Painters Scaffolding

This is a piece of equipment that painters use while painting places that normally are out of reach, like tall objects or high walls. The painter uses this as support to stand on while they work. There are also different types of scaffolding that the painters can use. What type they use depends on what the job requires. For example, is the work inside or outside and the height of the area they are painting. If the scaffolding is only needed for occasional projects, they can rent it. They can also be constructed from raw materials or purchased.

The basic structure of general scaffolding consists of a floor surface. A cage-type framework made of pieces of lumber or vertical and horizontal metal tubes supports the floor surface. There are wheels or base plates on the ground upon which the vertical struts may rest. This creates an elevated platform. An alternative method is the entire structure may be suspended by bracing the scaffolding from the side of the building. There will be little to no direct support with the ground. It can also hang suspended by cables. These cables are hooked to a crane or a higher part of the building.

Advantages of painters scaffolding

The main advantage over a regular ladder is that it will allow a painter to reach a larger area of the building by being able to walk across the floor surface of the scaffolding. When using a ladder it will only allow no movement and only a narrow range of reach. Areas that are too high to reach from a ladder can be reached from scaffolding.

Scaffolding uses

There are many types of scaffolding for a variety of uses.

• Large construction projects-this type of job will require scaffolding that can provide painters access to high areas and be able to support more than one painter. This type incorporates more elaborate rigging systems for support and bracing along with heftier struts.

• Small-scale projects-these projects normally do not require a lot of height, like painting the interior of a home. In these cases a portable structure on wheels are often used. Some companies do rent scaffolding that can hang from the structure for outdoor house painting.

Many times scaffolding is rented because it is not as expensive as buying one. Many times they are only needed for one or two jobs so they can be rented on an as-needed basis. The one drawback to renting painters scaffolding is that the scaffolding may not be modified for the job you need it for. This is why some companies choose to build their own custom scaffolding to fit the needs of the job they are working on. They use lumber of other material to make the scaffolding.