The Ways An Air Conditioner Compressor Can Fail, and What To Do About It

Air conditioner compressors usually fail due to one of two conditions: time and hours of operation (wear out), or abuse. There are some failures that can occur elsewhere in the system that will cause a compressor failure, but these are less common unless the system has been substantially abused.

Usually abuse is a result of extended running with improper freon charge, or as a consequence of improper service along the way. This improper service can include overcharging, undercharging, installing the wrong starter capacitor as a replacement, removing (rather than repairing/replacing) the thermal limiter, insufficient oil, mixing incompatible oil types, or wrong oil, installing the compressor on a system that had a major burnout without taking proper steps to remove the acid from the system, installing the wrong compressor (too small) for the system, or installing a new compressor on a system that had some other failure that was never diagnosed.

The compressor can fail in only a handful of different ways. It can fail open, fail shorted, experience a bearing failure, or a piston failure (throw a rod), or experience a valve failure. That is pretty much the entire list.

When a compressor fails open, a wire inside the compressor breaks. This is unserviceable and the symptom is that the compressor does not run, though it may hum. If the compressor fails open, and following the steps here does not fix it, then the system may be a good candidate for a new compressor. This failure causes no further failures and won’t damage the rest of the system; if the rest of the system is not decrepit then it would be cost effective to just put a new compressor in.

Testing for a failed open compressor is easy. Pop the electrical cover for the compressor off, and remove the wires and the thermal limiter. Using an ohmmeter, measure the impedance from one terminal to another across all three terminals of the compressor. Also measure the impedance to the case of the compressor for all three terminals.

You should read low impedance values for all terminal to terminal connections (a few hundred ohms or less) and you should have a high impedance (several kilo-ohms or greater) for all terminals to the case (which is ground). If any of the terminal to terminal connections is a very high impedance, you have a failed open compressor. In very rare cases, a failed open compressor may show a low impedance to ground from one terminal (which will be one of the terminals associated with the failed open). In this case, the broken wire has moved and is contacting the case. This condition – which is quite rare but not impossible – could cause a breaker to trip and could result in a misdiagnosis of failed short. Be careful here; do an acid test of the contents of the lines before deciding how to proceed with repair.

When a compressor fails short, what happens is that insulation on the wires has worn off or burned off or broken inside the compressor. This allows a wire on a motor winding to touch something it should not touch – most commonly itself a turn or two further along on the motor winding. This results in a “shorted winding” which will stop the compressor immediately and cause it to heat up and burn internally.

Bad bearings can cause a failed short. Either the rotor wobbles enough to contact the stator, resulting in insulation damage that shorts the rotor either to ground or to the stator, or end bearing wear can allow the stator to shift down over time until it begins to rub against the stator ends or the housing.

Usually when one of these shorts occur, it is not immediately a hard short – meaning that initially the contact is intermittent and comes and goes. Every time the short occurs, the compressor torque drops sharply, the compressor may shudder a bit visibly as a result, and this shudder shakes the winding enough to separate the short. While the short is in place, the current through the shorted winding shoots up and a lot of heat is produced. Also, usually the short will blow some sparks – which produces acid inside the air conditioner system by decomposing the freon into a mixture of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.

Over time (possibly a couple of weeks, usually less) the shuddering and the sparking and the heat and the acid cause insulation to fail rapidly on the winding. Ultimately, the winding loses enough insulation that the inside of the compressor is literally burning. This will only go on for a few minutes but in that time the compressor destroys itself and fills the system with acid. Then the compressor stops. It may at that time melt a wire loose and short to the housing (which can trip your house main breaker) or it may not. If the initial cause of the failure was bad bearings causing the rotor to rub, then usually when the thing finally dies it will be shorted to the housing.

If it shorts to the housing, it will blow fuses and/or breakers and your ohmmeter will show a very low impedance from one or more windings to ground. If it does not short to the housing, then it will just stop. You still establish the type of failure using an ohmmeter.

You cannot directly diagnose a failed short with an ohmmeter unless it shorts to the housing – a shorted winding won’t show up with an ohmmeter though it would with an inductance meter (but who has one of those?) Instead, you have to infer the failed short. You do this by establishing the the ohmmeter gives normal readings, the starter capacitor is good, power is arriving at the compressor, AND an acid test of the freon shows acid present.

With a failed short, just give up. Change everything, including the lines if possible. It is not worth fixing; it is full of acid and therefore is all junk. Further, a failed short could have been initially induced by some other failure in the system that caused a compressor overload; by replacing the whole system you also will get rid of that potential other problem.

Less commonly, a compressor will have a bearing failure, piston failure or a valve failure. These mechanical failures usually just signal wear out but could signal abuse (low lubricant levels, thermal limiter removed so compressor overheats, chronic low freon condition due to un-repaired leaks). More rarely, they can signal another failure in the system such as a reversing valve problem or an expansion valve problem that winds up letting liquid freon get into the suction side of the compressor.

If a bearing fails, usually you will know because the compressor will sound like a motor with a bad bearing, or it will lock up and refuse to run. In the worst case, the rotor will wobble, the windings will rub on the stator, and you will wind up with a failed short.

If the compressor locks up mechanically and fails to run, you will know because it will buzz very loudly for a few seconds and may shudder (just like any stalled motor) until the thermal limiter cuts it off. When you do your electrical checks, you will find no evidence of failed open or failed short. The acid test will show no acid. In this case, you might try a hard-start kit but if the compressor has failed mechanically the hard-start kit won’t get the compressor to start. In this case, replacing the compressor is a good plan so long as the rest of the system is not decrepit. After replacing the compressor, you must carefully analyze the performance of the entire system to determine whether the compressor problem was induced by something else.

Rarely, the compressor will experience a valve failure. In this case, it will either sit there and appear to run happily but will pump no fluid (valve won’t close), or it will lock up due to an inability to move the fluid out of the compression chamber (valve won’t open). If it is running happily, then once you have established that there is indeed plenty of freon in the system, but nothing is moving, then you have no choice but to change the compressor. Again, a system with a compressor that has had a valve failure is a good candidate for a new compressor.

Now, if the compressor is mechanically locked up it could be because of a couple of things. If the compressor is on a heat pump, make sure the reversing valve is not stuck half way. Also make sure the expansion valve is working; if it is blocked it can lock the compressor. Also make sure the filter is not clogged. I once saw a system that had a locked compressor due to liquid lock. Some idiot had “serviced” the system by adding freon, and adding freon, and adding freon until the thing was completely full of liquid. Trust me; that does not work.

Should diagnosis show a clogged filter, then this should be taken as positive evidence of some failure in the system OTHER than a compressor failure. Typically, it will be metal fragments out of the compressor that clogs the filter. This can only happen if something is causing the compressor to wear very rapidly, particularly in the pistons, the rings, the bores, and the bearings. Either the compressor has vastly insufficient lubrication OR (and more commonly) liquid freon is getting into the compressor on the suction line. This behavior must be stopped. Look at the expansion valve and at the reversing valve (for a heat pump).

Often an old system experiences enough mechanical wear internally that it is “worn in” and needs more torque to start against the system load than can be delivered. This system will sound just like one with a locked bearing; the compressor will buzz loudly for a few seconds then the thermal limiter will kill it. Occasionally, this system will start right up if you whack the compressor with a rubber mallet while it is buzzing. Such a system is a good candidate for a hard-start kit. This kit stores energy and, when the compressor is told to start, dumps extra current into the compressor for a second or so. This overloads the compressor, but gives some extra torque for a short time and is often enough to make that compressor run again. I have had hard-start kits give me an extra 8 or 9 years in some old units that otherwise I would have been replacing. Conversely, I have had them give only a few months. It is your call, but considering how cheap a hard-start kit is, it is worth trying when the symptoms are as described.

And this, in a nutshell, is what can happen to an air conditioner compressor and what you can do about it.

The Need of Locksmiths and Locksmith Services

When you lose your house’s keys or lock yourself in somewhere, you can be saved only by a locksmith. Best local locksmith services are available across various cities. One can even find details of local locksmiths online or in the yellow pages or from trusted references. Local-locksmith services include upgrading old locks, changing them, installing special locks.This emergency locksmith service helps you out in getting your lock and key problems fixed in no time.

Here are some of the things regarding locksmiths and their services:

• To tackle problems with complicated modern as well as traditional locks, trained and certified locksmiths can be availed.

• Locksmiths save us from burglars and thefts. During emergency situations like broken locks or key losses, locks must be replaced or mended at the earliest. In such cases, an emergency locksmith is the only person who can restore security.

• Our services are diverse. Installations of new locks and changing or repairing of locks are other works for which locksmiths are employed.

• Further, locksmiths are also skilled key-makers. Other locksmith services include upgrading old locks, changing them, installing special locks, security and alarm systems, security cameras and installing vehicle locks.

• Commercial local locksmith services mostly in demand are installation of access control systems, alarm systems, file cabinet locks, making of copy key, master re-keying, install of high security locks and other security equipments.

• Locksmiths are skilled workmen. Locksmiths, who are certified, licensed and experienced, possess the know-how to tackle problems with all sorts of locks available today.

• We are relied upon for timely advice on lock and key security problems, such as, how a jammed key can be taken out from a particular lock or how a faulty lock can be mended easily.

• Locksmiths can also give genuine suggestions on the kind of security systems which should be installed.

• We are easy to find in the country. Popular local locksmith services are available across various cities. One can even find details of local locksmiths online or in the yellow pages or from trusted references.

For a person, the safety of his family, property, belongings and business are serious concerns. To ensure that everything is in place and all is secure, one cannot do without the services of a skilful locksmith. By professionalism locksmith services are available 24×7 today. Be it day or night, wherever you are, you can easily find and appoint local locksmiths, skilled locksmiths to safely solve your lock and security problems.

Apartments That Approve With Bad Credit Or Broken Lease in Honolulu

For decades, Honolulu has been a city-paradise for settlers and vacationers alike, promising scenic beach properties, a hospitable climate, friendly people and good food. While Hawaii is known largely as a holiday resort for honeymooners and families wanting to get a taste of tropical paradise within the United States, there are many who come here to stay. That means a demand for apartments within the Honolulu area. While the rates for these apartments vary, most of them will require acceptable credit, untarnished rental history and a background devoid of any major incidences. Unfortunately, you may have made some mistakes in the past, and now that it is time for you to look for an apartment in Honolulu, you find yourself stuck in a quagmire. But there is good news; there are apartments in the city of Honolulu that are willing to work with people with bad credit or a broken lease.

These can be regular apartments, town homes, villas and even rental homes which are in abundance in the city. While finding a place to lease is not all that difficult in Hawaii, the problem arises when you try to locate apartments that cater to people whose credit is unflattering or who possess a broken lease agreement.

In most cases, renting an apartment in Honolulu will require that your credit meet a certain criteria. You must also pass a background check and have a rental history that falls within acceptable boundaries. If you have ever broken a lease agreement with a previous apartment, you may be denied approval in Honolulu as well.You therefore have to be skilled in looking for apartments that either do not check credit or rental history or be able to negotiate a workable agreement with a leasing manager somewhere. This in itself is not easy if this is your first time.

If you are looking for “second chance Honolulu apartments”, then you must narrow down to within the following areas:

  • Downtown District
  • Kaka’oko
  • Manoa and Makiki
  • Kalihi and Palama

People like you who are looking for an apartment in Hawaii but your credit is short can be easily frustrated especially if you go from one apartment to another and hit a snag. This is usually caused by the fact that these types of rental properties do not advertise. One reason for this is that they do not want to attract undue attention where everyone who has a negative credit history flocks there. This can push rates down and even be a cause for concern for other tenants who live there already. One way to locate these properties is to use a local apartment locator although even here there is no guarantee.

Another option is utilizing the power of the Internet. Applicants without good credit or have a broken lease can be thoroughly frustrated when searching for an apartment especially if they have been repeatedly turned down. Using the Internet can save you money and time since all you have to do is enter keywords in the major search engines and you are done. This is an excellent way to begin your search.

Enlisting friends, family and even co-workers can help especially if they are trusted. These can a valuable source of information on where to find an apartment if you have been turned down elsewhere. This is called networking.

It is also important to bear in mind that even if you do find an apartment willing to work with you within Honolulu, you must meet certain requirements, namely, you must have a job and provide proof of ability to pay rent. You may also be asked to submit to a background check which may run queries in the sex offender registry databases nationwide.

How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes Flat!

If you’re a chronic nail biter and you’re searching for a sure-fire method to kick the habit, well, join the club. Like you and me, there are literally millions of people all over the world trying relentlessly year after year to find a way to stop biting their nails, and finding right solution that works isn’t really that simple. But there is a way, and I’m going to share with you what has worked for me personally.

If you’re like me (and I’m just like most people with this very unhealthy habit), then you likely started biting your fingernails when you were a young child. This is a natural starting point for most habitual nail biters because we are so vulnerable. We begin the formation of our learned behaviors in the early stages of childhood development, and many of these behaviors are learned from those closest to us (e.g., our parents). So if you have a parent who chewed their nails, that is very likely how you picked up this terrible habit. I picked up the habit from my dad. But before you go pointing the finger, it can’t be blamed entirely on mom and dad.

Biting nails is also a common replacement for thumb sucking. This is especially the case when a child’s oral habit is necessary because of stressful conditions and/or anxiety or other frustrations in the child’s life. And unless the nail biting habit is nipped in the bud early, the nail biting habit then continues through the teenage years and into adulthood.


Nail biting can be caused by obsessions, compulsions, and aggressiveness. All too often, fingernail biting becomes an unconscious act of frustration, anxiety and a way to relieve stress. What’s most concerning about this habit is that most of the time you bite your nails, you don’t even realize you’re doing it!

Anyone with a nail biting habit is in serious trouble. There are so many health concerns related to biting fingernails such as contracting diseases from all the germs on your fingers. Chronic nail biting can lead to deformed fingers and serious dental problems. It has even been linked to causing heart disease. Furthermore, nail biting can significantly lower self esteem and confidence, which directly impacts your social life and your career.

Treatments & Cures

If you’ve researched nail biting treatments, you’ve probably been bombarded with a slew of products aimed at helping you kick the nervous habit. There are creams, and nail polishes, and prescription medications (most are anti-depressants). But which ones really work? More importantly, which method will stop your habit dead in its tracks immediately?

The only method that has proven to work most effectively, and this is the method that I used to kick the habit, is hypnotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean taking a trip to a hypnotherapist’s office, having her wave a wristwatch in front of you while you count backwards into a deep sleep.

It’s actually a simple technique that you can do from the comfort of your own home and it can literally have you stop biting your nails in under 10 minutes, and you’ll never go back to biting your nails ever again! There are some phenomenal low-cost programs that essentially get you to tap your conscious and subconscious mind to eliminate all the reasons why you bite your nails, and all the reasons you should never bite your nails ever again.

Snooker Cues – Different Types and How to Choose

Below we have detailed the various attributes of a snooker cue, what the different options are, how they affect the cue and what you should take into consideration when buying a new cue. This is not an exhaustive list but it should cover most of the options.


Snooker cues can be one piece, 1/2 jointed (commonly known as 2 piece cues) or 3/4 jointed (commonly known as 3 piece cues). The 1/2 joint and 3/4 joint refer to how far down the cue has been cut and had a brass joint inserted to make the cue more practical to carry around. One piece cues are thought to be better than 3/4 jointed cues which are thought to be better than 1/2 jointed cues due to the cut being made in the denser hardwood butt (all to do with how the vibrations transmit through the cue). Again how much of a difference the average player will notice is another matter but obviously the 1/2 jointed cue is the more practical one. 1/2 jointed cues and 3/4 jointed cues do feel quite different from a playing point of view due to the different position of the denser brass joint. So when choosing a 1/2 or 3/4 jointed cue we would normally recommend going for the cue you are already used to playing with. No two cues will ever feel the same as they are made from natural materials and the feel is down to the pattern of density throughout the cue. We usually say it takes two or three weeks of constant playing to get your body used to a cue, so with this in mind you could possibly try a new cue configuration as your body will eventually get used to it.


The butt can either be hand spliced to the shaft, machine spliced or straight cut and painted to look hand or machine spliced. Prices increase from painted to machine spliced to hand spliced due to the amount of work involved in making the cue and the cue is supposed to have a better feel as you go up this price range. Beginners are unlikely to notice the difference from a playing point of view for the different quality cues and some professional players have been quoted as saying that they did not notice any difference between machine spliced and hand spliced snooker cues from a playing point of view. Hand spliced cues with their slightly curved points (as apposed to the sharp points of machine splicing) are meant to have a higher surface area of contact between the hardwood butt and the Ash shaft which allows for a better transmission of the vibrations in the cue and thus gives a better feel. Hand spliced snooker cues are also more aesthetically pleasing and this will also be a consideration for which cue to buy. Most people will be happy with a painted cue (cues are painted black to look like Ebony which is a lot more expensive) but you will need to pick a cue based on your budget, how nice you want the cue to look and how well you want the cue to play.


Snooker cues are usually made from Ash for the shaft and a hardwood for the butt, although some cheaper club cues will be made from Ramin. Machine spliced and hand spliced butts are commonly made from Rosewood which needs to be weighted with lead (so the cue doesn’t have to be so thick that you can’t grip it comfortably, to give the same weight) and Ebony which doesn’t usually need weights as it is such a dense and heavy wood. The Ebony cues having less or no lead weights added gives then a more even density and a more natural feel to the cue that is desired by a lot of players. The Ebony wood with its very dark brown (under most lights looking black) is also aesthetically pleasing. Because of it’s rarity Ebony is a very expensive wood and thus normally only used on the finest cues. You can also have decorative wood splices on the cue but these add nothing from a playing point of view and will only add to the price. The coloured splices are usually coloured Sycamore. Other hardwoods can also be used for the butt like Thuya Burr wood or Walnut and other exotic woods (like the very expensive Snakewood) can be used for decorative splices or inlays. Painted cues have a cheaper low quality hardwood for the butt (which doesn’t matter as the wood is painted) and Ash for the shaft.

Tip Sizes

The recommended tip size for snooker cues is 10 mm and tips can go down to 8.5 mm but we wouldn’t recommend going below that for two reasons (1. The cue becomes too whippy 2. The cue shaft could break with a miscue). The smaller tip you have the harder it is to play but if you can control the cue you will have more control over the cue ball with spin. We normally recommend doming your tip to get more spin before moving to a cue with a smaller tip.

Cue Weight

With the weight of the cue 17 oz to 20 oz is the normal range of weights with 18 oz to 19 oz approximately being a medium weight, 16 oz to 17 oz being light and 20 oz upwards being heavy. The heavier the cue is the easier it is to play with (like a larger tip) and the lighter the cue is the more control you have over the power you put in to the shot (although it is easier to miscue). We normal say stick to a weight you are used to but with all changes your body will eventually get used to it.


Other options would then be cues with butt joints for screw-on extensions or cues that come with screw-on extensions that can attach to the centre joint.

The main consideration to make when choosing a new cue for use on snooker tables is budget, then balancing how you want the cue to look compared to how you want it to play. You basically get what you pay for with a snooker cue and you need to choose which features you want and which features you don’t need.

Copyright Royal Snooker 2011

Top 6 Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Bring Her in Your Arms

Some men may consider it cheesy to use romantic pick up lines on girls they are attracted to, but those men are narrow-minded. Romantic pick up lines can have a wonderful effect on the girl you are hoping to attract provided you use it in the right context and right time. I would never approach a girl and start by saying a romantic pick up line, that may very well look cheesy. There are a couple of steps you should take before delivering the line. You can find out more about those steps by reading about pick up artists and their methods on the internet (my website has information).

My view is that when you first approach a girl, you should appear neutral and don’t indicate that you are interested in her yet. That will improve your chances. The best way to approach a girl is usually by asking for her opinion on something. After you pass that phase and start a normal conversation with her, then with a smile on your face you can deliver romantic pick up lines. I compiled six great romantic pick up lines for you to use below:

1. I know we just met, but I think I love you. What are your thoughts on marriage?

2. Do you work for the FBI? Well you must, you are Fabulous, Beautiful and Intriguing.

3. I’m a professional thief. I stole some priceless paintings, diamonds, even a Bentley once. I’m looking to steal the most valuable item that exists. Can you help me on this big heist? Sure you can, tell me… how can I steal your heart?

4. Hey now I recognise you, you are the girl that appeared in my dream last night. I guess that makes you the girl of my dreams!

5. I am against body piercing and never pierced a part of my body before. But after I met you, I noticed a piercing in my heart.

6. I have a great job, a beautiful home, and a big bank account, but it all means nothing without someone like you to share it with.

Remember, as long as you deliver these romantic pick up lines with a smile on your face and have already approached her and have been speaking to her for a bit, then these should work wonders!

To see a whole new angle on romantic pick up lines and learn techniques that will help you seduce any women you desire then visit my website for the free report that has guided many men to mastering the art of seduction and dating.

Cable Management – How Cable Markers Can Help

With the incredible proliferation in electrical items in the workplace over the last twenty or so years, its no surprise that managing the cables that come with them has become more and more important. Couple that with the ever-increasing demands for security, maintenance and trace-ability of upgrades and ensuring things stay organised becomes a job in itself. This is called cable management and cable markers can play a big part.

Wire marking and cable identification has therefore become a vital component in most offices, particularly those with significant electrical system installations.

In fact, cable identification is used in a wide range of industries. Some are specifically for use in the motor and rail industries, some for use in laboratories, motors and industrial components. But in the main, most wire markers available are designed for use with computer cables and electrical wires; general cable management.

So how do they help?

Simply, wire or cable identification markers are designed to easily attach to wires and cables to help you in identifying them. There are a multitude of different types of cable markers out there. The basic varieties include labels, sleeves and tags. You can buy a range of kits of basic cable markers which suit a variety of applications.

There are also more specialised cable markers out there:

HZ-Type markers are designed to allow each size of marker to fit a wide range of cables. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -45’C – 70’C and the gusseted design enables the marker to fit snugly over a wide range of cable diameters. They come in a variety of sizes and often in a choice of either straight or chevron cut. There are colour coded options available for your cable management requirements.

HE-Type cable markers are designed provide an easy method of marking wires in-situ or terminated cables using an integrated applicator. These can be used in an even wider temperature range: -50’C – 125’C.

The HG-Type markers are made from a Zero-halogen, cadmium and silicone free, self extinguishing material and can be used in a similar temperature range to the HZ type.

HO-Type are a thin walled, PVC Marker which is ideal for using in high density wiring applications under a temperature range of -65’C – 95’C.

The Essentials of the FHA Mortgage Loan

The Federal Housing Administration or FHA has furnished a way intended for low to middle-income earners to get a mortgage, when they might otherwise not be capable of meet the criteria for a regular mortgage. The basics of an FHA home loan guarantees that they’ll indemnify the mortgage banker against any default of mortgage loan payment. This offers the mortgage lender the peace of mind that they will be recouped the total amount of the loan should anything take place and the new homeowner not have the capacity to pay back the mortgage loan.

Step one in getting an FHA home loan is to work with a mortgage banker who deals with FHA mortgages. Not all do, but there are a number of mortgage brokers who are well versed in approaching lenders for this sort of loan. They realize the underwriting guidelines and can frequently lend a hand to push a home loan through for a new client fairly quickly providing every one of the circumstances are met.

While an FHA mortgage loan is absolutely not for everyone, there can be several benefits that make it an ideal option for most individuals who wish to own their very own residence but would not have the cash reserves, or a satisfactory enough financial FICO score to make the grade for a regular mortgage loan. Perhaps one of the largest obstacles to a lot of people who want to own their very own home is that they just don’t have sufficient cash reserves for the down payment. A conventional mortgage often requires a very big down payment, sometimes more determined by the individual’s Credit score. You can usually apply for an FHA home loan with as little as a three and half percent down payment. Coupled with this, is stipulation that the loan amount that has been permitted is similar to the price of buying a common a home in your county. Thus the home loan amount which is approved is frequently not that high, merely enough to buy a house much like those where the individual already resides. Therefore, the 3.5% down payment is generally quite an affordable quantity.

There’s no actual income limits when obtaining a mortgage loan, though you do need to have a regular source of income; it just will not have to be a lot. You also need to demonstrate that you have a good debt to income ratio, in other words that you’re not spending more than you’re earning. Whilst your FICO score will be taken into consideration, it’s not a significant factor when obtaining an FHA home loan. In fact, you are able to qualify for a loan as soon as 2 years following declaring bankruptcy.

Additionally, there are other FHA loan programs associated with FHA loans that could help fund home repairs and enhancements, as well as an easing of regulations such as pre-payment penalties. While an FHA mortgage loan may not be ideal, or even needed, for everyone it does offer many people with the opportunity to purchase their own houses and consequently improve their own financial condition. If you have an interest in obtaining one and you have an adequate source of earnings, your initial step ought to be to search for a suitable mortgage company who possibly could enable you to obtain the loan as well as counsel you on what underwriting conditions are required.

Leather vs Cloth Seats – It’s a Personal Preference

Leather vs cloth seats is a choice each driver must make when purchasing their next vehicle. The choice of the interior comes down to cow versus manufactured cloth and can sometimes be a difficult choice.

This is because each offers benefits and pit falls.

Some of the benefits of leather…

Leather offers a soft, supple feeling while driving down the road. It is a comfy fit for your bottom.

Additionally since leather is a more expensive choice, it is often a sign of prestige and luxury. For those whose car is a reflection on their being or their status, leather offers a sense of class to the driver.

The additional cost of leather upholstery you pay up front can be a benefit when it is time to sell your vehicle.

Typically, leather brings a greater resale value.

Oh! And there is nothing better than the distinct rich aroma of new leather interior in a car, truck or SUV.

Yippee! Rawhide!

The downside of leather…

It requires more maintenance to keep the leather conditioned and supple. If leather seats are your choice, you should regularly clean them and put a leather conditioner on the interior so that the leather does not crack.

Another drawback is the comfort. In extreme heat, the seats can be almost too hot to handle. The opposite is also true, in extreme cold weather the seats take quite a bit of time to warm up. So with leather, prepare to have your buns toasted or frozen depending on the weather.

Also because leather seats may be slippery, take caution when entering so that you don’t find yourself under the dashboard!

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of cloth…

First, there is the affordability factor. Cloth seats will cost you less than leather and will yield a slightly lower resale value than its counterpart – leather.

With cloth, you can avoid some of the haphazard while trying to enter the car. Because cloth is a more breathable choice, it typically stays the same temperature year around. No burnt or frozen buns with cloth. As well, you have a better chance of entering the car and remaining on the seat as you round corners.

Now, the pitfalls of cloth…

Your cloth seats may not earn you the same respect you would get with leather seats. If you are looking to impress, leather would be a much better choice.

Cloth tends to get dirty easier and absorb stains more easily. Likewise odors can be easily locked into the fibers of the cloth. Smells such as pets or smoking tend to make themselves comfortable in cloth interiors. This can negatively affect your resale value as well.

Now that we have discussed some of the aspects regarding leather vs cloth seats, it is best to look at your own personal situation. Consider the use of the car, the mileage you travel each month and the ability to maintain the car’s interior. The final decision is yours.

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis – Free Tips Inside

If you are born with a small penis, chances are you will feel more insecure, conscious and somewhat envious of other males. This is a common sentiment that is shared by a lot of males around the world. Statistics show that in the United States, the number of males who are concerned about the size of their penises is increasing dramatically. As of now, it is roughly estimated that 38% of males in the U.S. are not satisfied with the size of their penises and would somehow want to increase it in some way. The figures are increasing thanks to the media being one of the most influential causes of anxiety caused by penis size.

Stereotypically, males are viewed as tough and mean, but when it comes to their sexuality and manhood, the story changes. A simple difference of as little as a quarter of an inch with their peers can really put their ego down to ashes. Because of this, a lot of males are now looking for a means to effectively increase the size of their penises by 1 to 3 inches. Typically, an average guy’s penis will measure from 5 to 7 inches respectively. It depends greatly on the guy’s genetic influences such as his race. For those males who are looking for simple ways on how to increase the size of penis, then here are a few tips that may be considered:

Try eating food rich in Omega-3 and Potassium. Salmon is a good source of Omega-3. It is an essential fatty acid that helps in keeping your heart and blood vessels at their best. It also makes the blood vessels elastic, which is excellent for maintaining proper blood flow and circulation and helps in increasing your stamina. During erection, blood flow is very crucial. Whenever a male gets sexually aroused, his penis gets engorged because blood will accumulate within its spongy tissue causing it to stiffen and grow. Potassium also helps in keeping your heart in beating in a steady rate and rhythm. It also helps in maintaining muscle tone and vascular function, which also play a big part in determining the amount of blood that will accumulate in the penis, hence its size as well.

Try doing male enhancing exercises such as stretching and jelqing. If you want fast and real results, you can try these techniques. It should be done on a regular daily basis to ensure its full effect. When you wake up in the morning, you may have noticed that you usually have an erection. This is a good sign because it stretches your penile muscles. You can try to put a gentle pulling force on your penis in a rhythmic manner to promote muscle stretching. Contracting your pubococcygeal muscles by doing as if you are holding your urine is also another way.

Try wearing loose underwear. You may opt to wear boxers instead of briefs which are tighter. Recent studies show that males who wear boxers have a slightly bigger penis than those wearing tight briefs. This is probably due to the fact that the penis hangs lower and stretches better when wearing loose underwear.

Penis Sensitivity Training – Making the Penis a Responsive Tool

Working out comes naturally to athletic men. They know that running a little bit each day could help them to prepare for a marathon, for example, or that lifting weights could help them to snap a barbell over their head when competition day arrives. Even so, men with penis sensitivity problems might feel as though there’s simply nothing that could be done about their problem. In reality, the same training techniques that apply to sports events could apply to penis responsiveness levels. Men just need to add training to their penis care routine and ensure that they’re supporting that training with the right nutrition. Here’s how men can get started.

1. Sensory Mapping

The penis has a specific number of receptors for touch and pressure, and they’re all designed to send a little signal to the brain when they’re stimulated in some way. Unfortunately, some of these receptors are stronger than others, and they tend to get a bit more attention as a result. Just as a baby screaming in a restaurant will get more attention than a child who is quietly eating ice cream, the ultra-sensitive portions of the penis tend to call out to a man and get more of his time during his self-play sessions. Touching those areas can bring him a quick release, but the rest of the penis is neglected. And honing in on the same spots day after day can cause dry skin, scar tissue and other barriers between the feeling and the touch.

Sensory mapping techniques can help. Here, a man spends time really exploring the rest of his penis using a variety of different kinds of touches. Some men use their fingers or the fingers of partners for this exercise, but others use tools such as:

  • Feathers
  • Ice cubes
  • Fur-lined sex toys
  • Grease or butter

The idea is to expose the sensory cells that run up and down the penis to a variety of different touches, with varying levels of intensity. This kind of therapy can allow the brain to develop a more complex “map” of the penis, and in time, a man may find that his brain is drawn to different areas on his penis when it’s time for self-pleasure; in some cases, and he may be able to accurately describe where he’s being touched if a partner gets into the act and a blindfold is introduced. This map could also help a man to experience more intense sexual pleasure, as all of his sensory cells will be working together.

2. Stimulating the Brain

It’s been said that the brain is the most sophisticated sexual organ, and there’s no reason for men to leave out their gray matter when they’re training for sensitivity. In fact, attaching words to the sex act may help to make the blood flow a little faster, and that added blood could allow sensory information to move from the penis to the brain with a bit more accuracy.

Some men read naughty literature aloud during their sex sessions, allowing their brains to boost their blood supply. Others use words to describe what they’re doing to their bodies, or what’s being done to them. It might sound silly, but those who have tried these techniques often report that they really do work.

3. Nourishing Good Health

Any sensitivity regimen is more likely to be successful when there’s a healthy penis involved. An organ that’s encrusted with scar tissue or shriveled up with dry skin just can’t respond, no matter what might be done to it. That’s why a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) plays such a vital role in a training program. These products can soften rough skin, allowing those dead cells to slough off, and the vitamins in these products can nourish sensory cells and allow them to fire rapidly and accurately. With the inclusion of a product like this, a man’s training is bound to be successful.

Tips to Choose the Best Engineering Service Company

The technological advancement has fascinated the entire world so much that every platform asks for engineering solutions to come out with the best designing, outsourcing and other engineering related services. However, to achieve this goal many companies are set up which provide special engineering services. These companies have wide networks and work with cross vertical domains to support their customers in most challenging and complex engineering initiatives.

While finding the best company is not an easy task, you need to consider several things and pick out the consulting company according to your requirements. Though, companies often work with a sole objective of delivering excellence, integrity, passion and the highest standards of work, it is your task to judge how successful they are in achieving that objective.

Here’s a list of the things you need to check out before picking the perfect company consulting in engineering services.

Services offered

There’s a no doubt that engineering services are expensive and the investors expect better returns out of that. However, the outputs depend on the choices you make. And to start choosing the best, the foremost thing that you shall check out is the list of services offered by the particular company.

• Mechanical engineering design and examination services which may include CAD & CAE, CFD, FEA Mold flow and a lot more on all the most recent software programs.

• The leading company shall serve in almost all the engineering related services, which will facilitate its clients in getting comprehensive services at a single place.

• Company shall serve with new product development, product engineering and design, engineering process outsourcing, manufacturing engineering, global delivery model, etc. so that you do not have to hire different companies for different projects.

• The best Engineering companies nowadays have turned much professional. They are concerned about giving the professional advice to its clients to guide and satisfy them with their services which ultimately adds to the company’s reputation.

• The company shall assist its clients in producing healthy, aesthetically appealing and functional outputs, helping its customers remain competent and flexible.

• Company shall have contact or partnership with other leading companies, which actually speaks about its reputation.

Cost effective Companies

Cost is the biggest factor that every client is concerned about while choosing any service. So, once you are aware of the services offered by different companies. Make a list and compare the services provided. After comparison, you can easily find out which company can serve you the best according to your budget.

Count the company’s experience

There’s no denial of the fact that experience is the biggest source of knowledge. So, before you make any choice, you are required to verify the company’s historical background and working experience.

On the whole, the best engineering service company understands the needs of its clients, offers them the solutions through their work experience and is best suited to cater their needs.

49 Signs Of A Cheating Partner – Read These Red Flags Now And Know If Your Partner Is A Cheater

Lately things just aren’t the same with your partner. Something seems off, and you can’t help but wonder if there’s somebody else. Suspecting your partner of cheating can be tricky. The possibility terrifies you, but you’re also afraid of being wrong and looking like a fool who has trust issues. In a situation like this, it is wise to tread carefully.

Make sure that there are legitimate reasons for suspecting your partner, and that it’s not just your insecurity that is skewing your point of view. If you do have an overwhelming feeling that there may be infidelity in your relationship then read on for common signs of cheating, and compare them with your man or lady’s behavior.

1. Change In long held beliefs: You observe a shift in your partner’s attitude about relationships or love. It may be that your man used to condemn husbands who cheat on their wives and had strong opinions about infidelity. Suddenly, they seem more lenient with their thinking.

Maybe you’re watching TV together one night and there’s news of a celebrity couple breaking up because the man cheated. You are appalled, but he might shrug and say something like “Well, if she stopped having sex with him what do you expect?”

Pay attention to changes in long held beliefs that your partner had, he or she may be altering their view to accommodate their new thinking or behavior.

2. Trading in khakis for miniskirts: If you have known your partner for a while, then you might start noticing sudden changes in the way they dress or want to look. If your lady has always been very taken with her appearance, and she buys new clothes or changes her hair, it may not be a cause for alarm. However, if she used to dress like a frumpy grandmother to work and she’s suddenly wearing miniskirts and high heels, then you may have a problem.

3. Newfound body image issues: A sudden and unjustified change in body image is another major infidelity sign. If your partner has taken the decision to be thinner or more muscular for health reasons or has always been fit there’s probably no reason to doubt anything.

However, if your couch potato husband is not really concerned with his health, but suddenly starts spending hours in the gym because he is now obsessed with getting rid of his belly fat, then take a closer look. Also, if he refuses that you accompany him to the gym, or is presenting otherwise sketchy behavior regarding his body, he may be straying.

4. I want to be alone: Your partner suddenly wants to spend a lot of time on their own. The need for space is a major sign that something is going on especially if this request comes out of nowhere and with no valid explanation.

If you two had a fight and he or she is still resentful, then the need for space can be somewhat understood. However, if your relationship is stable and things are going great, and your partner suddenly wants to be alone, there might be someone else filling that void.

5. Picking fights: The man or woman in your life might also not only demand more space but do everything possible to create more of it. He or she might pick fights for no reason, and may make an issue of every little thing to create an illusion that you’re not getting along.

They do this to legitimize their wrongdoings and to feel less guilty. The way they figure is this; since you’re both always fighting, you are the unreasonable one and you are pushing them into another person’s arms.

6. Storming out of the house: On a related note, if your man or woman storms out after a “fight” because they just can’t take it anymore and say that they need some time to think, they may be using it as an opportunity to meet up with the other person. This technique has two major benefits.

First, it gives him or her more time on their own to cheat. Second, they can use the fights as a lever to gain the sympathy of the other person who they are cheating with. They want the other man or woman to stay in the deceitful relationship.

So they complain about their partner to demonstrate that they are being driven to cheat and so it isn’t their fault. So if every time you fight with your partner, he or she storms out there may be a good reason why.

7. Reverse psychology: When someone is cheating, he or she becomes a master manipulator. If you start noticing that your once earnest and direct partner is using reverse psychology and other weird techniques that they didn’t use before, then know that something is up. If he or she always makes it seem that you’re the one in the wrong no matter what happens. He or she may have something to hide.

8. On the defensive: If your man or lady has suddenly become overly defensive and can’t take any type of criticism, then you need to take a good look at what’s going on. If you ask him about a lady co-worker and he starts a fight, or he becomes furious after you ask him why he didn’t call if he was going to be late for dinner, there’s something there.

Ask your partner about it, maybe there’s a good reason for this newly found oversensitivity and short temper. A stressful work week or family problems may be to blame for this change in behavior.

9. Lying through their teeth: Cheating always involves lying. If you keep catching your partner in little lies, then something is up. If he said he was working late the night before at the office, then says that he was out with his boss having drinks another time, beware he may be cheating. If the little things he or she says just don’t add up, then ask them about it. If they avoid confronting the issue, you can be sure that there’s something going on that shouldn’t be.

10. Going the distance: If your partner is cheating, then he or she may deal by becoming more distant. He will avoid talking about serious subjects and only engage in small talk. He may avoid getting into conversations about your finances, work, and children if you have them or any future plans. He or she will always seem to have something on their mind and you can’t seem to connect with them on a deeper level like you used to.

11. Emotional detachment: Your partner might also disengage emotionally from your relationship. Your man used to be extremely affectionate and loving, but now you can’t get an “I love you” out of him. There might be something wrong. You’ll want to ask him why he has become emotionally detached.

He might be upset with you over something you did and is acting out, so talking about it is very important. If he just shrugs or refuses to even acknowledge his behavior or even blames you for being paranoid, something deeper might be festering under his aloof exterior and you need to be careful.

12. Loves being out alone, hates staying in with you: Does your partner seem upbeat when he or she gets home or when they are getting ready to go out, but seems gloomy while he or she is spending time with you? If you don’t have any problems in your relationship that may be causing this change in behavior, then it might be that your partner is excited about something going on outside the home, something like a juicy affair.

13. Affection overload: Some other cheaters act in an entirely different manner due to overwhelming feelings of guilt. They will shower their partners with affection, gifts and caring words. They might be even more romantic than usual and more attentive.

If this shift is sudden and you cannot find a logical or even an illogical explanation for it, then ask your partner what brought this on, they may be able to reassure you and give you a valid explanation. If you still can’t understand this behavior, it might be that your partner is cheating and using this as a decoy so you won’t suspect anything.

14. Chatter away: On a related note, if your usually silent partner suddenly becomes a chatterbox, then beware. Sometimes people who lie tend to over talk or give more information than was asked for to cover up other things. Observe this new behavior for a while, and bring it up to them if it bothers you.

15. Working a lot of overtime: One of the most obvious cheating signs is your partner keeps working overtime when this was never the case before. He or she suddenly becomes the most valuable and hardest working employee in their company.

This doesn’t always mean that your partner is cheating on you; there might be a special project that needs to be done before a certain deadline or it’s the end of the year and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. However, if your partner seems to be the only one working overtime, and other employees don’t seem to know anything about it, then there might be something fishy going on.

16. Do not enter-work zone: If your partner used to involve you in his or her work life. Telling you all about work, inviting you to company events like picnics, having you over to meet them for lunch but suddenly starts cutting you off, something might not be right.

Maybe he or she doesn’t want you around their workplace because there’s someone they don’t want you to know about or there is something that they are hiding like all those extra projects they were working on late were fictional. If you do see any of your partner’s co-workers, they may act very uncomfortable in your presence. If there is no valid explanation for this, something might be going on behind your back.

17. Buddies no more: Similarly, if your man used to invite his buddies over for Sunday night football or Thursday night Basketball every week, and suddenly stops having them over, it may be because he is afraid that they will spill his secret or not corroborate his stories.

If he starts meeting with them outside more and more, he may also be using them as his alibi for getting out of the house. He may be keeping you apart from them because he’s afraid that they might accidently or intentionally divulge his secret.

18. Awkward friend situation: Also it may be that your man or lady’s friends keep avoiding you even though you all used to be very close. Your girlfriend or wife’s friends might do everything in their power to not see you because they can’t face you if they know of their friend’s cheating.

They might also be afraid of saying anything that would compromise your relationship and most people do not want to be a part of that. So they might avoid you all together so as not to find themselves in an awkward situation.

19. Bye Bye old interests: If your partner suddenly loses interest in activities which he used to love, then there might be something weird going on. If your man, out of the blue, starts to hate playing sports when he used to live and breathe soccer, or he stops spending his free time gardening on the weekends, then there might someone else in his life that is bringing on those changes.

20. Marriage blues: If you are married, and you notice that your husband or wife starts acting hostile or bored towards you, your children or your home life in general, there might be something fishy going on. He or she might start making references to how they misses being single or how hard it is to be married.

He or she might get rid of your children’s toys in the car or anything that demonstrates that they have a family. They may be cheating with someone and are lying to them about being married with children, and so they suddenly start rejecting their marital status.

21. Beware of the Lazy pants: If your spouse used to be active around the house doing laundry, feeding the kids, mowing the lawn, and suddenly starts becoming lazy and uncooperative, he or she may be feeling negatively towards the very notion of being married and sharing your home.

They don’t even want to try anymore, and this includes doing chores, planning family outings and vacations. They might not even want to attend important events such as holidays, anniversaries or birthday parties. This is especially suspicious if they never really had any issue with doing these things before.

22. Strange outings: Another sign that your partner may be straying is that he or she begins to go out to new places at strange times, and never has a convincing answer as to why this is. He used to hate food shopping, suddenly he insists on doing the weekly grocery shopping, and doesn’t want you to come along.

She used to deeply despise anything arty, and out of the blue, one Saturday has an outing to go to an art museum with friends. You know your partner inside and out, so if you notice changes in their favorite activities with no valid explanation, something is up.

23. Sneaking out like a teenager: If your partner is sneaking out, then he or she may have something to hide. The reason they may be going out behind your back is usually to avoid scrutinizing questions and wants to avoid lying to you. If he or she has nothing to hide then letting you know that they are on their way out shouldn’t be such a secretive matter, so beware of increased sneakiness and secrecy.

24. Is your partner an undercover agent?: You may find out that your partner has a new means of communication that you don’t know about. This includes a new e-mail address, a Facebook account under a pseudonym or nickname, a new cell phone and phone number. All of these are big red flags that you should immediately take notice of.

25. Financial infidelity: Another major sign of cheating is the odd use of money and/or credit cards. If you are used to sharing financial data between you and your partner, and he or she suddenly starts hiding credit card statements or disabling your access to an online checking account to hide cash withdrawals or other new spending habits, something weird is going on.

26. Is this my partner talking?: If your partner is having an affair, then he or she might start using different language than he used to. This includes telling more or less jokes, or using certain catch phrases. He or she may even adopt a certain way of talking or an accent that is inspired by someone else.

We tend to emulate people that we like and hang around with often. So if this is happening in your relationship, pay attention and ask your partner about it.

27. Your partner becomes jumpy and frazzled: Your man or lady might easily get disturbed or confused by mundane things. If you do something nice for him or her, they act strange. This is because they want to vilify you to justify their wrongdoing, and your nice behavior catches them off guard.

They might act disoriented and jumpy for no apparent reason. This can be a cheating sign because your partner is trying to sort out his or her feelings about your relationship but also the affair, and is likely to present erratic and unstable behavior as a result.

28. Country music anyone?: If your partner suddenly starts developing new taste in music or in food, then you might want to question him or her about it. It may be that they are dating someone who is fond of a certain cuisine or music, and they are beginning to take a liking to it. Developing new tastes out of the blue can be a revealing sign that your partner has found someone new to be devoted to.

29. What’s up with the Brazilian?: Another infidelity sign is a sudden change in personal hygiene and body grooming habits. If your man used to shower every morning and is suddenly taking several showers a day for no apparent reason, there might be something going on.

If your lady didn’t used to pay attention to her private parts being groomed, and begins getting Brazilian bikini waxes, she might be trying to impress someone else. He or she may also buy new underwear and use it, or may start putting on a lot of perfume or after shave. Pay attention to these little details if you suspect your partner of cheating.

30. Condoms away!: Another sign that there might be a sexual affair going is the increased use of contraceptive methods. Is she on the pill when you have gotten a vasectomy? Is he carrying out condoms when you are on the pill and haven’t used condoms since high school? If there is no valid explanation for this behavior, then this is a big red flag that your partner may be cheating.

31. Blue pill wonders: Another sign of cheating is that your partner is suddenly interested in purchasing medication for sexual performance. He may get erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra. She might order breast enlargement herbal supplements or lubricant for herself. This is especially suspicious if it is done secretively through online ordering or he or she hides the objects once they arrive or takes them in secret.

32. The answer lies in clothes: There may be unexplained stains, smells or rips on your partner’s clothing. This may include the clich├ęd lipstick smudge on your man’s shirt, but also other types of stains and smells that just aren’t typical of your partner’s clothes. This can also lead to suddenly excessive laundry washing at weird hours of the day or night, unexplained purchasing of new clothes, or finding clothes in the trash can that your partner may have thrown away to hide evidence.

33. Knock knock, is anyone in there?: Your partner may be caught daydreaming or checked out at many times during the day, and doesn’t tell you what they’re thinking about and is unwilling to interact. He or she seems to be in another world, but denies it and can’t seem to be bothered to engage in activities with you. Your partner may just be absorbed by work or something else might be bothering them.

34. Are you more likely to reach President Obama on the phone than your partner?: Your partner suddenly becomes impossible to reach. When you call the office, they are always at a meeting or on another call with an important client. Their cell phone is turned off on more than one occasion, and the cell phone reception in their building is suddenly the “worst.” Your partner may not call you back right away, or claims to not have received your calls or listened to your messages.

Their assistant or receptionist is all of the sudden the most incompetent person on earth. In short, the fact that they have become inaccessible is everyone else’s fault but their own. All the flimsy excuses in the world cannot hide the fact that there is something sketchy going on in your partner’s life.

35. No, it’s mine!: With the advent of new technologies, there is a multitude of ways one can keep in touch with someone else. If you and your partner used to share phones and laptops, and keep them on in each other’s presence and this suddenly changes, there is a reason for that. You used to look at your man’s cell phone, read his text messages and he never even flinched.

All of the sudden, his phone has become so precious to him that he eve takes it into the bathroom. If you take a look at it, he accuses you of snooping. His laptop, which used to be your computer as well, suddenly has password protection. All of these are telltale signs that he might have something to hide.

36. Delete all: If he still allows you to touch or use his or her phone, or laptop, you find that he or she always makes sure that browser history and cookies are deleted, that their contact list is cleaned up, and incoming e-mails erased.

Maybe they’re just embarrassed of some pages they visited, but more likely, he or she may be hiding their online contact with a lover. Similarly, if his or her phone’s message list or call log is always empty, they just might be hiding something or someone from you. Look into this.

37. He or she becomes a night owl: Your partner might spend a lot of time on their computers especially late at night and after you go to bed. Sure, your man might be a porn addict, but he may also be contacting another woman.

On a related note, your partner might start talking more and more on their cell phones, and racking up huge bills. To sum it up, if there is a sudden, unexplained change in telephone or computer usage with your partner, there may be something strange going on.

38. Your opinion and advice don’t matter anymore: Another sign that your partner might be infidel is he or she stops seeking out your advice or your opinion about major decisions in their lives. They might make irresponsible big purchases or act impulsively without talking with you first. Maybe he went and spent all of his savings on a boat that you never knew about.

Maybe she decided to put up your house on the market without consulting you first. They may have quit their jobs and not even told you about it. This type of rash behavior is typical of a cheater who just doesn’t care about planning your future together anymore and doesn’t even care to ask what you think beforehand.

39. Your partner becomes a world champion nagger: A cheating partner may begin to constantly complain about you or your relationship and how unhappy he or she is. They may be overly critical of you, and suggest that things aren’t working out. He or she may pick more fights to prove this point and makes no effort to make things work. At this point, your partner may be having an affair but also thinking of ending your relationship.

Now, if you do have genuine problems between you that you are working on, then there is probably nothing to worry about. However, if everything is going fine in your relationship and you do get along; your partner may be fabricating a broken relationship to justify not only his or her cheating, but also their leaving.

40. Sex? No thanks: If your partner is cheating on you, he may suddenly lose interest in having sex with you. Even if he or she does, they’ll just go through the motions, with no shared feelings or emotions. If it’s there any sex at all, it becomes just physical. If your partner has always been a passionate lover and suddenly becomes detached or cold in lovemaking for no good reason, there may be somebody else.

41. Who are you and what have you done with my wife?: If on the other hand, your man or lady usually is usually more reserved and subdued in bed, and suddenly becomes an extremely attentive and passionate lover with exaggerated displays of affection, they may be overcompensating to deal with their feelings of guilt.

They may suggest you try new things in bed and become more adventurous. Ask them where they got this newfound fervor, and if there’s a valid explanation, then just enjoy. Otherwise stay alert. This change in sexual behavior might be a result of infidelity.

42. Extreme changes in feelings and behavior: Your partner may at times be very sexually engaged and at other times be completely withdrawn. Sometimes they shower you with affection, and other times they hardy want to talk to you and seem to avoid you.

Although, there may be good explanations for this type of unpredictable and erratic behavior, it is something to watch out for, especially if your partner used to be fairly consistent. It may be that they are cheating and are confused about their affair, thus taking out their mixed feelings on you.

43. He or she has become a complete downer: Has your partner been generally unsatisfied with their life lately even though they used to be happy? Is he or she much more negative than they used to be? This may be due to an exciting affair that they are having which has demonstrated to them how mundane their current life is. Have they become confused about their own sense of self? Maybe there is someone new in your partner’s life who is calling into question their identity and who they are.

44. Bungee jumping, here I come: On a related note, is your partner suddenly a thrill seeker when you could never even get them to go on a child’s water slide ride at your local amusement park? Does he suddenly want to get a motorcycle or a tattoo and signs up for mountain climbing classes? Of course, this might just be a mid-life crisis talking.

However, there’s always the possibility that there is someone else, perhaps somebody younger in your partner’s life that is instigating this transformation and inspiring this new attitude.

45. Low self-esteem: Another sign that your partner may be cheating is that he or she has increasingly low self esteem. This means that your partner is vulnerable and can fall prey to cheating because he or she cannot make themselves feel secure and worthy. If they believe that you are not providing them with enough approval or love and just aren’t getting satisfaction from their job, they might go to someone else from whom they can obtain the desired feelings of security and self worth.

Of course this doesn’t mean that if your partner cheats, this is your fault; your partner should have come to you first to resolve his or her issues, and low self esteem is no excuse for bad behavior.

46. Gonorrhea, herpes anyone?: A concrete sign that your partner may be straying is you have proof that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and it wasn’t from you. Maybe you got a call from your husband’s physician, or intercepted an email, or found lab results by mistake. You may even have seen the actual STD on your partner’s body.

If this is the case and he or she has only gotten the disease recently, then your partner is not only straying but might even have contaminated you. So get yourself checked. If you have also gotten the STD and you have not engaged in sexual relations with a new partner, then this only serves to confirm your suspicions that your partner has been cheating on you.

47. The “friend” you never got to meet: A tangible sign of cheating is that someone new suddenly starts taking up your partner’s time and attention. Whether it’s a co-worker, a gym partner, or a friend from way back, this person seems to come out of the blue and he or she starts coming up in conversations and in future plans all the time.

Your partner brings up this mysterious friend in random conversation and they always seem to be at the right place at the right time and at social gatherings you weren’t attending. Although it is healthy to seek out new friendships, it is a big red flag if your partner refuses to introduce you to this new friend and wants to keep him or her under wraps.

48. I’m a cheater? No you’re the cheater, you cheater: A telltale sign that your partner might be cheating is that they turn around and accuse you of straying when you have given them no reason to doubt you. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they’re just jealous or are feeling insecure in the relationship. However, if you have reassured them of your unconditional love and have done more than enough to placate their anxiety, and they’re still accusing you left and right, something is definitely wrong.

The reason they may be doing this if they’re cheating is to deflect attention from their own behavior. They may also genuinely believe that you’re cheating because they become paranoid and start imagining their own deceptive tactics everywhere. Don’t fall into this trap, and don’t start accusing them of cheating either, look out for other signs to be sure.

49. Follow your gut: The biggest sign that your partner may be cheating is that there is something deep inside of you that is making you doubt him or her in the first place. Think about it; you know your partner better than anyone. Their habits, actions and behaviors are hardwired into your brain, and so if you feel it in your gut that there’s something wrong, then follow your instincts. It might turn out to be true.

Mountaineering Boots – A Revolution in Progress

A few decades ago frost-bitten toes were considered an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of mountaineering. If you climbed enough you were bound to have a couple go numb or worse. This is no longer the case. A revolution in mountaineering boots has produced footwear that can stay dry even after days of trudging through snow and that can keep your feet warm even in the icy cold of high-altitude peaks. And the revolution is still continuing. New materials and insulation are leading to boots that are lighter, warmer and safer than ever.

A brief history of mountain footwear would have to go all the way back to 3,300 BC and Otzi, the iceman whose body was found in a glacier between Austria and Italy. Otzi’s shoes were waterproof and insulated to allow him to walk across the snow. In more recent years leather boots came to dominate mountaineering. These were often made of double layers to help insulate toes and the leather would have been impregnated and treated to help keep water out. But even the best leather mountaineering boots will wet through after a few days on the snow. And wet boots means cold feet and the risk of frostbite.

The more recent innovations have been in plastic double mountaineering boots. One of the most famous of these was the Scarpa Vega (in America it is known as the Scarpa Inferno). This boot is made of thick waterproof plastic on the outside and it has a thick foam inner boot for insulation. The Scarpa Vega was revolutionary for its time and for years dominated the field. This Scarpa boot has probably been to the summit of more high peaks than any other boot in history. Yet even this has been surpassed and Scarpa now recommends this boot for low 8000m peaks with over-gaiters and suggests it only be used to temperatures of -30 C (with special high altitude inner booties). But this is a clumsy and uncomfortable boot to wear and is not loved much.

The boots that have surpassed it include the Scarpa Omega which is much more nimble and offers almost the same degree of insulation. Even warmer boots include Scarpa’s Phantom 8000, which is light and warm and rated down to minus 40 C. Another is made by the rival firm La Sportiva. Its Olympus Mons Evo boot is also super warm and light. These advances in mountaineering boots mean that the risk of losing a toe or two while on high mountains is significantly reduced.

Protein – Essential Component of Any Healthy Diet

It is so important that we all eat healthy diets, not only to feel good, but to look great as well. When we are not eating healthy, we do not look healthy. Our hair and skin look dull, our fingernails are brittle and our eyes look tired and lifeless. But when we are getting all of the nutrients we need in our diet, it really does show and you will not only look better, but you will feel a whole lot better too. There are three macronutrients that we all need in our diets in order to be healthy and actually, to survive. These macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and even with all the bad things we hear about fat and carbohydrates, there are good ones and they are both necessary components of a healthy diet.

What Is Protein?

Protein is an essential macronutrient and one that need to be a part of every healthy diet. Protein is necessary for the growth and maintenance of our muscles and provides much of the energy that we need to get through our daily activities. Protein is made from chains of amino acids, of which there are two types: essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids are necessary to have in our systems and our bodies are not able to produce them. So, we must get the essential amino acids from dietary sources and there are all kinds that are great for any diet, including low calorie diets that are meant for weight loss.

There are eight essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, methionine, and phenylalanine. Non-essential amino acids are those that the body is able to produce, therefore it is not necessary to get them from dietary sources. There are 14 non-essential amino acids in proteins: alanine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine, cystine, proline, serine, taurine, glutamine, tyrosine, ornathine, glutamic acid, and glycene.

There are two types of protein, complete and incomplete. Complete proteins are proteins that contain all 22 of the essential and non-essential amino acids and can be found in all animal-based proteins, as well as soy. Incomplete proteins, which is what you will find with all plant-based proteins (except soy) do not contain all of the amino acids and in order to make sure that you get them all, you must eat a variety of the foods that contain some or most of the essential and non-essential amino acids.

Getting Enough Protein in Your Diet

If you have decided to add protein and other nutrients to your diet, it is important that you get your nutrients from the right diet sources. There are all kinds of things you can eat that may have some nutrients, but they are not always good for you. This is why you really need to do your research and learn which foods are best for the type of diet you wish to follow, no matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just want to feel healthy and look great.

There are many good dietary sources of protein that are great for any diet, and if you eat the right protein rich snacks between meals, you will feel fuller and not feel the urge to snack on unhealthy treats. Of course, it is alright to have a treat now and again, as long as you are making sure that all of your nutritional needs are being met each and every day. There are two dietary sources of protein, animal and plant. All animal-based proteins are complete proteins and there are many that are not only diet friendly, but are extremely delicious too. A healthy diet can include lean red meats, white meat poultry (breast meat), fish, low-fat dairy products, and eggs.

You can also get plenty of protein from plant-based proteins, although because they are incomplete, they need to be eaten in combination to get all of the proper nutrients. Some really healthy plant-based proteins you can add to your diet, even a weight loss diet, include whole grain bread and pastas, brown rice, nuts and seeds (unsalted), potatoes, broccoli, avocados, and much more.

What to Do When Your Diet Is Just Not Enough

There are going to be times in your life when you just can not get all of the nutrients you need from your diet. Sometimes, you are just far too busy to cook a meal, let alone sit down and eat it. Then of course there are times when you decide to stop and get take-out food and you definitely are not getting the nutrients you need with this kind of food. If you have kids who are fussy eaters, they may not be getting all of the nutrients that are vital to their growth and good health. So, with all of these things standing in your way, how can you be sure that you are always getting enough protein, as well as other nutrients and vitamins, in your diet every day? Supplements. There are all sorts of protein supplements available that will provide what you are missing in your diet. The key thing to remember is that they are not to be used all the time and you do have to make sure that you are eating some healthy food as well.

When you do decide to use protein supplements in your diet, you have a number of options to choose from. There are many different types of protein supplements, made from many different types of protein sources. Whey is a really popular protein supplement, for a number of reasons. It works quickly and is easy to digest, and it is one of the most inexpensive forms of protein supplements. Rice is another popular source of protein for supplements, because it is so easy to digest. Rice protein is hypoallergenic, so it is ideal for those who have food allergies or intolerances. Soy is another popular form of protein and is the only plant-based protein that is complete. One drawback to soy is that some people find it difficult to digest.