Energy Diet – Feel Lively Healthy & Happy Now!

Do you often feel tired drained and lacking in energy? Well follow our energy diet tips below and you will be full of energy, healthy and approach the day with renewed vigor.

The energy diet tips are easy to use, so let's look at them.

A change of diet is the simplest way to boost energy levels and this means you need to:

1. Eliminate Energy Sapping Foods

Firstly, energy draining foods such as sugar, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes should be reduced or eliminated altogether.

2. Eat naturally from the earth

Get rid of energy sapping processed foods and go for fresh natural produce.

Make sure you eat good carbs such as brown rice, pasta and baked potatoes and get rid of the fries and pizza!

Make sure the meat you eat is lean.

Great choices are: Steak, turkey, chicken and fish.

Saturated fats and salt should be eliminated or cut down and good fats containing omega 3 from oily fish, should be consumed at least 3 – 5 times a week.

Great choices are salmon, mackerel and sardines.

3. Eat 5 meals a day

You need to start eating 5 meals a day, so your energy levels do not flag and you will not suffer from hunger pangs.

Make sure you eat breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day.

6. Get extra Iron for energy

Eating to little iron can make you feel exhausted, so make sure you get iron rich food in your diet everyday.

Good choices include:

Lean red meats, eggs, fortified breakfast bran, sardines, dried apricots, crab and dark green leafy vegetables.

7. Up your protein for extra focus

Protein rich food like fish, meat and tofu are proven to improve focus so get daily portions.

Make sure your lunch is protein rich as it will help you avoid that flagging feeling in the afternoon.

8. Eat bright fruits for a quick pick me up

Brightly colored fruit is proven to send energy messages to the brain.

For a great sack combine apples, strawberries raspberries and apricots for an instant pick me up.

You can incorporate the above into your daily diet and you will feel more energetic and able to face the day with renewed enthusiasm.

Always remember your body is a whole and you also need to ensure that to feel energetic you also need the following:

9. Get proper sleep

Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep per night.

Your body needs time to replenish itself and sleeping is essential to boost overall energy levels.

10. Move your body

You may not have time for the gym, but you do not have to go to the gym to be healthy.

When you walk, walk quickly, skip the elevator and use the stairs instead, or do the housework as a workout.

Your body will respond to this and you energy levels are guaranteed to increase.

11. Take time out

Finally, take 30 minutes a day to relax and just think.

Mediate and get away from all distractions and loose yourself in your thoughts.

If you have lack of time do it in the bath just relax for 30 minutes in silence and think of you.

Energy for life!

We all need energy and all the above tips are easy enough to do so try them today.

Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Hernan Crespo

His full name is Hernán Jorge Crespo. He was born 5 July 1975. Crespo is an Argentine soccer player who now plays for Genoa in Italian Serie A. He was given the nickname of “El Polaco” for the reason that his Grandma was from Poland. But Fans accustomed to call Crespo “Valdanito” for the reason that his looks, build and running style recall 1986 World Cup winning forward Jorge Valdano.

Before playing for the club he joined now, Crespo experienced joining with some big clubs such as River Plate (Argentina), AC Parma (Italy), SS Lazio (Italy), Inter Milan (Italy), Chelsea (England), and AC Milan (Italy).

Hernan Crespo began his career as a footballer in River Plate as long as 1993/1994 season and making contribution with 13 goals in 25 league appearances. After that in 1996 he moved to Parma and at 1999 in this club he won both the Italian Cup and UEFA Cup. In 2000 he left to Lazio and be the top scorer with 26 goals in 2000/2001 Serie A season. In 2002 he moved to Inter Milan and 2003 sign to Chelsea but he moved again in 2004 loaned out to Milan.

With national team of Argentina Crespo has 64 caps and 35 goals. In February 1995 he won his first cap in a friendly match in opposition to Bulgaria. Crespo was called up to the final roster for the 1998, 2002, and 2006 FIFA World Cups.

He scored twice in Argentina’s 3-1 World Cup qualifying win over archrivals Brazil in Buenos Aires in June 2005, which made him Argentina’s career scoring leader in World Cup qualifiers. He ended the 2006 tournament as the Silver Shoe Award winner.

Some of honors that he ever got are:

1996 Copa Libertadores winner (River Plate)

1999 UEFA Cup winner (Parme AC)

1995 Argentina League Champions (River Plate)

1999 Italian Cup winner (Parme AC)

Youth Football Coaching – Organize and Plan Your Team

In youth football or soccer coaching, having a good program means that you should organize your team and plan your plays. This is something that most coaches have to focus on especially if it is a championship game. Getting your team organize is one factor that should be given the importance for most coaches.

In this article, I will show you how you could manage your football coaching drills with out the hassle. I know how crucial it is to assemble your team especially in a championship game. Below are some effective ways to organize your youth football team.

In your first week, we go right from the beginning of your youth football training program. But you’ll have to ensure that your players are dedicated to learn on every step. Among the kids that you have in your team, we determine who the starters are and the best player who can change the pace of the game. Of course as a coach, we let the kids decide on what position they take on the field and go anywhere they want. We let any kid do what they want based on how skillful they are in that position. Then it is up for coaches to evaluate them if they really fit for that position they have chose.

In the second day, they must now learn the basic fundamental drills for starting, and positioning themselves in the field. Of course for safety, we give our kids their football shoes, knee support pads, and uniform. In this day of our youth football coaching program, we execute drills that we designed to le them be aggressive and accurate in kicking the ball to the goal end. Every kid participates in these drills and taught the core practices of football, so that coaches can determine who is capable of doing the positions provided on the second week.

Then lastly on the third week, we pretty much know where are our kids are going. By this time your youth football training program has come to an end. And we could definitely seek the direction of your team for about 3 weeks, as we have already completed the whole week, because in this week, we are expecting to see our young athletes at position in all times. We also give the kids the freedom to choose their position. And in addition, you must understand the team that you are playing and be ready to go on the field with complete football techniques and skills.

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Great Sales Letter Headlines

If you want to write great sales letter headlines that stop your ideal prospects dead in their tracks, so they read the rest of your copy and absolutely buy from you, then this post will be one of the most important things you ever read.

Right, what's the most important part of any sales letter?

The bullets?



No, no and no again. Instead, it's your sales letter headline.

Now, I know what you're thinking …

How can something as small as your headline be the single most important thing in your entire copy?

Well, look at it like this:

It does not matter how good your offer is, how enticing a story you write, how powerful your testimonials are, if no one reads your copy.

So the first "win" you have to get when writing copy, is getting your prospects to actually read it.

You do that through your headline.

With me so far?

Good. Moving on.

Now then, how do you write a great sales letter headline?

Well, here's what most people do:

They build a swipe file of all the greatest headlines through history.

Good so far.

Thing is, instead of using these headlines as inspiration for writing their own headline, they literally swipe them word-for-word.

They just add and subtract a couple of words here and there, so it applies to their own product or market. And that's that.

On the face of it, you might think it's clever.

If it's worked once, it's gonna work again, right?

Well, not so fast.

You see, there's a reason those headlines worked so well. And it comes down to this:

The copywriters who wrote them knew their markets inside-out.

Specifically, they knew two things:

1) How much the market know of their product.

(This included what the product did, the mechanisms implied, and how well it satisfied a problem or desire they had.)

2) How AWARE their market was of any problem or desire they might have been experiencing at that time.

In his book "Breakthrough Advertising", one of the great copywriters of all time, Eugene Schwartz, called this the market's "state of awareness".

And he said you have to write your headline with your market's CURRENT state of awareness in mind.

If you do not, then your sales letter headline will not hit home with your prospects …

It will flop …

And the people who otherwise would've bought from you, will not even read the rest of your copy.

Which would be a royal pain in the backside, right?

Anyway, there are 5 different states of awareness you have to be aware of. (Get it?)

These are:

Stage 1: Your prospect knows of your product and wants it, but just has not got around to buying it yet.

Stage 2: Your prospect knows of your product but does not want to buy it yet.

Stage 3: Your prospect is NOT aware of your product, but IS aware of a desire he has which your product would fulfill.

Stage 4: Your prospect is not aware of your product, though he has a NEED which has to be fulfilled.

Stage 5: Your prospect is not aware of your product AND he is not aware of any need or desire he has related to what your product does.


You MUST know which stage of awareness your prospects are in, in that moment of time.


Because you have to use a different headline "formula" for each stage.

What are these formulas? Let me tell you …

Stage 1: Your prospect knows of your product and wants it, but just has not gotten around to buying yet.

This one's easy.

All you really need to do in your headline is state the name of your product and a bargain price.

People in this stage of awareness will then buy.

For example, everyone knows what an iPhone is. And there are millions of people who want one, but have not gotten round to buying yet.

If iPhone wrote a headline which said something as simple as:

"iPhone (whatever the latest model is): Now Available At Half Price," people would flock to it.

Thing is, most products do not fall in this category. And if they do not, then this type of headline would stink worse than my balls after ten sets of squats.

On that nice thought, let's move on …

Stage 2: Your prospect knows of your product but does not want to buy it yet.

Things are now slightly more complicated …

But not much more.

Here, you just need to strengthen your headline in one of the 7 following ways:

1) Reinforce your prospect's desire for the output your product can help him achieve.

2) Sharpen the image of your product in action, in the mind of your prospect.

David Ogilvy's famous 'Rolls-Royce' ad headline is a great example of this:

"At 60mph the loudest sound in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock."

You can now imagine driving a smooth-as-fuck Rolls-Royce, right?

Amazing imagery.

3) Emphasize WHEN and WHERE your prospect can make use of and benefit from your product.

For example, I never bothered with Netflix.

Until, that is, when I went traveling around Thailand and wanted to watch some movies in my downtime.

I did not think I'd be able to get Netflix on my phone.

But guess what? I saw a headline saying there was a Netflix mobile app, and I could stream movies from anywhere in the world.

Of course I then signed up, because I was no longer limited to watching movies in my bedroom back in England – I was able to watch them anywhere in the world, at any time I wanted.

4) Emphasize new documentation or proof that backs up the quality / effectiveness of your product.

5) Mention a new mechanism in your product that makes it "perform" better than before.

6) Mention a new mechanism in your product that overcomes a previous limitation it had.

Eg If there was a brand-new ingredient in a beer that prevented hangovers, that company would be stupid not to mention it in their headline!

7) Finally, you might want to change your prospect's image of your product alike, to remove it from competition and / or to enter a new market.

Lucozade did this.

It used to be a drink people had when they were ill. Then they re-positioned it as an energy drink you can have daily.


Right, that's "Stage 2" on the Scale of Awareness done.

Let's move onto stage 3 …

Stage 3: Your prospect is NOT aware of your product, but IS aware of a desire he has which your product would fulfill.

Remember this:

If your prospect does not know of your product yet, and does not know what it can do for him, do not mention it in your headline.

Got it?


Instead, you should start with the DESIRE your prospect has.

Your body copy must then prove that desire can be accomplished.

And finally, you need to show them that your product is the best / only way they can fulfill that desire.


Stage 4: Your prospect is not aware of your product, though he has a NEED which has to be fulfilled.

This is similar to "stage 3", so we're not gonna spend too much time on this.

Here, you want to name the need and / or its solution in your headline.

Then, you want to really rub salt into the wound so to speak, by making your prospect realize how badly he needs a solution to his need.

And as before, you then present your product as the solution.

Stage 5: Your prospect is not aware of your product AND he is not aware of any need or desire he has related to what your product does.

Right, this is where a top copywriter earns his money.

If your sales letter headline can appeal to people in this category, you should get a ton more sales, and more money in your bank.

Thing is, how do you do it?

Well, as you might've guessed, you can not mention your product.

Nor can you mention a desire – they're not aware of it yet.

Price? Definitely not. At this stage, price is irrelevant too.

So what do you do?

You start with (drumroll please) …


Yep, when addressing a market in this fifth stage of awareness, you need to "call out" your market first, so they can identify with your ad.

If they do not even identify with it, then they will not read on. Fact.

Then, only after they've identified with your ad through your headline, you do the following in your main body copy:

First, you need to make them aware of the problem or desire.

Then, make them realize there's a solution.

And finally, same as before, make sure they see YOUR PRODUCT as the obvious solution.

Anyways, all this may overwhelm you at first. It sure did me.

It's a lot to take in.

But if you can master this one aspect of copywriting alone, your copy's gonna convert better than 90% of your competitors.

Meaning more money for you.

Xerox Copier

There are many different types of copying and printing devices that we can use to carry out our office needs. Since most of the times we are printing or copying documents we need to select a copier that will satisfy our work requirements. In this regard the Xerox brand of office supplies is considered as being reliable.

All of the Xerox Copiers are an excellent choice whether you are in the corporate world or if you are running a small to medium business. There are different varieties that you can choose to suit the work load that your business goes through. Each of the Xerox Copier has different features that make them eminently perfect. Some will perform the function of copying documents only.

These are Copy Center copiers which are affordable for any kind of business. Besides giving you fast printing service these copiers can be found in color format or black and white format. Work center and fax center combines both colored and black and white copies. It has been given these name combinations because it can copy, scan and print in the work center section of this copier.

You can use the Fax Center to send and receive faxes using a multi-function product which has color and black and white printing abilities. There is a desk top version of the copier that should be suitable for your business needs and your monthly budget. The next time you are in need of a copier you should see the available varieties of Xerox copiers for all your business requirements.

How To Overcome Fear of Heights: 3 Ways To Beat Your Acrophobia

Many people suffer from acrophobia, better known as a fear of heights. If you have this problem, do not be sad because you are not alone. More than 26 million American people suffer from one type phobia or another, including this one.

According to researchers, acrophobia can cause a man or woman to fear things related to being far from the ground. For instance, they may equally fear simply climbing a ladder or being on a high floor of a building. Many people struggling with this problem need to overcome their fear of heights.

Unfortunately, some people thought that it is just an actual part of how a person is and believe there is no cure for it. Whereas, if an acrophobic person is left untreated, she or he becomes miserable and his or her social life can suffer. If you want to get rid of this condition, then here are some simple tips on how to overcome fear of heights.

Method #1. Overcome fear of heights with hypnosis

We know that a person’s fear of heights makes she or he takes care when in dealing with potentially dangerous situation. The worst things will come when this situation becomes overwhelming. It can be both limiting and debilitating.

Hypnosis is one of the greatest methods that will give a sufferer the powerful energy to recondition his automatic response. This way they will literally be training themselves to associate feelings of comfort with a situation that was previously associated with fear.

The hypnotherapy combines indirect and direct suggestion to bring about the desired effect. With a wonderfully easy induction and natural progression after that, hypnosis allows a person to settle easily and quickly into a state of deep relaxation.

Method #2. Overcome fear of heights with natural remedies

Natural remedies can also play a major and positive role in helping you deal with your fear of heights or altophobia. Many companies offering various products, but make sure to determining all of these items should non-addictive, safe, without side-effects and FDA-registered.

The ingredients of natural herbal remedies containing homeopathic ingredients to relive nausea and dizziness and can improve inner ear balance. They can also alleviate sensations and disorientation of swaying or spinning. Generally, natural herbal remedies are presented in small dissolvable tablets available at drug stores.

Method #3. Overcome fear of heights with do an activity that involves heights

Of course, this option may seem ludicrous and not recommended for everyone. For those who want to take the high challenge, then this way is a great start. You can try bungee jumping, skydiving or going with your family members on a high roller coaster. But, if you are not that kind of person, take smaller steps such as standing on the top step of a ladder. No matter what methods you stick with it for good, as long as keep-making progress you will out of this condition.

Well, having fear of heights is not nightmare anymore since many methods can overcome this situation. Be patient and focus with yourself. Keep in mind that your fear will not disappear overnight. It needs effort, energy, and process. It is possible to get over your phobia and have it be a distant memory. Do not give up.

Top 7 Reasons New Insurance Agents Fail to Reach Success

I would like to offer some insights as to why I believe such a high percentage of Insurance Agents fail in their first couple years in the insurance business.

There can be multiple reasons that contribute to a new insurance agents failure. Here are the most common reasons I have found that lead to failure.

  • Most Insurance Agents have a Limited product portfolio and are unable to cross sell other insurance products.
  • Agents don’t have a proven sales track or sales system to follow which most new insurance agents need to get results quickly.
  • They don’t create consistent cash flow from insurance sales quick enough and must leave the insurance business to go back to an hourly paying job just to survive.
  • New Insurance Agents start out in the insurance business with little or no reserves to fall back on. Most businesses require some upfront capital or reserves to get started.
  • A lot of agents do not get enough training (Product or Sales) to give them a fair chance of making it in the insurance business.
  • Insurance Agents are not taught effective prospecting and marketing techniques that generate a consistent flow of sales prospects.
  • Some people simply don’t have the drive, work habits, persistence, self motivation or ability to handle rejection that it’s takes to survive in an insurance sales career.

From my experience of hiring and training insurance agents over the past 23 years, I have found the following items need to be present in order to maximize a new agent’s chances for success long term in the insurance industry.

  • A quality multi-product portfolio to offer multiple insurance solutions when different needs are uncovered during the initial fact finding process with a potential client.
  • A proven sales track and presentation that can be taught and implemented very quickly. One that gets sales results but also generates a generous flow of new prospects and referrals.
  • An advance commission system that provides weekly cash flow so the new agent can focus on their training and sales, not their bills that are due.
  • Tools that make learning and growing in the insurance business fun and automatic. (I.e. Archived Training Videos, Health and Life Quote Engines, Live Product and Sales Training Webinars, etc.)
  • Quality contracts that provide immediate 100% vesting rights and commission growth opportunities to General Agent commission levels.

At National Marketing Group we have learned over the years the essential pieces that new agents need to not only survive but thrive in the insurance industry. Our mission statement says it all. “First, to offer the Independent Insurance Agent a support system that provides a platform for success in Insurance Sales. Second, to build long term relationships through a foundation of trust and commitment.”

We sincerely believe the 80%-90% failure rate of new insurance sales agents entering the insurance industry can be significantly reduced when the right agent support system is in place. We encourage you and invite you to join us in this very exciting and rewarding career opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon!

What Are the Advantages in Using Bulletin Board?

The actual bulletin board is surely a revolutionized form of the typical chalk boards. This board is a great enhancement to the traditional chalk boards and it also in fact proved helpful pretty well. The board’s roles tend to be wrapping in many ways when it comes to utility. It provides several useful potential since it could be transformed into different planks and acts diverse intent. Most of these bulletin boards may be become other stuff besides for just writing purposes like the regular black boards. One of which is the fact that it might be apply as being a magnetic aboard by which it doesn’t need to have a lot of those marker pens. All you need to have is actually a magnetic pin and you are ready to utilize the board which makes it more convenient.

You can conveniently write on these bulletin boards without any mess not like when you are using chalks. Marker pens are trouble-free to use at. In chalk boards also, they have a tendency to be difficult to erase completely not like in bulletin board which is very easy to erase to, only if the marker pens that you are currently using are not the permanent ones. With a piece of used towel or an ordinary board eraser, without any difficulty you can simply remove the writings on the board by applying an effortless swipe on the surface of the board. A simple swoosh can get the work done minus all the sweats, extra energy as well as the harmful airborne debris.

The figure of the bulletin board is a lot sleeker than that of the chalk boards that makes the board more appealing to the viewers and looks very inviting to use at. Also, they are very convenient to use even for the little ones. When these bulletin boards will be used as magnetic boards, you can then use magnetized visual aids for reporting, teaching and even just for posting messages. You can also put calendar using magnets and stick it out on the board. Strangely, it can also helped student to feel like they are part of the class even more when they post on these boards. That’s the reason why most teachers used this kind of boards to encourage their student and make them feel they belong to something special.

The value of bulletin board is truly in great arrays that can commence from being a substitute of a chalk board which only limits to writing, and to being bulletin boards which can be both entertaining and multi-functional. It can be very advantageous for an individual to choose these kinds of boards than using a chalk boards. It is an extremely useful tool that anyone can be beneficiaries and it is difficult to take no notice of its efficiency. It has become a must have in almost all institutions. These boards are found to be more practical to use and have around in offices or even inside your home because of its various roles it could perform. It is like an organizer but more fitting and suitable to keep track of one’s schedule.

Benefits of Facilities Management for a Company

Although hiring a commercial company for facilities management can be very expensive, it can turn out to be profitable in the very end. Especially in today’s bad economy, many businesses are trying to be cost-effective by cutting down on the management of facilities. Saving money is very tempting, but a quality facilities management corporation is perfect for any and every industrial business.

By hiring a company that manages facilities, a business will find that their customers and clients are more satisfied. Companies that actually care about their appearances are probably going to have more first-time customers and repeat customers than businesses that don’t care about their appearance. A business always appears more reputable and professional when they are located on a tidy site. A quality commercial company that provides management of facilities can save a business millions in the long run. Although an industrial business may be spending a great deal of money on facilities, this money is well spent. Constant upgrades and repairs as soon as they are needed reduces costs of utility, gets rid of expensive emergency service calls and even prevents lawsuits.

Maintaining facilities will help a business comply with government codes and laws. Every year, government standards get more and more rigorous for businesses to follow. A corporation that provides management of facilities is likely to be very aware of these changes, preventing any lawsuits. And if a lawsuit were to arise, documentation from the corporation can be used to fight the lawsuit and prove that the company is willing to take all necessary steps to maintain a safe environment.

A business is more likely to have an environmentally friendly image if they hire commercial corporations for facilities management. Consumers are more likely to buy from a business that takes many steps in order to conserve natural resources and to reduce pollution. Many businesses have seen an increase in sales once they have attained an environmentally friendly image.

Productivity is probably going to increase for an industrial business that hires a corporation to maintain facilities. Staff will be more willing to work harder in a safer, more comfortable environment. A well-maintained site will attract employees who are willing to work harder. The more labour that gets done in a shorter period of time, the less money spent on labour. A business will be able to prevent getting lawsuits by creating a safe environment with the help of a corporation that maintains facilities. There will be less accidents, break-ins, and violence with a safe site. If someone gets injured on a business’s site due to lack of up-to-date facilities, the business will be the target of many lawsuits.

Finally, a business is more likely to sell if the site is well-maintained. Many people say that a house with a great lawn sells better. Well, the same concept can be applied to businesses. When someone wants to purchase a business, they will go after the one that looks better. Although facilities may cost a lot to maintain, they will eventually pay for it in the future in more ways than one.

The Dos and Don’ts of Upgrades

When it comes to optioning the house, the primary question an investor should be asking themselves upon an acquisition is whether or not the option selected will contribute to the sell-ability of the house, relative to the actual cost. Obviously, there’s a point of diminishing return if one builds a Taj Mahal in a land of tract homes. Despite the urge to go all out and deck the place to the tee, please resist the temptation. Doing so will only cut down on your return. This is particularly important given the fact that since it is an investment, an investment with an unknown value, it isn’t prudent to put some of the potential gain at risk by purchasing unnecessary design upgrades that aren’t critical.

More often than not, homebuilders are aware of this vulnerability. This is more then ever true for investors, for whom they will provide a glut of options and upgrades that are grossly marked up. This type of financial exploitation provides an income stream that is indispensable to many homebuilders, such as KB Home, who are notorious for their exuberant cost upgrades and options. This system is so elaborate that their design department is a whole corporation of its own-which is known as KB Home Studio and rivals that of most high-end design centers. Not only are these stand-alone profit centers, KB Home has a separate business unit with senior vice presidents, AVPs, regional heads, etc., to take care of this organizational monster. The great thing about this apparatus is that it offers a plethora of design upgrades and options that are really top-shelf. The only problem is that you usually have to pay an arm and a leg to get these wonderful amenities.

To relate a story, the first time I went through a KB Home Studio, it was baptism by fire. I spent over eight hours in the design center, split over two days. At $35,000 plus in upgrades, I estimated that it cost me about $4,300 an hour to shop in their design center. You can see why I was happy to get out of there. Keep in mind also, that you may be required to pay a fraction of the upgrade costs in the form of a deposit soon after selection. This is almost a certainty and industry standard. On average, the deposit amount runs 25 percent to 50 percent and are usually nonrefundable. The consequence of this deposit requirement is apparent, in that it makes it more difficult, especially as an investor, to walk away from a transaction.

In spite of the latter, you can see on a pure convenience factor, it’s hard not to like that a homebuilder can offer you lots of options. Having the “convenience factor” available is all good and well; however, it becomes somewhat of an entrapment issue when the builder offers a plain vanilla box without any or few upgrades. In these cases, sometimes builders will only go to “code”-meaning, only providing what is necessary to have the local housing department or building and safety, at the city or the county level sign off on the property and give it a certificate of occupancy. This for instance, may mean no rain gutters, no landscaping in the front or back, unfinished garages, which typically consist of drywall with a coat of primer, or an unfinished garage consisting of the latter but with exposed 2×4 studs, sheetrock, chicken wire and black installation coversheet. Other more obvious “standards” include all vinyl flooring and small 4×4 white tile for the kitchen countertops, or cheap laminate for that matter. To top it all off, in terms of complete ugly-fication, you might get the builders’ special quarter-inch clustered marble countertops in the bathroom.

There’s a reason why even home design centers at Home Depot or Lowe’s highlight these amenities, and that’s because they’re cheap and nobody really wants them. Consequently, many homebuilders offer the standards in order to eek out as much money as possible out of each home they build. As a result, a new homeowner and/or investor is essentially forced into buying options and various upgrades in order to avoid the home looking like a plain Jane. Having too much of a plain Jane can actually hurt a home’s value. As an investor, it’s up to you to define the balance without overspending on a new tract flip. That’s the nature of making a business decision: you have to use your judgment. I’ve seen some homes that were literally destroyed from the inside out given the extreme lack of appeal that permeated the house as a result of no upgrades. As an example, spending an additional $4,000 to $6,000 on upgraded floorways and kitchen countertops is probably well advised. Most carpeting, even if it doesn’t have stain guard, should be adequate for most homes. Don’t be pressured into upgrading into a thicker padding for the carpet. Just go with the standard one-quarter inch, since most builders will try to get an extra $700 to $1,200, if not more, added to the cost of the house just for upgraded padding.

Excretion in Plants

Introduction to excretion in plants

Excretion is the process of elimination of waste materials from the body. Excretion in plants is much simpler than that of animals and as such it does not pose any serious problem in plants. There are several reasons for this:-

1. The rate of catabolism is comparatively much slower in plants than in animals having the same body weight and consequently the rate of accumulation of body waste is much slower.

Introduction to excretion in plants

Excretion is the process of elimination of waste materials from the body. Excretion in plants is much simpler than that of animals and as such it does not pose any serious problem in plants. There are several reasons for this:-

1. The rate of catabolism is comparatively much slower in plants than in animals having the same body weight and consequently the rate of accumulation of body waste is much slower.

2. Plants use much of the waste products of catabolism in their anabolic process. Water and CO2 produced during respiration are utilized by green plants in photosynthesis. NH4 formed by breakdown of protein and other nitrogenous compounds are utilized by plants for synthesis of new proteins.

3. In plants metabolism is mainly based on carbohydrates than proteins and the end products of carbohydrate metabolism are far less poisonous than protein, the excretory needs of plants are, thus, reduced.

In plants no definite excretory system or organ is present for removal of wastes. The excretory products which are easily diffusible are removed by way of diffusion or osmosis. In higher plants waste materials are deposited in various parts of the body, which are later eliminated.


Leaf fall: Deciduous plants like tobacco, tea, belladona, get rid of excretory substances stored within leaf, through leaf fall.

Shedding of bark:Trees having secondary growth, shed the bark at irregular intervals, where excretory substances are stored like in Rauvolfia.

Fruit fall: Excretory substances are stored within seeds and pericarp of fruits, which are eliminated from the plant body along with fruit fall. Examples are Datura, banana, papaya etc.

Shedding of flowers:Excretory materials are stored within the flower bracts (Artemisia), sepal and petals (Santonine) are removed along with shedding of flowers.

Diffusion:Gaseous excretory materials like CO2, ethylene are excreted out by diffusion through stomata, lenticles etc.

Storage: Excretory materials like gum, resin latex, are stored within specialized cells.

Leaching:Leaching is a process of diffusion of water soluble substances like salts, hormones, inhibitors etc from underground parts of plants body to the soil.


Organic acids:Organic acids like citric acid in lemon, tartaric acid in tamarind, are formed as a by product of respiration. Organic acids are abundant in leaves and fruits.

Gums:Gums are formed by decomposition of cellulose of cell wall. Gum arabic, balsam are common examples.

Resin:Resins are nonvolatile substances probably formed by oxidation of essential oils. Pure resin are hard and brittle like shellac, lacquer.

Latex: Latex is an emulsion of proteins, gum, resins etc. It is a milky fluid secreted by cells or vessels in which it is present. Latex is chief commercial source of rubber.

Essential oils:These are volatile oils present in fruits, flowers etc like sandalwood oil, citrus oil, lavender oil.

Alkaloids: These are nitrogenous waste products formed in certain plant cells. Common alkaloids include quinine, nicotine, morphine, caffeine, cocaine, atropine etc.

Tannin is a type of bitter waste material used for tanning of leather, for preparing ink etc.

Glycosides are decomposition products of carbohydrates. Digitoxin, a glycoside is used for preparing digitalis.

Can I Soundproof a Conservatory?

Soundproofing your home so that the neighbours don’t bother you – nor you them – isn’t difficult. Good insulation materials with shock-absorbing properties will deaden sound, and ensure that nobody suffers unwanted noise. However, one area of the home that can go overlooked in terms of ensuring privacy is your conservatory.

Having an all-season area as part of your home not only adds value and space, it’s more versatile than a standard extension, enabling you to enjoy your garden all year round. However, the acoustic tricks played by all that glass can at best make the space unbearably noisy during a rain or hailstorm, and at worst, amplify any sounds you yourself make inside the covered area, broadcasting music, television, and conversation sounds to your near neighbours.

So what can you do to improve the situation? Although conventional methods of soundproofing won’t work or be appropriate for a conservatory, it’s not impossible to cut sound ingress and egress considerably. That’s not to say that you won’t face one or two problems when looking at soundproofing solutions – glass covers can range from clunky to downright ugly, and heavy curtains and thick carpets, although perfect in a plush living room, might not be quite what you had envisaged in an outdoor-indoor area, with clean lines, blinds at the windows, and wooden or stone floors.

There are soundproofing solutions for your conservatory that maintain the look of a garden room, and yet still keep noise pollution to a minimum. The best place to start is the roof; standard roofing materials for conservatories tend to be polycarbons. Whilst durable, they offer almost no sound insulation whatsoever – for example, sitting inside a conservatory with a single-wall polycarbon roof during a hailstorm can be likened to sitting inside a dustbin whilst someone throws pebbles at it. Watching television or listening to music is impossible, and conversation can only be conducted at a steady shout. A double or even triple-layer roof with a gap in-between each can make a lot of difference.

Just as double and triple glazing can dull traffic noise from the street at the front of your house, so can layered glazing in your conservatory windows and doors. Whilst not cheap, it works, and it’s a good solution for making sure that you really can use the room year round, even when there’s thick snow on the ground in your back garden. It can also greatly improve the structure’s energy efficiency so it’ll cost less to heat too.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Choose the Right Color

There is such an array of beautiful colors today when choosing bridesmaid dresses. With so many choices, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming when it comes time to pick the perfect color for your bridesmaids. If your bridal party is small, then the choices may not be as daunting, but the larger the party, the larger your choice becomes and the more difficult it becomes to pick a color that looks good on everyone. For instance, if pink is your theme, pink bridesmaid dresses may not be suitable for everyone so a little tweak here and there may be needed to keep everyone happy and looking their best.

The following are some great tips for choosing a color that both compliments your bridesmaids and their individuality and is the perfect match for the theme of your wedding.

Time of Year and Time of Day This is one the most important driving factors of your choice. A summertime light and breezy color does not always work in the fall and vice versa. The time of day also is a deciding factor. Be cognizant of the bridemaids shape, sizes and coloring. For instance, solid pink bridesmaid dresses will not always work on certain skin tones.

Opting for different shades within the same color family or mixing and matching two contrasting colors is a great way to change it up a bit and works with any season. Also, adding embellishments of silver to pink or conversely pink to silver will work well on different bridesmaids. It is like an all in one fix where one color may not do the trick but the other makes up for the shortcomings and is a perfect solution.

Type of Affair Is your wedding going to be casual, formal or a beach destination wedding? Lighter pastel shades work well for casual weddings where the darker, richer hues such as black or deep hunter green work with more formal affairs.

If you are going casual but it is a nighttime affair, then using contrasting colors of both light and dark will work well for any affair. Layering chocolate-brown with pink is a great way to add richness yet keeping it lighter with pink shading.

If it is a destination wedding, then let your imagination run wild. Most colors work well, but like the destination, if it is tropical then think tropical and choose colors that fit into that theme. Nighttime or daytime, when it is a destination or tropical wedding, the location drives the choices.

The final word on bridesmaid dresses. Choose a color that you both like and works with your theme. If you do not like it, it does not matter how good it looks on your bridesmaids and what time of year or day it is, you will never be happy.

After all, it is your day. Hopefully, this will be the most memorable and wonderful day of your life. You need to be happy and satisfied with the choices you make. It is necessary to take everything into account and make decisions based on all factors.

Take your time and enjoy every moment of your planning process. Make your day one to remember forever; in a good way.

Paint Jobs – How Much Does it Cost to Paint? Estimating Paint Jobs

Nobody wants to work for nothing, but many painting businesses do when they don’t charge for all the things that are part of each job. If you intend to do a complete job, and your customer is asking for a complete job, then you should be charging for a complete job. Leave something off of the estimate and you are working for nothing. Doing a complete and thorough estimate involves everything that takes time whether it be screwing that switch plate cover back on or painting the altar in that church. Many painters brag about what they describe as an almost mystical experience, like walking into a room and a price comes into their head. I never liked that because it is inaccurate, lazy and likely to end up poorly, at best you will just miss something and work for nothing on that part of the job. Another reason why this lump sum magic is bad is that someone is always surprised when the customer finds something that wasn’t done and they thought it was part of the job. And they tell you do it or don’t get paid. I talk about this when I discuss the Proposal itself.

Setup – Whether it be driving 100 miles to the job or 2 days setting up scaffolding or 20 minutes unloading drops, ladders and paint, it is part of every job. And because it is part of the job it is included in the cost of the job and needs to be estimated. Some thought should be given to special circumstances as mentioned above, or keep a percentage to use as a formula for each job. For example: if you are scaffolding out that church steeple to scrape and paint, then you need to figure everything involved with this stage including take down. This type of setup is likely to be much more costly than the actual paint job. Whereas painting the interior of your average customers home can be done room by room as a percentage of the total hours. For example: if you are dropping out a room, removing switch plates, moving furniture, etc. Then an easy way to do it is to take the total hours painting and multiply by.1 or.2 or whatever you think is an average time. Estimating setup, prep, and cleanup as a percentage on average jobs saves time when estimating.

Preparation – Lots of times this costs way more than the paint job. For example: we did a paint job on a big 1840’s wood clapboard monster of a house. 15 weeks removing paint before one drop of paint went on the house, the painting itself was about 3 weeks. Not only time but lots of sanding disks, respirators, disposable coveralls, cleanup daily, and removal of all dust and chips was all a big deal because of the size of the job and because of the old lead paint. The opposite is the average home interior that can be estimated like the setup example above using a percentage. Most of the time interior prep is just small surface repairs, and some caulking, the stuff that is the same from job to job. Special repairs or problems should be itemized.

Painting – What amount of time does it take to paint 5 wood casement windows on ground level without a ladder? How much time does it take to paint those same 5 windows at 40 feet on a hill when each window is 8 feet apart? Probably more than 2 times what it takes to paint the ones on ground level, each time moving and setting up the ladder on uneven ground most likely involving 2 people to move and setup the ladder for each window. So an easy formula to use on heights above 25 feet would be 2 times or 2.2 times or whatever the time it takes to paint the same window without ladder. Most of the time estimating painting costs can be done with a formula that works pretty well from job to job.

Cleanup – This part of the painting job is likely to be glossed over or ignored from an estimating position. This is a big mistake because it can take more time that the actual painting, depending on the job. If this part of the job is not done well the client may view the entire job as poorly done. And if done really well it may just put the crowning touch on the job. Estimating the time to properly cleanup after each job is critical to your estimate. If you short this part of the estimate, by not allowing enough time, then something has to give and the outcome is likely an unhappy customer. Average jobs can use a factor to estimate time. Example, an 8 hour interior job can be cleaned up in 8 hours x.1 =.8 hours.

When I watch some of these “home remodeling” shows blow through the painting as if it is nothing, I laugh but then I think how much ignorance they create. When Norm does his woodworking magic it is an event to behold; but, when Carlos spends 3 hours vacuuming, dusting and cleaning windows after a paint job, it is nothing, it is not even mentioned. Some many home owners tackle paint jobs and are totally clueless as to what is really involved. Like the time when we were called in to touch up walls in this multi-million dollar mcMansion following a $25,000 audio system wiring job where the technician cut holes in 11 different rooms. Each room had a different color, so we cleaned rollers, brushes, cut buckets etc. after each color. The owner gave me a big argument about charging her for the time to clean our tools. If it is part of the job and you wouldn’t be doing it except for their job, then they should be paying you for it.

Top 25 Children Quotations

  1. “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”
    — Franklin P. Adams
  2. “A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.”
    — Anonymous
  3. “Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.”
    — Aristotle
  4. “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
    James Baldwin
  5. “The best inheritance a person can give to his children is a few minutes of his time each day ”
    O. A. Battista
  6. “Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home.”
    — Bill Cosby
  7. “There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, employ someone, or forbid your children to do it.”
    Monta Crane
  8. “The children despise their parents until the age of 40, when they suddenly become just like them – thus preserving the system.”
    — Quentin Crewe
  9. “Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.”
    Wayne Dyer
  10. “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”
    — Albert Einstein
  11. “We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  12. “Teach your child to hold his tongue; he’ll learn fast enough to speak.”
    — Benjamin Franklin
  13. “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
    — Theodore M. Hesburgh
  14. “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation Where they will not be judged by the color of their skin But by the content of their character.”
    — Martin Luther King, Jr
  15. “The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.”
    — Sam Levenson
  16. “Children need love, especially when they don’t deserve it.”
    Harold Hulbert
  17. “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters.”
    — Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
  18. “Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from heaven.”
    Robert Pollok
  19. “Good parents give their children Roots and Wings. Roots to know where home is, wings to fly away and exercise what’s been taught them.”
    — Jonas Salk
  20. “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
    — Angela Schwindt
  21. “I think that maybe if women and children were in charge we would get somewhere.”
    James Thurber
  22. “Child rearing myth #1: Labor ends when the baby is born.”
    — Unknown
  23. how

  24. “Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.”
  25. “Children are the sum of what mothers contribute to their lives. ”
  26. “When you put faith, hope and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world.”
    Zig Ziglar