Palm Centro Review

Designed for the CEO of the household or the young executive, the Centro features an entirely new form factor at an entirely new price point. Billed as $ 99.99, the new Palm Centro comes in under $ 100 as you'll see advertised in various marketing channels. This price is dependent upon signing a 2-year agreement and a supporting $ 25 data plan. Compared with Verizon and AT & T, Sprint's data pricing is still reliably cheap compared to the competition.

Pocketable Centro

The Centro may not be as thin as other smartphones such as the Moto Q, but it is most definitely smaller. The Centro is flat out pocketable and it's best friend might be the front pocket of your favorite jeans. It also feels light and this can be partially attributed to the smaller battery and plastic shell casing. Carryovers from the Treo smartphone include the ringer switch at the top of the phone allowing you to easily switch the ringer to vibrate mode and vice versa. The buttons on the front of the Centro have the familiar Power / End call and answer call buttons. Neslted in the middle of the device are buttons for phone, calendar, Email / Messaging and Home (Applications). The 5-way navigator is a departure from previous designs. The rim that allows for 4-way selection appears to be too thin, but I had no issue navigating as it's actually raised from the center button.

The good

QWERTY keyboard, Palm OS easy to use, small, touchscreen.

The bad

No 3.5mm headphone socket, no Wi-Fi, no 3G, no Bluetooth 2.0, no Java and no flash for the 1.3 megapixel camera


The Palm Centro is not a hip smartphone for the "youth" market as promised.