Perk Up the Facade

Everyone would want something aesthetic for the exterior of their home that creates the first impression. And the good news is that there are many affordable ways of doing that. One home had its façade painted over in ethnic motifs by a final year art student who was specializing in paintings. In fact, any kind of well-done motifs – ethnic, floral or relating to modern art – make for an eye-catching look.

Portrait Works

Painting the façade is one of the least expensive ways to brighten it up. Textured paints have countless shades to choose from. Since you can change them after a few years easily, by simply repainting (unlike when you have installed a mural) you can have a variety of looks over the years.

Share on Stone

A more permanent look is provided by natural stone. Slate, marble, granite are available in many affordable varieties today though you have to be careful to use non-polish varieties for exteriors since that protects against weathering. Limestone with slate makes for an unusual exterior façade.

Got Terracotta?

Terracotta tiles are another option and there are countless varieties in design to choose from today. A fancy door can add a lot to the front of the house. And while there are countless expensive antique or stylish modern ones in the market, there is an equal variety of choice in the affordable varieties. Even if you do not install a special door, the simple addition of some aesthetic doorknockers (a brass one with designs embossed on it), can enhance the entrance.You can have the façade take on a new look by adding interesting embellishments to the doors and windows on its side. Training creepers or vines over these windows and front-facing doors also adds an inexpensive but interesting and natural embellishment to the façade. They require special care and regular maintenance but they not only add beauty like all greenery, but also act as anti polluting agents, by adding oxygen to the atmosphere around the home. So any effort in upkeep is worth it. In fact, you can add a simple pergola in the front of the house and train some visually appealing plants like flowering creepers over it.