Penlac Nail Laquer for Nail Fungus Treatment

Penlac nail lacquer is the only topical prescription drug for treating nail fungus infections. The active ingredient is the drug, ciclopirox. Penlac is a solution; it comes packaged in a glass bottle with a little paintbrush, like fingernail polish, and it is used in much the same way. Every day you paint the affected nail, and once a week you clean the nail with alcohol to remove any buildup of the lacquer. You also need to visit your physician regularly to have any affected nail that is coming away removed.

Penlac nail lacquer is an attractive alternative to the oral prescription drug, Lamisil (terbinafine). When considering Penlac vs Lamisil, you need to consider a number of things. First, Penlac is not recommended if the fungal infection is so advanced that the fungus has invaded the lunula (the crescent-shaped lighter area near the base of the nail). If the lunula is involved, Lamisil is a better choice. Penlac nail lacquer is a much safer alternative to Lamisil because it is not taken internally – patients do not have to worry about liver damage or other unpleasant side effects. Side effects experienced with Penlac generally only involve the nail area, if they occur at all.

Finally, the cost of Penlac vs Lamisil could have been a factor factor, but this will be a matter of guesswork. Per day, Penlac nail lacquer may be cheaper than Lamisil, depending on how many nails are infected; however, the recommended length of treatment with Penlac is 48 weeks, while a course of treatment with Lamisil is often considerately shorter. Unfortunately, the cost comparison can not be done accurately, because fungal nail infections often resolve very slowly and there is no way to know at the beginning of treatment how long it is going to take. Both drugs may be required for a longer period of time than originally predicted.

Penlac nail lacquer and Lamisil tablets are not the only prescription drugs available for treatment of fungal nail infections, but they are probably the best choices among the prescription medications simply because they are the most effective. Combination therapy is not recommended, so your choice is Penlac vs Lamisil – both at the same time is not a good option.

In deciding between Penlac vs Lamisil, your choice will extremely depend on which form of treatment has more appeal. If you are comfortable with taking a daily pill and you do not have a tension to experience side effects with oral prescription drugs, Lamisil may be the right choice. If you're worried about potential side effects, however, and you can commit to applying Penlac nail lacquer to your infected nails each and every day for a minimum of 11 months, then you'll probably opt for Penlac. Only time will tell if you've made the right choice.