Penis Size – What Size Girth Do Women Like?

A very common question when it come to penis size is “girth”. Girth size refers to the thickness or width of the penis. It’s generally considered that women care more about the girth size rather than the length size of the penis.

But what about the question, “what size girth do women like?” In other words how thick does the penis need to be in order to really please the ladies?

The answer to this is going to vary from woman to woman. Not all women have the same sized vagina. Some women are going to have less space, thus a thicker penis may be too uncomfortable. Other women will have more space, hence a larger, thicker penis works for them. So giving a specific size measurement in girth is simply not going to work. Instead we have to address the answer in a more general sense.

  1. Friction and Pleasure. Ideally you want to provide enough size to fill the woman up so you are providing enough pleasurable friction while having sex. A very skinny penis may not fill up the vaginal walls as well as a thicker penis. But having said that, smaller women with less space don’t mind a thinner sized penis as for them, it can do the job just fine, and may even be preferable as we’ll see in the next point.
  2. Too Big. Believe it or not, there definitely is such a thing as too big. And this refers to girth. Too much friction ends up causing pain rather than pleasure. Also, a larger size penis can take more time for the woman to get used to. So the first 5 minutes of sex may be spent “adjusting” to the size. This can become very annoying.

Those are the basics regarding preference to size in the thickness department. But it doesn’t really end there. If a thicker penis can be more pleasurable, then why are there guys with thinner penises who are highly successful at performing pleasurable sex and considered very desirable by many women? Here’s why:

  • “It’s in the way that you use it”. This is a common reply by many women regarding size. If a guy can “work it” then size is irrelevant. Sex is highly enjoyable if a guy knows how to grind smoothly and work the woman’s g-spot in a pleasurable manner.
  • “Oral sex is better with skinny penis size guys”. This is something that is rarely touched upon, but is very, very important. Guys don’t realize that many women prefer a skinnier penis when giving oral sex! It makes sense as many women have small mouths. They do not like to gag or be filled up too much, which is what happens when performing oral on a guy with thicker size. A thinner penis is much more pleasurable to perform on and it enables the woman to maneuver much more freely, thus providing more pleasure to the man.
  • “Smaller guys do more”. Here’s another rarely reported fact that women have stated. The guys with the larger penises just sit back and let their penis do the work, believing that because they have a thicker girth size they can get away with relying solely on the penis to pleasure. Meanwhile, the smaller guys, are going down on women, kissing much more often and in more areas, licking and pleasuring in all kinds of erotic ways that many women go crazy over! So sometimes when women see thickness, a red flag goes up as there is a good chance that the guy is actually going to be a horrible, boring, lover who relies only on his penis size to get the job done.