Painter Supervisor – What You Should Know

This professional is the one that generally will exceed the painting crews when they are painting a business or residential home. Some of the roles that a painter supervisor has include:

• Checking to make sure that all areas that are not to be painted are masked so no paint gets into these areas
• Making sure the paint is properly mixed and then applied correctly
• Making sure that their crew has the paint and supplies that are needed to complete the job
• Taking the supplies and paint to the job site for the crew.
• Sometimes the painter supervisor will even transport the crew to the job site or a member of the crew to a job site where a small repair or touch-up is needed.
• They are also the one that is generally the one that will examine the painting job after it is finished to okay the work and sign the bill stating the job is complete.
• Scheduling the crews to work on the different sites and jobs
• Training new workers

Generally painting is the last step in any building or room makeover. Paint does have the ability to cover or hide any mistakes made during the other steps of remodeling or renovation but if there are mistakes when painting they can be hard to cover up. During the painting the paint supervisor will typically test the paint to make sure that it is staying mixed correctly and that it looks great on the walls. If there are any drips or splatters they will let the crew now so they can take care of the problem.

When the exterior of a home or business is being painted it is the job of the supervisor to make sure that all the shrubs, flowerbeds, and bushhes are properly protected against any paint drips or splatters. The driveways, porch steps, and sidewalks will also need to be protected. During this time if the customer has a specific question or the crew encounters a problem they will go to the painter supervisor. Other issues that they take care of are issues with the customer warranty and the repainting or touch-up of any area that the customer is requesting.

To become a painter contractor it is important that you have the experience working as a painter as any type of experience is helpful. You should spend time learning how the painting process works, keep up with all the latest new technology and techniques in painting, and working as part of a painting crew to get the experience you need. You should also demonstrate that you have the leadership skills that are needed by doing things such as clean up before being asked to do so.