PAGG Stack – Is It a Hangover Cure?

It seems that there may well be a side effect of the PAGG Stack. The PAGG Stack is a new combined set of supplements which has enabled people to lose weight. There are no reported negative side effects which is why it is becoming more and more popular as people hear about it.

One positive side effect that has come out of the wood work is the possibility that it is a hangover cure. There is obviously no cure for a hangover as every supermarket in the land would be selling it and probably be making a huge profit along the way.

However, it does seem that it has a dramatic effect on the way you feel the day after drinking too much alcohol, and can significantly reduce the hangover effects enough to enable you to carry on your day as normal after a very good night out.

PAGG – Can it lessen the Hangover Symptoms?

The PAGG Stack consists of Policosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic Extract and Green Tea. All of which have been reported to contain the right kinds of ingredients to lessen the hangover effects. So combined, it makes excellent supplements to take on the day of a good session, to ensure that the next day is not a complete write off.

There are four main theorised causes of a hangover which consist of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar level), dehydration, acetaldehyde intoxication and glutamine.

So the theorised causes are that blood sugar is too low, dehydration and that toxins are present in the liver and gut. The PAGG supplement stack consists of ingredients that clear toxins from the liver, reduce acetaldehyde intoxication and also passes contents of your gut through the body faster, stopping them from sitting in your system and entering the blood stream.

To get advanced scientific information on each supplement it is best to Wikipedia them to see the benefits, but the basics are below:

Policosanol: Works by helping the liver control production. It is a long chain of aliphatic alcohol composed of 20 or more carbons. It is known to reduce serem lipids and ultimately improve liver function. This can lead to significant acetaldehyde concentrations being reduced.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Increases the excretion of toxic metals, helps the liver detoxify itself and regenerates vitamin C & E.

Garlic Extract: Contains S-allyl-cysteine which is a neutraliser of acetaldehyde.

Green Tea: Helps to constrict the blood vessels, thereby reducing the throbbing pain of an impending headache

Where can I get the PAGG stack?

If you are looking to buy PAGG supplements in the EU / UK or US there are many places that sell them, but ensure you buy each supplement with the right level of necessary ingredients. There are also other things to take into consideration, i.e. if you buy PAGG from the US and live in the UK / EU you will be subject to some additional charges and the same may apply the other way around. Alternatively you can buy the supplements separately which can definitely workout cheaper, but again ensure the right levels are in them.

To find out what these level are and the various places that they can be bought, checkout this site which is dedicated to trying to provide information about the supplements and also places to buy them: PAGG Stack