Painting Company – Marketing One

No matter what the economic turmoil, there seems to always be a demand for professional paint services. Painting companies are hired on by homeowners, construction companies, property management outfits, and a slew of other businesses. Those who currently own their own painting business, or are looking to get into the field should know that the key to success lies not only in the skill and knowledge provided, but also in your abilities as a marketing professional. In this article, we will provide tips to help you make your business known.

Step 1 – Take some time to brainstorm and come up with a marketing strategy that is able to exemplify your strengths and at the same time, define what the business is expecting to accomplish. What do your specialize it? What are the costs? What aspects of the business do you want to showcase? Do you have a list of referrals? Do you handle larger jobs?

Review each topic and consider them carefully. Once you have a clearly defined plan, do a little research in regard to your local competition's rates and services. By obtaining a basic understanding of what your competitors provide and charge, you will better be able to understand what price points and services you should be offering. This is also helpful in determining which services will help you stand out from the flock.

Step 2 – Network. Start building connections with owners in the construction, property, and housing industries. A big part of managing a successful business is the ability to generate work quickly. Although it makes take a little while to get going, the best way to get ahead is by establishing these relationships. Once your partners see what a good job you're doing, they will not hesitate to recommend you to additional companies.

Step 3 – Advertisements. Print advertising is not only effective, but it's rather cheap as well. This method provides evidence to potential clients that your business is established and on solid ground. Options include ads in local newspapers, grocery stores, hospitals and restaurants.

Step 4 – Use your referrals. This is generally one of the best ways to gain new work. Potential clients want to know that are hiring a name they can trust, and of course it simply sounds better coming from someone outside of the company.

Step 5 – Be sure to network with others in your area in hopes of developing new leads. Networking is one of the best ways to get your name out there and exchange tips and services. Make a point to network with interior designers, painters, contracting companies, real estate agents, and apartment managers. If you are unable to handle a particular job, refer the task to another company. The favor just might come back to you down the road.