Partner Pleasing Sex

The best kind of sex is partner pleasing sex. Knowing you’ve done the job is such an enormous mental high, and pleasing your partner leads to an amazing attitude towards having great sex on a regular basis.

Partner pleasing sex has to do with a combination of ambiance, foreplay, and game playing. I’ll briefly mention the first two, then get to the juice with number three.

1. Ambiance. The ambiance is what sets the mood. It can really make the difference between a so-so night of intimacy and a fun, exciting, erotic and unforgettable night of intimacy. What where doing here is “priming”. Ambiance is the initial prime, then with foreplay we move into the secondary prime. Two easy ambiance set pieces are music and lighting. It’s always best to get an idea of what music your partner likes, then choose the mellowest of that genre and play it lightly in the background.

The second initial prime for partner pleasing sex is lighting. Change out one of your bulbs and insert a colored bulb. A trick to the partner pleasing sex trade is finding out beforehand your partners favorite color, and then go out and get that colored bulb. When it’s time for intimacy, say smoothly and slyly, “didn’t you say your favorite color was purple?” And then very casually switch the lamp on. The one that has the purple bulb inserted in it.

2. Foreplay. This is the secondary primer for partner pleasing sex. You must engage in foreplay, beginning with small kisses and eventually moving into light touching. Foreplay plays a huge part in partner pleasing sex, and essentially primes your partner for the pleasures to come. Without foreplay you create a missing element which cheapens and lessons the overall pleasure pleasing aspect.

3. The juice: Playing games. Now, wrap everything around with the element of game play. From small jesters or jokes while setting the ambiance, to foreplay, and even the actual act itself, game playing proves to be fun, memorable, and creates a calming mood which is essential for partner pleasing sex. There’s a few tips for this and I’m going to unleash one right here. During foreplay, while kissing quickly pull back and pause when your partner goes to kiss you. Then simply smile or laugh a bit. Your partner should eventually pick up on the game and will then do the same to you, pulling back while your going for a kiss, and then laughing lightly. This game can go back and forth and is great priming fuel for partner pleasing sex.

You can carry this game on even into the final frontier. Slowly becoming intimate, then pulling back, and then resuming. Another underlying element to this particular partner pleasing sex method of game playing is that it’s as if your playing that your partner is so hot, that it’s hard to get close, and you have to pull back and then go in slow and precise, cherishing the flavor and feel of something so red hot and smoking beautiful!