Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and get their name from the jewelry accessory of the same name. Pendant lighting has a distinctive appeal and is considered perfect for places like kitchen islands, desks, breakfast nooks and the like. Pendant lighting can be either a single pendant lighting fixture or two or three different ones teamed up to provide a dramatic effect. Generally when two or three pendant lighting fixtures are teamed up, mini pendant lighting fixtures are used. The area of pendant lighting provides a lot of scope for the use of creative designs and ideas.

It is advisable to mount pendant lighting fixtures at least 24″ to 30″ above the area to be lit. When mini pendants are used, the ideal height would be 18″ to 24″ above the surface area to be lighted. When two or three pendants are used, an adjustable pendant bar can be used to fix them at different heights. This makes it possible to adjust heights from time to time, varying the overall lighting effect in the process.

Pendant lighting fixtures are available in various styles. Some of the commonly seen styles are sleek clean designs, reflective stained glass and crinkle glass designs. Pendant lighting fixtures are task oriented and provide necessary lighting for specific areas. The intensity of light needed can be dictated by the choice of bulb used inside the pendant lighting fixture.

Most pendant lighting fixtures are available with chains and rods that enable adaptation for different heights. Multiple pendant lights in a single fixture at staggered heights create a dramatic effect and are ideal for use little corners of large rooms. This kind of lighting creates an interesting area in an otherwise ordinary room.

Pendant lighting fixtures made of hand blown glass are available starting around $30, with some costing $500 and above.

Differing budgets and lighting needs can be catered to efficiently by the imaginative use of pendant lighting.