PDO RG-22C – Twenty-Two Rifle Fireproof Gun Safes

The interior of the PDO RG-22C Hollon Republic Series fireproof gun safe has interior dimensions of 56″ high x 27.5″ wide x 17 ¼’ deep providing 16.93 cubic feet of interior storage space. Adjustable shelving provides safe storage for 22 rifles inside the safe plus extra storage using the pocket door organizer.

The PDO RG22 gun safes are not only constructed to protect against fire, smoke and water damage but to protect against unlawfully entry by burglars. As with all safes in the Republic Series of fireproof gun safes, the contents are secured against being pried open. The first point of attack by a burglar is most often a pry bar attack on the safes door followed by punch attacks. The five-inch thick door has 3 gauge solid steel plate added to the entire door, drill/ballistic armored hard plate to protect the lock and an active spring-loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks. Construction of the safe’s body is of nine-gauge seamless steel.

To allow a full 180-degree door opening the RG22 gun safe is constructed with external hinges. Additionally, external hinges allow for the easy removal of the safe’s door should it require repairs. It is much easier and more cost effective to ship a door than the complete safe. It is easier for a burglar to cut off external hinges and as is the case with poorly designed gun safes lift off the door. Having locking bolts on all four sides overcomes this problem.

All the Hollon Republic series gun safe cabinets are Torch Resistant Fire Rated fireproof safes providing for one-hour fire protection at temperatures of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire protection is provided by layers of fireboard built into the walls and door of the safe. Fireboard one inch thick provides fireproofing of the 1.25-inch thick body while the five-inch door has three layers of fireboard 1.5″ thick. In a fire, damage can be by way of fire damage but more often occurs when the gun safes door allows smoke and water, in the form of steam generated by the gallons of water used to fight the fire, to enter the cabinet. This problem is overcome in the RG-22 gun safe by the installation of a heat activated intumescent door seal.

Unloaded the PDO RG22 fireproof safes weigh 650lbs and are much heavier when fully loaded with weapons and accessories. A determined burglar with a pallet jack would still be able to remove the safe. To overcome removal the PDO RG22 comes with pre-drilled anchor holes to allow the gun safe to be bolted into position.