PDA Memory Cards – 7 Tips On Using Them To Improve Your Bridge Media Experience

PDA Memory Cards are a very popular means of instantly enlarging the memory capacity of a PDA. Most of the PDA Memory Cards that are in use today are of the SD memory card format, and their capacity ranges form 16MB to 1GB. The 2.4 and 8 GB cards are now in development, and are expected to penetrate the market during 2007 and 2008. Quite impressive for a memory card the size of a post stamp. The use of an SD memory card is great for installing additional software on your PDA, or storing more data on it. But it also enables your PDA to participate in what's called "The Bridge Media" concept that the SD memory card creators had the vision for.

The meaning of Bridge Media is that the SD cards can offer a way to connect many types of appliances trough one small memory card, without the need to use any interpretation.

An example for sd card use:

You shoot a video clip with your digital camera. You will store the video clip on your SD card which is supported by the digital camera. After that, you can take the memory card out and plug it into your PDA. The video clip is immediately shown on your PDA, without the use of any other device. You did not need your PC's interference in doing this – both your digital camera and your PDA know how to read and write data to and from an SD card.

The nest thing you can do is, say, change the video clip is some way sing your PDA (like adding titles). You can save the new video clip to the memory card and take the SD card to a video camera. The video camera can now read the new video clip and display it on it's screen or on your television.

Here's another example:

You have an important phone call on your cell phone. Your cell phone supports SD memory cards so it's able to record the call. You can later save the phone call audio file on to your PDA memory for future use.

As you can see the possibilities are endless, and memory is something you can easily move from one appliance to the other thanks to the flexibility of PDA Memory Cards

Another thing to remember is that the DS memory cards have very fast read / write speed of X133. This is possible due to the fact that no physical component is active in the read or write process, and the memory is completely electronic.