Paint by Number Wall Murals For Kids Rooms

Wall murals are a rising trend in kids wall decor. And for good reason! They look great in nurseries, play rooms, bedrooms or even school rooms. There's a sense of timelessness that goes along with well done murals. In many ways they can grow with your children! Problem is, most of us do not posses the artistic talent to create a stunning, timeless wall mural. And most of us do not have the extra money sitting around to pay a professional artist to do the job for us. Do not despair! I have the answer to your problem; paint by number wall murals.

Do you remember as a child, how you used to get those paint by number projects. You've got a row of paintings, all numbered, and a picture that had correlating numbered areas to paint in. I thought these were great! Well, paint by number wall murals are very similar. The amazing part is, these kits are simple enough that even children can get involved in the fun of creating a mural!

Paint by number wall murals are available in many different themes and sizes, from eloquent silhouettes for boys or girls, beach themes, jungles, pirates, princesses, woodlands … you name it, it's available. Most of these murals are big enough to cover a good portion of the wall. You can also use sections of the mural in other areas of the room, like as door huggers or bed framers. Either way, they all serve to create a beautiful focal point to a child's room or living space.

In this article I will remember the simple three step process of creating a stunning chilren's mural by using paint by number wall murals. As well, I will share some helpful hints so you are sure to succeed.

When you buy paint by number wall murals, you'll receive panels of paper that have the printed image of the mural on it. You'll also carbon paper for tracing and a list of paint colors to purchase at your local craft store.

The process of painting this mural is done in three steps. First: Taping. Tape the carbon paper to the back of your panels of paper. Then tape the panels of paper onto the desired area of ​​your wall that you want to paint the mural. Its best to do some measuring first, so you do not end up with a mural that's off center.

Second: Tracing. Using a ball point pen, trace over the lines of the printed mural. This will transfer the image to your wall through the carbon paper.

Third: Painting. Each area of ​​the mural is numbered, and the numbers correlate with a specific paint color. Your last step is to use the appropriate color to paint in your mural. You can use sponge brushes or art brushes. It's that simple!

A few tips before you start your wall mural. The mural shows up best on light colored walls; white, cream, pastels. I suggest using an eggshell, satin or semi gloss finish. It's also best NOT to trace the numbers, they may be difficult to cover up with the paint. If you want to protect your mural from fingerprints and dirt, you can apply a coat of Clear Coat for Indoor use. Apply this with a roller to the whole mural. If you skip an area, you'll know it, because the clear coat gives the mural a darker, glossy finish. So, be careful to not make any skippers.

In order to get the biggest bang out of your buck, you can reverse the pattern to create a bigger mural. Simply put the carbon paper on the backside of the pattern, trace the outline. Then turn over your pattern and you will have a reversed copy on that side. Now proceed with the normal 3 step process. This can work great for creating door huggers or bed framers.

"So, how long does this sort of project take?" you might be thinking. This adventure is best saved for a weekend-warrior project! Depending on the size of the mural you choose, it could take you the better part of a weekend or a full day to finish it. However, the saying still remains, "Many hands make light work!" Get your kids and friends involved and you will not only end up with a great mural but a really fun memory to last a lifetime!

I hope this article has served to open your eyes to the possibilities and inspired you to create a timeless, beautiful mural for your child! In just three simple steps you can create paint by number wall murals that will thrill your child's heart and create an environment that will inspire them to greatness!