Pellet Stoves Save Money and Help the Environment

In today's struggling economy, saving money is incredibly important to everyone. One place to save money is on the cost of heating your home. Those old boilers and furnaces are not saving you any money, that is for sure. Just buying fuel for them costs an arm and a leg. Heating by pellet stoves is one way that many people save money every year on their heating bill. Sure, there is an initial cost when the pellet burning stove is installed, but after that you save money every winter.

A 40 pound bag of wood pellets will run you between $ 5.00 and $ 7.00 a bag. That is enough to heat most average size homes for one day. This brings the monthly heating cost to roughly $ 150.00 per month. That is very good for an area that has bad winters. It would be even cheaper to heat your home by a pellet wood stove if you were in a climate that does not get quite so cold in the winter. Just imagine how much money heating by a pellet burning stove can save you. With regular usage, pellet stoves save homeowners an average of $ 500.00 to $ 1,000.00 per winter in heating costs.

If the money savings does not interest you, then maybe helping our planet will. When pellet stoves are used instead of oil burning furnaces and boilers, you are helping the planet. Wood pellets are renewable, unlike oil. A pellet burning stove is a clean energy that does not harm our environment. So, you can save money and help preserve America's main fuel source. Why heat with oil if you do not have to? Save the oil for things that must use it and heat with wood pellets instead.

Between the cost savings and helping the earth, pellet stoves really are the way to go now to heat your home. Any size home can be heated by pellet stove. There are many options for these stoves, including Riteway, Fuel King, St Croix and Enviro. All of these stoves will help you save money and protect the planet. You can stop using oil and wasting the resource and the money by heat with a pellet wood burning stove.