PayPal and Click2Sell

This is a long chapter but it is not as time consuming as you may think!

Right, now we should have in place:

A Domain Name
A Hosting Account
A PLR Product
A Sales Page

And today you are going to set up a PayPal account and a click2sell account. I am sure that some of you will already have these, but if not you are now going to sign up for them both. Do not worry they are both FREE!

PayPal is going to be your payment processor. They will take care of you buyers purchases and pay you the balance after their commission.

Click2Sell are going to handle your ARMY of affiliates and pay their responsibilities, so you do not have to worry about it!

If you do not know what an affiliate is, simply look at it like a traveling sales man working at selling your product for you. The best part is he gets paid ONLY when he makes a sale! but only getting paid if he makes a sale.

And you are going to have a LOT of them!

If you do not have a PayPal account then go to Google search and type in PayPal

Once there, it is a simple few steps to sign up, you will need to set your account as a premier account or business account to be able to send and receive money. And you must use an email account that you regularly use.

I will not go into detail in setting up your account as it really is quite simple. Once you are on the site, you will have to enter your credit card and bank details for verification and payments. Do not worry it is perfectly safe, PayPal is one of the worlds largest online processors.

Again Google Click2sell and sign up for an account, you will become a merchant here. Again sign up is a simple matter and should only take up a few minutes.

On this page just enter all your details, you will get a confirmation email which you will have to confirm, after that log in with your username and pasword, (you may have to do this twice). Once logged in to go to the "MERCHANT" tab at top left hand corner and you need to follow 5 simple steps:

Step 1:

1) Enter your product name
2) Enter a short description about what your product is
3) Ignore "dynamic product price"
4) Enter the product price as $ 47 (remember you will be changing that later)
5) Set the commission rate to 50%
6) Enter a few keywords about your product
7) For Type of product, click downloadable
8) Click next

Step 2:

1) Select a link name, (this will be what links you to your product) you can just use your own name if you wish. Enter the URL of your sales page Ie,

2) Thank you page (we will do this section when you have uploaded your files) so please come back later after you have learned how to upload files to your server!

Click "Use your Own" and enter the URL of your Thank you / download page. So if you have called it 'thank you' it will look like this: (remember to put a forward slash after the .com and no space between thankyou!)

3) Currency: I recommend you use dollars (depending on where you live). Then upload the eBook cover image from where you have stored it on your computer. It should be in the folder you created on your desktop.

4) Ignore "Upload product file"

5) Leave the rest of the boxes ticked as they are

6) I would suggest you preview WITHOUT the additional information as it can put some people off, but the choice is yours.

7) click "Next" to go to the next step!

Step 3:

Here, you'll want to click at least 2 categories that fit your product description. Afterwards, just click Finish!

Step 4:

This step in the process does not apply since you're product is download does not apply because yours is a downloadable product.

Step 5:

On this page, look at the SECOND box down. Place your mouse over the box with the html code. Right click with your mouse and choose "Select All. Right-click again and select" Copy ".

Now go to the folder you created for everything on your desktop. Open the folder, place your mouse anywhere in a white area, right click and select "New". Select "Text Document" from the list that pops up. You will see you have created a new folder: right click again and choose 'Rename'. Go ahead and call it 'Order Button'.

Now open the folder and click "Paste". The code you have copied should then show in the folder.

This is a very important step, as the code in this button is going to re-direct the buyer to the payment page.

CLICK CLOSE as you have now completed your click2sell account!

Now, you can choose to keep that payment button as it is, which looks like the image you saw next to the code you copied – or you can use your own button. If you choose your own button, you need to alter the code you have just copied. Do not worry it's not difficult – I will show you how later.

Do not worry if you have not done it right as you will be able to test everything when it is all set up. Just go back to the merchant tab in click2sell and you will see your product information. At the bottom of the box far right you will see a 'test buy' link. For about $ 2
you can go through the whole buying process to check that everything is functioning OK.

Make sure that when you signed up for click2sell you used the same PayPal email address that you signed up for PayPal with otherwise you will not get paid for any sales !!! e