Stairlift Accessories – 5 Accessories That Will Make Your Stair Climber Ride More Comfortable

When you are thinking of buying a stairlift, or a stair climber, there must be a good reason for it. Either your strength has been reduced or you have been injured so it is not easy for you to walk up and down the stairs. A home stairlift brings you back the ability to travel between floors effortlessly. You will be able to enjoy your home and your living there again fully.

Additionally, the stairlift accessories might be something to look into. They could further assist you in accomplishing the daily tasks in your home and conserve your energy further.

You will find five stairlift accessories reviews here: Newspaper holders, Grocery carriers, Hinged rails, Sit and stand or perch frame, and Weather tight seat and unit cover.

Newspaper holders

You want to keep your hands free while riding the stair lift. It is just safer that way. Many stair lifts offer attachments, or add ons such as a newspaper holder.

Grocery cariers

Some stair lifts offer a large, metal basket as a side attachment to the chair, with several dozens of pounds carrying capacity. Such baskets are perfect for carrying groceries and other heavier items with you. Again, you will be able to keep your hands free while in transport.

Hinged rails

Sometimes it is necessary for the rail to extend into the hallway, or over and across a door. This is not desirable as it hinders the traffic through the hallway or through that door. So a hinged end-rails can be implemented. The hinged end-rails will rotate along the hinge back onto the rest of the rail, removing themselves as an obstacle in the hallway or at the door. The rails can be hinged for as long as the stairlift is not in use.

For added convenience, motorized hinged rails are available. The electric motors will help you with extending and retracting the hinged rail as needed.

Sit and stand, or perch frame

This is another very useful accessory for some people. If you are hard of sitting, or if you are having trouble bending your knees to sit properly, a sit and stand or a perch frame is very helpful. It enables you to stand or perch instead of sitting when necessary. The frame consists of a bar that you can hold on to during the ride, and an additional safety rail that you can also use. Another use for the standing or perching frame is when the stairs prove too narrow to be able to sit in the chair lift comfortably.

Weather tight seat and unit cover

The weather tight seat and unit cover mostly makes sense for outdoor stairlift only. It prevents rain, dirt and sand, and wind to affect your unit and reduce its life span. There is no covers available for the rail so to keep it in good shape, frequent vacuuming or sweeping is recommended.

Don’t You Deserve the Best Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are an effective, easier to use than ever before, and a more comfortable seating option for people experiencing conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, or knee, hip, shoulder, joint problems and old age. Apart from that, lift chairs even offer considerable benefit to patients with stroke or those who are recuperating from a surgery. As a result of these benefits, more and more people are now planning to buy a lift chair. Golden lift chairs have many different models and prices to choose from. Choosing an appropriate one for you has never been easier.

Below are some factors to consider before purchasing your Golden lift chair.

1. Style and Color: There are different styles to select from in lift chairs. While some of them resemble accent chairs, others look like sofas and recliners. There are also lift chairs available that appear as a bed when extended out. Select the one base on your requirements. Presence of a lift chair inside the house can add spice to your home décor…just as any other quality piece of furniture would. So, just like choosing any other color of furniture, the color of the lift chair should be selected in such a way that it aptly complements the interiors of the house rather than looking odd. Usually, a neutral brown works well with most any home interior.

2. Dimensions: This includes the size and height of the lift chair. Dimensions of the lift chair should be determined depending on the weight and how tall you are. Some are available to have the height adjustment option.

3. Weight capacity of the chair: This is another aspect that is entirely dependent on if you or someone else will be using the chair. To be precise, the Golden lift chair being purchased should be strong enough for your weight (approximately) sitting or reclining in it. There are different models available from Golden Technologies depending on the weight capacities that each one can withstand.

4. Power source: Depending on this factor, there are two different varieties of lift chairs. While in one variety power is supplied by battery packs (rare), in another conventional power supply is required where users are required to plug the cord into the socket. Both the options are good. However, in case of heavy duty lift chairs, dual motors are used in order to support weight of the user. These chairs can withstand weight up to 700 pounds. Where batteries do come in play with today’s quality Golden Tech recliners are having a battery backup. The battery backup allows you to get up in the home electricity should fail. An important consideration if your movement is limited.

5. Accessories: At present, Golden is offering a variety of accessories along with their recliners. You now have the option of getting it fitted with devices such as head and lumbar pillow, massage and heat option for additional comfort, left or right hand controls for convenience and side pockets for easier accessibility. Plus, many other available available accessories.

How to Eat Pizza While on a Food Plan

One way to kill your weight loss progress is falling back into old habits, like ordering up a nice gooey pizza.

Back when I was Long Island Fatz, pizza was one of my weaknesses. In fact, I could do a whole pie by myself, which used to give me a kind of perverse pleasure. (No pie can defeat me!)

Never being able to eat pizza can be very discouraging. So I had to get creative and get still my fix, but in a healthy way. Portion control is the key here. You don’t want to order out, if you can help it, because the usual commercial pies are really not healthy and there is no such thing as a small pizza (at least not by delivery).

Here’s the recipe for a veggie pizza that I came up with.

Skinny Veggie Pizza

1 6 inch whole wheat pita bread

2 Tbsp pasta sauce of your choice

1/4 cup grated mozzarella cheese

1/4 cup sliced cooked mushrooms

1/4 cups chopped broccoli florets

1/4 cup diced green pepper

1/4 cup diced yellow pepper

2 Tbsp diced onion

Fresh basil leaves

1 Tbsp grated fresh Parmesan

Saute the vegetables for a couple of minutes in a Tsp of olive oil. Drain and set aside.

Warm the pita bread in a 425 degree oven for 2-3 minutes, then remove. Spread pasta sauce over the pita, then top with the vegetables and cheese. Bake for 6-8 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven. Tear a few basil leaves and sprinkle over the top, then add the Parmesan.

Here’s another.

Green Pizza

1 6 inch whole wheat pita bread

2 Tbsp Pesto

1 Tbsp crisp bacon chopped

1/4 cup avocado diced

1/4 cup diced tomato

3 ounces shredded mozzarella

Basil leaves

1 Tsp grated Parmesan

Heat the pita in a 425 degree oven for 2-3 minutes, then remove. Spread the pesto over the bread. Sprinkle on the bacon, avocado, and tomato. Top with the mozzarella, and bake 6-8 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven. Tear a few basil leaves and top the pizza with the basil and grated Parmesan.

There you go, perfectly good food and certainly better than anything that comes in a box. The real key here is the size of the portion. You’ll feel full, satisfied and won’t need a nap. And you won’t have to loosen your belt to get it down.

Hey…did you see where Steven Hawking (eminent brilliant British astro-physicist) says you shouldn’t talk to aliens, because they could be hostile? First we have terrorists and now we have to worry about aliens, who might want to colonize us?

Some Great Hospitals in Rome

Italy is an independent nation in southern Europe. Extending from the Alps to the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the nation is a boot shaped peninsula. Italy has been historically important since Roman times and millions of tourists are attracted each year to its art filled cities and ancient treasures. Healthcare in Italy is well-developed in its urban areas, though rural areas experience a shortage of medical facilities. Overall, Italy will soon become a name to be reckoned with in the field of medical services.

Rome is the capital of Italy and the seat of the supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. Rome is also the seat of a thriving film industry. The city has taken ample care to develop its medical framework to serve its residents as well as the tourists. The facilities are decent and tourists will not be left hanging in case of a medical emergency while on tour in Rome.

Most hospitals are private, but this does not necessarily mean that they offer better treatment than the public hospitals. The private are hugely comfortable, charge high rates and offer great quality beds and food compared to their public counterparts. In case you are an out-of-country visitor, it is advised that you approach the emergency wards of any hospital. You may also call the emergency services so that they can come for you in an ambulance at any hour of the day or night.

Some pharmacies stay open twenty-four hours while others have limited times of business. The pharmacies give out over the counter drugs or pills without much hassle, though it is advisable that you carry your medical history records or prescriptions with you, just as a precaution. Most hospitals have doctors and staff members who are fluent in English. The facilities are maintained according to high standards. The hospital food is of good quality and basically bread-based which appeals to American visitors.

Another appealing fact about the hospitals in Rome is that they charge very reasonable rates when compared to many facilities in US or Great Britain. The doctors and nurses are caring and will not release you till they can rest assured that you are one hundred percent all-right. Armed with the latest equipment and cutting edge medical technology, the best hospitals in Rome are Salvator Mundi International Hospital, the Rome American Hospital, Aurelia Hospital, Aventino Medical Group, Flaminio Health Center Grimaldi Medical Group, Studio Medico Internazionale, and International Medical Center. All of these hospitals also have English-speaking employees.

The Rome American Hospital: This is the most well-known hospital that Rome has to offer. The Rome American Hospital’s motto is the “Patient comes first”. Over 250 professional doctors, trained nurses manage this hospital that houses well-managed labs. It has 150 general beds and an extra 10 beds in the intensive care unit section. The Rome American hospital is most definitely the best in the business.

Aventino Medical Group: This group is a leading medical service provider. Its hospitals are all modern with quality equipment. The physicians and staff members are well-trained and dedicated to their trade. The hospital offers a number of specialties in the medical sector.

Aurelia Hospital: The Aurelia Hospital is another leading hospital in Rome that has been offering quality service for many years. It has an English-speaking staff and the doctors are trained to work according to international standards. With high quality facilities and a high-end campus, the Aurelia hospital is one center that tourists prefer.

Review of Secrets of Millionaire Investor Book by Adam Khoo & Conrad Alvin Lim

Before this book, I had no idea about what were the true techniques to invest in the stock market. When I saw this book on the shelve of bookshops, I immediately turn its pages to check it's content and was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail and coverage of investing in the stock market. Impressed with what I read, I bought it without hesitation.

After reading this book and applying some of the lessons taught, I can say that I am a better investor in the stock market now. Before, I was only a rookie. I will explain to you why.

This book teachers both the fundamental aspects of selecting stocks which Adam will show you. The technical aspects to trading is illustrated by Conrad who traded his way way out of bankruptcy using very good strategies. He easily makes US $ 5000-US $ 7000 a month trading stocks and options. That can replace anyone's salary anytime, will not you agree? His record is US $ 22k ++ in a single month.

One of the important concepts stated early in the book is to invest in the stock market and use the power of compounding. You can be an automatic millionaire by the time you retire using this technique. All you need is patience and some consistency in investing. This was how Warren Buffet became the richest man by investing in the US market and let his investment returns compound.

The rest of the book explains four strategies to grow your funds in the stock market depending on which level of an investor you are currently at with the returns and time horizon you are looking at.

The first growth strategy is the most basic level for novice investors which teachers you to achieve compounded returns of 10% -12.08% annually by buying the market or buying sectors or industries that are outperforming.

The second growth strategy shows you about value investing which can achieve you an annual return of 15% -25%. This method requires you to buy great companies at huge discount and sell them for a huge profit. Warren Buffet uses value investing to pick his stocks. You will learn the nine criteria of value investing to pick stocks that investors like Warren Buffet or George Soros would.

The third growth strategy explains to you about momentum investing which you can achieve a higher return of more than 25% at a shorter time like 3 to 6 months. This involves picking stocks that are about to increase in price significantly due to market optimism. Adam shows you seven steps to screen for this kind of stocks.

The last growth strategy is the most advanced of all, which allows you to net a handsome 100% -500% returns in one day to 3 months. This strategy involves the buying and selling of stock options which is trading. Trading allows you to make money in any direction, be it up, down or sideways. The authors have dedicated 2 chapters to explain the fundamentals of options and clearly illustrated with examples on a few commonly used strategies for reader.

I enjoyed this book very much as it was clearly written and provided a practical approach to investing and trading. This book has given me a good foundation as a beginner to prepare me for more advance strategies and implementation. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start investing or trade in any stock market and does not know how to start.

Belly Dancing for Fun and Physical Fitness

Belly dancing students have a lot of fun learning the movements of this beautiful art form of dancing. It is a fun discipline because both students and dancers enjoy this form of freelance dancing. This dance is unlike repetitive exercises which are boring and make you feel that you are laboring grudgingly.

The dancer stretches, tightens and releases, flexes and contracts, and vibrates muscle tissues in order to accomplish the various movements from selected areas of the body. While interpreting the rhythms she is burning body fat. toning muscles, and redistributing the body’s appearance for a personalized physical fitness. There is so much fun having the body freely move and respond to the exotic music that a person wants to keep dancing.

Exercising to music or dancing is appealing because physical, mental, and psychological satisfaction can be gained by marking time with your favorite rhythms. The proof of one’s accomplishment is reflected in the mirror. Wearing a beautiful costume which enhances your figure is an added boost to making a woman feel beautiful.

Muscle strength enables a dancer to complete twenty and thirty minute dance sets. Her legs, arms, body torso, and head are in constant movement which keeps her smiling and happy with not a care in the world while dancing.

Benefits of muscle strength:

1. The walking, skipping, sliding and shuffling movements offer bone strengthening for feet, ankles, and legs.

2. Shoulder, chest, and arm movement strengthen bones of the upper spine.

3. Abdominal movements condition the center area of the spine

4. Pelvic tucks and other similar movements strengthen the muscles of the lower spine.

5. Strengthening the spinal muscles affords flexibility and corrects spinal alignment ensuring good posture.

6. Working the muscles helps to burn fat resulting in a lean and toned body.

Another fun part of belly dancing for physical fitness is wearing parts of the costume. By wearing the bra, belt, hip scarf, a pair of harem pants or a skirt, it will make you feel beautiful as the movements are being performed. However, the major reason for wearing these items as practice garments is to be able to see and correct dance movements.

Practicing these belly dancing movements will require focusing and viewing feedback from a mirror helps to confirm the accuracy of the movements. However, the benefits of losing weight and toning the body without boring repetitive labored exercises are a welcome surprise when dancing your way to physical fitness.

Europe's New Jews

They inhabit self-imposed ghettoes, subject to derision and worse, the perennial targets of far-right thugs and populist politicians of all persuasions. They are mostly bound to menial jobs. They are accused of spreading crime, terrorism and disease, of being backward and violent, of refusing to fit in.

Their religion, atavistic and rigid, insists on ritual slaughter and male circumcision. They rarely mingle socially or inter-marry. Most of them – although born in European countries – are not allowed to vote. Brown-skinned and with a marked foreign accent, they are subject to police profiling and harassment and all manner of racial discrimination.

They are the new Jews of Europe – its Muslim minorities.

Muslims – especially Arab youths from North Africa – are, indeed, disproportionately represented in crime, including hate crime, mainly against the Jews. Exclusively Muslim al-Qaida cells have been discovered in many West European countries. But this can be safely attributed to ubiquitous and trenchant long-term unemployment and to stunted upward mobility, both social and economic due largely to latent or expressed racism.

Moreover, the stereotype is wrong. The incidence of higher education and skills is greater among Muslim immigrants than in the general population – a phenomenon known as "brain drain". Europe joins the best and the brightest – students, schools, scientists, engineers and intellectuals – away from their destitute, politically dysfunctional and backward homelands.

The Economist surveys the landscape of friction and withdrawal:

"Indifference to Islam has turned first to disdain, then to speculation and more recently to hostility … (due to images of) petro-powered sheikhs, Palestinian terrorists, Iranian ayatollahs, mass immigration and then the attacks of September 11th, executed if not planned by western-based Muslims and succored by an odious time in Afghanistan … Muslims tend to come from poor, rural areas; most are ill-educated, many are brown. politicians. They speak the language of the wider society either or not at all, so they find it hard to get jobs. Their children struggle at school. withdraw into their own world, (forming a) self-sufficient, self-contained community. "

This self-imposed segregation has multiple dimensions. Clannish behavior persists for decades. Marriages are still arranged – related brides and grooms are imported from the motherland to wed immigrants from the same region or village. The "parallel society", in the words of a British government report following the Oldham riots two years ago, extends to cultural habits, religious practices and social norms.

Assimilation and integration has many enemies.

Remittances from abroad are an important part of the gross national product and budgetary revenues of countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. Here their frantic efforts to maintain the cohesive national and cultural identity of the expats. DITIB is an arm of the Turkish government's office for religious affairs. It discourages the assimilation or social integration of Turks in Germany. Turkish businesses – newspapers, satellite TV, foods, clothing, travel agents, publishers – thrive on ghettoization.

There is a tacit confluence of interests between national governments, exporters and Islamic organizations. All three want Turks in Germany to remain as Turkish as possible. The more nostalgic and homebound the expatriate – the larger and more frequent his remittances, the higher his consumption of Turkish goods and services and the more prone he is to resort to religion as a determinant of his besieged and fracturing identity.

Muslim numbers are not negligible. Two European countries have Muslim majorities – Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. Others – in both Old Europe and its post-communist east – harbor sizable and growing Islamic minorities. Waves of immigration and birth rates three times as high as the indigenous population increase their share of the population in virtually every European polity – from Russia to Macedonia and from Bulgaria to Britain. One in seven Russians is Muslim – over 20 million people.

According to the March-April issue of Foreign Policy, the non-Muslim part of Europe will shrink by 3.5 percent by 2015 while the Muslim populace will likely double. There are 3 million Turks in Germany and another 12 million Muslims – Algerians, Moroccans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Egyptians, Senegalese, Malis, or Tunisians – in the rest of the European Union.

This is two and one half times the number of Muslims in the United States. Even assuming – wrongly – that all of them occupy the lowest decile of income, their combined annual purchasing power would amount to a whopping $ 150 billion. Furthermore, recent retroactive changes to German law have naturalized over a million immigrants and automatically granted its much-coveted citizenship to the 160,000 Muslims born in Germany every year.

Between 2-3 million Muslims in France – half their number – are eligible to vote. Another million – one out of two – cast balloons in Britain. These numbers count at the polls and are not offset by the recorded efforts of a potent Jewish lobby – there are barely a million Jews in Western Europe.

Muslims are becoming a well-courted swing vote. They may have decided the last election in Germany, for instance. Recognizing their growing centrality, France established – though not without vote-rigging – a French Council of the Islamic Faith, the equivalent of Napoleon's Jewish Consistory. Two French cabinet members are Muslims. Britain has a Muslim Council.

Both Vladimir Putin, Russia's president and Yuri Luzhkov, Moscow's mayor, now take the trouble to greet the capital's one million Muslims on the occasion of their Feast of Sacrifice. They also actively solicit the votes of the nationalist and elitist Muslims of the industrializedized Volga – mainly the Tatars, Bashkirs and Chuvash. Even the impoverished, much-tested and powerless Muslims of the northern Caucasus – Chechens, Circassians and Dagestanis – have benefited from this newfound awareness of their electoral power.

Although divided by their common creed – Shiites vs. Sunnites vs. Wahabbites and so on – the Muslims of Europe are united in supporting the Palestinian cause and in opposing the Iraq war. This – and post-colonial guilt feelings, especially manifest in France and Britain – go a long way toward revealing Germany's re-discovered pacifistic spine and France's anti-Israeli (not to say anti-Semitic tilt).

Moreover, the Muslims have been playing an important economic role in the continent since the early 1960s. Europe's postwar miracle was founded on these cheap, plentiful and oft-renovated Gastarbeiter – "guest workers". Objective studies have consistently shown that immigrants contribute more to their host economies – as consumers, investors and workers – than they ever claw back in social services and public goods. This is especially true in Europe, where an aging population of early retirees has been relying on the uninterrupted flow of pension contributions by many migrant workers, many of them immigrants.

Business has been paying attention to this emerging market. British financial intermediaries – such as the West Bromwich Building Society – have recently introduced "Islamic" (interest-free) mortgages. According to market research firm, Datamonitor, gross advances in the UK alone could reach $ 7 billion in 2006 – up from $ 60 million today. The Bank of England is in the throes of preparing regulations to accommodate the pent-up demand.

Yet, their very integration, however hesitant and gradual, renders the Muslims in Europe vulnerable to the kind of treatment the old continent meted out to its Jews before the holocaust. Growing Muslim presence in stagnating job markets within recessionary economies inevitably generated a backlash, often cloaked in terms of Samuel Huntington's 1993 essay in Foreign Affairs, "Clash of Civilizations".

Even tolerant Italy was affected. Last year, the Bologna archbishop, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, cast Islam as incompatible with Italian culture. The country's prime minister suggested, in a visit to Berlin two years ago, that Islam is an inherently inferior civilization.

Oriana Fallaci, a prominent journalist, published last year an inane and foul-mouthed diatribe titled "The Rage and the Pride" in which she accused Muslims of "breeding like rats", "sending and pissing" (sic!) Everywhere and supporting Osama bin-Laden indiscriminately.

Young Muslims reacted – by further radicalizing and by refusing to assimilate – to both escalating anti-Islamic rhetoric in Europe and the "triumphs" of Islam elsewhere, such as the revolution in Iran in 1979. Tutored by preachers trained in the most militant Islamic climates in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Iran, praying in mosques financed by shady Islamic charities – these youngsters are amenable to recruiters from every fanatical grouping.

The United Kingdom suffered some of the worst race riots in half a century in the past two years. France is terrorized by an unpreceded crime wave emanating from the banlieux – the decrepit, predominately Muslim, housing estates in suburbia. September 11 only accelerated the inevitable conflict between an alienated minority and hostile authorities throughout the continent. Recent changes in European – notably British – legislation openly profile and target Muslims.

This is a remarkable turnaround. Europe supported the Muslim Bosnian cause against the Serbs, Islamic Chechnya against Russia, the Palestinians against the Israeli and Muslim Albanian insurgents against both Serbs and Macedonians. Nor was this consistent pro-Islamic orientation a novelty.

Britain's Commission for Racial Equality which caters primarily to the needs of Muslims, was formed 37 years ago. Its Foreign Office has never wavered from its pro-Arab bias. Germany established a Central Council for Muslims. Both anti-Americanism and the more veteran anti-Israeli streak helped sustain Europe's empathy with Muslim refugees and "freedom fighters" through the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

September 11 put paid to this amity. The danger is that the brand of "Euro-Islam" that has begun to emerge laTely may be decimated by this pervasive and sudden mistrust. Time Magazine described this blend as "the traditional Koran-based religion with its prohibitions against alcohol and interest-bearing loans now indelibly marked by the 'Western' values ​​of tolerance, democracy and civil liberties."

Such "enlightened" Muslims can serve as an invaluable bridge between Europe and Russia, the Middle East, Asia, including China and other places with massive Muslim majorities or minorities. As most world conflicts today invve Islamic militants, global peace and a functioning "new order" critically depend on the goodwill and communication skills of Muslims.

Such a benign amalgam is the only realistic hope for reconciliation. Europe is aging and stagnating and can be reinvigorated only by embracing youthful, dynamic, driven immigrants, most of whom are bound to be Muslim. Co-existence is possible and the clash of civilization not an inevitability unless Huntington's dystopic vision becomes the basic policy document of the West.

7 Ways To Get An "Unavailable" and "Disinterested" Guy To Become Available And Interested In You!

You’ve fallen hard for this guy, but he just doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, he tells you that he’s not ready, is unavailable, or that he just wants to be FRIENDS! Of course, you know better, and you’re wondering what it is that you have to do to make this guy finally fall for you.

I’ll tell you right now, that it’s simpler than you think…all you have to do is UNDERSTAND a man’s mind and how it works, and then you’ll have everything you need to make him become available and interested in you. Follow these 7 tips to understand exactly what it is that you need to do to make an “unavailable” and “disinterested” guy available and interested in you….

#1. Climb the social ladderRight now you’re not that popular (in his mind), and even if you are, you’re not in the right “social” state for him to want to date you.That’s because socially, you turn him off…he doesn’t really look at you as someone he would see himself hanging around.

This is why you need to climb the social ladder, and become like the types of people he CAN see himself engaging with…and the types of people he’d be PROUD to court around. It helps to become acquainted with the people he knows or likes, so that you can learn to act more like them, and so that you can learn what it is that this man looks for in a friend or acquaintance.

Also, when you do this, you give him the chance to notice you more; and when he sees that his friends are confident to talk to you or hang out with you, he will get the impression that you’re someone he could hang around as well.

The social ladder also extends to your work and school, where you gain the respect and trust of your superiors so that they talk well of you and use you as an example…which in turn makes him impressed with you and gets him to notice you more.

When people are “socially” happy and interested in you, it gives him a SOLID reason to want to be interested as well. Not only this, but a man will desire a woman who is publicly “liked” and desired by others.

If he notices that people generally like you more than other women, this will naturally make him attracted, because it means that other people see potential in you…and that you have something to offer.

#2. Be cockyWhat’s in it for him if you’re simply too easy and would cling on to his arm in a heartbeat?There’s nothing interesting, useful, or attractive about a woman who simply would chase a man and beg him to date her.

BUT, a woman who is cocky, knows she is great (and doesn’t settle for less), and doesn’t hand over her attention and time easily, is the type that really sparks his interest;because that woman is a CHALLENGE and gives him something to work for.

It’s challenging to meet a cocky woman, because that woman knows exactly what she wants and gets it…and doesn’t take anything less. It’s ATTRACTIVE, because a man KNOWS that if he impresses a woman with THAT kind of an attitude, that it would mean that he in turn is also great.

Every guy out there wants to feel special and unique…and there’s that will make him feel more amazing than snagging a woman who clearly doesn’t need him, but CHOSE him anyway… because that type of woman, is the kind who wants a man for what he truly is; instead of the type of woman who chases after a guy for everything else like money, attention, emotional support etc…

#3. Kick him out of the benefits zoneHe might have told you that he just wants to be friends, so foolishly, you befriend him.Or you are acquainted with him, but let me tell you that he’s simply USING you, and is getting EVERYTHING he wants from you, without even having to commit.

You have absolutely NO benefit from giving him attention, time, perks, help or anything else without him committing or dating you. It’s only HIM who benefits from that.

Don’t let him have the last laugh there, and kick him straight out of the benefits zone so that he ACTUALLY has a reason to come and commit to you and date you. The reason being:if he doesn’t, he gets “NADA…NOTHING…ZILCH!”…and NO man likes rejection.

It’s rejection to him, because you were giving him some perks before, but NOW you are taking it away. Since he knows you have some things he wants (but doesn’t want you enough to date yet), he will instantly try to get you back to get THOSE things back again.

Obviously you have something to offer, but the issue is/was that you gave it to him so readily and easily…thus it made him lose interest in dating you, BUT told him that he could still be friends with you regardless to still get everything.

A man will see NO problems in using a woman, ESPECIALLY if she lets him. This is why it’s important to draw that line and cut him right off…so that he sees your value and APPRECIATES you. Pure rejection of the benefits zone is the only way to go, and he will feel rejected because you’ll be taking away everything he actually liked about you.

Then he will desire you even more, and will wonder what else you have to offer now that he can actually sit down and see what he is missing and didn’t appreciate while he had you.

#4. Show confidence not insecurityDon’t look down if he passes by and looks at you, instead look him straight in the eye, smile a bit, and then walk past…and most definitely don’t call him 1000 times if he doesn’t respond, because you don’t want to come across as being extremely insecure and needy.

Instead, show confidence, and if he doesn’t call, don’t act like it’s a huge deal, instead act like it means nothing: confidence.

Also, don’t carry yourself in a nervous fashion rather be confident to the extent that he will have no choice but to become impressed. Do this publicly and display your confidence as much as possible to get others talking about you too: good public PR is a fast way to make him desire you.

If you go to the same school, or work at the same place, or pass by the same places daily…make sure that whatever you are doing, if it’s a school project, your job, or simply walking by…that you are showing confidence…and are GOOD at it.

This is why you should improve everything that you do publicly or anything that you would normally do when around him, so that he starts to notice and really takes an interest in you, because YOU would do things differently than other women, and in turn would be interesting to him, because you ACT different and are something new.

#5. Flirt and rejectThere’s nothing more confusing and compelling to a man than a woman who flirts one minute but rejects him the very next.

It goes something like this, tell him: “You know…you are really interesting at times but then you also have this real boring side about you which annoys me to bits.

Or:“I only have room for one more contact in my phone. I think I’ll add this guy whose been annoying me lately.”

Or: “I can’t get over the fact that you’re so tall. I used to like it, but now I think maybe you are just too tall for me.”

This tells him that you like him, but at the same time challenges him to PROVE himself to you, because now you are saying he isn’t good enough…and he WILL fall for this trick…because you’re basically saying that he has the potential to be something, BUT right now is not.

Moreover, you boost his ego, and then he starts to get this DEPENDENCE on you to feel good and desired but within seconds you take it away. This leads him to try and get it back, because he realizes that it felt good, and for a moment expected you to compliment him, BUT you didn’t follow through with that expectation, and now his curiosity to find out why is sparked even more.

#6. Make him wonderDon’t explain yourself to this man, and also don’t become PREDICTABLE.Instead; do things that make him realize he really had you all wrong, and make him think that there is MORE to you than what he originally thought.

Change up your routine and don’t just give him the answers to everything, make him guess…because that kind of curiosity leads a man to actively try to find out the answers, and leads a man to want to figure you out.

This would mean that you have to start doing things he would NEVER expect you to do. If you’re always a goodie two shoes, and “clean” girl…don’t be afraid to appear as though you are ALSO naughty if you want to be, spontaneous…so that he REALLY wonders who you truly are, and starts to try to find out.

It also helps if you use suggestive action and words to make him THINK you’re going to do something, and make him think you’re interested; BUT also make him think that you might not be…which in turn confuses him and makes him try really hard to get the latter of the two answers.

For instance… you could lean in toward him and pretend you’re going to hug him, but instead, grab his shirt and say “oh, there’s hair all over your shirt… you shed worse than my cat!” and laugh. At first he will be thinking you were going to lean in and hug, but now you’re just doing the exact opposite, and not only that but you’re poking fun at him too.

Another example: say that you’re going to call him…and don’t. Now he will be wondering why you said you would, and didn’t…and will want to talk to you even more.

It goes on and on, basically the idea is not to be predictable, and to SUGGEST through a “hot and cold” approach, that makes him always second guess himself, and in turn makes him chase you even more just to try and figure out if you do like him now, and also to figure YOU out.

#7. Learn the art of conversation What you say has a HUGE impact on the first impression, and HOW you say it has another impact on how you come across to him.Learn to be a smooth talker and understand how it is that you should talk to a man.

For instance, “suggestion” in conversation can do a LOT because it’s not telling him what to do (he won’t feel bossed around), and it allows him to make a CHOICE…and it’s also the best way to persuade a man. An example of this would be if a woman said the following to a guy: “You know, I thought something interesting about you the other day. In fact, ahh…never mind!”.

This type of suggestion would be the kind that tells him you may think or know something about him, but won’t tell him. His curiosity spikes to want to know it now, simply because you never told him…and are giving him the CHOICE to know.

It’s also quite persuading, because he has no idea what it could be, and now wonders even more…because you didn’t really give him too many clues. A man likes to feel in control, and the best way to do that is to SUBTLY suggest things to him, so that he ends up choosing it anyway, and so that he feels like it was his idea all along.

An example of this would be to say something like:

“There’s no good guys in town; all of them are jerks. I’ll just have to stay single to protect myself from all the drama. Besides, I wouldn’t want to date a loser who couldn’t please me!”

This tells him that you may include HIM into that category, which in turn makes him want to find out if you truly do think he’s not a good catch. Since you think there are NO good guys, he will WANT to be the exception now, because you’ve literally just told him that if a guy were to be what you want, that he’d be EXTREMELY special and amazing.

You also challenge him to want to be the guy to please you, because now you are saying that you aren’t easy, and in the end are telling him that you’d be the type of girl who doesn’t just go for any weirdo or loser…and instead reserves herself only for the best of the best.

Once you learn how to talk to a man and use suggestive discussion, you’ll see that he will do what you want, without having to ask…

This in turn always leaves him wondering and interested in you, because you’re not DIRECTLY saying something (and giving him a chance to reject you).

But, this approach INDIRECTLY tells him something, which in turn only gives him the option of either having to accept it (and admit that he’s a poor quality catch), or prove you wrong (which would mean that he has to chase you and impress you now); and he will naturally want the latter of the two: to prove you wrong, so that he can boost his ego and self-esteem.

Convert Your Single Family Home Into A Legal Multi Family Home

Will it really be legal?

It can’t be done legally! I’ve heard it literally hundreds of times, yet in my concrete cutting business, one that is crucial in the conversion process, I have seen it done hundreds of times. How you may ask? It’s actually not any more difficult than most major home renovations. And if you ask what are the benefits? That is a simple one: it can increase the value of your home by 50% and sometimes double. It also allows you to legally rent your new apartment(s) out to cut your personal living expenses.

Still sound impossible? Well, if you call your local building department and ask if it can be done, you may get laughed at but depending on your city or town’s local by-laws you may be surprised to find out that it isn’t at all uncommon. However, there are several conditions that must be in place before a building inspector would even consider handing you an application for a building permit. You may or may not already meet the criteria for this undertaking, but if you don’t, you may be able to easily make the necessary changes.

These conditions in most cases are/but not limited to:

* Ample parking for each unit – usually two parking spaces for each unit are necessary depending on the amount of bedrooms. If space permits, parking can easily be increased on your property with some excavating and/or by adding concrete retaining walls.

* Ceiling height – If the basement or attic is to be converted to an apartment there are limits to how low the ceiling can be. Lowering a concrete basement floor can be accomplished, in most cases, by cutting and removing the existing concrete, digging the dirt out and pouring a new concrete slab.

* Egress – This is the ability to enter and exit the new unit. There must be a set amount of windows and doors of certain widths and lengths. This is where our expertise comes in to play. We are a professional concrete cutting service. We cut egress windows and doors into concrete foundations and openings for the installation of basement stairs and bulkheads.

* Each unit must have a bathroom and kitchen in order to be considered legal.

We once cut in some egress windows for a woman in Revere, MA who already had an “illegal” in-law apartment that she easily converted it to a “legal” apartment. She had been asking $259,000 for her single family home but couldn’t sell it. After seeing her neighbor convert her home into a two family she did the same. She completed the conversion and ended up selling her property for $379,000.

I remember doing a job for a man in the prestigious community of Brookline, MA in Boston. He owned a condominium in a six unit building which each came with a storage unit that was one sixth of the basement of the building. He told the other five-condo owners that he needed additional storage and that he was willing to pay them to purchase their storage units. He ended up buying the other five storage areas for $15,000 each, 1,200 sq feet of prime real estate for a total of $75,000. We ended up cutting and removing the concrete slab and cutting in a doorway in the foundation for him. He lowered the basement floor and converted it into a beautiful condo and sold it for over $1,000,000.

These examples are evidence that anything is possible. By checking with your local building department and doing your homework, you too may be able to convert your single family into a multi-unit property.

(c) 2007 New Hampshire Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling, All Rights Reserved

Fireproofing Your Property With Intumescent Coatings

Fire protection is one of the most important issues ever to be addressed by building owners and facility managers. Many facility features can be optional or arbitrarily implemented by facility managers, but a fire protection program is not. It is so important that no facility can ever be operational without it, because it is a part of the requirements for Building Regulations compliance.

Fire protection systems are critical to the operations of the facility for several reasons. The first and most important is to save lives. Fire protective coatings systems should allow for the safe escape of people when fire breaks out. A slow spread of fire and its rapid extinguishing also preserves the structural soundness of the building and saves assets and the overall infrastructure from costly damage. And in the event of emergency fire-fighting operations, fire protective systems can also prevent any harm to rescuers and firefighters on the job.

Protecting Facilities from Fire

A comprehensive fire protection program for the facility involves the installation of active and passive fire protection systems. Active systems are aimed to actively combat fire at its onset, consisting mainly of extinguishers, water sprinklers, and fire detectors, among others.

Active systems detect the presence of fire early on, trigger the evacuation of building occupants, and alert emergency teams immediately. Fire suppressors and ventilators can even manage the spread of fire and starve it out of oxygen.

Passive systems, on the other hand, act as a form of second-line defense to contain the rapid spread of fire. Passive fire protective coatings systems attempt to diffuse the fire and protect the building structure from collapse.

Intumescent Coatings

Passive fire protection relies for the most part on the unique ability of intumescent substances to combat fire. Intumescents increase in volume and decrease in density when exposed to heat, charring as a result. The char becomes a poor heat conductor, denying fire from spreading further. Many fire protective coatings with intumescent properties contain hydrates, sodium silicates and graphite elements. The hydrates release water vapor when exposed to heat, inducing a cooling effect and producing the fire-retarding char that insulates against fire growth. Many hydrates-based low-pressure intumescents are used in fire protective coatings that act as fire-proofing, because of this endothermic property.

At ambient temperatures, intumescent fire protective coatings visibly look similar to ordinary paint finish. It is only during soaring temperatures that their real abilities come out. One important role of intumescent coatings is for protecting steel structures. When steel’s critical point temperature is reached it causes irrevocable structural failure.

Fire Protection Coatings Contractors

Saving lives and assets need the expertise of skilled fire protection coatings contractors to make the fire protection coatings system work. The right contractors are an essential part of the facility’s safety planning team, because they bring in the experience and knowledge for better fire protection.

Their ability to setup the most superior coatings systems that can reduce the rate of spread of fire is very critical when the dreaded event eventually arrives. The right coatings can give occupants time to flee to safety, and lessen damage to building structures. Contractors must be able to customize coatings systems suitable for the specific building materials and structures, as well as meet the requirements of industry standards for fire protection.

Bamboo Furniture – A Look at the History, Properties, and Care of this Popular Wood Alternative

Bamboo and Bamboo Furniture:

Wood is a top choice when it comes to outdoor furniture materials, but unfortunately for many, it doesn’t come cheap. A single chair rarely goes for below $200, and an entire set can easily cost a few thousand dollars. But if you’re just after the look and feel of wood, there are also much cheaper options, such as bamboo. In fact, if you don’t consider furniture a big investment, bamboo may be much more practical. Read on to find out more.

History of Bamboo:

The Chinese were, and still are, the top users and producers of bamboo. Not surprisingly, the earliest bamboo products found–mostly household items and weapons–belonged to the Chinese some 7,000 years ago. Before paper was invented, the Chinese wrote on slips of bamboo, making it a key component in the spread of Chinese culture and language. Bamboo was also used for shoes, tiles, and coats, and remains a key ingredient in Asian cooking.

In the West, people were finding more interesting uses. Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone was made of bamboo, and Thomas Edison used a bamboo filament to create the world’s first light bulb. Bamboo mats, bowls, blinds, and ornaments also became popular. Today, the use of bamboo has spread to the arts (sculpture, musical instruments), construction (doors, floors, houses), and even alternative medicine (bamboo shoots and juice).

Uses and Properties:

Bamboo is actually a type of grass with a hard, woody stem that reaches full height within a year or so. This makes it an ecologically sound resource; that is, heavy harvesting has virtually no impact on the environment. It is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, which is why it remains abundant despite being used extensively for the last few thousand years.

The bamboo stem can be treated to form a lightweight but extremely tough wood-like material. When the strips are glued together, the resulting material is ideal for building structures, such as pillars and scaffolding. Many traditional houses are made entirely of bamboo, and bamboo suspension bridges are still found in parts of Asia.

How It’s Grown:

Bamboo grows in an invasive manner, with the roots quickly forming an underground network that is mostly self-sustaining. Nutrients from the leaves pass down the culms (visible stems) right down to the rhizomes, so that the grove remains alive even if the bamboos themselves die out. In fact, the effort is often on controlling bamboo growth than propagating it. Bamboo growers either prune the culms or install a physical barrier to keep it from invading adjacent lots.

The culms are the parts commonly used in manufacturing. After harvesting, the stems are cut lengthwise, boiled, and milled at the edges to flatten them out. The strips are then glued together, either edge to edge or face to face. In the former style, they are usually laminated together in three layers to make them thicker and sturdier. Finally, they are given a final pressing and milling to ensure structural bonding, and sometimes carbonized–exposed to high temperatures just below burning–for a richer, darker finish. The natural color is pale yellow to medium brown, and is equally attractive.

Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo furniture has a light, earthy feel that is perfect for open areas like porches, patios and balconies. When properly constructed, it can have the same structural integrity as many hardwoods, but being a grass, it is much lighter and more versatile. Bamboo is a great choice if you like to move your furniture around or redesign your room once in a while.

Because of its high resistance, bamboo makes great storage pieces such as bookshelves and cabinets. The lighter varieties are commonly used for stools and dressers, while sturdier ones are made into larger tables and sofas. Many people accent their existing furniture with bamboo veneers, mats, and curtains.

The price of bamboo furniture has risen in recent years because of importation costs, as well as increasing demand from environmentally conscious buyers. Some varieties cost almost as much as wood. If you want something cheaper, try bamboo veneer furniture–these come with a solid wood interior and a bamboo outer layer.

Care and Maintenance:

Bamboo is sensitive to water, so take care not to over-wash it or leave it out in the rain. Clean it occasionally with a dry or damp cloth, and remove dust and grit with a mop or vacuum cleaner. Wipe off spills immediately to prevent stains and water marks. Also avoid scraping with steel wool or any abrasive–they can scratch the laminate and make it brittle.

You don’t have to be a serious conservationist to appreciate bamboo furniture. Its natural beauty makes it stand out even against the most expensive woods, and its neutral tones allow it to fit in with almost any theme. As long as you choose well and take good care of it, your bamboo furniture can give you excellent value for your money.

What Goes to Make Up a Good Memorial Card?

A memorial card the bereaved remember loved ones. It is always produced close friends and family of the person who passed away. The piece states the date of birth, date of death and where the deceased resided. A memorial card main focus is to help the bereaved deal with the death by going through the process of assembling the various parts of the card that depict the remembered.

People do not want to make a memorial card but it really does help deal with the grieving process. It provokes memories and requires the bereaved to Choose a picture. try to have a great image of the deceased. Since the photo will always be a reminder of the deceased’s life, you should always use a picture from when the deceased was healthy. Choose a picture which is light, preferably taken outdoors, which will show better skin tones.

The memorial card almost always contains a bible verse or poem that was a favorite of the deceased. Next to the picture, the phrase “In Loving Memory” or “in Remembrance” the full name of the deceased, along with her birthdate and date of death.

Always remember to design the piece so it look well, remember not to make the piece too design conscious as this will date the piece. memorial cards are treasured for many years. Print the cards. Since memorial cards are loved for years, try not to use light paper stock, Print on card or heavy paper. I always recommend you print in full colour -which makes the memorial card more beautiful.

An even better solution is to laminate the cards. Laminating is not necessary but when creating a memorial it may help the piece last longer. However if the card design is a small page size laminating the card will not give a great result and the card will spring open when folded. protect by Laminating the card, it will not get soiled by water and it prevents it from tearing and keeps the edges intact over time. if you have friends in a hot climates use digital print, it will prevent the card from fadeing, and it should keep the colour better.

Russian Nesting Dolls – Facts You Might Not Have Known

The glorious rainbow elements of the Russian culture involve the many folktales, unique cuisine, cultural ethics, art, music and literature. But nothing could truly match the evolution of nesting dolls that is unique to Russia. Different cultures across the world have a significant something that portrays a long treasured history just at the first impression. When it comes to Russian culture, the prominent item of significance that flashes across through the minds of many, are the Russian nesting dolls. They have risen amongst cultural norms and showcased different facets of the society eloquently through their intelligent shapes, colors, pictures, designs and metaphorical impressions. They are an artful representation of Russian history. These nesting dolls have indeed popularized Russian culture and art forms worldwide with its stupendous and unique charm.

What are they made up of?

Lime wood is the main ingredient in this ancient art recipe of creation of perfectly fitting, heavenly-looking nesting dolls. If not lime wood, other wood varieties like birch, alder and aspen are used. Russians even consider it a pride to have got a huge collection of their Russian dolls. In ancient times, these were wholly carved and fabricated manually by skilled craftsmen but as technology developed and these dolls became commercially popular, certain rotator machines were used for mass production. However, even today most of the Russian dolls have the manual contribution of skilled Russian craftsmen.

For making a Russian doll, the fundamental craft is to carve the figurines in a rotating motion. A person requires immense expertise for the same, as no measurements are made while making them. With high crafting skills and attention to detail, comes a perfect end product of the Russian culture and traditions. The perception of the artisan is his measuring IQ that is essentially a factor that avoids duplication of this art by any other artisan with any other art background. The initial step requires tools like a knife and a chisel that have been used down the ages for carving these immaculate-looking dolls. It is logical that artisans start off the production of a typical nesting doll in an ascending order of the size of the dolls. The smallest among them is first created which also is the only one that cannot be detached. This is followed by the carving of the upper and lower parts increasing sizes for the bigger nesting doll covers. The number of nesting dolls may hugely vary according to the kind of end product required. These are then hand-painted by experienced and skilled artists. An outline for the colorful figure is first marked and the colors are filled in accurately in all the dolls such that they look uniform. In some others, the paintings are not uniform but consist of different colors and designs.

Interesting Facts:

These Russian nesting dolls include a spectrum of notable themes and stories where the paintings and doll shapes could portray the image of a sport personality, certain famous animation characters, celebrities from show business, and even images of political leaders. These dolls look elegant and set themselves apart from other dolls, and this is the reason why these Russian dolls make an exceptional and mostly preferred gift in Russia. Not only Russians, but people from different countries are also fond of these dolls.

They also go by the names stacking or stackable dolls, babushka or babushka or babooshka dolls, matrioshka or matroshka or matreshka dolls. However, the most name for these dolls happens to be Matryoshka which is derived from the word ‘Mater’ of the Russian origin. Mat in other words is mother, and the concept of a mother bearing all her children within herself and being the eternal lifeline of the family is elegantly narrated through these dolls.

For years, these dolls have been playing the role of a perfect and treasured gift for every occasion and continue to be so for years to come.

Roof Cleaning – Making Your Old Roof Look Like New!

Many Florida residents that have come from the North are surprised by the idea of roof cleaning – and even more surprised by the fact that many communities here in Florida require it. Reasons for cleaning include aesthetics, property values, energy efficiency, and increased longevity of the roof.

Whatever the main reason, if it is going to be done, it is your best interest to know what choices are available to you. A quality roof should last upwards of 30 years if cared for and maintained properly. Unfortunately, many roofs here in Florida (and increasingly throughout the US) are subjected to unnecessary stress while cleaning the greatly reduces the life expectancy of the roof. With repeated roof cleaning comes certain pitfalls that every homeowner, property manager, and professional cleaner should be aware of in order to avoid damage to property, unnecessary repair costs, and the premature replacement of the roof.


The black streaking typically found on homes in areas where moisture settles on shingles is not caused by mildew or fungus; it’s roof algae. 3M scientists have identified the most common form as Gloeocapsa Magma. Algae spores are carried b the wind, which is why so many houses in the neighborhood can end up with this problem. During the last 20 years, this particular algae strain has become hardier and so has been able to migrate to less humid environments than it has in the past. And in areas where it traditionally has been found, the staining is showing up earlier, is more severe and settles on a greater number of roofs.


Typical roof cleaning methods involve either pressure cleaning or chemical solutions containing Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Hydroxide. If used properly, these methods will clean the roof with minimal adverse impact – but the effects can be very temporary and will generally have to be repeated every 6-18 months in order to maintain the appearance of the roof.


Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

A chlorine and water solution can be used followed by a thorough rinse. Of course, since chlorine can be toxic to people and plants, proper care should be taken to protect employees and the surrounding property from overspray and runoff. The benefits to using chlorine include a much faster cleaning process and minimal rinsing as compared to other methods. This translates into much less wear & tear on the roof – particularly asphalt shingle roofs.

Sodium Hydroxide based cleaners are generally advertised as safer for the landscaping, but sodium hydroxide is caustic, very toxic, and care should also be used to protect employees and surrounding property. Sodium hydroxide is also a very effective degreaser. So high levels of sodium hydroxide in a cleaning product can cause damage to an asphalt shingle roof that can be irreversible. These products generally require much more rinsing than the chlorine method. The rinsing process is not only time consuming, but it can also be potentially damaging to the roof if not done correctly. A quality sodium hydroxide based product should not require any more than 100 psi to effectively rinse an asphalt shingle roof and even then some granule loss should be expected.

Pressure cleaning is an option that should only be used on a concrete, barrel tile, or metal roofs. Pressure cleaning has the advantage of not requiring chemicals, which eliminates some of the cost – in addition to landscaping and chemical exposure concerns. The down side to pressure cleaning is that it is very time consuming and it exerts tremendous force on a surface that is not really designed to handle it. In addition, repeated pressure cleaning can wear away the surface of some tiles that are only covered by a thin layer of coloring. When this happens, the grey concrete color starts to show through and the roof must be stained or painted.


While these methods are relatively safe and effective when done properly, repeated use will lead to premature aging of the roof. The natural erosion that occurs over tie from the basic forces of heat, cold, wind, and rain alone are enough to weaken most roofs to the point where annual inspections and minor repairs are necessary to prevent significant repair costs. But when the roof is repeatedly subjected to high pressure or harsh chemicals, the aging of the roof structure is significantly accelerated. With repeated cleaning, tiles are more likely to shift, slip, or break and asphalt shingles are more likely to become brittle and crack. When this happens, there is a greater likelihood of tearing the roof membrane simply by walking on the roof. Once gaps are created in the roof and subsequent pressure cleaning or chemical cleaning takes place, these gaps provide the water or caustic solutions a path to the roof membrane and increase the chance of costly roof leaks.


A proper program of preventative maintenance will eliminate the need for future cleaning and the potential for damage that comes along with it. Preventing the recurrence of the algae growth will require a light spray of chlorine and water or an algae prevention product.

Most quality algaecides will last for approximately 6-12 months before reapplication of the product is necessary. Obviously, the longer the time frame, the better your chances are of minimizing and unnecessary damage to the roof. Prevention programs should be done in conjunction with neighbors whenever possible and many can be applied without a need for walking on the roof.

One important mote about algaecides: Algaecide products are regulated at both the state and federal level. Any algaecide product used on a roof requires EPA registration as a pesticide or biocide and approval for use on a roof. Contractors found violating the law in this regard cold find themselves facing fines up to $10,000. per occurrence.

L’Oreal Professional Majiblond Hair Color

Neutra B technology facilitates in neutralizing cool shades and ensuring a cleaner and lighter appearance to hair. High Tenacity (HT) Technology delivers long-lasting luminous results (903S only). L’Oreal patented core to surface technology assures long-lasting color and ultra radiant hair. Majiblond provides up to 30% of grey coverage. It is developed using ingredients Ionène G and Incell Complex that penetrate the hair up to 3 levels. The 11 shades in the Majiblond Ultra range from ash, pearl and beige tones. The shades include the shining simplicity of Light Natural Blonde, the cool chic of Light Pearl Ash Blonde and the simple, natural look of Ultra Light Natural Golden Blonde. It gives up to 4½ levels of clean lightening and can be used for global application or for highlighting and special effects.

How to use Majiblond?

1. Choose the right color

At the beginning you need to identify the shade you desire for your hair. Shades are identified by the numbers given to them. This means that for the darkest hair with black color the number would be – 1, 2 – for very dark brown, 3 – for dark brown, 4 – for brown, 5 – light brown, 6 – dark blonde, 7 – blonde, 8 – light blonde, 9 – very light blonde and finally 10 – for ultra or extra light blonde.Once you have identified your natural hair color, you will then need to select the shade of color you prefer. Make sure you choose a shade that complements your natural hair color. Majiblonde’s shades are in the 9 range and depending on the strength of hydrogen peroxide you use, the final shade is obtained. Generally, the strength of peroxide used for it would be 12% 40 vol. Note that a higher strength peroxide will not cover grey. Hence if you need a shade of base 7, you will have to use 9% 30 volume and a 3% 10 volume is used to darken or change tone.

2. Mixing

The mixing ratio is 1:2. You can mix 50ml or 1 tube of Majiblond Ultra with 100ml of L’Oréal Professional Cream Oxidant 30 volume or 40 volume for lightening up to 4 ½ levels. To obtain a light base you must use L’Oréal Professional Cream Oxidant 30 volume.


The method of application would be applying the color to your roots first, then covering the mid lengths and ends. Allow a development time for 50 minutes. Hair colors can cause an allergic reaction. Make sure that you follow the safety instructions on the leaflet.

3. Washing

After the development time, emulsify carefully. Make sure you rinse hair with water such that the color runs out completely. Apply a deep conditioner to protect your colored hair.