Peppa Pig Princess Peppas Royal Palace Playset

If your kid loves princesses and the animated character Peppa the Pig, then she'll surely fall in love with one of the Peppa Pig Toys that is already out now, the Peppa Pig Princess Peppas Royal Palace.

One of the Pig's great adventures was when she became a princess and got to know Sir George the Brave. Now your kid can play out this Peppa Pig adventure in real life. With the royal palace play set, any kid can play with the figures included and have endless royal stories to play out.

At first glance of the Royal Palace you will think that it's just an ordinary house which is a miniature version of a palace. You'd think it would only be good as a decoration to your little girl's room. But by unfolding the playset, you will see several rooms where your pig figure and the other accessories included in the set can play in. There are seven rooms in total which include a dining room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a banquet hall, and a playroom. Aside from the Princess Peppa figure, the set also includes two guards man figure as well as other accessories such as two beds, two thrones for the King and Queen, a bath, stairs, tables, chairs and a cauldron. A number of crowns and jewels are also included in the set.

Because the playset can easily be folded, it can then be easily transported. The set can be folded to become a compact carrying case. Your daughter can bring this toy wherever she goes and she can play with the Princess anytime, anywhere she likes. A trip to her grandmother's will be a great one as she can also show Princess Peppa to her. Beca use of its easily foldable feature, it can also be easily stored. Though your kid will enjoy the palace's big rooms where they can help Princess Peppa bathe, rest or entertain friends, the entire set is not a space-consumer and can easily be folded or kept.

Aside from getting the Peppa Pig Princess Peppas Royal Palace, other Peppa Pig Toys you can get with it are the Family Figure set, royal carriage and DVD. This entire set will surely be enjoyed by your daughter.

The Peppa Pig Princess Family Figure set includes all of the pig family and they're dressed in royal outfits. The Princess can now play with Daddy Pig who's dressed as the King, Mummy Pig as the Queen, Grandma Pig as a Cook, and Grandpa Pig as a magician. The set also includes Sir George the Brave. Princess Peppa will no longer be lonely in her royal palace as the entire family will be there to be with her.

A royal carriage can also be purchased. This way the Princess can be transported to her royal castle with this horse and carriage set. And to relive the fantasy of this cute pig living as a royal princess, you can also purchase the DVD Princess Peppa and Sir George the Brave so that your daughter can watch it as many times as she wants. She can even play the DVD while playing with the Peppa Pig Princess Peppas Royal Palace.

This surely is a great gift to get your kids who truly adore this animated character and who loves princesses. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone. She'll get to play with the playset and pretend being a princess; she'll also get to play with her favorite character. You can get all this in the price of one.