Penis Enlargement Pumps Can Be Dangerous To Use

You and I know that it is fact that most guys want to have a bigger penis if they could. As such, businesses have capitalized on this male obsession and have produced many male sexual enhancement products to achieve this end.

However, are these male sexuality products effective? If so, how safe are they?

For the purpose of this article, I have researched many so called penis enlargement products and have come to the conclusion that the more reliable and safer ones are pills made from natural herbs. This is because the active ingredients of most of these supplements I have seen are from herbs that are traditionally used by various cultures to improve and increase blood circulation to the penis in order to increase the firmness of erections. At the same time, since the penis is gorged with more blood, it will naturally be bigger, at least at that moment when it is erect.

However, there is a penile enhancement product that I think can be potentially dangerous. This product is the penis vacuum pump. The penile pump is supposed to draw blood into the penis by force making it bigger. This is done by suction is a manual manipulation that may actually damage the penis.

The vacuum pump is usually a transparent cylinder which is placed around your penile area. A rubber tube is connected to a manual pump or an automated pump which then sucks air out of the cylinder creating a vacuum in which the penis is forcefully pulled into the cylinder so that it is stretched taut. This in turn causes the chambers in the corpora cavernosa to expand so that it can contain more blood making the penis bigger. Manufacturers often recommend that you use the pump everyday so as to maintain and improve on the size increases.

As described above, this method of penile enlargement actually stretches your tissues forcefully and as such may cause physical to your sex tool such as torn tissues, broken blood vessels, impotency, urination complications and even painful swellings. Ouch! That hurts, doesn’t it?

Yes, the vacuum pumps do temporarily increase the size of your sex tool, but is it worth the risks involved? Since there are many other safer methods to enlarge your penis or to have better erections such as the herbal supplements mentioned earlier in this article, why should anyone of sound mind wants to take such risks? Having a damaged manhood is no laughing matter. Besides being a physical infirmity, it is also a big blow to the male ego.

There are also penile exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in the penis. The penile muscle is just like any muscle in the body and will grow bigger with the right and regular exercises just like doing the dumbbell curls to make your biceps bigger.

As such, I think the most effective and safe way to make your tool bigger is to take supplements to improve and increase blood circulation and to do penile exercises for a stronger penis.