Features of MS Excel 2003

MS Excel can be customized in a way that suits a user to achieve his goal. It is extensively used in financial organizations. The features of MS Excel are as follows:

Workbooks: A document in MS Excel is called a workbook. Each workbook contains sixteen worksheets by default. A user can change this number by resetting the default options. Worksheets within workbooks make it easy to bind files of related information. When a user opens a workbook, he can use all the worksheets to perform a task. To create a workbook, a user will have to select the New command from the File menu. To open an existing workbook, a user will have to select the Open option from the File menu. A user can insert a worksheet between two worksheets by choosing the Worksheet option from the Insert menu.

Using keyboard: The following table provides different keyboard shortcuts for selecting a row, column, current cell, worksheet, etc.

To Select Keyboard Shortcuts

Current Cell Enter

Entire Column CTRL+Spacebar

Entire Row hift+Spacebar

Entire Worksheet CTRL+SHIFT+Spacebar

A user can perform various kinds of entries in a cell. He can enter text, number, data, and time in a cell. He can also enter some special characters such as $ % + – / ( ). He can also enter date and time in a cell. He can select different formats for date and time according to his own requirements.

Entering Data in Series: A user can fill a range of cells either with the same value or with the series of values. This can be done using the Autofill handle (small square on the bottom-right corner of the active cell).

Cell References: MS Excel provides three types of cell references: relative, absolute, and mixed. Relative references refer to the cell relative to the given position. Absolute references refer to the specific cell irrespective of the position of the formula. The ‘$’ sign is used to denote an absolute reference. Mixed references are a combination of both relative and absolute references. It has one absolute co-ordinate and one relative co-ordinate. $CI and C$1 are both examples of mixed references.

MS Excel allows fast searching and instant replacing of data. To search or replace the data entered by a user, he can use the Find or Replace command from the Edit menu.

Inserting or Deleting Rows and Columns:

MS Excel provides the facility to insert rows or columns into the existing worksheet. Inserting a row of data shifts the rest of the rows down and removes the last row of the worksheet. Similarly, inserting a column shifts the rest of the columns to the right and deletes the rightmost column. This occurs because the total number of rows and columns remain the same in any case.

MS Excel provides several formatting features that enhance the appearance of the data, which is presented in the worksheets. Some of them are described as follows: MS Excel allows setting up a page before printing. To set up a page, a user will have to open the File menu and click on the Page Setup. The Page Setup dialog box will appear that will allow the user to set the paper size, orientation of the data, scaling of the area, set the left, right, bottom, and top margin, set the header and the footer, etc.

MS Excel provides the autofit selection that adjusts the width of the column according to the widest entry in that column. A user can hide or unhide certain rows or columns. He can also provide the default column standard width.

MS Excel allows a user to align the characters in different ways by using the Alignment tab page of the Format Cells dialog box. The dialog box provides a number of alignment options.

Horizontal Alignment options:

General: The text is left aligned and the numbers are right aligned. This is the default status.

Left: Aligns the contents to the left of the cell.

Center: Aligns the cell contents to the center of the cell.

Right: Aligns the contents to the right of the cell.

Fill: Fills the selected cells with the single character.

Justify: This option is selected with multiple lines of text as it wraps the contents from left to right.

Vertical Alignment options:

Top: Aligns the text at the top of the cell.

Center: Places the text in the center of the cell.

Bottom: Aligns the text on the bottom of the cell.

Justify: Wraps the text from top to bottom.

MS Excel provides a facility of viewing the same worksheet simultaneously in more than one window. This is accomplished by selecting the New Window command in the Windows menu. A user can also create more than one window to arrange the workspace to promptly access the information needed. Using MS Excel, a window can be arranged in different ways by using the Arrange command from the Windows menu.

If a user wants to move between different windows, he can do so by pressing Ctrl+F6 to go to the next window or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F6 to go to the previous window. He can temporarily hide or unhide windows by choosing the Hide command in Window menu to hide the active window or by choosing the Unhide command in the Window menu to unhide the hidden window.

When a user works on a very large worksheet with row and column headings, the row headings scroll off to the left when he moves towards the right. Similarly, when he moves down to see the data, the column headings scroll up. To overcome this problem, he can split the active window into two, with row or column headings in one window and the data on the other window.

Controls: The controls are the special objects, which enhance user interface and facilitate user input. MS Excel provides several custom controls such as list boxes, check boxes, and dialog boxes, etc. A large number of toolbars are found in the View menu. Users can add a toolbar or a number of toolbars into the working document depending upon the work involved and use different controls in their documents.

Functions and formulas: The built-in formulas are called functions. MS Excel provides analyzing data and manipulating text by using different functions. Users can easily calculate percentage, interest, average, etc. by using built-in functions. This can be done either by typing in the function-based formulas or by using function wizards. Formulas are widely used in simple computing (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and advanced computing. They provide the power to analyze data extensively.

Auto-calculation: MS Excel spreadsheet allows a user to automatically recalculate the whole worksheet every time a change is made in a single cell. There are basically two kinds of recalculations.

Automatic: In this type of calculation, the change in the value of the cell automatically recalculates the whole worksheet.

Manual: In this type of calculation, the recalculation of the complete worksheet is performed by pressing the F9 key. This option can be selected on the Calculation tab page of the Options dialog box, which is opened by choosing Options from the Tools menu.

Charts: One of the most important features of MS Excel is a chart. MS Excel allows users to view data entered as tables in a graphical form as charts, which helps a user to easily understand, analyze, and compare data. Excel allows its users to create either two-dimensional charts or three-dimensional charts. A user can enhance the chart by adding chart items, such as data labels, a legend, titles, text, and gridlines. He can also do formatting on these items by using colors, alignment, fonts, and other formatting attributes. MS Excel also allows users to view charts along with the data by using embedded charts. These charts are included in the worksheet and can be copied, moved, and resized in the same way as can be done with any other graphical object.

Database: Data are raw facts, information is processed data, and a database is an organized collection of information. Every organization heavily depends upon databases to store, retrieve, and maintain different kinds of data. MS Excel provides all this in the form of its database feature. In MS Excel, database can be created in two ways:

Enter the data in the form of table in the worksheet.

Use the Data Form command

Records can be inserted, deleted, and sorted by using the Data menu.

With the above-described features of MS Excel, users can perform almost all the operations they want in a very efficient and easy way. Its advanced features have made it the first choice for professionals working in a financial organization to perform their lengthy tasks in an easy way and in a quick manner. Therefore, MS Excel has become the most preferred choice for most of the users as well as professionals throughout the world.

The Importance of CAT Exams For MBA Admissions

Most of the students will get confused when they complete their graduation studies. Most of them will not have a plan about the future courses, which they have to complete. However, this article is basically designed to give you some important knowledge about the top MBA institute Noida and the importance of cracking CAT or MAT exams for getting admissions in the top colleges.

Even though most of the students are aware of CAT exams, there are few candidates who do not know the importance of writing these exams. If you are one amongst them, this is the right time for you to gain some knowledge about it. CAT, which is also known as Common admission test, is basically a national level entrance test. These tests are conducted by Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) for the management courses. Most of the top colleges that provide admission for the MBA students look for the marks scored in CAT as well as MAT exams. Most of the top management institute located in Noida and Delhi will provide quality education with highly experienced teaching staffs. This is one of the main reasons why millions of individuals take CAT and MAT exams each year.

Know More About The Pattern of The Exam:

If you are planning to write a CAT exam, you should know about the four different sections, which are known as Problem Solving, Verbal ability, Reading Comprehension, and data interpretation. CAT exams also contain time duration with multiple-choice questions. However, the exam is for two and half hours. These exams are not as easy as your think, because for each wrong answer you make, there will be a negative marking.

Eligibility Criteria for CAT or MAT:

If you have bachelor’s degree with a minimum of fifty percent marks, you are eligible to appear for the CAT or MAT exams. In case, if a person belongs to the Schedule tribe (ST) or Schedule caste (SC) category, he or she can appear for the exams even with forty five percent marks.

How to get prepared for the CAT exams:

If you are planning to get prepared for the CAT exams, there are few aspects that you have to consider. Before, appearing fro this exam, it is very important to know the ninth to twelfth concepts of the NCERT books. However, you do not have to worry, as you will be able to find all type of books required to prepare for these exams. These books will help you to cover the portions of your exams.

There are also many tuition centers as well as classes, that provide coaching for the students who are getting prepared for the CAT or MAT exams. Therefore, if you are planning to do MBA Noida or MBA Delhi, it is quite imperative to consider the above-mentioned tips in your mind. You can also take the assistance of the websites, which are proving information on Part time MBA Noida and Executive MBA Noida.

Carpet Pile Reversal – What You Need to Know About Carpet Pile Shading

What is Carpet Pile Reversal?

Pile reversal is an effect in which different areas of the carpet pile surface appear as dark or light patches.

It’s also known as water marking or pooling, although water has nothing to do with it. Some people refer to it as shading, although the term shading can refer to other carpet conditions such as pile pressure, pile flattening or crushing.

It happens in cut pile carpets of any fibre component whether natural or synthetic. It is more apparent in plain carpet than it is in patterned. It is rarely seen in loop pile carpets.

What is Happening?

The shading appearance seen in the carpet pile is when the pile fibres adjust to lay in altered or opposing directions to the normal run or ‘lay’ of the pile. This gives rise to a change in appearance because light then reflects off the sides of the fibres rather than the tips. The sides or tips of the adjacent fibre strands will reflect light in a different way, so the pile displays varying light or dark shades. Again, light that reflects off the tips of the tufts will be less reflective and therefore appear to be a different, possibly darker shade.

What Causes It?

Pile reversal can occur in random areas of a carpet.

A number of reasons for pile reversal have been put forward to try and explain the exact cause, but no specific explanation has yet been established.

It is not considered to be a manufacturing fault but is more likely to be due to the localised influences of the property the carpet is installed in.

Some of the suggested causes are said to be due to variations in sub-floor levels, foot trafficking, tensions created in the carpet during manufacture, changes in humidity or even electro magnetism and static electricity.

The theory that electrical cabling in the property and electronic appliances produce electromagnetic fields suggests that these forces can influence the carpet’s pile lay and force it into patches of unsightly, permanent shading.

Can it Be Corrected?

No existing treatment has been confirmed as effective.

Not much can be done to recover the carpet’s original appearance. Vacuuming or brushing the pile will only provide a short-term change in appearance. The affected pile will soon return to the distorted position, particularly when walked on again.

Steam cleaning has been tried to ‘re-adjust’ the fibres, but they usually revert to type after a short period.

In the meantime, if you suspect that you have pile reversal contact your supplier immediately.

Most new carpets will have some form of warranty and pile reversal may be covered.

But not all are; so I suggest that you discuss this problem with your carpet supplier before making a purchase.

The Many Ways To Get Company C Rugs On Sale

When it comes to home furnishings, many people today will no longer break out in a sweat. That’s because there are so many channels and avenues where you can get ideas and suggestions on how to best style your home using soft furnishings. These can include floor rugs, cushions and drapes. When it comes to floor rugs, you know you will be spoiled for choice if you are looking to pick one for your home. That’s because there are just so many types that you can use at home, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. One type of contemporary rug that many people tend to look for is the Company C rugs on sale.

What makes the Company C rugs so sought after? Are they really worth it? Well, if you have never seen any of these pieces before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Company C prides itself in making use of colors, motifs and patterns to create unique, distinct and very attractive designs for all sorts of home furnishings, and rugs is one of their specialties. Thanks to their exceptional designs, all their products have a special look and feel. They also have a knack for using bold colors that you normally wouldn’t dream or pairing up. Think green and orange, used together with brown and red, or soothing greens and blues highlighted with yellows.

The range of Company C rugs on sale covers pieces which can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, kids’ rooms and entryways. No matter where you want to place it, there is bound to be one, or two or more pieces that would be perfect for your needs. And it doesn’t even matter if you live in a small apartment or a huge mansion. These pieces come in so many sizes that you will have no problems picking out just the right one.

Where can you find Company C rugs for sale? You can get these beautifully crafted pieces several ways. One, you can actually make your way to their retails stores. Two, you can make your purchases online. Shopping online is recommended as you can easily shop at any time of day from the comforts of your own home. You don’t need to worry about shopping hours or getting caught in traffic. Shopping online also saves you time and energy. And you will also be able to view many more rugs in a much faster time.

How to Remove Carpet

As a carpet repair expert I’m often asked what the best way to remove a carpet is. The answer really depends on what type of carpet is in the room, how it’s installed and what you want to do with it after it’s removed.

Most carpet that a homeowner wants to remove will be installed on top of padding with tack strip along the edges. There may also be some sort of transition metals between the different floor surfaces.

– Start by removing the carpet from the transitions

A few different types of transitions and how to remove carpet from them:

– Carpet to something flat like concrete, linoleum, asphalt tiles.

You will probably have a z-bar. You know you have a z-bar at the transition if the carpet is folded over and you can’t see any metal at all. When you are removing carpet from a z-bar simply pull it out. The z-bar isn’t all that strong. When you pull on the carpet the z-bar un-clamps and releases the carpet.

– You might have a clamp down metal instead of a z-bar. If you have a clamp down metal you can use a chisel or stair tool to gently pry it open. Only pry it open just enough to pull the carpet out or else you may break it.

– You may have a flat gold or silver metal nailed on top of the carpet. If so, pull the nails out and the metal will just lift away.

– Carpet to ceramic tile or stone type floor transitions:

If you have a transition where the carpet meets ceramic tile or something of that thickness, chances are that there is nothing holding it in place except the tack strip. Just like with the z-bar, give it a little pull and it should come right out.

– After you’ve removed the carpet from all of the transitions you’re ready to begin to remove the carpet. If you would like to save some or all of the carpet cut that out first. This can come in handy if you have any patching to do in the rest of the house or if you would like to replace a few stairs.

– The easiest way to cut carpet from the backing. Pull the carpet up from along the wall and flip it over.

– Use a slotted blade knife to cut the carpet into easy to handle strips. When I don’t feel like working too hard I cut it into 2′ x 10′ strips and roll it up. If I want to dispose of the carpet into the garbage can I cut it into even smaller strips.

– After the carpet is all cut up and removed you can do the same thing with the padding. Cut it into easy to handle strips using the slotted blade knife. I normally will stuff it right into heavy duty garbage bags and take it outside right away.

– When the pad it removed you may find staples in the wood floor. Remove the staples with a pair of pliers. If the padding was glued down to the concrete it probably didn’t come out very clean. Use a scraper to remove as much of the stuck pad as is necessary.

– If there’s animal urine on the floor, this is the time to deal with it. Buy the product from the pet store that contains enzymes and use it liberally.

– Now that you have removed all the carpet and padding from the room. If you need to remove the tack strip you will want to use a pry bar to dislodge it. Be very careful to not get stuck with one of millions of little nails.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. It was my pleasure to write it. Steve Gordon.

25 Health Benefits of Cinnamon – A Miraculous Spice

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest known spices. The tree is native to Sri Lanka where it was found thousands of years ago. It is the best spice available in terms of its nutrition and health. It contains unique healthy and healing property comes from the active components in the essential oils found in its bark. Cinnamon has extremely high anti-oxidant activity due to which it has numerous health benefits. Aside from being used as a medicine by other cultures since ancient times, the health benefits may also come from eating it which can be listed as follows:

1. Lowers Cholesterol:

Studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon included in a daily diet can lower cholesterol.

Also Cinnamon may significantly lower LDL “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides (fatty acids in the blood) and total cholesterol.

2. Reduces blood sugar levels and treating Type 2 Diabetes:

Several studies have shown improved insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control by taking as little as ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day. Improving insulin resistance can help in weight control as well as decreasing the risk for heart disease.

3. Heart Disease:

Cinnamon strengthens the cardiovascular system thereby shielding the body from heart related disorders. It is believed that the calcium and fiber present in cinnamon provides protection against heart diseases.

Including a little cinnamon in the food helps those suffering from coronary artery disease and high blood pressure.

4. Fights Cancer :

A study released by researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland showed that cinnamon reduced the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

Besides, the combination of calcium and fiber found in Cinnamon can help to remove bile, which prevents damage to colon cells, thus prevents colon cancer.

5. Tooth decay and mouth freshener:

Cinnamon has traditionally been used to treat toothache and fight bad breath. Small pieces of cinnamon can be chewed, or gargled with cinnamon water which serves as a good mouth freshener.

6. Cures Respiratory Problems:

Cinnamon is very useful home remedy for common or severe colds. A person suffering should take one tablespoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold and clear the sinuses.

Cinnamon also found to cure flu, influenza, sore throat and congestion.

7. Brain Tonic:

Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and hence acts as a good brain tonic. It helps in removing nervous tension and memory loss.

Also, studies have shown that smelling cinnamon may boost cognitive function, memory, performance of certain tasks and increases one’s alertness and concentration.

8. Infections:

Due to its antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antiseptic properties, it is effective on external as well as internal infections. Cinnamon has been found to be effective in fighting vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections, stomach ulcers and head lice.

9. Eases menstruation cycles:

Cinnamon has also been found useful for women’s health as it helps in providing relief from menstrual cramping and other feminine discomforts.

10. Birth Control:

Cinnamon also helps in natural birth control. Regular consumption of cinnamon after child birth delays menstruation and thus helps in avoiding conception.

11. Breastfeeding:

It is also believed that cinnamon aids in the secretion of breast milk.

12. Reduces Arthritis Pain:

Cinnamon spice contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can be useful in reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

A study conducted at Copenhagen University, where patients were given half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder combined with one tablespoon of honey every morning had significant relief in arthritis pain after one week and could walk without pain within one month

13. Digestive Tonic:

Cinnamon should be added to most recipes. Apart from adding flavor to the food, it also aids in digestion. Cinnamon is very effective for indigestion, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea and flatulence. It is very helpful in removing gas from the stomach and intestines. It also removes acidity, diarrhea and morning sickness. It is often referred to as a digestive tonic.

14. Reduces Urinary tract infections:

People who eat cinnamon on a regular basis report a lower incidence of urinary tract infections. Cinnamon is diuretic in nature and helps in secretion and discharge of urine.

15. Anti clotting Actions:

A compound found in Cinnamon called as cinnamaldehyde has been well-researched for its effects on blood platelets. [Platelets are constituents of blood that are meant to clump together under emergency circumstances (like physical injury) as a way to stop bleeding, but under normal circumstances, they can make the blood flow inadequate if they clump together too much]. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon helps prevent unwanted clumping of blood platelets.

16. Natural Food Preserver:

When added to food, it prevents bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative.

17. Headaches and migraine:

Headache due to the exposure to cold wind is readily cured by applying a thin paste of powdered cinnamon mixed in water on the temples & forehead.

18. Pimples and Blackheads:

Cinnamon helps in removing blood impurities. Therefore it is often recommended for pimples.

Also external application of paste of cinnamon powder with a few drops of fresh lemon juice over pimples & black heads would give beneficial result.

19. Thinning of the blood and improves blood circulation:

Cinnamon is a blood thinning agent which also acts to increase circulation. This blood circulation helps significantly in removing pain. Good blood circulation also ensures oxygen supply to the body cells leading to higher metabolic activity. You significantly reduce the chance of getting a heart attack by regularly consuming cinnamon.

20. Toning of tissues:

Considerable anecdotal evidence exists to suggest that cinnamon may have the ability to tone and constrict tissues in the body.

21. Muscle and joint pain relief:

Those who eat cinnamon on a regular basis often report that their muscle and joint pain, as well as stiffness, is reduced or even eliminated.

22. Immune System:

Honey and cinnamon paste is good for boosting the immune system, removing regular fatigue and increasing the longevity of an individual. It is also known to have anti-aging properties.

23. Itching:

Paste of honey and cinnamon is often used to treat insect bites.

24. It is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.

25. Healing: Cinnamon helps in stopping bleeding. Therefore it facilitates the healing process.

Indeed, cinnamon has several health benefits as highlighted above that can be used to improve one’s health and boost one’s immune system. This is a great reason to keep some cinnamon around. Sprinkle it in your tea or coffee, over oatmeal or a sweet potato and, this will do wonders to your health.

[However, there’s a word of warning to be taken that over dosage of cinnamon may be unwise. Also it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Also, people who have been prescribed medication to manage their blood sugar should not reduce or discontinue their dose and take cinnamon instead, especially without consulting your doctor.]

Rear View Mirror Fell Off – Rear View Mirror Tips & Mistakes

Installing a rear view mirror that has fallen is a simple job. It’s important to know how a common mistake could break the windshield if this simple task is done improperly. It’s very easy to glue the rear view mirror button upside down. I worked with someone years ago, that made this mistake. When he tried to remove the metal button from the windshield so it could be glued back on correctly the windshield was cracked! This simple job cost the company we worked for at the time, $350 to have a replacement windshield installed. Read on to find out what type of adhesive is recommended, the step by step instructions on how to secure the fallen mirror and what to do if the button was mistakenly glued on upside down.

Rear View Mirror Installation Tips (50 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit)

  1. Use a rear view mirror kit made specifically for bonding the rear view mirror back on (like Permatex Rearview Mirror Adhesive).
  2. Separate the button from the rear view mirror. It is either held together with a screw or a spring retainer; the type without a screw will be pryed off with a screwdriver.
  3. Mark the position where the mirror will be re-glued. Use a crayon or piece of paper tape on the outside of the windshield.
  4. Scrape the old glue off of the inside of the windshield and the button. Clean the windshield and button with rubbing alcohol.
  5. The activator vial has a separator built into it, squeeze the vial until the inner portion breaks, the two parts will mix and is ready for application.
  6. Do not touch the surfaces with your fingers, apply the activator generously to the windshield and button. Allow to dry for 2 minutes.
  7. Open the adhesive and apply ONE drop to the center of the button (apply to the correct side of the button). One drop only, more isn’t better.
  8. Immediately hold the button in place on the windshield being sure that the it is right side up. Hold firmly for 60 seconds.
  9. Wait for fifteen minutes before mounting the mirror to the button.

If the button was glued on upside down or the wrong side to the glass, DO NOT try to remove it. Prying or heating to remove an incorrectly installed button may result in cracking the windshield! It’s best if this happens to purchase a new button and bond it on top of the incorrectly installed button.

How To Make A Photo Collage Poster – 10 Unique Ideas For Creating This Milestone Party Decoration

If you create a photo collage poster as the center piece decoration for your next special occasion, it will be the talk of the party. Here’s 10 easy tips and tricks to make this memory-filled tribute in pictures.

Collage Basics

1. Start with a big poster board in your color choice. This will be the background for your collage. Cut the poster board, if necessary, so that it will fit in a large standard size frame. You can check for typical frame dimensions at local stores, to make sure it’s trimmed to a compatible size.

2. Select photos and make COPIES of them. It’s important to preserve the original photographs. This is especially true with older pictures that may be difficult to replace. Ask everyone invited to the party to contribute snapshots of the guest of honor, so you have a good selection.

3. Decide on the collage theme or design and arrange photos. When it finally looks just the way you want it to appear, take a digital photograph of your layout. This way, you can recreate the composition, if anything gets disturbed when gluing.

4. Glue each photo down on the poster board. Glue sticks or rubber cement are good choices.

5. Finish your collage. You might want to use a sealant like Mod Podge. You can add embellishments like stickers, ribbon, feathers, beads, fabric, artificial flowers or anything else that is complimentary. Put in a frame, if desired.

Collage Design Ideas

Of course, you can randomly stick your pictures all over your poster board and it will be a fine tribute to the guest of honor But it’s just as easy to create a truly unique party collage that stands out.

6. Make it a number. If the celebration is for a birthday, arrange your photos in the shape of the guest of honor’s age. For example, for an 80th birthday, you would draw a big 80 on the poster board. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re only using it as a guide. Position your photos evenly over the eight and the zero you wrote on the board. This works for any age and is also great for a 50th anniversary.

7. Create a shape. Draw a big heart on your background, then trim and glue your pictures to fit in the shape. Overlap slightly so you don’t see the pencil marks. This is especially nice for a wedding, anniversary or sweet 16 birthday, but can be adapted to other occasions. You can even dress it up by using poster board or foam core in gold or silver. Any simple shape can be used for this idea.

8. Make it about memories. Enlarge a photo of the guest of honor and trim away the background. Position the picture in one corner of the poster. Draw a big cartoon thought bubble over the celebrant’s head to indicate that these are his thoughts. Fill the cartoon bubble with photographs representing his memories.

9. Focus on his favorite things. Expand the photo concept to feature pictures of his interests and pastimes. What food, sports teams, music, movies, places does he prefer? Is he a hiking, skydiving, skiing guy or is he a couch potato glued to his remote? What is he known for? Find clip art in places like google images, that represent his personality and hobbies and include them in this tribute.

10. Do it as a timeline. You can create one poster with columns that showcase different years or decades. Or, you can do individual posters that focus on a particular era in the person’s life or marriage. For example, if you were making this display for someone turning fifty, you would have one section with photos of him in the 1960s, followed by one devoted to the 1970s, then 1980s and so on. In each category, write captions with dates highlighting milestones for that person in that decade. You might also want to include interesting or important dates in world history to go in the timeline.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a big birthday party, golden wedding anniversary or any special occasion. A photo collage poster is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the celebrant and inspire memories in the guests. It’s fun and easy to make. And everyone will love it.

Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone offers numerous benefits over other produced constructing materials. As it is generated straight from the earth, it has an exclusivity that just Mother Earth can generate. These offer a genuine color palette that is matchless by substitute materials. As it is not a fake produce, it is colorfast and long-lasting. Breaking off and sun harm are not worries for this stone. Actually, you can anticipate that situation and exposure will only augment its strength and splendor.

Pro’s of Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone thin veneer is a light weighted option to complete size veneer. It is engraved from natural stone and its width is 3/4″ to 1-1/4″.

– Because of its reduced heaviness and effortlessness of managing, this can be fixed quicker therefore resulting in price savings for your assignment.

– Can transport 3600 square feet per truckload of thin veneer, while reducing the shipping costs.

– This is obtainable in all colors and quality when it comes to choose thin stone for the house.

– Setting up employs a bonding agent is applied which lets for the stone to be useful without a stone ridge or base. This function makes it particularly of use on remodeling plan or in regions with unique support concern for instance chimneys over roof line and second floor fireside.

– As it is natural, this veneer will not have a replicating pattern that is simply exclusive as it is with false stone materials.

– It is appropriate to any budget.

– Being that it is reduced fairly thin, this makes a reasonable option for those that have a precise financial plan drawn for their house enhancement and home renovates activities.

Con’s of Natural Stone Veneer

There are a few points that may be recognized as drawbacks to employ natural stone veneer in the region of the home. These disadvantages are as follows.

1. This stone veneer is manufactured naturally. Numerous people’s desire to stay away from stone types that are formed. If you are finding for a produce that is produced from rocks acquired naturally, this may not be a perfect option for you.

2. There is a chance that the creation may experience breaking off and scraping. Whilst this is essentially a drawback, there is a constructive side. If breaking off or scraping take place, the stone is formed in such a way that the under face is alike as the external surface. This signifies that it will merge in suitably.

3. People who employ this kind of stone veneer may sense that it is not as long-lasting as stones acquired naturally. Though, it does have a high forbearance for severe conditions.

Finding Furnished Apartment Rentals

Moving is a process that is difficult for most people. The anxiety involved with living in a new area coupled with the expenses is enough to deter a person from advancing. Finding furnished apartment rentals can make moving easier for a person who wants to experiment in a new town. The individual can find furnished apartments with one-year leases, nine-month leases, or seven-month leases as not to solidify long-term commitment. Additionally, the renter can save a great deal of money by renting an apartment that already has furniture. Furniture expenses for a new apartment can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. The following are tips on how to search for a furnished rental property:

Set the Budget

The first step in the process of looking for a furnished apartment is analyzing one’s budget. The person must ask himself or herself how much of a rental payment is too much. An individual can get a rough estimate of his or her available cash by subtracting household bills from income amounts. He or she will measure the affordable rent by the amount of cash left over after this figure is deducted. The most important part of finding a comfortable place to rent is being able to afford it. A renter should generally have enough to pay a month’s rent in two week’s pay.

Choose an Area

The next step in the process of looking for a furnished apartment is choosing an area. The best location to rent an apartment is one that is close to an employer. Walking distance is ideal for people who have car trouble. If the renter can also find something close to public transportation and grocery stores, it will be even more convenient. The key to performing a successful move is finding a location that is close to all necessary accommodations.

Select Apartment Type and Features

After the person has selected an area to search for furnished apartments, the next step is choosing an apartment type. The individual should select the number of bedrooms based on the amount of people who will be living in the apartment. A two-bedroom apartment can usually house four people. A one-bedroom apartment is usually only good for a couple. During this stage, the apartment seeker should also think about which utilities he or she would like to include with the rent.

Search for Furnished Apartment Rentals

Once the person has narrowed preferences down by area, accommodations, proximity, and budget, the final step is conducting a search. An apartment seeker should be able to search by location and amount in either the furnished or the unfurnished categories. Since that person is specifically looking for a furnished apartment, there is no reason to review anything in the unfurnished section.

The ads will have pictures of the apartments for the seeker to review. If that person sees something attractive in one of the apartments, he or she can schedule an appointment for further discussion. Soon the seeker can move into an attractive furnished apartment in an amazing new area.

How to Get Rid of Flat Warts

Warts are common and harmless benign tumors that usually grow above the skin. They may also appear on any part of the body but they are usually found in the feet, hands, and the back of the knees. Flat warts, a common type of wart growth, usually have a smooth appearance rather than the typical rough texture. They also tend to grow in clusters on the face, legs, or hands. They are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, which is also responsible for genital and plantar warts.

Home remedies for flat warts

To get fast results from effective wart removal, you can start by resorting to simple home remedies such as the use of duct tape. The strong adhesive of duct tapes can cause blisters to form around and under warts, hence eradicating them for good. You may also need to use a pumice stone to scour the warts and slough off dead skin before every reapplication. By applying duct tape to the affected area for at least a week, you can get rid of unsightly flat warts without resorting to surgery.

You can also use over-the-counter products to get rid of warts. Mild acids such as salicylic acid can also form blisters around the warts and allow dead skin to slough off. To get the best results, you should also remove dead skin cells with the use of pumice stone or a nail file. Bactine, mercurochrome, and hydrogen peroxide are also some of the best over-the-counter products used for getting rid of warts permanently.

To boost the effects of home remedies for warts, you should also keep you skin dry, clean, and disinfected at all times. Soak a towel in steaming hot water and gently place it for the affected area for at least five minutes. Use antibacterial wipes to disinfect the area and keep your skin dry by staying near the heater or electric fan. You can also increase your chances of winning your fight against unsightly warts by strengthening your immune system by taking Vitamin C.

Cryogenics for flat warts

If flat warts do not respond to any of these home remedies, you can also try a treatment known as cryogenics. It works by freezing warts, forming blisters to form under them, and allowing dead skin to slough off naturally. Doctors can directly apply liquid nitrogen to the affected area or use cotton-tip applicators. Non-prescription products for cryogenics are now available over the counter, too. You can spray them to the affected area and wait until it eventually falls off.

If you have flat warts, you should never hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor and find out if your problem is really this type of wart. Regardless of which treatment method you wish to use to remove flat warts, you have to make sure that it suits your needs as well as your budget.

The Advantages of PAL TV Systems

PAL is the acronym for Phase Alternating Line in television terminology. It is used to describe a color encoding system that is used in broadcast television systems in most parts of the world. It was Walter Bruch at Telefunken in Germany who had developed PAL, and it was in 1963 that the format was first unveiled. The first broadcasts were in 1967, in United Kingdom and Germany.

PAL TV systems are 625-line/50 Hz television systems and are different from the 525-line/60Hz NTSC television systems. PAL TV systems are predominant in Europe while the NTSC systems are found mostly in North America, Central America and Japan. DVDs that can be played on these systems are accordingly labeled as ‘PAL’ or ‘NTSC’. However European discs usually don’t have PAL composite color while NTSC defines the video line and frame format by contrast.

The PAL TV systems have greater resolution than NTSC and are more accepted because of its higher quality. The NTSC systems have tint controls that correct color manually; and if not corrected properly, colors turn out to be faulty. In the case of PAL TV systems, hue errors are automatically removed with the utilization of phase alternation of color signals it receives. This is why there is no need of any tint control with PAL TV systems.

With the help of a 1H delay line that produces lower saturation, the chrominance phase errors that may occur in the PAL system are cancelled out. This is in turn very much less noticeable to the eye than the hue errors you find in NTSC systems.

There is a small drawback in PAL TV systems where the alternation of color information through Hanover bars can at times lead to picture grain on pictures having extreme phase errors. Sometimes even the mis-alignment of decoder circuits or the use of simplified decoders of early designs in the PAL TV system may lead to picture on grain on pictures.

However such extreme phase shifts do not occur much. The effect is usually observed when the transmission path is poor, if the terrain is an unfavorable one or in typically built up areas. It has been noted that the effects are more noticeable on UHF signals than on VHF signals. This is because VHF signals are generally more robust.

The greatest advantage of the PAL TV system over the NTSC system is that it avoids the NTSC system’s sensitivity to phase changes through minor modifications where high color fidelity is achieved. With the help of a delay line and two adders, the PAL decoder adds color signals of successive lines while canceling out phase errors. The delay line here works as a line storage device.

Today, the PAL TV system is the most common and prevalent television system found in more than 65 countries because of it excellent color stability. There are different brands of PAL TV systems available today; it is up to you to choose the best brand and model you want depending on your budget and your entertainment requirements.

Spanx Vs Assets Swimwear: A Comparison of Both Swimwear Lines

You have probably heard of Spanx, the company that makes slimming shape-wear for both women and men. What you may not have known is that Spanx has their own line of swimwear for women that uses the same technology and features found in their regular line of shape-wear. You may not also know that Spanx offers a less expensive line of their swimwear, which is called the Assets line. Like their regular line of swimwear and swimsuits, Spanx’s Assets line is essentially shape-wear you can swim in. Both lines of swimwear- Spanx’s regular line and their Assets line- offer women the opportunity to look and feel great at the beach and the pool. Spanx’s swimwear and swimsuits can help slim your hips, flatten your tummy and rear, while also completely supporting your chest.

So what’s the difference between Spanx’s regular line of swimwear and their Assets line? Well, the main difference between the two lines is the price. There are some other differences between the two, which I will be talking about later. Like I mentioned previously, both lines offer slimming swimwear for women, but the Assets line is less expensive than the regular line of swimwear. Assets Swimwear is a brand within the Spanx Company, offering a line of Spanx swimwear that is more cost-effective and affordable from the regular line. If you actually compare the prices of the two lines, you will most often find the Assets line of swimwear is less expensive. Lets take a look at some of the prices from Spanx’s Assets line of swimsuits and compare it to the prices from their regular line of swimwear.

First up is Spanx’s Halter Swim Dress, which is from their one-piece line of swimsuits and also happens to be their most popular swimwear item. The Halter Swim Dress retails for $188.00 and comes in Black or Twilight. Compare this to the Assets Halter Swim Dress, which retails for $49.99 and comes in Pink and Black. As you can see, there is quite a difference between the two swim dresses in terms of price; the Assets Halter Swim Dress retails for $138.00 less than its counterpart. Another example can be found in Spanx’s Separates line of swimwear. Spanx’s regular Skirtini retails between $58.99 and $98.00, and comes in Black. The Assets Skirtini retails for $29.99 and also comes in Black. Again, there is quite a price difference between the two items.

At this point, you may be asking why anyone would pay almost $140.00 more for a swimsuit when its less expensive counterpart seems to be exactly the same? Well, this brings us to the second difference between the Assets line of swimwear and Spanx’s regular line of swimwear. This difference can be explained in the quality and materials used between the two lines. While both lines are effective and get the job done when it comes to their respective slimming capabilities, their is a difference in their quality and materials. Spanx’s regular line of swimwear and swimsuits generally use materials such as Spandex, lycra, nylon, mesh, and elastic. The Assets line of swimwear tend to use more materials like cotton and nylon in its swimsuits. What does this mean? It means that overall the design and construction of Spanx’s swimwear is thought to be more effective at shaping and slimming a woman’s body and figure. This is attributed to the fact that the materials used are not as flexible versus the ones used in the Assets line.

Another difference between the two swimwear lines is that regular Spanx swimwear will most often last longer than swimwear from the Assets line. This means you will pay more upfront for one of Spanx’s regular swimsuits; however, you won’t have to replace it as often as a swimsuit from the Assets line. What does this all mean for the consumer? Should I pay more money upfront or buy a less expensive swimsuit? While I can’t necessarily answer these questions for you, I will tell you that all these options are great for the consumer. Spanx’s entire line of swimwear- their regular and Assets line- offers a huge array of choices in various different colors, styles, and sizes. Because of this variety and choice, there is an option and a solution for any woman and any body type. The bottom line is you don’t have to worry when choosing between Spanx vs. Assets, because both lines of swimwear offer quality swimwear and provide you with a multitude of options to look and feel your absolute best!

The Pro’s and Con’s of Using Shielded Network Cables

Any products that are powered by electricity, also emit electromagnetic energy in the form of radio frequency emissions, or RF frequency. These signals generally fall in the AM/FM radio range, and can be measured with any RF signal detector. The problem is these frequencies disturb other equipment in the area, causing interference. In video surveillance situations, it could be loss of picture quality in your cameras or monitors. Other devices nearby can also be effected.

In order for these devices to function in an environment, they will have to be Electromagnetic Compatible (EMC), so they do not disturb or disrupt nearby equipment. In order for EMC to work, you have two items, emissions of the RF signals, and immunity from the RF signals. Immunity is the ability of any electronic product to tolerate the introduction of electrical energy from electronic products near by. You should look at both emissions and immunity when setting up a video surveillance network.

The biggest cause of emissions in a network camera deployment would be using unshielded twisted-pair or UTP cables to connect the cameras near RF emissions, instead of using shielded twisted-pair (STP) cables. The difference between the two is that the STP version is a Class B FCC product designed for home use, which will have higher RF emission requirements. The UTP is a Class A FCC rated product with lower emission requirements, meaning higher emission rates that will cause the interference.

The main issue is when you run the UTP in an environment that has other electrical devices like lighting, motors, or other electronic devices that give off RF signals. For example, running a UTP along side or inside a conduit with 12 or 24 volt electrical line to power a light. In this case, you would want to use the STP cable, which will help to block the emissions from the electrical line.

However, when you are just running one cable to one camera and nothing is near it, there is no reason why you can’t use UTP cable, as there is nothing nearby emitting electromagnetic signals. Let’s look at the Pro’s & Cons of STP cables.

The Pro’s of Shielded Twisted-Pair Cable is that it blocks RF emissions so you have less interference problems, resulting in better video quality.

The Con’s are it is more expensive, and less flexible, so installations might be harder & will cost more.

Since you really don’t have to run STP to every network camera, it should not be a huge problem or expense. Unless you see that you have certain camera cable runs that could be an issue with other electronic devices nearby, for the most part, you don’t need to run STP to every camera. Instead, you can install the UTP cables for the rest of your surveillance system, and save the STP for those other areas.

Making sure you are protecting your video signals in areas that have high RF emissions is critical to achieving a successful network camera deployment, so every camera can be seen, and the results recorded for future use.

Best Mortgage Deals: 203(K) Renovation Loans From FHA

Want to add value to a home? Some of the best bargains are properties in need of repair. The FHA 203(k) mortgage includes the cost to purchase or refinance and make repairs in one loan. This allows home buyers to borrower more than the sales price in order to make repairs if value increases. Borrowers are guided in the process by a certified consultant.

Since the mortgage is government backed, credit terms are more flexible and loans are allowed up to just over 95% of the property’s after-improved value. These loans offer competitive interest rates.

FHA Lending

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guarantees mortgage loans. Borrowers not eligible for non-government, also called conventional, financing may be eligible under FHA’s more flexible underwriting guidelines. FHA also allows the seller to pay a part of they buyer’s costs, allows down payment assistance from family, close friends or nonprofits, and has competitive interest rates.

The minimum borrower investment of 3.5% is a welcome contrast to the up to 20% some conventional loans require. The loan can also be used to refinance owner-occupied properties. The 203(k) loan is no longer available for investors.

The 203(k)

The FHA 203(k) offers the following advantages:

– Repairs are included in determining the after-improved value. The maximum mortgage is based on the home’s value after improvements are done;

– HUD Certified Consultants oversee home improvement from cost estimating to inspections. Contractors sign a written agreement to comply with 203(k) requirements. Changes to approved work, if any, must be deemed necessary by the HUD Consultant and approved;

– The lender’s escrow department disburses funds only after work is completed and inspected;

– Borrowers can finance up to six mortgage payments if the property is uninhabitable during renovation;

– The escrow department will ensure there are no mechanic’s liens before final payment is made to the home improvement contractor.


– FHA loans charge mortgage insurance upfront in addition to a monthly premium;

– Contractors are paid after each stage of work is finished, usually in three to five installments, so they must have their own funds to get the work started in most cases;

– Underwriting can take longer due to the need for coordination between homebuyer, contractors, the Consultant, and special renovation lending teams;

– An extra appraisal and a HUD Consultant fee must be paid upfront. That is an $800 to $1,500 additional expense.

Finding a Lender

Since so much is involved, be certain your lender is familiar with 203(k) requirements. Ask your Mortgage Loan Officer for details. You can visit HUD’s website, http://www.hud.gov, and search “find a lender.” Be sure the 203K box is checked on the Lender List page.