Food For Eyes – 7 Secret Plants to Improve Vision Naturally

As you realized that our vision is the window of the world. This saying is merely to describe how important our eyes are.

Attention to all eye sufferers!

What are you going to do to improve your vision? I bet you will try any ways to heal your eye problems even by spending your money on a risky surgery. But, you can feel relief now as here I would like to share with you a natural food for eyes which can make you cure your eye problem naturally.

Here are the 7 secret plants to improve your vision naturally:

Avocado (Persea Americana Gaertn)

Part of the plant which we use is the fruit which is rich of Vitamin A, B1, and C. Avocado is good to overcome dry eyes and optical nerve disablement.

Direction: you can make an avocado juice or eat the fruit as you like.

Betel leaf (Chavica Auriculata Miq, Piper Betle Linn)

This leaf is good for eye inflammation and eye strain headache.

Direction: Boil some of betel leaves together with 3 glasses of water for 20 minutes or until the water become 1 glass. Drink it after the water becomes warm or cold.

Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia, Citrtus Medica Linn)

Lime is rich of Vitamin B1 and C which are good for blurry eyes and eye strain headache.

Direction: you can make a lime juice.

Papaya (Carica Papaya Linn)

Papaya is rich of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotene,

Papaya Fruit is good to cure myopia or farsightedness and eye strain headache.

Direction: you can make a papaya juice.

Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum Linn)

Tomato is rich of Vitamin A, B1, and C which are good for myopia or farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Direction: you can make a papaya juice.

Carrot (Daucus Carota Linn)

Carrot is rich of Vitamin A, B1, and C which are good for myopia or farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

The root is also able to cure poor night vision and eye inflammation.

Direction: you can make a papaya juice.

Sesame Oil (Sesamum Indicum L.)

Sesame is rich of Vitamin A, B, and C which are good for eye strain headache, blurry eyes, and poor night vision.

Direction: you can drink 2 spoon of sesame oil daily or mix together with your juice.

How To Build A Duck Pen – Pointers For Duck Owners

A good duck pen should be shaded, dry and secure enclosure for all your flock. The main consideration should be to prevent foxes, raccoons, raptors and coyotes from accessing the birds. The pen should also be uncrowded, easy to clean and protected from weather elements. This article provides a step by step guideline on how to build a duck pen that is simple and safe for your ducks.

In order to learn how to build a duck pen, you will require four 4 x 4 wood posts of about 6.5-7.5 feet tall, 2×4 wood boards, 5/8 or ¾ inch plywood, heavy duty staples and staple gun, hardware cloth, wire mesh, vertical hinges, tamper-proof latch, cement block or large stones and straw bedding, cement, gravel, wheelbarrow and tarps.

The first step on how to build a duck pen is to select a spacious site close to the house with a good drainage and shade. Make sure you allow a space of about 11/4 square yards for every 3 ducks you intend to house. Build a gravel floor by placing a hardware cloth layer on the floor and cover with straw bedding making sure you always change it regularly.

The next step on how to build a duck pen is to erect the 4×4 posts by sinking them about 1.5 feet in the ground allowing around 5-6 feet of the posts to be above the ground. Ensure the posts are placed slightly more than a yard apart. Then staple a strong wire mesh fencing to the posts, and sink the fencing inside the ground together with the buried support posts section. Burying the fence into the grounds prevents predators from digging below the fencing to gain access to the ducks. You can leave a section between two posts to provide an allowance for a door if desired.

Then line three feet of the bottom end of the fencing in the enclosure together with hardware cloth to make good bedding for the ducks. Line the exterior perimeter using heavy stones or concrete blocks to prevent predators from digging to access the birds.

Construct a wooden 2×4 frame door and fit 90 degree angle flat braces on the back corner of the frame to provide extra stability making sure the height of the door equals that of the support posts. Staple wire mesh fencing on to the frame, and then hinge the door to allow it to swing outwards between the two support posts. Put a secure raccoon -proof latch on the pen door and place flat cement or pavers at the door side to act as a small step and also prevent predators from digging.

The last step on how to build a duck pen is to construct a roof using the 2×4 boards then use a hardware cloth or wire mesh to cover it. Connect the roof to the posts in a slanting position from the front side to the back side of the pen. This slight slope helps to prevent rain water from collecting on the roof. Fasten the tarps onto the roof in order to shield the ducks from bad weather or you can construct a wooden roof using ¾ or 5/8 inch plywood sheets ensuring that the roof is slanting and it meets with the mesh or sides of the walls.

Does Your Husband Really Feel Remorse After an Affair?

One of the most hurtful things that a married woman can go through is finding out that her husband had an affair. Out of the whirlwind of emotions that you find yourself going through one of the basic things that most women who have been cheated on want to know is that her husband feels remorse for his infidelity. So how do you know if your husband really feels remorse after an affair?

Most men are guarded when it comes to their emotions to begin with so it would be logical to find yourself wondering whether he is really sorry after his affair. Is he is truly sorry or just sorry he got caught? Figuring out what side of the fence that your husband falls on is the first step to deciding whether or not to give him another chance after the affair.

There are many arguments that can be made as to why your marriage deserves a second chance, but I look at it in very simple terms. When infidelity happened in my own marriage, it boiled down to two things. First and foremost, my husband and I still had a tremendous amount of love for each other. Secondly, we both wanted to give our son a fair shot at growing up with both parents in the house. Those two things were more than enough for us to do the work to fix our marriage. Once we got past the initial hurt we were able to get down to the root cause of our problems. That was the key element that saved our marriage.

If you find that you and your husband have a similar reason to try and save your marriage there is still one more thing you need to find out. There are a lot of men out there that get caught up in the chase and conquest of other women. That is just a fact of life. You must find out whether or not your husband is a perpetual “hunter” or if there is an underlying problem that can be addressed and help fixed your marriage.

How Am I Supposed To Know Which Side Of The Fence That My Husband Falls On?

With the exception of maybe his mother, there is no one in the world that knows your husband better than you do. After an affair your spouse can feel like a total stranger but that is the emotional reaction. Even in cases where a woman is severely duped by her spouse that doesn’t mean that she no longer knows anything about the man she married.

Did you suspect something was going on with your husband on any level? If you are able to answer that question honestly I am sure that you will find that on some small level you suspected something was wrong. My honest guess would be that you knew even before you were able to admit it to yourself.

Armed with that information, you can be assured that you can still trust your instincts when in it comes to your husband. You knew what was going on before you just wouldn’t confront it. If you are like me, there is no way that you would turn a blind eye to the warning signs of an affair again. All of that should help you remove all doubt when you ask yourself, “Is he truly sorry for his affair?”

What If I Am Not Convinced He Is Sorry?

One of the biggest sources of unhappiness in relationships in general is expecting your spouse or significant other to be something that they aren’t. People must realize that NO ONE CAN CHANGE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, just because he or she married you doesn’t mean the he or she is capable of being that man or woman you expect them to be.

If you don’t feel that you husband has any genuine remorse for his affair then it may be best to let him go do what he wants to do because he won’t change until he is ready to change, and as bad as it sounds that may be never.

“I believe in the power of love”, “I am a hopeless romantic.” Those are great things to be in theory but in real life they lead to heart break. The cold hard fact is that you can sit at home and pray to whoever it is that you pray to every day and night, and your husband is still going to be who is he is.

When your spouse has an affair you be one of the most painful and confusing things a married person will ever go through but it doesn’t have to end your marriage. If you and your husband both are willing to do the work, then I know firsthand how a marriage can come out of the adversity stronger and healthier.

An Overview of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) Timeshare Points System

Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC (HGVC) markets and operates the Club, which is a points-based vacation ownership and exchange system that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide, formerly known as Hilton Hotels Corp. HGVC also provides property management services to Club and Affiliate resorts. At the date of publish, there are 50 HGVC affiliated resorts worldwide!

Hilton Worldwide was purchased in July 2007 by the Blackstone Group LP (stock ticker symbol BX) in a deal valued at $26 Billion. Blackstone also owns a number of other well known companies including Universal Studios Parks, Legoland, Madame Tussauds, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, Allied Waste, Pinnacle Foods, and even the Weather Channel!

Early History of the Brand:

In 1919 Conrad Hilton went to Texas to take advantage of the oil boom. When he arrived, he found the local hotels so overbooked that he could not secure a room! One hotel owner told him that he wanted to sell. Within a week, Conrad had put together an investment group and purchased the Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas. Business continued to boom and the next year Conrad purchased two more Texas properties, the Melba Hotel in Fort Worth and a hotel in Dallas named after the famous Waldorf. Thirty years later, Conrad came full circle when he purchased the lease on the actual Waldorf-Astoria!

Conrad’s ambition and business savvy created an empire of wealth so vast that even the legendary spending of his second wife Zsa Zsa Gabor and great granddaughter Paris Hilton haven’t made a dent in the family fortune! Today, this behemoth brand owns, manages, and franchises thousands of hotels and the Hilton name continues to be one of the most recognizable in the world.

The Timeshare Resorts:

HGVC destinations offer both developed and affiliated resorts. Most people don’t realize, but only a few timeshare resorts have actually been built and developed by the Hilton brand. The majority of Hilton Grand Vacation Club properties are actually affiliate resorts. These resorts were developed by other companies, and then later entered into an affiliation agreement to participate in the Club. HGVC manages many of the affiliated resorts, but not all of them. Regardless of the original developer, you can be assured that all affiliated resorts conform to the high standards and renowned luxury of the Hilton brand, earning numerous award designations such as RCI’s coveted Gold Crown rating!

Affiliation and reciprocal usage agreements are always subject to future change, but at the time of writing this article the HGVC vacation destinations include:

Carlsbad, California: • Grand Pacific Marbrisa • Grand Pacific Palisades • Carlsbad SeaPointe Resort

Palm Desert, California: • Club Intrawest Palm Desert

Breckenridge, Colorado: • Valdoro Mountain Lodge

Orlando, Florida: • HGV Club at SeaWorld International Center • HGV Club on International Drive • Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Vacations

Miami Beach, Florida: • HGV Club at South Beach

Stuart, Florida: • Plantation Beach Club at Indian River Plantation Resort

Captiva Island, Florida: • The Cottages at South Seas Island Resort • Harbourview Villas at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation Bay Villas at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation Beach Club at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation House at South Seas Island Resort • South Seas Club at South Seas Island Resort

Fort Myers, Florida: • SeaWatch on the Beach Resort

Marco Island, Florida: • The Charter Club of Marco Beach • Club Regency of Marco Island • Eagle’s Nest Beach Resort • Sunset Cove Resort • The Surf Club of Marco

Sanibel Island, Florida: • Casa Ybel Resort • Hurricane House Resort • Sanibel Cottages Resort • Shell Island Beach Club Resort • Tortuga Beach Club Resort

Sandestin, Florida: • Club Intrawest Sandestin

Island of Oahu, Hawaii: • Grand Waikikian • Hilton Hawaiian Village- Kalia Tower • Hilton Hawaiian Village- Lagoon Tower

Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii: • HGV Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort • King’s Land by Hilton Grand Vacations • Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada: • HGVC at the Flamingo • Hilton Grand Vacations Club Las Vegas • HGVC on the Las Vegas Strip

New York City, New York: • The Hilton Club New York • West 57th Street by Hilton Club

British Columbia, Canada: • Club Intrawest Whistler

Quebec, Canada: • Club Intrawest Tremblant

Cancun, Mexico: • Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun

Acapulco, Mexico: • Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco

Los Cabos, Mexico: • Fiesta Americana Villas Los Cabos

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: • The Explorean Kohunlich

Zihuatanejo, Mexico: • Club Intrawest Zihuatanejo

Vilamoura, Portugal: • Hilton Vilamoura Vacation Club

Coylumbridge, Scotland: • Hilton Coylumbridge

Craigendarroch, Scotland: • Hilton Craigendarroch

Dunkeld, Scotland: • Hilton Dunkeld

Introduction to Ownership, System Rules, and Usage Strategies:

The First Rule of Timeshare is that ownership should never be considered a financial investment in real estate. Timeshare properties do not generally appreciate over time. Often, the only true gauge of a timeshare’s value is your usage and enjoyment of the property, and in the photos and memories of your incredible vacations!

You should never make an impulse purchase for any type or vacation ownership program! Also, take time to consider the secondary or resale market. Purchasing a timeshare interest on the secondary market from a current owner who no longer uses their ownership can save you thousands on your purchase price. Some benefits may not transfer via the resale market, so you’ll have to compare the positive and negative aspects carefully before buying. Finally, purchasing from an experienced and respected brokerage is the safest way to ensure you have all the information you need to ensure the timeshare you purchase provides you with years of great vacations!

Ok- now on to specific info about the Hilton Grand Vacations Club system…

The Club is in reality just a point based reservation system. Club members receive a point allotment based on the villa type and season they own (or have reserved in some cases) at their home resort. As with any point system, proper planning can greatly enhance your usage and satisfaction. It’s important to understand the different ownership types available, the benefits of ownership, the basic rules of the system, as well as some strategies that current owners utilize to maximize their usage and enjoyment.

Ownership Types:

When learning about this system, the distinction between HGVC developed resorts and HGVC affiliated resorts becomes important. The ownership and usage rules may be quite different depending on which home resort you own. For example, some of the affiliated resorts located in the southwest region of Florida were originally sold as fixed week timeshares. For fixed and event week ownerships, the home week is automatically reserved each year unless the owner cancels the reservation. Most HGVC developed and built resorts are all sold as floating week timeshares. The underlying ownership is always based on the home resort. Because of this, usage strategies will vary slightly based on your home resort.

The deed itself may also vary from resort to resort. Some ownership documents show a specific week and unit, even if they are just used for inventory purposes. HGVC at Seaworld is an example of this type of deed. Other ownership deeds don’t have an assigned week and unit, but instead show a usage type in a specific villa size. HGVC on International Drive uses this second type of deed format. Finally, when you consider the international affiliates Fiesta Americana resorts in Mexico- these properties are sold as non-deeded right to use leaseholds with a specific expiration date when your usage will end.

Also, it’s very important to understand that Elite Status designation cannot be obtained via resale purchases and that not all affiliate resorts allow the Club membership rights to transfer on the resale market. For example, the Carlsbad affiliates do not allow the HGVC point usage to transfer to a buyer but the Fiesta Americana contracts do allow the point usage to transfer. Another distinction is that some affiliates require a $399. reconversion fee be paid to Hilton after the transfer deed is recorded, in order for the new owner to be enrolled into the Club and have the ability to convert their week into Club points. If you are not sure what type of ownership exists at a specific resort, consulting with an experienced real estate broker or associate is something that you need to do before you buy! Contact us with any questions you may have.


This is another area which can often be confusing to newbies! Generally, there are four main season names that are used by HGVC: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The particular weeks that fall within these seasons will vary depending on the resort. Some locations will have all four seasons, while others may only be divided into two or three seasons. The real confusion begins with a few of the affiliates. Some affiliate resorts were originally sold with different season designations than those used by Hilton. Also, a few of these resorts may have a float season that encompasses weeks which fall into different HGVC season designations. It’s possible that an owner may have the ability to reserve a week in part of the platinum and also the gold season. For these ownerships, the amount of Club points the owner receives may actually vary from year to year depending on the actual week that is reserved. The good news is that this example is the exception rather than the rule.

The Club Point values for the weeks, seasons, and unit sizes for each Club resort can be found in the published Member’s Guide Most resale buyers tend to focus on the Hilton built properties, to avoid confusion and ensure they receive a consistent number of Club points each year.

Exchange Options:

There are different ways to exchange your ownership week for another resort. The easiest way is often simply using the Club points to reserve at another Club affiliate. To go outside the Club, a third party exchange system must be used such as RCI, Interval International, or a smaller system such as SFX Resorts. Your home resort will determine which exchange systems you have access to as an owner.


Maintenance fees are determined each year based on the overall operating budget of the home resort. Fees can vary widely from one resort to another, and these assessments will vary from year to year. Maintenance fees will increase over the years. You should always consider maintenance fees before making a decision to purchase, and should compare fees between several resorts as part of your research. In some cases, the annual fee can actually be more important over time that the negotiated purchase price!

Generally, the unit type and size determines the base maintenance fee amount, not the point allotment. A one bedroom villa in the platinum season will be assessed the same base maintenance fee as a one bedroom in the silver season. Only the property tax is likely to vary because of the season, so the tax assessment does create a slight difference between the one bedroom platinum and the one bedroom silver. It’s often a good buyer strategy to purchase a 1 bedroom platinum season ownership rather than a 2 bedroom lower season week, even if the 1br villa has a higher purchase price! Your brokerage can help you compare different scenarios to determine which property best meets your needs and your budget.

There can also be some differences in when fees are paid from resort to resort. A good example of this is can be seen in ownerships at the Bay Club at Waikoloa. For a Bay Club owner to borrow points from a future usage year, they will have to prepay an estimated amount for the next year’s maintenance fees (any difference from the estimate is paid or credited at the time the fees are actually billed). International owners at Craigendarroch cannot prepay, so are unable to borrow from a future allotment. An owner at HGVC at SeaWorld can borrow next year’s points without paying the equivalent annual dues as long as their account is current at the time of reservation.

Club dues must also be paid each year. For most resort, members living in the US and Canada are currently charged $99. while members living outside the US or Canada are currently charged $139. (West 57th owners are charged $197. and $232. respectively). Members who own a US resort and also an international resort may be required to pay Club dues for each account as the two systems may not be able to be combined into a single billing account. This is very rare and seems to be a system glitch rather than intentional.

Finally, point systems also have incidental fees that may be charged for various services and transactions such as making club reservations, point rescue, changeable option reservations, guest certificates, and RCI exchange system deposits. It also is a good idea to ask about resort specific fees such as parking fees and tourist taxes prior to confirming a reservation. If you aren’t aware prior to arrival, parking fees at destinations like New York and South Beach can be quite a surprise!


Hilton Grand Vacations Club has five reservation types.

Home Week Reservations are a full seven night stay in the exact unit type and season owned at your home resort. Reservation can be from nine months up to one year out of your check in day. The required check in day varies from resort to resort. Because owners get a longer reservation window at their home resort, it’s often a good idea to buy at the resort you believe you will use most often, in the unit and season that best meets your future plans. Home week reservations have the greatest opportunity at finding availability, other than fixed and event week ownerships.

Home Resort Reservations are currently only available to owners of the West 57th by Hilton Club resort in New York City. There is no minimum stay requirement for these reservations, but the reservation must be made at the West 57th resort. These reservations may be made from 45 days up to nine months in advance of the check out date.

Club Reservations can be made up to nine months prior to the requested check out date at most resorts. Club reservations must be for three days or greater in duration. Reservations can be made at most resorts during this period (West 57th in New York for example, only allows Club Reservations to be made up to 44 days prior to the check out date) and all points owners have an equal opportunity to get reservations. You can reserve any type of villa, and in any season- only being restricted by the number of points that you own!

Open Season Reservations can be made at most resorts (West 57th is excluded) up to 30 days prior to your date of check out and require only a two day minimum stay. These reservations are paid for with cash, but at rates that are heavily discounted! Currently, the 1br open season reservation rate is $80/night for Sun-Thurs and $100/night for Fri-Sat reservations.

Hilton Honors Reservations are reservations made via the Hilton Honors system. All HGVC members are given Silver VIP privileges in the Hilton Honors program. Owners can choose to deposit their ownership week into the Honors program in return for Honors points which can be used for a variety of services and hotel accommodations into affiliated Hilton brands. These deposits must be made more no later than December 31st of the year prior to receiving the points. (In other words, the points for the 2010 use year would have to be deposited prior to Dec. 31, 2009). Trading your timeshare ownership week for hotel stays is not generally a strategy that is recommended, but a few owners find this perk to be beneficial.

Point Charts:

Please review the Member’s Guide for the latest point charts and season calendars.

Discount Alaska Cruises

The prices of Alaskan cruises are generally higher than cruises to other locations such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Despite that, their popularity is ever-increasing, and the growing demand naturally pushes the price higher. However, there are many ways of obtaining discounts on Alaska cruises.

One of the surest ways to get a good discount on Alaskan cruises is to book during the winters. Though Alaska has extreme winter conditions from December to January, a cruise can be booked in October when the winters are just setting in. Winters are off-season and the cruise lines try to make the most of it. Hence, the off season cruises are low in price, in an attempt to attract people. A weekend Alaskan cruise can be available for less than $500 during the winter.

Most ships that cruise in Alaska during the summer turn to warmer southern locations in the winter. Generally, these ships have to move southward without passengers. Such rerouting ships may conduct one-way southbound cruises to earn some money. Rerouting cruises are very cheap compared to regular cruises. However, rerouting cruises have their disadvantages. Rerouting ships do not give much scope for exploration, and many locations that are part of regular cruises are missed by rerouting cruises. Also, people booking for these cruises have to manage return journeys on their own, and airfares may be exorbitant.

Sometimes people who have made bookings for cruises cancel their reservations. Such reservations are then available as last-minute cruises. As the time for the cruise approaches, the price of the cruise gets cheaper. Websites of cruise lines advertise such sudden vacancies, and people looking for a discount cruise can take advantage of such opportunities.

Booking a package deal, such as a cruise tour, provides a discount to the cruiser. A package vacation includes transport (to Vancouver, Seattle, Seward, or Whittier), lodging, food, and other facilities that normal cruises provide. Being reserved for a package entails high discounts sometimes, if a large group such as a family, friends, or staff is booked together.

Many credit cards have ongoing travel schemes for people who book cruises. Clubs and associations also provide such discounts for cruises.

Los Angeles Apartments Which Approve With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit, Felonies and Misdemeanors

Los Angeles California is associated with sun, fun and celebrities. Indeed, it is the entertainment capital of the world being popularized the famous Hollywood sign, and numerous memorable movies and TV programs. Los Angeles, also called LA, is the second largest city in the United States with a metro population of about 9 million. The city attracts millions, especially to its world-famous disney-world resorts and other famous attractions. There are also thousands who make the decision to settle in LA and are these definitely look for the many different LA-area apartments that cater to different needs. Because of the sprawling size of the city, there are definitely a great deal of apartments in the city and its environs.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in LA, there are a few crucial factors you need to bear in mind. These include the fact that the apartments will check credit, rental and background. This means that people with prior rental issues, a spotty background or a even bad credit can find themselves being denied. But are there are apartments in Los Angeles that will accept tenants with a previous broken lease, a felony or a bankruptcy?

Los Angeles apartments that accept a broken lease, bad credit or bankruptcy

Here are some places in Los Angeles where you can possibly rent an apartment even with a spotty credit history.

  • Downtown
  • East
  • Northeast
  • Echo Park
  • Hollywood
  • Harbor Area
  • Long Beach
  • South LA
  • San Fernando
  • San Bernadino

Important points to consider

Most apartments in the LA area will check tenants history. This is because they want to protect existing tenants and also ensure that they are adhering to anti-discrimination laws in as far as housing is concerned. There are stringent federal, local and municipal housing laws that govern the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. Then there is the Patriot Act which was enacted immediately after September 11, 2001 to ensure that every tenant is properly identified.

Los Angeles area housing units will also demand that even if they are approving tenants with problematic histories, they also ensure that these tenants have a way to pay their rent. This essentially means that the tenant must prove that they have a steady job and that they earn more than three times the amount of the rent.

Renting in Los Angeles with bad credit, a broken lease, criminal felony or a bankruptcy is definitely possible but is not the easiest experience. This is because these particular apartments which do, also called second chance apartments, are not easy to locate.

What Are Electronic Checks?

Electronic checks or echecks include the following applications:

o WEB (Internet based)

o ARC (processed payment check conversion)

o POP (check conversion-POS)

o RCK (NSF check recovery)

o TEL (telephone)

o PPD (consumer pre auth recurring one-time debit)

These applications are called eChecks because the merchant or biller uses a check as a source document for the consumer's account information (RCK, POP, ARC) or the consumer is prompted to use their check as a reference to provide their account information (WEB, TEL ). eChecks are used by merchants and billers as optional payment methods that are faster, more convenient and more secure than traditional checking processing, which benefits both the company and the consumer.

Echeck Merchant Accounts

Echecks merchant accounts can be established for standard ecommerce merchants and high risk merchants.
The echeck payment processing gateway is integrated with the ecommerce site. Often times the credit card processing gateway will include an echeck module. If both echeck and credit card transactions are processed through the same ecommerce gateway, the merchant benefits from centralized reporting and easy merchant account transaction reconciliation.

When a buyer checks out, electronic checks are one of the payment options. The other popular payment option, of course, is payment with credit cards. When echeck is the chosen method, the consumer buyer enters the same type of information as with credit card processing. The difference is that the consumer enters the routing and account number of the checking account rather than credit card number and expiration date.

Consumer authorization is required is required with specific language that authorizes the merchant to process an electronic payment ACH debit transaction on behalf of the consumer. The authorization language is followed by instructions to the consumer to "Accept" or "Cancel" the authorization
After the consumer clicks "Accept", the information submitted is attributed and sent to various authentication databases for an approval response including verifying the bank routing number and checking account number for accuracy.

The merchant establishes the refund policies for echecks, which are usually the same as for credit card processing. Merchants can refund directly back to the customer through the ACH network with permission from the customer.

The Keys to Body Language Attraction – What to Look For

How can you tell if someone is interested in you? Are there specific body language attraction signals that will tell you if someone is into you? What should you be looking for with body language attraction?

Body language can be very confusing, but if you know what to look for, then you will know if a guy is into you. Keep reading for numerous tips on what to look for concerning body language attraction.

Lifted Shoulders

Lifting the shoulders is referred to as the cute response by biologists. This is actually one of the easiest signals to recognize and realize that someone else is attracted to you. It is actually almost a childlike move that suggests a softer side. Most of the time, the lifting of the shoulders is an involuntary response that will automatically put others at ease. When it comes to dating, it is a good signal that the other person wants to snuggle a little closer so there is no need to be shy.

Pigeon Toes

While this body language attraction motion does not seem very sexy, it actually suggests a lot of interest. This is because the person is subconsciously trying to make themselves smaller and therefore less of a threat. Pigeon toes will actually do the same thing that a smile does for the face. Both are signs that if you approach, you will not be turned away. On the other hand, it is best to stay away from someone who has the opposite posture of a military man at ease with his hands behind his back and feet spread apart.

Read Their Palms

Be sure to watch his hands to find out if he is interested in you. Body language attraction has a lot to do with if a person’s palms are up or down. If the palms are up, this is a sign of warmth and openness. However, if they are down, this means that they are not as open and trying to convey a point rather than being attracted to the person they are talking with.

The Forehead Bow

If the person you are talking with has a slight bow to their forehead, this means that they are interested in taking the relationship one step further. In fact, a complete bow of the head may mean that they have sex on their mind. The usual move, however, is a slight bow and looking up at the person across from them from the eyebrows. On the other hand, if a person tilts their head back and looks down at you, this is a sign of domination and a person who is not interested in love.


A simple way to let someone know that you are open and willing to be approached is a simple smile. It will instantly put other people at ease and convey warmth at the same time. In addition, a smile just looks better on someone than a pout the whole time which some think is sexy, but is really not.

A Guide to Subdivision in Western Australia

Costs Related To Subdividing Property In Western Australia

Please note, the costs and conditions discussed in this article have been written in relation to subdividing property in Western Australia. If you are considering subdividing property in areas outside of WA, I I recommend you seek advice from a local town planning / surveying consultant.

The reason for varying costs

There are many different estimates that get thrown around regarding the costs of subdividing land. In saying this, the wide varying estimates are to some extent valid as every particular subdivision has its own set of unique circumstances.

Below are some indicative costings and discussion as to what it may cost to undertake a typical 2 lot residential subdivision with an existing dwelling to be retained. In most circumstances, surveyor’s fees will not be too different between a 2, 3 or 4 lot subdivision, however, infrastructure servicing costs will increase.

Sewerage, Drainage & Plumbing

A licensed plumber is usually required to assist with sewerage and drainage plumbing. The discussion below relates to survey strata subdivision where PVC pipes are sufficient. Freehold (green title) subdivisions require a concrete pipe sewer extension to the Water Corporation’s sewer mains.

Sewer plumbing costs will vary depending on location and depth of the sewer mains. The position of the sewer connection will dictate how far, if at all, the internal property sewer will need to be extended to service the new lots. If an existing dwelling is to be retained and the existing internal sewer line traverses through the new lot/s, it is likely that the existing sewer line will need to be realigned to within 0.6m of the boundary.

A sewerage connection point will be required for the new survey strata lot/s. In Western Australia, the Water Corporation currently allow this to occur off the existing Inspection Shaft connection.

As the location of sewer infrastructure is site-specific, plumber’s fees will vary. In cases where the existing house is to be retained, from my experience, the cost of satisfying sewerage requirements for a 2 lot subdivision is generally upwards from $3,000+GST.

Drainage plumbing costs will again vary depending on site-specific circumstances. The requirement for whether drainage is required is largely dictated by the property’s soil type. Some Local Governments are happy for drainage to be resolved as part of the later building process. It would be unreasonable to provide an estimate for drainage costs as they can vary quite significantly and also largely depend on the proximity of the Local Government’s drainage network.


In Western Australia, the Water Corporation Headworks Contributions is around $6,000 (no GST) per additional lot being created. That means 1 x $6,000 for a 2 lot subdivision, 2 x $6,000 for 3 lot subdivision, and so on.


To install a green power dome (pillar) for a 2 lot subdivision, Western Power charge around $1,500 (no GST), around $2,000 for a 3 lot subdivision. When creating 4 or more lots, the costs are on a case-by-case basis and can increase quite significantly. This is largely due to the fact that the costs are not subsidized like they are for amalgamations and 2-3 lot subdivisions.

Licensed Electrician

If an existing dwelling is to be retained then the power to this dwelling will need to be converted from overhead to underground. An electrician will essentially provide an underground connection between the green dome and the existing dwelling, and also coordinate with Western Power for the removal of the overhead power line. If coordinated properly, the existing dwelling is generally left without power for only a few hours.

Again, the distance from the green pillar to the house and any encumbrances such as hard ground or concrete between the pillar and the house will influence overall costs. In my experience, 2,000+GST is a sufficient estimate for an underground power conversion for a 2 lot subdivision. For a 3 lot subdivision, a transmission board is required and the costs would generally be around $3,500+GST.

The Battle-axe Driveway

If undertaking a battle-axe subdivision (i.e. house behind house), then a constructed and drained driveway will need to be provided for access to the rear lot. This may already exist if the driveway for the rear lot will utilize the driveway for the existing dwelling.

The majority of Local Governments will allow a battle-axe driveway to be bonded, as they appreciate that it will be damaged by concrete trucks and other heavy vehicles during the construction of the rear dwelling. Some Local Governments will ‘clear’ the battle-axe construction condition if they are provided with 1.5 times the construction amount. If, for example, the cost of the new driveway will be $6,000 to construct, then the Local Government will require $9,000. This is fair and reasonable as there needs to be an incentive for the landowner to construct the driveway in due course. Upon the construction of the driveway the bond will be released. Alternatively, some Local Governments are willing to enter into a legal agreement, which costs in the order of $1,500. It should be noted, there is an increasing tendency for Local Governments requiring battle-axe driveways to be brick paved as opposed to concrete/bitumen for aesthetic purposes.

Cash-In-Lieu of Public Open Space

The Planning & Development Act now provides the potential for a subdivision approval condition to impose a monetary contribution in lieu of providing Public Open Space – this is only applicable to subdivisions comprising of 3 or more lots.

This condition has and continues to catch developers out when they least expect it. If a Cash-in-lieu of Public Open Space condition is imposed on a subdivision, then to satisfy the condition it will cost 10% of the unimproved valuation of the entire property. For example, on a property with an unimproved value of $600,000 the cost to ‘clear’ the condition would be $60,000. It is highly recommended that you research whether such a condition will be applicable for your property prior to embarking on a subdivision for 3 or more lots.

Surveying Related Costs

Surveyor’s fees will generally include client liaisons, a site feature and contour survey, the preparation of the subdivision plan, the management of the subdivision approvals process, final pegging, drafting of the Survey Strata Plan and the lodgement of plans with Landgate. As a general indication, $8,000 inc GST will be sufficient for a 2-3 lot subdivision including a number of Government related fees which amount to approximately $2,500.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

* Tree removal (not a condition of subdivision, but a possible cost if considering selling vacant lot/s)

* Filling in and compaction of any water bore on the new vacant lot/s

* Removal of clothesline from vacant lot and erection of new clothesline on house lot

* Fencing is not a condition of subdivision (unless property abuts a reserve), but a possible cost if considering selling lot/s

* Removal of redundant crossovers

* Shire contributions such as footpath and/or road upgrading

* Removal of existing garage/carport for existing dwelling if located within new lot

* Construction of new garage/carport and associated driveway and crossover for house lot

* For dual coded land (i.e. R20/30), then a cosmetic upgrade may be required for the existing dwelling

* Storeroom for existing dwelling to be provided

* For dual coded land it is reasonably common that unit designs will need to be prepared and approved by the Local Government prior to subdivision at the higher density code (i.e. R30 in the case of land coded R20/R30). In some cases the units need to be built prior to subdivision

* Settlement agent fees for making application for new titles

* Surveyor to assist landowner with managing completion of subdivision conditions

* Demolition of sheds/outbuildings etc – does it contain asbestos?

General Overview Of Total Cost And Time: The cheapest a 2 lot subdivision can reasonably be undertaken for is approximately $20,000 (where the entire property is vacant). For a 2 lot subdivision where an existing dwelling is to be retained, $30,000 will generally be sufficient. Due to servicing costs, it’s approximately $10,000 more for every additional lot to be created.

The quickest new titles can reasonably be created for vacant land subdivision is 4 months. In most cases, the process takes approximately 6-7 months where an existing dwelling is to be retained. The developer plays a major role in the eventual time frames as the quicker contractors and Government agencies are paid, the quicker the necessary paperwork can be sorted out and issue of new titles.

Most Typical Plumbing Services

A plumber is an expert in a variety plumbing services. Plumbers have the tools, education, and expertise to diagnose a problem and make a quality repair. They can even offer advice on how to care for the plumbing system properly and safely. There are many type of services that are offered by professional plumbers that homeowners and businesses that people should be aware of because there are different types of plumbing emergencies. Below is a list of the plumbing services that are normally offered by a plumber:

Full Service Residential Plumbing: There are a number of problems that can occur in a home plumbing system that plumbers are able to repair. For instance, cracked pipes, burst pipes, slow flowing drains, backed up sewer systems, low or no water pressure, toilet clogs, problems with the hot water tank, and drain clogs are problems plumbers can resolve. Plumbing components they can service include: faucets, kitchen sinks, laundry centres, toilets, drain pipes, garbage disposals, bath tubs, sewer lines, septic tanks, septic drain field, bath sinks, gas meters, water softeners, and water heaters. Understanding how the plumbing system and its component work is essential because sometimes a problem occurs in one part of the plumbing which could be indicative of a larger issue affecting your entire plumbing system. A plumber can determine bigger problems in the system and make the correct repair.

Commercial Plumbing Services: Plumbers are able to service commercial plumbing systems efficiently. They have the technology, tools, and equipment to deal with complicated plumbing systems such as video camera inspection of the water pipes. They can also respond to a plumbing emergency in a timely manner as well as offer a preventative maintenance inspection program. A commercial plumbing and drainage professional has the expertise and experience to provide businesses with a comprehensive analysis of their plumbing system and fix any problems correctly the first time. Along with the services provided for residential homes, commercial plumbing services can include: hydro-scrub services, video inspections, auto injection systems, and back flow prevention.

Complete Drain and Sewer Service: The drain and sewer systems need to be properly and maintained and if there is a problem, they need the expertise of a professional plumber. Services a plumber can offer include: septic tank pumped, pipe repair, washer line issues, clogged drains, toilet problems, floor drain issues, grease trap care, remove tree roots near septic tank, video inspections, trenches and repairs, septic tank and drain field problems. They can even provide maintenance products such as grease eating bacteria, bowl and urinal cleaners, natural bacterial additives.

Plumbers provide an essential service for homes and businesses. With their knowledge and expertise, they can help homeowners and businesses maintain their plumbing systems properly, advise them on proper maintenance practices, and provide emergence services in a timely manner. Anyone who has had a plumbing emergency knows the value of calling a plumber. When you hire a plumber, you will have peace of mind knowing your plumbing system is in safe hands.

Free Girls Softball Fastpitch Drills

Any softball coach or player who wants to learn more softball drills can easily find a lot of drills in books and videos and on the internet. Most of these drills cost money but some of them are free. These free girls softball fastpitch drills are very good. Most of the free drills focus on throwing, fielding, and hitting the ball.

Throwing the Ball

The position of a player determines the most common types of throws that player will have to make. For example, a 3rd baseman will need to make hard throws all the way across the diamond to 1st base while a right fielder will most commonly have to make a longer throw from the outfield to a cut-off man near the infield or to a base.

The Before Inning Warm-up Drill

All softball coaches and players know what players do before an inning begins. The first baseman throws a grounder to each infielder while the outfielder stands in their positions and play catch. This is a common drill during games but it should also be performed everyday in practice.

The Relay Throws Drill

The Relay Throws Drill is another one of the good free girls softball fastpitch drills. This drill involves 2 outfields lining up on each side of an infielder. Each player should be about 100 feet apart.

One of the outfielders starts out with the ball and throws the infielder the ball using the crow-hop. The infielder catches the ball, pivots, and uses the crow-hop while throwing the ball to the other outfielder. That outfielder catches the ball and then throws back to the infielder, once again using the crow-hop.

This drill allows all 3 players to practice throwing using a crow-hop. It also helps teach the outfielders to hit the cutoff man. Finally, it helps the infielder practice receiving the cutoff throw, pivoting, and throwing to the desired base.


It doesn’t matter how well a team can hit and pitch if the team can’t play good defense in the field. The key to playing good defense is for every player to be fundamentally sound. A great drill for this the No Glove Fielding Drill.

The No Glove Fielding Drill

Just as the name suggests, this fastpitch softball drill requires players to field the ball without a glove. The drill can be run with bare hands or with a board that is specially made for the drill and worn on the fielders’ glove hand.

Players can either field balls hit to them by the coach (more advanced) or they can field balls rolled to them. They need to concentrate on keeping their upper bodies square with the ball (get in front of the ball), bending at the knees, and cradling the ball with two hands into their body.

Once players master the technique of fielding without a glove then they will find fielding with a glove much easier.


The only way for a player to get better with hitting the ball is for them to actually hit. Players can either hit a ball off a tee (to work on the basics) or they can hit pitches. Also, a part of hitting that is often overlooked is bunting. Players should be required to lay down at least 3 bunts every time they take batting practice (BP). If possible, players should take BP every practice and before every game.

Look for Free Girls Fastpitch Softball Drills

Softball players need to be drilled on the basics of the game (throwing, fielding, and hitting) as often as possible. Any coach or player who is looking for drills to do can easily find them. In fact, there are a great many free girls softball fastpitch drills on the internet.

How to Lay Floor Screeds on Concrete Slab

Floor screeds on a concrete slab are laid when a developer has finished the slab concrete. This is after all other building elements are complete. Floor screeds are the layers of cement and sand mix laid onto concrete as a finish. This will allow for other floor materials like wood blocks, wood parquet, laminated timber, PVC tiles and ceramic tiles to be laid. The type of material to be added determines the screed to be laid. This can be smooth or rough using a steel or wooden float respectively.

The method used to lay floor screeds on concrete is to first hack the concrete to remove laitance. This the smooth cement substance appearing on concrete after casting. Once this is done a key is formed to ensure proper bonding of the new floor and concrete. The next thing is to wet the floor to prevent competition of absorption of water between the slab and screed. Pour cement slurry and rub it in to the slab to create a bonding agent between the two elements.

Mark levels for the floor screed either to give it falls or to run smooth on the concrete slab. Pour the cement and sand mix on the concrete surface. Spread evenly with a rake and pound with a rammer to give a hard surface. Level out the excess mortar with a straight edge and follow the marked out levels. Use a wood float until the surface has reached the required level. Remember also whether another finish will be added either wood parquet or PVC tiles. This will ensure the screed is finished rough with a wood float for ceramic tiles. However for PVC tiles or parquet, a steel float is used for addling the skimming coat on which to lay them.

A skimming coat is usually a mix of cement and water. This is applied with a steel float to make a smooth finish on the screed. It can be applied as final floor finish. This also allows timber finishes, rubber or carpets to be laid using adhesives. After deciding about the intended finish on the floor, lay the required smooth or rough finish to that materials specifications. Allow the floor screed to dry. Cure it continuously by wetting for about a week. When completely dry it is cleaned and the next finish like parquet added to finish off.

Lumbar Spondylosis With Myelopathy

Lumber means lower parts of the body including the ribs and the hip bones and myelopathy is the name of a disorder in which the tissues of the Spinal Cord are damaged or diseased. So the lumbar myelopathy can be defined as the problem in the lower back and its surrounding regions.

Lumbar Myelopathy has been observed in those patients of Spondylosis who are older than 40 years and this age factor is one the reasons of this disease in fact. The structure of backbone gets disturbed and the vertebrae become narrow due to the continuous degeneration and deformity of spine. So the space between the spinal joints becomes smaller with the passage of time. It has a direct stress on the nerves of the patient that dysfunction and tightens the adjoining parts.

People who have lumbar spondylosis with the myelopathy feel it difficult to move the affected parts and the pain may spread to the muscles of the knees, hipbones, buttocks and the legs. As a result, it has a negative effect on the growth of these parts of the body. The lumbar myelopathy may arise due to some back trauma, protrusion of the disc tissues or it is possible that the patient is already suffering from Spinal Stenosis.

The patient of spondylosis myelopathy feels weak and is not able to walk freely rather he can hardly stand for a long time. Sometimes he feels pain when he is going to lie down on the bed. He may sometimes lose his balance while standing because of the problem in the nervous system and lack of coordination of affected regions.

Lumbar Myelopathy can also affect the areas above Lumbar Spine as well as the Cervical Spine and Thoracic Spine because of the tightening of vertebrae. It may happen that the patient feels abnormal skin sensations in hands and legs such as tingling, tickling, itching or burning. The reason is its association with the peripheral nerve damage. By the time, he loses his control over the bowel and urinary bladder. The flow of the blood is not normal, but lesser than in an average person.

According to an estimate made by National Center for Health Statistics, a number of people in the United States who visit to the doctor for Lumbar Myelopathy and backache in lower portions every year is 13 million. Special attention should be paid if you feel the signs of Lumbar Spondylosis with the Myelopathy. Do not ignore it to avoid from any kind of further complication.

The Definition of Beauty

The definition of beauty is taken from both individual and social perspectives. Some people define beauty as characteristics related to outer beauty such as complexion, health, youthful appearance and facial symmetry. Beauty however is a mixture of both inner and outer aspects of beauty. Characteristics of a person, such as their personality, their politeness, their integrity, their elegance, their charisma, their intelligence and their grace can be considered as aspects of inner beauty. These aspects define what inner beauty is, and are factors that can be felt and sensed when the person is around, and not just perceived by the eyes alone.

Culture also dictates the standards of beauty and is constantly changing. The concept of beauty has changed from curvaceous women in the past to the skinny ones of today. Regardless of this, it is still up to the individual person to define and judge what is beautiful. The adage “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” rings true in that what is beautiful for you is not necessarily beautiful for another, it is akin to the saying “one man’s drink is another man’s poison”.

The inner attributes of a person must be of high quality for the person to be considered truly beautiful. The person’s ability to warm anothers heart, place a smile on someone’s face definitely shows the characteristics of one who has inner beauty. The criteria therefore to judge a person’s inner beauty is his or her level of sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, intelligence and creativity. These qualities of inner beauty are indeed powerful for they can exceed the person’s outer features.

Nonetheless, how to achieve beauty in both inner and outer beauty is very important to a person. Therefore even though one is kind, true and loyal, it is still important to know how one looks physically. It is not just how pretty you dress up to be beautiful, but you also need to have a healthy lifestyle since sickness can affect you sooner or later. One should also prepare one’s overall appearance before socializing in the world, for people that we have never met will always judge us on a first impression on our physical appearance.

In summary, put on your best smile and comb your hair and iron your clothes. Wear something dignified that makes you feel comfortable at the same time. You have to love yourself for who you are before anyone else can love you. You must be attracted to yourself before you can attract attraction. Knowing this you must also accessorize your new beauty with kindness, and tenderness, integrity and compassion.

Acne Scar Treatment Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

When you first have that pimple or blackheads the first thing you wanted to do is to pop or squeeze it even if your parents already warned you of the consequences. The only thing in your mind that time is to get rid of those unwanted facial problems fast. Now, you’re left with nothing but scars. These are acne scars that would probably haunt you for the rest of your life. Thankfully, there are now acne scar treatments that you can do at the comfort of your own room. Usually, the things you will need may only cost you a dollar or two or from the things that comes from your mother’s kitchen.

One inexpensive acne scar treatment is through the help of the reliable olive oil. Olive oil is not just good for the body to fight against cholesterol; it is also used as a natural way to treat acne scars. Look for the product that says “100 percent pure olive oil.” Rub it in the affected area at least two or three times everyday. Make sure that you wash your face first with mild cleansers before doing so. This works on new scars but you might also want to give it a try on your old scars.

Acne scar treatment can be done using the fresh juice from lemon. Lemon is natural bleach that effectively works on the skin. This is best for slight skin discolorations brought about by acne scars or by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Although lemon juice may not completely clear your skin from acne scars, it may, however, improve the appearance of your skin as well as the scars. Since lemon juice is acidic and may dry up your skin after prolong use, try to combine it with fresh milk to have that added natural skin moisturizer. This would leave you with a soft and supple skin and clearer skin as well.

Use the oil of Vitamin E capsule for acne scar treatment. It doesn’t matter if you purchase the cheapest Vitamin E capsule in the market. Try to make a small hole where the oil would easily drip. Rub the Vitamin E oil in the affected area at least twice a day. You may also orally take the capsule along with Vitamin C. Both vitamins are proven to benefit the body as well as the glow of the skin.