Perfect Pitch Course – 3 Things You Should Look For (It's Important!)

There are so many ads for the perfect pitch course out there in cyberspace, in bookstores, in newspapers or at your local music mart it'll make your head spin! When I looked for some I got dizzy at the variety offered. Some are very confusing, even for me. And I've had some musical training! In my quest for the perfect pitch course, though, I came up with 3 things that I consider necessities for anyone wanting to learn to sing or play their instrument on-key.

  1. It needs to be logical – I can not tell you how many good programs there are that will never help the average person because they do not make any sense! For me, any instruction needs to clear to me and I have to see the relevance of the instructions to what I'm trying to accomplish. So many programs simply do not do this.
  2. I need to see immediate progress – This is the biggest motivator for anyone trying to accomplish anything! If you see results quickly, you will be more prone to stick with the program and even put forth more effort.
  3. Keep it simple – Give me easy, simple step-by-step instructions that I can follow. I do not care how ingenious or cutting edge the program is. If I can not follow it, it does not do me any good. Unfortunately, many of the courses I found did not have user-friendly instructions. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure if I could not understand them many others would not be able to either.

These are the things I consider to be the most important. And I believe when you find a program that has all these 3 attributes, you've found your perfect pitch course .