Patio Awnings

If you really want to add value to your property and make your patio a more habitable space, consider looking into Patio Awnings.

The main reason to purchase a Patio Awning is protection from the sun. Patio Awnings minimise glare and UV rays both indoors and outdoors. By providing shade, they also reduce the amount of heat entering your property through open patio doors- meaning you spend less on air conditioning. Furthermore, with sufficient slope, retractable awnings can protect outdoor areas from rain, providing the material is water resistant. This means you can sit outside and enjoy your patio whatever the weather.

There are 2 basic types of Patio Awning- fixed and retractable. Both come in a variety of different designs, colours and materials. However retractable awnings are generally better as you can position them to suit your needs on a day to day basis.

Choosing the right awning for your patio is as much about personal preference as it is about functionality- however it's important to make the right decision, as a poor quality Patio Awning, or one that looks totally out of place on your patio will ultimately spoil the experience. It may even detract from the value of your property- so get it right!

The first thing to look at is the climate you live in- if it's hot and sunny all year round, maybe steer more towards a fixed Patio Awning. If you live in a seasonal climate, go for a retractable Awning. You then need to consider elements like price, size, design / style, and materials / fabrics when chosing your Patio Awning.

Purchase an Awning today and reap the benefits.