapons. If you use a gun or pistol safe, it is extremely important to take safety precautions, such as using gun safe anchor kits to prevent accidentally turning over the security device.

One excellent, and very popular though hard to find brand, is the Kingsbury gun safe. A beautiful copper finish completes the look. It is fireproof and features 5 adjustable shelves and an S&G lock system. If a vintage model is in your future, you might luck up on a Kingsbury gun safe online for about $600.

Providing the conditions to maintain the optimal humidity in a firearms safe was once nearly impossible, prior to the modern technologies that are available now to prevent it. Depending on the humidity levels in the air surrounding the safe, the steel walls could sweat and damage the firearms and ammunition kept inside. The majority of modern firearms safes are fireproof and waterproof; but don’t let that fool you. That only means that water is unable to enter from the outside of the safe if it is submerged. It does not mean that under the right conditions, the air inside the rifle or firearm safe will not contain moisture and cause the steel to sweat.

There are several products on the market that can be placed inside, with the firearms and ammunition, to insure the optimal humidity in a gun safe. One is a portable mini dehumidifier, which runs on a rechargeable battery and lasts 30-60 days between charges. Recharging releases the moisture trapped in water crystals, and gets it ready to absorb moisture for another 30-60 days. Another option is either a rechargeable desiccant container, or a container that can be placed in the oven to release the moisture from the desiccant crystals; then reinstalled to maintain the optimal humidity in a firearms safe. Any of these options will take care of an inside area of at least 35 cubic feet.

Many gun aficionados ask if an ammunition safe or firearms locker be kept in an unheated garage. The temperature surrounding the firearms safe is not the issue; it is the moisture content of that air. So, can a rifle safe or firearms locker be kept in an unheated garage? The answer is definitely yes, as long as there is a good moisture removal product inside of it. Even in the garage accidents can happen, so don’t forget to use the gun safe anchor kits.

The two most important things to remember about gun or ammo safes are: use anchor kits and secure locks to prevent accidents, and use products to remove odors and moisture inside the safe to maintain the optimal humidity in a gun safe.

Best Bodybuilding Supplement – What is GEAR and How Does it Help in Bodybuilding?

GEAR is the name that is used for denoting the most effective bodybuilding supplement to have been formulated for building lean muscle mass at warp speed. Leading bodybuilders from across the globe are always looking for ways and means for increasing their existing muscle size using the best supplements. One of the main reasons why bodybuilding enthusiasts stop gaining muscle mass after a certain stage is because they are unable to feed their muscles with the required nutrients that would enable quick muscle growth. Well, here is why GEAR is ideal for building lean muscle mass at warp speed:

1. You Are Missing Nutrients

In order to build muscles, you need to use a supplement which has the potential to allow the nitrogen to remain within your muscle groups for a longer duration. In order to develop the muscles of a human body, you need to try and take amino acids on a regular basis. You can increase your muscles by using a supplement which has the ability to retain the nitrogen levels in your muscle groups. The proteins which we eat pass through the large intestines and then the small intestines before being absorbed into our blood stream.

2. The Advantage Of Super Plasma Serum

Supplements which contain a high quantity of super plasma serum have a greater chance of helping people develop muscles as this ingredient is already present in the blood plasma of a human body. Hence, supplements such as GEAR, which contain super plasma serum, can help your muscles grow by more than 20%. As this can be disbursed all across the intestinal tract of the human body, the chances of an individual gaining lean muscle mass increases four folds as greater dispersion leads to greater nitrogen retention in the human body. At the same time, super plasma serum contains four times the proteins which are present in eggs, weigh and meat.

3. Hydrolyzed Protein Concentrate

Whenever you are planning to build strong and lean muscles, you need to try and understand that this is only possible if you train your muscles in the most appropriate manner and eat the required diet. Unless and until your protein supplement has adequate amounts of pre digested proteins, you simply cannot increase your existing muscle mass at warp speed. Hence, you need to use only those supplements which have adequate amounts of hydrolyzed protein concentrate as your body does not require digesting the protein by breaking it down into smaller molecules. As far as the taste is concerned, hydrolyzed protein concentrate tastes horrible and hence, it should only be consumed in the form of an edible capsule.

4. The Power Of Branch Amino Acids

While proteins are supposed to be the building blocks for muscles, it is in reality BCAA’s which help your muscles grow at warp speed. Branch chain amino acids have a natural tendency to convert into glutamine, which in turn is the most important muscle building protein in the human body. GEAR does not contain glutamine because in its natural form, glutamine is not utilized by the human body and almost 99% o it is wasted. Hence, glutamine which is formulated after the digestion of branch chain amino acids is supposed to be the most effective forms of building human muscle. In GEAR, you also get an additional dose of L-lucine, which in turn allows muscle growth at warp speed.

5. Weigh Fraction Peptides

Fractioned peptides are also supposed to be the most effective means of building human muscle at warp speed as they contain high concentrations of Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulins. The fractioned form permits the amino acids to slit up before separating within the digestive tract of the human body. Intestines are like a huge sponge which permits the dissolution an distribution of proteins within the human body and hence when an individual takes GEAR, he is able to build greater muscle mass as weigh fraction peptides create nitrogen sub-particles, which in turn are dispersed and then magnified within the intestinal tract of the human body.

6. How Can GEAR Be Used?

This body building supplement is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the scientific development of the human body. The inclusion of Bromalain has also ensured that the proteins are fully absorbed by the human body. At the same time, the inclusion of aminogen makes sure that the free forms of amino acids which are derived from wholesome food are liberated within the digestive tract of the human body. The usage of this supplement is also diverse and it can be used in numerous ways.

Ideally, this bodybuilding supplement can be used in between meals in the form of a meal replacement drink. This ensures that your muscles are provided with the essential nitrogen levels at all times. In order to prevent catabolizm, you can also have it before your workout cession in the form of a pre-workout drink. At the same time, you may also use it post your workout cession to provide the missing energy to your exhausted muscle groups. In fact, these capsules can be had along with any meal in order to ensure that your muscles get the required flow of nitrogen on a regular basis.


The biggest problem which most aspiring bodybuilders face while trying to develop their physique is the inability to build adequate muscle mass. The reason for this is the absence of a suitable protein supplement. Hence, whenever you want to build your muscles without actually bothering to get trapped in the use of steroids, you need to make sure that you use the very best protein supplement available in the online market. GEAR has been used by millions of individuals the world over and it is also considered to be the # 1 food supplement in the world and it is used mainly by individuals who want to build lean muscle mass at warp speed. Just remember that in order to build muscles, you need to fuel your muscles with the required amounts of proteins and hence, you need to choose the most appropriate protein supplement available in the market.

So, if you want to build lean muscle mass at warp speed, simply read through this informative article and achieve your goals with ease!

2010 Toyota Avalon Limited – Toyota's Flagship Sedan

When Toyota first launched its luxury brand Lexus, the roles of each nameplate were clearly defined: Toyota offered vehicles for the average consumer, and Lexus catered to the more upscale buyer. Now, almost 20 years later, the lines between Toyota and Lexus have become less clear. Toyota's Avalon, a near-luxury, full-size sedan is a perfect example of that blur.

Base-priced at $ 27,945 for the entry-level Avalon XL and $ 35,285 for the top-end Avalon Limited tested here, Toyota's flag sedan is so competent, it's more than qualified to cannibalize sales of the ES 350 in the company's upscale Lexus division. The Avalon features a 111-inch wheelbase (1.7 inches longer than cousin Camry), a potent 268-horsepower 3.5-liter dual VVT-i 24-valve V6, and enough electronic advances to satisfy premium buyers. The only place it misses true bliss is in interior quietness, which is compromised by wind noise at higher cruising speeds and by tire noise over rough surfaces.

The Avalon is impressive design-wise, especially in profile where its arched roofline and high beltline, and wheels pushed toward the corners, suggest Lexus and even Mercedes-Benz sedans. However the interior is distinctly muted in contrast to the rich-appearing finishing touches of luxury cars. Doubtlessly this is to keep the Toyota's price in check, and to keep it from challenging Lexus too strictly.

A primary benefit of the Avalon's stretched wheelbase is expanded rear legroom: At 40.9 inches, it's 2.6 inches more than the camry and within millimeters of the $ 80,300 BMW 750i. The front seats are quite comfortable and feature eight-way power adjustments with power-adjustable lumbar support, a driver's seat cushion extension, and front-seat ventilation and heating. A couple of minor ergonomic complaints: The driver's knee airbag panel and the corner of the navigation-system door contacted our (admittedly lanky) knee in normal driving.

We put our bags into the Avalon's authentic 15 cubic-foot trunk and headed from Los Angeles to Monterey, Calif. for the annual summer Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and collector-car auctions. Running a bit behind schedule at first, Toyota's navigation system (a $ 2,000 option that also includes a JBL sound system) worked reassuringly behind the scenes to guide us along with the quickest route while providing estimated travel time. At 70 mph the Avalon's engine turns a relaxed 2100 rpm, its VVT-i system adjusting the valve timing for maximum torque and efficiency. And when booting it to squirt around a lumbering truck, the power build was so seamless as to be undetectable, unlike on some other competitors' variable valve-timing systems. In fact, the Avalon's robust performance, low engine NVH, and passable fuel economy (we observed 25.3 mpg) make its powertrain a genuine standout.

Quietly efficient was the Avalon's six-speed automatic transmission. Operating just about as smoothly as a CVT, the transmission really has a gear for every need, and its shift algorithms are right on target. As well, a Sequential Shift feature allows manual shifting for added control on winding roads, hills – or just for fun.

Additional premium features include a Smart Key system that replaces the traditional ignition key with a transponder that doubles as a remote door lock / unlock fob. As a result, one never needs to physically operate the fob to unlock the car or start the engine – the driver's door unlocks when you approach it, and simply pressing the Start button on the instrument panel (while applying the brakes) gets you going. Additional useful safety and convenience functions include crisp HID headlights with auto-leveling, rain-sensing wipers, and a power rear sunshade.

While these features have been in the industry for some time, the Avalon Limited boasts one new technology in its dynamic laser cruise control (a $ 600 option), which uses a laser and special computer programming to keep pace with the vehicle ahead. Say you're booking along at 75 in the fast lane on dynamic laser cruise. As you typically close on a slower vehicle, the system automatically reduces engine output to keep a safe following distance (a very long one at that) then resumes your previous pace when the other vehicle changes lanes or speeds up. So what if someone suddenly cuts in front of you? The system goes into save-your-bacon mode, reducing engine power, applying the brakes, and sounding an attention-grabbing beeper.

Fifty years ago, American cars almost promised us interstellar adventure with their space-age tailfins, V8 power and flashy interiors. The 2010 Avalon Limited has none of these, but with features like GPS navigation and dynamic laser cruise control, it's actually a whole lot closer to delivering just that.

Home Assembly Jobs – How to Choose the Right Products to Assemble

Home assembly jobs have practically all kinds of home accessory products that you can think of. Thus, a worker, once he has gotten himself working on a particular product, can always decide on another one if he desires to do so, so long as he first finishes his or her assignment with another company. But it is always recommended that before you go into a certain company with its own kind of product, always think about what you would prefer to work on. This will preclude you from having to change from one company to another just because the kinds of product you are working on do not suit your taste.

You see, it is never good to hop from one company to another for the simple reason that you do not like working on a particular product and you will try another one because it might be the kind of work suited to your taste. Home assembly jobs companies do not look kindly to individuals who hop from one company to another. Before you select what kind of home assembly jobs you will work on, you have to think first if you will be interested and happy in the kind of work that you will select.

Your interest in the kind of work you do is important because it will make you more focused in your work and because you are happy doing such kind of works, naturally, it will show on the quality of your assembled product. A worker who is interested in his chosen home assembly jobs will surely produce a better kind of work compared to a person without any interest in his work. You yourself will of course know what interest you most.

Here is a tip in how to find out if what will interest you most before you choose the home assembly jobs that you will work on. Let us say electronics, jewelry and wood craft are the three items that seemed to interest you, but you are not still sure if what are these three products you would like to work on. To determine what would interest you most, log on or surf the internet sites of the three companies and browse the products that they are offering for work at home people.

Here, you will be able to take a good look at what you will be doing in case you decide on a company or a product. Home assembly jobs that these companies will be offering are posted prominently on their sites some even with a slide show of the home assembly jobs that enrollments will be assigned to work on.

An electronic company site can have a presentation about their Printed Circuit Board assembly, where you can see an actual demo on how easy it is to assemble resistors, transistors and capacitors to the board. There is also a short demo on how to use the electronic soldering gun and how to solder. You can also visit the site of a jewelry company and view their home home jobs section where you can see how easy it is for home workers in stringing together jewelry stones and beads. The same is true for wood craft company sites where you may also be able to see sample videos of their home assembly jobs. You can now decide on what product you will choose to assemble. Will it be electronics, jewelry or wood craft? Of course, the choice is yours!