Park Tool Advanced Tool Kit Product Review

Can you see yourself doing the repair work on your own bike? With the Park Tool Advanced Tool Kit you will be able to repair and make adjustments on not only your own bike, but also the you can work on your friends bikes too. (With their approval!) The Park Tool Advanced Tool Kit is a 37 piece kit that includes a tool box along with all the tools inside the box. You will also receive a brief booklet on how to use your tools.

With these top of the line professional grade tools, I strongly believe that you will be able to perform all the needed repairs, adjustments and upgrades for that bike of yours. You will be able to effortlessly do repair work on the drive train of the bike such as adjust both derailleurs, remove the chain rings, replace the crank arms, and replace the pedals. The kit also comes with a tube of PolyLube1000 Grease to put on the parts as you reassemble you bike. You will also be provided with the Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator that indicates the wear of your chain so when it is time to replace it, you can use the Professional Screw Type Chain Tool in order to remove your old chain from your bike and put on a new chain. When the cassette is time to be replaced, just use the Chain Whip and the Cassette Lockring Tool along with a crescent wrench to remove the old cassette and install a brand new cassette. These are just a few of the things that you will become fluent with when using your Park Tool Advanced Tool Kit. The tool kit also comes with 7 Cone Wrenches, 3 Spoke Wrenches, and Synthetic Blend Chain Lube are some of the more basic items in this Advanced Tool Kit.

When performing work on not only your own bike, but also the bikes that your friends want you to work on, remember that you are using professional grade bike tools. The same that bike shops use themselves. These are the tools that are used by many teams in the pro circuit and numerous amounts of individuals who prefer to work with only the best professional grade tools on the market. I strongly believe that with the purchase of the Park Tool Advanced Tool Kit you will be pleased with not only the durability and quality of these tools, but also the many different types of adjustments that can be done and how simple it is to use this professional grade tool kit.