Best Cellulite Exercises for Easy Cellulite Reduction

It's no secret. Cellulite reduction is a common wish among women of all ages, regardless of body weight or body fat. Women spend billions of dollars on cellulite treatments and cellulite creams every year, usually with little or no lasting results. There are tons of articles out there giving you 'the answers'. (And I do not mean the 'advertorials' that are trying to sell you anti cellulite cream, lotion or pills.) The truth is, your best weapons in your battle against unwelcome cellulite and the burning question' how to get rid of cellulite '?, are a smart nutritional routine and a consistent, properly structured home workout program consisting of targeted anti-cellulite exercises.

Anti cellulite nutrition focuses on minimally processed, high nutrient content foods. Salads, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins such as fish, turkey, beans and eggs are at the top of the list for foods that promote cellulite reduction.

As for the properly structured cellulite exercise workout program, I've put together a butt, hip and thigh routine which you can incorporated into your current workouts if you have one. This routine specifically targets the areas where cellulite tends to 'hang out'.

Bear in mind, I've been training people since the late eighties. Speaking strictly from experience, I can tell you that the following routine is responsible for helping many women dramatically change the appearance of their cellulite areas.

– Lying on your side, do 10 reps of each anti cellulite exercise:

1) Bring both knees forward so your hips are at a 90 degree angle. Then straighten your top leg out in front of you, still keeping 90 degrees at the hip. Lift the top leg slowly about three feet off the ground & down.

2) Straighten both legs so your body is in a straight line. Tilt the hips forward slightly. Lift the top leg about three feet off the ground & down.

3) Repeat on the other side.

– On the elbows and knees, do 10 reps of each anti cellulite exercise:

1) Extend one leg straight back with your toe on the ground. Lift that leg up toward the ceiling & down. Then switch legs.

2) Lift your knee off the floor. Extend that same heel back and up so your leg is pointing towards the ceiling & then bring the knee back into you. Then switch legs.

– Standing up, do 10 reps of each anti cellulite exercise:

1) Start with your feet together. Step out in front in to a lunge position. Touch the ground with opposition hand. Come back up & step back to the starting position. Then switch legs.

2) Put one foot up on a step (12-18 inches high). Slowly step up and down with the other foot. Then switch legs.

If this routine is easy try going through it twice. If you still need more of a challenge, increase the reps to 15 or 20 per set. Do this anti cellulite exercise program two to three times per week and you'll soon realize that you have found a true cellulite treatment that will also save you a lot of money that you would be spending on cellulite treatments, creams and lotions that never work . Remember, 'it's all in the exercises'.

World Traffic Safety Symposium Awards Volvo For Child Booster Cushion System

Volvo Cars' new booster cushion system is the automaker's gateway to get the World Traffic Safety Symposium awards. The new system from the automaker is engineered to help protect children who have outgrown their toddler seats.

At the 2007 World Traffic Safety Symposium, a panel of judges from the Dept. of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Automobile Association of America Foundation for Traffic Safety, the National Road Safety Foundation, and the New York Police Department Traffic Safety Division awarded the first manufacturer in this category innovative safety feature. The award stands among three other safety acknowledgments: Public Service, Media Activity and Aftermarket Product Design.

The Swedish automaker has contributed several safety milestones in the industry including the Volvo brake caliper, seat belts, and airbags among many others. The latest, so far, is the booster cushion system which is a combination of the tougher side body structure, load limiting seat belts, inflatable curtain and other reliable parts to deliver a distinct engineering solution that ensures safety and comfy travel experience. Volvo's innovation is the world's first two-step integrated booster cushion. This is why it serves to receive a prestigious international acceptance.

"Our goal is to help protect occupants. This award acknowledges our efforts to help protect our small passengers, our children," noted Thomas Broberg, the Senior Safety Advisor for the Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden. "This new seat, in conjunction with our refinements in side body structure and the inflatable curtain will have a significant reduction in child injuries."

The seat belt positioning is one of the essential considerations when ensuring safety of children of different heights. Several studies have shown that proper positioning with the use of a booster cushion helps fewer abdominal injuries caused by the child slipping under the seat belt. Field data in several studies supports these findings and stresses the significance of booster seats. Studies point out that the booster be designed to hold the belt snugly across the pelvis or thighs during a frontal impact.

The overall effectiveness of booster seats is estimated as 31 percent as compared to utilizing only a seat belt and as high as 75 percent as compared to no restraint at all. Getting all children of appropriate age and size to use booster cushion deliveries a potentially noteworthy safety benefit.

According to a study carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 39.5 percent of the 664 children monitored in belt-positioning booster cushion were considered as critical misuse. The most common misuse was improper fitment of the shoulder belt followed by loose belt, improper fit of the lap belt and inappropriate age / fit.

"We took into account the child's physical size and weight, seat belt misuse, child physiology, along with redesigning our vehicle side body structure and side impact inflatable curtain to come up with this new integrated two-step booster seat," said Broberg. "There will be better fitment of our three-point seat belt, a wider age and weight range, and better attitude for the child who can now easily see outside with the added benefit of reducing driver distraction. Are we there yet? '"

Lies: The Termites of Relationships – Why Do We Lie and How Can We Stop?

We all do it. According to some scientific surveys – and some studies pioneered by psychologist Paul Ekman, an innovator in the study of the relationship between people's emotions and their facial expressions – most people will tell an average of three lies in a typical 10-minute conversation.

We like to categorize them, so we can rationalize them. Little white lies, the ones we tell our parents when we do not want to visit them or the ones we tell our bosses when we want to play hooky, are the most common ones. Sure, honey, I got the oil changed – then you get up early the next morning and get it done. These lies are every day lies, and whenever we tell them, we usually end up working a little harder than we need to in order to keep them under wraps.

Then there are the big lies, the nuclear lies, that we take more seriously. For couples, these lies are usually about matters, past sexual partners or even medical conditions. These are the kinds of lies that can end a relationship.

But why do we do it? Why is it that so many of us seem to have a reasonably casual relationship with the truth?

In our experience, the primary culprit seems to be self-esteem. We want our partners to have a positive image of us, so when we are challenged on something that might make us seem less than perfect – like forgetting to get the oil changed in the car – we lie about it to maintain a better image for ourselves . That's why we many times will not think twice about deceiving our partners, because we feel it is important to our relationships to maintain that facade. The greater the threat to our self-esteem, the greater the lies. The things we hide can become more dramatic – they could include the ex-girlfriend who was a drug addict or the former boyfriend who was abusive.

We also lie out of convenience, because we may not want to go 10 rounds over forgetting to get the oil changed. The purpose is to maintain order in our personal lives by avoiding smaller conflicts which may possibly be to simply ruin an evening. It also helps us avoid insults and discord, but the real issue is not the lie, but why there would be insults or discord as a result of simply telling the truth.

This is where we get into the yin and the yang of lies, because while we can all nod our heads and agree in concept that dishonesty is bad, we also have to recognize our own behaviors that may actually wind up training our partners to lie to us.

When faced with an unpleaser truth, do we react angrily? Worse, do we react violently? Is our automatic default position to head for negativity when an invalid truth is offered up by our partners?

If we do, we may very well be TRAINING our partner to lie to us, because we are not recognizing the concept that it takes courage to tell a partner an unpleasant truth and that courage should be rewarded. Instead of rewarding them, we may instead find ourselves punishing them by our negative reactions.

So before telling the small lies, ask yourself what you're really getting in return for the effort. Would the truth really be that bad? Is the truth so horrible that it is worth the integrity of our relationships to hide it? And if the reaction from your partner is so negative that you can still justify lying, then sometimes the issue is not your lying, but rather, the fabric of your relationship itself.

Lies can be the termites of relationships because they eat away at them from the inside, quietly and barely detectable. Anger, however, is the dynamite of relationships that will always inevitably lead to a devastating explosion that can lead to irreparable damage.

So, look at your behavior, look at your partner's behavior and understand why you lie before you do it. Maybe you do not have to, because there is no crime in being human and flawed. We all are. The truth should not be so hard to take that we should allow the lies we use to cover it up to destroy the love we worked so hard to build.

And for Pete's sake, change the damn oil. You do not want the car to break down on the way home from work, do you?

Yours in Love,

Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird

Xbox 360 Repairs Do not Have To Be Expensive Or Painful

I recently wrote an article about my son and his sickly PS3 which developed a beeping problem, no it really was beeping and we fixed it by finding a guide online that saved us a fortune in repair costs. Well whilst I was looking for the PS3 repair guide I also saw one for an Xbox 360 and as my other son has one of those thought it best to get that too just in case his developments a fault.

It is my warped way of logical thinking, if I buy the inexpensive guide then the Xbox will not go wrong, if I do not it will and then I will not be able to find the guide again and it will cost me a fortune.

I can not believe the cost of these repairs when you send them back to the manufacturer and also they can take anything between 4 and 7 weeks to return it.

Another thing that concerned me when looking for these guides were the nuggets of advice from people who either really do not have a clue or were just being malicious. One said to wrap it in a towel which is a fire hazard and another suggested soldering using a complex diagram. The trouble with that is one false move and you have ruined the warranty and the Xbox 360.

So I feel these guides are worth their weight in gold and I have put the Xbox one away for a rainy day because you never know when you might need it.

Scarborough Castle

The first thing that pops into most peoples heads when you mention Scarborough is the town's traditional beaches. What many are missing out though is the town's brilliant history. This article takes a look at just one of the historical sites in the town to give you an idea of ​​the historical depths this town has to offer.

ScarboroughCastleis still in existence today, with is ruinous walls located high above the eastern end of the town. The remaining walls are elevated more that 300ft above sea level and from them you can see for many miles around. The western face of the castle is set atop a high, steep, rocky slope and projects a bold silhouette against the sky when viewed from the town below. The plateau the castle sits on is around 19 acres in size.

These remains only give a glimpse at its former glory though. The site the Castle sits on has been many things over the years. Starting out as an Iron Age settlement, then later a Roman signal station, before finally being used as the site of the important medieval castle we see today.

The Castle originally started out as wood fortifications built in 1130AD, which was later upgraded to a stone fortification in 1150AD as the site became more important. This investment increased over the years as the port below grew and became incrementally important. The Royal fortress was so important not only due to the trade but also because the castle protected England from Scottish and continental invasion. Its importance mean that the castle saw several major revisions over the years as buildings were added and walls and defenses improved.

Over the years it saw several battles and sieges, as rebellion, civil war and conflict raged through the country on several occasions. Famously during the civil wars, in the reign of Charles the first the castle was twice besieged, and taken by the parliamentarians. However as the years passed by, peace was made with Scotland, the continent became less of a risk and the civil wars came to an end in the 17th century. This leads to the decline of the castles importance and historically to the ruins we see today.

So if you're staying in any of the fantastic Scarborough accommodations available or on of the nearby Whitby Hotels then why not consider a day out to see this beautiful relic of a time long past.

All About Screws – Shoppers Guide

The good news is that there is a screw for almost every job or material you are using:

> Board screw. This is specifically designed for wood or wood-type materials such as MDF or fiber board. It has a sharp point for easy starting and holds a grip inside the wood so it will not slip.

> Exterior screw. This is treated with an anti-rust coating to prevent corrosion or rust and is ideal for decking, joists or fines.

> Masonry or drywall screw. A masonry screw is specifically designed to cut into concrete and brick. A drywall screw has twin threads to allow for quick, easy installation.

> Security screw. This is designed to go in, but it is almost impossible to remove it. It's perfect for doors and locks.

> Self-tapping screw. Used mainly in joining pieces of metal, this screw cuts its own thread into the material.


Be sure to choose a screw that is long enough for the job. If you are joining two materials together, you want to choose something that is long enough to penetrate and grab both pieces. A screw that is too short may not be able to keep the materials fastened. A screw that is too long, on the other hand, may damage the wood on the other end.

You also want to choose the right diameter for the job as well. A screw that is too large may look unattractive or split softer, more fragile wood. On the other hand, a screw that is too small may not hold the materials well.


Screws also have their own types of heads. They can be flat, which will allow you to countersink the screw into the material; rounded heads, which tend to be more decorative; or flanged, which eliminates the need for washers. You also have a choice in what type of screwdriver you use on the screw. The two most common drives are:

> Slotted, which uses a standard blade screwdriver; and

> Phillips, which has a cross on the head.

Other, less common screw heads include square, hexagonal and Torx.

When choosing the right screw, make sure you know the exact purpose. The good thing is, you can rest assured that the right type of screw is out there.

Your Dream Jobs in India

The global world is going through the phase of recession where its effect has been much observed in the developed countries. To accommodate cost savings, jobs cutting and employee termination from the job is carried out in full swing. This has raised the question of job security in the mind of employees who are working abroad. But on the other side India is a country which is standing strong enough on the ground to provide career opportunities in India for the job seekers. In this overall period of recession also there are various jobs in India.

There are various job vacancies in India which provides career opportunities for the job seekers in various fields. These fields are highlighted below:

The Indian Paramilitary sources or Armed Forces are one of the sectors which have revealed their decision of recruiting 100,000 candidates for various posts in Indian Army Regiments.

The Banking Sector is another booming sector for job opportunities in India. Candidates are hired as bank clerks, technician, pilot officers and various other posts by different banks like State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Bank of Allahabad, Bank of Baroda, Indian Overseas Bank and others, based on the abilities and skills inculcated within them.

The Indian Railways are one of the uppermost corporations of generating job opportunities in India. Their large networks had always been the opening door of career for thousands of candidates in India. The recruitment of people is carried out regularly in this field for the post Of Ticket Master, Engineers, engine drivers and many more by providing number of facilities that the other jobs promise to its candidate. Till today millions of experts are been recruited in this field.

The Medical Field and another sector in India for doing a career. Various openings of hospitals and health care centers today are not only creating openings for good doctors but thousands of opportunities are created for lab assistants, helpers, nurses, assistants, receptionists and other staff along with it. Along with opportunities better salary and facilities are been provided to them.

The Private Sectors in India is also playing a major role by providing various career opportunities in India. Many companies go for job cuts during recession in U.S and it becomes beneficial for India, as there are many such private companies which are doing job cuts in U.S. but gap fulfillment is done through people for their outsourced location like India. Millions of career openings in India available in outsourcing industry and private sector located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and various others.

The above information reveals that there are various vacancies in India for different field, with better salary and facilities. But there is tough competition to get hire yourself for a better job. Indian jobs could be considered as secured. It must be understood that the focus should not be at one sector but different sectors are also to be taken into consideration to seek jobs.

Reaming in Steel Construction

The reaming process is used to slightly enlarge holes for steel connections. The process will take an existing hole and slowly increase its diameter. A reaming tool has a central shaft with several cutting edges running parallel to the shaft. The reamer is inserted into the hole so the edges run perpendicular to the surface the holes are drilled into. A reaming tool is used to remove little material from the inside of the hole so the most accurate diameter can be achieved.

Reaming tools for steel construction can be used in milling machines, drill presses or by hand. Because of the extreme presence of friction, it is important to lubricate tool parts with sulfurized oil when reaming steel. In addition, reaming tools that are made from heat resistant material such as high cobalt steels or even tungsten carbide should be used. The actual time and position of a reamer during the process is calculated scientifically based on diameter of tool, number of blades on tool, feed rate, distance to next hole, and depth of hole. While a CNC machine milling would provide the most precise position and time a drill press is sufficient when the steel part is tightly secured.

Using reaming in steel construction can be expensive so it is important to consider when reaming is important and when it is not necessary. Reaming is mostly used when a typical structural bolt is not sufficient for the design safety required. A close tolerance bolt may be needed to avoid any slipping in the connection. In this case the hole will be made at the same diameter of the bolt and then reamed to create a close tolerance fit with the bolt. Cold work must be minimized when drilling initial hole so that when the reaming cut is made it reveal steel that is not work hardened. This is another benefit to reaming.

Three Points to Consider When Purchasing Recessed Down Lights for Business Premises

There is any number of options available when it comes to choosing a lighting system on the grounds of appearance, but lighting concerns extend beyond that. The practical role of lights means that wholesale lighting stores will always provide efficient and safe options, rather than just the aesthetic.

When it comes to recessed lights, meeting with the set safety regulations is perhaps even more essential as the entire fixture fits within the surface, be it a wall or a ceiling. However, for all types of lights, whether fluorescent, flood or track lights, this is not the only consideration that comes into play when choosing the recessed option.

The Necessary Amount of Light

Options in style are so varying that often the practicalities of lights are forgotten about. When it comes to recessed lighting, attention has to be paid to the depth of the recess and the strength of the light. Remember that recessed lighting will direct light in one direction, not radiate it in all directions like the everyday light.

With that in mind, in some cases it will be necessary to offset any such lighting loss with the inclusion of more lights. Typically, the rule is to space these lights approximately seven feet apart. It may also be necessary to strengthen the power of the bulb to ensure that sufficient light is provided. However, bare in mind that light that is too strong can be counter productive.

Low or Line Voltage

This is especially important because of the perpetual desire to keep costs down, and electricity costs can be debilitating when not controlled. So, there is a choice to run a lighting system off a low voltage system or off the line voltage. Low voltage generally means powering the system on 12 volts, with a transformer fitted to change the 120 volt current that is predominant in main power supply to a tenth of that energy. This type is recommended when there are a large number of lights being used, reducing to increase lighting bills.

The alternative is to run the system off line voltage, but the addition of dimmers can also help to reduce energy consumption while also allowing one the freedom to set the lighting tone. For that reason, it is a particular favorite amongst bars and restaurants, serving to create intimate in the evening while properly lighting the awards during the day. Generally, incandescent lamps are used but halogen lamps are growing in popularity because of their greater efficiency.


As with all recessed lighting systems, insulation must be considered. It relates to fire and safety, which means it is essential that corners are not cut and that the required standards are met, so it is wise to take a careful look at what insulating measures need to be taken. Know what the ceiling insulation status is as this may affect the type of housing needed for the light so as to to fully comply with the set standards. It may also be necessary to install fireboxes so as not to jeopardize the fire rating of the ceiling or wall itself. The length of time that it would take a fire to structurally damage a building can be reduced significantly when a ceiling or wall has been cut into. Fireboxes maintain the rating by serving to contain flames in the event of a fire. Depending on the business of course, there may be a need to take dampness and moisture into account. This may be the case in a kitchen of a restaurant, or the bathroom of a hotel, for example.

It is important that moisture is kept out of all electrical items and so checking the rating of the recessed lights that are being considered is important. Style will always play a part in decision making, but it should not be the first to mind. Sometimes what looks best is the worst option, with insufficient attention paid to efficiency and safety often proving to be very costly. Just as recessed and track lights may appear to be perfect for a concessions, it is essential that the right questions are asked and the right advice is collected before making a final decision. Never be shy to ask a local wholesale lighting expert what needs to be asked.

Fire Preventive Coatings

Homeowners in wildfire zone should consider coats, in addition to landscaping, for fire protection. In fact all homeowners can benefit from fire retardant treatment within their homes also. Fire sprinklers are the ultimate home protection but costly. People do not realize just how fast fires travel. Smoke detectors give you time and should always be installed. Your whole family, and pets, can be dead before the fire department even knows you have a fire. Kitchens and electrical fires in walls are the most common sources of fires. Garages with gasoline are not far behind but at least they tend to happen during the day and are caused by a person. Smoking in bed is slow suicide. Your call.

Intumescent coatings are applied chemicals that expand with heat and are non-flammable. I have personally participated in testing Barricade, a proprietary product. My fire department took a sheet of plywood and wrote "Hope VFD" in Barricade and then took a torch to the plywood. The only thing that was not heavily charred was "Hope VFD". It made a believer out of me. This compound is sprayed on with water pressure when a fire is immanent. This compound is applied when a wildfire is imminent. It lasts 8 hours or more and if it dries out, the application of water will rejuvenate it. Burning embers are the main way that wild land fires ignite houses. This product is designed to form a barrier around the whole structure so embers can not get into hidden places.

There are many other paintings that do the same basic thing but are more attuned to interior use. They work by sealing the wood or fabric and preventing decomposition gasses from getting out. These gases are both flammable and toxic and are the cause of most deaths. The coating help turn the surface of the base material into char which is not very flammable.

Intumescent coatings expand to insulate the base material from heat as well as sealing the base material. The greatest amount of flammables in a residential structure (also known as a house) is the carpets, furniture, and window coverings. Most of these are derived from petroleum and behave as if they were petroleum. I have watched a hotel room, that was ignited from crumpled newspaper in a waste basket, being completely engulfed in flame, within 150 seconds. The windows blew out. The gases in the upper part of the room ignited, a condition known as flashover. A blast of 1200 degree heat kills every living thing in the room. Nothing is totally fireproof, but being fire retardant gives you time to get out. There are fabric treatments. I have attached URLs from some supplies but I have no personal experience with them.

One cheap substance that can coat interior wood is sodium silicate, or water glass. It is available from chemical suppliers in quantity. It is non-toxic.

Common boric acid can also be used on fabrics but is more difficult to use than commercial products.

Try these sites:

The author has no financial or other benefit from these companies and gives the URLs just a convenience to the reader.

How To Make The Marriage Work

Marriage is a faithful commitment for a lifetime towards your partner whom you have chosen because of love. It is the union of two special yet, totally different and unique individuals. You need to understand that being a man you have different needs, wants, outlook in life, principles, and lifestyles from the woman you are marrying or married with. The same is true with the woman – your needs, wants, principles may be totally different, but as soon as you stepped into the cage of marriage the two shall become one flesh.

Try to observe couples today and compare it to interviews 20, 30, or 50 years ago. Why are there many divorces cases this time than the past? Sadly, every year the divorce rate keeps on increasing. How can you make your marriage work and last for a lifetime? True love is one of the ingredients of a successful marriage. Without it, the relationship will not be lasting nor happy and peaceful. Either could it resists temptations or stand firm against trials and tribulations. With it there is patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness, understanding, care, concern, generosity, sense of responsibility and respect.

A husband should love his wife so that the wife will be submissive and respectful to the husband. When you love your spouse it means including his / her weaknesses and shortcomings. Consideration towards each other. You have to understand that you're not married to a perfect husband or wife. Every moment, human as you are, you are always bound to committing mistakes. As you stay together you will discover new and possibly undesirable things from your partner which were not known to you before but be considerate. You are peculiar from each other. Remember the principle of individualism where no two individuals are exactly alike. Give – and – take should be exercised so that there will be less misunderstandings.

Forgiveness is a by – product of true love. Avoid repeating or nagging your spouse because of the past mistake. Raise up your partner where he / she falls. Move on and be positive toward the future. In this case, assurance for true repentance is hundred percent.

Cool down as water when the other is angry as a blazing fire. It will only worsen the situation when both of you are on top of your anger and you insist on discussing things. Instead of solving the problem you will only worsen the chaotic situation. Remind yourself that it is not the end of the world yet. Never resort to drugs, alcohol, nor sleep with another man / woman to satisfy your anger. Go back to the time when both of you decided to give yourself in the sacred matrimony of marriage. Rekindle that love that you have inside. It may have been rusted by time and season but, never neglect nor take it for granted.

Satisfy your partner sexually. In most broken marriages it boils down to sexual dissatisfaction because either one of them is not doing their responsibility. This is the reason why either spouse is easily tempted to infidelity. Most men get married for sexual gratification and fulfillment therefore, any woman who desires to have a lasting and fulfilling married life should be able to apply this principle by heart.

You may be able to follow three or four among the factors mentioned but it determines how well your relationship will turn out in the future with how much you have done to make your relationship worth keeping and fulfilling.

Do all these and be a model to your children and for the next generation to come.

Versatile Patio Covers Make Outdoor Living a Dream

Let's pretend you worked hard to make your patio a beautiful place to relax. It cost you a lot of money, too, because you wanted everything to be perfect. After all, it's too nice to have to stay indoors in beautiful weather, and you look forward to entertaining friends in the lovely and comfortable environment. Naturally, you're extremely disappointed when you invite friends over for a barbecue on Friday evening only to have the weather rain your party out. You start wondering what good a space is that can not be used when you want to use it. Instead of feeling depressed over the situation, you need to become proactive. Adding patio covers to these spaces can have a positive impact on the times you can use them.

Patio covers do not have to be unsightly. I can remember those old plastic ones that ended up fading and sagging, and they really were ugly. The covers of today have been designed to enhance your property while giving you the protection you need. Some of them are ever retractable so that you can open them when it's raining or the sun's too hot and close them back up to soak up a few rays.

There are many great looking styles of stationary canopies and pergolas for your patio, too. You can choose from models with lattice tops or solid ones, and the they can either be open to the sky or have panels of acrylic that allow the light to shine through while still keeping the rain out. Many of the covers you'll find are made of aluminum, but there are others built of wood or PVC. PVC patio covers are built over a steel frame giving them the combined durability of the steel with the maintenance free qualities of the PVC.

For more formal covered patios, you might want to consider a pergola or a gazebo. A pergola offers a criss-crossed ceiling that you can leave plain or encourage vines to grow on for more protection. A gazebo is actually a small outdoor space in itself with walls, floors, and a roof. A gazebo gives you a nice, intimate way to spend time outside in the fresh air while keeping both the bugs and rain off of you.

The Las Vegas Hilton – Just Off the Strip But Well Worth a Stay

If you're thinking about a trip to Vegas, but you have not yet decided on a hotel, this article is for you. I want to share some information about one hotel you do not normally hear about as much these days. Most travelers to Vegas rave about the Bellagio, Ceasars Palace, Paris, New York-New York, Venetian or Palazzo. All are great places to stay. But the Las Vegas Hilton is another place worthy of consideration.

There are several good reasons to visit the Las Vegas Hilton. I'll mention a few of them here.

Although the Hilton is a block away – and "blocks" in Las Vegas are much larger than any average city block I've ever seen – it is connected to the strip via monorail. After a couple of days of walking around Vegas, you'll discover the monorail to a handy and welcome advantage. So you're only a few moments away from the main strip that Las Vegas has become famous for.

Opened back in 1969, the Las Vegas Hilton broke all Las Vegas show attendance records when it featured Elvis Presley in concert. Today, the Las Vegas Hilton continues to attract many of today's top entertainers.

The Hilton features a luxurious casino with gorgeous crystal chandeliers spanning the entire length of the ceiling. You do not have to be a gambler to enjoy the stunning decor.

Another feature of the Hilton is the stunning rooftop deck and pool that spans an eight acre area. You'll have to have a registered guest to enjoy this piece of paradise. But this beautiful feature alone is reason enough to stay here.

The Las Vegas Hilton continues to be popular with both leisure and business travelers.

It's close proximity to the strip, quick transit connections via monorail, plus the Hilton's own selections for your dining, relaxation and entertainment pleasure, make it one of the premier resorts in town for vacation travelers.

Business travelers converge here because of the massive, 200,000 square foot convention center. Additionally, the Hilton is connected to the Las Vegas Convention Center via the sky-walk, as many of today's largest trade shows and conventions use both facilities simultaneously.

Whatever your reason for visiting Vegas, you can not go wrong by choosing the Las Vegas Hilton as your home away from home.

Oh Please, Not Another Article on Bullying

Everyone has been bullied at one time or another, if they say they haven’t they just didn’t recognize what was happening at the time. The RAND Corp did some research and it turns out that 17% of those bullied became bullies themselves – akin to the story of a kid who had his plastic shovel stolen in the sandbox in the 1st grade grows up and becomes a cop, who treats everyone bad. The trick is to not become a bully yourself, just because you were once bullied. Since bullying seems to be innate in this carbon based bi-pedal species, it’s time for people to get over it, and deal with it — move on because success is the best revenge — not apply the same to others when it comes to bullying.

Does anyone else here feel that this whole “Bullying BS” has been taken way too far, and overblown to the point of ridiculousness? I often find myself reading about “bullying” and thinking that people need to stop sniveling and realize the world is a tough place, so be strong internally, and let the bullies find their own demise, simply because what goes around comes around, which seems to be common wisdom.

I’ve listened to bullied victims and I hear what they are saying, but having had folks attempt all those things on me, it didn’t work because I believe in self. If others allow “concerted efforts to demean, discredit, intimidate, humiliate, or lie about someone’s character, and/or harm physically/emotionally” then those victims need help with self-esteem, not enforcement because as soon as you put enforcement on one bully, you now have precedence to lower the threshold of “definition of bullying” to the point that it’s used by wannabe victims to have the authority “Bully” anyone they don’t like. You have alluded to this, and it happens every day, it becomes “baiting” and is used to emasculate normal innate behavior, when it is used wrong, and I would submit to you, that it is worse than if we never allowed anyone to be a victim in the first place or enforced bullies.

One bullied individual told me they never use the word “Victim” but in the current society and current popular definition of the word “Bullying” everyone else does use the word victim. So, it “IS” part of the debate, whether you or I like it or not. Creating a society of ‘victims’ doesn’t do anyone any good.

Lastly, we also have the right to “Free Speech” and if someone “believes” someone else is an SOB for instance, it is their right to explain their views. Political correctness on “bullying” would love to silence free speech, I say, “No, that wouldn’t be right either.”

We should be weary of labeling bullies and victims both. We should be careful not to become the thought police or try to limit free speech, always realizing that it’s nearly impossible to “regulate morality” cite: History. And, I for one, surely wouldn’t want to start. Please consider all this.

Creatine And Fitness

Creatine was discovered in 1832 and named after the Greek word Kreas, meaning flesh.

Creatine is a naturally occurring organic acid in the body. It supplies energy to muscle cells for anaerobic activity, or short bursts of energy. Such as weight lifting and sprinting. It is also used to treat muscular, neuromuscular and neuro-degenerative diseases.

Creatine fills the muscle cells with water. This gives the body energy to perform work like weight lifting harder and longer. With the added strength it enables you to max out your muscles more effectively and gain more muscle mass, as a result.

Benefits of Creatine:

-Increased energy

-Increased strength

-Aids muscular growth

-Improves brain function

-Reduces recovery time

-Reduces fatigue

Side Effects

When used properly and in cycles, creatine is reliably safe. However certain side effects have been documented:

-Increased risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) due to increased water retention


-Muscle cramps


-Heat intolerance

-Muscle strains

-It is said to be a myth but many people experience bloating and feeling "watery" when they are using creatine.

Creatine is supplied by half our own bodies and half by fish and meat. Vegetarians have lower levels of creatine but when they take creatine as a supplement, their levels are actually higher than in meat eaters. The main reason meat eaters just do not eat more meat is because a lot of the creatine is actually destroyed in the cooking process. Meat is also high is saturated fat and cholesterol. Adding more to the diet would work against their fitness goals.

Creatine should be used in 3 cycles called loading, maintenance and rest.

Week 1-Loading: During the loading phase you want to boost the concentration of creatine in your muscles by taking approximately 20g / day in 4-5 servings.

Week 2-4-Maintenance: During the maintenance cycle you will want to keep the creatine in your muscles by taking approximately 5-10g / day in 2-3 servings.

Week 5-8-Rest: No creatine

Creatine works best with simple carbs, such as fruit juice. So when you take your creatine, mix the powder with grape juice or a similar type of juice that rates high in the glycemic index (GI) chart.

Before taking any supplement talk to your doctor and read labels very carefully. Instructions and dosage can differ from brand to brand. Be careful about anything new that you put in to your body. Always do your research by reading health articles from trusted sources and by asking people who have successfully cycled creatine themselves.

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