Penlac Nail Laquer- Does It Treat Nail Fungus?

Are you tired of keeping your hands or feet covered for fear of people thinking you are unclean? Tired of having spotted, thickened, streaked, discolored, yellow, or cracked nails? If your answer is ‘Yes’ for this questions- doesn’t worry you’re not alone- you are among thousands of people, who lead their life with nail fungus infection.

Ciclopirox, is the potent topical solution available as Penlac nail lacquer in the brick and mortar shops for curing nail fungus infections. This product- Penlac nail lacquer is a solution that is available in a glass bottle with a mini-paint brush, like nail polish. This can be used much a same way as like that of nail polish.

Have an appointment with the physician regularly in spite of your application of this nail lacquer. This product should be applied daily on the affected nail, and the nail may be required to clean with alcohol once in a week. Do remember to file away loose nail material during this day. Take utmost care to avoid contact with skin other than skin immediately around the treated nail.

Most of the clients accredited the penlac nail lacquer as an attractive substitution to Lamisil (terbinafine), the oral drug. But it is having its own limitation of not being used when the fungus has invades the lunula (the crescent-shaped lighter area near the nail base).

Penlac nail lacquer can be called as successful substitution for Lamisil as there is no ossiblity of liver damage or other unpleasant side effects. If you experience any side effect with Phenelac generally only involve the nail area if they occur at all.

If you have the problem of nail fungus- I know how you feel about the condition. Why don’t you try Penlac? Penlac not only helps to control fungal infection but also recurrence of the same.

Penlac is not the over-the-counter medicine. Your GP might prescribe you for getting this solution.

If you want to use a product that is available in the over-the-counter medication for your nail fungus, the perfect alternative is Leucatin. The Leucatin is a natural topical and oral application. It is completely free from side effects as it is made up of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

You may be in little bit confusion to choose between the drugs- Phenlac and Lamisil. If you’re bothered about side effects of Lamisil, and you can go for continuous application of Penlac nail lacquer for a quite long period- say 11 months, you can opt for Phenlac than lamisil.

You should consult your physician before opting this nail laquer and also reveal the following points to your physician before getting prescribed with CICLOPIROX NAIL SOLUTION: –

* Breast-feeding

* Pregnant or trying to get pregnant

* Peripheral vascular disease or poor circulation.

* Large areas of burned or damaged skin.

* Immunosuppression or organ transplant

* HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection

* History of seizures

If you forget to apply the medicine at least on single day, use it as soon as you can. Don’t use double or extra doses without consulting your physician. It is better to use the same dose.