Parrot 9200 and Bury 9060 Compared

The Parrot 9200 and Bury 9060 are both excellent hands free car kits. These two systems are similarly priced however they are great in different ways. When it comes to choosing between them you need to know the strong points of each, and then ask yourself, “What do I most want?”

The Bury Car Kit

With the Bury car kit its all about the touchscreen. The 2.8in superb quality TFT screen responds to the lightest of touches for call handling and menu selection.

Realistically each Bury 9060 needs a flat surface for mounting. Sometimes there is an ideal place for this one-piece kit. Either to the left or right of the steering wheel allowing it to be easily seen, and touched without strain.

Both the Bury and Parrot Bluetooth car kits will automatically synchronise phone book contacts. The Bury display will show the name of the person calling, as long as that number is in your phone’s address book. Typical phone details are also shown including battery remaining, signal strength and one or two phone connection.

Unlike the Parrot 9200 the Bury comes with a hard case. Practically, not sure if anybody would need to take off the screen, but when you open the box for the first time it feels like a high quality device.

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit

The MKi Parrot Bluetooth car kit is very easy to use and comes with music playing options.

The separate remote control can either be strapped to the steering wheel or mounted again on the dash. When it comes to everyday use the Parrot 9200 remote’s ‘twiddle’ button makes menu selection and call handling very easy. This two piece kit also gives more mounting options for the screen, allowing it to be placed higher up towards the driving view of the car, and in a more central location.

The 9200 features a high resolution TFT colour screen capable of displaying music album covers. Unlike the Bury car kit it is also capable of photo ID, and by saving a picture you can see the face of who’s calling.

A great benefit of this kit is the music playing input leads. It comes with iPod, USB and 3.5mm leads usually fitted in the glove box. You need to buy the more expensive Bury 9060 Music kit to get a similar input and even then you only get a single iPod lead. Having a USB lead also means that software updates are easier.

Comparing Bury 9060 with Parrot 9200

When it comes to comparing the Bury 9060 with the Parrot 9200 it is a matter of personal preference. The Parrot Bluetooth car kit is best for ease of use and music play and the Bury car kit has a great touchscreen. You also need to consider the layout of your car as sometimes it comes down to, “What will fit best in my car?”