Painting the Walls – Tips and Tricks

Consider a typical frustrating situation: you buy some wall paintings and you are not able to show them to your family because of no arrangement. A battery picture light is one of the solutions to provide light at the time of no electricity. Battery picture lights have gained immense popularity due to an increase in the demand for wall paintings. There is little left to be unsaid in the world of decorative wall paintings. Over the years, different styles and designs have evolved. These wall paintings can make your plain walls look different and stylish. You can decorate your walls with your imagination and a variety of techniques available.

By using creative wall painting techniques, you can easily enhance the look without a lot of expense. Paint, unlike wallpaper, can easily cover the undesired parts of your wall. However, before applying any ideas and techniques, it is advised to spend some time thinking how to decorate, and prepare surfaces to be painted. To give a professional look, you need to look for basic skills and techniques available. The following are some wall painting tips:

• The most important and time-consuming part is to be completely prepared. A sloppy paint job will give a cheap look. Therefore, it is better to take out some time, and tape off all the areas that are to be painted. You can make use of masking tape that is designed especially for painting. Also, make sure that edges of registers, fixtures, trims, ceilings, cabinets and other important surfaces are covered and protected.

• Learn all the rules of painting, before applying them. For instance, do not apply latex paint over enamel paint, as it does not adhere to the walls. However, if you have an enamel-based wall, and you want latex on it, apply a primer first. Choose an appropriate primer, and follow the related instructions and recommendations.

• Pick matching or contrasting colors. Colors that are a little different from the base coat give fine change in appearance. However, contrasts present a more dramatic change. You can first study the color samples available in market, and then select the best combination that you want for your walls.

• Try to use more than one color while painting. Set trays with different colors, and use different materials for each one. With this, you can discover a new and appealing look of your own.

• When using a roller to paint, dip it in the paint tray, and then roll it back and forth on part of the tray. This compresses the excess paint and spreads all the paint around the roller. You can paint in diagonal or zigzag strokes.

• Plastic bags can give an appealing look. Roll up a small plastic grocery bag and dip one side in paint. You can then apply it to the wall.

• You can use feathers as well, to create unique and wispy patterns. All you need to do is dip the feathers in paint, remove the excess paint by rubbing on paper bags, and then apply it on the walls. Keep extra feathers in hand, so that as soon as one becomes over-coated, use the other one.