Panorama Residential Elevators

Founded in 1988 and with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Federal Elevator is a leading manufacturer of accessibility products in Canada and the US; it is also one of the fastest growing elevator companies in the world. One of the highly acclaimed products from Federal Elevator in the residential elevator category is the Panorama residential elevator. With the increasing need of having highly efficient elevators for serving the aged and the disabled, Federal Elevator’s Panorama residential elevator can prove to be highly beneficial to clients.

The Panorama elevator from Federal elevator maintains high standards in quality with lots of exceptional features being incorporated in the model. All features provided in the model are aimed at ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for its users, along with keeping the whole unit free from all kind of troubles and maintenance issues.

Some of the features provided in the Panorama residential elevator include:

o 1000 lbs load carrying capacity

o Standard platform size of 36″ x 48″

o Maximum speed of 50 fpm

o Key switch arrangement to shut elevators off during landing

o Stainless steel control panel

Passenger safety is given top priority by Federal elevators and the safety measures implemented are of the same standards provided in commercial elevators. The Panorama residential elevator has its own car control station with emergency stop buttons for user convenience. The emergency light and alarm activation implemented can immensely help passengers when normal power supply is off and the emergency lowering power supply system can safely land the elevator on to its platform whenever regular power fails.

A lot of customization options are offered in these Panorama residential elevators. The components which can be customized include interior cab finishing, car enclosure, arrival gongs and lights, floorings with carpet and rubber options and voice activated controls, to mention a few. The options for customizing car gates include manual or powered accordion folding, manual black scissor and bi-folding types. The optional platform configurations include the 90 degree side opening as well as three side openings.

Federal elevator offers one year company warranty for replacements of all defective parts for its Panorama residential elevators. With authorized elevator service centers operating throughout the US and Canada, getting your Panorama elevator serviced is even easier. With company trained technicians in service centers offering onsite and offsite servicing for federal elevators, clients can get their panorama residential elevators serviced in an efficient and time bound manner.

Thus to experience more freedom of movement in your residential apartment, Federal Elevator’s Panorama residential elevator is the best suited product. With one of these accessibility products installed in your home, you and your family can enjoy an improved way of life.