Patio Awnings – Style and Practicality

For many families nowdays, the patio is the heart of their home. They entertain there, they sit back and relax on fine afternoon, and sitting around a fire pit after a hard day at work is a great way to unwind. You can relax and read a book as the kids play, or chat with friends while ribs sizzle on the barbecue. Many of us spend a substantial amount of money buying good quality patio equipment and furniture, to make sure we get as much use as possible from our patio area, and to make it elegant and comfortable for visitors and ourselves.

Sometimes, though, the great outdoors can be too much a good thing. That's where patio awnings can be great, because they give you more options for using your patio. In summer, when the heat outside can be unbearable, a patio awning can keep your patio shaded and comfortable. More people are realizing just how useful patio awnings can be, and because of their increasing popularity, they can now be purchased in a huge range of colors, styles and options.

One of the reasons that more people are turning to patio awnings is the fact that it's almost like adding another room to the house. The patio can be an attractive part of your house anyway, but with awnings added it can be turned into a huge outdoor room. With tasteful decorations, you get the feeling that your home has been extended out onto the patio, which gives you more options for entertaining.

You can buy patio awnings that are operated either manually or electronically. With a manual awning, you can choose exactly what depth, or pitch, you want for the awning's fabric. Depending on the conditions, you might like to have the awning fully extended, or perhaps only partially open. Electronic, or automatic patio awnings have electronic 'arms' that operate at the push of a button. Some may also have a remote control for easier operation. Most automatic awnings also have a manual option, so that you can still adjust the awnings even during a power outage or if the motor fails.