Paper Plate Turtle Craft

Children love turtles. This turtle paper plate craft is a fun, easy preschool craft project. To make this craft, you will need:

Two paper plates
Brown construction paper
Green craft paint
Google eyes
Dried beans (optional)
Felt tip pen

Your child will need two paper plates to make one turtle. Have your child use the green paint to paint the bottom side of both paper plates. Allow to dry.

Next cut out the arms, legs, etc. Using the scissors and brown construction paper, cut out four small rectangles for legs, a small triangle for the tail, and a circle for the head. You can outline them first with a pen if you wish, but it is not necessary. I just cut mine out freehand.

Glue the edges of the arms, legs, tail, and head to the top edge of one of the paper plates.

If you wish you can put some dried beans onto the plate so that when you glue the plates together the turtle will rattle when your child shakes it. This step is optional.

Next glue the second plate to the first plate. The tops of the plates should be glued together so that the painted sides are facing out. The arms, legs, tail, and head should be sticking out between the two plates.

Help your child glue the Google eyes on to the head. Let your child use the felt tip pen to draw on a nose and mouth and to decorate the "shell" of the turtle, if they wish.