Penis Sensitivity Training – Making the Penis a Responsive Tool

Working out comes naturally to athletic men. They know that running a little bit each day could help them to prepare for a marathon, for example, or that lifting weights could help them to snap a barbell over their head when competition day arrives. Even so, men with penis sensitivity problems might feel as though there’s simply nothing that could be done about their problem. In reality, the same training techniques that apply to sports events could apply to penis responsiveness levels. Men just need to add training to their penis care routine and ensure that they’re supporting that training with the right nutrition. Here’s how men can get started.

1. Sensory Mapping

The penis has a specific number of receptors for touch and pressure, and they’re all designed to send a little signal to the brain when they’re stimulated in some way. Unfortunately, some of these receptors are stronger than others, and they tend to get a bit more attention as a result. Just as a baby screaming in a restaurant will get more attention than a child who is quietly eating ice cream, the ultra-sensitive portions of the penis tend to call out to a man and get more of his time during his self-play sessions. Touching those areas can bring him a quick release, but the rest of the penis is neglected. And honing in on the same spots day after day can cause dry skin, scar tissue and other barriers between the feeling and the touch.

Sensory mapping techniques can help. Here, a man spends time really exploring the rest of his penis using a variety of different kinds of touches. Some men use their fingers or the fingers of partners for this exercise, but others use tools such as:

  • Feathers
  • Ice cubes
  • Fur-lined sex toys
  • Grease or butter

The idea is to expose the sensory cells that run up and down the penis to a variety of different touches, with varying levels of intensity. This kind of therapy can allow the brain to develop a more complex “map” of the penis, and in time, a man may find that his brain is drawn to different areas on his penis when it’s time for self-pleasure; in some cases, and he may be able to accurately describe where he’s being touched if a partner gets into the act and a blindfold is introduced. This map could also help a man to experience more intense sexual pleasure, as all of his sensory cells will be working together.

2. Stimulating the Brain

It’s been said that the brain is the most sophisticated sexual organ, and there’s no reason for men to leave out their gray matter when they’re training for sensitivity. In fact, attaching words to the sex act may help to make the blood flow a little faster, and that added blood could allow sensory information to move from the penis to the brain with a bit more accuracy.

Some men read naughty literature aloud during their sex sessions, allowing their brains to boost their blood supply. Others use words to describe what they’re doing to their bodies, or what’s being done to them. It might sound silly, but those who have tried these techniques often report that they really do work.

3. Nourishing Good Health

Any sensitivity regimen is more likely to be successful when there’s a healthy penis involved. An organ that’s encrusted with scar tissue or shriveled up with dry skin just can’t respond, no matter what might be done to it. That’s why a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) plays such a vital role in a training program. These products can soften rough skin, allowing those dead cells to slough off, and the vitamins in these products can nourish sensory cells and allow them to fire rapidly and accurately. With the inclusion of a product like this, a man’s training is bound to be successful.