Pellet Fireplace Inserts Will Create a Merrier Christmas

Those holiday greeting cards make everything look so wonderful. The house is surrounded by snow. Icicles hang from the eaves of the roof. A chimney puffs a wisp of smoke into the calm nigh sky. What they do not show you are the people huddled for warmth, fighting off the cold as they blatantly attempt to warm their hands in front of an underperforming fireplace. Winter comfort requires more than a snowy night and a trip from Santa Claus. You also need heat. Pellet fireplace inserts can provide it.

Pellet fireplace inserts work with your existing fireplace. In fact, they serve to replace that inefficient, smoky wood-burner with a hyper-efficient, full-featured wood pellet stove. The inserts fit right into your existing unit, transforming it into something far superior. That old fireplace will instantly become a powerful wood pellet stove after the easy installation process.

Regular fireplaces just are not efficient. You can dump a full cord of wood into a fireplace on a cold day and still feel the need to wear a heavy sweater in the same room. They do a poor job of circulating heated air and their chimneys allow more than smoke to escape – precious heat goes out the top of your home, too.

Pellet fireplace inserts, on the other hand, provide real heat and comfort. As the name suggests, they are simply on small pellets of wood to generate heat. The process is far more efficient than the old-school alternative; some models operate at ninety percent overall efficiency.

In addition, you still get to enjoy the benefits of your fireplace. Pellet fireplace inserts do not sit a font of the fireplace, they fit right inside. You will still have same mantle and a great place around which everyone can enjoy a glass of eggnog. In fact, you might end up with a better-looking area. Most of the inserts are quite handsome, serving as a handsome upgrade.

Home heating costs are skyrocketing. Fireplaces seem like a good alternative to other fuels until you actually try to use them. Pellet fireplace inserts, on the other hand, really are a great way to keep your bills under control and to stay warm through the entire winter. The little wood pellets these systems used are inexpensive and they pack a real heating punch. When you look at the prices of natural gas, electricity and home heating oil, it is easy to see why pellet fireplace inserts are gaining in popularity so rapidly.

Oh, and if you were wondering … Based on our research, Santa Claus can still visit you even if you have replaced your fireplace with a pellet insert. Apparently, chimneys are optional.